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Our samples

  • Paper title Academic level Paper type Paper format Discipline
  • Antibiotic Resistance Now "Global Threat", WHO Warns by Pippa Stephens Master's Article Summary Oxford Health Care Read sample
  • Secret Hiding Places as I Was a Child High School Composition APA English 101 Read sample
  • Lab Report College (yrs. 3-4) Lab Report APA 6 Physics Read sample
  • Paper title Services type Discipline Size Deadline
  • Graphic User Interface Development in Java Swing Programming Java XS 8h Read sample
  • Hypothesis Testing in R: Investigating Respiratory Status in a Clinical Trial Programming R XS 24h Read sample
  • Data Visualization in Python using Matplotlib Library Programming Python XS 8h Read sample

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At our website, you can pay top-level experts for their help! When we do your homework, we assign each order to the most suitable professional in the corresponding field. Each of our experts is a highly qualified specialist who knows the struggles of student life first-hand. They work from different countries, so there`s always someone to ask for professional assistance.

How fast can you help with university assignment?

We can provide you with university assignment help in just 8 hours! This urgent delivery doesn’t affect quality, so it costs a bit more than an identical order with a longer deadline would. That’s why you’re always welcome to order in advance and save money by giving your expert more time. Nonetheless, we can always help you with maximum urgency.

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Yes, we can! We never publicly disclose the private information of our clients when we do your assignment. Our privacy policy safeguards all the information you share with us. The only goal we use your email and phone number for is delivering your orders. That’s it! However, you can always opt to receive email notifications about our special offers and discounts.

If your question is not on the list, you can use our chat and talk to our specialist.

Do My Assignment: Take A Look At Our Perks

When we hear someone ask, “Do my assignment for me, please,” we don’t stop at providing the most basic services. We offer these perks to top off the basic tasks:s

  • Instant ordering. When you say, “I need to pay someone to do my assignment,” you just need to place an order and make a payment. We’ll handle all further technicalities, assigning your homework to the right expert and getting it done ASAP. You’ll just need to spend up to 10 minutes on that HW!
  • Proficient experts. Every assistant we hire to complete your orders is a professional in their own field. That’s why you can safely rely on our helpers whenever you have an extra challenging task that you can’t complete on your own.
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  • Long and short deadlines. Every expert who works for us is trained to deal with urgent orders in 8 hours. Still, you can also get a larger project with a time frame of up to 2 weeks. We know how important time is for learners, so we value every moment and try our hardest to deliver your orders before the deadline.
  • 24/7 customer support. When you want to say to us, “I need to pay to do my assignment ASAP,” but struggle to navigate the site, contact customer support! These operators are available 24/7 via our chat. You can also call them to get all the necessary guidance.

Enjoy TOP Benefits of DoMyAssignments

Do my homework at the highest level: we can do that.

There are different reasons why you might be ready to shout, “Please, do my homework for me right now!” First of all, not everyone can easily adapt to the college environment and schedule, so in the beginning, it can be extremely hard to do all the homework on time. Secondly, many students need to find part-time jobs so that they can pay for all their expenses, and the increased workload can leave them in dire need of a qualified helper. Third, you need to spend time with your family and friends, as well as have some hobbies. If you add all these necessities together, it’s hard to find much space in your timetable for completing every single task without assistance. So, what can you do?

One of the best ways to address such an issue is to ask assignment help experts for a custom solution. This way, you can get quality materials to guide you through even the most challenging tasks. This kind of homework writing help improves your learning efficiency, helping you grasp difficult concepts faster. On top of that, you can reuse the same materials by consulting them about the structure of similar tasks in the future! While all this sounds exciting, we’ve got even more to offer, so keep reading to find out about Do My Assignments guarantees.

Do My Assignments Guarantees Ensure Great Homework Help

When you seek help with homework, you need it to be of top quality, but above all, you need safety. Since online HW assistance has been becoming more and more popular in recent years, it’s only natural to be aware of frauds. Here are a few guarantees that only legit companies like DoMyAssignments have:

  • Unique solutions for each task. Our experts complete each assignment from scratch, so you won’t get an old or outdated task. Instead, you’ll receive the right solution that’s customized to suit your individual academic needs. This is the quality standard that we follow with all orders, with no exceptions.
  • Free corrections according to the initial instructions. If you notice that the assignment assistance you’ve received needs minor fixes, we’ll revise it for free. After all, we guarantee full customization, so that’s exactly what we must deliver. However, you’ll need to pay for any adjustments that aren’t within the scope of your initial guidelines.
  • Confidentiality and data protection. When you ask us, “Help me do my homework,” we ask you for your email address so that we can deliver the materials. Naturally, we never publicly disclose any of the personal data of our customers. That’s why you can trust that we’ll help you in a private way.
  • A customer-friendly money-back guarantee. When you ask us, “Do my homework for me,” you can always ask for a refund for any reason. We’ll return 100% of the money paid if we haven’t yet started to work on your order. All other cases get examined by one of our managers, who helps learners get back a fair sum.

Rely On The Professional Assignment Helper We Find You

If you’re thinking about placing an order with us, you might wonder about our experts. Who are they? Where are they from? Can they really help me with my homework if it’s urgent ? Well, we’re here to provide the answers to all of these questions.

Every homework assignment helper on our team is an expert in one or more subjects. They all go through several rounds of special tests that assess their factual qualifications and other vital skills like time management. After that, those who have completed all the stages can start to provide you with quality HW assistance. Experienced mentors supervise the newcomers till their probation period ends, and after that, they get periodic quality evaluations that ensure their high level.

Our experts come from all over the globe, so they work online. This approach is very useful because different time zones allow for better accessibility. No matter whether you’re from the USA or any other country, we’ll be able to assist with your urgent orders ASAP, trying our hardest to deliver it even before the deadline.

After all, our service is about combining speed and quality for a fair price. That’s why so many students leave us positive reviews and come back for more assignments. Now that you know the most important things about our specialists, you can safely get their assistance at any convenient time.

Write My Assignment: How To Order

As you know, simply screaming, “Write my assignment for me!” is not enough to get professional help from us. There are a few steps you need to complete, and here they are:

Set up your order with the order form. When you need help with assignment, you should specify its size, complexity level, and deadline. You also need to upload your precise instructions. Remember that you can save money by ordering in advance and giving your expert more time to complete the task.

Pay for your custom assignment. You’ll need to submit the needed sum for us to start working on your order. Students often get stuff online, and this is not much different from ordering a pizza. However, you can always contact someone from our support team via chat or call if you have any questions or issues at this stage.

Stay in touch with your expert. Every university student knows that questions can arise at any point when you work on a complex task. You can always ask your expert about their progress or answer their questions. That way, you can ensure the best outcome possible.

Receive and approve the finished task. After saying, “I need help with my homework,” to us and waiting a bit, you’ll receive an email with a preview of your solution. Check it carefully and approve the order if everything is according to your guidelines. That’s it!

As you can see, we do everything possible to provide you with a stress-free experience. So, if you need assistance with any particularly complex task, simply place an order at DoMyAssignments!

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Best website for assignment writing. college homework solutions

Profile image of UrgentHomework Help is the best website for assignment writing. We are also known as the best homework help website for college and university students worldwide. Our online experts provide you with the best college homework solutions. The best part? Well, the best part is we are available 24x7 - chat with our professional cusotmer success team right on our website any time of the night or day and we will be happy to help you with any of your academic issues. We write college homework and assignments, case-studies, research-papers, argumentative-essays & dissertations. We also write MBA project reports. Thats not all - we also write theses for PhD scholars. And we are only one email or ping away. If you wish to send us an email - our email id is:[email protected]. Do you need a competent and expert online tutor for any of your subjects? We can help there too! Talk to us about it and we will help. It's a big honour and a big responsibility to be the top assignment website and we take this very seriously. We never compromise on quality and we have a zero tolerance policy for plagiarism. Our internal quality assurance team scans every single academic paper that is written by our experts and validates it for quality, grammar, formatting, diction and relevancy. We deliver on time. Always. Thats why we are known as the best website for assignment writing.

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© ASCILITE 2019 Singapore University of Social Sciences. All Rights Reserved. In this paper we present the results of a prototype system designed as a draft assignment checker that students can use prior to the submission of their assignments. The tool was designed to provide descriptive timely feedback to students on their digitally submitted text-based assignments. This process allows students to submit draft versions of their assignments, obtain feedback and improve them before they make a final submission for marking. Students are able to access the results and descriptive feedback generated for the assignments they have uploaded and the software allows customisation of the evaluation measures based on the type of assignment and expectations of the academic staff. Findings from a survey of student feedback on the system are presented. Overall students found the system useful, but the tool needed to be incorporated into the assignment preparation process more closely to be effect...

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[Abstract]: This paper discusses the diverse and changing teaching environments in the higher education sector. With the extensive use of Internet and the availability of numerous online interaction tools, students are increasingly participating in, and requesting access to, features such as electronic course materials, online forums, automated response facilities and mechanisms for electronic assignment submission.

Journal of Information Technology Education: Research

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Juhani Tuovinen , R. Clerehan

Traditionally, students attending university have received support for their assignment writing within a face-to-face framework. Academic writing support delivered via the Internet needs to be rendered in very subject-specific terms for the resource to be perceived as valuable. This paper reports on a project involving writing support staff and a computer science subject leader to develop and evaluate a Web-based academic skills tutorial. The tutorial sought to provide online learning support for interpreting an information technology (IT) assignment topic, extracting information from sources, and integrating the material into a report with the support of online lexical tools. The evaluation sought to determine whether the students found the resource helpful, if improvements were still required, and what implications there were for integrating the resource with subject teaching. Students perceived most value in those sections of the resource that provided them with examples and models, and least in those that required them to engage in interactive activity.

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E-mail is one of online teaching means that has prospered recently in universities. That is to say that there is a short term background of using E-mail for assignments’ management and assessment. In this study, I investigated different dimensions of E- mail applicability and usefulness for assessing assignments and its strength and weaknesses among fresh students. For this intention, I based my case study on 158 students in three courses and one professor during a semester. By monitoring case studies and observing self-report checklists I investigated the behaviours of students and their E-mails. The results showed that speed of transmission and giving feedback is much higher than the other current methods. Possibility of electronic search for assignments, giving feedback to students without time and place restriction, group feedbacks and guidance, and reinforcement of teaching – learning in informal times are advantages of using E-mail as a tool for assignment management. However, using E- mail has some limitations, too. Restricting communication to writing, prolonged individual feedbacks, repetitive E- mails, misunderstanding and technical problems among novice students are weaknesses of using email for assessing assignments. At the end I’ll offer some recommendations to make E- mail an effective means for assignments’ assessment. Keywords: E-mail, assessment, assignments, online teaching, university.


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Is Demand For Assignment Help Online Rising?

TThe onset of COVID-19 caused a tremendous change in students' lives. The education system is undergoing a transformation due to online learning help. The mentality of achieving educational growth beyond boundaries has markedly changed students' behavior. They are now aware of their knowledge gap, restricted time frame, and other challenges that stop them from achieving academic success. Therefore, students are becoming independent enough to seek expert assignment help services. Thanks to EdTech, students are becoming conscious of their educational demands. They know when they need help in assignments to understand the academic requirements.

The realization was there during this decade, but the pace of change occurred due to the Covid scenario. Most students started depending on the online learning platform during that time and noticed remarkable progress. As per statistics, 53% of university and advanced study pursuers are leaning toward assignment help services to improve their learning capabilities. 56% of students say that opting for help with assignments aided them in overcoming stress and boosting their performance. Assignment services make their education effective and ease the pressure of studying.

There are many other countries where students get in touch with the TutorBin student assignment help platform for their college assignments. It's our specialty to treat every student equally and try our best to offer assignment services, even at odd hours.

All these facts & figures reflect that assignment help services are becoming one of the best options for students to reach their desired goals. These are enough to prove why students nowadays prefer online assignment helper services. It also reflects that the service is experiencing a sharp rise in demand.

school assignment website

TutorBin- One of the Best Online Assignment Help Websites For College Students

College assignment help- how students from diverse countries trust tutorbin.

Whether it's Europe or the Middle East, TutorBin has catered to different educational hubs, from the USA, Singapore, Canada, and Australia to UAE. We have a strong international student base worldwide, and they rely on our subject specialists for help with assignment online. Our students come from diverse premier institutions located in different parts of the world.

They are also well aware of the fact that irrespective of their educational level and academic benchmark, TutorBin experts will help them with its highly trusted college assignment help. Management to engineering and literature, we are always well-prepared to guide you in the best possible way to make sure that you ace your academic courses and stand out from the crowd due to our help with assignment online.

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There are many other countries where students get in touch with the TutorBin student assignment help platform for their college assignments. It's our specialty to treat every student equally and try our best to offer help even at odd hours.

Why Students Feel the Need to Get Assignment Writing Help Online

It is not like students suddenly feel the need for assignment online help. The requirement was very much there, but taking an assignment writing help service was expensive, yet experts' availability was not guaranteed in your time of need. Moreover, students often find themselves stuck with studies due to knowledge-related issues, the lack of tutors, and heavy coursework. That's when they feel the need to opt for assignment help websites. Here, we've pointed out some pain points for which students now want help in assignments from experts. TutorBin focuses on these problem areas to ensure that its platform offers the right solution for students.

  • Don't have enough knowledge about the assignment allotted to you.
  • You do not have any idea about the format of the assignment & how to complete it without making a mistake.
  • Copying from friends or classmates is not an option, as plagiarism could be detected and have severe consequences for you.
  • You do have a doubt about the topic of the assignment given to you.
  • It's too much for you as you have multiple other assignments to finish.
  • You need expert assistance for the assignment as you don't have concept clarity.
  • For writing assignments, you know that your content quality will not be up to the mark for a higher score
  • You have other priorities like job, family, and passion. Not able to finish the assignment on time
  • Due to the restricted deadline, making an on-time submission is impossible.
  • You can do your assignments but are unsure about the correctness of these solutions.
  • Offline personalized tuition from experts is too expensive to afford.

What Do Students Get From TutorBin Assignment Help?

Why do students need online assignment help? Research has shown that while committing to any assignment helps in studies, it has also become one of the major stressors for students. This has increased the demand for online assignment help among college and school students. Let us look at some of the reasons that compel students to think- "Can I get my assignment help for me?" or "is there someone who can help with my assignment?"

Students need TutorBin assignment writing help for the following reasons:

  • Extra-curricular development: Involvement in extra-curricular activities for holistic development and honing important skills. This leads them to rely on online assignment experts to get assignment help online. Assignment writing service is a ray of hope for many students who wonder, "Can someone help with my assignment?"
  • Lack of understanding: Students do not understand the subject properly, so it becomes difficult for them to attempt tough questions. Here, college assignment helper comes to their rescue.
  • Conflicting Priorities: Students have different important priorities they cannot miss. This pushes them to make the necessary choice of opting for online help from assignment helpers.
  • More than One Homework: They have large amounts of homework for different subjects and they are unable to manage it. Hence, they have to take help from online assignment expert.

These are only some of the reasons that make it necessary for students to rely on the best assignment services from assignment helpers they can afford.

In such cases, TutorBin' s "write my assignment for me" service becomes one of the best answers to the question: “Can I hire someone to do my assignment for me?” TutorBin is one of the best assignment helper websites that students can approach for their work.

We at TutorBin believe in prioritizing customer satisfaction with our student assignment help. So, when you sign up with TutorBin online assignment help, you also sign up for the following benefits.

Best Online Assignment Help By TutorBin- An Assurance of Quality Over Quantity

When it comes to studies, online learning platforms showed that it could be a fantastic pathway through which students get help with assignment in their time of need. But the question does not stop with the assignment help online. It's true that if students find a platform that help with assignments, it does them good, but what about the quality? From here, the concern of availing qualitative online assignment helper raised its head. Most assignment help websites prefer quantity over quality. Under this circumstance, searching sites that offer the best online assignment help is difficult. Team TutorBin stands out from the crowd just for this reason. It poses as one of the premium assignment help websites that solely concentrate on quality. However, TutorBin is also capable of offering a large quantity of assignment online help due to its strong pool of Assignment help experts.

Our experts are trained to offer students solutions in real time. We can proudly say that we not only support students through our help with assignments but also ensure that they fulfill their knowledge gap and get a meaningful education. Our online assignment helper aims to improve student's learning capability and increase their academic inclination. Subject matter experts who work with us try their level best to give you every possible assignment online help so that you perform better without feeling stress, anxiety, and other academic burnout symptoms.

Writing Assignment Help For On-time Submission

Students must adhere to their homework deadlines, and failure to do so will affect their grades. This can become difficult because of the number of homework students have to submit for different subjects. Many students get involved in after-school activities, which unfortunately leaves them with less time for homework. Assignment experts of TutorBin online assignment help will complete the task within the allotted time. Our assignment helper services not only ensure that you receive reliable help with assignments but also ensure that you do not lose any marks because of late submission. Hence our "my assignment helper" services make impossible deadlines possible.

Supreme Quality Work with online assignment writing services

Usually, students are unable to come up with well-written and technically accurate homework answers. This may be due to a lack of clarity on the subject or a lack of understanding of a particular subject. Online assignment writing service provided by our assignment experts is always well-researched and 100% accurate, which will help them achieve a better understanding. Our online assignment writing help service always prioritizes quality, and this is what makes us the best assignment help online.

Better Grades and GPA achieved through Student assignment help

It is well known that assignments are graded in schools and colleges. Every student wishes to do well in school. However, sometimes students' homework fails to meet the expectations of their teachers, hampering their grades. This is what compels students to take help in assignments such as "do my assignment online" or "complete my assignment." TutorBin assignment writing service comes into play here. However, TutorBin homework is carefully crafted by our in-house assignment expert, technically proficient, and always fetches excellent grades for our customers. TutorBin student assignment help always maintains the trust of our clients.

Our university assignment help writers provide Exclusive Expert Help

Some homework assignments require the assignment expert to possess very specific subject knowledge. It may also require experience with certain tools and software to complete. Often, students may not have the necessary knowledge or skills to do their homework. This is another reason that pushes students to take our help with assignments. Our online assignment writing service will always match you with the best-suited tutor for your assignment. Students should always choose the "write my assignment for me" or " complete my assignment" service that benefits them.

Plagiarism Free Work with online assignment solution

Schools and Universities around the world consider plagiarism a serious issue. If any student is caught plagiarized work, the institutions will take drastic action against the student. The work to be done should be different, and the online homework help website ensures that projects are not deceptive and include an appropriate reference as per study guidelines. Our assignment expert always ensures that you never have to answer for plagiarized work.

24/7 Service of online assignment solutions

Students struggle with the aspect of urgency with their assignments. TutorBin best online assignment help experts are available 24/7 to resolve doubts and answer any questions students may have about their assignments. Taking university assignment help with assignment helps students to have the flexibility to schedule their study time as per their preference. Students can get immediate help and do not have to wait hours for a school or college to open and reach their teachers. Our assignment writers are always available to help you.

Help With Assignment Online- Subjects Our Experts Cover

  • Biotechnology
  • Graphic Design and other software
  • Architecture and Planning
  • Pharmaceutical Science
  • Ocean Engineering and Naval Architecture
  • Nuclear Engineering
  • Metallurgical and Materials

Complex Questions

Sometimes homework is very difficult, and students find it difficult to understand the instructions and find out what is expected of the project. This can lead them to seek help with assignments. In such situations, they need a reliable service that can break their complex doubts into simple, step-by-step solutions; this is where our assignment help experts come in. Our assignment helper online effectively help to review instructions and provide appropriate homework solutions that meet teachers' expectations.

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Online assignment help: frequently asked questions.

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Can I pay someone to write my assignment?

Yes. It's possible to pay someone to write your homework if you search online. You will find some companies offering assignment assistance. You can reach out to them and ask them to do your assignment. You just have to pay for the service and the website will appoint an assignment expert to do your task.

What does assignment help mean?

The term "Assignment help" is used for a service offering assignment support to complete academic coursework. It can be anything, from assignment assistance online to assignment completion. This help with assignment online aims to support students in doing better performance & achieve higher grades.

Is assignment help legal?

Assignment services are not legal for some universities as students simply copy-paste the answers instead of understanding the solution done by the assignment help service. Professional assignment help services do it for guiding students to understand problem solving approaches and enhance their concept clarity.

What is online assignment help?

Online assignment help is an academic help service that completes assignments and provides solutions to students. It helps them to improve their performance and aids students in overcoming study struggles by preparing themselves academically strong with expert help.

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Getting Into College , Going Back to College , Tips for Online Students , Tips for Students

5 Best Homework Help Websites You Should Know Going Back to School


Balancing everything that school throws your way can feel like a challenging task. But you’re not alone! The internet has plenty of resources to assist, including some of the best homework help websites. Homework help sites range from offering textbook solutions to providing access to online tutors who are there to help with your specific needs.

When studying to become the best student you can be, it’s natural to need assistance. As such, you can look to some of these sites to help you better succeed in completing your homework and learning necessary material.

Computer and notebook

Photo by  Andrew Neel  on  Unsplash

Homework websites for students.

Let’s dive right into some of the different types of websites, including homework help websites for college students, as well as students of all other levels.

1. Top Homework Helper

This site provides students with access to over 3,000 tutors who are available to help solve homework problems across an array of subjects, including: Science, Geometry, Accounting, History, Finance, Physics, Chemistry, College Homework, and more. With tutors that support middle school to college-level courses, the live tutoring and 24/7 customer support provides students with a valuable asset.

2. Khan Academy

Khan Academy is an online, free and non-profit provider of education. Students can choose from an impressive list of subjects that span from all levels, including early math to AP Biology and more. The site even offers help with test prep for the SAT , ACT, MCAT, GMAT and other college-level entrance exams.

3. Study Geek

Oftentimes, it is math that challenges most students. For this reason, Study Geek offers help solely in all levels of math. From Trigonometry to Calculus, Statistics to Algebra and more, this site leverages those who have earned their PhD in Mathematics to assist students. The options to learn include math games, vocabulary, and other lessons.


Similar to Top Homework Helper, provides students with access to tutors. Every session is tailored to your needs as you receive your own personal tutor to help you with school for levels K-12 and college. The tutors are PhD graduates and Ivy League school teachers, professors, doctors, and more.

Chegg Study, also known as Cramster, provides students with homework help through offering solutions for your textbook and homework problems. The site also provides expert Q&A sessions and 30 minutes of free tutoring online. A searchable forum exists with questions that have previously been asked by students, which means that your answers may even be waiting for you when you arrive to the site.

Female student looking at computer screen and biting her pencil

Photo by  JESHOOTS.COM  on  Unsplash

A note of caution.

When seeking help online for homework or writing assignments, you may be tempted to let someone else do the work for you. However, that is considered cheating and/or plagiarism, and it results in serious consequences, such as being expelled.

Even when you feel like you cannot gather the strength to write a paper or complete an assignment, or you are worried you will fail, you must not give up. Instead, you can leverage resources like online tutors, family and friends, mentors, peers , professors, and teacher’s assistants.

It’s always in your own best interest to try to complete your own assignments. After all, that’s why you’re getting an education!

Some Extra Study Tips

Along with homework comes the need to study for exams. Homework acts as supplementary work to reiterate all the material you learn in your classes and prepare you on a consistent basis for an upcoming exam, as well as to retain the information.

Here are a few study tips that are useful for students of all ages and academic levels.

1. Note-Taking 101

Note-taking is more of an art than a science. When you are in class, whether it be online or in person, it’s important to take notes. But you don’t want to write everything down, so be aware of key topics and bold headlines, as well as lists. Take the main idea from each lesson and write it down in your own words.

Another useful tip for note-taking is to use different colors. You can use colors to either highlight or write, and this can be done strategically so that, for example, all dates are in red, all vocabulary words are in blue, etc. It’s an easy way for your mind to recognize and categorize different tidbits of information for better recall.

2. Read Out Loud

There are different types of learners — some are visual, others are auditory, for example. If you find yourself to be an auditory learner, which means you remember best when you hear something, then try reading to yourself out loud.

Another good time to read out loud is when you write a paper or complete homework that is a writing assignment. Oftentimes, our brain can see a typo and skip over it, but when you read it out loud, you are more likely to hear the mistake and be able to make the correction.

3. Time Management

Time management is an essential part of life, especially when you are a student. Be sure to write down homework deadlines and test dates so you can prepare in advance. Another benefit to writing down your deadlines and test dates in a planner is so that you won’t forget them.

When you have your assignments listed, it’s also easier to ask for help and manage your time. If you need help in a specific subject, you can reference one of the resources above and get in contact with a tutor or further study the subject matter before the assignment is due or the test date arrives.

The Bottom Line

Homework is not meant to be scary, and it doesn’t exist to waste your time or stress you out. Instead, it is there to better prepare you to retain course information so you can continue to build on what you already know.

However, it’s normal to need homework help, and while some people may use their family or friends for help, others need more in-depth assistance. Around-the-clock online homework help solutions are there for your every need. A wide variety exists so that no matter what level you are at and what subject you need help with, you will be able to find a subject matter expert that is there for you!

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Technology for Academics

Finding new technology so you don't have to

Technology for Academics

Check these websites for your assignments and tests

Last week, after a student confessed to using a “study guide” site to complete one or more of her homework assignments, I did some Googling. While I think I found what she was using—the words and phrases were changed up—I discovered that another of my students was using the answers in their entirety. That led to more searching. Here are two sites that a few of my students are using.

First, let’s find your college or university. In the top navigation bar, click on “Find Study Resources” and search “by School”—K-12 or higher ed.

For my college, here are the “Popular Departments.”

Under each department are documents and Q&As.

A document is a file uploaded by a student. Clicking on a document gives you a preview of the first part of it. If you want the whole thing, you need to do one of two things. You can pay $119.40/year, $59.85/three months, or $39.95/month. Or you can share your own document.

Students can “Ask Expert Tutors” questions—like homework assignment questions—and the “tutors” will, well, do the student’s homework for them—in as little as 15 minutes. If a student signs up for a year’s membership, they can “ask up to 40 Tutor Questions” per year. The 3-month membership allots 20 questions per quarter. The monthly membership grants 10 questions/month. At 8am Pacific Time on Monday, March 2, 2020, CourseHero reports that I can “get help from our Psychology tutors, 538 are online now!”

Is it cheating?

If a student uses a document or an answer from the site, yes, it is cheating. What if a student uploads a document to the site? The only reason to upload a document is to get a document, so that certainly points in the direction of obtaining unauthorized assistance. Your institution’s student code of conduct may also explicitly state that giving unauthorized assistance to other students is also cheating. The Washington (State) Administrative Code 1231-125-100(1)(a) (part of the rules that govern my college) reads “Cheating includes any attempt to giv e or obtain unauthorized assistance relating to the completion of an academic assignment” (emphasis mine).

If you can’t match a document with a student, you may not know which of your students has uploaded content, although sometimes students make it easy. A couple of my students have used their names in their Course Hero account name. Others left their names on their documents when they uploaded them.

As you would with any instance of cheating, submit a report to the person/office at your institution who handles student conduct code violations.

Copyright violation?

If the document or question a student has asked includes your words, it is a copyright violation. For example, my students have submitted questions I’ve asked on homework assignments or take-home exams—word for word.

On Course Hero’s copyright page , there is a “Submit Takedown Request” button. You can use this to request that documents students have uploaded be removed and that questions that you wrote and that students have asked “tutors” for answers to be removed. In Part 2 of the form, note that you can click the button to “Add another work.” The “Remove Item” button is for deleting the request you just entered. It’s confusing, I know.

When I have submitted these requests to Course Hero, the offending documents/Q&As have been removed with a day or two.

Here, students can ask “experts” for help with homework, they can have Chegg look for plagiarism in a paper, and they’ll solve a student’s math problems (and they’ll show their work)—all for a price.

The cheating my students have done has come from asking “experts” for help with my assignment questions. I have found questions new to my assignments this term posted to Chegg. Finding them is a bit more labor-intensive than it is with Course Hero. At Chegg, you need to paste content from your assignments into the Chegg search box.

Like Course Hero, you will see the question and part of the answer. To see the answer, you need to pay $14,95/month (allowing you to ask 5 questions/month) or $19.95/month (allowing you to ask 20 questions/month).

If a student pastes one of your homework questions, someone else answers it, and the student uses that answer or some version of that answer, yes, it’s cheating.

If the question the student asked on the site was written by you, then Chegg is violating your copyright on those words by using them without your permission.

Chegg, unfortunately, makes it harder to submit takedown requests. At the very bottom of their pages, in the “Legal Policies” column, click on “ Intellectual Property Rights .” This is the pdf they want you to complete . It’s not a fillable pdf, so you will have to open it in a program that will allow you to edit pdfs. There is only space on the form to enter one web address at a time. I recommend filling out all of the information and saving it as a new document. Change the webpage information, and save as a new document. Repeat. Once you have all of the documents complete, “fax it to Chegg at (408) 855-8954, email it to  [email protected] , attn: Copyright Agent – Dana Jewell, or mail it to Copyright Agent, Chegg, Inc. 3990 Freedom Circle, Santa Clara, CA 95054.”

When you find a few students who are cheating, remember that their cheating is not about you. And, just as importantly, most of your students are not cheating.

What “study guide” sites are your students using?

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  11. Check these websites for your assignments and tests

    Last week, after a student confessed to using a “study guide” site to complete one or more of her homework assignments, I did some Googling.

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