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Calendar Worksheets (Math)

These printable worksheets will help your students learn about days, weeks, months, and years. Use the calendars shown to answer math questions.

Math Calendar Worksheets

Calendars (Basic)

Common Core

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Calendars (Intermediate)

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Pocket Chart Word Wall Words

Multiple Versions Available

Make your own calendars with STW's custom calendar generator. Choose the month and year, then add your own special dates.

Kids love these blank calendars for each month of the year. They can color the pictures, fill in the dates, and include their favorite holidays and birthdays.

Ordinal numbers are used to show a position in a series. (examples: 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, etc.)

Teach your students to calculate the passing of time with these elapsed time worksheets.

Practice reading analog clocks with these worksheets, games, and printable activities.

Worksheet Pictures

Math Calendar Worksheets

PDF with answer key:

PDF no answer key:


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Reading a calendar

Telling Time Workbook

Download & Print Only $5.30

Single month calendar

Students are shown a one month long calendar and answer different questions about it.

calendar worksheet maths

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More time and calendar worksheets

Explore all of our time worksheets , from understanding units of time to reading clocks and calendars.

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calendar worksheet maths

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Calendar Worksheets

Calendar worksheets give students an understanding of how to interpret and read a calendar . These worksheets include several problems on years, months and days. They also consist of word problems and other associated concepts.

Benefits of Calendar Worksheets

Students must be very well versed in how to interpret a calendar and solve problems on the same. The skills acquired in this topic can be applied to several daily life problems. It could prove to be a confusing topic; hence, the best way to learn it is by solving several practice problems available in the calendar worksheets.

As these worksheets are interactive, students can use the visual simulations provided to improve their understanding of how to solve calendar problems. These math worksheets can also be used in preparing for competitive exams such as Olympiads.

Download Calendar Worksheet PDFs

Students can readily access these worksheets as they are free to download and are available in PDF format. They are also easy to use, combining fun with learning.

☛ Check Grade wise Calendar Worksheets

  • 1st Grade Calendar Worksheets

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Home > Math Worksheets > Time Math > Calendar

Looking at this generally, a calendar is a system that is divided over a time period in a definite order. Be it days, months, or years or in other forms of order. Now, if we wish to understand the concept monthly calendar, we must analyze how they were made. The anatomy of mood revolves around the concept of lunation; that is, in which the moon completes a cycle of its phases. The period approximately lasts for 29.5 days. According to many scientists, the moon possessed great significance in determining the cyclic behavior of many marine creatures. Initially, Babylonians used 20 and 30-day months alternately, and then the Egyptians fixed them by making all months into 30 days. Then, the Romans decided in the Julian calendar by using a single 28-day period and others as 30 to 31 days.

These worksheets explain how a calendar is set up and how to read one. Students will learn how to read and use a calendar. They will learn the abbreviations for the days of the week, and how to identify what day of the week a specific date falls on. They will learn how to identify dates on the calendar, and how to find the dates of specified intervals (a week from Friday the 10th, three weeks after the 4th, etc.) All the worksheets include calendars as diagrams. Students will refer to diagrams of calendars to answer questions. This set of worksheets contains step-by-step solutions to sample problems, both simple and more complex problems, a review, and a quiz. It also includes ample worksheets for students to practice independently. When finished with this set of worksheets, students will be able to recognize basic properties of a parabola by studying its equation. These worksheets explain how to use a calendar. Sample problems are solved and practice problems are provided.

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Calendar worksheets, click the buttons to print each worksheet and answer key., using calendars lesson.

This worksheet explains the abbreviations for the days of the week. A sample problem is solved.

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Lesson and Practice

Students will review how to determine what day of the week something occurs on a calendar. A sample problem is solved and two practice problems are provided.


Students will determine what day of the week something occurs on a calendar based on the given question.

Use the given monthly calendar to determine the day it falls on in the set of ten problems that are provided.

We explore the same concepts over a series of questions that can help us better understand what each means.

Students will warm up by determining what day of the week something occurs on a calendar. Three problems are provided.

On a calendar, the weekdays from Sunday through Saturday are written in a row above the numbers. A week has 7 days. A week from the 1st through the 7th is highlighted. It is 7 days The question given is what day is 1 week after March 15th?

In this question we need to find the day which is 3 weeks after May 18th. So, we need to jump one row on May month calendar. It is 1 week at 25th May. Now come to the June month calendar, and then two weeks more from there.

Monthly Calendars Worksheet

You will answer story based problems that will help better understand your position with this skill.

Students will practice identifying dates on a calendar. Ten problems are provided.

You will learn how to interpret a dual monthly calendar.

You will need to pull out an annual calendar for this set of exercises.

How many days are there in this month? We will work you through this.

Learning About the Calendar Worksheet

You breakdown just about everything that you can explore from this display.

This calendar is over a decade old.

Review Page 1

The concepts we have already discussed are reviewed here.

Review Page 2

These questions work off of the previous worksheet.

Students will demonstrate their proficiency in reading a monthly calendar. Ten problems are provided.

A great way to introduce this topic. Three problems are provided, and space is included for students to copy the correct answer when given.

We will look at this series as a whole.

Using the Calendar Lesson and Practice

What day of week is the 21st? First locate 21 of this calendar. We can see that 21 of the month is in fourth row and first column.

You will answer questions like this: How many Wednesdays are there in this month?

Students will practice referring to a calendar to answer questions. Ten problems are provided.

One more run through all of the skills that we have discussed.

A nice way to review this topic with you entire classroom.

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Reading Calendar Worksheets with Word Problems

An enormous collection of calendar worksheets for reading, printing and marking are exclusively available on this page. These pdf worksheets are helpful for young and dynamic learners in grade 1, grade 2, and grade 3 to refer calendars and thus familiarize in reading the dates, days of the week and months of the year. Our free reading calendars worksheets offer you the perfect start!

Reading Calendars

Reading Monthly Calendar: Easy

Read the monthly calendars taken from distinct years and answer the simple questions given below each calendar.

Reading monthly calendar: Easy

Sheet 1 | Sheet 2 | Sheet 3

  • Download All

Reading Monthly Calendar: Moderate

These printable calendar worksheets have few events marked as information. Students of 1st grade, 2nd grade, and 3rd grade are asked to calculate the days and dates before and after these events.

Reading monthly calendar: Medium

Reading Monthly Calendar: Difficult

A variety of questions are enclosed in these worksheets. Work on these worksheets to test your understanding on reading calendars.

Reading monthly calendar: Hard

Reading Monthly Calendar: Challenging

Compare the three different calendars in this printable resource. Calculate the days and dates using the data given.

Reading monthly calendar: Challenge

Reading Yearly Calendar: Easy

Glance at the yearly calendar and answer the direct questions asked in these pdf worksheets. Practice these sheets to get a thorough idea of reading calendars.

Reading year calendar: Easy

Reading Yearly Calendar: Moderate

Read the calendars and explore more about the number of days, dates and months of the year.

Reading year calendar: medium

Marking Calendars

Marking Monthly Calendar: Easy

Enjoy marking the monthly calendar with triangles, circles, rectangles and check marks as instructed in these pdf worksheets.

Marking monthly calendar: Easy

Marking Monthly Calendar: Moderate

This printable calendar can be used in classrooms. The students can be instructed to mark the days and dates to answer the questions.

Marking monthly calendar: Medium

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