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afzan baharum

E-Commerce: A Study on Online Shopping in Malaysia

Rohaizan Ramlan

A study on factor that influence online shopping in Malaysia

kitimaporn Choochote

2017, International Journal of e-Education, e-Business, e-Management and e-Learning

Factors That Affect the Decisions for Buying Goods and Service on the Internet, Kasem Bundit University

Mojtaba Saeidinia

The Internet as a global medium is quickly gaining interest and attractiveness as the most revolutionary marketing tool. It has also redefined the global nature of shopping and communications, as it is the perfect vehicle for online shopping. Online shopping convenience is mostly reflected in shorter time and less energy spent, including shipping cost reduction, less crowd and queues than real markets, unlimited time and space, which all increase convenience of shopping. The dramatic influence of online shopping on consumers and businesses is slowly being accepted in Malaysia as an alternative shopping mode rather than visiting stores. However, convincing the consumers to shop online is still a challenging task for web retailers in Malaysia. The growth of Internet technology in Malaysia has enormous potential as it reduces the costs of product and service delivery and extends geographical boundaries in bringing buyers and sellers together. This study is conducted to identify factors influencing consumers towards online shopping in Malaysia. The study focused on nine independent variables namely appearance, quick loading, security, sitemap, validity, promotion, attractiveness, believability, and originality. We applied Five-point Likert Scale to measure the influential factors on intention for online shopping. The findings of the study indicated that the first five factors influence consumers towards online shopping and security is the factor that contributes most towards online shopping. Our study revealed the last four factors (promotion, attractiveness, believability, and originality) don’t significantly influence online shopping intention. These indicate that advertisement does not have an important effect on online shopping. The results showed that security and validity of website were widely approved by online consumers. Attractiveness had the minimum influence on online shopping intention. This shows that consumers aren’t interested or couldn’t believe any advertisement in the internet. It seems that the internet users are overloaded by advertisement spams.

Impact of Factors influencing on consumers towards online shopping in Malaysia

Mohd Razilan Abdul Kadir

— Online purchasing power has increased and beyond limitations once internet drives the mankind way of life. It has become an increasingly demanded platform since the existence of WWW in early 1990s. In conjunction with this trending, a study on insights on online purchasing where the study framework embedded the dimensions of information satisfaction, trust, convenience security and purchasing online. A total of 250 questionnaires were distributed randomly to public users at Perpustakaan Awam Raja Tun Uda (PPAS), Shah Alam visitor. The choice of public users is based on the convenience of the research setting where PPAS is the most visited public library by visitors ranging from parents (accompanying their children at kids' section), graduates, primary and secondary school students. All of the posited study variables show a significant relationship with purchasing online. Nevertheless the Net Easy Score (NES was only 19.2%, showing a low index of easiness online purchasing. Early assumptions are that the results obtained could due to the website itself, which might offer a not user-friendly interface or poor network connectivity during the process. While this seems premature to speculate, insights gained from the study could produce some leads to actually increase customer experience through their journey to do online purchase.

A Study on Customer Online Purchasing Behavior: A Malaysian perspective

Massudi Mahmuddin

Asian Journal of Education and Social Studies

Aims: The rapid growth in Internet access among Malaysian showed more ventures towards e-commerce activity that contributes to significant value in national growth domestic product. As technology-driven industry is normally associated with younger generations that are more technology savvy, their purchasing behavior through online shopping platform is of interest. Methodology: Undergraduate students online purchasing behavior will be assessed, and factor analysis will be adopted. Results: Result shows that there are three major factors that influence online purchasing behavior, which are the attitude towards online shopping, trust, and perceived benefit. Result also indicated that 41.9% of the respondents have been victimized by financial fraud during online transaction at least once, thus the need to educate people in managing online financial risk is a must. Conclusion: There are three factors that influence students’ attitude towards online shopping. The factors are behavior towa...

Factors that Influence Online Purchasing Behavior among Students in Universiti Utara Malaysia

Isai Amutan Krishnan

2021, Malaysian Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities (MJSSH),

In the 1960s, the emergence of technology introduced by humans spurred the establishment of the Internet that can engage all people globally. Since 1994, the Internet has contributed tremendously towards the evolution of online shopping through the development Electronic Commerce (EC). There are many online shopping websites that have been established by various companies as other alternatives for consumers to purchase their goods or services rather than shopping at the stores. In Malaysia, the reputation and brand image of ZALORA has become the centre and the focus of society. It automatically raises a question among the marketers regarding the motives of the consumers in choosing ZALORA rather than other online shopping websites. This is due to the attractiveness of ZALORA that has led the consumers' intention in purchasing or ordering the goods or services online. Therefore, it is vital to investigate and identify the factors that influence the consumers' purchasing behaviour as well as their intentions in shopping online at ZALORA. In order to fill the gap of this study, the data of 377 respondents were collected and analysed by using the Statistical Package Social Science (SPSS) software version no.25. The findings show that the website designs of ZALORA have been portrayed as the main factor that has contributed to the purchasing behaviour of consumers for online shopping at ZALORA in comparison to other factors which were convenience, time saving and security.

Online Purchasing Behaviour of Consumers at Zalora in Malaysia

IAEME Publication


Online shopping is gaining its popularity in recent years amongst customers across the world, including, Malaysia. The rate at which online shopping is growing is encouraging, and several research and scholars have predicted that online shopping is more likely to overtake traditional brick and mortar shops in few years to come. Despite these prospects of online shopping, there are issues that have remained unresolved. As customers behavior are complex and online shopping are considered new, this issue warrants a study to examined and understand factors that effects consumer purchasing intention in the context of online shopping. In this respect five independent variable were used to understand online consumers purchase intention; Convenience, Security, Trust, Privacy and Price. The study was conducted among University students in Malaysia and findings show that Convenience, Security, Trust, and Price were strong predictive factors which influence consumer purchasing intention. Therefore, it is recommended that online marketers should learn, and understand the psychology of the customer in addition to providing differentiated products for sustainability.


Thieubl Nguyen

Factors Affecting Consumers Purchasing Decisions in Online Shopping in Hong Kong LUI CHEUK MAN, DESTINY BA (Hons) Scheme in Fashion and Textiles (Fashion Marketing and Merchandising Specialism

Mehrdad Salehi

Consumer buying behavior towards online shopping stores in Malaysia

Noor Ismawati Jaafar

Factors Affecting Online Purchasing Among Urban Internet Users in Malaysia

Norazah Mohd Suki

This study focuses on identifying the factors that motivate Malaysian Internet users' browsing or purchasing behaviour through the Internet and the concerns, which affect online buying. A total of 579 randomly selected respondents from the states of Penang, Wilayah Persekutuan and Selangor, Malaysia answered the questionnaire and the data was analysed using factor analysis to identify the possible predictors. The findings indicate that seven motivating factors: accessibility (the most important factor), reliability, convenience, distribution, socialisation, searchability, and availability (the least important factor) accounted for 61.402% of total variance. Of the 38 statements posed to respondents, 33 statements were selected based on criteria of eigenvalues greater than or equal to 1.00, factor loading of 0.50 or higher. The results indicate all of these factors were appropriate for further analysis and the model possessed convergent validity. There were eight "concern&qu...

Malaysian Internet User's Motivation and Concerns for Shopping Online

2002, The Electronic Journal for E-commerce …

Motivation and concern factors for internet shopping: A Malaysian perspective

Pei Xin Lim


Manisha Parwal

With the rapid development of network technology, electronic commerce and e-marketing had been formed and developed gradually. The number of Internet users was increasing and wound soon overtake the United States as the world's second-largest national Internet users. however the Chinese Internet users who were rarely engaged in online shopping which made the online retail was far from attaining its rightful amount. This study based on the research result of influencing factors of consumer behavior made by domestic and foreign scholars , analyzed and comprised consumer behavior under the condition of tradition and Internet, then putted forward the influencing factors and restrictive factors of online shopping in china.

Study on the Influencing Factors of Online Shopping


Online shopping is gaining popularity day by day in the current market scene. People of all age groups frequently visit a plethora of e-commerce websites to buy the necessaries and luxuries of life. In this context, the the present study endeavours to comprehend the awareness and priorities of consumers towards various products being offered by various e-commerce platforms, to understand the frequency of online shopping and the factors that affect online purchases and the method that consumers adopt to make the payments for the purchases they make online. The study is empirical in nature and cross-sectional research design was applied and the primary data was collected through a structured questionnaire. The study has taken a sample size of 200 respondents from Punjab residents mainly residing in Sangrur and Patiala Districts by applying judgemental and convenience sampling method. This study made use of Buyer Black Box Model in order to analyse the various factors that facilitate the online shopping behaviour of the consumers. Furthermore, Hierarchy of Effects Model was also used to study the inclination, habits and intentions shown by the consumers when they go for online shopping. Apart from this, a separate gender-wise differentiation was also made to know how Male and Female respond to a particular category of product consists of Apparels, Beauty products, Household items, Electronic Gadgets etc. A preference measurement check was made to know the perception of consumers regarding the most famous ecommerce websites i.e. AMAZON, FLIPKART, SNAPDEAL, MYNTRA and others. The study has a massive future scope as it can be done among different demographic profile & in other cities. The Internet has become an essential part of our daily life, and companies realise that the Internet can be a shopping channel to reach existing and potential consumers. The emergence and exponential growth of Internet and E-commerce has revolutionsed the way of today's living of not only consumers but also of companies, suppliers and middlemen.

A Study on Consumer Behavior towards Online Shopping in Punjab (With Special Reference to Sangrur and Patiala Districts

IOSR Journals

Purpose-This research paper examines the relationship between various factors that affect the consumer-buying behavior towards online shopping in China and Uzbekistan. Purpose of study is to use the technology acceptance model in both the countries to identify the effect of the six dimensions' risk including: convenience financial risk, product risk, the risk of non-delivery, the risk of buying back the underlying risk on customers' attitudes to that may affect the consumer buying behavior toward online shopping in both the countries and give a comprehensive comparative analysis. Adding to the purpose the study also highlight the factors need to improve by online shopping stores and portal in order to motivate more consumers to online shopping. Design/methodology/approach-To achieve the purpose, study uses self made self explanatory questionnaire distributed with probability sampling in both the countries. 100 questionnaires were distributed to online consumers of both the countries. To analyze the data study uses SPSS as statistical tool in order to quantitatively explain the hypothesis. Findings-Regression/Econometric analysis indicates positive impact of factors on consumer buying behavior in Uzbekistan and China, but comparatively satisfaction level of the Chinese consumers towards online shopping is high than Uzbekistani online consumers due to which a lot of improvement is required in many factors of Uzbekistani web stores for online shopping. Originality/value-This study offers the first examination of effects on consumer buying behavior in both the countries and their satisfaction level as per the primary data collection from respondents of both the countries and gives a comparative analysis on online shopping consumer buying behavior.

Factors Effecting Online Shopping Consumer Buying Behavior A Model of China-Uzbikistan Consumer Buying Behavior

Dimas Pranandito

Binus Business Review

This research aimed to identify the factors that influenced the purchase decision in e-commerce. These used factors were brand image, price, and trust which were adopted from the previous research. The research was designed using a quantitative method with accidental sampling. From 200 questionnaires, there were 117 returned questionnaires from respondents who had made online purchases around Jakarta and Tangerang. The data was analyzed using SPSS. The result shows that brand image has positive influences on purchase decision. On the other hand, price and trust do not influence it. Price is the secondary commitment to make a purchase decision. Thus, a lower price does not guarantee the convenience of online shopping. Meanwhile, trust in making online decisions are built from brand image, shop, and strong products in the market place. Those rejected variables are affected by research fields and target samples.

The Determinant Factors of E-Commerce Purchase Decision in Jakarta and Tangerang

It has been noticed that in the era of 20th century many political, social and economical changes have occurred. Globalization has played a very important role. As a result of globalization many technological development has happened and has deeply affected the current rules of the business world. According to Li Na and Zhang Ping, (2002) examined and concluded that online shopping has become the third most popular Internet activity. The other activities are E-mail, instant messaging and web browsing. According to Jush and Ling, (2012) online shopping is the process where customers purchase a service or product over the internet. In E-Commerce US has flourished with sales figure of $204 billion which is a decent hike of 17% from the previous year. Amazon has grown with an estimated turnover of US $ 2.5trillion. E-Bay has risen to US $ 1.89 billion in 2009. Most of the present literature research regarding convenience has focused on the brick-and-mortar traditional retail environment. There has been comparatively less exploration into convenience in online shopping. Tomar et al. (2017) carried a research on " Perceived Benefits of Online Shopping: Cognitive and Co native Influences ". The study identifies those perceived benefits of online shopping (PBOS), and categories them into meaningful factors. The study also examines the conative and cognitive influences of perceived benefits of online shopping on consumer's attitude. The following statistical tools where used for analysis namely: Measures of Central Tendency and Dispersion (Mean and Standard Deviation) and Correlation. The respondents purchase their requirements in online; the research analysis concludes that the benefits and the risk faced by the customers are in the same level. Even though the respondents purchase goods and products in online they face much uncertainty and it is causing a non motivational aspect to them for their future purchase.A service facility where payment can be made after Product verification straight in front of the delivery boy should be encouraged. When products delivered are not in good condition, buyer return's it back. Under such circumstances, buyer ends up paying one more time delivery charges. This levy should be extracted.


Rashmi Chaudhary

2018, Journal of emerging technologies and innovative research

In modern era internet has emerged as a useful marketing tool catering to the broad range of customers. Online shopping has become part and parcel of many people’s lives. The student’s perceptions on online shopping and the difference in perceptions on online shopping with respect to demographic variables of the respondents has been examined in the present study. Further the factors influencing online shopping behavior has been investigated. The participants in the present study have been the 150 students of colleges and universities in Solan and Shimla cities of Himachal Pradesh. The results showed that respondents strongly feel that online shopping is useful, saves time and is convenient. The effect of gender, age, educational qualification and background has been found to be non significant for majority of the statements of online shopping. The most important factor that influences online buying behavior of respondents is noted to be delivery time followed by quality, reputation ...

A Study on Students’ Perceptions on Online Shopping and Factors Influencing Online Buying Behavior

GO Pub , Zhou Yajing

2023, Journal of Biomechanical Science and Engineering

Background: Online shopping management strategies is rapidly increasing since retailing is as of now not farreaching the nation over, with extensive retail interfaces representing under 10% of market exchange, online business or internet shopping is detonating, permitting buyers in even the littlest urban areas in China to get to excellent items and administrations. People in big cities, for instance. This means that by the end of the year, the internet client base of the region's eight major sectors will have expanded by nearly 60%. The Web Portal's Expansion The number of potential customers has grown. In comparison to 81 percent in the US and 36 percent in China, the website has around 10% of the market (or approximately 121 million customers). Purpose: The motivation behind this study The Identification Factors That impact Consumer's Decision Behaviour on Online Shopping management strategies under the Influence of flow experience in China. The goal of the study was to determine how much Chinese customers trust internet shopping, as well as their behaviour, attitudes, and decisions. Methodology: As a quantitative research instrument, a survey of online purchasing consumers in China will be used. The SPSS measurable programming is likewise utilized for starter investigation, for example, deciding predictability, unwavering quality, and legitimacy. Moreover, SmartPLS programming is utilized to lead fractional least-square underlying condition displaying (PLS-SEM) examination (otherwise called PLS way demonstrating) to approve the proposed research structure and make inferences about the review's theories. Conclusion: This study elaborate the identification aspects that influence consumers' decision-making behaviour when it comes to online purchasing in China, as well as recommendations. Recommendation: Further study should be made with regards to a more extensive investigation of vendors' perspectives on electronic buying to foster a system for deciding internet-based clients' leads in China. With developing client administrations to assemble a positive picture and obtain their trust, as well as new clients' trust.


Nurmin Arianto

Kontigensi : Jurnal Ilmiah Manajemen

The purpose of this research is to find out what factors influence people's decisions to buy online. This research is focused on students of the Faculty of Economics, Lancang Kuning University who have made purchases online. The method of taking illustrations in this research is to use purposive sampling. The requirements that will be sampled in this research are those who have made online purchases. According to research, the majority of Lancang Kuning University students have made at least 96 purchases online. Multiple linear regression analysis was used to study the effect of four variables on online purchasing decisions. The study found that four factors - trust, security, service quality, and perceived risk - all impact online purchase decisions simultaneously. There is no clear relationship between trust, security, and quality of service and the decisions we make when buying products or services online. However, the perceived risk appears to have a significant positive eff...

Factors That Influence on Online Purchase Decisions

2000, SSRN Electronic Journal

An Investigation of E-Shopping Quality Determinants Among Students at a Higher Learning Institution

jaysone bancoro

East Asian Journal of Multidisciplinary Research

Online shopping has grown exponentially over the years together with the internet age. The COVID-19 pandemic further boosted this trend with its convenience attribute. It is projected that online shopping will continue to propel in the years to come. Thus, it is empirical to study the factors affecting the online purchase behavior of consumers. This study looks at the demographics, online shopping experience, and online shopping preference of Bachelor of Science in Business Administration students of Negros Oriental State University. A total of 319 valid responses were gathered and analyzed through descriptive approach There were more female respondents than male, mostly aged 20-23 years old. Almost all (93%) experienced online shopping, where clothes, accessories, footwears, beauty products, and electronic devices are the top products being purchased. 96% of the respondents also used cash-on-delivery as a method of payment. It was found that the perceived ease of use of the online ...

Empirical Analysis on the Preference of Negros Oriental State University Students to Online Shopping

Dr. Vinay Kumar

This paper examines the key factors which affect buying motives of consumers for online buying or E-shopping. For this purpose different models from different research scholars have been studied. One online consumer buying behavior motive model, (FFF Model), has been designed and suggested on the basis of existing review of literatures. Future research could use our suggested factors (F), filtering elements (F) and then filtered buying behavior (F), (FFF Model) framework as a basis to empirically explore the factors affecting the online consumer purchasing process and to test the suggested model by the interested researchers in the relevant area of research. Introduction-The internet is being developed rapidly since last two decades, and with relevant digital economy that is driven by information technology also being developed worldwide. After a long term development of internet, which rapidly increased web users and highly speed internet connection, and some new technology also have been developed and used for web developing, those lead to firms can promote and enhance images of product and services through web site. Therefore, detailed product information and improved service attracts more and more people changed their consumer behaviour from the traditional mode to more rely on the internet shopping. On the other hand, more companies have realized that the consumer behaviour transformation is unavoidable trend, and thus change their marketing strategy. As the recent researches have indicated that, the internet shopping particularly in business to consumer (B2C) has risen and online shopping become more popular to many people. According to the report, The Emerging Digital Economy II, published by the US Department of Commerce, in some companies, the weight of e-commerce in total sales is quite high. For instance, the Dell computer company have reached 18 million dollars sales through the internet during the first quarter of 1999. As a result, about 30% of its 5.5 billion dollars total sales were achieved through the internet (Moon, 2004). Therefore, to understand t h e b u y i n g m o t i v e s f o r internet shopping is a must.


yusliandy yusof

2021, Enhanced Knowledge in Sciences and Technology

Analysis of Student’s Online Shopping Behaviour: A Focus Study in UTHM New Campus

Christine Nya-Ling TAN

The importance of electronic commerce ( EC ) in boosting the development of the new economy based on electronic interfaces is indisputable. EC is observed by many as an emerging concept that can bring significant influence towards the development of the ‘digital economy’, as it can increase the efficiency of online business processes with the support of the Internet that operates 24/7. As the growth of EC increases, it is pertinent for business practitioners to possess the fundamental knowledge of consumers’ purchasing preferences to better promote their products and services. Since one of the most important forms is business-to-consumer ( B2C ) , the EC expansion can assist dot-com companies to increase their online market share and consequently boost their revenue by attracting and at the same time influence consumers in making repeated online purchases. In order to succeed in B2C, businesses in Malaysia need to better understand the demands of online shoppers by fulfilling their needs and requirements. Therefore, this study provides an insight to dot-com companies to better identify and examine the various predictors and its associations: Trust; Price; Online Payment Security; Website Design; Website Quality; towards B2C EC usage among online shoppers in Malaysia. The result of this study will assist online companies to further understand the preferences and expectations of cyber-shoppers, which may in turn aid in fostering closer relationships. Besides, this study aim to provide a greater understanding to both new and existing companies to continuously remain competitive by reaping the benefits of B2C in improving their business performance, seeing that B2C EC is observed as the most innovative and modern approach of conducting businesses in the years to come.

Predictors of business-to-consumer electronic commerce usage among online consumers in Malaysia.

Harmanjot Kaur

2018, International Journal of Engineering and Management Research

Online shopping is a form of electronic commerce which allows consumers to directly buy goods or services from a seller over the Internet using a web browser. Online shopping provides a good example of business revolution. Ecommerce has made life Simple and innovative of individual and groups. Consumer behavior on online shopping is different from physical market where he/she has access to see the products online shopping sites are fast replacing traditional or physical shops. Over, the years the trust of the customers for online shopping sites has increased considerably. The increase in the number of these sites on one hand has led to a fierce competition which means better and cheaper products for customers. However, at the same time customers have their privacy concerns when it comes to shopping online. Internet is changing the way consumers shop and buy goods and services and has rapidly evolved into a global phenomenon. The technology oriented factors like guaranteed quality, c...

A Review of Factors Affecting Consumer Behavior towards Online Shopping

muhammad fachmi , Ikrar Putra Setiawan

Purpose of a study, to analyze the effect of trust, promotion, and e-service quality on consumer purchasing decisions in online stores. Respondents in this study were users of online shops in Makassar City with a total sample of 100 people. Sampling was done randomly for college students who had shopped at Tokopedia, Bukalapak, and Shopee. To test the hypothesis, the researcher using Multiple Regression Analysis with a software SPSS 22.0. The findings of this study are that trust, promotion, and e-service quality have a positive and significant effect on purchasing decisions at online shops. That is, the higher the trust, the better promotions carried out, and good e-service quality, consumers will decide to shop using online shops at Tokopedia, Bukalapak, and Shopee.

Analysis of Factors Affecting Consumer Purchase Decision at Online Shops

Farida Komalasari

2021, BISNIS & BIROKRASI: Jurnal Ilmu Administrasi dan Organisasi

Factors Influencing Purchase Intention in Affecting Purchase Decision: A Study of E-commerce Customer in Greater Jakarta

Ainin Sulaiman

24 The Development of E-Commerce in Malaysia

Abdulkadir Ozdemir

2020, Pressacademia

Investigating consumer behavior in online shopping among university students in two countries

Dilip Mutum

Online Shoppers Vs Non-Shoppers: A Lifestyle Study Of Malaysian Internet Users

Dr. Muhammad Khalilur Rahman

"Online shopping is becoming popular throughout the world including Malaysia. This study is to determine the factors that contribute to the effectiveness of online shopping among Malaysian consumers based on previous researches. Previous studies examining the role of Subjective norms (SN), previous purchase experience (PPE) and perceived risk (PR) were inconsistent and a higher proportion of the findings were with respect to consumers behavior in the West which cannot be directly applied to a cross-cultural context. The purpose of the study is to investigate the relationships between these variables and the variables of technology acceptance model (TAM) associated with consumer's online shopping intention. The research model reflecting the effects of SN, PPE, PR on TAM constructs has been proposed. In total 258 valid cases were gathered through a web-based selfadministered survey. Reliability test was carried out using Cronbach alpha and all constructs tested were above 0.70 which defines high correlation of the constructs. It was found that PR, perceived ease of use (PEOU) and Perceived usefulness (PU) had a positive effect on online shopping. Nevertheless SN had a negative effect on both PU and PEOU. And PPE had a significantly positive effect on PR. Key words: Online Shopping, Malaysia, Subjective Norms, Previous Purchase Experience, Perceived Risk, Technology Acceptance Model"

Accessing the Effectiveness of Online Shopping Among Malaysian Consumers

Mersid Poturak

Factors Affecting Online Shopping Behavior of Consumers

Swati khosla

2018, International Journal of Management Studies

Empirical Analysis of the Factors Affecting Online Buying Behaviour

UGC Approved Journal of Marketing Strategy(JMS)

Buying on the Internet is one of the most rapidly growing modes of shopping demonstrating a double-digit annual increase in sales in recent years. Reasons for such growth seem to arise from its advantages such as convenience, the ability to be seen as a leisure activity, savings of time and effort, and its 24 hours a day and 7 days a week access. Although Internet buying has shown rapid growth, it also has been hampered by the real or perceived perceptions of consumers that it lacks privacy and security while also suffering from issues in product delivery and returns and tactility. The primary purpose of the study is to explore the profile of Internet buyers and compare them to the non-buyers in terms of demographic characteristics, technology experiences, and his or her attitudes towards consumer and marketing issues. Such information will help e-tailers as they work to develop more effective and efficient online retail outlets.


sabrina akhter

2022, Innovative Marketing

The paper strives to investigate the influential factors that might significantly affect consumers’ intention to shop from online websites. On this premise, this paper aims to examine the impact of perceived trust (PT), convenience (CONV), perceived website quality (PWQ), and subjective norm (SN) on individuals’ intention towards online shopping (ITOS). The paper proposed a study framework based on previous relevant literature. The study has drawn samples from private university students of Bangladesh. A quantitative research approach was adopted, followed by a survey method. Only undergraduate and postgraduate students of two Bangladeshi universities were considered as respondents as it is believed that they were the primary online shoppers in Bangladesh perspective. The sample size in this paper is 339, which was deemed adequate to run regression analysis. SPSS software has been utilized to conduct correlation and regression analysis. The convenience sampling method was applied in...

Examining university students’ behaviors towards online shopping: An empirical investigation in an emerging market

Vovi Sinta B

American Journal of Economic and Management Business (AJEMB)

Penelitian ini menganalisis pengaruh e-commerce terhadap perilaku konsumtif mahasiswa S1 prodi pendidikan ekonomi di STKIP Nurul Huda Sukaraja di OKU Timur. Penelitian ini menggunakan desain penelitian kuantitatif dan teknik analisis jalur. Data penelitian diambil melalui kuisioner dengan jumlah populasi 32 mahasiswa serta sampel penelitian dengan penelitian populasi. Hipotesis awal penelitian ini beranggapan ada pengaruh e-commerce terhadap perilaku konsumtif mahasiswa. Hal tersebut mengindikasikan supaya mahasiswa mampu mengelola atau memanajemen keuangan yang ada sehingga mampu memprioritaskan kebutuhan.

Pengaruh E-Commerce dan Perilaku Konsumtif Mahasiswa Program Studi Pendidikan Ekonomi Stkip Nurul Huda

Najwa Rasid , Ainnul Nadirah , Fatira Asri

The main focus of this study was to determine whether there is a significant relationship between the consumer’s purchase intention and gender, age, website design, and security have. Besides, this study aims also to find what is the most crucial factor that significantly contributes to the consumer’s purchase intention towards online shopping and lastly is to examine the mean difference between genders towards consumer’s purchase intention of online shopping. The independent variables that are included in this study were gender, age, website design, and security, while the consumer’s purchase intention as the dependent variable. This study involved 239 respondents by using proportionate stratified sampling and the data was collected using the questionnaire method and were distributed in the form of Google Docs and administered through WhatsApp. The methods of data analysis used were Pearson correlation, multiple linear regression, One Way Analysis of Variance (ANOVA) and two independent sample t-test. The finding shows that there is a moderate relationship between the age, gender, website design and security with the consumer’s purchase intention. Also, website design and security are the factors that influence the consumer’s purchase intention while gender and age were not statistically significant. In view of the second objective, website design is the most influencing factors that contribute to the consumer’s purchase intention. Other than that, the result of two independent t-test showed that there is a mean difference between genders towards consumer’s purchase intention of online shopping and female students have higher purchase intention compared to male students.


Nurmalina Badrul Azmi

An Analysis of Factors Affecting on Online Shopping Behavior of Consumers

ahsan rajpar

2023, Academy of Education and Social Sciences Review

This study attempted to gauge consumers’ behavioural analysis concerning online shopping and its determinants. The data was collected via survey using a purposive sampling technique targeting those involved in online shopping. The questionnaire was closed-ended and based on a five-point Likert scale. The data was received from 200 participants though 250 participants were approached, with a response rate of 80 per cent. Five determinants were considered including perceived benefits, perceived risks and disadvantages, hedonic motivations, psychological factors, and website design. Perceived benefits and website design had a positive impact and were significant at 1 per cent. Hedonic motivations and psychological factors had a positive impact and were significant at 5 per cent, whereas perceived risk and disadvantage were found insignificant. The study recommended the businesses in Pakistan to focus on the behaviours of consumers and try to eliminate factors like fear of the consumers...

Online Shopping and its Determinants Behavioural Analysis

International Journal of Scientific Management and Development

The main objective of the present study, model of consumer behavior in online shopping is. E-commerce is one of the most important IT-based businesses, and the main activities of Internet users. Its success requires the use of internet marketing methods is that only a correct understanding of consumer behavior is possible. Purposes of this study, using approaches and marketing theory Dobbins 3 Cutler, two minor target was set first, determine the components of effective and formulate the basic model of consumer behavior, and second, to evaluate the model. Collect the required data through questionnaires, and then the face and content validity, and are using email marketing, and online questionnaire was conducted.The statistical study of internet shoppers. The number of respondents to the questionnaire, 599 people for its validity, calculating Cronbach's alpha coefficient, 0.928 is. Based on the findings, component of consumer behavior in online shopping include: 1- social networks, Internet 2- the marketing mix, 3- Risk, 4 - perceived value, 5- System Electronic Commerce, 6-, and 7 compared with other methods of purchase- satisfaction. These components, together consumer behavior in online shopping, make up, and can eventually lead to the purchase of continuity. The proposed model is based on these components, and the relationships between them are presented, and after analyzing the data, the model obtained, confirmed its authenticity.

A conceptual model of consumer behavior in online shopping, and evaluate it from the perspective of online shoppers

WARSE The World Academy of Research in Science and Engineering

Movement Control Order (MCO) has been announced since the pandemic of corona virus spread cases increased dramatically. The key point emphasized in the implementation of MCO is a social distancing where is only one person is allowed to go out to seek daily necessities during daytime. Moreover, only selected essential business is allowed to operate with limited hour from 8 am to 8 pm only. Due to this order, the e-commerce has become an option to most consumers to fulfill their wants and needs. This paper presents the descriptive data that shows the shopping website that has been mostly visited by the consumers during the MCO phase one and phase two and the influencing factors of selected web sites to purchase during MCO. A survey was conducted throughout the country including Sabah and Sarawak using an open-ended questionnaire that was distributed online. A quantitative method with a descriptive research design was adopted to explore the data obtained in relation to the objective of the research. A total number of 280 adults from 14 states provided valid responses to the online questionnaire. The findings show that the top three shopping website that has been visited by the consumers were the Shopee, Lazada and Food Panda that sell general daily necessities needed by the consumers. The findings also showed that the elements of comfortable website referring to the attractive design, friendly user, having a selection of native language, amount of uploaded information and updating of the product details were the factors that contribute towards the attractions of consumers to be involved in online purchasing.

Type text] Malaysians' Popular Online Shopping Websites during Movement Control Order (MCO

Najwa Rasid , Fatira Asri

The main focus of this study was to determine whether there is a significant relationship between the consumer's purchase intention and gender, age, website design and security have. Besides, this study aims also to find what is the most crucial factor that significantly contribute to the consumer's purchase intention towards online shopping and lastly is to examine the mean difference between genders towards consumer's purchase intention of online shopping. The independent variables that are included in this study were gender, age, website design and security, while the consumer's purchase intention as the dependent variable. This study involved 239 respondents by using proportionate stratified sampling and the data was collected using the questionnaire method and were distributed in the form of Google Docs and administered through WhatsApp. The methods of data analysis used were Pearson correlation, multiple linear regression, One Way Analysis of Variance (ANOVA) and two independent sample t-test. The finding shows that there is a moderate relationship between the age, gender, website design and security with the consumer's purchase intention. Also, website design and security are the factors that influence the consumer's purchase intention while gender and age was not statistically significant. In view of second objective, website design is the most influencing factors that contribute to the consumer's purchase intention. Other than that, the result of two independent t-test showed that there is a mean difference between genders towards consumer's purchase intention of online shopping and female students have higher purchase intention compared to male students.


rohana jani

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References of Grade 12 STEM Student in Alangalang National High School towards Online Shopping During Pandemic

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