Verizon business phone plans: What are they and are they worth it?

If you're on the search for Verizon business phone plans, here's a look at what the carrier offers

Verizon business phone plans

When it comes to business phone plans, Verizon stands out as one of the best options around. Filled with features, backed by some excellent coverage and heavy on the discounts for added lines, there's a lot to like about what Verizon has to offer.

As with standard Verizon phone plans , the best Verizon business phone plans won't be the cheapest option. But if you're looking to stack up on lines, you could end up with some pretty affordable prices for your business.

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Verizon keeps things simple, offering just three cell phone plans in its business section. All three options offer unlimited data, calls and texts; the more you pay, the more features that get chucked in.

These extras include security features, mobile hotspots, more advanced 5G and priority data. Verizon also offers business phone deals and 5G internet service. In some cases, Verizon business phone plans can also get you discounts on tablets and phones when you sign up for different plans.

What Verizon business phone plans are available?

The choice in Verizon business phone plans is pretty simple: You can choose between three options, all with unlimited data — Unlimited Start, Unlimited Plus or Unlimited Pro. You can stack the plans up for added discounts with the price falling by $5 per line the more you add.

Verizon Business Unlimited Start

Verizon Business Unlimited Start Verizon's cheapest business plan, the Unlimited Start offer, features unlimited calls, texts and data with 5G nationwide and 4G LTE. While you do get unlimited calls, texts and data, the plan is otherwise pretty limited. A Call Filter is included for screening potential spam), but you won't get mobile hotspot data or access to Verizon's faster Ultra Wideband 5G network.

Verizon Business Unlimited Plus

Verizon Business Unlimited Plus Jumping up in cost, the Unlimited Plus plan sits in the middle of the Verizon business phone plan offerings, blending features and affordability. You'll get the same basics as the above plan — unlimited calls, texts and data — but you'll also get 60GB of premium network access, giving you priority when there is congestion. You'll also get a unlimited mobile hotspot, access to Verizon's 5G Ultra Wideband and, enhanced security features with Verizon's Business Mobile Secure .

Verizon Business Unlimited Pro

Verizon Business Unlimited Pro Finally, Verizon's most expensive business plan — the Unlimited Pro. This plan, just like the two above, includes unlimited calls, texts and data, but it brings your premium data up to 120GB. Other than that, this is almost identical to the Plus plan above with the only other difference being that you can also get 50% off Business Unlimited Pro Tablet plans.

Why choose Verizon?

As the biggest carrier in the U.S., Verizon has the infrastructure, speeds and connections to offer impressive wireless performance. It takes the number 2 spot in our best phone carriers guide and for good reason.

While Verizon has some pretty pricey plans, that's in part because Verizon offerings tend to be packed full of features across all of its plans, including its business options.

Through our tests, Verizon has come out on top for LTE speeds and its Ultra Wideband 5G connections reach more than 80 cities, capable of reaching 1 Gbps download speeds. Verizon's nationwide 5G network isn't that fast, but it does bring coverage to 230 million people.

Among the features included with Verizon business phone plans are Call Filters, enhanced security features and the possibility of additional plans for devices and internet service.

Which other carriers offer business plans?

While Verizon does have some of the best business plans around, it isn't the only provider catering to businesses. The other two major wireless services and many MVNOs offer business plans in some form, some focusing on affordability and others on features.

Like Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile put their priority on feature-filled business a high cost. With unlimited data, add-ons and a host of features around data prioritization, these are the options if you've got a bit more budget in your business.

Alternatively, if you're looking for something more affordable, a number of MVNOs offer plans that will work well for a business. Mint Mobile for example is one of the cheapest providers in the US and while it doesn't offer specific business discounts, it will likely be the cheapest option for smaller businesses; just don't expect discounts on multiple lines like you'd find with Verizon business phone plans.

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Verizon Business Phone System Overview and Prices

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Verizon Business Phone

Verizon Business Phone


What is verizon business phone.

Verizon was created in 2000 and is now a global company, serving millions of customers with its communications technologies. The company covers over 95% of the U.S. population with its 4G LTE and over 230 million people with its 5G Nationwide. It offers a wide range of products and services, from desk phones for businesses to Unified Communications and Collaboration as a Service (UCCaaS) and Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP).

Verizon’s business phone offerings can be managed in the Verizon Enterprise Center, which allows users to oversee Verizon products and services on a range of devices.

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verizon wireless business phone plan

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verizon wireless business phone plan

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verizon wireless business phone plan

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verizon wireless business phone plan

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verizon wireless business phone plan

Ooma Office »

Verizon Business Phone Overview

Verizon Business Phone »

verizon wireless business phone plan

Fast Facts:

BlueJeans by Verizon has video, audio, web conferencing, and event capabilities

Verizon offers Webex, a unified collaboration and communication platform designed for remote teams of all sizes

IP Trunking is available for organizations that need to manage a large volume of VoIP calls simultaneously

All plans include nationwide 5G, unlimited mobile hotspots, and call filtering

There are three different business phone system plans offered by Verizon: Business Unlimited Start 2.0, Business Unlimited Plus 2.0, and Business Unlimited Pro 2.0. The Business Unlimited Start 2.0 plan starts at $30 per line per month. The Business Unlimited Plus 2.0 plan starts at $35 per line per month. The Business Unlimited Pro 2.0 plan starts at $45 per line per month. These prices require you to enroll in auto pay and paperless billing.

If you want five lines on your plan, it will cost $150 per month for Business Unlimited Start 2.0, $175 per month for Business Unlimited Plus 2.0, or $225 per month for Business Unlimited Pro 2.0

The Business Unlimited Start 2.0 plan comes with:

  • 5G Nationwide and 4G LTE
  • An unlimited mobile hotspot
  • Verizon Call Filter

The Business Unlimited Plus 2.0 plan comes with everything in the first plan, plus:

  • 5G Ultra Wideband
  • 100 GB of premium network access
  • Enhanced security features with Verizon’s Business Mobile Secure

The Business Unlimited Pro 2.0 plan comes with everything in the first two plans, plus:

  • Unlimited premium network access
  • Discounts on Business Unlimited Tablet Pro plans

What Plans Does Verizon Business Phone Offer?

Verizon’s business phone system plans range from $30 per line per month to $45 per line per month, with discounts given for enrolling in autopay and paperless billing.

The Business Unlimited Pro 2.0 plan comes with additional features, like enhanced security with Verizon’s Business Mobile Secure and a discount on Business Unlimited Tablet Pro plans. The Business Unlimited Plus 2.0 plan does not include the 50% discount on Business Unlimited Tablet Pro plans but comes with enhanced security with Verizon’s Business Mobile Secure.

The most basic plan, Business Unlimited Start 2.0, has a call filter spam blocker, but does not come with 5G Ultra Wideband, 100 GB Premium Network Access, or Verizon’s Business Mobile Secure. 5G access requires a 5G capable device and is not available for machine-to-machine services.

Here is a breakdown of each plan offered by Verizon:

Business Unlimited Start 2.0:

  • Unlimited 4G LTE and 5G Nationwide data
  • Unlimited talk and text
  • Unlimited Mobile HotSpot access
  • Call filter spam blocker

Business Unlimited Plus 2.0:

  • Unlimited Mobile Hotspot access
  • Ultra Wideband smartphones data
  • 100 GB Premium Network Access
  • Extra security with Verizon’s Business Mobile Secure

Business Unlimited Pro 2.0:

  • 100GB Premium Network Access
  • Discount on Business Unlimited Tablet Pro plans 


RingCentral  »


Spectrum Business Phone  »

Spectrum Business Phone

Verizon Business Phone FAQs

Verizon offers business support via online chat with an agent 24/7. If you want to talk to someone by phone regarding your wireless business account, Verizon’s hours are Monday through Saturday, 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Eastern Standard Time (EST) and Sunday, 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. EST.

For extra IT support, there are three tech support plans available. You can purchase coverage for one user, three users, or five users. Coverage for one user costs $15 per month, coverage for up to three users costs $30 per month, and coverage for up to five users costs $40 per month. These packages do not require a term commitment and include unlimited eligible devices.

Verizon’s business phone system integrates with Microsoft Teams for expanded connectivity outside a business’s network. The integration allows for better collaboration over video calls and online meetings. Verizon also offers BlueJeans, a high-quality audio and video hub for meetings and interactive events, and integrates with Webex Calling for remote collaboration.

Verizon also integrates with:

  • Asavie 
  • Bigtincan 
  • doForms 
  • G Suite 
  • GoCanvas 
  • Honeywell 
  • IBM MaaS360 
  • Intrepid Networks 
  • LibreStream 
  • Lookout 
  • MobileIron 
  • NetMotion 
  • Office 365 
  • Sakon 
  • Samsung Knox 
  • SoLink 
  • Synnex 
  • Verizon Connect 

Verizon’s My Verizon for Enterprise mobile app is available in the Apple App Store or Google Play. It lets you access billing information, repair tickets, find information about products and services, and offers customized reporting. The app also has a WAN analysis tool to monitor performance and a VoIP Integrated Administrative Console where you can make changes to VoIP features.

Verizon partners with security vendors such as Tanium and Cisco to protect servers, laptops, desktops, and mobile devices. It also offers Business Mobile Secure, a set of tools designed to protect small to mid-sized businesses. For network and cloud security, it offers Verizon Advanced SASE, device monitoring and management, DNS Safeguard, and DDoS Shield. Verizon’s Machine State Integrity monitors all of your business devices using blockchain technology. Verizon also partners with Blackberry, Crowdstrike, Paloalto, and Cylance to help protect your devices from endpoint security risks.

Verizon’s business phone section on healthcare IT solutions on its website discusses security, reliability, and improved care but doesn’t mention HIPAA. However, in 2014, Verizon Enterprise Solutions announced that its IP-based Interactive Voice Response offerings were HIPAA compliant. Its Virtual Contact Center, a cloud-based solution used with electronic health records, was also included in that announcement.

Hardware options offered by Verizon Business include select mobile phones:

  • Apple iPhone 12
  • Samsung Galaxy Note20 5G
  • Samsung Galaxy XCoverPro
  • Samsung XCover Pro
  • Apple iPhone XR

The Apple iPhone 12 has a dual-camera system that enables higher-quality video conferencing as well as photos and videos. It also has Superfast 5G and the A14 Bionic, which is the fastest chip in a smartphone. The Apple iPhone XR has 4G LTE Advanced and Liquid Retina LCD display. The iPad Pro has a 12.9-inch Liquid Retina XDR display, 5G speed, and an Apple M1 chip. The Samsung Galaxy XCover Pro and Samsung XCover Pro have removable, fast-charging batteries and Corning Gorilla Glass 5 screens.

Business Phone Systems

  • Google Voice
  • GoToConnect
  • Grasshopper
  • Ooma Office
  • RingCentral
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  • MagicJack vs. Ooma Business Phone Systems
  • Ooma vs. Vonage Business Phone Systems
  • Ringcentral vs. Zoom Business Phone Systems

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Verizon business

  • 2 Gig Internet
  • 5 Gig Internet
  • Get a Quote
  • Availability

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verizon wireless business phone plan

Order online and save.

verizon wireless business phone plan

Call now and save.

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Never miss a call with Business Digital Voice.

Business Digital Voice small business starting at

 /mo. 1st yr.

Per month, For Yr 1. Plus taxes, fees & equip. charges.

Offer & pricing details

Verizon Business Digital Voice

Mobility for professional communications.

  • Manage your calls in the office, on-the-go and between devices
  • Route calls to whichever series of numbers or employees you want
  • Get visual voicemail WAV audio files sent right to your email
  • Re-route calls to pre-set number in the event of a power outage
  • Use over 30+ calling features to keep things organized

Special phone equipment is required for the 30+ features to work. If you want to keep your current standard phone, an Analog Converter is required or you can buy new IP Phones for exceptional sound quality. All equipment can be paid for over 12 months without interest. If you don't want to purchase equipment, ask about standard phone packages that work with standard phones.

Speak to an agent

1-10 VoIP Lines

11-20 VoIP Lines

20+ VoIP Lines

Per month for 20+ VoIP Lines. For Yr 1. Plus taxes, fees & equip. charges.

Powerful calling features:

  • Outbound caller ID blocking
  • Call hold and resume
  • Call waiting ID
  • Voicemail to email
  • Business continuity
  • Chrome ™ dialer
  • Music on hold
  • Simultaneous ring
  • Visual voicemail
  • Call forwarding
  • Call transfer
  • Inbound caller ID (name and number)
  • Call logs with click-to-dial
  • Call notify
  • Call history


  • Desktop client
  • Call redial
  • Call waiting
  • Do not disturb

verizon wireless business phone plan

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$400 for you and a friend with the refer a business program..

If you’re a Verizon business customer, you can get a $400 Visa® Prepaid Card for both yourself and a friend with the Refer a Business Program. It’s easy, just:

  • Contact a Verizon business representative.
  • Fill out a referral form for your friend’s business.
  • Receive a $400 Visa Gift Card for you and the person you refer after they sign up for a Verizon business service.

Business Digital Voice has success on speed dial.

Bundle 5 VoIP lines with up to 940/880 Mbps speeds and get a special price and an additional basic line at no additional cost. 11

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Verizon Business Wireless Review

Compare Verizon Business to T-Mobile, AT&T and other top competitors, see plans and rates, customer reviews, and detailed on features.

Updated on June 23rd, 2023

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Verizon is a major internet and telephone communications provider in the United States. One of Verizon's popular solutions is their array of small business cell phone plans that give businesses a reliable and affordable way to communicate.

Updated 15th of February 2021

We added comparisons between Verizon and popular competitors and changed pricing information for all products to showcase new lower prices, which makes Verizon more competitive.

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View verizon's affordable business plans.

Easy and affordable to switch.

Get up to $500 Visa prepaid card.

With the widest 4G network coverage in the United States, Verizon is one of the largest and most popular network carriers available. The top-performing carrier offers a vast range of business cell phone plans and services to suit businesses of all sizes.

Compared to competitors AT&T and T-Mobile , Verizon leads as the network provider with the strongest and widest reach , making it the ideal choice for businesses with teams in remote and urban areas. However, strong network coverage comes at a price. Verizon is currently one of the more expensive options, with plans going up to $1,000.00 per month.

Verizon offers strong network coverage, 5G access, and adaptable plans that can meet the communication needs of businesses , individuals, and families. The carrier is a great choice for remote teams or individuals that travel a lot. Verizon's international plans provide unlimited data and texting in over 210 international countries.

Verizon's biggest shortfall is the price . While the network provider is one of the best carriers for businesses with multiple teams, it does cost significantly more than its top competitors and won't be ideal for startups and businesses with small communication budgets.


**Verizon has just 20 complaints with the BBB. Considering it has nearly 120 million customers in the U.S. that's not too many.

Business Unlimited Mobility Pricing:

Price comparison:, verizon vs. at&t:.

Both AT&T and Verizon are popular network providers with similar features, such as unlimited data, talk, and text. Verizon is the more affordable platform, with prices starting from $30.00 per line compared to AT&T's starter pricing of $50.00 per line. Verison also offers better network coverage throughout the U.S.

Verizon vs. AT&T Comparison:

Verizon vs. t-mobile:.

Verizon and T-Mobile both offer unlimited text, talk, and data. However, for just $70.00 per month, Verizon's Unlimited Start plan is the more affordable choice, providing unlimited 4G LTE data and 480p DVD-quality streaming. T-Mobile's most basic Unlimited Business plan requires a minimum of 2-lines and starts at $120.00 per month.

Verizon vs. T-Mobile Comparison:

Verizon business plans:, flexible business wireless plan:.

Verizon's Flexible Business Plan was created for businesses that require a customizable option. Using one shared data pool, users are able to add as many lines as they need for their business and customize their data allowance for each line. In addition, customers can use mobile hotspots bundled with their tariff, and have access to unlimited domestic voice and text messaging, and international messaging services.

Flexible Business Wireless Pricing for Smart Phones:

You can receive a $20.00 monthly discount when you purchase your smartphone with monthly device payments.

Flexible Business Wireless Pricing for Tablets:

Plan includes:.

  • Shareable data.
  • Unlimited talk and text.
  • Mobile hotspot.
  • Unlimited international messaging to over 200 countries.
  • Email access.

Verizon Business Unlimited:

Verizon's Business Unlimited plans were specifically designed to grow with a business, offering unlimited data, calling, texting, and mobile hotspot use. Their business unlimited plan comes in three variations: Essential, Unlimited, and Plus.

The Verizon Business Unlimited plans are created for a minimum of 4 devices. The pricing mentioned below should therefore be multiplied by 4.

Unlimited Essential:

The Essential plan is Verizon's lowest priced plan, with prices starting at $30.00 per month for a tablet and $35.00 for a smartphone with device payment. This plan is best suited for startups and small businesses who only require basic features, such as DVD-quality streaming, unlimited data, talk, and text, email access, and unlimited international messaging and mobile hotspot.

Unlimited Business:

The Unlimited Business plan starts at $35.00 per month for a basic phone and comes equipped with the exact same features as the Essential plan, including unlimited text, talk, and data, both domestic and internationally. However, the Essential does include premium unlimited 4G LTE data which may be slower during peak times.

Unlimited Plus:

The Plus plan is the perfect fit for businesses that are interested in Verizon's business solutions. The Plus plan includes the same features as the Essential plan, with an additional 15% off select Business Solution Store products and One Talk add on to Smartphone. This plan starts at $50.00 per month for one smartphone and $75.00 per month for a smartphone with a 2-year contract.

More Unlimited:

Verizon also offers individual unlimited plans that are available for businesses, personal use, and family entertainment. All unlimited plans include 5G network access for an extra $10.00 /mo. and unlimited 4G LTE data. In addition, if you use the AutoPay feature and paperless billing, you get a $10.00 discount on all plans. Businesses can take out up to 5 lines, thereafter you will have to contact Verizon for a quote.

Verizon Plan for Business:

Supporting up to 25 devices, the Verizon Plan for Business is a great fit for small to medium sized teams. All plans include rollover data, safety mode, unlimited international texting, shareable data, and more. Verizon's business plans come in six variations, making it the ideal fit for growing businesses.

Verizon Plan for Business Pricing:

  • Rollover data.
  • Data boost.
  • Safety mode.
  • Call and text in Canada and Mexico.

Add Hardware:

*You can also add a Smartphone for $35.00 /mo. when purchased with a contract at a discount.

Other Plans:

International plan details:, my verizon for business app..

With this mobile app, users can easily manage their service from virtually anywhere using features like call forwarding, order status tracking, automated receptionist, and more. The business app is available for both Android and iOS devices.

Verizon Business App Tools & Features:

  • One talk management.
  • Hunt group.
  • Automated receptionist.
  • Group forwarding.
  • Simultaneous ring.
  • Call forwarding.
  • Add or remove features to meet your business's needs.
  • Add international data.
  • View and pay your paper bill.
  • Reset your voicemail password.
  • View wireless usage.
  • Track order status.

Small Business Apps

Find out more about the most popular small business apps with pricing information and frequently asked questions.

Feb 9, 2023

Verizon Business Solutions:

Monitoring & tracking solutions..

Using Internet of Things (IoT) technology, businesses can improve workflow efficiency and stay on top of every project with remote monitoring. The innovative technology allows you to monitor and track resources, equipment, and employees. Solutions on offer include fleet and mobile worker management, asset tracking, and smart metering energy management.

Remote Monitoring Solutions:

  • Fleet & Mobile Worker Management . With this solution, businesses can track the location of every vehicle, identify trends, monitor engine diagnostics, reduce poor driving, and improve customer service.
  • Asset Tracking . Businesses use this solution to help protect and track their business's assets. With this plan, you can track engine hours and maintenance, monitor trailers, and locate equipment.
  • Smart Metering Energy Management . Using smart grid technology, this solution is best suited for utility companies that deliver electric, water or gas. With this solution, you can focus your efforts on problem areas or service territories quickly in times of demand.

Mobile Point-of-Sale.

Verizon's mobile POS system is a valuable tool for businesses with various teams in different locations. Users can transform their Android or iOS device into a payment terminal with a single point of sale app. With this solution, you can easily process cash, magstripe, or chip card (EMV) transactions, accept tips, email customer receipts, track inventory, and much more.

Other POS Solutions:

  • Smart vending. With this solution, you can accept cashless payments and transmit real-time sales data through wireless self-serve vending machines.
  • Self-service kiosk . This solution provides your customers with 24/7 access to services and products, while simultaneously reducing operating costs with remotely managed self-service kiosks and wireless ATMs.
  • Digital signage . You can provide your customers with timely, targeted messages on high-impact touchscreen displays to improve sales and customer satisfaction.

Productivity Solutions.

Verizon created these solutions to help businesses communicate more efficiently, reliably, and quickly with the help of their innovative tools. Verizon offers three productivity solutions: One Talk, Push to Talk Plus, and Field Force Manager.

One Talk is a mobile-first phone solution that connects employees' office phones and mobile devices with one number. With this solution, customers or co-workers can reach you at your desk or on the go. Also offers conference calls for up to six people and calls are automatically redirected to another employee if there is no answer.

Push to Talk Plus offers instant communication on Verizon's 4G LTE network or over Wi-Fi to help communicate more efficiently, securely, and with more people. This solution allows you to see the availability of each contact in real time, and send text or voice messages, photos, videos, files and share location.

Field Force Manager is a mobile workforce tool that connects off-site employees with your back office to schedule and dispatch jobs, manage jobs, schedules and route information, and monitor employee hours.

Cloud services.

With this solution, your employees will have quick and secure access to the applications and services they need to complete a task whether they're in the office, on the road, or working from home.

Security solutions.

To help protect your operations and assets while also reducing risks, Verizon created a range of security solutions including a VPN, mobile device management, and the Verizon Voice Cypher Suite.

The Verizon Wireless Private Network (VPN) extends your network to your employees’ mobile devices and to your cloud, while maintaining security and device management control. This also helps keep information protected, enable media-rich business apps, and maintain predictable application performance.

The Verizon Mobile Device Management (MDM) simplifies employee sign-on and access processes, manage mobile devices, increase IT department's efficiency, and improve overall mobile workforce productivity.

The Verizon Voice Cypher Suite ensures your employees' business discussions remain private with encryption of texts, images, and voice calls.

Other Products by Verizon:

Fios by verizon ..

Created by Verizon, Fios is a business internet service that offers high speeds, 24-hour tech support, and access to the Verizon Cloud for file storage. Fios comes in multiple plans, with prices ranging between $79.99 and $214.99 per month. While Fios is a reliable option for business internet, the network coverage is limited.

Fios by Verizon Review

Learn more about Fios by Verizon for your business. Includes info on Fios by Verizon, pricing, customer reviews, and frequently asked questions.

Jul 31, 2023

Verizon Connect .

Verizon Connect is a web-based field service management software that can easily organize schedules, monitor worksites, employees, and equipment, and store company and customer information. The software was created to automate workflow in small to medium-sized businesses.

Verizon Connect does not provide pricing on their website. You can go to and request a customized quote.

Verizon Connect Reviews

Learn about Verizon Connect field service management software for businesses. Includes info on Verizon Connect, free trials, pricing, and customer reviews.

Feb 10, 2023

At a Glance:

Key information:, does verizon have business plans.

Yes. The Verizon Plan for Business is a dedicated business plan from Verizon. It consists of:

  • Unlimited International Messaging from the US.
  • Mobile Hotspot on capable devices.
  • Access to Corporate Email, including Exchange ActiveSync, Lotus Notes Traveler and GOOD for Enterprise at no additional cost.
  • 5GB of Verizon Cloud storage when you add it using the Orders page in My Business.
  • Shareable data for up to 25 phones and up to 50 connected devices.

Does Verizon offer unlimited data plans for businesses?

Yes. You can contact Verizon to enquire about the Verizon Wireless Offers Unlimited Plan for Businesses.

How will I be charged for the Verizon Business Plan?

  • Data plan shared by up to 25 phones and up to 50 connected devices.
  • Device access charge for each device.

What devices can I add to The Verizon Plan for Business?

  • Verizon jetpack
  • Mobile broadband routers.
  • Netbooks and notebooks.
  • LTE Internet (Installed).
  • Wireless home phone.
  • Other connected devices, like GizmoPal .

What is Verizon Fios?

Verizon Fios is a small business service from Verizon that includes internet, telephone, and television service. Fios is an acronym for Fibre Optic Service.

How do I contact Verizon small business customer service?

If you need help with your business services, you can call the Verizon small business phone number at 1 (888) 804-0875.

How can I earn Verizon small business rewards?

You can earn rewards points by signing up for rewards in your small business account. After that, you'll earn one point for every $1.00 that you spend on qualifying Verizon services. You can redeem your points at restaurants, retail shops, and more.

Do I need to commit to a contract for my Verizon business phone service?

Verizon business phone plans are not prepaid, so you need to commit to either a one or two year contract when you sign up.

What are some Verizon Small Business cell phone plans alternatives?

  • Metro PCS .
  • Cricket Wireless .
  • Xfinity Mobile .

The best Verizon Business deals for November 2023

Flexible options for phones, tablets, and internet packages

  • Other devices
  • Plans & internet

Whether you're operating a large or small company, this week's best Verizon Business deals offer some excellent ways to save on both devices and internet packages. While options, on the whole, tend to be a little bit more limited than the standard consumer Verizon deals , there are still tons of ways to save more than a few bucks here or there - especially if you're a new customer.

Jump to your relevant section... 1. Phone deals 2. Other devices 3. Plan and Internet deals

For example, Verizon Business deals on phones are particularly good if you're porting in from another carrier and also have an older device ready to trade in. Under these terms, it's actually possible to get several of the latest flagships from Apple and Samsung for free depending on the value of your trade - a significant saving that's definitely worth considering. If trade-in rebates are out of your reach, then no worries - there are also plenty of other options for saving, including straight-up online-only discounts, which you can check out just below.

We've also rounded up this week's best Verizon Business deals for other devices, including tablets and Chromebooks, as well as the latest promotions on the company's Fios internet service too. Savings on non-phone devices aren't quite as good as those on handsets this week, although you don't technically have to trade-in or be a new customer to be eligible for most discounts. Either way, they're definitely worth checking out if you're looking for more cellular computing devices like LTE tablets or Chromebooks.

Latest update:  06 July 2023 Amended iPhone 14 and Google Pixel 7 promotions.

Previous update:  8 June 2023 Added Google Pixel 7a and iPhone 13 to relevant sections.

  • Browse all the latest business deals  at Verizon now
  • See all of this week's best cell phone deals for other carriers, plus the best unlocked prices

Verizon business deals: phones

Apple iPhone 14: up to $1,000 off with a trade-in, or $10/mo with an unlimited data plan

Apple iPhone 14: up to $1,000 off with a trade-in, or $10/mo with an unlimited data plan This week's Verizon Business deals offer a flexible array of options on the iPhone 14, with either your choice of a trade-in rebate of up to $1,000 (enough to get the device for free), or the option to get it on a new unlimited data plan for $10 per month. Of the two, the trade-in is definitely the stronger option here as it applies to both new and existing customers. Note that these trade-ins are also available on the iPhone 14 Plus, 14 Pro, or 14 Pro Max. 

Apple iPhone 13: $5/mo with an unlimited data plan

Apple iPhone 13: $5/mo with an unlimited data plan This week's Verizon Business deals are offering a generous monthly discount on the iPhone 13 - a promotion that's not tied to a trade-in, although you will still need a new unlimited line. For sheer bang for the buck, it's hard to beat this one, although it's also worth considering the iPhone 14, which is currently $10 per month under the same terms.

Apple iPhone 13 mini: free with an eligible unlimited data plan

Apple iPhone 13 mini: free with an eligible unlimited data plan A great option if you're looking to save a bit of cash and don't mind going for an older device, the iPhone 13 mini is available for free at Verizon Business, granted you're getting it on an eligible unlimited plan. While it's not the latest device in the range anymore, don't skip over the iPhone 13 mini. Not only is it still really powerful thanks to its A13 chip, but a fantastic display and camera means this one can still hold up in 2023. Looking for a bigger phone? Consider the iPhone 12 , which is also available for free under these same terms.

Samsung Galaxy S23 series: up to $1,000 off with a trade-in, plus $200 in credit

Samsung Galaxy S23 series: up to $1,000 off with a trade-in, plus $200 in credit If you prefer Android devices, consider this week's Verizon Business deals on the latest Galaxy S23 series. The carrier is currently offering a whopping maximum trade-in rebate of up to $1,000 off the Ultra and Plus models, and $800 off the standard Galaxy S23 - enough to cover the entire cost of the device in two cases. For a limited time only, the carrier is also offering an additional $200 credit with these devices, which makes this particular deal even better value right now.

Google Pixel 7: $5/mo with an unlimited data plan

Google Pixel 7: $5/mo with an unlimited data plan A great deal for Android users on a budget, you can currently get the Google Pixel 7 for $5 per month with an eligible unlimited data line. What makes this one so great is that none of the usual trade-ins are needed here to be eligible, simply pick up this flagship (which is still fantastic for 2023) with an eligible unlimited line and it's yours. With a great display, camera, and superb Tensor 2 chip, the Pixel 7 is a great choice right now. You can also get an $800 discount on the Google Pixel 7 Pro right now, but only with a trade included. 

Google Pixel 7a: free with an unlimited data plan

Google Pixel 7a: free with an unlimited data plan Another fantastic choice, the newer Google Pixel 7a is free right now at Verizon Business without the need for a trade-in - arguably a better deal than the one featured above on the standard Pixel 7. This device, despite being aimed as the budget version, is extremely close to the standard Pixel 7 in both specs and power. The chipset is the same and the camera is roughly equivalent, although the device itself is a little smaller. If that appeals, definitely consider this particular promotion.

Bring your own device: get up to $500 off when you switch from another carrier

Bring your own device: get up to $500 off when you switch from another carrier Alternatively, forgo a new handset completely and simply bring your old device over to Verizon Business. Firstly, check your device is compatible and then port your number over while picking up a new plan to get your discount. Currently, the carrier is offering a saving of up to $500 depending on your eligibility.

Verizon business deals: other devices

Apple iPad (10th gen): get $100 off with eligible plan

Apple iPad (10th gen): get $100 off with eligible plan The standard 10.9 Apple iPad is a great choice if you're looking for a reliable iOS device for your business that's great for the basics, has plenty of power, good battery life, and looks great too. Easily the best value iPad in the range, you can save yourself a whole $100 on this device when you buy it with an eligible LTE plan at Verizon.

Apple iPad Air 5 (2022): get $100 off with eligible plan

Apple iPad Air 5 (2022): get $100 off with eligible plan If you think your business needs an iOS tablet with a bit more power, however, then consider the iPad Air 5. These stunning tablets are one of the latest in the range and feature a more powerful chip inside, a gorgeous display, and a solid camera system too. While a bit pricier (starting at $749), you can save yourself a nice $100 when purchasing one with an eligible plan.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8+ 5G: get $100 off with eligible plan

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8+ 5G: get $100 off with eligible plan It's not only iOS tablets you should consider with this week's Verizon Business deals, however - those same online discounts are also available on a number of Samsung tablets. Our top pick is the Galaxy Tab S8+, a very pricey Android indeed, but one that's absolutely packed with power and top-end features for productivity. This premium tablet not only has full 5G cellular capability, but an extremely high-end AMOLED display, S-Pen compatibility, and enough power to give most laptops a run for their money.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite: get $100 off with eligible plan

Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite: get $100 off with eligible plan If your business simply needs basic tablets that will get the job done, then you could also consider Verizon Business' latest promotion on the Galaxy Tab A7 Lite. These nifty little 8.7-inch devices pack in plenty of power for the basics, plus enough battery life to keep going all day long. This week's promotion can also score you up to $100 off with a device with an eligible plan.

Verizon business deals: plans and internet

Verizon Fios Gigabit connection: new customers get $800 prepaid Visa card

Verizon Fios Gigabit connection: new customers get $800 prepaid Visa card Upgrade your business to Verizon Fios' top-of-the-line Gigabit internet and voice package and you'll score a $800 prepaid Visa card on the house. This promo is eligible with a two-year agreement and for new customers purchasing online only, though Verizon does offer extra credit to cover early termination fees. The fiber optic options available may also depend drastically depending on your location too.

Verizon Fios 500/Mbs connection: new customers get $400 prepaid Visa card

Verizon Fios 500/Mbs connection: new customers get $400 prepaid Visa card If you can't get a fiber optic connection in your area, then you can also get a decent new customer bonus on a standard Verizion Fios connection this week. Simply set your business up as a new customer online with Verizon's mid-range 500/Mbs connection and you'll get $400 Visa prepaid card on the house.

Want to do some more reading about this carrier? Read our Verizon wireless plans guide.

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Verizon Black Friday: buy-one get-one-free is back on the Pixel 8 and Galaxy S23

Verizon deals offer $1,000 off the iPhone 15 Pro and Pixel 8 Pro ahead of Black Friday

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Best Verizon business cell phone plans for 2023

We compared the best business phone plans on the Verizon 5G & 4G LTE networks: Save up to $600/yr

US Mobile

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Disclaimer: MoneySavingPro is a free price comparison service but we do not provide service directly. We do our best to keep all the information up to date but there may be some discrepancies between the price you pay.

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Verizon business cell phone FAQs

Does verizon do business phones.

Yes, Verizon does offer a range of phones suitable for their VoIP business plans and there's a good selection available to suit all size businesses, including conference phones.

Does Verizon offer discounts for business?

Verizon doesn't normally offer discounts on their business phone plans.

Green smartphone

verizon wireless business phone plan

  • Billing & payments --> Billing & payments
  • Service management --> Service management
  • Purchasing & upgrades --> Purchasing & upgrades
  • Plans & features --> Plans & features
  • Device support --> Device support
  • Welcome to My Business --> Welcome to My Business
  • Products & services --> Products & services

Products & services

Top products & services, one talk overview.

A multi-line phone solution connecting your office phone to your mobile devices, providing business phone features on any of your common devices

One Talk support

First steps, videos, FAQs and more, to help you get the most out of your One Talk service

Business Solutions Store

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Understanding call routing

Set up your phone number for optimal success in Contact Center Hub

Listening to Live calls

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Creating a new number

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Contact Center Hub Music & Messages

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Setting up Your Contact Center Hub Number

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7 Best Business Cell Phone Plans of 2023

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Between $10/month and $39month

Unlimited texts and calls, free international calling to more than 60 countries, mobile hotspot, 4G LTE/5G network coverage

Uses T-Mobile’s network

Between $15/month and $30 month

Unlimited texts and calls, unlimited calls and texts to Canada and Mexico, mobile hotspot, 4G LTE/5G network coverage, switch without changing phones

Between $30/line/month and $45/line/month

Unlimited text and calls, unlimited international messaging, mobile hotspot, email access, shareable data, spam blocker

CDMA wireless network

Between $22/line/month and $45/line/month

Access to unlimited Wi-Fi hotspots, 5G network coverage

Uses Verizon's network

Between $30/month/line and $45/month/line

Unlimited domestic data, text, and talk, unlimited calls and texts to Canada and Mexico, access to mobile hotspot and 5G network

GSM network

Between $25/month/line and $40/month/line

Unlimited in-flight Wi-Fi, access to Microsoft 365 features, unlimited talk and text, scam shield

Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) network

With the continued evolution of mobile technology, business owners have more options than ever to meet their needs. This is true in many cases: whether you’re thinking about how to start a business , if you’re already running a low-scale n, or if you’re expanding an already established enterprise.

In a landscape featuring so many mobile providers, finding the best business cell phone plan to suit your operation can be challenging. That's why we've done the research for you and compiled a list of the most dependable business phone plans on the market.

Our Top Picks for the Best Business Cell Phone Plans

  • Verizon Wireless - Best for Business Cell Phone Plan Deals
  • Xfinity Mobile - Best for Team Collaboration
  • Teltik - Best for International Service
  • T-Mobile - Best for Reliable Coverage
  • Google Voice - Best for Video Meetings
  • AT&T - Best Budget-Friendly Option
  • RingCentral - Best Customer Satisfaction

Best Business Cell Phone Plan Reviews

Best for business cell phone deals: verizon wireless.

Why we chose it: Verizon offers business owners a range of deals on mobile devices and solutions. These deals include free 5G phones, speed upgrades and discounts for businesses owned by military members.

  • Unlimited data, text and talk
  • Unlimited mobile hotspot usage
  • 4G LTE and 5G nationwide coverage
  • Call filter to automatically block incoming spam calls
  • Pricing on plans is higher compared to competitors
  • Devices must be compatible with 5G to use the network

With any of Verizon's business cell phone plans, you'll get unlimited mobile hotspot usage so you can share your connectivity to any Wi-Fi-enabled device no matter where you are. These wireless plans also have a shareable data pool for all your devices.

Verizon offers different pricing plans depending on your business’s size and needs. The plans are:

  • Business Unlimited Start 2.0: Pricing starts at $30 per line per month when you purchase five or more lines. With this plan, you’ll get 5G nationwide/4G LTE coverage, unlimited talk, data and text as well as unlimited mobile hotspot data. Verizon's call filter will automatically block spam calls for you.
  • Business Unlimited Plus 2.0: This plan is $35 per user per month for five or more lines. It includes all the features in the Start pricing plan plus 100 GB of premium network access and 5G ultra-wideband coverage. This pricing tier also gives you better security features through Business Mobile Secure to ensure safe browsing.
  • Business Unlimited Pro 2.0: The best (and priciest) business cell phone plan from Verizon is $45 per user per month when you purchase five or more lines of service. It offers everything in the Plus plan and adds unlimited premium network access. You’ll also receive a 50% discount on Business Unlimited Tablet Pro plans.

Verizon also has an intuitive device management system that lets you remotely manage all the mobile devices connected to your network. The system allows you to use a single management portal to maintain security policies across your organization.

Verizon offers 24/7 customer support for its business cell phone plans. You can contact the customer service team via phone, email and live chat, or you can request a store appointment if you need in-person support.

Best for Team Collaboration: Xfinity Mobile

Why we chose it: Xfinity Mobile , a service provided by Comcast, gives you access to a nationwide network of Wi-Fi hotspots, so you'll enjoy reliable 5G network coverage almost anywhere. If your team is collaborating on a project, members can connect easily to the Xfinity network and access any needed files quickly or have a video chat hassle-free.

  • Excellent price points
  • Broad coverage area
  • 5G network access
  • Only available to Xfinity internet users
  • Browsing speed reduction when you exceed your data limit
  • Only allows limited devices in the BYOD program

Xfinity allows you to connect to its network by subscribing to its Unlimited or By the Gig data options. With By the Gig, all the lines on your account share a chosen data amount, which ranges between 1 GB and 10 GB per month. Exceeding the selected data amount generates a $15 charge per additional gigabyte. To avoid this charge, users can connect to any of the Xfinity Wi-Fi hotspots available nationwide. Hotspot data usage is free and won’t count against your monthly total.

You can choose the Unlimited option if you’re a heavy data user or don’t have frequent access to an Xfinity Wi-Fi hotspot. You can also switch between the two plan options whenever your data usage changes.

Additionally, Xfinity allows you to bring your phone through the BYOD (bring your own device) program. However, only certain devices are eligible, so be sure to check your phone's compatibility with Xfinity if you don't plan on purchasing a new one.

Xfinity Mobile offers two pricing tiers for small businesses:

  • Unlimited: This plan costs $45 per user per month or as little as $22 per user per month if you have 20 connected phone lines. The pricing tier gives you unlimited access to 5G and 4G LTE data.
  • By the Gig: With this pricing plan, you pay an additional $15 per GB once you exceed your chosen data usage amount.

Xfinity’s user experience is centered around ensuring customers can manage their plans easily, from signing up online to upgrading plans without hassle. For example, if you’re using the unlimited plan and want to upgrade to the latest pricing plan, you can do so through the Xfinity Mobile app.

Xfinity has a 24/7 chatbot if you need to ask questions about accessibility, account management and billing. You can also get answers from helpful guides that address common questions or visit a store to get the help of a consultant.

Best for International Service: Teltik

Why we chose it: For business owners with employees who frequently travel abroad, Teltik offers an excellent cell phone plan with unlimited calls to Mexico and Canada at no additional cost.

  • Nationwide 5G network
  • No contract
  • Inexpensive pricing

Teltik gives you unlimited data, talk and text without requiring a service contract. This means you can easily change your cell phone plan whenever your business needs change.

Teltik offers a vast network of hotspots across the country that provide free Wi-Fi to customers. Teltik’s plans also have a Wi-Fi calling feature, or VoIP, which ensures you can make calls even when traveling internationally.

Teltik allows you to bring your personal phone to the network and keep using your existing number. However, the company does not offer new phones for purchase. If you need to purchase new phones for your business, this may not be the best option for you.

Teltik has three pricing plans for small businesses, including:

  • 2 GB for $20 per month
  • 6 GB for $30 per month
  • Unlimited data for $40 per month

All these price tiers offer similar features, including: 4G and 5G data, unlimited talk and text, hotspots, nationwide coverage and calls to Mexico and Canada.

Creating an account and navigating its intuitive control panel is easy with Teltik. From the control panel, you can manage your account, check data usage, add lines and make payments. As your business grows, you can make necessary changes to your plan, such as adding more lines of service.

Teltik has a team of highly trained customer support representatives who are always available to help you. You can send them a message through Teltik's website or call them. You can also find answers to any burning questions on Teltik's extensive FAQ page.

Best for Reliable Coverage: T-Mobile

Why we chose it: because of the size and scope of its network, T-Mobile provides reliable wireless coverage across the U.S. and parts of Mexico and Canada. It also offers a variety of cell phone business plans for businesses of all sizes.

  • Bonus perks like in-flight Wi-Fi
  • Strong 5G network
  • Service plans that allow for unlimited talk and text for employees in Mexico and Canada
  • Anti-scam feature
  • Expensive for small businesses that need less than six lines
  • The best features are only available in the higher-priced tiers

T-Mobile has features and unique bonuses that set it apart from the standard business cell phone plans. For example, some higher-tier plans allow you to enjoy unlimited in-flight Wi-Fi and subscriptions to Microsoft 365 productivity tools.

No matter your plan, you'll get unlimited talk and text plus 5G and 4G LTE data. T-Mobile plans also feature unlimited text and talk while in Mexico and Canada, and a scam shield feature to identify and block scam callers.

You can choose from the following business plans, each priced per line:

  • Business Unlimited Select: This plan starts at $25 per user per month when you buy six lines. You will get 50 GB of premium data, 5 GB of high-speed hotspot data and scam shield.
  • Business Unlimited Advanced: This plan costs $30 per user per month when you buy at least six lines. You will enjoy all the features in the Select plan, plus four full-flight Wi-Fi sessions.
  • Business Unlimited Ultimate: This tier costs $40 per line. It comes with unlimited premium data, unlimited full-flight Wi-Fi sessions, premium scam shield and 100 GB of hotspot data.

T-Mobile has user-friendly features such as a simple user profile that help you easily manage your account and business. You can also manage your account from any device using a self-service portal.

You can call or text the customer support team anytime. You can also schedule a time when you want to speak with an assistant, and they will call you back.

Best for Video Meetings: Google Voice

Why we chose it: Google Voice supports high-quality audio and video, allowing participants to have a clear, uninterrupted communication experience. Its seamless integration with Google Meet allows users to quickly join any meeting and start communicating right away.

  • Starts at just $10
  • Unlimited SMS and calls
  • Gives you a local phone number for calls, texts and voicemail (unlike most VoIP services)
  • Highly scalable
  • Must have an existing phone number to use the call-forwarding feature
  • Only allows for integration with Google workplace tools
  • Lacks advanced capabilities like real-time analytics

Google Voice is a virtual service that requires an existing phone number to send forwarded calls to. With the help of Google AI, Voice will help you block spam calls and transcribe your voicemails automatically. Since it integrates with Google tools, you can easily join video meetings with Google Meet and schedule calls with Google Calendar.

In terms of pricing, Google Voice has cheap business cell phone plans, including:

  • Starter: This plan starts at just $10 per user per month. It allows you to make calls between Google Voice numbers, calls to the U.S. from any Google Voice number and calls to Canada from a Canadian or U.S. Google Voice number. Other features in the Starter plan include unlimited texts in the U.S., integration with Google tools, voicemail transcription and call forwarding.
  • Standard: The Standard plan costs $20 per user per month and allows unlimited users and domestic locations. It comes with all the features found in the starter plan and more, like desk phone support and records for text messages and voicemails. It also allows for call recording.
  • Premier: This top-tier plan comes with all the bells and whistles for $30 per user per month. In addition to all the features in the other plans, this plan allows for unlimited users and international locations.

Google Voice has a simple user interface that will help you manage your assignments, workflows and billing on one platform. You can even customize it to fit your daily workflow. Aspects like billing, porting and number assignment are consolidated neatly in the Google Workspace Admin Console, which you’re likely familiar with if you use Google Workspace.

Best Budget-Friendly Option: AT&T

Why we chose it : AT&T provides features not usually found in other provider’s cheapest plans — such as unlimited text and calls to Canada and Mexico, trade-ins, and discounts on eligible devices — to make its business cell phone plan budget-friendly.

  • Unlimited texts to more than 200 countries
  • International roaming
  • Added security features
  • No overage charges
  • Data speed slows down during busy periods
  • Premium tiers and add-ons can make cell phone plans expensive

New and existing AT&T customers get a free Google Pixel 7 if they have an eligible trade-in device. You can also get the new iPhone 14 Pro with discounts of up to $800 as long as you have the eligible trade-in.

AT&T plans offer unlimited data, text and talk. You’ll also have access to a broad 5G network and a mobile hotspot with up to 5 GB of data.

In addition to domestic coverage, you’ll enjoy unlimited texts and calls from the U.S. to Mexico or Canada. AT&T does not charge roaming fees when using the phone in Canada, Mexico and select Latin American countries. These charges usually apply when you’re outside your home network area and using your phone in the coverage area of another provider.

AT&T’s security features include ActiveArmor, which enhances mobile security by blocking fraud and spam calls. The advanced version has safe browsing and identity monitoring features, too.

You can choose from one of these three AT&T business plans priced monthly and per line. The available plans are:

  • Business Unlimited Starter: Starting at $30, this plan offers unlimited domestic text, data and talk. You also have unlimited texts and phone calls to Mexico and Canada, access to 5G and 5G+ services, mobile security and standard streaming.
  • Business Unlimited Performance: This plan starts at $35 if you purchase five or more lines. It includes all of the starter plan's features plus high-definition streaming and improved mobile security.
  • Business Unlimited Elite: Pricing for this tier starts at $45 per line per month for at least five lines. It offers added features such as the AT&T Business Fast Track which prioritizes your data usage during congestion periods to ensure your business continues running smoothly. The plan also provides 100 GB of hotspot data.

AT&T has a user-friendly website where you can manage your account and view your usage and contact customer support 24/7. The service provider also offers free virtual training sessions where instructors teach you how to manage your wireless business accounts. There’s also a business forum where you can get answers to any questions about the service.

Best Customer Satisfaction: RingCentral

Why we chose it: RingCentral is a VoIP service that offers a wide variety of useful business features for team communication and document sharing.

  • Unlimited calls within the U.S. and Canada
  • Team messaging
  • Document sharing
  • Advanced features for call management
  • The wide variety of features can be overwhelming
  • The basic plan doesn't allow for video calls

RingCentral comes packed with features that increase productivity in your workplace. These include document sharing, team member messaging and unlimited business SMS. The team messaging feature is a collaboration tool that helps you centralize team communication via the RingCentral app.

RingCentral has a number of advanced features such as video and audio conferencing, call recording, multi-level auto attendant and overflow call queues. All these features enhance your customer service while helping your team collaborate. RingCentral also integrates with third-party tools like Zoho CRM, Microsoft 365 and Zendesk.

RingCentral’s pricing depends on the number of users on your plan and the features you want. The four pricing plans are:

  • Essential: This plan starts at $20 per user per month and gives you unlimited domestic calls and team messaging.
  • Standard: This plan costs $28 per user per month and offers unlimited faxing. With this plan, you can hold video meetings with up to 100 participants. You can also video call up to 100 people.
  • Premium: Prices start at $35 per user per month. You get automatic call recording, integration with third-party tools and all the features in the lower tiers.
  • Ultimate: This plan will cost you $50 per user per month and includes device status reports plus unlimited file storage.

RingCentral's user-friendliness is affected by the abundance of its features. The features can be overwhelming for new users, and it might take some time to learn how to use them all to the fullest.

However, its customer service compares favorably to that of other providers, especially if you're subscribed to the upper tiers. Nonetheless, if you're using low-priced plans, you might find the customer service less responsive than you'd like, as mentioned by multiple reviewers on TrustPilot.

Other companies we considered

  • Third-party integration
  • Toll-free numbers
  • Video-meeting capabilities even on the cheapest plan
  • Expensive international calls
  • Limited video meeting durations
  • Integrations are only available in high-tier plans

Nextiva is a cloud-based business phone service that combines communication channels such as collaboration, voice, text message and video tools in one place. It didn't make our list because it falls short in overall features compared to other comparable plans.

  • Affordable unlimited data plans
  • No need for a contract
  • No overage fees
  • Restrictions on hotspot data
  • Poor coverage in rural areas

MetroPCS is a prepaid cell phone service that uses T-Mobile's nationwide 4G LTE network. While MetroPCS's plans offer flexibility and affordability, the provider didn't make our list because it doesn't clearly distinguish between personal/household and business cell phone plans.

Cricket Wireless

  • Coverage on AT&T's nationwide 4G LTE network
  • No annual contracts
  • Speed caps on the unlimited plan
  • Limited phone selection
  • The basic plan is overpriced

Cricket Wireless is a prepaid wireless provider that offers affordable cell phone plans. With Cricket Wireless, you get 5G coverage and unlimited data for higher plans. We didn’t include this provider on our list because it may not have the comprehensive features that a business requires from a cell phone plan provider.

  • Unlimited text and talk in all plans
  • Strong mobile hotspot
  • No service contract
  • Excellent add-on services, including phone insurance and Boost call screener
  • Not compatible with most devices
  • Doesn't cover all locations across the nation

Boost Mobile is a prepaid wireless carrier, meaning you pay upfront and get only what you pay for. With Boost Mobile, you can enjoy high data speeds without service contracts. However, Boost is designed more for family and personal use and doesn’t offer the features many businesses are after.

Best Business Cell Phone Plans Guide

We created this guide for business cell phone plans to answer some of the most common questions related to the topic.

What is a business cell phone plan?

A business cell phone plan is a service that gives businesses access to a mobile network to facilitate communication from customers or among team members. Business cell phone plans typically come with a higher monthly price tag than personal plans, but they also offer more features and support that can benefit businesses. Examples of crucial features include flexibility in the number of lines, enhanced security, conference calling and additional data.

How do business cell phone plans work?

Business cell phone plans work just like any other cell phone plan. You pay a monthly fee in exchange for access to a set number of minutes, texts and data. The best small business cell phone plans come with additional features like unlimited calling or texting to certain numbers and support for international calls.

How to pick a business cell phone plan

Choosing a business cell phone plan provider is just like choosing the best internet provider for your home or business — you need to look at and weigh several factors to determine which plan best fits your budget and needs. These factors include:

Prices differ across different business cell phone plan providers, so be sure to shop around and compare before making your final decision.

The best business cell phone plan providers do not offer across-the-board prices. They organize their prices into different tiers, each with unique features. Consider what features and customer support you need and factor that into your budget. Just like with the best business checking accounts , the best cell phone plan for your business is an investment that will save you money in the long run.

Mobile devices offered

Most business cell phone plan providers also offer mobile devices. If you're looking for a new phone for your business, this can be a great time to get it. When considering this factor, think about what type of phone you (and, potentially, your employees) want and whether you're willing to pay more for a plan that comes with a mobile device.

VoIP services allow you to make calls on Wi-Fi networks so you can work internationally or in areas with low data reception. These services usually integrate with the computer and mobile phone you already own. Some plans will let you transfer your existing phone, but only if it's compatible with the provider's network.

Business cell phone plans come with various features, from basic call and text capabilities to more advanced features like custom integrations and identity monitoring. When choosing a plan, consider what features are most important to your business and ensure the plan you choose offers them.

International calling

International calling allows you to make and receive telephone calls to and from other countries. Depending on the provider, international calling may be limited to a certain number of countries or available in all countries around the world. Some providers also offer special rates for international calling, saving you money on long-distance calls.

If your business frequently makes or receives calls from other countries, you'll want to ensure your business cell phone plan offers international calling or fair rates for the countries you need to contact. Otherwise, you'll be paying high per-minute rates for each call, which can quickly add up.

Unlimited plans and unlimited calling

Some business cell phone plans come with unlimited minutes, texts and data, which can be a great option for businesses that make many calls or have many devices connected to the mobile network. Unlimited plans are typically more expensive, so if you're not sure you need unlimited anything, consider a different plan type that offers a set amount of minutes, texts or data at a lower cost.

Best of Business Cell Phone Plans FAQ

How much are taxes on cell phone plans, how do you save money on cell phone data plans, why are cell phone plans so expensive in the u.s., how we chose the best business cell phone plans.

To narrow down our list of the best business cell phone plans, we evaluated different providers based on the following criteria:

We evaluated how providers priced their monthly plans, whether or not the plans were affordable for large, mid-sized and small businesses and how they compared to competitors offering similar features.

Advanced features

We checked whether these service providers had business-friendly features that made them stand out. These included Wi-Fi calling, international calls and unlimited data plans.

Customer service

We considered whether providers had multiple channels through which customers could reach them. We also evaluated if customers could get thorough answers to common questions from the providers’ websites and apps.


We considered how easy it was to sign up for and use the providers’ services. This included looking at the user interface and whether it was easy to navigate and perform tasks like adding lines.

Summary of Money's Best Business Cell Phone Plans of 2023

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Exploring verizon phone plans., choosing verizon plans..

If you have a big family, if you love to travel or if you just need a safe space to store your contacts, photos, videos and more, Verizon cell phone plans are designed to give you what you want. With a Verizon plan, you can share your Verizon wireless connection with other devices. However, you might want to use a separate mobile hotspot if faster speeds are required.

Start to also think about what cell phone type and brand you want to go with. Prices and phone quality may vary, but options like Verizon Samsung Galaxy phones , Verizon Google Pixel phones, Verizon iPhones and many more all offer a variety of Verizon cell phone plans with many talk, text and data options. If you go with Apple, consider reading up on how to find the best iPhone deals . If you prefer Samsung, you can rest easy in knowing that Best Buy is an authorized Samsung cell phone service and repair center.

Benefits of Verizon accessories.

Once your Verizon phone plan is picked out, you should determine what cell phone accessories you will need. Keeping your phone safe is very important, so it’s no wonder why protective cell phone cases top the list of the must have accessories for your smart phone . If you get a new case, you might also want a cell phone screen protector to help prevent scratches and cracks.

Verizon networks are reliable and their assortment of plans make it easier than ever to get the most out of your smartphone. Additionally, if there is ever an issue with your phone or if you want extended coverage after your warranty ends, Geek Squad protection for cell phones is available at Best Buy.

Business Wire

Release Summary

Android Central

Android Central

Verizon is giving away $200 for switching to Fios Home Internet

Posted: October 30, 2023 | Last updated: October 30, 2023

As you may or may not know, in addition to offering a variety of wireless plans and some sweet Android phone deals, Verizon offers a home internet service called Verizon Fios. This 100% fiber-optic network provider delivers fast speeds to millions of homes across the United States, and just like Verizon wireless, the company offers multiple deals that make switching your service easy and cheap. Join Fios with the 1 Gig plan, for example, and Verizon will hook you up with a FREE $200 gift card that you can use to pay off a device, shop for accessories, or simply pay down your phone or internet bill.  

Get a $200 gift card when you join Verizon Fios

Get a free $200 gift card OR Apple HomePod when you sign up for Verizon Fios 1 Gig plan

Switch to Verizon's Fios Home Internet service and sign up for the 1 Gig plan and you'll get to choose between a $200 Verizon gift card or a free Apple HomePod speaker (a $299.99 value). 

The 1 Gig plan features download/upload speeds of up to 940/880, plus a free Wi-Fi extender and a guarantee that your price won't change for four years. 

Preferred partner offer ( What does this mean? ) View Deal

The 1 Gig home internet plan starts at $89.99 per month (with AutoPay) or $64.99 monthly if you pair it with one of Verizon's wireless plans . You'll get download speeds of up to 940 Mbps, plus a free router rental with a Wi-Fi extender and no annual contracts. If you decide you don't want the $200 Verizon gift card, you can also grab an Apple HomePod smart speaker for free. That's a value of $299.99, no strings attached.

To top it all off, Verizon will hook you up with six months of Disney Plus' ad-free Premium plan and 2TB of Cloud Storage at no cost to you. So yes, the 1 Gig plan may be Verizon Fios' most expensive price tier, but it comes with a lot of free stuff to soften the blow.

  • Best early Black Friday tech deals — 20 discounted devices you can score right now

 Verizon is giving away $200 for switching to Fios Home Internet

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Those Promotions Promising a ‘Free’ iPhone? It Isn’t Free.

The so-called iPhone giveaways marketed by Verizon, T-Mobile and AT&T can make customers spend more on perks they don’t need.

An illustration of a person walking up to glass doors with a new phone waiting on the other side.

By Brian X. Chen

Brian X. Chen is The Times’s lead consumer technology writer and the author of Tech Fix , a column about the social implications of the tech we use.

There’s no such thing as a free iPhone.

But phone carriers would like you to believe otherwise. Over the last few weeks, AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile have blitzed their websites, billboards and stores with ads proclaiming that you can “ get the iPhone 15 Pro, on us .”

To get this $1,000 iPhone for $0 , the carriers say, all you have to do is trade in an older phone and sign up for a wireless plan. In reality, the phone freebie promotions can lure smartphone owners into spending more in the long run by requiring them to subscribe to more exorbitant service plans bundled with superfluous features, such as big high-speed data packages and subscriptions to streaming services.

I spent several days plugging numbers into the carriers’ websites and chatting with store representatives to get some realistic out-the-door numbers. To test the promotions, I submitted a three-year-old iPhone 12 as a hypothetical trade-in. (On average, people upgrade to a new phone every three years.)

Here were the costs of getting the new iPhone 15 Pro through the promotions, excluding taxes:

Verizon’s free iPhone deal would cost about $3,240 over the 36 months required to redeem the promotion, roughly $300 more than buying the new iPhone with a cheaper Verizon plan in the same period.

AT&T’s deal would cost a customer about $2,675 over the 36 months required to redeem the promotion, a little bit more than doing a trade-in for the new phone and selecting a cheaper AT&T plan.

T-Mobile’s promotion would cost $2,400 over two years to redeem the phone credit, about $160 more than buying the new iPhone with a cheaper T-Mobile plan.

“People who think they’re getting free phones from the carrier are in for a surprise,” said Toni Toikka, the chief executive of Alekstra, a consulting firm that helps businesses reduce their cellphone bills.

Verizon said that customers could choose which plan was best for them, and that the promotions were intended for people looking for the best network experience. T-Mobile said that deals were not just about free phones and it strove to provide the best value with its premium plans that include perks like Netflix streaming and the flexibility to upgrade frequently. AT&T declined to comment.

If you are looking to save a buck, it is always a good idea to trade in your old phone for credit to shave down the cost of a new one. Just be wary of any promotion offering a freebie.

Let’s dive deeper into the iPhone giveaway promotions advertised by Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile. Then I’ll share some better ways to save money with trade-ins.

Verizon’s requirements to get a free iPhone 15 Pro are the most aggressive. Trading in an iPhone 12 can earn you $1,000 in the form of bill credits spread out over 36 months. To be eligible, I had to choose a $90-a-month wireless service plan called Unlimited Ultimate. The total cost over the three years would be $3,240.

In contrast, if I traded in the iPhone 12 and picked one of Verizon’s cheaper plans, like the $65-a-month Unlimited Welcome, a basic cellular plan with unlimited data, Verizon would offer $415 for the three-year-old iPhone. The total to buy and use an iPhone 15 Pro on the cheaper plan for three years would be $2,925.

The main benefit of Verizon’s pricier Unlimited Ultimate plan is that it offers 60 gigabytes of mobile hotspotting, which allows you to share a phone’s cellular data connection with a computer. Some people may want this feature, but most will not need it — only 4 percent of mobile users consume more than 50 gigabytes of cellular data a month , according to a report by the technology conglomerate Cisco.

So with Verizon’s free iPhone promotion, you would spend $315 more over three years for a plan with fancy perks than if you traded in your old phone and picked a cheaper Verizon plan.

AT&T is offering up to $1,000 off the iPhone 15 Pro with an eligible trade-in. Only the most recent and most expensive smartphones, like last year’s iPhone 14 Pro, are eligible for the full $1,000 in credit. Older phones get less.

AT&T provided a promotional credit of $700 for the three-year-old iPhone 12 in the form of discounts spread out over 36 months of bill payments. That brought the cost of the iPhone 15 Pro to $8.30 a month spread out over three years.

To get the promotion, I also had to choose one of AT&T’s eligible data plans, which start at $65 a month. All told, including one-time fees, the cost of buying an iPhone 15 Pro and using it on AT&T’s network with an eligible plan over three years came out to $2,675.

In contrast, if I traded in the iPhone 12 and picked one of AT&T’s cheaper plans, like the $50 Value Plus plan, AT&T would offer $200 in credit for the older phone, which shaves the price of the iPhone 15 Pro down to $800. Over the course of 36 months on the cheaper plan, the total would be $2,635.

The main difference between the $50 plan and the $65 plan is that the latter offers three gigabytes of mobile hotspotting.

This means you are not getting a free iPhone from AT&T through this promotion. Instead, you would pay roughly $40 extra over three years for a plan with a mobile hot spot feature.

T-Mobile is offering to make the iPhone 15 Pro free once you trade in your older phone and sign up for its Go5G Next plan, at $100 a month. The free iPhone comes in the form of bill credits spread out over 24 months. Over two years, you pay about $2,400.

But if you sign up for the cheaper Essentials plan at $60 a month, which is not part of the promotion, T-Mobile will offer $200 for the iPhone 12. After you buy the iPhone 15 Pro for $800, the total cost over two years would be $2,240.

T-Mobile’s cheaper Essentials plan includes 50 gigabytes of high-speed data, which is more than enough. The Go5G Next plan includes unlimited high-speed data and subscriptions to Netflix and Apple TV+.

Once again, you are not really getting a free iPhone, but are paying roughly $160 more over two years for extra data and streaming services.

“Consumers may find it challenging to determine whether the more expensive plan offers additional value,” Mr. Toikka said.

Bottom Line

Promotions are temporary, so once the terms expire, the wireless service rates will probably shoot up — and you could end up spending more without noticing.

But don’t let these promotions discourage you. It’s still a great idea to sell your old phone to save some bucks on a new one, and there are a plethora of trade-in programs online.

Sites like Gazelle , Best Buy, Amazon and Swappa offer cash or store credit for your old phone, and their quotes for used phones are usually higher than the phone carriers’. To reduce costs of your phone, shop around for the best offer and pick a wireless plan that suits your budget and needs.

I recently sold my wife’s iPhone 12 through Gazelle for $312 in cash, which she used toward buying an iPhone 15 directly from Apple. That shaved the price of the new phone down to about $500, and she stuck with the cheap family plan that she has used for years with her siblings.

That’s a far cry from free. But it beats burning extra cash on a fancy wireless package she won’t use.

Brian X. Chen is the lead consumer technology writer for The Times. He reviews products and writes Tech Fix , a column about the social implications of the tech we use. More about Brian X. Chen

Tech Fix: Solving Your Tech Problems

Brian x. chen, our lead consumer technology writer, looks at the societal implications of the tech we use..

Google’s Pixel 8:  The smartphone lets you use A.I. to add or remove elements from your images. It’s not clear we really need this .

Meta’s Quest 3:  The headset lets people see the outside world while immersed in virtual reality. The benefits are to be determined .

‘What Did He Just Say?’:  Dialogue on streaming platforms is rarely crisp and clear because of myriad factors at play. Here are some ways to improve your experience .

Venmo:  The mobile wallet service is a cautionary tale of how apps may be exposing more information than you would like. Here is how to protect your data .

Weather Tech: If you live in an area that’s prone to extreme weather events, it helps to be ready. These apps and tools can help .

Virtual Assistants:  How helpful are Google’s Bard and OpenAI’s ChatGPT as actual assistants? We put these chatbots to the test .

'ZDNET Recommends': What exactly does it mean?

ZDNET's recommendations are based on many hours of testing, research, and comparison shopping. We gather data from the best available sources, including vendor and retailer listings as well as other relevant and independent reviews sites. And we pore over customer reviews to find out what matters to real people who already own and use the products and services we’re assessing.

When you click through from our site to a retailer and buy a product or service, we may earn affiliate commissions. This helps support our work, but does not affect what we cover or how, and it does not affect the price you pay. Neither ZDNET nor the author are compensated for these independent reviews. Indeed, we follow strict guidelines that ensure our editorial content is never influenced by advertisers.

ZDNET's editorial team writes on behalf of you, our reader. Our goal is to deliver the most accurate information and the most knowledgeable advice possible in order to help you make smarter buying decisions on tech gear and a wide array of products and services. Our editors thoroughly review and fact-check every article to ensure that our content meets the highest standards. If we have made an error or published misleading information, we will correct or clarify the article. If you see inaccuracies in our content, please report the mistake via this form .

The best early Black Friday Verizon deals 2023


It might seem surreal, but the holiday season is almost here -- which means it's also the start of the shopping season. Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2023 will bring major sales from retailers like Amazon , Best Buy , Walmart , and more, with substantial discounts on products like laptops, TVs, headphones, robot vacuums, and tons more. 

Furthermore, telecom giants including Verizon also join the fray, with discounts and deals applied to phone contracts, gadgets, internet services, and more. If you're hoping to find a decent Verizon deal, ZDNET has you covered -- whether or not you are an existing customer. 

Also:  The best early Black Friday deals  

ZDNET has found the best early Black Friday Verizon deals you can buy right now. This list will be updated frequently, so check back often to find the latest deals ahead of the holiday.

Best early Black Friday 2023 Verizon deals

  • Apple iPhone 15 Pro: Save $1,000 on trade-in, discounted iPad, free Apple TV
  • Google Pixel 8 Pro: Trade-in and save $1,000, discounted smartwatches
  • Samsung Galaxy S23 FE: Free, plus Galaxy Watch6 or Galaxy Tab S9 FE 5G, new lines required
  • Apple Watch SE (2nd Gen): Up to $180 off with trade-in

Pick 5 regularly priced items, save 30% on phone accessories

Apple iphone 15 pro, trade in and save $1,000.


  • Current price: Free
  • Original price: $999+

A top deal at Verizon is for the new Apple iPhone 15 Pro. If you trade in an old device, you can potentially pick up the new handset for free, depending on your preferred storage option and the device you're exchanging. The discount is applied in monthly credits. 

In addition, Verizon will give you up to $280 off an iPad (new line required), and you can also enjoy a free Apple TV (4K, Wi-Fi, 64GB storage) with your phone purchase until the 15th of November. To sweeten the deal, Verizon will give you six months of Apple One for free on Unlimited Plus or Unlimited Ultimate plans.

Furthermore, the telecom giant will provide you with a $200 Verizon Gift Card when you switch. 

Google Pixel 8 Pro


If you are a fan of Google, Verizon is offering up to $1,000 off the Google Pixel 8 Pro when you trade in an older or damaged device. While applied in bill credits, this means you can pick up a 128GB model for free.

In addition, with the purchase of your Pixel 8 Pro, Verizon will give you up to $350 off a Galaxy Watch6 or Watch6 Classic (new line required), or $400 off a Google Pixel Watch 2. A $200 Verizon gift card is yours when you switch. 

Google Pixel Buds Pro


  • Current price: $120
  • Original price: $200

To complement your new smartphone, you may want to take advantage of an $80 discount on a pair of Google Pixel Buds Pro earbuds. 

Recent software updates have made these earbuds, in our opinion , a worthy competitor to Apple and Sony's flagship audio solutions.

Motorola edge+ 5G UW

Free with a new line.


  • Original price: $850

Verizon customers happy to sign up for a new line can pick up a Motorola edge+ 5G UW for free. This mid-tier device is available in two colors, although at the time of writing, the Stardust model is out of stock.

You can also enjoy a discount of up to $400 off a Google Pixel Watch 2, although you will need to agree to a line for your new smartwatch. 

Apple iPhone 14 Plus

A great deal on family plans.


  • Original price: $830

If you're looking for a family plan offering value for money, you can pick up four Apple iPhone 14 Plus models for free, with promotional credit applied over 36 months.

You will need to agree to a new line subscription on any 5G Unlimited plan for each device. Alternatively, you can purchase a single handset on the same agreement. At the time of writing, you can also take advantage of up to $280 off an iPad at the time you buy your new iPhone. 

More early Black Friday 2023 Verizon deals


Samsung Galaxy S23 FE (free, plus Galaxy Watch6 or Galaxy Tab S9 FE 5G, new lines required)


Samsung Galaxy Watch6 (up to $180 off with trade-in)


Samsung Galaxy S22 (free, new line required, up to $350 off a Galaxy Watch6 or Watch6 Classic)


Apple Watch SE (2nd Gen) (up to $180 off with trade-in)


Get 15% off Google Pixel 8 & Pixel 8 Pro cases and screen protectors

When is black friday 2023.

In the United States, the popular shopping day known as Black Friday takes place the day after Thanksgiving. 

This year, in 2023, Black Friday falls on November 24. And don't worry if you aren't able to keep an eye on digital sales events or make it to a store in person: many retailers like Amazon, Best Buy, and Walmart extend sales and deals events through the weekend and into the Monday or even Tuesday after Thanksgiving. 

How did we choose these Black Friday deals?

ZDNET only writes about deals we want to buy -- devices and products we want, need, or would recommend. Our experts looked for deals that were at least 20% off (or are hardly ever on sale), using established price comparison tools and trackers to determine whether the deal is actually on sale and how frequently it drops. 

We also looked over customer reviews to find out what matters to real people who already own and use the deals we're recommending. Our recommendations may also be based on our own testing -- in addition to extensive research and comparison shopping. The goal is to deliver the most accurate advice to help you shop smarter. 

Where can I find the best Black Friday deals?

ZDNET will round up all of the best deals for Black Friday, including on phones, laptops, TVs, headphones, robot vacuums, and much more. For now, find the best deals here:

  • Best TV deals
  • Best VPN deals
  • Best phone deals
  • Best laptop deals
  • Best robot vacuum deals
  • Best Apple deals
  • Best headphones deals
  • Best deals under $30
  • Best Amazon deals
  • Best Verizon deals
  • Best AT&T deals

Top holiday deals


The best early Black Friday deals: Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy, and more


The 15 best early Black Friday 2023 phone deals


The best early Black Friday Sam's Club deals you can get now

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    Our Business Unlimited plans provide mobility built for getting work done, with the 5G, data and performance your business needs. View details Business Unlimited Start 5G Get the essentials As low as $30/line Domestic data roaming at 2G speeds, int'l data reduced to 2G speeds after 500 MB/day. Video streaming at 480p.

  3. Verizon Business

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    Verizon's cheapest business plan, the Unlimited Start offer, features unlimited calls, texts and data with 5G nationwide and 4G LTE. While you do get unlimited calls, texts and data, the...

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    Flexible Business Plan; 1-800-526-3178. Contact Sales. Flexible business wireless plans. Connect an unlimited number of devices with shared data. Customize the amount of data you need for your business. ... One data pool for your phones, tablets and other internet devices. Email access.

  6. Small Business Solutions

    $85 Business Digital Voice Phone Discount: ... Connection (speeds up to 940/880 Mbps) or Fios 2 Gigabit Connection (speeds up to 2048M/2048M), where available, and Verizon Wireless Business Unlimited Pro plan (at least 1 line) are eligible for a total credit of $80/mo, all other combinations of service plans are eligible for a total credit of ...

  7. Verizon® Small Business

    $129 /mo. Plus taxes, fees & equip. charges 2-yr. price guarantee. Offer & pricing details Call 1-888-473-8309 Internet Gigabit Connection Up to 940/880 Mbps For businesses that rely on a high-capacity connection for large file transfers or video conferences, choose Fios Gigabit Connection $249 Per month. Plus taxes, fees & equip. charges

  8. Verizon Wireless for Business

    $50 per line with 4+ lines, plus taxes and fees when you enroll in Auto Pay What you get: Premium Unlimited 4G LTE Data (22 GB) Unlimited Talk & Text HD-Quality Streaming (720p) Unlimited Mobile Hotspot (15 GB at 4G LTE) Mexico & Canada Talk, Text & Data

  9. Business Phone Service: Preferred Voice

    $59.00/mo plus taxes and fees w/two-year agreement and auto renewal. Offer & pricing details Preferred Voice offers: Unlimited nationwide calling Caller ID, Ultra Call Forwarding, Voice Mail and more Purchase a Preferred Voice package and add a Preferred Voice additional line for $20/mo more. Check availability Benefits for your business

  10. Verizon® Business Plans

    Choose your Verizon business phone plan. Phone 1-10 VoIP Lines $35 Per month, For Yr 1. Plus taxes, fees & equip. charges. Offer & pricing details Call 1-855-536-4658 Phone 11-20 VoIP Lines $30 Per month, For Yr 1. Plus taxes, fees & equip. charges. Offer & pricing details Call 1-855-536-4658 Phone 20+ VoIP Lines $25 Per month for 20+ VoIP Lines.

  11. Verizon Business Phone System Overview

    Verizon's business phone system plans range from $30 per line per month to $45 per line per month, with discounts given for enrolling in autopay and paperless billing. The Business Unlimited Pro ...

  12. Verizon® Business Phone Service & Plans

    Verizon® Business Phone Service & Plans - Call 855-946-0262 Verizon business phone plans outpace the typical landline. Packages starting at $35 Per month, For Yr 1. Plus taxes, fees & equip. charges. Offer & pricing details Call 1-855-536-4658 to Order VoIP isn't rocket science.

  13. Best business phone plans (2022)

    Verizon phone plans for businesses Verizon Wireless has the most subscribers in the US and is popular with businesses. Three Business Unlimited plans make it easy to find the perfect...

  14. Verizon Business Wireless Review with Competitor Comparisons

    Pros: Verizon offers strong network coverage, 5G access, and adaptable plans that can meet the communication needs of businesses, individuals, and families. The carrier is a great choice for remote teams or individuals that travel a lot. Verizon's international plans provide unlimited data and texting in over 210 international countries. Cons:

  15. Unlimited Data, Connected Device and Family Wireless Plans

    Mobile plans Get our best plans ever, with unlimited data on all your devices. Unlimited Get the power of 5G Ultra Wideband with unlimited data on Unlimited Ultimate, Unlimited Plus, and Unlimited Welcome. Prepaid Pay before you talk, text and stream. Now including Unlimited and 5G. Connected devices

  16. The best Verizon Business deals for November 2023

    View Deal. Samsung Galaxy S23 series: up to $1,000 off with a trade-in, plus $200 in credit. If you prefer Android devices, consider this week's Verizon Business deals on the latest Galaxy S23 ...

  17. Contact Verizon Business Customer Service: Live Chat & Support

    My Business Wireless Customer Service: 800-922-0204 Mon-Fri 8 AM-8 PM EST Sat 8 AM-5 PM EST Closed Sunday Verizon Enterprise Center U.S. and Canada customers Customer Service: 800-569-8799 Mon-Fri 9 AM-6 PM ET EMEA, APAC, LATAM customers Mon 1 AM-Sun 1 AM GMT Customer Service: 800-4321-5432 Mon-Fri 7 AM-10 PM GMT Public Sector Federal 877-297-7816

  18. Best Verizon Business Cell Phone Plans for 2023

    Twigby 2GB phone plan. $5/mo. Twigby 5GB phone plan. $10/mo. US Mobile 12GB phone plan. $25/mo. Cheap Verizon plans Switch & Save $600/yr. US Mobile: FREE 45 Day Trial FREE. We compared the best business phone plans on the Verizon 5G & 4G LTE networks.

  19. Best Business Cell Phone Plans Of 2023

    $20 per user, per month (paid annually) Toll-free numbers Yes Voicemail transcription Yes 1 RingCentral Learn More On RingCentral's Website Pricing from Starts at $10 per user, per month Toll-free...

  20. Products & services

    Plans & features. Device support. Welcome to My Business. Products & services. ... One Talk overview. A multi-line phone solution connecting your office phone to your mobile devices, providing business phone features on any of your common devices Product help One Talk support. First steps, videos, FAQs and more, to help you get the most out of ...

  21. Verizon Business Account Login

    Register for an account. Resend welcome email for My Business Wireless. Pay without logging in. Complete quick tasks without logging in. Manage additional portals. Log in to your personal account. Manage your Verizon business account easily with the Verizon Enterprise account management center. Use your Verizon business account login to get ...

  22. 7 Best Business Cell Phone Plans of 2023

    Summary of Money's Best Business Cell Phone Plans of 2023. Verizon Wireless - Best for Business Cell Phone Plan Deals. Xfinity Mobile - Best for Team Collaboration. Teltik - Best for International Service. T-Mobile - Best for Reliable Coverage. Google Voice - Best for Video Meetings. AT&T - Best Budget-Friendly Option.

  23. Verizon Cell Phones, Plans & Devices

    Start to also think about what cell phone type and brand you want to go with. Prices and phone quality may vary, but options like Verizon Samsung Galaxy phones, Verizon Google Pixel phones, Verizon iPhones and many more all offer a variety of Verizon cell phone plans with many talk, text and data options. If you go with Apple, consider reading ...

  24. Black Friday Verizon Wireless Deals 2023: Early Apple ...

    BOSTON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Here's our guide to all the best early Verizon Wireless deals for Black Friday 2023, including the top deals on iPhone 13, 14 & 15, iPad, Apple Watch, Galaxy S23, Pixel ...

  25. File a Verizon insurance claim FAQs

    Visit Community. 24/7 automated phone system: call *611 from your mobile. Filing a Verizon insurance device or phone claim is easy! These FAQs explain the different ways of how to file a claim at Verizon & track Asurion phone claim status.

  26. Verizon is giving away $200 for switching to Fios Home Internet

    As you may or may not know, in addition to offering a variety of wireless plans and some sweet Android phone deals, Verizon offers a home internet service called Verizon Fios. This 100% fiber ...

  27. Those Promotions Promising a 'Free' iPhone? It Isn't Free

    Nov. 1, 2023. There's no such thing as a free iPhone. But phone carriers would like you to believe otherwise. Over the last few weeks, AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile have blitzed their websites ...

  28. The best early Black Friday Verizon deals 2023

    Best early Black Friday 2023 Verizon deals. Apple iPhone 15 Pro: Save $1,000 on trade-in, discounted iPad, free Apple TV. Google Pixel 8 Pro: Trade-in and save $1,000, discounted smartwatches ...

  29. Verizon Beats on Profit and Raises Free Cash Flow Guidance

    New York-based Verizon also raised its guidance for the year, saying it expects free cash flow of above $18 billion, a $1 billion increase from its previously issued guidance. Operating revenue ...

  30. Business Plans, Services, and Solutions

    Shop now 5G Business Internet starting at $69/mo. 100 Mbps plan and 10-year price guarantee. Learn more Already have phones? Perfect. Just check to see if they're compatible with our network, then shop plans. Also, save $600 when you switch to Verizon & bring your smartphone & number. Get started Solutions Tailored to fit your business needs.