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Business Plan Proposal

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my company name is mars cafe that is located in ethiopia addis ababa

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This strategic business plan details a structured plan of an investment in an African country, Zambia for the manufacture of plastic lumber from recycled plastic waste. The plan is in line with the strategy of XY Investments Inc. to diversify into untapped areas offshore without XY Investments Inc. footprint. This will ensure continued enhancements of human capital development, corporate social responsibility (CSR), enhanced robust risk management platform, treasury and accounting function. In this regard, a subsidiary company XY Poly Ltd. has been incorporated in Zambia as a vehicle through which the holding company, XY Investments Inc. will spread its corporate footprint into Africa as part of its grand strategy to meet long term objectives and a generic strategy to meet strategy in the short term.

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This is a business plan for a school for anyone who might not copy but get insight into the contents and flow of writing a business plan for such an institution or the like.

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It is conventional wisdom that new businesses be planned prior to their start-up hence prospective business founders are generally advised to develop formal plans of their proposed ventures. A business plan that serves as a blueprint or road map that provides direction and increases the firm’s chances for survival and success is thus essential. According to Kraten and Kenneth (2010), a business planning document represents “a nuts-and-bolts document” that clearly demonstrates that the business operator prepared to operate the business from day one. Andualem (1997) asserts that SMEs with regards to Ghana comprise activities that are independently owned and operated; managed by the owner; have a small share of the market; and employ 6-49 employees. This study investigated the impact of a business planning document on the growth of small scale businesses. Basically, the researcher chose the survey strategy in line with the observation that it is possible to use survey approaches within either a qualitative or quantitative research strategy. All the 50 respondents chosen purposively from the target population responded to the survey questionnaires. The study found that business planning influences the success or survival of SMEs. Also SMEs Enhance poverty alleviation, Improve per capita income, Enhance the quality of lives, Encourage technological innovations, Enhance export promotion, Enhance GDP growth, Encourage entrepreneurship, Accelerate employment generation, Ensure inter- and intra-regional decentralization, Serve as a countervailing force against the economic power of larger firms, Accelerate the achievement of wider socio-economic objectives, as well as Serve as cornerstone for socioeconomic growth and stability.

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    small scale business plan pdf in ethiopia


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