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Designing a Wikipedia Writing and Research Assignment

Explore a case study of the “classic” Wikipedia writing assignment: students work individually or in small teams to create or expand Wikipedia articles on a given topic.

Estimated time to complete: 15 minutes

what is assignment wikipedia

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Definition of assignment

task , duty , job , chore , stint , assignment mean a piece of work to be done.

task implies work imposed by a person in authority or an employer or by circumstance.

duty implies an obligation to perform or responsibility for performance.

job applies to a piece of work voluntarily performed; it may sometimes suggest difficulty or importance.

chore implies a minor routine activity necessary for maintaining a household or farm.

stint implies a carefully allotted or measured quantity of assigned work or service.

assignment implies a definite limited task assigned by one in authority.

Examples of assignment in a Sentence

These examples are programmatically compiled from various online sources to illustrate current usage of the word 'assignment.' Any opinions expressed in the examples do not represent those of Merriam-Webster or its editors. Send us feedback about these examples.

Word History

see assign entry 1

14th century, in the meaning defined at sense 1

Phrases Containing assignment

  • self - assignment

Dictionary Entries Near assignment

Cite this entry.

“Assignment.” Merriam-Webster.com Dictionary , Merriam-Webster, https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/assignment. Accessed 8 Nov. 2023.

Legal Definition

Legal definition of assignment, more from merriam-webster on assignment.

Nglish: Translation of assignment for Spanish Speakers

Britannica English: Translation of assignment for Arabic Speakers

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English [ edit ]

Etymology [ edit ].

From Middle English assignement , from Old French assignement .

Pronunciation [ edit ]

  • Rhymes: -aɪnmənt

Noun [ edit ]

assignment ( countable and uncountable , plural assignments )

  • The act of assigning ; the allocation of a job or a set of tasks . This flow chart represents the assignment of tasks in our committee.
  • ( LGBT ) The categorization of persons as belonging to the male or female sex .
  • An assigned task . The assignment the department gave him proved to be quite challenging.
  • A position to which someone is assigned. Unbeknownst to Mr Smith, his new assignment was in fact a demotion.
  • ( education ) A task given to students, such as homework or coursework . Mrs Smith gave out our assignments , and said we had to finish them by Monday.
  • ( law ) A transfer of a right or benefit from one person to another. The assignment of the lease has not been finalised yet.
  • ( law ) A document that effects this transfer. Once you receive the assignment in the post, be sure to sign it and send it back as soon as possible.
  • ( programming ) An operation that assigns a value to a variable .

Hyponyms [ edit ]

  • ( programming ) : augmented assignment

Derived terms [ edit ]

  • assignment operator
  • frequency assignment
  • Procrustean assignment

Translations [ edit ]

References [ edit ], chinese [ edit ].

From English assignment .

  • Cantonese ( Jyutping ) : aa 6 saai 1 man 4
  • Jyutping : aa 6 saai 1 man 4
  • Yale : ah s ā ai màhn
  • Cantonese Pinyin : aa 6 saai 1 man 4
  • Guangdong Romanization : a 6 sai 1 men 4
  • Sinological IPA ( key ) : /aː²² saːi̯ ⁵⁵ mɐn ²¹ /
  • ( Hong Kong Cantonese ) assignment ; homework ; coursework ( Classifier : 份 c )

Synonyms [ edit ]

  • Bauer, Robert S. (2021) ABC Cantonese-English Comprehensive Dictionary , Honolulu: University of Hawai'i Press, →ISBN , page 10
  • English Loanwords in Hong Kong Cantonese

what is assignment wikipedia

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What Is Academic Writing? | Dos and Don’ts for Students

Academic writing is a formal style of writing used in universities and scholarly publications. You’ll encounter it in journal articles and books on academic topics, and you’ll be expected to write your essays , research papers , and dissertation in academic style.

Academic writing follows the same writing process as other types of texts, but it has specific conventions in terms of content, structure and style.

Table of contents

Types of academic writing, academic writing is…, academic writing is not…, useful tools for academic writing, academic writing checklist.

Academics mostly write texts intended for publication, such as journal articles, reports, books, and chapters in edited collections. For students, the most common types of academic writing assignments are listed below.

Different fields of study have different priorities in terms of the writing they produce. For example, in scientific writing it’s crucial to clearly and accurately report methods and results; in the humanities, the focus is on constructing convincing arguments through the use of textual evidence. However, most academic writing shares certain key principles intended to help convey information as effectively as possible.

Whether your goal is to pass your degree, apply to graduate school , or build an academic career, effective writing is an essential skill.

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Formal and unbiased.

Academic writing aims to convey information in an impartial way. The goal is to base arguments on the evidence under consideration, not the author’s preconceptions. All claims should be supported with relevant evidence, not just asserted.

To avoid bias, it’s important to represent the work of other researchers and the results of your own research fairly and accurately. This means clearly outlining your methodology  and being honest about the limitations of your research.

The formal style used in academic writing ensures that research is presented consistently across different texts, so that studies can be objectively assessed and compared with other research.

Because of this, it’s important to strike the right tone with your language choices. Avoid informal language , including slang, contractions , clichés, and conversational phrases:

  • Also , a lot of the findings are a little unreliable.
  • Moreover , many of the findings are somewhat unreliable.

Clear and precise

It’s important to use clear and precise language to ensure that your reader knows exactly what you mean. This means being as specific as possible and avoiding vague language :

  • People have been interested in this thing for a long time .
  • Researchers have been interested in this phenomenon for at least 10 years .

Avoid hedging your claims with words like “perhaps,” as this can give the impression that you lack confidence in your arguments. Reflect on your word choice to ensure it accurately and directly conveys your meaning:

  • This could perhaps suggest that…
  • This suggests that…

Specialist language or jargon is common and often necessary in academic writing, which generally targets an audience of other academics in related fields.

However, jargon should be used to make your writing more concise and accurate, not to make it more complicated. A specialist term should be used when:

  • It conveys information more precisely than a comparable non-specialist term.
  • Your reader is likely to be familiar with the term.
  • The term is commonly used by other researchers in your field.

The best way to familiarize yourself with the kind of jargon used in your field is to read papers by other researchers and pay attention to their language.

Focused and well structured

An academic text is not just a collection of ideas about a topic—it needs to have a clear purpose. Start with a relevant research question or thesis statement , and use it to develop a focused argument. Only include information that is relevant to your overall purpose.

A coherent structure is crucial to organize your ideas. Pay attention to structure at three levels: the structure of the whole text, paragraph structure, and sentence structure.

Well sourced

Academic writing uses sources to support its claims. Sources are other texts (or media objects like photographs or films) that the author analyzes or uses as evidence. Many of your sources will be written by other academics; academic writing is collaborative and builds on previous research.

It’s important to consider which sources are credible and appropriate to use in academic writing. For example, citing Wikipedia is typically discouraged. Don’t rely on websites for information; instead, use academic databases and your university library to find credible sources.

You must always cite your sources in academic writing. This means acknowledging whenever you quote or paraphrase someone else’s work by including a citation in the text and a reference list at the end.

There are many different citation styles with different rules. The most common styles are APA , MLA , and Chicago . Make sure to consistently follow whatever style your institution requires. If you don’t cite correctly, you may get in trouble for plagiarism . A good plagiarism checker can help you catch any issues before it’s too late.

You can easily create accurate citations in APA or MLA style using our Citation Generators.

APA Citation Generator MLA Citation Generator

Correct and consistent

As well as following the rules of grammar, punctuation, and citation, it’s important to consistently apply stylistic conventions regarding:

  • How to write numbers
  • Introducing abbreviations
  • Using verb tenses in different sections
  • Capitalization of terms and headings
  • Spelling and punctuation differences between UK and US English

In some cases there are several acceptable approaches that you can choose between—the most important thing is to apply the same rules consistently and to carefully proofread your text before you submit. If you don’t feel confident in your own proofreading abilities, you can get help from Scribbr’s professional proofreading services or Grammar Checker .

Academic writing generally tries to avoid being too personal. Information about the author may come in at some points—for example in the acknowledgements or in a personal reflection—but for the most part the text should focus on the research itself.

Always avoid addressing the reader directly with the second-person pronoun “you.” Use the impersonal pronoun “one” or an alternate phrasing instead for generalizations:

  • As a teacher, you must treat your students fairly.
  • As a teacher, one must treat one’s students fairly.
  • Teachers must treat their students fairly.

The use of the first-person pronoun “I” used to be similarly discouraged in academic writing, but it is increasingly accepted in many fields. If you’re unsure whether to use the first person, pay attention to conventions in your field or ask your instructor.

When you refer to yourself, it should be for good reason. You can position yourself and describe what you did during the research, but avoid arbitrarily inserting your personal thoughts and feelings:

  • In my opinion…
  • I think that…
  • I like/dislike…
  • I conducted interviews with…
  • I argue that…
  • I hope to achieve…


Many students think their writing isn’t academic unless it’s over-complicated and long-winded. This isn’t a good approach—instead, aim to be as concise and direct as possible.

If a term can be cut or replaced with a more straightforward one without affecting your meaning, it should be. Avoid redundant phrasings in your text, and try replacing phrasal verbs with their one-word equivalents where possible:

  • Interest in this phenomenon carried on in the year 2018 .
  • Interest in this phenomenon continued in 2018 .

Repetition is a part of academic writing—for example, summarizing earlier information in the conclusion—but it’s important to avoid unnecessary repetition. Make sure that none of your sentences are repeating a point you’ve already made in different words.

Emotive and grandiose

An academic text is not the same thing as a literary, journalistic, or marketing text. Though you’re still trying to be persuasive, a lot of techniques from these styles are not appropriate in an academic context. Specifically, you should avoid appeals to emotion and inflated claims.

Though you may be writing about a topic that’s sensitive or important to you, the point of academic writing is to clearly communicate ideas, information, and arguments, not to inspire an emotional response. Avoid using emotive or subjective language :

  • This horrible tragedy was obviously one of the worst catastrophes in construction history.
  • The injury and mortality rates of this accident were among the highest in construction history.

Students are sometimes tempted to make the case for their topic with exaggerated , unsupported claims and flowery language. Stick to specific, grounded arguments that you can support with evidence, and don’t overstate your point:

  • Charles Dickens is the greatest writer of the Victorian period, and his influence on all subsequent literature is enormous.
  • Charles Dickens is one of the best-known writers of the Victorian period and has had a significant influence on the development of the English novel.

There are a a lot of writing tools that will make your writing process faster and easier. We’ll highlight three of them below.

Paraphrasing tool

AI writing tools like ChatGPT and a paraphrasing tool can help you rewrite text so that your ideas are clearer, you don’t repeat yourself, and your writing has a consistent tone.

They can also help you write more clearly about sources without having to quote them directly. Be warned, though: it’s still crucial to give credit to all sources in the right way to prevent plagiarism .

Grammar checker

Writing tools that scan your text for punctuation, spelling, and grammar mistakes. When it detects a mistake the grammar checke r will give instant feedback and suggest corrections. Helping you write clearly and avoid common mistakes .

You can use a summarizer if you want to condense text into its most important and useful ideas. With a summarizer tool, you can make it easier to understand complicated sources. You can also use the tool to make your research question clearer and summarize your main argument.

Here's why students love Scribbr's proofreading services

Discover proofreading & editing

Use the checklist below to assess whether you have followed the rules of effective academic writing.

  • Checklist: Academic writing

I avoid informal terms and contractions .

I avoid second-person pronouns (“you”).

I avoid emotive or exaggerated language.

I avoid redundant words and phrases.

I avoid unnecessary jargon and define terms where needed.

I present information as precisely and accurately as possible.

I use appropriate transitions to show the connections between my ideas.

My text is logically organized using paragraphs .

Each paragraph is focused on a single idea, expressed in a clear topic sentence .

Every part of the text relates to my central thesis or research question .

I support my claims with evidence.

I use the appropriate verb tenses in each section.

I consistently use either UK or US English .

I format numbers consistently.

I cite my sources using a consistent citation style .

Your text follows the most important rules of academic style. Make sure it's perfect with the help of a Scribbr editor!

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Assignment is a legal term whereby an individual, the “assignor,” transfers rights, property, or other benefits to another known as the “ assignee .”   This concept is used in both contract and property law.  The term can refer to either the act of transfer or the rights /property/benefits being transferred.

Contract Law   

Under contract law, assignment of a contract is both: (1) an assignment of rights; and (2) a delegation of duties , in the absence of evidence otherwise.  For example, if A contracts with B to teach B guitar for $50, A can assign this contract to C.  That is, this assignment is both: (1) an assignment of A’s rights under the contract to the $50; and (2) a delegation of A’s duty to teach guitar to C.  In this example, A is both the “assignor” and the “delegee” who d elegates the duties to another (C), C is known as the “ obligor ” who must perform the obligations to the assignee , and B is the “ assignee ” who is owed duties and is liable to the “ obligor ”.

(1) Assignment of Rights/Duties Under Contract Law

There are a few notable rules regarding assignments under contract law.  First, if an individual has not yet secured the contract to perform duties to another, he/she cannot assign his/her future right to an assignee .  That is, if A has not yet contracted with B to teach B guitar, A cannot assign his/her rights to C.  Second, rights cannot be assigned when they materially change the obligor ’s duty and rights.  Third, the obligor can sue the assignee directly if the assignee does not pay him/her.  Following the previous example, this means that C ( obligor ) can sue B ( assignee ) if C teaches guitar to B, but B does not pay C $50 in return.

            (2) Delegation of Duties

If the promised performance requires a rare genius or skill, then the delegee cannot delegate it to the obligor.  It can only be delegated if the promised performance is more commonplace.  Further, an obligee can sue if the assignee does not perform.  However, the delegee is secondarily liable unless there has been an express release of the delegee.  That is, if B does want C to teach guitar but C refuses to, then B can sue C.  If C still refuses to perform, then B can compel A to fulfill the duties under secondary liability.

Lastly, a related concept is novation , which is when a new obligor substitutes and releases an old obligor.  If novation occurs, then the original obligor’s duties are wiped out. However, novation requires an original obligee’s consent .  

Property Law

Under property law, assignment typically arises in landlord-tenant situations.  For example, A might be renting from landlord B but wants to another party (C) to take over the property.   In this scenario, A might be able to choose between assigning and subleasing the property to C.  If assigning , A would be giving C the entire balance of the term, with no reversion to anyone whereas if subleasing , A would be giving C for a limited period of the remaining term.  Significantly, under assignment C would have privity of estate with the landlord while under a sublease, C would not. 

[Last updated in May of 2020 by the Wex Definitions Team ]

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Assignment: Definition in Finance, How It Works, and Examples

Adam Hayes, Ph.D., CFA, is a financial writer with 15+ years Wall Street experience as a derivatives trader. Besides his extensive derivative trading expertise, Adam is an expert in economics and behavioral finance. Adam received his master's in economics from The New School for Social Research and his Ph.D. from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in sociology. He is a CFA charterholder as well as holding FINRA Series 7, 55 & 63 licenses. He currently researches and teaches economic sociology and the social studies of finance at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.

what is assignment wikipedia

Yarilet Perez is an experienced multimedia journalist and fact-checker with a Master of Science in Journalism. She has worked in multiple cities covering breaking news, politics, education, and more. Her expertise is in personal finance and investing, and real estate.

what is assignment wikipedia

What Is an Assignment?

Assignment most often refers to one of two definitions in the financial world:

  • The transfer of an individual's rights or property to another person or business. This concept exists in a variety of business transactions and is often spelled out contractually.
  • In trading, assignment occurs when an option contract is exercised. The owner of the contract exercises the contract and assigns the option writer to an obligation to complete the requirements of the contract.

Key Takeaways

  • Assignment is a transfer of rights or property from one party to another.
  • Options assignments occur when option buyers exercise their rights to a position in a security.
  • Other examples of assignments can be found in wages, mortgages, and leases.

Property Rights Assignment

Assignment refers to the transfer of some or all property rights and obligations associated with an asset, property, contract, etc. to another entity through a written agreement. For example, a payee assigns rights for collecting note payments to a bank. A trademark owner transfers, sells, or gives another person interest in the trademark. A homeowner who sells their house assigns the deed to the new buyer.

To be effective, an assignment must involve parties with legal capacity, consideration, consent, and legality of object.

A wage assignment is a forced payment of an obligation by automatic withholding from an employee’s pay. Courts issue wage assignments for people late with child or spousal support, taxes, loans, or other obligations. Money is automatically subtracted from a worker's paycheck without consent if they have a history of nonpayment. For example, a person delinquent on $100 monthly loan payments has a wage assignment deducting the money from their paycheck and sent to the lender. Wage assignments are helpful in paying back long-term debts.

Another instance can be found in a mortgage assignment. This is where a mortgage deed gives a lender interest in a mortgaged property in return for payments received. Lenders often sell mortgages to third parties, such as other lenders. A mortgage assignment document clarifies the assignment of contract and instructs the borrower in making future mortgage payments, and potentially modifies the mortgage terms.

A final example involves a lease assignment. This benefits a relocating tenant wanting to end a lease early or a landlord looking for rent payments to pay creditors. Once the new tenant signs the lease, taking over responsibility for rent payments and other obligations, the previous tenant is released from those responsibilities. In a separate lease assignment, a landlord agrees to pay a creditor through an assignment of rent due under rental property leases. The agreement is used to pay a mortgage lender if the landlord defaults on the loan or files for bankruptcy . Any rental income would then be paid directly to the lender.

Options Assignment

Options can be assigned when a buyer decides to exercise their right to buy (or sell) stock at a particular strike price . The corresponding seller of the option is not determined when a buyer opens an option trade, but only at the time that an option holder decides to exercise their right to buy stock. So an option seller with open positions is matched with the exercising buyer via automated lottery. The randomly selected seller is then assigned to fulfill the buyer's rights. This is known as an option assignment.

Once assigned, the writer (seller) of the option will have the obligation to sell (if a call option ) or buy (if a put option ) the designated number of shares of stock at the agreed-upon price (the strike price). For instance, if the writer sold calls they would be obligated to sell the stock, and the process is often referred to as having the stock called away . For puts, the buyer of the option sells stock (puts stock shares) to the writer in the form of a short-sold position.

Suppose a trader owns 100 call options on company ABC's stock with a strike price of $10 per share. The stock is now trading at $30 and ABC is due to pay a dividend shortly. As a result, the trader exercises the options early and receives 10,000 shares of ABC paid at $10. At the same time, the other side of the long call (the short call) is assigned the contract and must deliver the shares to the long.

what is assignment wikipedia

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Trustee Assignment Went to Bankruptcy Lawyer Who Lived With Mediating Judge

Bankruptcy judge david jones said in a mediation involving gwg that elizabeth freeman would be a good choice for liquidating trustee, without disclosing they were living together.

what is assignment wikipedia

Former bankruptcy judge David R. Jones backed his romantic partner as a candidate for a trustee assignment without disclosing their relationship before he resigned from the bench last month, according to people familiar with the matter.

Jones oversaw at least 17 corporate bankruptcies in recent years on which Elizabeth Freeman worked as a lawyer in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Houston, court records show. Jones also served as a court-appointed mediator for at least two chapter 11 cases on which Freeman worked that were handled by other judges. 

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Ufc 295 commentary team, broadcast plans set: joe rogan gets first assignment in three months, share this article.

The 13th and penultimate numbered UFC event of the year is rapidly approaching with UFC 295 on Saturday at Madison Square Garden in New York.

As always, some marquee on-air talent will be there to help guide viewers through the experience.

Details of who will be working as commentators and analysts for the show have been acquired by MMA Junkie through a person with knowledge of the plans – and you can see the scheduled broadcast team below.

UFC 295 broadcast

what is assignment wikipedia

Madison Square Garden

UFC 295’s main card airs on pay-per-view/streams via ESPN+ pay-per-view for residents in the U.S. beginning at 10 p.m. ET.

The preliminary-card lineup is slated to begin at 8 p.m. ET and airs on ESPNews/streams on ESPN+, following early prelims, which begin at 6 p.m. ET and stream on ESPN+.

UFC 295 weigh-in show

what is assignment wikipedia

Chris Weidman

Dan Hellie will host the official UFC 295 weigh-in show on Friday at 9 a.m. ET.

He’ll be joined by Laura Sanko , former UFC middleweight champion Chris Weidman and UFC Hall of Famer Daniel Cormier .

UFC 295 roving reporter

what is assignment wikipedia

Megan Olivi

Longtime UFC correspondent Megan Olivi will conduct pre- and post-fight interviews backstage with some of the athletes on the UFC 295 card, as well as report additional real-time updates for the event.

UFC 295 octagon announcer

what is assignment wikipedia

Bruce Buffer

The most famous octagon announcer in history will do his thing once again at UFC 295. The legendary Bruce Buffer will introduce the fighters before battle.

UFC 295 desk analysts

what is assignment wikipedia

Anthony Smith

Veteran broadcaster Michael Eaves will host the UFC 295 post-fight show.

Former three-time UFC title challenger Chael Sonnen , former UFC title challenger Anthony Smith and boxing legend Teddy Atlas will serve as desk analysts for the event.

UFC 295 cageside commentators

what is assignment wikipedia

Daniel Cormier

Jon Anik will serve as the leading man on the mic from cageside.

He will command play-by-play alongside color commentators, former two-division champion Cormier and Joe Rogan , who will unite in the booth for the first time since UFC 292 in August.

Din Thomas will also occasionally join the booth throughout the broadcast as the coach-analyst for the event.

For more on the card, visit MMA Junkie’s event hub for UFC 295 .

Be sure to visit the MMA Junkie Instagram page and YouTube channel to discuss this and more content with fans of mixed martial arts.

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  6. Coil Bowl Overhaul


  1. Assignment

    Mathematics Assignment problem, a type of math problem Assignment (mathematical logic) Financial and legal Assignment (housing law), a concept that allows the transfer of a tenancy from one person to another Assignment (law), a transfer of rights between two parties Along with clearing, a stage in exercising a financial option

  2. Assignment (law)

    Assignment [1] is a legal term used in the context of the laws of contract and of property. In both instances, assignment is the process whereby a person, the assignor, transfers rights or benefits to another, the assignee. [2] An assignment may not transfer a duty, burden or detriment without the express agreement of the assignee.

  3. Wikipedia:Student assignments

    WP:ASSIGN WP:STAS When students edit Wikipedia as part of an assignment, it should improve Wikipedia - without any serious violations of content norms. This page contains advice to all parties involved. This is an overview page of best practices and advice concerning student assignments .

  4. Assignment (computer science)

    In computer programming, an assignment statement sets and/or re-sets the value stored in the storage location(s) denoted by a variable name; in other words, it copies a value into the variable. In most imperative programming languages, the assignment statement (or expression) is a fundamental construct.

  5. Designing a Wikipedia Writing and Research Assignment

    Wiki Education Dashboard for Wikipedia editing projects. Designing a Wikipedia Writing and Research Assignment. Explore a case study of the "classic" Wikipedia writing assignment: students work individually or in small teams to create or expand Wikipedia articles on a given topic.

  6. Assignment Definition & Meaning

    1 : the act of assigning something the assignment of a task 2 a : a position, post, or office to which one is assigned Her assignment was to the embassy in India. b : a specified task or amount of work assigned or undertaken as if assigned by authority a homework assignment 3 law : the transfer of property

  7. Five best practices for Wikipedia assignments

    First, really commit. Set up your assignment to run for eight weeks or longer. For me, that's half a semester. For some of you, it might be nearly an entire quarter. Students will need to understand the philosophy behind Wikipedia editing and some of the (not difficult) technical aspects of the platform.

  8. Teach with Wikipedia

    In Wiki Education's Wikipedia Student Program, college and university instructors assign students to write Wikipedia articles, empowering them to share knowledge with the world.

  9. Assignment

    assignment: 1 n an undertaking that you have been assigned to do (as by an instructor) Types: show 6 types... hide 6 types... school assignment , schoolwork a school task performed by a student to satisfy the teacher writing assignment , written assignment an assignment to write something classroom project a school task requiring considerable ...

  10. assignment

    assignment (computer science) The act of assigning; the allocation of a job or a set of tasks . This flow chart represents the assignment of tasks in our committee. The categorization of something as belonging to a specific category. We should not condone the assignment of asylum seekers to that of people smugglers.

  11. Assignment problem

    The formal definition of the assignment problem (or linear assignment problem) is Given two sets, A and T, together with a weight function C : A × T → R. Find a bijection f : A → T such that the cost function : is minimized. Usually the weight function is viewed as a square real-valued matrix C, so that the cost function is written down as:

  12. Homework

    A child completing their homework The basic objectives of assigning homework to students often align with schooling in general. However, teachers have many purposes for assigning homework, including: [1] [2] [3] reinforcing skills taught in class extending skills to new situations preparing for future class lessons

  13. 10 years of pedagogical value from Wikipedia assignments

    For years the overwhelming majority of our instructors — well over 90% — had regularly indicated that the Wikipedia assignment facilitated the learning of digital literacy skills among their students, but in the wake of the 2016 presidential election and the rise of fake news, this statistic took on new meaning.

  14. What Is Academic Writing?

    Academic writing is a formal style of writing used in universities and scholarly publications. You'll encounter it in journal articles and books on academic topics, and you'll be expected to write your essays, research papers, and dissertation in academic style. Academic writing follows the same writing process as other types of texts, but ...

  15. How to leverage the Wikipedia assignment in a job interview

    A Wikipedia assignment is as much about your final contribution as it is about learning how the Wikipedia volunteer community functions along the way. The only way you can make a valuable contribution is by understanding those norms and operating with them in mind.

  16. Setting expectations for your Wikipedia assignment

    The Wikipedia assignment is a perfect opportunity for your students to demonstrate their strengths as writers and researchers. Never grade student work based on what sticks! You should always grade a student's contribution based on its quality rather than whether it remains on Wikipedia.

  17. assignment

    Assignment is a legal term whereby an individual, the "assignor," transfers rights, property, or other benefits to another known as the " assignee .". This concept is used in both contract and property law. The term can refer to either the act of transfer or the rights /property/benefits being transferred.

  18. Assignment: Definition in Finance, How It Works, and Examples

    Assignment is a transfer of rights or property from one party to another. Options assignments occur when option buyers exercise their rights to a position in a security. Other examples of...

  19. The Wikipedia Assignment

    The Wikipedia Assignment. The Wikipedia Assignment. November 15, 2016 "You mean, you want us to actually send our essays to Wikipedia," my students asked. "Yes," I told them. "That's the only way they might publish your essay." ...

  20. To Use or Not to Use: Wikipedia in the Classroom

    completes assignments in the time allotted. paces work on long-term assignments. sets achievable goals with respect to time. completes make-up work in a timely fashion. Work Habits The student: is a conscientious, hard-working student. works independently. is a self-motivated student. consistently completes homework assignments.

  21. Wikipedia

    Wikipedia is a free online encyclopedia, created and edited by volunteers around the world and hosted by the Wikimedia Foundation.

  22. Teaching Wikipedia: A Model for Critical Engagement with Open ...

    The assignment, used in two iterations of the course, was designed to provide students not only with a hands-on experience on working on the open web, but also with tools to assess critically the uses and abuses of open access platforms.

  23. You can now apply to run a Wikipedia assignment in Spring 2024!

    Run a Wikipedia assignment in Spring 2024: Give your students the chance to engage in public scholarship in Spring 2024 by running a Wikipedia assignment! Amid the dizzying landscape of generative AI and wide-scale misinformation, Wikipedia remains a bastion of reliability and independence. Your students can take part in this critical endeavor ...

  24. Trustee Assignment Went to Bankruptcy Lawyer Who Lived With Mediating

    Photo: staff/Reuters. Former bankruptcy judge David R. Jones backed his romantic partner as a candidate for a trustee assignment without disclosing their relationship before he resigned from the ...

  25. Former Cleveland Outfielder To Join Division Rival Coaching Staff

    Former three-time All-Star center fielder Grady Sizemore will reportedly be joining the Chicago White Sox coaching staff when it is announced later this week. Per Levine, Sizemore will be coaching ...

  26. UFC 295 commentary team: Joe Rogan gets first assignment in 3 months

    UFC 295 cageside commentators. Jon Anik will serve as the leading man on the mic from cageside. He will command play-by-play alongside color commentators, former two-division champion Cormier and Joe Rogan, who will unite in the booth for the first time since UFC 292 in August. Din Thomas will also occasionally join the booth throughout the ...

  27. Campbell placed on waivers by Oilers

    EDMONTON -- Jack Campbell was placed on waivers by the Edmonton Oilers on Tuesday. Campbell, who is 1-4-0 with a 4.50 goals-against average and .873 save percentage in five games, will be assigned ...

  28. Assignment

    The reporter is here on an assignment. Журналист здесь на задании. He overextended himself when he accepted the additional assignment Он перенапрягся, взяв на себя дополнительное задание. He gave the astronomy students the assignment of charting astral movement for the next month.