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  1. Summer Research Scholarships

    Conduct a research project under supervision for 10 weeks over the summer months. Receive a tax-free stipend of $6,750, paid in fortnightly instalments. Open to high-achieving domestic and international students who will have completed at least two years of equivalent full-time study in an undergraduate degree by December 2023.

  2. University of Auckland students applying for Summer Research Scholarships

    Search University of Auckland students applying for Summer Research Scholarships As a current University of Auckland student, do I need to apply for admission to the Summer Research Scholarship programme? Yes, you need to apply for admission to the Summer Research Scholarship programme.

  3. PDF University of Auckland Summer Research Scholarship

    The University of Auckland Summer Research Scholarship and will be of the value of $6,750, paid as a fortnightly stipend.The Scholarship is payable within the period of November to February inclusive.

  4. Summer Research Scholarships

    The Summer Research Scholarship programme run at the University of Auckland recruits high achieving student scholars and aims to give recipients research experience, an opportunity to work with leading researchers at the University of Auckland and contribute to the wider research community.

  5. Eligibility for Summer Research Scholarships for students with current

    Your eligibility is based on your most recent two years of full-time (or equivalent) study. If your GPA is less than 6.00 over those two most recent years (or less than 5.50 if you are of Māori or Pacific descent), you will not be considered for a Summer Research Scholarship and project. For more information, see Summer Research Scholarships .

  6. Summer Research Scholarships

    A summer research scholarship is a (roughly) 10 week project in which you get to be a part of a real research project happening within the university! These scholarships are offered across all the faculties of the university, and there are a myriad of projects to choose from within each faculty.

  7. Summer Research Scholarship : r/universityofauckland

    2022 University of Auckland Summer Research Scholarships 1. The number of successful applicants - 414 (there were 1624 applications in total of which 414 were offered a summer Research Scholarship. A total of 436 offers were made (20 applicants were offered 2 projects, 1 was offered 3 projects). 2.

  8. Summer Research Scholarship application

    To apply for a Summer Research Scholarship, please visit How to apply. For more information on the scholarship, please see: Summer Research Scholarships. Why do a Summer Research Scholarship? Eligibility and regulations. Summer Research Projects.

  9. Is summer research worth it ? : r/universityofauckland

    You still get a summer. However, if you do enjoy it, it a good way to see how research actually happens from within the university and importantly, network with people from within your field who could help you going forward in industry or in research. Plus it looks pretty good on your CV, especially since your name will probably go on a paper.

  10. Summer Research Institute

    The Summer Research Institute (SRI) offers you an outstanding opportunity to learn how to conduct research, enjoy your summer, and prepare for graduate studies at The University of Arizona (UA), a highly-ranked Research Extensive (Research I) Land Grant institution with a large multicultural student body and over 200 graduate programs in a myria...

  11. Arts Summer Research Scholarships

    For more information about the Summer Research Scholarship programme, including a list of projects on offer in the Faculty of Arts, see Arts Summer Research Projects. Rate this Answer. Rate answer 1 of 5 Rate answer 2 of 5 Rate answer 3 of 5 Rate answer 4 of 5 Rate answer 5 of 5 .

  12. Undergraduate Summer Students' Research Program

    The Undergraduate Summer Students' Research Program in the Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry at the University of Alberta provides undergraduate and medical students the opportunity to participate in summer research under the supervision of a faculty member ( A1.1 or C1.1 academic appointments).

  13. Summer Research Scholarships

    Scholarship research projects are completed in a 10 week period over the University summer (December - February), under the supervision of biomedical, clinical and public health researchers from the faculty. The scholarships provide a generous tax-free stipend of $6,750 to undertake the 10-week project. Find Summer Research Projects


    The National Summer Undergraduate Research Project (NSURP) is designed to: Match-make BIPOC and Latinx undergraduate students on a nationwide-level to Microbiology, Immunology, and Cancer Biology laboratory mentors who can provide a remote summer research project experience.

  15. Gripper Code

    Gripper Code - CARES Summer Research Project. This repository contains the code used to control and test the 3 fingered gripper currently being designed and used in the CARES lab at UOA. While being written for this specific system, it also intends to be applicable to many dynamixel servo systems with small changes to the code.

  16. 2024 LEAP Summer REU Program Info

    LEAP's 2024 Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) Program offers summer undergraduate research experiences (SUREs) on synergistic innovations in data science and climate science. This 10-week Program is in partnership with the Significant Opportunities in Atmospheric Research and Science (SOARS) program at UCAR.. The REU Program hosts undergraduate researchers and offers a wide array ...

  17. Summer Research Scholarship applications to more than one faculty

    Yes, you can complete a Summer Research Scholarship and projects application for more than faculty. However, you only need to apply once for admission to the Summer Research programme. If you have selected another faculty for your admission application, this will not affect your eligibility for a Summer Research Scholarship in a different faculty.

  18. IGWS

    Summer Potter intern projects announced. Four paid internship opportunities have been announced. By: Sara Clifford. Fri Feb 09 2024. ... Research and georeference the locations of historic quarry districts, quarries, and mills in the Indiana Stone Belt using ArcGIS. The project will utilize historic maps and publications from IGWS collections ...

  19. Summer Research Scholarships

    Summer Research Scholarships are a great way to gain valuable research experience, work with leading researchers at the Faculty of Creative Arts and Industries, enhance your career opportunities and help you think about pursuing postgraduate or doctoral study.

  20. Summer Research Scholarship reporting requirements

    Home AskAuckland Search Summer Research Scholarship reporting requirements What is the format for the Summer Research Scholarship final report and what is the due date for submission? Each faculty has their own requirements for the final report, so you will need to discuss with your supervisor what the reporting format requirements are.

  21. Upcoming summer research project deadlines

    The Undergraduate Research Office sponsors several funded summer undergraduate research programs that are identified as SOURCE (Support of Undergraduate Research and Creative Endeavors) Summer Programs. Application details and deadlines for summer 2024 are posted on the Undergraduate Research Office website and the final program deadlines are less than a month away.

  22. Why do a Summer Research Scholarship?

    A Summer Research Scholarship will give you experience conducting research under the guidance and support of a supervisor, and add significant value to your CV. Benefits $6,750 tax-free stipend. Get a taste of postgraduate research and help you think about pursuing postgraduate study.