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How to Write an Essay Cover Page

What you include in your cover page depends slightly on which citation style you are using, but the rules are generally the same.

Guide Overview

  • APA cover pages
  • MLA cover pages

For APA cover pages:

Include the title of the paper, running head, the author’s name, institutional affiliation, and an author’s note.

Here is an example of a cover page in APA:

APA Cover Page

For MLA cover pages:

Cover pages are not as frequently used in MLA format, as the inclusion of headers is preferred.

A header looks like this:

Header in MLA

Cover pages can include the name of your school, your paper title, your name, your course name, your teacher or professor’s name, and the due date of the paper. If you are unsure of what to include, check with your instructor.

Here is an example of a cover page in MLA format:

Cover page in MLA

For more help making cover or title pages, visit our title page generator   here.

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what is cover sheet for assignment

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what is cover sheet for assignment

How to Make a Cover Page for a University Assignment

Your cover sheet for your assignment is the first thing your teacher will see in college. It's not anything less than an immediate result. It could be the turning point of your marks. The task of writing is a necessary part of academic life. Students are often faced with a variety of schoolwork, expositions, assignments, and ventures. Each one leaves many traces of the overall class performance. Apart from that, they can be a good way to demonstrate some useful and critical thinking and research, logic and writing skills to students. Students must think about the task writing and composition and determine whether they require passes. The first thing your teachers look over during your assignments is the cover page. This week we will look at how to write your cover page correctly using examples.

Cover pages of an assignment play the largest part in academic writing assignments. It is thought to be the case that the page could aid you in grabbing the attention of your teachers and professors quickly. If you can create an attractive, impressive and suitable cover page for a university assignment , it could also enable your instructors to read through the entire task. If the assignment you submit is worthy of your reader's attention, it is not impossible to receive praise from your readers. Therefore, it can be beneficial to you when it comes to getting high academic grades.

What is an assignment cover sheet?

A cover sheet within an assignment is a piece of paper that students use to complete their tasks. It provides a short description of the is included in the assignment. It allows the student to read through the project brief in a limited amount of time. Additionally, some universities offer templates for cover sheets in a standard format, and they just require printing and filing just like another type of form.

It is, therefore, an integral part of every assignment. It can get you noticed and make you stand out. It's not difficult. It is possible to have your cover page created by our assignment help specialists in India Assignment Help. No matter if you are unsure of how to create the cover page to complete your assignment, Our experts will help you in creating. There are free cover page test tests on our website.

But why are The Pages Cover Page Important?

Cover pages of assignments are the very first item that teachers will see. If the cover page isn't properly arranged or not prepared and contains insufficient information, and is not properly formatted, it can give an impression to your teachers that you're not committed enough to the task at hand. Therefore, it could have a negative impact on your academic marks.

However, it is a good idea to write an organized and well-designed cover page for your university assignment, including all the details, such as the student's name, the assignment title, the details of the subject, the deadline and the teacher's name, you will leave an impression that is positive to the teacher. It will be a guarantee of receiving excellent academic grades.

Some examples of Cover Pages for University Assignments

Study Cover Page: Case Study Cover Page:

In general, study assignments are typically given by professors at universities to postgraduate and graduate students. In case-study assignments, students need to conduct a thorough and comprehensive study of a specific phenomenon. Here is a sample or example of the cover page for assignment on case studies:

Research Paper Cover Page:

It's another crucial assignment that teachers at universities assign their students. The purpose of an assignment for research papers is to share your research conclusions as well as analysis, arguments and solutions for a particular social issue, situation or trend. We have provided an example or the page that covers this assignment:

What's the format for The Cover Page of The University assignment?

Most university students adhere to the MLA format for writing their university assignments. In this style, the title and the specifics of the task will be included on the first page of the assignment. The cover page is the name given to this page.. Though sometimes, professors require students to write an individual covering page for themselves, they will use this to illustrate the assignment by adding the cover page on top of the very first webpage of their assignment.

The most effective strategies and tricks for how to write a college assignment are cover pages.

The name of The University & The Title of the Cover Page:

The first step is to need to begin making your cover page by using the name of the university you attend. The title of the assignment is typically added to the front of your cover page, following the name of the institution. The title's name plays the biggest role on the cover page because it occupies more space across the entire page. It is recommended to write the title in the middle of the page's cover.

Name of student:

Generally speaking, in all forms of writing and articles, the author's name should be listed on the first page. On the page that you cover for your college assignment, it is important to provide your name. In this case, it's useful to mention your complete name. Aside from that, your school name, enrollment number and academic year are also tacked into the assignment described below.

Course Name:

If you are a student at the university, it is important to give some specifics about the program or degree you're pursuing.

Subject Details-:

The cover page of your assignment at university It is also important to include certain details about the topic to be covered, like the subject's name, some short definitions of it, and a brief description of the subject.

Deadline for Submission or Data:

Also, you must mention the deadline date or submission date for the assignment, according to the instructions of your instructor. It will be beneficial to you to submit your assignment by the deadline, as the instructor will be aware of it right away.

Name of the teacher or Professor

When you've finished describing all of the information about yourself, then you need to be sure to mention the name of the professor to whom you were assigned that specific assignment. If the teacher sees your personal name in the assignments, they'll realize the level of attention you paid to your task and make an impression that is positive on the instructor.

what is cover sheet for assignment

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what is cover sheet for assignment

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what is cover sheet for assignment


Get Instant Help From 5000+ Experts For

7 best tips for your assignment cover page with example.

Someone rightly said, “The first impression is the last impression.” As in your cover sheet is the first thing your teacher shall see at university and it can create an immediate impact. This can either make or break your grades.

What is an assignment cover sheet?

A cover sheet in an assignment is basically a page used by the student on completion of their assignment which includes a brief data of what topics and concerns are included in the project. This helps the reader to go through a project briefly in a short duration of time. Also, some universities provide cover sheet templates which are in a standard format and it just requires print and filing like any other form. Therefore it is an important sheet in any assignment as it can bring you into the limelight and get you noticed.

assignment cover sheet

What are the essentials of a cover page?

If a teacher is going through any of your assignments he/she should feel that they are absolutely not wasting their time and henceforth certain important elements must be included which are as follows:

  • Title of the project.
  • Subject on which the assignment has been written.
  • Details of the students which includes name, roll number etc.
  • Date of submission.
  • Information of the university.

7 Tips for Writing Assignment Cover Sheet

Fonts and display:.

One should always take care while writing a cover sheet as they should completely avoid using fancy texts and instead should always choose bold, clear and simple texts. This helps in easy understanding and also students should avoid using a picture as a background in the cover sheet as it might create issues in a proper visibility of the texts.


Presentation is  the most essential thing. As said before, this page creates an impact on the teacher who shall decide your grades on this basis. Therefore, students should make sure that their cover sheet should convey the best options.

Grammar and spellings:

Before the submission of the projects students must review their assignment as spelling errors can create a bad impression of the student on the reader.

Always be honest with what you are writing as you might not have gone to the best of school or university but you still have enough to present. Plagiarism or any kind of dishonesty can bring down your grades and impression. These assignments given by universities are very important as they might help you in job interviews too. So, a student should be very serious and honest with whatever they are writing.

The flow is important:

The pattern or order in which you write is very important. The content should of course flow in a proper sequence and should seem to us as inter connected. Each paragraph should share one thought and then should flow into the other.

Do not miss out on your personal details:

One should make sure that they write down their name.  Also the name should always be written in a slightly bigger font size than the font size used in describing your assignment.

Restrict your word limit:

It is not the quantity of words that matter, it is usually the quality of words that usually matter. In a cover sheet one should make sure that you don’t unnecessarily insert stuff which are not required and instead make sure that you include just the major ideas.

Example of a cover sheet

assignment cover sheet template

Fig: format or an example of cover sheet of a college assignment.

Therefore a cover sheet in any of the assignment has rightly been said as one of the most important pages as it incorporates  the necessary details of the project which includes the title, certain important information about the project along with the declaration and authorship which also includes the detail of the writer of the project. Nowadays, we also have a pre-designed sheets in many software in the form of templates which make our work easier as you simply have to download, print and fill in the necessary information.

Microsoft word has definitely made our work easier by providing us a ready made cover sheets which can either be readily used or can also be customized accordingly. It can definitely help you prepare the best cover sheets within a limited word and also time.

Cover page has to be inserted in almost all kinds of work assignments which comprise lab reports, research paper, essay or any other classroom projects. Some assignment cover sheet might have a restricted word limit which needs to be followed therefore the author must learn to put every detail in a concise manner avoiding compound sentences.

Hence, cover sheet is a very important sheet creating a first impression on the teacher and thus it should be prepared nicely with all the important details filled in.

HelpWithAssignment offers the best assignment help and homework help for all undergraduate and post-graduate courses. We have a pool of best tutors online equipped with Masters and Ph.D. in their respective fields and they can help you with your assignment needs ensuring top grades in your respective courses.

Want to know how to proceed?

Fill up the assignment help request form on the right or drop us an email at [email protected] .  Feel free to contact our customer support on the company 24/7 Live chat or call us on 312-224-1615.

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what is cover sheet for assignment

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what is cover sheet for assignment

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How to Make an Assignment Cover Page (with Examples)?

How to Make an Assignment Cover Page (with Examples)?

The importance of a title page for an assignment depends upon the subject it is dealing with. For example, if the assignment is related to literature then the title must be given that has literary significance. However, in the case of mathematics or any other technical subject, the title describing the subject should be given. The title serves as an introduction to your assignment. It is like an adverb that describes your research work.

Let’s take an example of the title page for a mathematics assignment written by a student: ‘The relationship between radius, circumference, and diameter of a circle’ . This shows that the topic is about geometry. Now you can look forward to reading this paper with great interest as most people like this particular subject.

The following is the example of a title page for a literature assignment: ‘Different techniques employed by William Shakespeare in his play Romeo and Juliet ‘. You will read it with great interest and expectation because many people like reading and analyzing literary work.

There should be uniformity in giving titles to different assignment papers. It should be based on the subject of your writing. If you are not sure about this, you can take suggestions from GoAssignmentHelp subject experts on how to make cover page for assignment.

Consult our  assignment writers  for fresh ideas and introduction samples for any type of assignment!

What is a Cover Page?

A cover page in an assignment is meant to provide the reader with general information about what the assignment is all about.

It is the introductory section that normally includes the requisite information for submitting the project. In certain courses or fields, such as those dealing with medical or legal issues, it may be required that the cover page include your name and contact information (including the mailing address) as well as any other relevant identifying details.

A good example of this is:

cover page example

Just like the rest of your assignment, you should proofread your cover page carefully to ensure that it is well-formatted and free of grammatical errors.

What should be on a cover page for a college assignment?

A cover page for assignment is its vital part, whether it be a thesis or essay. It gives general details about the entire assignment and alerts the reader that it exists. The purpose of a cover page is to provide enough information to get the reader interested in what you have done and why.

The main purpose of the cover page is to state the student’s name, the teacher’s name, the student’s roll number, and what course number is associated with the assignment . A few other details like the date and class period will sometimes be included on these pages as well.

Cover pages may also include:

  • Title: The title of the assignment
  • Credits: Acknowledgements, people who were involved and/or supported you by way of giving advice or editing papers.
  • Date : The date on which the assignment is submitted
  • Approval Page: The actual page that states that the teacher has read and approved the assignment
  • Copyright Page: This page includes a statement that the document is the property of the student and a statement forbidding duplication and/or distribution without permission.

You must also read : Tips and Examples of The Introduction of Assignments

How do you write a cover page for an essay?

Are you wondering what’s a cover page of an essay? Writing a cover page for an essay is quite simple and takes just a few minutes. You can use a word processing program (like MS Word, OpenOffice Writer, etc.) to create a professional-looking title page instantly. Here is the step-by-step guide on how to make a cover page for an essay:

  • Open the word processing program you use.
  • Type out your essay title on the top left hand of the screen. Place it about halfway down, but make sure you leave enough space before your essay starts for margins and a few inches on either side to give yourself plenty of room for notes if necessary.
  • Save your document and type in a name for the file. GoAssignmentHelp’s experienced essay writing experts suggest that you should add ‘coverpage’ to the end of your essay name as the filename.

What should be on an essay cover sheet?

When students are asked to write a paper, it is often hard for them to start. The first step should be creating the essay cover sheet. It will provide them with all of the necessary information needed to complete their writing task successfully.

A properly filled out essay cover sheet should include the following information:

  • The title or prompt of the essay
  • The class and assignment for which it was written
  • The due date for the paper
  • The student’s name
  • The teacher’s name, email, and telephone number.

This information will help students to quickly organize their thoughts without having to search through different papers or their notes for the prompt.

Some tips to remember while writing an Assignment Cover Page

GoAssignmentHelp online essay helpers have carefully crafted some tips and tricks that will help you get your foot in the door when it comes to writing your essay cover page. Read on!

  • Make sure your essay is in a well-written font.

Professors can tell the difference between fonts such as Comic Sans and Helvetica, so be sure to use your best judgment when picking out a typeface for your assignment. Fonts such as Papyrus or Zapf Dingbats will not impress professors nearly as much as Cambria or Times New Roman. Avoid novelty fonts at all costs!

  • Check for spelling and grammar mistakes, or any other egregious errors.

Professors will take one look at your essay if there are numerous mistakes on the first page, and immediately stop reading. Make sure you have a good grasp of the English language before submitting any essays to professors- they won’t hesitate to send your essay back for revisions if you make too many mistakes.

  • Make sure the cover page is present and has all relevant information filled out correctly.

Make sure that your name, professor’s name, course number, the course title, date due, and assignment title are all written on the subject line or in the margins of your essay. If any of these are incorrect, professors will be unable to give your essay the attention it deserves.

  • Avoid using colloquialisms and slang in formal writing assignments.

Professors may find it difficult to understand what you are trying to say if you use slang or informal phrases. In addition, using these types of terms may make your essay sound immature and uninformed. Make sure that the language you use is appropriate for a formal writing assignment- avoid casual phrasing at all costs!

  • Do not use contractions when writing an essay cover page.

Professors may find it difficult to follow along with what you are saying if you use contractions since these types of phrasings are generally used in everyday speech. Make sure that your grammar is perfect so that your essay cover page does not come off as confusing or hard-to-read.

  • Be very clear about the number of words typed on the essay cover page.

If you are unsure about how many words to type in the number of words field or which format to use, ask a professor or TA before submitting your work. Even if they don’t know exactly how to answer your question, this will give them an excuse to hold on to your paper for even longer!

  • Make sure you have written at least five complete sentences.

Professors will notice if your essay cover page consists of just one or two lines, and may automatically think that you did not put in the appropriate effort into completing the assignment. Writing an essay cover page that is too short can often backfire. Instead, make sure to write several complete sentences so your work will look much better.

How do I make a CMS cover page or a title page in Chicago style?

Chicago Manual Style (CMS) or Chicago style is a common citation style used in the humanities. It should be considered an option if you are writing papers for English or History classes, but may not work as well if you are writing about science-related topics. Therefore, it is important to check with your teacher first before deciding on this format for your research paper.

If you intend to make a title page in the Chicago style, you can use one of the following three methods:

  • The first is the “title-centered” method. To use this, the body of the paper begins before the upper right corner of the first sheet, which is left blank, except for the article title centered on the upper half. If you are using an author-date citation system, it is placed flush with the left margin.
  • The second method is to have the title of the paper at the top center. There can be a header of up to two lines under this before continuing onto the first line of the text.
  • The third method puts the title up at the top right ; again, there is usually one line between this and the first line of text.

Several different formats can be used for titles according to the Chicago style guide, such as:

  • Place the assignment title in italics or underline it (THE title).
  • Place the assignment title flush with the left margin, not in quotation marks nor italics (Title).
  • Place the assignment title centered on the page but underlined or italicized (Title). If the title comes at the beginning of a sentence, do not capitalize it until after it has begun.

Some tips for Chicago style assignment cover sheet:

  • Underlining can be done either by hand or with a word processing program. If by hand, be sure to use a straight line so as not to slant the title or anything else you might write on that page.
  • If using a word processor, it is important to place the text in the center of the first line of type leaving enough room for an underline or italics which are usually around 20-30 points in size. This will usually be around one inch from the left margin for flush titles and 1/2 to three-quarters of an inch from the center for centered ones.
  • It is also good to double-check your work by measuring the distance between the line where you typed your title and any other text on the same line. The distance should be either 1/2 to three-quarters of an inch from the left margin if it is a flush title or one inch from the center if it is a centered title.
  • Another option for titles in the Chicago style guide is to use a hanging indent with all lines beginning two spaces from the left margin. The title is flush with the left margin and all lines are indented five spaces.

A College Assignment Cover Sheet Example

College Assignment Cover Sheet Example- GoAssignmentHelp

As you can see, this cover sheet includes:

  • Name of College
  • Logo of College
  • Academic Year
  • Name of Department
  • Assignment Name
  • Name of Student
  • Roll No. of Student
  • Subject or Course Name
  • Assignment Submission Date
  • Submitted By: (Student’s Name)
  • Submitted To: (Instructor’s or Teacher’s Name)

This is a standard assignment cover sheet most college students use.

Assignment Title Examples

Writing a good assignment title is one of the most important parts of any assignment. It is the first thing your marker will see from you, so it must be catchy and thought-provoking. If not, your marker may ignore it even if you have done outstanding work!

To make sure that this doesn’t happen to you , the GoAssignmentHelp assignment help experts suggest a few good assignment titles . They’ll help you gain some inspiration and maybe even give you an idea of what not to do. If all else fails, though, we’ve included a template at the end so that you can come up with your own catchy title!

Check out these 15 examples:

  • Ways to Improve the Quality of Air in Your Home
  • The Effects of Electronic Media on Student Well-Being
  • How Does Your Mental Health Affect Your Academic Performance?
  • What is the Relationship between Leadership, Emotional Intelligence, and Job Satisfaction?
  • Why Are Women Underrepresented in STEM Fields?
  • Prevalence of Tobacco Use among College Students: An Analysis of Correlates and Factors
  • The Relationship between Academic Procrastination and the Use of Technology: An Explorative Study
  • Trends in Pork Consumption: An Analysis on Demographic Characteristics and Its Impact on Obesity
  • A Cross-Sectional Study to Assess the Attitude towards Body Image among College-Going Students in India
  • What is the Link between Exhaustion and Academic Achievement?
  • The Negative Effects of Social Media on Young Adults: An Inquiry into Facebook Addiction, Cyberbullying Prevalence, and Self-Esteem
  • An Analysis of the Impact of Technology on Stress Levels among College Students
  • A Study on Differences in Nutrition Knowledge between Vegetarians and Non-Vegetarians
  • An Investigation into College-Going Students’ Perceptions of Proper Nutrition
  • What are the Effects of College Life on Mental Health?

Assignment Title Writing Template

The role of a college assignment title is to provide a brief idea of the article’s content. The idea behind the article should be expressed clearly and precisely in around 5 words or less. To come up with an effective title for your college assignment, ask yourself the following questions:

  • What is this essay about? * “The Effect of Excessive Study Hours on College Students”
  • What am I going to prove? * “I will prove that excessive studying can have a negative effect on college students.”
  • Does my essay have a clear, concrete thesis? * “Yes”
  • Is my thesis debatable? * “No”
  • What words would I use to tell someone about this article? * “Read my college assignment now!”

After asking yourself the above questions, you should have a clear idea of what your essay is about. Once you come up with an effective title for your college paper, you can begin writing the introduction and thesis statement . Remember that you don’t need to include all of the details. A good title should contain only the most important information which will hook your readers’ attention enough to make them want to read more.

An Example of Swinburne Cover Sheet

The Swinburne University of Technology in Melbourne, Australia has a fixed cover sheet format that can work well for all college or university assignments after modifying some of the design elements, especially the university name and logo.

Here’s how it looks like:

Example of Swinburne Cover Sheet- GoAssignmentHelp

If you need to submit a hard copy of your assignment, you can download the cover sheet and attach the signed version as the front page of your assignment. You may also download the sheet and append it as the front page of class assessments that you submit electronically.

In this version of university assignment coversheets, you declare that you are submitting original work and you haven’t copied it from somewhere. You accept that you have followed the best academic practices and ethics while doing your assignments.

FREE Homework Cover Page Templates!

You can download, personalize, and print homework cover page templates for free from the web, such as:

FREE Homework Cover Page Template 1- GoAssignmentHelp

A homework cover page not only provides basic details to the teacher but also enhances its look. It makes the first impression on the teacher and should showcase you’re the hard work you have put in for completing your assignment.

An impressive cover page can impact your grades considerably.

Though we have already covered what to put on an assignment cover page, here are some more tips on how to design a beautiful front page for your homework:

  • Make sure to follow the teacher’s instructions while designing the cover page. Add all that is required to be mentioned, choose the recommended font type and size, and add margins as specified by your teacher.
  • Most professors share their preferred format of the cover page. But if they haven’t, you might want to ask them for an example or two of what kind of cover pages they like.
  • Use only one type of font for the assignment title. Do not use more than two types of fonts for the text portions of your cover page. Using too many fonts can impact the readability of the page negatively.
  • Align the entire text either to the left or to the right. Randomly putting text anywhere on the cover page makes it difficult to read.
  • Different subjects and assignment types may use different formatting for assignment cover pages. Call GoAssignmentHelp online experts to learn the right cover page format for the assignment you need to write!
  • Too many images make cover pages look messy. Professional documents should draw the attention of the teacher straight to the assignment topic and student’s details – and not to the designing aspect of the document. Keep it simple and pay attention to the aesthetics!
  • assignment cover page

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FAQ: How do I make an APA title page?

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In APA Style, the cover sheet is called a title page. Follow the guidelines of your instructor when determining the proper format for your title page. Unless instructed otherwise, include the following elements:

  • Title of the paper in bold
  • Author name
  • University Affiliation
  • Course number and name
  • Instructor name
  • Page number (top right).

For APA 7th edition, running heads are only required for professional papers that are being submitted for publication. Please see Section 2.3 for more information or review the APA Style blog’s  Student Title Page Guide . The video below by Academic Support walks you through how to format your paper. Here is an example of a student title page in APA style:

Screenshot of an APA title page. It has the Title, Name, University, Course, Instructor, and Date. All of these elements are centered.

More Information

  • APA Guide  (Shapiro Library)
  • Title Page Setup This link opens in a new window  (APA Style)

Further Help

This information is intended to be a guideline, not expert advice. Always speak to your instructor about citation styles and paper formats for your course.

For help with citations and more, visit Academic Support. To access Academic Support, visit your Brightspace course and select Tutoring and Mentoring from the Academic Support pulldown menu. Then, select 24/7 Drop-In Tutoring from the top navigation menu.

Visit these guides for more information:

  • How do I access Academic Support from Brightspace?
  • How do online students submit a paper for feedback?

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Related FAQs

Ask - /faq/5979/assignment-cover-sheets/

Assignment cover sheets, where can i find cover sheets for handing in hard copies of my assignments.

Copies of cover sheets are usually kept near the faculty or graduate school's assignment hand-in location, or on the relevant faculty or graduate school website.

Please note that not all Schools or Departments require coversheets, and this list is not exhaustive. If you are unsure whether you need to hand in a cover sheet with your assignment, you should contact the subject coordinator.

Faculty of Arts

Forms which are specific to your studies in a particular area can be obtained online from the relevant Faculty or Graduate School's website.

  • Extension forms 
  • Essay/assignment cover sheets
  • Thesis forms

Faculty of the Victoria College of the Arts and Music

Assignment cover sheets are located on the Faculty of VCA & MCM website :

  • VCA subjects
  • MCM subjects

Faculty of Architecture, Building and Planning

Assignment cover sheets can be downloaded from the  LMS .

Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences

Melbourne School of Health Sciences

Where required, assignment cover sheets can be downloaded by students via the LMS . Many subjects in this school do not require cover sheets, as assignments are handed in digitally via Turnitin. If you are unsure whether you need to prepared a cover sheet, please contact your subject coordinator.

Melbourne Graduate School of Education

Faculty of science, melbourne school of engineering, school of veterinary science, faculty of business and economics.

Most of this Faculty's assignments are submitted online only. When required, assignment cover sheets can be downloaded by students via the LMS . Please check with your tutor or subject coordinator to confirm the submission method of your assignments.

Melbourne Law School

Assignment cover sheets are no longer required.

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Module 5: Instructions and Process Description

Cover sheet review.

Ok, let’s take a closer sheet at the purpose and design of the cover sheet, a prewriting technique used to analyze your audience, your purpose and your direction.

First of all, the  Cover Sheet  is broken into three sections:  Reader/Audience ; Writer/Sender  and  Content/Design.

The  Reader/Audience  section has to look at your topic from your reader’s perspective. When it says “ Prior knowledge of subject,”  that means what is the reader’s knowledge of your topic before he/she begins to read your document? You have to know this because it will help you develop your paper. You will know what material is necessary and what material is obvious, unnecessary.

For instance, with the  Letter of Inquiry,  you’re writing to a company about its product. Obviously, the company is very familiar with the product, so you don’t need to give lots of background information. If you were from the company and writing to potential customers, then you would have to use lots more background because the reader’s knowledge is not that good.

You need to know the reader’s  attitude,  both toward the subject and toward you. Again, it’s sometimes obvious that the reader doesn’t know you as a person, but he/she knows you as the writer of this document. What is he thinking about you before he even starts to read? Analyze that. Put yourself in your reader’s shoes. Know how he/she is going to respond.

So everything between  Reader/Audience  and  Writer/Sender  is reader-oriented. The  Writer/Sender  section simply helps you recognize what you’re doing and why, gives your own position importance. The  Content/Design  section helps you think about how you might want to display your information. Remember, we’re not writing the same kind of document each time. Each one requires different kinds of design techniques.

The lines above the  Reader/Audience  section are for to identify yourself. Organization: means which organization are you writing from? Is it personal, or is it one of the two organizations you described in your opening assignment?

Also, keep your design of this document in mind. How does it look, visually?  Boldface  heading, indent subheadings. Make it look professional. Although, I don’t grade the  Cover Sheet,  it can influence your overall grade for an assignment (I take one point off if it’s not handed in). So spend some quality time on this important prewriting technique. Thanks.

  • Eng 235. Authored by : Jeff Meyers. Provided by : Clinton Community College. License : CC BY: Attribution

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  • Referencing tools

At TAFE SA you are required to include a  cover sheet  with every written assignment.

The cover sheet will include information that your lecturer needs. For example:

  • your full name
  • your student identification number
  • the qualification and unit you are studying
  • name of the assessment
  • declaration and signature

The declaration you sign states that the assignment is your own work.

A cover sheet can usually be downloaded from your online classroom.

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  • Last Updated: Jan 29, 2024 10:01 AM
  • URL: https://tafesa.libguides.com/myinfoskills

23+ Best Free Assignment Cover Page Formats for MS Word

What is an assignment cover page, key elements for a comprehensive front page.

  • Institution Details: Begin by prominently featuring the name of your school, college, or institute. This establishes credibility and provides context for your assignment.
  • Personal Information: Include your own name to indicate authorship and ownership of the assignment. This adds a personal touch and facilitates easy identification.
  • Assignment Title: Clearly state the title of your assignment, conveying its purpose and focus. A concise and informative title sets the tone for your work.
  • Course Information: Specify the relevant course title or code to indicate the academic context in which your assignment was completed. This assists in proper categorization and organization.
  • Instructor’s Name: Acknowledge the teacher or professor who will be evaluating your assignment by including their name. This demonstrates respect and professionalism.
  • Due Date: Clearly indicate the deadline or due date for the assignment submission. This ensures timely assessment and helps you stay organized.

What are the basic tips?

  • Font style : It is always in the best interest to use bold, simple, and clear text instead of using fancy text fonts and styles. This helps the reader understand things in a better way.  Moreover, the usage of pictures behind texts must be avoided as it creates poor visibility for the reader when reading the text printed on it.
  • Presentation: Presentation plays an important role in expressing what you need to convey to someone and how you need to communicate it. Presenting the title page in the most effective manner is essential as this leaves an impression on the teacher reading the assignment. It also acts as a decisive tool for the teacher whether or not he/ she interestingly goes through the whole document.
  • Spell Check: Before handing over the assignment, one should take a brief review of all the spelling and also look for any grammatical errors.
  • Avoid plagiarism: A student must always be honest in what he writes. He should avoid copying material or texts from anywhere.
  • Personal detail: One should never forget to mention his/her name. The font size used for writing the name must be bigger so that it makes the name visible to the teacher.

Advantages of an Impressive Assignment Cover Page

  • Showcasing Professionalism: By meticulously designing your cover page, you demonstrate a strong commitment to professionalism. This attention to detail reflects positively on your work ethic and sets you apart as a dedicated student.
  • Creating a Positive Impression: A well-crafted front page sets the tone for your assignment, capturing the attention of your teacher or professor. It establishes a positive first impression, arousing their interest and encouraging them to delve further into your work.
  • Enhancing Visual Appeal: A visually appealing cover page enhances the overall presentation of your assignment. With carefully chosen fonts, colors, and layouts, you create an engaging and aesthetically pleasing introduction that captivates the reader’s attention.
  • Communicating Pertinent Information: It provides a concise summary of essential details, such as the assignment title, your name, and the due date. This ensures clarity and facilitates seamless identification and organization of your work.
  • Reflecting a Professional Attitude: By dedicating time and effort to creating an impressive cover page, you exemplify a professional attitude towards your academic pursuits. This level of dedication and care leaves a lasting impression on your teacher or professor.

Download Free Cover Page Templates

#1 – best format.


#2 – For Case Study


#3 – Best Design for Critical Review


#4 – For Any Kind of Educational Assignment


Video Tutorial

#5 – essay assignment.


#6 – Syllabus Assignment


#7 – For University Assignment


#9 – Business Assignment


#11 – Academic


#12 – Generic Cover Page for any Assignment


#13 – Biology


#14 – For Chemistry Projects


#15 – For Computer Projects


#16 – For Engineering-Related Assignments


#17 – For English Assignment


#18 – For Geography Projects


#19 – Mathematics


#20 – Physics


#21 – Best Cover Page for School Assignments


#22 – Best for Science Projects


#23 – Cover Page for Social Study Assignment


Versatile Designs and Layouts for Every Purpose

  • Assignment Types: Our templates are designed specifically for different types of assignments, such as case studies, critical reviews, essays, syllabi, and business projects. Each template is tailored to suit the requirements and objectives of its respective assignment type.
  • Academic Disciplines: Our collection includes templates suitable for various academic disciplines like biology, chemistry, computer science, engineering, English, geography, mathematics, physics, and social studies. Each template aligns with the themes and aesthetics of its corresponding discipline.
  • Purposes: Whether you are a student, educator, or professional, our templates serve multiple purposes. They can be used for university assignments, school projects, research papers, or any academic or professional endeavor that requires a polished cover page.
  • Designs, Layouts, and Styles: Our templates offer a diverse range of designs, from minimalistic and clean to visually captivating and sophisticated. You can choose from different layouts that creatively arrange text, images, and graphics. Our templates cater to a variety of styles, ensuring there is something for everyone’s preferences.

User-Friendly Customization: Make It Your Own

  • Easy Modifications: We believe in keeping things simple. With just a few clicks, you can effortlessly modify our templates to suit your specific requirements. Change colors, fonts, and layouts with ease, and watch your cover page transform before your eyes.
  • Colors and Themes: Infuse it with the perfect color scheme and themes that truly represent your assignment. Our templates offer a wide range of options, so you can find the ideal palette and theme that resonate with your content.
  • Font Selection: The right font can make all the difference. Choose from our diverse selection of fonts to enhance the visual appeal and readability. From elegant and professional to modern and bold, we have fonts to suit every style.
  • Layout Flexibility: It should reflect your unique presentation style. With our templates, you have the freedom to experiment with different layouts, arranging titles, subtitles, images, and text blocks in a way that best suits your assignment.

Benefits of Using Professionally Designed Templates: Make an Impact with Ease

  • Time and Effort Saving: Our professionally designed templates eliminate the need to start from scratch. With pre-designed layouts, styles, and graphics, you can save valuable time and effort in creating visually appealing front pages. Simply customize the template to suit your assignment’s requirements, and you’re ready to impress.
  • Consistency and Professionalism: Using our templates ensures consistency in your assignment submissions. The standardized design elements and formatting guidelines help maintain a professional appearance throughout your work. Presenting your assignments with a polished title page enhances the overall quality and credibility of your content.
  • Visual Appeal: A visually appealing title page grabs attention and sets the tone for your assignment. Our templates are thoughtfully crafted by design professionals, incorporating aesthetically pleasing elements, color schemes, and typography. By leveraging these designs, you can effortlessly create eye-catching cover pages that captivate your professors or readers.
  • Positive Impression: First impressions matter, and a well-designed cover page leaves a positive impact on professors and readers alike. Showcasing your assignment in a professional and visually appealing manner demonstrates your dedication and attention to detail. It sets the stage for an engaging reading experience, encouraging your audience to delve deeper into your work.
  • User-Friendly Customization: Our templates are designed to be easily customizable, allowing you to add your personal touch without technical expertise. You can modify text, colors, images, and other elements to align with your assignment’s theme and requirements. This flexibility ensures that your cover page reflects your unique style while maintaining a professional look.

Tips for Maximizing the Impact: Make Your Cover Page Stand Out

  • Choose Colors Wisely: Select colors that complement your assignment’s theme and evoke the desired emotions. Vibrant colors can grab attention, while muted tones create a sense of elegance. Maintain consistency with your assignment’s overall design and avoid using too many colors that may distract from the main message.
  • Opt for Legible Fonts: Use clear and readable fonts to enhance the accessibility and professionalism of your cover page. Avoid overly decorative or complex fonts that may hinder readability. Opt for fonts that align with your assignment’s tone and maintain consistency throughout the document.
  • Incorporate Relevant Graphics: Graphics can enhance the visual appeal of your cover page and reinforce the assignment’s subject matter. Choose images or icons that are directly related to the topic or convey the assignment’s main concept. Ensure that the graphics are high-quality and appropriately sized to maintain clarity.
  • Organize Information Effectively: Arrange the information in a logical and visually appealing manner. Use headings, subheadings, and bullet points to break down content and make it easier to read. Highlight key details such as the assignment title, your name, course information, and submission date.
  • Maintain Simplicity: While it’s important to make it visually appealing, avoid cluttering it with excessive elements. Keep the design clean and uncluttered, allowing the key information to stand out. Remember, simplicity often has a greater impact than complexity.
  • Preview and Proofread: Before finalizing, preview it to ensure that all elements are properly aligned and visually balanced. Proofread the content to eliminate any spelling or grammatical errors. A polished and error-free cover demonstrates your attention to detail and professionalism.

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Humanities LibreTexts

6.11: Information needed for cover sheet

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Please review the following information relevant to the cover sheets you are writing for each assignment- this cover sheet is specifically referring to what kind of information you should put on the Letter of Application cover sheet:

ENGLISH 235                                                                           MEYERS

TECHNICAL WRITING                                                             08/30/14


Assignment:  Letter of Application, with Resume

Organization:    (this is the organization you are representing with this document- who is going to benefit from the reader’s response?)

READER (S)/AUDIENCE : (this is the person/organization you are writing to; remember that with a letter of application, knowing a person’s name to send the letter to is one way of advancing above other applicants)

Position in organization:  (this is the position of the person listed above as well as the company he/she represents)

Prior knowledge of this subject:   (what does your reader know about the information you are providing? About the process involved?)

Prior attitude toward this subject:   (how does the reader feel about filling this position?)

Prior attitude toward me:   (how does the reader feel about you as an applicant? As a potential employee?)

Reason for reading:  (why is the reader bothering to look at your material?)

Probable response:  (how do you hope the reader with actively respond to your document?)

WRITER/SENDER:  (this is your name and your course number- remember to separate the document you are writing from the course- you are writing a professional document, not a student homework assignment)

Position for this writing:  (what is your role in the writer-reader relationship?)

Purpose of writing:  (why are you involved in that relationship?)

Tone wanted here:  (what kind of mood do you want to create with this document? A humorous approach? A serious approach? A stern approach? Think about the different kinds of tone you can use- refer to the handout on cover sheets.)


            Type of document:  Formal business letter

Order of information:  (What kind of format are you using for the letter? What kind of resume are you using?)

Graphics needed:  (is a photo, chart, table or other graphic relevant to this document?)

Source of information:  (did you do any research? Is the information coming from personal experience? From others you’ve talked to?)

  • Eng 235. Authored by : Jeff Meyers. Provided by : Clinton Community College. License : CC BY: Attribution

U.S. flag

An official website of the United States government Here’s how you know keyboard_arrow_down

An official website of the United States government

The .gov means it’s official. Federal government websites often end in .gov or .mil. Before sharing sensitive information, make sure you’re on a federal government site.

The site is secure. The https:// ensures that you are connecting to the official website and that any information you provide is encrypted and transmitted securely.

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United States Patent and Trademark Office - An Agency of the Department of Commerce

Trademark assignments: Transferring ownership or changing your name

Assignment Center

Trademark owners may need to transfer ownership or change the name on their application or registration. This could happen while your trademark application is pending or after your trademark has registered. Use Assignment Center to transfer ownership or to request a change in name. See our how-to guide for trademarks on using Assignment Center.

Here are examples of common reasons:

  • I’ve sold my business and need to transfer ownership of the trademark. This is a transfer of ownership called an assignment.
  • I got married just after I filed my application and my last name changed.  This is a name change of the owner. 

There are fees associated with recording assignments, name changes, and other ownership-type changes with the USPTO. See the Trademark Services Fee Code “8521” on the current fee schedule to find the specific fee amount.

See the correcting the owner name page to learn if you can correct an error in the owner's name that does not require an assignment.

Limitations based on filing basis

Intent-to-use section 1(b) applications.

If you’re transferring ownership to a business successor for the goods or services listed in your identification, you can file your assignment at any time. In all other cases, you must wait until after you file an  Amendment to Allege Use or a Statement of Use before you file your assignment. For more information, see the Trademark Manual of Examining Procedure (TMEP)  section 501.01(a) . 

Madrid Protocol section 66(a) U.S. applications and registrations

All ownership changes involving international registrations must be filed with the International Bureau of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). Follow the guidance on the WIPO website about changing ownership or changing an owner’s or holder’s name. See the  TMEP section 502.02(b) for more information.

How to update ownership information

Submit a request to transfer ownership or change the name.

Use Assignment Center to submit your request to transfer ownership or change the owner name for your U.S. application or registration. You will need to fill out a cover sheet with certain information and may also need to upload supporting documents, depending on the type of change. Also, be prepared to pay the Trademark Services Fee Code “8521” on the current fee schedule .

You'll receive a notice of recordation or non-recordation

In about seven days, look for your notice. If you don’t receive one, contact the Assignment Recordation Branch . The Notice of Non-Recordation will explain the reason your request to record was denied. Here are four common reasons: 

  • A critical piece of information was omitted from the cover sheet. 
  • The document is illegible or not scannable. 
  • The information on the cover sheet and the supporting document do not match. 
  • The assignment was not transferred with the good will of the business. 

USPTO trademark database will be automatically updated after recordation

Once recorded, the trademark database should reflect the new owner information or name change. Check the Trademark Status and Document Retrieval (TSDR) system to see if the owner information has been updated. See below for information about what to do if the database isn’t updated.

What to do if the USPTO trademark database isn’t updated

In some cases, the USPTO will not automatically update the trademark database to show the change in ownership or name. This could happen when the execution date conflicts with a previously recorded document or multiple assignments have the same execution date on the same date. For more information, see TMEP section 504.01 . 

If the trademark database wasn’t updated and your trademark has not published in the Trademark Official Gazette yet, and you need to respond to an outstanding USPTO letter or office action, use the appropriate Response form to request the update of the owner information. If you don’t have a response due, use the Voluntary Amendment form . To do this,

  • Answer “yes” to the question at the beginning of the form that asks if you need to change the owner’s name or entity information.
  • Enter the new name in the “Owner” field in the “Owner Information” section of the form.

Your request to update the owner information will be reviewed by a USPTO employee and entered, if appropriate. To request the owner information be updated manually when your trademark has already published or registered, use the appropriate form listed in the “Checking the USPTO trademark database for assignment/name change” section below.

If you made an error in your Assignment Center cover sheet 

Immediately call the Assignment Recordation Branch to request possible suspension of the recordation. The recordation may be suspended for two days. You’ll be instructed to email the specialist you speak with requesting the cancellation and that a refund be issued. However, if the assignment has already been recorded, your request will be denied. You must then follow the procedures outlined in the TMEP section 503.06 to make any corrections to the assignment.

We strongly recommend filing these changes online using Assignment Center , which will record your changes in less than a week. It is possible to request these changes by paper using the Recordation Form Cover Sheet and mailing the cover sheet, any supporting documentation, and fee to: 

Mail Stop Assignment Recordation Branch Director of the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office PO Box 1450 Alexandria, VA 22313-1450

If you file by paper, we will record your changes within 20 days of filing. 

Checking the USPTO trademark database for assignment /name change

After you receive a Notice of Recordation, wait one week before checking to see if the owner information has been updated in your application or registration in the trademark database. Follow these instructions:

  • Go to TSDR .
  • Enter the application serial number or registration number.
  • Select the “Status” button.
  • Scroll down to the “Current Owner(s) Information” section. 
  • Check to see that your owner information was updated correctly.

If the owner information hasn’t yet been updated, go to the “Prosecution History” section in TSDR to see the status of the assignment or name change. It can take up to seven days to see an entry in the Prosecution History regarding the assignment. If an entry shows "Ownership records not automatically updated," you will need to submit a TEAS form making the owner or name change manually.

The form you need depends on where your application is in the process.

  • If your trademark has not published in the Trademark Official Gazette yet, use the TEAS Response to Examining Attorney Office Action form or the TEAS Voluntary Amendment form . If you are responding to an outstanding USPTO Office action regarding your application or registration, use the TEAS response form.
  • If your trademark has published but hasn't registered, use the TEAS Post-Publication Amendment form . 
  • If your trademark is registered , use the TEAS Section 7 Request form . A fee is required.

Updating your correspondence information

If your ownership information is automatically updated in TSDR , you must ensure your correspondence information, including any attorney information, is also updated. To update your correspondence or attorney information, use the TEAS Change of Address or Representation (CAR) form . This form cannot be used to change the owner name.

For further information, see TMEP Chapter 500 and look at the frequently asked questions .

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Best overall

  • Best sateen

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Best flannel

Best jersey, best deep-pocket.

  • What to look for
  • How we tested

The 9 best bed sheets of 2024, tested and reviewed

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The best sheets can make your bed a cozy, dreamy oasis that you look forward to falling into each night — they're comfortable, fit your mattress well, and hold up to regular use and washing.

For this guide, we slept on over 25 sheet sets and put them through multiple wash cycles to test for long-term comfort and durability. We also spoke to hospitality experts and a textiles scientist. Most of our picks are made from cotton, which offers the best balance of comfort, durability, and affordability. Experts told us a high thread count doesn't necessarily make for better sheets, though you should look for 100% long-staple cotton for your sheet material.

The L.L.Bean Percale Sheet Set has been our top pick for several years and offers the ideal balance of breathability, comfort, and fit at a midrange price. If you're after the buttery soft feeling of sateen, we can't get enough of the Brooklinen Luxe Sateen Core Sheet set for its cozy and durable design as well as stylish colors and prints. 

The best sheet sets are just one piece to curating your ideal sleep set up. Refresh the essentials with our recommendations for the best mattress , best pillow , and best comforter , too. 

Learn more about how Insider Reviews tests and researches home products .

Top picks for bed sheets

Best overall: L.L.Bean Percale Sheet Set - See at L.L.Bean

Best sateen: Brooklinen Luxe Sateen Core Sheet Set - See at Brooklinen

Best budget: Threshold Solid Performance Sheet Set - See at Target

Best linen: Brooklinen Washed Linen Core Sheet Set - See at Brooklinen

Best cooling : Sijo Linen Sheet Set - See at Amazon

Best flannel: L.L.Bean Ultrasoft Comfort Flannel Sheets - See at L.L.Bean

Best jersey:  Room Essentials Solid Jersey Sheet Set - See at Target

Best hotel: H by Frette Classic Sheet Set  - See at Amazon

Best deep-pocket: Cuddledown 400-Thread Count Sateen Sheet Set - See at Cuddledown

what is cover sheet for assignment

These are our favorite sheets after testing dozens of sets. L.L.Bean doesn't often have sales, but right now you can save 10% with the code WONDER10. Use code WONDER10 at checkout.

  • Check mark icon A check mark. It indicates a confirmation of your intended interaction. High-quality construction
  • Check mark icon A check mark. It indicates a confirmation of your intended interaction. Very soft and comfortable
  • Check mark icon A check mark. It indicates a confirmation of your intended interaction. Top and bottom side labels
  • Check mark icon A check mark. It indicates a confirmation of your intended interaction. Accessible price
  • con icon Two crossed lines that form an 'X'. Limited prints and patterns
  • con icon Two crossed lines that form an 'X'. Fitted sheet may be loose on thinner mattresses

Of all the percale cotton sheets I tested, L.L.Bean's set stood out for its ultra-softness and comfort. It's our overall pick for best sheets because it boasts a bit of everything that most shoppers are looking for: lightweight, breathable, and cool fabric; crisp yet soft feel; and strong construction that can reliably stand up to multiple washes. 

The sheets are made from Pima cotton, a high-quality, extra-long-staple cotton. Karen Leonas , a professor of textile sciences at the Wilson College of Textiles, NC State University , told us extra-long-staple cotton is even stronger and more resistant to abrasion than long-staple cotton. That's likely why the L.L.Bean sheets are extra soft and durable, even though the 280-thread count is on the lower end of the spectrum. Even after many washes, they had a great feel and experienced no loose threads or shrinkage in the last three months.

The fitted sheet fit well and never slipped off, but there was a little excess (it fits up to 15-inch mattresses) on my IKEA Haugesund mattress . I loved that the long and short sides were labeled, a thoughtful touch that always sped up the annoying task of putting on my sheets. (You notice and appreciate these things when you're constantly trying and washing different sheets.) 

The sheets are available in a handful of light colors and have hemstitched detailing (decorative threading at the edges). If you prefer a simple look that fits into pretty much any room style, the L.L.Bean sheets won't disappoint. If you like fun prints and patterns, try Brooklinen's sheets . They came in a close second to L.L.Bean for comfort and durability and are also reasonably priced.

Read our full L.L.Bean Percale Sheets review .

Best Sateen

what is cover sheet for assignment

If you take your sleep comfort seriously, the pampering touch and good looks of Brooklinen's Luxe Sheets will make you want to stay in bed longer. Plus, they get softer with wear. A 25% discount means this is the best savings you'll find all year long.

  • Check mark icon A check mark. It indicates a confirmation of your intended interaction. Very comfortable
  • Check mark icon A check mark. It indicates a confirmation of your intended interaction. Labeled short and long sides
  • Check mark icon A check mark. It indicates a confirmation of your intended interaction. Standard 100 by Oeko-Tex certified
  • Check mark icon A check mark. It indicates a confirmation of your intended interaction. Year long return period
  • Check mark icon A check mark. It indicates a confirmation of your intended interaction. Several colors and patterns to choose from
  • con icon Two crossed lines that form an 'X'. May sleep hot
  • con icon Two crossed lines that form an 'X'. Limited edition colors sell out

No one does sateen sheets better than Brooklinen. Sateen is a type of cotton weave that produces a silky, buttery texture when compared to the matte, cool texture of percale. Think of it as the difference between a soft cotton t-shirt (sateen) and a crisp button-up shirt (percale). While we think percale sheets are best for most people since they sleep a bit cooler, sateen has a luxurious and soft feel that many prefer for a hotel-like experience. 

Brooklinen's Luxe sateen sheets are incredibly comfortable to sleep in, and they have many thoughtful touches that make them a great buy. For starters, you can choose whether or not you want to include a flat sheet in your set — a nice way to eliminate waste and save some money if you prefer to sleep without one. The short and long sides of the sheets are also labeled, so making the bed is a breeze. If you don't love them, you'll have a whole year to initiate a return. 

One of our editors has owned the same set of Brooklinen sateen sheets for almost a decade now, and they've held up remarkably well to years of use and washing. Our one complaint is that, like most sateen sheets we've tried, Brooklinen's sleep a bit hot. 

Read our full Brooklinen Luxe sateen sheet review .

what is cover sheet for assignment

Threshold's sheets are popular among Target shoppers because they're comfortable, thoughtfully designed, and best of all, affordable. Our pick for best budget sheets are already affordable, but they're even better at 25% off.

  • Check mark icon A check mark. It indicates a confirmation of your intended interaction. Affordable
  • Check mark icon A check mark. It indicates a confirmation of your intended interaction. Great fit
  • con icon Two crossed lines that form an 'X'. May trap body oils more
  • con icon Two crossed lines that form an 'X'. Smelled out of the packaging

It's the price tag that'll catch your eye first, then the great fit and soft feel that'll sell you completely on these budget-friendly sheets from Target brand Threshold. Of all the sets I tested, Threshold's fitted sheet was the easiest to put on and fit my mattress the best, despite being designed for mattresses up to 18-inch deep. The extra stretch in the corners of the sheet made a big difference and helped the sheet cling to my mattress without showing excess material on top. It also has a top and bottom label to speed up the fitting process. 

Once on, the sateen sheets are smooth and silky. They're made from 100% cotton and have a 400-thread count on the higher end of all the sets I tried.

After some use, however, I noticed that they seem to trap body oils more readily and feel greasier than other sets, making them less pleasant to sleep on. I wondered if this was because Target uses a short-staple cotton, or if they applied some kind of treatment over the sheets to give them their "performance" qualities (wrinkle-resistant, bleach-friendly), but the brand didn't respond to my requests for additional clarification. The problem seems to disappear if I wash the sheets more often.

Either way, I had a comfortable experience overall; they just weren't the best sheets I tried. And though they're touted as "performance sheets," most notably as being wrinkle-free, they certainly wrinkle. The best way to get rid of the wrinkles, as with all cotton sheets, is to iron them. 

Be warned — the sheets have a strong sour and chemical smell when you first take them out of their packaging. The smell lingers even after the sheets are aired out for a couple of days, so you'll definitely want to wash them first. It's also good practice to wash before using any new textile you bring into your home, regardless of whether it arrived with a manufacturing odor. 

If you're on a budget, a college student, or a frequent host looking to outfit a guest bed, these sheets are a smart decision. We're continuing to test and wash them to look for any durability issues, but so far, we haven't run into any.

what is cover sheet for assignment

Linen is known to be rough and itchy, but these linen sheets are remarkably soft, airy, cooling, and durable.

  • Check mark icon A check mark. It indicates a confirmation of your intended interaction. Soft from the get go, and not itchy
  • Check mark icon A check mark. It indicates a confirmation of your intended interaction. Lightweight and breathable
  • Check mark icon A check mark. It indicates a confirmation of your intended interaction. Top and bottom tags included
  • Check mark icon A check mark. It indicates a confirmation of your intended interaction. Can buy separate pieces
  • con icon Two crossed lines that form an 'X'. Some slight pilling after washing
  • con icon Two crossed lines that form an 'X'. Limited colors sell out

Linen is a contentious textile. It wrinkles easily, feels rough, and is notoriously expensive. On the other hand, some prefer the casual, lived-in look, and it does get softer with time and use. Most importantly, because it's made from hollow flax fibers, which absorb moisture and let air pass through, linen is breathable and stays dry even on the warmest, stuffiest nights. When treated according to their care instructions, they should last you years. 

Among the best linen sheet sets we've reviewed, the Brooklinen Washed Linen Sheet Set impressed us with its immediate softness, perhaps contrary to what you may expect from a new set of linen sheets. It's thin and light for the ultimate breathability without feeling flimsy. 

Unlike percale or sateen bedding, linen sheets are not identified by thread count,  but by grams per square meter or GSM, which is a measure of a textile's weight, with a higher number indicating a denser fabric. Brooklinen's 145 GSM falls on the light to medium scale of typical linen sheeting.  

Brooklinen's linen sheets are available in four core neutral options, and they rotate in seasonal hues throughout the year, with the ability to pick and choose the pieces you need and will use. They also feature long and short label tags that make putting sheets on the bed go by that much quicker. If you're looking for more color choices, Quince is a comparable option with a slightly heavier drape that sleeps a little warmer, though still very breathable. It's also half the price. 

Read our Brooklinen Washed Linen Sheets review for more information.

Best cooling 

what is cover sheet for assignment

  • Check mark icon A check mark. It indicates a confirmation of your intended interaction. Stays dry and sleeps cool
  • Check mark icon A check mark. It indicates a confirmation of your intended interaction. Casually wrinkled style
  • Check mark icon A check mark. It indicates a confirmation of your intended interaction. Flexible flat sheet option
  • Check mark icon A check mark. It indicates a confirmation of your intended interaction. Organic
  • con icon Two crossed lines that form an 'X'. Doesn't come in as many colors and sizes as competitors
  • con icon Two crossed lines that form an 'X'. Mixed opinions on softness
  • con icon Two crossed lines that form an 'X'. May experience some shedding

For hot sleepers, finding a set of sheets that don't leave you drenched in sweat or that you need to kick away your bedding to find comfort can feel like a never-ending cycle of trial and error. When I think about cooling bedding, while cotton is a breathable textile, linen's natural moisture-wicking properties ebbs out as my cooling sheet of choice. Sijo Luxsheets are among the best cooling sheets I've tried because they strike the right balance of comfort, coolness, durability, and price. After a couple of months of testing, Sijo sheets are downright soft and comfortable they are, even while having the signature grainy texture of linen. And they get softer and better after multiple washes.

If your preconception of linen is too scratchy to enjoy, Sijo's sheets will change your mind. They're also airy and light, keeping me cool on California spring nights that already feel like summer (we recently had temps in the high 80s in late March).

I loved the wrinkled look, especially combined with the soothing Blush color. I'm also a fan of Sky, a dusky blue. The color and overall construction have held up well, and the fabric feels substantial and lightweight. You should expect some shedding in the first few washes — it's a natural part of the process but a little annoying to pick off your bed.

You can also opt-in or out of a flat sheet, which provides great flexibility and can bring the price of your purchase down.

what is cover sheet for assignment

L.L.Bean's Ultrasoft Comfort Flannel Sheets are soft, cozy, and not so heavy as to be stifling. Importantly, they retain their feel and color after many washes, so you can sleep with them for many winters to come.

  • Check mark icon A check mark. It indicates a confirmation of your intended interaction. Comes in several patterns and colors
  • Check mark icon A check mark. It indicates a confirmation of your intended interaction. Comfortable and velvety feel
  • Check mark icon A check mark. It indicates a confirmation of your intended interaction. Not too heavy
  • Check mark icon A check mark. It indicates a confirmation of your intended interaction. Doesn't color-fade or pill over time
  • con icon Two crossed lines that form an 'X'. Pillowcases are open-ended and can slide around
  • con icon Two crossed lines that form an 'X'. Shed lint
  • con icon Two crossed lines that form an 'X'. May not be warm enough in extreme cold

From lined sleeping bags to shirts, L.L.Bean is renowned for its flannel products. The company's flannel sheets are a fantastic buy if you want to stay warm on cold nights. We love them so much that we named these sheets the best overall pick in our guide to the best flannel sheets .

The sheets are not overly thick and weigh only 5 ounces per square yard. Yet, they're thicker than sateen and percale sheets. The balanced thickness supplies comfortable warmth without overheating.

L.L.Bean claims the sheets work well all year round. After testing them for a summer, we believe it. They were surprisingly breathable and comfortable.

L.L.Bean's flannel sheets shed copious amounts of lint in the dryer, which is typical of flannel. With each subsequent wash and dry, the lint decreased significantly. The sheets stayed velvety smooth and didn't pill. And, the sage sheets have maintained their pleasant green hue without any color loss after several washes.

Ultrasoft Comfort Flannel Sheets are available in an array of patterns and colors, including floral, striped, and checkered options.

what is cover sheet for assignment

The Room Essentials Jersey Sheet Set comes with a fitted sheet, flat sheet, and two pillowcases. Made out of a cotton-poly blend, the jersey fabric is so warm, comfortable, and soft, you may not need a blanket.

  • Check mark icon A check mark. It indicates a confirmation of your intended interaction. Stretchy
  • Check mark icon A check mark. It indicates a confirmation of your intended interaction. Short and long labels on fitted sheet
  • con icon Two crossed lines that form an 'X'. Limited colors and prints
  • con icon Two crossed lines that form an 'X'. May sleep hot for some

Few things irk me more than sheets that bunch up as you sleep, creating uncomfortable pressure points. I recommend trying jersey sheets if this is a frustration for you, too. 

Jersey is a tightly woven cotton/polyester blend that has the feel and stretch of a soft t-shirt. The cotton provides softness, while the polyester gives the fabric some snap, which helps keep the sheets taught across your mattress all night long.

I've tried a number of jersey sheet sets, and this one from Target's Room Essentials line provides the most bang for your buck. I particularly like that the ends of the fitted sheet are labeled so you know which side goes where as you make your bed. 

These sheets are incredibly soft, but they tend to sleep hot, which could be good or bad, depending on your preferences. They're a nice alternative to flannel sheets in the winter if you don't love the look or feel of brushed cotton. The set currently comes in eight colors, including basic black and white.

what is cover sheet for assignment

When you don't want to spend hundreds of dollars a night to sleep at a luxury hotel, H by Frette's smooth and luxurious sateen sheets are the perfect alternative. And right now, our top pick for the best hotel sheets is marked down to a rare 15%. Be sure to clip the coupon before adding to your cart. Clip the coupon code on the page to receive 15% off.

  • Check mark icon A check mark. It indicates a confirmation of your intended interaction. Luxury hotel-approved
  • Check mark icon A check mark. It indicates a confirmation of your intended interaction. Quality materials
  • Check mark icon A check mark. It indicates a confirmation of your intended interaction. Washes well
  • Check mark icon A check mark. It indicates a confirmation of your intended interaction. Frette has a long manufacturing history
  • con icon Two crossed lines that form an 'X'. Only available in white

Ritz-Carlton, St. Regis, and Kimpton hotels worldwide turn to the iconic bedding brand Frette for their bedding needs. The Italian luxury brand was also once the official linens maker for the Italian royal family. 

You'll feel like royalty when sleeping in Frette's soft and smooth sateen sheets. H by Frette is Frette's consumer line of linens and whisks you away into the sumptuous hotel bed of your dreams. But rather than paying for a single night in a high-end hotel, you're dropping $300 for years of hotel luxury from the comfort of your own home 

The sheets are, of course, only available in white, and you can get them in sateen or percale , depending on your preference. The resulting bed looks simple, clean, and fresh. 

Frette uses 100% extra-long-staple cotton, so it feels very soft even though the set doesn't have the extraordinarily high thread count (300) you might expect from hotel sheets. Extra long-staple cotton is also very durable — important for hotels where housekeeping teams are washing each room's sheets constantly and important for you as a consumer if you want to be sure your investment goes a long way. 

Sateen sheets can be too warm for me sometimes, but Frette's felt perfect and cooler than other sateen sets I've tried. The sheets have a subtle gloss and a silky feel and remain comfortable after every wash. 

You'll find less expensive and equally comfortable sheets in the rest of this best sheets guide, but if you want the sheets used in and approved by hundreds of hotels, then you'll be very happy with Frette's. I look forward to this set whenever I rotate through my sheets because I know it'll feel like a treat.

what is cover sheet for assignment

A generous 20-inch pocket means these soft sateen sheets from Cuddledown should never slip off your mattress.

  • Check mark icon A check mark. It indicates a confirmation of your intended interaction. Very deep pockets
  • Check mark icon A check mark. It indicates a confirmation of your intended interaction. Soft
  • Check mark icon A check mark. It indicates a confirmation of your intended interaction. Available in 26 colors
  • Check mark icon A check mark. It indicates a confirmation of your intended interaction. Generous satisfaction guarentee
  • con icon Two crossed lines that form an 'X'. May sleep too warm for some

I have a mattress that's about 16 inches thick. Even sheets labeled as deep pocket tend to slip off one corner somewhere around night four or five. After trying over 10 sets of deep-pocket sheets, I can say the sateen set from Cuddledown was one of the few that stayed on for a full week. 

Cuddledown says its deep-fitted version of the sateen sheet set fits mattresses up to 21 inches. I measured the pocket at around 20 inches, and it was the deepest I tested. (The next closest were 17 inches.) I didn't have to tug the fitted sheet to make it fit over the mattress. 

The 400-thread count sheets are made of long-staple cotton and have a sateen weave. They feel soft and have a bit of luster. They're available in 26 colors, several of which are deep or vibrant. 

After several washings, the sheets were still exceptionally soft and hadn't started the pill. The color hadn't faded, and the fitted sheet hadn't shrunk much. 

I used the sheets during the winter and a cool spring. They felt warm yet light, but they weren't as crisp as percale or linen for summer. 

One unique feature of Cuddledown's sheets is its guarantee , which lets you return them if you're not satisfied. They're also Oeko-Tex-certified, meaning they meet safety standards to ensure they're not made with harmful substances.

If you have a thick but not overly deep mattress, the standard size is still accommodating at 16 inches. Otherwise, you'll likely have some excess fabric hanging down if try and use the deep-fitted set. —Jenny McGrath

What to look for when choosing the best sheet sets

Bed sheets can be made of natural fibers like cotton and linen, or synthetic materials like polyester. The most common material for sheets is cotton, but there can still be vast differences in price, feel, and appearance depending on the type of cotton used. Here are the most common materials and terms to know:

  • Long-staple cotton: We've found that the best sheets typically use long-staple cotton. Long-staple cotton has longer-staple fibers that result in smoother and stronger yarn. Short-staple cotton has fiber ends that stick out and cause the sheets to be rougher. Brands will generally call out when they use long-staple cotton; otherwise, you can probably assume it's short-staple. Leonas says the industry definition of long-staple cotton is a fiber length of 1.15-1.22 inches. 
  • Pima cotton: Also known by its trademark name, Supima cotton, this is an extra-long-staple cotton that is grown only in the US and has a fiber length of at least 1.5 inches. Extra long-staple cotton is even smoother, more flexible, and more resistant to pilling than long-staple cotton.
  • Egyptian cotton: It's often assumed that Egyptian cotton, which is grown in Egypt, is long-staple, but it could also be lower-quality, short-staple cotton that just happens to be from Egypt, so be careful of this labeling and look specifically for "long-staple cotton." 
  • Linen: Linen is a type of fiber made from flax plants. It's slightly rigid, with a rougher texture, and it feels cool and breathable. It wrinkles easily. 
  • Polyester: Polyester is a type of synthetic fiber that may be blended with cotton or used to make microfiber. It's less breathable and traps moisture more easily, and it may not be suitable for people with sensitive skin. 
  • Microfiber:  Microfiber is a type of synthetic material made with very fine polyester fibers. It's very soft and drapeable but doesn't breathe well. 
  • Lyocell: Also known as Tencel, this is a type of semi-synthetic fiber made from wood (often eucalyptus) pulp. It's soft, silky, and breathable. Alternative fibers like bamboo lyocell or microfiber are appealing because they're often very comfortable and affordable. However, in testing, the durability doesn't match up to that of cotton or linen. They're more prone to pilling, abrasion, and shrinkage. Plus, the production and care of these alternative fibers can be murky and bad for the environment.

Contrary to popular belief, percale, sateen, and flannel are not different materials. All are made from cotton, just weaved differently to produce different textures and appearances. Here are the main differences:

  • Percale:  A type of cotton weave where one thread is woven with another thread into a tight, grid pattern. It has a matte, crisp feel. It's airy and more breathable. 
  • Sateen: A type of cotton weave where three or four threads are woven over one thread into a looser grid pattern. It has a smooth, silky feel and a slight sheen to it. Compared to percale, it's less breathable and may not be suitable for hot sleepers. According to Leonas, sateen tends to snag more easily and show dirt more readily due to its unique "float" weave.
  • Flannel:  Thickly woven cotton that's been brushed to give it a slightly soft and fuzzy texture, and it feels warm.


Oeko Tex: Some of our best sheet picks have a Standard 100 by Oeko Tex certification . This label means the final sheet product has been independently tested for more than 100 harmful chemical substances and is safe for human use. While it's not the only certification out there, it's widely used and known in the textiles industry.

STeP by Oeko Tex: Our experts say you should look for the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certification for basic safety, but if you also care about manufacturing, look for STeP by Oeko Tex . It checks for environmentally friendly, socially responsible, and safe practices all along the production process.

GOTS: The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) is another certification used specifically for organic textiles. GOTS-certified sheets contain at least 95% certified organic fibers and meet environmental and social standards at every stage of processing and manufacturing.

How we tested the best sheet sets

Here's how we tested for the best bed sheets over the course of nine months. 

1. Washed and dried each set according to its respective instructions at least five times. Usually, we washed the sheets in a cold cycle with gentle detergent and dried them on a low tumble cycle. 

2. Put the fitted sheet on a 10-inch-thick mattress and noted slipping, sliding, post-wash shrinkage, and stretchiness of elastic. 

3. Slept on each set for at least one week and noted texture, overall comfort, breathability, and coolness.

Bed Sheet FAQ

Does thread count matter.

Yes, to a certain extent. However, don't use it as your sole determining factor because its definition can be manipulated, and after a certain number, the difference in feel and durability is negligible. You can read more about thread count here .

Percale vs Sateen: which is better?

Percale and Sateen are two of the most common fabrications among the best  cotton sheets , and that decision ultimately comes down to personal preference. Percale offers a cool and crisp feel that typically sleeps cooler and is more breathable, while sateen is regarded for being silky and smooth and sleeps warmer. 

Percale is a good option for warmer months, while in the winter, you may like the coziness offered from Sateen. 

What is drape?

Drape relates to the fluidity or rigidity of a fabric. A fabric with a high or fluid drape, such as silk, is flowy and clings more to the object. A fabric with a low drape is stiffer and holds its shape more. 

What kind of sheets do hotels use?

Top hotel brands often use 100% long-staple cotton sheets because they're soft, breathable, and durable, resulting in luxurious sleep experiences for their guests. Ave Bradley, senior vice president of design and creative director at Kimpton Hotels , says the hotel uses 200-300 thread count cotton sheets from Frette .

What's the best way to prevent wrinkles?

If you want to get rid of wrinkles, the best way is to iron them before fitting them onto your bed or removing them from your dryer a little before the cycle ends and putting them onto your bed while slightly damp.

What kind of duvet cover do you pair with your sheets? 

It's best to choose a duvet cover with the same fabrication as your sheet set — if you like how your sheets feel below you, you'll like how the same type of fabric feels on top of you. If you want to mix and match bedding pieces. Check our guide to the best duvet covers for more information. 

How to care for your sheets

According to various bedding brands, you should wash your sheets every one to two weeks and have alternate sets to preserve their quality. We recommend following the care instructions that come with your sheet set.

Based on our experience, brands generally advise washing the sheets in a cold or warm cycle with gentle detergent, then drying in a low tumble cycle. Hot water can make colors bleed, cause shrinkage, and weaken fibers. Drying at high heat can also weaken fibers and cause pilling.

Always read the label for care instructions for your sheets, and find out more tips for washing sheets here .

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what is cover sheet for assignment

Watch: Thread count is a lie — here’s how to buy high-quality sheets

what is cover sheet for assignment

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My Husband Gets Night Sweats and I’m Always Shivering, and Oprah’s Favorite Bed Sheets Work for Us Both

We both sleep more soundly throughout the night

what is cover sheet for assignment

We independently evaluate all recommended products and services. If you click on links we provide, we may receive compensation. Learn more .

Jon Kopaloff / Stringer / Getty Images / People / Daisy Rodriguez

For years, I spent nights shivering in bed while my husband would constantly toss and turn from being too hot. It always felt like we were destined to sleep poorly each night — until we laid on a pair of cozy bed sheets .

After years of trying to find bed linens that could regulate our body temperatures, we finally found a winner with the Cozy Earth Bamboo Sheets . These sheets are unbelievably soft, have a silky sheen, and are so smooth. In fact, we’ve been sleeping on them every night ever since the brand sent them to me to test. Plus, they’re on sale right now.

The sheets are made from 100 percent viscose bamboo fabric, which is a breathable material. Once we laid on them, it felt like I was sleeping on a cloud. My partner also said they were “impressively cooling” and noted that he stopped tossing the comforter off of himself out of frustration. The sheets were even on Oprah’s Favorite Things list in 2018. 

Cozy Earth Bamboo Sheet Set, $271 (Save $68)

The set comes with two pillowcases, one flat sheet, and one fitted sheet, which stretches to fit mattresses up to 20 inches thick. They’re available in six sizes from twin through split king and in 15 colors, including white, charcoal, and navy blue.

My husband and I will continue to use the sheets in spring and summer. Even better? I’ve washed them plenty of times, and they’re just as smooth, soft, and airy as the day I got them and haven’t shrunk or pilled. Cozy Earth recommends washing them in cold water (without any fabric softener) and drying them on a regular cycle. 

People / Toni Sutton Deangelico

Oprah and I aren't the only fans of these bed sheets. Thousands of shoppers have given them an average 4.9-star rating. "The softest sheets you will ever sleep in," one reviewer wrote. "Worth every penny." 

Another customer shared, “I'm so impressed with the quality. I've tried many sheets that claim they are bamboo cooling sheets, but these are the only ones that actually do what they claim to do!”

“If you're looking to elevate your sleeping experience and create a cozy retreat in your bedroom, the Cozy Earth Bamboo Sheet Set is definitely worth considering,” a final user said.

Head to Cozy Earth to scoop up the Bamboo Sheet Set while it’s on sale. 

Shop More Cozy Earth Bedding

Cozy earth linen bamboo duvet cover $176 (save 45%), cozy earth waffle blanket, $150 (save 35%), cozy earth linen bamboo box quilt, $234 (save 35%), see more from people shopping.

what is cover sheet for assignment

ESPN fantasy baseball: Cheat sheet central

  • ESPN Fantasy

Copy Link

Never draft without a cheat sheet!

You can do all the research you want ahead of a draft, but entering the draft room without a cheat sheet is like taking a trip to the plate in an MLB game without your bat. It's a crucial part of your draft process so you can keep track of who has gone, who is still available, and review and take notes along the way to help you stick to your strategy and draft a great team.

With that in mind, ESPN's experts have provided their rankings for you in printable formats, so no matter what kind of league you're in, chances are we have a cheat sheet just for you.

Click any of the links below for a one-page, printable PDF to take to your draft.

Head-to-head points leagues

Cheat sheets by Tristan H. Cockcroft

Top 300 cheat sheet for head-to-head points leagues

Position-by-position cheat sheet for head-to-head points leagues

Head-to-head categories/roto leagues

Cheat sheets by Eric Karabell

Top 300 cheat sheet for head-to-head categories leagues

Position-by-position cheat sheet for head-to-head categories leagues

Specialty Cheat Sheets

Coming soon

what is cover sheet for assignment

AL- and NL-only leagues

Top 360 cheat sheet for AL-only roto and H2H Cat leagues

Position-by-position cheat sheet for AL-only roto and H2H Cat leagues

Top 360 cheat sheet for NL-only roto and H2H Cat leagues

Position-by-position cheat sheet for NL-only roto and H2H Cat leagues


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    what is cover sheet for assignment

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    what is cover sheet for assignment


    what is cover sheet for assignment

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    what is cover sheet for assignment

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    what is cover sheet for assignment

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    what is cover sheet for assignment


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  1. How to Make a Cover Page: APA and MLA Format

    A cover page, also called a title page, is the first page of a research paper or report. The cover page is dedicated exclusively to basic information, such as the title and authors. The actual content of the paper begins on the page after the cover page. When should a cover page be used?

  2. Assignment cover sheet

    An assignment cover sheet is a paper used by students when completing assignments at university for their courses. These coversheets generally contain metadata about the assignment (such as the name of the student and the course number). This aids the efficient handling of assignments.

  3. How to Write an Essay Cover Page

    Cover pages can include the name of your school, your paper title, your name, your course name, your teacher or professor's name, and the due date of the paper. If you are unsure of what to include, check with your instructor. Here is an example of a cover page in MLA format:

  4. How to Make a Cover Page for Assignment Guide

    The cover assignment format requires your full name as written on the student's card. You may also have to include your academic advisor below your name if your course requires so. It is also the part where your registration number or any other critical details may be mentioned.

  5. How to Make a Cover Page for a University Assignment

    A cover sheet within an assignment is a piece of paper that students use to complete their tasks. It provides a short description of the is included in the assignment. It allows the student to read through the project brief in a limited amount of time.

  6. Tips for Your Assignment Cover Sheet with Example

    Your cover sheet is the thing that can either make or break your grades because it is the first thing that your instructor will notice. Although it is just a cover it can put an immediate impact on your readers. For example, if your cover page is not composed properly. It has some formatting mistakes or some incomplete information.

  7. 7 Best Tips For Your Assignment Cover Page with Example

    A cover sheet in an assignment is basically a page used by the student on completion of their assignment which includes a brief data of what topics and concerns are included in the project. This helps the reader to go through a project briefly in a short duration of time.

  8. PDF Student Paper Setup Guide, APA Style 7th Edition

    Indent the first line of every paragraph of text 0.5 in. using the tab key or the paragraph-formatting function of your word-processing program. Page numbers: Put a page number in the top right corner of every page, including the title page or cover page, which is page 1. Student papers do not require a running head on any page.

  9. FREE Cover Page Template

    APA-style papers should be submitted with a cover page. Students preparing an APA Cover Page should include the following information: • Paper title • Author's name • University name and department • Course number and name • Teacher's name • Due date of the assignment. There is a sample APA cover page format template above.

  10. How to Make an Assignment Cover Page?

    A cover page for assignment is its vital part, whether it be a thesis or essay. It gives general details about the entire assignment and alerts the reader that it exists. The purpose of a cover page is to provide enough information to get the reader interested in what you have done and why.

  11. Cover sheets for assignments

    This is a procedure that will require you to think about audience prior to beginning your assignment. I want this done as a pre-writing exercise. I will not accept a Cover Sheet for an assignment after the assignment is completed. Use the following format to organize and develop your Cover Sheet.

  12. How do I make an APA title page?

    In APA Style, the cover sheet is called a title page. Follow the guidelines of your instructor when determining the proper format for your title page. Unless instructed otherwise, include the following elements: Title of the paper in bold Author name University Affiliation Course number and name Instructor name Due date Page number (top right).

  13. 5.3: Cover sheets for assignments

    I want you to submit with your document a Cover Sheet that analyzes such concepts as the writer's knowledge and attitude, as well as your purpose for writing and what style of writing you are using. This is a procedure that will require you to think about audience prior to beginning your assignment. I want this done as a pre-writing exercise.

  14. ask.unimelb: FAQ / Assignment cover sheets

    Copies of cover sheets are usually kept near the faculty or graduate school's assignment hand-in location, or on the relevant faculty or graduate school website. Please note that not all Schools or Departments require coversheets, and this list is not exhaustive.

  15. Information needed for cover sheet

    COVER SHEET. Assignment: Letter of Application, with Resume. Organization: (this is the organization you are representing with this document- who is going to benefit from the reader's response?) READER (S)/AUDIENCE: (this is the person/organization you are writing to; remember that with a letter of application, knowing a person's name to ...

  16. Cover Sheet Review

    Cover Sheet Review. Ok, let's take a closer sheet at the purpose and design of the cover sheet, a prewriting technique used to analyze your audience, your purpose and your direction. First of all, the Cover Sheet is broken into three sections: Reader/Audience; Writer/Sender and Content/Design. The Reader/Audience section has to look at your ...

  17. Cover sheets

    Cover sheets. At TAFE SA you are required to include a cover sheet with every written assignment. The cover sheet will include information that your lecturer needs. For example: your full name. your student identification number. the qualification and unit you are studying. name of the assessment. declaration and signature.

  18. 23+ Free Assignment Cover Page Templates for MS Word

    An assignment cover put simply marks the first page of any assignment. Whenever you prepare an assignment the front page here is termed as the most focussed part. This includes the name of the institute, the Title, the student's respective name, and the ID. Importance

  19. 6.11: Information needed for cover sheet

    Assignment: Letter of Application, with Resume Organization: (this is the organization you are representing with this document- who is going to benefit from the reader's response?) READER (S)/AUDIENCE: (this is the person/organization you are writing to; remember that with a letter of application, knowing a person's name to send the letter to is one way of advancing above other applicants)

  20. Cover Sheet vs. Cover Letter: What's the Difference?

    A cover letter and a cover sheet are both professional documents through which you introduce yourself. While a cover letter is a written message that allows recruiters to consider a candidate, a cover sheet is a brief page of details that appears at the front of a document. By understanding the difference, you can use the appropriate format for ...

  21. Title page setup

    Follow the guidelines described next to format each element of the student title page. Place the title three to four lines down from the top of the title page. Center it and type it in bold font. Capitalize major words of the title. Place the main title and any subtitle on separate double-spaced lines if desired.

  22. Cover Page for a Resume: Example of a Cover Sheet + Tips

    Here are the best tips on how to format your resume cover sheet: Use a 1" margin on all sides of the page. Use left-align to adjust your page contents to the left side of the page. Set your cover letter spacing to single or 1.15. Include a digital copy of your signature (if you have one) for a nice, personal touch.

  23. Trademark assignments: Transferring ownership or changing your name

    We strongly recommend filing these changes online using Assignment Center, which will record your changes in less than a week. It is possible to request these changes by paper using the Recordation Form Cover Sheet and mailing the cover sheet, any supporting documentation, and fee to: Mail Stop Assignment Recordation Branch Director of the U.S ...

  24. The 9 Best Bed Sheets of 2024, Tested and Reviewed

    We tested over 25 sheet sets to find the best sheets for your bed, from cotton percale to linen. Our top sheet sets include L.L.Bean, Brooklinen, and Sijo.

  25. Cozy Earth Bamboo Sheet Set, $271 (Save $68)

    Shop these breathable cooling sheets in sizes ranging from twin to split king. ... Cozy Earth Linen Bamboo Duvet Cover $176 (Save 45%) Cozy Earth. Buy on Cozy Earth $319 $176.

  26. ESPN fantasy baseball: Cheat sheet central

    Never draft without a cheat sheet! The 2024 fantasy baseball season is here! Get the group together, or start a brand new tradition. Join or start a league for free >> You can do all the research ...

  27. PDF U.s. Department of Agriculture Natural Resources Conservation Service

    CONSTRUCTION SPECIFICATIONS COVER SHEET ND-ENG-1 Producer: Job Description: Location: Construction Drawing Number: Drawings and Specifications. Number of Sheets: Design Approved By: Date: Approver Signature: Document Name. USDA-NRCS-ND ND-ENG-1. 2/16/2024. Additional Items. Owner/Operator/Producer Review.

  28. Mike Conley Extension Is An Enormous Asset For Wolves Cap Sheet

    Mike Conley going from $24 million to around $10 million next year will act as a huge asset for Minnesota's financial situation.