Free PDF Business Plan Templates and Samples

By Joe Weller | September 9, 2020

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We’ve gathered the most useful collection of business plan PDF templates and samples, including options for organizations of any size and type.

On this page, you’ll find free PDF templates for a simple business plan , small business plan , startup business plan , and more.

Simple Business Plan PDF Templates

These simple business plan PDF templates are ready to use and customizable to fit the needs of any organization.

Simple Business Plan Template PDF

Simple Business Plan Template

This template contains a traditional business plan layout to help you map out each aspect, from a company overview to sales projections and a marketing strategy. This template includes a table of contents, as well as space for financing details that startups looking for funding may need to provide. 

Download Simple Business Plan Template - PDF

Lean Business Plan Template PDF

Lean Business Plan Template

This scannable business plan template allows you to easily identify the most important elements of your plan. Use this template to outline key details pertaining to your business and industry, product or service offerings, target customer segments (and channels to reach them), and to identify sources of revenue. There is also space to include key performance metrics and a timeline of activities. 

Download Lean Business Plan Template - PDF

Simple 30-60-90 Day Business Plan Template PDF

Simple 30-60-90 Day Business Plan Template

This template is designed to help you develop and implement a 90-day business plan by breaking it down into manageable chunks of time. Use the space provided to detail your main goals and deliverables for each timeframe, and then add the steps necessary to achieve your objectives. Assign task ownership and enter deadlines to ensure your plan stays on track every step of the way.

Download Simple 30-60-90 Day Business Plan Template

PDF | Smartsheet

One-Page Business Plan PDF Templates

The following single page business plan templates are designed to help you download your key ideas on paper, and can be used to create a pitch document to gain buy-in from partners, investors, and stakeholders.

One-Page Business Plan Template PDF

sample of written business proposals pdf free

Use this one-page template to summarize each aspect of your business concept in a clear and concise manner. Define the who, what, why, and how of your idea, and use the space at the bottom to create a SWOT analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats) for your business. 

Download One-Page Business Plan Template

If you’re looking for a specific type of analysis, check out our collection of SWOT templates .

One-Page Lean Business Plan PDF

One Page Lean Business Plan Template

This one-page business plan template employs the Lean management concept, and encourages you to focus on the key assumptions of your business idea. A Lean plan is not stagnant, so update it as goals and objectives change — the visual timeline at the bottom is ideal for detailing milestones. 

Download One-Page Lean Business Plan Template - PDF

One-Page 30-60-90 Day Business Plan Template

One Page 30-60-90 Day Business Plan Template

Use this business plan template to identify main goals and outline the necessary activities to achieve those goals in 30, 60, and 90-day increments. Easily customize this template to fit your needs while you track the status of each task and goal to keep your business plan on target. 

Download One-Page 30-60-90 Day Business Plan Template

For additional single page plans, including an example of a one-page business plan , visit " One-Page Business Plan Templates with a Quick How-To Guide ."

Small Business Plan PDF Templates

These business plan templates are useful for small businesses that want to map out a way to meet organizational objectives, including how to structure, operate, and expand their business.

Simple Small Business Plan Template PDF

Simple Small Business Plan Template

A small business can use this template to outline each critical component of a business plan. There is space to provide details about product or service offerings, target audience, customer reach strategy, competitive advantage, and more. Plus, there is space at the bottom of the document to include a SWOT analysis. Once complete, you can use the template as a basis to build out a more elaborate plan. 

Download Simple Small Business Plan Template

Fill-In-the-Blank Small Business Plan Template PDF

Simple Fill In The Blank Business Plan Template

This fill-in-the-blank template walks you through each section of a business plan. Build upon the fill-in-the-blank content provided in each section to add information about your company, business idea, market analysis, implementation plan, timeline of milestones, and much more.

Download Fill-In-the-Blank Small Business Plan Template - PDF

One-Page Small Business Plan Template PDF

One Page Business Plan For Small Business Template

Use this one-page template to create a scannable business plan that highlights the most essential parts of your organization’s strategy. Provide your business overview and management team details at the top, and then outline the target market, market size, competitive offerings, key objectives and success metrics, financial plan, and more.

Download One-Page Business Plan for Small Business - PDF

Startup Business Plan PDF Templates

Startups can use these business plan templates to check the feasibility of their idea, and articulate their vision to potential investors.

Startup Business Plan Template

Startup Business Plan Template

Use this business plan template to organize and prepare each essential component of your startup plan. Outline key details relevant to your concept and organization, including your mission and vision statement, product or services offered, pricing structure, marketing strategy, financial plan, and more.

‌Download Startup Business Plan Template

Sample 30-60-90 Day Business Plan for Startup

Sample 30-60-90 Day Business Plan for Startup

Startups can use this sample 30-60-90 day plan to establish main goals and deliverables spanning a 90-day period. Customize the sample goals, deliverables, and activities provided on this template according to the needs of your business. Then, assign task owners and set due dates to help ensure your 90-day plan stays on track.

‌Download Sample 30-60-90 Day Business Plan for Startup Template 

For additional resources to create your plan, visit “ Free Startup Business Plan Templates and Examples .”

Nonprofit Business Plan PDF Templates

Use these business plan PDF templates to outline your organization’s mission, your plan to make a positive impact in your community, and the steps you will take to achieve your nonprofit’s goals.

Nonprofit Business Plan Template PDF

Fill-in-the-Blank Nonprofit Business Plan Template

Use this customizable PDF template to develop a plan that details your organization’s purpose, objectives, and strategy. This template features a table of contents, with room to include your nonprofit’s mission and vision, key team and board members, program offerings, a market and industry analysis, promotional plan, financial plan, and more. This template also contains a visual timeline to display historic and future milestones.

Download Nonprofit Business Plan Template - PDF

One-Page Business Plan for Nonprofit Organization PDF 

One Page Business Plan for Nonprofit Organizations Template

This one-page plan serves as a good starting point for established and startup nonprofit organizations to jot down their fundamental goals and objectives. This template contains all the essential aspects of a business plan in a concise and scannable format, including the organizational overview, purpose, promotional plan, key objectives and success metrics, fundraising goals, and more.

Download One-Page Business Plan for Nonprofit Organization Template - PDF

Fill-In-the-Blank Business Plan PDF Templates

Use these fill-in-the-blank templates as a foundation for creating a comprehensive roadmap that aligns your business strategy with your marketing, sales, and financial goals.

Simple Fill-In-the-Blank Business Plan PDF

The fill-in-the-blank template contains all the vital parts of a business plan, with sample content that you can customize to fit your needs. There is room to include an executive summary, business description, market analysis, marketing plan, operations plan, financial statements, and more. 

Download Simple Fill-In-the-Blank Business Plan Template - PDF

Lean Fill-In-the-Blank Business Plan PDF

Fill-in-the-Blank Lean  Business Plan Template

This business plan is designed with a Lean approach that encourages you to clarify and communicate your business idea in a clear and concise manner. This single page fill-in-the-blank template includes space to provide details about your management team, the problem you're solving, the solution, target customers, cost structure, and revenue streams. Use the timeline at the bottom to produce a visual illustration of key milestones. 

Download Fill-In-the-Blank Lean Business Plan Template - PDF

For additional resources, take a look at " Free Fill-In-the-Blank Business Plan Templates ."

Sample Business Plan PDF Templates

These sample business plan PDF templates can help you to develop an organized, thorough, and professional business plan.

Business Plan Sample 

Basic Business Plan Sample

This business plan example demonstrates a plan for a fictional food truck company. The sample includes all of the elements in a traditional business plan, which makes it a useful starting point for developing a plan specific to your business needs.

Download Basic Business Plan Sample - PDF

Sample Business Plan Outline Template

Simple Business Plan Outline Template

Use this sample outline as a starting point for your business plan. Shorten or expand the outline depending on your organization’s needs, and use it to develop a table of contents for your finalized plan.

Download Sample Business Plan Outline Template - PDF

Sample Business Financial Plan Template

Business Financial Plan Template

Use this sample template to develop the financial portion of your business plan. The template provides space to include a financial overview, key assumptions, financial indicators, and business ratios. Complete the break-even analysis and add your financial statements to help prove the viability of your organization’s business plan.

Download Business Financial Plan Template

PDF  | Smartsheet

For more free, downloadable templates for all aspects of your business, check out “ Free Business Templates for Organizations of All Sizes .”

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Blog Business

How to Write Winning Business Proposals: Examples & Free Templates (2023)

By Aditya Sheth , May 25, 2023

how to write a business proposal

The great Mark Cuban once said, “Sales cure all.” If a business doesn’t sell, it doesn’t make money and by extension the business fails. That’s why you need to write business proposals .

A well-written business proposal can often mean the difference between winning or losing a prospective client.

In this in-depth guide to creating business proposals, we show you how to close more deals, make more sales and crush your business goals — all by using easy-to-edit professional business proposal templates .

Here’s what this guide will cover (click to jump ahead):

What is a business proposal.

  • How to write a business proposal step by step

What should you include in a business proposal?

Business proposal format, what are the types of business proposals, more business proposal examples + writing and design tips.

  • FAQs about business proposals

Looking for a shortcut? Watch this quick video for an overview of everything to include in your business proposal:

An effective business proposal is a document used by a B2B or business-facing company (this may not always be the case) where a seller aims to persuade a prospective buyer into buying their goods or services.

A business proposal outlines what your business does and what you can do for your client . It can be general like this business proposal example:

general business proposal template

Or it can be more specific, like this business proposal template which focuses on proposing a project for the Newton Center Rail:

simple business proposal project proposal template

Or this business proposal sample, which presents a plan for a social media strategy and campaign:

social media marketing business proposal template

To design a business proposal that holds the client’s attention, identify their pain points . Then provide your buyer with the right solution to alleviate those frustrations.

Return to Table of Contents

How to write a business proposal step by step

Before you start creating your business proposal template, you need to know what it comprises. At a high level, your effective business proposal should include the following:

  • Table of contents
  • Executive summary
  • The problem statement
  • The proposed solution
  • Qualifications
  • The timeline

Pricing, billing, and legal

  • Terms and conditions
  • The acceptance

Below, you can see business proposal examples that demonstrate how to include these 10 sections.

Business proposal title

A compelling title could mean the difference between someone reading your proposal or ignoring it in favor of a competitor’s. 

What makes a good title page? Here are the essential elements to include: 

  • Your name along with your company’s name
  • The name of the prospect (or their business) 
  • The date you’re submitting the proposal

Gray Business Consulting Proposal Template Cover Page_Venngage

The gray business consulting proposal template above contains all the details a prospect would want to know. The title also offers a strong tangible benefit to the prospective buyer. Honestly, “Who doesn’t want to grow their business?”

Return to business proposal content sections

The table of contents is a fundamental part of every winning business proposal template. It makes your proposal scannable and easy to read.

The people you will be pitching to are usually C-level executives. These are busy people who don’t have time to read your entire proposal in one go.

That’s why most of the business proposal examples in this list include a table of contents.

Adding a table of contents to your document makes it easy for them to go through it at their own pace. They can also skim through parts of the proposal that they deem more important. You can see how this abstract business proposal template uses the table of contents:

Creative Social Media Business Proposal Template Table of Contents

You can also make your business proposal template easier to navigate by adding hyperlinks to the document, particularly in the table of contents. This way your clients can jump to specific sections without having to scroll through the entire document. 

It’s easy to add hyperlinks in the Venngage editor. Select the text you’d like to turn into a link, then click the link icon in the top bar. From there, select the page you want to link to! Then download your completed design as an Interactive PDF .


The executive summary is a staple in all kinds of annual reports , leadership development plan , project plans and even marketing plans . It is a concise summary of the entire contents of your document. In other words, write a business proposal outline that is easy to glance over and that highlights your value proposition.

The goals of your executive summary are:

  • Introduce your company to your buyer
  • Provide an overview of your company goals
  • Showcase your company’s milestones, overall vision and future plans
  • Include any other relevant details

This gray business proposal example has a detailed yet short executive summary including some social proof in the form of clients they’ve worked with:

Gray Business Consulting Proposal Template About Us

Take note of how precise this business proposal example is. You want to keep your executive summary concise and clear from the get-go. This sets the right tone for the rest of your proposal. It also gives your buyer a reason to continue reading your proposal.

Pro Tip: Try to write an executive summary such that, even if your prospective client doesn’t read the entire proposal (with a good executive summary, they most likely will), they should have a clear idea about what your company does and how you can help them.

The point of writing a business proposal is to solve a buyer’s problem. Your goal is to outline the problem statement as clearly as possible. This develops a sense of urgency in your prospect. They will want to find a solution to the problem. And you have that solution.

 A well-defined problem statement does two things: 

  • It shows the prospect you have done your homework instead of sending a generic pitch
  • It creates an opportunity for you to point out a problem your prospect might not be aware they had in the first place. 

Texture Business Proposal Template

This bold business proposal template above clearly outlines the problem at hand and also offers a ray of hope i.e. how you can solve your prospect’s problem. This brings me to… 

The good stuff. In the proposed solution section, you show how you can alleviate your prospective buyer’s pain points. This can fit onto the problem statement section but if you have a comprehensive solution or prefer to elaborate on the details, a separate section is a good idea.

Spare no details regarding the solution you will provide. When you write a business proposal, explain how you plan to deliver the solution. Include an estimated timeline of when they can expect your solution and other relevant details.

For inspiration, look at how this business proposal template quickly and succinctly outlines the project plan, deliverables and metrics :

Sales Plan Proposal Table Template_Venngage

At this point, the prospect you’re pitching your solution to likes what they’re reading. But they may not trust you to deliver on your promises. Why is this?

It’s because they don’t know you. Your job is to convince them that you can fix their problem. This section is important because it acts as social proof. You can highlight what your company does best and how qualified your team is when you write a business proposal for a potential client.

business proposal qualifications section

This free business proposal template showcases the company’s accolades, client testimonials, relevant case studies, and industry awards. You can also include other forms of social proof to establish yourself as a credible business. This makes it that much more likely that they will say yes!

Pro Tip: Attaching in-depth case studies of your work is a great way to build trust with a potential client by showcasing how you’ve solved similar problems for other clients in the past. Our case study examples post can show you how to do just that.

To further demonstrate just how prepared you are, it’s important to outline the next steps you will take should your buyer decide to work with you.

Provide a timeline of how and when you will complete all your deliverables. You can do this by designing a  flow chart . Or add a  roadmap  with deadlines. Pitching a long-term project? A timeline infographic would be a better fit.

If you look at this abstract business proposal template below, even something as simple as a table can do the trick.

Abstract Business Consulting Proposal Template Timeline_Venngage

The timeline is not always set in stone, rather it’s an estimation. The goal is to clarify any questions your potential client might have about how you will deliver for the underlying B2B sales process.

On this page, you can outline your fees, payment schedule, invoice payment terms , as well as legal aspects involved in this deal.

The key to good pricing is to provide your buyer with options. A  pricing comparison table can help with this. You want to give your client some room to work with. Make sure you’re not scaring off your client with a high price, nor undervaluing yourself. 

Breaking up your pricing in stages is another great way to make sure your potential client knows what he’s paying for. Look at how this simple business proposal template does this:

Bold Business Proposal Template Pricing Page_Venngage

The legal aspects can slot right into the terms and conditions section. Alternatively, you can add them to the signature section of the proposal to keep things simple.

Summarize everything you have promised to deliver so far. Include what you expect from your prospective buyer in return.  Add the overall project timeline from start to end, as well as payment methods and payment schedule. This way, both of you will be clear on what is being agreed on.

This step is very important as it outlines all the legal aspects of the deal. That is why the terms and conditions section of your proposal needs to be as clear as possible.

Modern Business Proposal

I recommend consulting a lawyer or your legal team when working on this section of the business proposal. If you’re a business veteran and understand the legalities of your business, you can use the same terms and conditions across all your proposals.

The final step of this whole process. Your client has read your business proposal and they want to buy what you have to offer.

Add a small section at the end of your proposal to get the necessary signatures. This way, you and your client can sign the proposal and the partnership becomes official.

Be sure to also include your contact information in your business proposal template. It acts as a gentle prompt to your client to contact you in case they have any questions.


A business proposal usually aims to answer the following questions: 

  • Who you are and what your company does
  • The problem your buyer is facing
  • The solution your company offers to alleviate the problem
  • How your company will implement this solution effectively
  • An estimate of resources (time, money, etc) required to implement the solution

You can see how this sample business proposal template covers the above points.

business project proposal template

Notice how this proposal template addresses the same project like in one of the previous templates, but uses a completely different design style (more retro, while the previous business proposal template is more modern and minimalistic).

You can remove or add more sections depending on the goal of your business proposal. Essential, your business proposal can follow this format:

  • Pricing, billing and legal

We go into detail on how you can write a business proposal (plus different business proposal templates you can apply the tips to) in the next section . But you can also click on the format items above to learn how you can best write them!

If you aim to create a holistic business proposal, feel free to just edit from the two templates right above. You can also add your brand colors and logo to your design, using My Brand Kit :

Here’s another example of a business proposal template that you can edit:

simple b2c business growth proposal template

Generally, there are three types of business proposals:

1. Formally solicited 

A formally solicited business proposal is made when you respond to an official request to write a business proposal.

In this scenario, you know all the requirements and have more (if not all) information about a prospective buyer. You simply need to write the business proposal for your buyer to evaluate so you can begin the sales process .

2. Informally solicited 

Informally solicited business proposals are written when there isn’t an official request for a proposal. A prospective buyer is interested in your services and asks for a proposal so they can evaluate it.

An informally solicited proposal requires a lot more research from your end. These types of proposals are usually created out of informal conversations. They are not based on official requests which often contain more detail.

3. Unsolicited 

Think of this as a marketing brochure or a cold email . Unsolicited business proposals will often take a generic, one-size-fits-all approach to business proposals. Unsolicited proposals lack any understanding of the buyer or their requirements.

But with additional  market research , personalization and identifying customer pain points , you can propose a customized solution based on your buyer’s needs. This can be a very persuasive approach, such as in this business proposal example:

corporate business proposal example

Now that you know how to write a business proposal, let’s look at how you can optimize your proposal to deliver results!

Below you’ll find some winning business proposal templates and examples to get you started. I’ve also included some design tips to keep in mind when you’re creating your next business proposal: 

1. Know your audience 

If you have some clarity on who your ideal buyer is — their pain points, their budget, deadlines, among other things — you’ve already won half the battle.

If you are a business that helps clients with everything from running giveaways or helping grow their blog , identify which customers to pitch. This is a sure-shot way to close the deal.

Mapping user personas  for your ideal buyer can help bring some clarity. It will also help you position your business proposal correctly. This improves the chance of your buyer moving your business proposal to the “Yes!” pile.

2. Put your brand front and center

If your company follows certain brand guidelines, incorporate them in your business proposal templates. Consider how business proposal examples like the one below highlight brand identity :

content marketing plan business proposal example

From the color palettes to the company logos , everything follows their brand guidelines. The result: a business proposal that’s consistent across the board.

Pro Tip: Switching this template to match your brand assets is actually pretty easy. Venngage’s My Brand Kit feature allows you to import your color palettes, logos as well as font choices. Any Venngage template can now be your template.

You can also consider this sample business proposal template:

Example of a Business Proposal

Design companies sure do know their design. They did a phenomenal job keeping their brand colors consistent while opting for a black design. This unique color scheme also makes their white logo prominent throughout the proposal.

3. Try less text, more visuals

Have you ever read a proposal and thought to yourself, “Wow, this is all text and has no images, I love it!”? Yeah, me neither.

The free business proposal template below is a perfect example of the “less is more” principle. It does a phenomenal job of communicating what it needs to. By substituting some of the text with icons and visuals, you get a clean business proposal that’s much more scannable.

Social Media Plan Proposal Template

Want to keep things strictly professional? Instead of icons, you can always add your team’s headshots. This shows your buyer exactly who they’ll be working with.  

Check out this formal business proposal format for some inspiration:

Red Human Resources Consulting Proposal Template Team

4. Switch up your business proposal designs

It doesn’t hurt to go above and beyond once in a while. Jazz up your business proposal template with some extra colors. This helps make your business proposal more engaging. It also helps your buyers retain information faster.

Simple Business Proposal Example

The business proposal example alternates between black, white and grey backgrounds. It still manages to maintain consistency in its branding . Just switching up your backgrounds once in a while can also bring in some variety to an otherwise standard business proposal.

This SEO business proposal sample proves that it’s possible to switch up the colors in every other page. But it still maintains the same color scheme across the entire proposal just like a professionally designed website : 

SEO Marketing Proposal

Pro Tip: Not a color expert? Our guide on picking colors can help you pick the right color scheme for your proposals.

FAQ about business proposals

What is the purpose of a business proposal.

A business proposal aims to streamline the B2B sales process (which is often complex) between you as a seller and a buyer.

It does this by serving the dual purpose of acting as a source of information. The proposal also acts as a sales pitch aimed at convincing your buyer why they should buy what you have to offer.

What are the best practices for business proposal design?

  • Do a thorough spell-check. The goal of your business proposal is to convince your buyer why you’re the perfect person for the job. A proposal with typos or grammatical errors communicates the opposite. A thorough spell-check before you send your proposal is a must.
  • Keep things clear and readable: Clarity is an important aspect that you have to ensure in your business proposal. If you want your proposal to hit home and make an impact on the buyer, you have to write it in an understandable way. To keep things clear and readable, there are a couple of things that you can do. You can, for one, take care to use easy wording and segmented sentences from the get-go. You can also try paraphrasing the hard parts of your proposal once you are done writing it.
  • Let your brand shine. As discussed before, writing a business proposal is all about knowing your ideal buyer and focusing on their pain points. But that doesn’t mean your business proposal template has to be boring. Demonstrate how different you are compared to other companies. You can do this through your brand guidelines , by using more visuals, switching up your proposal design or showing off your personality in your writing . 
  • Create a business proposal PDF. Downloading your business proposal in PDF format allows you to attach other collaterals with your business proposal. These can include a company explainer video or case studies showcasing the work done with past clients. Also, who doesn’t love saving paper?

How long should your business proposal be? 

The length depends on the scope of the work as well as the complexity of the project. Here is a one-page business proposal template:

one page business proposal template

Can your business proposal template really be one page? Yes, as long as you understand who your buyer is and their pain points. You should also have the ability to communicate everything your ideal buyer needs to know about your business in a succinct manner.

Or if you’re feeling adventurous how about just two pages? Often, clients prefer if you go straight to the point and avoid all the fluff.

For example, this green modern marketing proposal template wastes no time in getting down to brass tacks:

Project Business Proposal

Need more inspiration? Check out this blog on the 5 marketing proposal examples that’ll help elevate your business.

There is no one size fits all approach when it comes to deciding how many pages you should include in your business proposal template. And at the end of the day, “the only rules are the ones you set for yourself”.

At the end of the day, writing winning business proposals that sell is all about you understanding your buyer, their potential pain points and positioning yourself as someone who can alleviate those pain points. 

Now that you know how to write compelling business proposals, what are you waiting for?

Take action and start creating your own business proposals to close more deals and grow your business today!

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Free Business Proposal Template

Free Business Proposal Template

Getting your business off the ground is no small task and might require gathering funding from investors. With Jotform Sign ’s free business proposal template, you can present your new business’s needs, ideas, and benefits to potential investors — making it easier to get their buy-in.

A business proposal template is a tool for entrepreneurs to quickly and effectively create professional business proposals without having to start from scratch. Just create and customize your proposal, then send it to your investors and other stakeholders for their e-signatures.

Need to make changes to your business proposal template? No problem! With Jotform, you can drag and drop elements to personalize your proposal and match your company branding. You can add or remove form fields, create an automated signing order for multiple investors, upload logos and branding, and choose fonts and colors that work best for you. Work smarter with Jotform Sign!

More templates like this

Sign Templates: Free Project Proposal Template

Free Project Proposal Template

Don’t waste time creating multiple project proposals from scratch. With Jotform Sign’s ready-made Project Proposal template, you can generate and customize a professional-looking proposal that includes details such as an overview and description of the project, resources and budget, project goals, expected outcomes, and more. Update the wording however you see fit, then share it with clients via email to seamlessly gather e-signatures from any device.Want to personalize this Free Project Proposal to match your company’s branding with Jotform White Labeling? No problem! Using our powerful online builder, you can add or edit form fields, upload your logo and branding, include images, change fonts and colors, and make other design changes without any coding. Once both you and your client have signed this proposal, you’ll automatically receive a finalized document — ready to share, download, and print for your records.

Sign Templates: Mobile App Development Proposal Template

Mobile App Development Proposal Template

Create a Mobile App Development Proposal Template that works for all occasions with Jotform Sign. With our entirely online signature and feedback collection process, you’ll be able to manage and reference signatures from your team members in one convenient place. Share via email or embed in your online team portal.Customizing this Mobile App Development Proposal Template is simple and efficient with Jotform Sign. Update the terms and conditions, add or remove form fields, change fonts and colors, and make other cosmetic changes with no coding required. Create your app proposal, send it straight to your team, and start collecting signatures and feedback instantly. Collaborate smarter with Jotform. To collect e-signatures on any device, create an e-sign document with Jotform Sign.

Sign Templates: Cleaning Proposal Template

Cleaning Proposal Template

Attract customers to your cleaning services with a professional Cleaning Proposal Template. Simply customize the proposal template to match your services and branding, share your proposal to be filled out and signed on any device, and watch as each completed document is converted into a polished PDF automatically.Drag and drop to make this Cleaning Proposal Template your own — you can upload your logo, add terms and conditions, and change fonts and colors for a personalized touch. You can even set up a custom signing order if your document is being signed by multiple parties! Pair your high-quality cleaning services with a high-quality automated document using Jotform Sign’s Cleaning Proposal Template.

Why is a business proposal important?

A business proposal is a necessary tool for a new or small business to secure investments or partnerships. A business proposal lays out a business’s objectives, resources, and strategy to encourage investors to back it financially.

Business proposals allow you to display the unique value and potential of your business to secure growth capital and partnerships. With the right business proposal, you can rapidly accelerate your business’s growth.

What information should be included in a business proposal?

Your business proposal’s exact content will vary depending on the nature of your business, strategy, and needs. However, there are a few pieces of information every business proposal should include:

  • Individual or group the proposal is prepared for
  • Executive summary
  • Vision and mission statement
  • List of goods or services
  • Business plan and timeline
  • Terms and conditions
  • Pricing and payment details
  • Rights and obligations of each party
  • Signature and date

Once you’ve included these key elements, you can customize your content to fit each individual investor. Using a business proposal template, you can make sure you’re asking for all the necessary information — without the added effort of organizing it yourself.

What are business proposals used for?

Small, new, or emerging businesses use business proposals to secure financial investments for their overall business or for specific initiatives. Proposals include details about the business’s strategy, objectives, and goals — as well as how the investment will be used.

These proposals provide the reason why investors should financially support a small business, including how the investor will benefit from the business’s growth.

What are the important elements of a business proposal?

Although every element of your business proposal is important, there are some factors that are key to success. To secure the interest of your investors, make sure to take extra time and consideration when crafting the following:

  • Your executive summary highlights your business’s story and entices prospects to invest.
  • Your vision and mission statement establishes your priorities, principles, and intended outcomes.
  • A list of goods or services details how you intend for your business to make money for itself and investors. It also provides context for your business’s daily operations.
  • The business plan and timeline offer a look into long-term strategy and potential business phases.
  • Your terms and conditions outline the details of a potential investment in your business, including the expectations for both parties.
  • Pricing and payment details provide investment options at different tiers, as well as how investors will make payments and how you’ll deliver returns.

Thinking through these important elements will not only increase your odds of success, but it will also keep your investors engaged and confident in your capabilities.

Who needs a business proposal template?

A business proposal template is a vital asset for any business seeking investment. While you can write a separate business proposal for every investor, it can demand a significant amount of time and resources.

Depending on your investment needs, you may find yourself approaching a wide range of investors. This means you’ll have to write and send proposal after proposal, adding to the existing work on your plate.

A business proposal template, on the other hand, will save you the hassle of creating and designing proposals over and over again. Simply use a single template as a base, then update it accordingly — sending personalized versions to as many investors as you need.

How do I write a business proposal?

Your business proposal should be unique to your business and capture an investor’s attention quickly. Large investors receive hundreds, if not thousands, of business proposals a year. That means your proposal needs to stand out from the crowd to get their attention and buy-in.

When it’s time to start writing your proposal, keep these tips in mind:

  • Create an engaging title page.
  • Keep language clear and concise.
  • Use a table of contents.
  • Define your problem and solution.
  • Be clear about your “why.”
  • Identify benefits for investors.
  • Provide multiple investment options.
  • Include signature or e-signature form fields to speed up the process.

Writing a business proposal that includes these best practices is easy with Jotform Sign . Just drag and drop your form fields into place to build a custom proposal from scratch. You can also save time and resources when designing and structuring your proposal by using Jotform’s free business proposal template.

How do I customize a business proposal template?

To customize Jotform’s free business proposal template, click on the Use Template button in the top right corner to enter the Sign Builder. In the Sign Builder, you have the freedom to make this template your own. Update the design, add your logo, and customize the body copy to match your business’s exact needs and branding.

Already have a template you prefer? Upload it as a PDF to Jotform Sign, which will automatically detect existing fields. Then, share it with a few clicks through email, a link, or a number of powerful integrations .

These templates are suggested forms only. If you're using a form as a contract, or to gather personal (or personal health) info, or for some other purpose with legal implications, we recommend that you do your homework to ensure you are complying with applicable laws and that you consult an attorney before relying on any particular form.

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Free Proposal Templates

Write a winning proposal in minutes with Jotform’s Proposal PDF Templates. Whether you need a business proposal , bid proposal , or project proposal, these free proposal templates will help guide you in creating an attention-grabbing proposal that contains key information regarding objectives, strategy, and budget. Proposal submissions will automatically be converted into PDFs that are easy to print, pitch, and present.

Personalize your proposal for your company or potential clients using Jotform’s PDF Editor . If you need to start from scratch, you can always get started generating a custom proposal for free! In any case, you’ll be able to modify your proposal template however you’d like, from writing additional form fields to changing fonts and colors. Jotform simplifies the proposal process so you can spend less time drawing up your proposals and more time closing deals.

Sign Templates: Free Business Proposal Template

Seeking new investors or clients? Use Jotform’s free business proposal template here to highlight the potential, ideas, and benefits of your business.

Need to write a project proposal? Get started with one of Jotform’s free project proposal templates here to save time and effort.

Create a proposal to send to your mobile app development team. Works on desktop, tablet, and mobile devices. Drag and drop to customize. No coding knowledge needed.

Use this cleaning proposal template to make a great first impression with potential clients.

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What is a proposal?

A proposal is a formal offer written in response to a specific request or opportunity with a prospective client. As the name suggests, it proposes a unique idea or a solution to a client’s problem. Proposals are evaluated on whether they meet a client’s expectations regarding goals, timelines, deliverables, and budget.

What are the different types of proposals?

From sales proposals to construction proposals to book proposals, proposals are written for all purposes and industries. Some of the most common types of proposals are grant proposals, research proposals, and business proposals. Business proposals are either solicited or unsolicited. A solicited proposal is one that has been requested by a client or written in response to an RFP (request for proposal) . RFPs are sent out by companies and agencies and list specific requirements. Unsolicited proposals initiate the sales process without responding to a request and are generally considered to be more challenging to write.

What should I include in my proposal?

Our free proposal templates already include everything you'll need for your proposal. To learn more about proposals, read our article on items to include in a proposal!

How should I write an effective business proposal?

It takes a lot more than a good idea for a proposal to be successful. Check out our tips on how to write a winning proposal .

What makes a proposal different from an estimate, quote, bid, or business plan?

Unlike estimates, quotes, and bids, proposals include information beyond the specific cost of a project or service. Proposals provide an in-depth explanation of the work being done, with details about scope, deliverables, milestones, and qualifications as well as budget.

While a business plan and business proposal might sound like the same document, one focuses on a company’s internal operations while the other seeks to create a business relationship with another company. A business plan, usually written with the intent of securing funds from an investor, summarizes a company’s overall goals and objectives. On the other hand, a business proposal focuses on a specific project or service for a prospective client.

Can a proposal become a contract?

For a document to be considered a legally binding contract, it must consist of an offer, consideration, and acceptance. A proposal can serve as the foundation for a contract, but it will generally only require a client’s signature, whereas a contract needs signatures from all involved parties.

A signed proposal may become a contract only if it contains signatures from each party and contractual language such as terms and conditions. However, it’s best to keep your contract separate from your proposal in case your client disagrees with your offer and requires a new document outlining the negotiated terms. If you need inspiration for your contract, we recommend our free contract PDF templates.

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Business Proposal Template for Word, PDF

Business Proposal Template for Word

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  • Add a summary of the problem, your proposed solution, pricing info, timeline, a short conclusion, terms & conditions, and optionally, an appendix
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Template Preview

Business Proposal Template

No matter what kind of business you have, you will need to write a proposal at some point. You might respond to a Request for Proposals (RFP) that you saw advertised on an industry website, or you might receive an invitation directly from a client. Either way, it is essential to construct a clear, comprehensive response. You can adapt this template to meet the specific requirements of your potential client.

HubSpot Tip: If your business proposal is particularly long, consider including an Executive Summary that provides the highlights. See HubSpot’s Executive Summary template for more detailed guidance.

Understanding of the Problem

Projects are typically developed around problems that need to be solved. In this section, show the potential client that you understand the history of the problem and the unique requirements that it entails.

Keep your proposal customer-focused. Make the client feel like you understand them better than any of your competitors.

HubSpot Tip: Think of the organization of this section like a funnel. Start with a broad description of the context, then continue to give more specifics about the potential client and their general needs, and finally home in on the particular problem at hand.

Proposed Solution

This section is the heart of your proposal. Present your solution in as much detail as possible, preferably in a step-by-step format that addresses all of the client’s requirements.

To really drive home the point that your offering meets all of the client’s needs, consider providing a “features and benefits” table like the one below. It outlines key parts of your product or service and their specific value to the potential client.

Product/Service Feature

Benefit to the Client

You know the saying “a picture is worth a thousand words”? Well, it rings true in business proposals! Try to provide tables and graphics when possible to break up the narrative and make your points easier to understand and digest. If you work in a field that is suited to it, consider including images and examples of your products or services.

HubSpot Tip: Keep your solution focused on the client. Be specific about how you will meet their unique requirements. Using a proposal template is helpful, but you need to tailor it to every new project.

Pricing Information

While the Proposed Solution section is important for persuading the potential client to choose your company, it is also crucial to provide a well-documented, competitive pricing summary. Make sure you include pricing for everything that you described in the previous section.

Depending on the good or service you are providing, you might be paid on a fixed fee, hourly, or per unit basis. You might want to suggest a one-time payment or a series of installments. If you will be paid in multiple installments, consider detailing this in a Pricing Schedule.

You should also list and explain any assumptions that, if they were to change, would alter the price of your proposal. For example, the number of in-person meetings required, the start and completion dates of the contract, and the number of rounds of revisions allowed.

HubSpot Tip: If your pricing structure is complicated, consider using Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets, or another spreadsheet tool to calculate your final price. You can provide the price in this format or transfer it to your proposal document.

Proposed Schedule

Whether or not your client specified an expected completion date, you will want to propose one. You should offer a detailed schedule of the phases needed to meet the requirements of the proposal. You should also describe the work products, also called deliverables, associated with each phase.

Consider presenting the schedule graphically in a timeline or as a table with activities and dates, as shown below.

Project Activity

Date of Completion

HubSpot Tip: A project schedule is an essential tool for successful project management. By providing a detailed schedule in your proposal, you can show the client that you are committed to completing the project by the deadline.

It is always a good idea to simplify things for the customer. Begin the conclusion by briefly stating why you are the best choice to meet the requirements. Describe the next steps and confirm your availability for future discussions.

Then, rather than make them search for it, provide detailed contact information right at the end of your proposal, so the client can get in touch with you easily.

HubSpot Tip: Consider including a signature page directly in your proposal. This way, the client can sign right away without having to request an additional document.

Terms and Conditions

Include your company’s terms and conditions. The terms and conditions indicate the provisions, requirements, rules, specifications, and standards on which the resulting contract will be based.

HubSpot Tip: Be sure to make any adaptations that are necessary for this specific proposal.

Appendices are a good place to include any information that you think is important, but that the client did not specifically request. Also, it is a good place to insert documents that are too large to include within the document. You can reference the proposal and attach them in the Appendices so that they do not interrupt the flow of the narrative.

HubSpot Tip: Sample items for the Appendices include the bios and/or resumes of the team that would work on the project, photographs of products you will use in the solution, or screenshots of your software solution.

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  • How to write a business proposal


How to write a business proposal in 7 steps.

Create a well-structured proposal to win new clients and business.

Explore Adobe Acrobat

Three coworkers in a modern-looking office go review and discuss a business proposal that has been constructed using Adobe Acrobat.


1. Research and outline the parts of your business proposal

2. Build the title and table of contents

3. Write your executive summary

4. Get into the project details

5. List deliverables, milestones, and budgets

6. Craft the conclusion and appendix

7. Edit and professionally polish your proposal

What is a business proposal?

A business proposal is a written offer of a product or service to a prospective customer. Winning business proposals help secure funding, expand projects, and grow your business.

What should be included in a business proposal?

There are a few key questions that should be answered in your business proposal:

  • Who are you? What does your company do?
  • What problems are your buyers facing?
  • What solution does your company offer to solve the problem?
  • How will your company successfully implement the solution?
  • How much money, time, and other resources do you estimate will be required to implement the solution?

A person researching and outlining a business proposal on a tablet with Adobe Acrobat

Types of business proposals.

Before you can decide how to structure your proposal, it’s important to understand what type of proposal is most appropriate for the situation. While there are different types of proposals in different industries, they usually fall into one of these three categories:

Informally solicited business proposal.

This type of business proposal is for when no official request has been made for a proposal. Informally solicited proposals stem from spontaneous, informal conversations with a client or vendor — unlike official requests that contain much more detail. You might write one if a prospective buyer is interested in your products or services and asks for a business proposal so that they can analyze it. With these types of requests, prospective buyers will not normally ask for competing proposals. This type of proposal will require a decent amount of additional research on your end.

Unsolicited business proposal.

An unsolicited business proposal is for when you wish to approach prospective customers with a proposal, although they didn’t request one, in hopes of securing them as customers. These proposals are more generic and act like a cold email or marketing brochure. This type of business proposal is created without the understanding of the potential customer and their requirements. By conducting market research and identifying customer pain points, you can create a personalized solution based on each individual buyer’s needs.

Formally solicited business proposal.

Formally solicited business proposals are created upon official request for a business proposal to be written. With this type of proposal, you will have most (if not all) the information required to understand a prospective buyer’s needs. All you have to do is write the proposal for the buyer so that they can analyze it and you can start the sales process. Formally solicited proposals are typically written as a response to published requirements from the business that is searching for proposals. These will be created because of a public posting asking for proposals. These clients are likely looking through multiple proposals to try and find the best fit.

Why write a business proposal?

Business proposals are huge for new businesses looking to expand. Whether you’re an established small business or one looking to grow, a business proposal can help you with everything from securing funding to growing an existing project.

A business proposal is a document that helps you:

  • Document realistic plans and projections
  • Attract new clients and new business
  • Bring in investors for funding
  • Outline additional structure for growth
  • Identify strengths and weaknesses of your current business model
  • Showcase new pricing models and other relevant metrics

Sound like something that might be useful? Here’s how you create one.

The introduction page of a business proposal being mocked up on a red tablet

How to write a business proposal.

Business proposals can vary in formatting, but there are some key elements that any business proposal should have. Some of the most essential elements include a title page, table of contents, details on your company’s “why” in the executive summary, a problem or need statement, a proposed solution, qualifications, a timeline, pricing, billing, legal information, clarification of terms and conditions, and the acceptance section where your potential buyer can sign the document.

You will want to make sure you have a comprehensive understanding of the business before composing your proposal. It can be helpful to set up an initial meeting or call to gain insight into what the client wants from your business. If the business has shared an RFP with you, be sure to give it a thorough read-through. After your research is complete, you can create your business proposal. Detailed below are the key elements to begin.

1. Research and outline the parts of your business proposal.

You likely know what you want to do to expand your business already, so you have probably done plenty of research. If you haven’t, it’s important to come into the process well prepared and informed before you outline. Make sure that you have case studies, pertinent data, and compelling examples of how your proposal will lead to benefits for your client before you begin.

Building a business proposal is a highly structured process, which means that an outline is essential. An outline can be as simple as a one- or two-page document, with bullet points breaking key areas down into quick summaries that you can then expand into full sections.

For a basic outline, writing a small section for each step that follows in this guide is a great way to organize and set up your proposal. You can use steps 2–6 here as the framework for your outline. You can even build out the entire document in a PDF editor . You’ll be able to drop pages in and comment to your proposal on the fly.

2. Build the title and table of contents.

The introduction to your business proposal is always the title. Creating a strong, solid title page gives a prospective client an idea of the value proposition, as well as what is going to follow within the proposal. This is the first step in getting eyes on your work. Especially if the proposal is unsolicited, you have to make sure to excite your audience, assuring them that your proposal is going to solve their pain points.

The table of contents summarizes the remainder of the proposal and helps readers reference where different sections start and end, but it can also be a way of providing additional small summaries of each section — it’s up to you. There are many types of proposals — from sales proposals to marketing proposals — and the table of contents can give clues to your audience about what you’re selling and how it benefits them.

3. Write your executive summary.

The executive summary functions as an introduction to your reader. In some ways, it’s like a cover letter — a concise introduction and summary of your proposal. You’ll want to introduce your company (especially if the proposal is unsolicited), give an overview of your business goals and objectives, show off some milestones you’ve already hit, lay out what the future path is, and explain how the proposal you’re writing is the first step of that path.

You’re talking to decision makers and potential customers, so you want to make sure that you’re reeling your audience in as much as possible with snappy writing that outlines what they can expect in the following sections of the proposal.

Pages of a business proposal highlighting a brand studio's portfolio, including a flamingo in pink ice cream

4. Get into the project details.

Problem, solution, qualifications. These three words are the mantra of this section. Your proposal needs to identify the client’s problem and immediately follow up with a proposed solution. Problem statement plus solution equals a happy client who is excited about coming to work with you.

And, during all of this, you must demonstrate your expertise through qualifications. If your company or business is certified and has a track record of success solving this particular problem, showcase it. If you need additional capabilities to achieve what you need, identify that as well. At the end of this section, your target audience should walk away confident you can meet any client’s needs.

5. List deliverables, milestones, and budgets.

After you outline project details, identify specific deliverables this proposal will produce. For instance, if your proposal is to open a new branch of your business in a new region, identify all the steps that will happen in that process, what they’ll cost, and what the timeline is. Striving for accuracy and professionalism in this section is key, as it demonstrates that you’re serious about what you’re trying to do. Coming in with examples of previous successes can also demonstrate proof that your process works.

While a proposal can be a formal document, it doesn’t have to be stodgy. A winning proposal has eye-catching headings, is free of typos, and outlines the time frames, scope of work, and payment schedules that a client can expect if they accept.

6. Craft the conclusion and appendix.

End with a strong call to action that lets the reader know what they should do next. That can be a salesperson’s number or a contact form online to discover more. An appendix that contains reference materials, definitions, methodology, and other relevant items can also be effective.

7. Edit and professionally polish your proposal.

A business proposal is bolstered by two things: solid writing and elegant design. If you are writing a Request for Proposal (RFP), you will want to include the following elements:

  • An introduction to your company and background information on the project
  • The project goals and scope of services needed
  • A deadline for receiving bids
  • A timeline for when you expect to select a winning proposal
  • Which specific elements you would like included in the proposal
  • Any specific challenges you’d like the contractors to solve
  • Your estimated budget range for the project

Whether you’re creating a Request for Proposal (RFP) , a solicited proposal, or a series of case studies, Acrobat Pro gives you the tools to design beautiful and eye-catching proposals — and you don’t even have to start from scratch. There are dozens of free business proposal templates available to start working from, and Acrobat makes it easy to add graphics, images, and creative formatting to your proposal.

Plus, if you’re sharing your proposal digitally, you can easily add graphs, pricing tables, links, and attachments to enhance the overall experience for readers. Your table of contents can be hyperlinked throughout the document, and you can send readers to supplementary documents elsewhere.

Creating a compelling proposal and tidy cover page with Acrobat Pro is only a few more steps away . You can start learning how with helpful guides and tutorials, and soon you’ll have a business proposal that will grow and enhance your business.

Keep exploring

sample of written business proposals pdf free

How to Write a Business Proposal — 2022 Guide and Template

sample of written business proposals pdf free

A business proposal can make or break your chances of securing a new client. Write a great one, and you’ll likely snag their business.

Write a poor one, and you might lose out—even if you’re offering the best service out there. So, how do you write a business proposal? What is the proper format? What do you need to include?

While it all depends on your industry, and whether or not you’re offering a product or service, writing a business proposal is pretty straightforward. We’ll answer all those questions and more throughout the course of this guide. 

What to expect with this business proposal guide

Whether you’re starting fresh or need to look at a specific section, here’s what we’ll be covering in this guide. 

  • What a business proposal is
  • The differences between a business proposal and a business plan
  • The format of a business proposal
  • How long to make your business proposal

How to write a business proposal

You can download a free business proposal template here to start writing up your own proposal as you work through this article. By the end, you’ll be prepared to develop a well-written business proposal that can explain your business clearly and win more clients. Let’s get started.

What is a business proposal ?

A business proposal is a document you’d send to a prospective client, outlining the service you’re offering, and explaining why you’re the best person for the job. 

It’s a pitch by a business or individual to complete a specific job or project, to supply a service, or, in some instances, to be the vendor of a certain product.

What are the different types of business proposals?

A business proposal can be either solicited or unsolicited. With a solicited proposal, the prospective client will put out a request for proposals; with an unsolicited business proposal, you are approaching a client in hopes of attracting their business, even though they did not explicitly request a proposal.  

While both are commonplace, a solicited proposal is an easier sell, as your prospective client has already decided that they want to make a purchase or use a service, and they’re evaluating possible vendors or businesses.

With a solicited proposal, your prospective client might have issued an RFP, or “request for proposal.” This is exactly what it sounds like—they want you to send over a business proposal so they can take a look at it.

New Call-to-action

Differences between a business proposal and a business plan

A business proposal is not the same as a business plan . This is the most common misconception, but while there are areas of overlap (like your executive summary ) the two are different.

That being said, you can certainly pull information from your business plan while writing your business proposal—in fact, that’s a great way to start.

But don’t confuse the two; they are distinct and separate. In short, a business plan represents the cohesive strategy of how your business operates and makes money. A business proposal is an official pitch to clients selling your products or services. 

A business proposal outlines a particular product or service offered by an established business to a prospective client.

You’re trying to sell your prospective client on your product or service, not on your business itself. You’re not after funding, as you are with a business plan, you’re trying to make a sale.

A business proposal is also not an estimate; although you’ll likely touch on costs and pricing in your business proposal, an estimate is much more informal and just a quick look at the costs, not the whole picture.

What goes into a business proposal?

Your business proposal should address the three Ps:

  • Problem statement: What your customer’s current problem is
  • Proposed solution: How your business solves that problem better than other solutions
  • Pricing: How much that solution costs compared to alternatives

If you’re stuck on how to start, maybe try brainstorming first; start with these three points, and you’ll have a rough, bare-bones version of your business proposal.

Once you’ve done that if you’re ready to go more in-depth, here is a step-by-step look at how to format your business proposal.

Your business proposal should start with a title page, which should include your name, the name of your company, the name of the person to whom you’re submitting your proposal, and the date submitted.

Table of contents

Depending on how long your business proposal is, a table of contents is a nice touch. Include it after your title page, and before you launch into any details. If you’re delivering it as a PDF, including anchor links down to each section, so it’s easy to get to specific areas. 

Executive summary

Introduce your proposal with a great executive summary, one that really sells your business and the products or services you provide—it’s about why you’re the right company for the job. You can draw from your business plan’s executive summary here, too.

Statement of problem, issue, or job at hand

Following your executive summary, go on to discuss the problem that the client is currently facing. Think of “problem” or “issue” loosely; after all, their main problem may just be finding the right person to complete their project. But be sure you understand why they want the product or service they’re seeking. If the proposal is for developing a brand new website, make sure you understand what they want to get out of the site—better sales, more content management flexibility. 

This is the place to show your new client that you understand their needs , and fully grasp the issue they are trying to solve. Take this opportunity to restate the issue they are facing in your own words so that they know you understand what they are looking for.

Approach and methodology

This section shows how you plan to tackle your potential client’s problem, and the steps you’ll take to carry out your plan.

This is where you’ll get into the nitty-gritty of how you actually plan to fulfill your client’s needs. While earlier sections might have been a bit surface-level, this section of the business proposal is where you’ll go into detail about what steps you’ll take to solve their problem.

Be careful of going into too much detail, though—keep the jargon to a minimum. Your client should be able to follow along and get a clear sense of your plan, but you don’t want to drown them in minutiae.


Go ahead, brag a little—this is the section of your business proposal where you get to convince your potential client why you are the most qualified person to take on the job.

You can mention any relevant education, industry-specific training, or certifications you have, your past successful projects of a similar nature, years of experience, and so on.

Schedule and benchmarks

Be clear with your potential client: How long will your proposed project take?

Making sure you and your prospective client are on the same page from the outset will help make sure that the relationship stays positive for both of you, and that you don’t set your client up with unrealistic expectations.

While you might be tempted to underestimate how long it will take you to complete the project, don’t. Don’t promise what you can’t deliver!

If you’re offering a product, this section might not be applicable to you, so feel free to omit it. The business proposal format is flexible, so tailor it to suit your business and industry.

Cost, payment, and any legal matters

Here is where you get down to brass tacks and state the cost, and payment schedule if necessary.

How you structure this section will largely depend on the particular project or service you are offering. A section entitled “Fee Summary” may be sufficient if one-time payment is required; otherwise, a “Fee Schedule” list or pricing table might be more appropriate. Always refer back to the client’s RFP whenever possible, to make sure you’re supplying them with all the information they need to help make their decision.

If there are any legal issues to attend to, such as permits or licensing, include this information here. Feel free to add a section entirely devoted to handling the legal side of the project if need be.

This is your final sell—don’t be afraid to detail for your prospective client all they have to gain by choosing you to complete the project.

Impress upon your clients why you are the best choice, and all the ways in which their business will benefit from choosing you and your business as their solution.

How long should a business proposal be?

When it comes to the format of a business proposal, this is the million-dollar question without an answer. Remember in school, when you’d ask your teacher how long an essay should be, and they’d reply, “as long as it takes to answer the question.”

The same applies to your business proposal. It ultimately depends on your industry, the scope of the project, and the client’s specifications in terms of detail and elements included.

Make your pitch stand out with SBA-approved business plans. All the info investors and lenders need to evaluate your business. Get LivePlan.

That being said, the tighter your initial proposal can be and the more directly you can make your point, the easier it will be to pitch it to clients. Start by following the business proposal format above as a guide, and you’ll be well on your way to creating a winning business proposal—and securing new clients.

Editor’s note: This article was originally written in 2018 and updated for 2021.

AvatarBriana Morgaine

Briana Morgaine


Briana is a content and digital marketing specialist, editor, and writer. She enjoys discussing business, marketing, and social media, and is a big fan of the Oxford comma. Bri is a resident of Portland, Oregon, and she can be found, infrequently, on Twitter.

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Legal Templates

Home Business Business Proposal

Business Proposal Template

Use our Business Proposal to secure potential clients, outline value proposition, and convince a company to enter a business relationship with you.

business proposal template

Updated July 18, 2023 Reviewed by Brooke Davis

A business proposal is critical for forming new relationships to grow your business. A well-written proposal can make a difference in winning or losing prospective clients or customers.

When looking for new customers, a business proposal is a formal document that provides essential details of your goals and plans.

What Is a Business Proposal?

Types of business proposals, when to use a business proposal, how to write a business proposal, business proposal sample, frequently asked questions.

A business proposal is a formal document you provide to a prospective client to obtain a business agreement .

They are commonly used by B2B or business-facing companies where the seller attempts to persuade prospective buyers into buying their services or goods.

The proposal aims to gain business , not sell the company itself. Unlike a business plan which seeks potential investors, the proposal seeks new customers.

There are two primary types:

  • Solicited Business Proposal: A solicited proposal is one that the client or potential customer requested. Your company then provides the business proposal it asked for.
  • Unsolicited Business Proposal: You send unsolicited proposals to a customer when they have not explicitly asked for them. Your company is reaching out to attempt to gain new business with your submission.

Customers may seek a proposal with a request for a proposal document. They are coming to you to see if you would be an appropriate vendor in this situation. A solid business proposal can help you answer their request and win business.

Other types of proposals include continuation and renewal business proposals. Both are used to continue working with an existing client to update or extend an agreement’s terms.

You should use a business proposal to grow your business and solicit new customers. You are contacting potential clients to see if you could work together to further your mutual goals.

Whether the proposal was solicited or unsolicited, you want to create a compelling proposition laying out your business’s essential details.

You can write a business proposal by following these steps. It is even easier to do when using a template.

Step 1 – Title Page

The title page should introduce your company’s basic information. It is an introduction to yourself and your business. This should include the following:

  • Business address
  • The date you submitted the proposal
  • Your contact details

Keep the look of the title page professional and reserved in most cases.

business proposal title page

Step 2 – Project Overview

The project overview provides a quick summary of what your company does. It will quickly address why the company is well-suited to engage in business and deliver the client’s desired goods or services.

An effective business proposal provides comprehensive information succinctly. It is not overly wordy, and you do not need to share every piece of information about your business.

Focus on the essential details that will catch the reader’s attention.

Talk about the service/product details and any challenges and how you can address them.

business proposal project details

Be Professional: You contact other businesses. Use language that other business professionals like yourself want to see. Show them you are serious in your presentation.

Step 3 – Executive Summary

The executive summary outlines why you are sending this proposal and why your solution is best for your prospective client.

Be specific in this section. Address the needs of the individual client and be specific. Outline the benefits of your company’s services and products and how they will solve the client’s problems.

You want to show that you bring something unique to the table. Show why this business should pick your proposal instead of the others they have received.

business proposal executive summary

Set Yourself Apart: Use your proposal to clarify that you are a good choice but also the best choice. Specifically, describe why you are different from your competitors.

Step 4 – Project Details

A business proposal should include the necessary details of your proposed project. This helps the client see how you will address their scope of work and meet their unique goals and objectives.

business proposal scope of work

Step 5 – Budget and Financials

Pricing projects is not always fun but essential to a successful business proposal. You must explore your pricing strategy and understand what you will charge for goods or services.

You need to propose a budget and price that is attractive to prospective clients but is appropriate for your bottom line.

This section is adaptable to your business’s needs. The sale of goods or services requires different pricing terms. A customizable business proposal template allows you to create a document that fits your needs.

business proposal financial information

Be Accurate: Include relevant and accurate information. Avoid overselling or promising what you know you cannot perform.

Step 6 – Terms and Conditions

In the final section of your business proposal, you can lay out any additional terms and then finish with the proposing company and proposal receiver signing the document.

business proposal date and sign

You can download a free business plan template in Word or pdf format:

business proposal template

What information should be included in a business proposal?

A well-written business proposal should include important information such as:

  • A title and table of contents
  • An introduction and executive summary
  • Your qualifications and why you will meet the customer’s needs
  • Pricing, billing, and legal information
  • Proposed solutions and description of goods or services

What is the difference between a business plan and a business proposal?

The difference between a business plan and a business proposal is that a business plan is a document meant for new business planning and seeking out investors. A business proposal aims to acquire customers or buyers for your products or services.

What is the purpose of a business proposal?

A business proposal aims to convince a potential client (usually a business) to buy what you offer, whether a product or a service. As your proposal will typically compete with rival companies, you must use yours to show how you differentiate and demonstrate the value you can provide to the potential customer.

How many pages should a business proposal be?

How many pages your business proposal should be depends on how much information you need to communicate to a potential client.

You should always try to be succinct, but you must include all the points the ideal buyer needs to know about your business. The length of the proposal often comes down to the project’s complexity.

You don’t want to overwhelm a potential client with pages and pages of information. Simple projects could be one or two pages long, while complex projects could require much more or even a small marketing plan.

Just keep your information clear and concise and avoid fluff and filler content. A simple business proposal template is an effective way to ensure you don’t under or over-sell yourself.

Related Documents

  • Invoice : Request payment for itemized goods and services
  • Letter of Intent : Use this document to declare your interest in a potential sale.
  • Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) : Outline an agreement between two or more parties in a formal document, communicating mutually accepted terms.
  • One-Page Business Plan : A simplified version of a traditional business plan that outlines the basics of your business.
  • Lease Agreement
  • Power of Attorney
  • Non-Disclosure Agreement
  • Eviction Notice
  • Legal Resources
  • Partner With Us
  • Terms of Use
  • Privacy Policy
  • Do Not Sell My Personal Information

business proposal template

The document above is a sample. Please note that the language you see here may change depending on your answers to the document questionnaire.

Thank you for downloading one of our free legal templates!

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Thanks again, and good luck!

How to Write a Business Proposal [Examples + Template]

Meredith Hart

Published: August 09, 2023

Free Business Proposal Template

sample of written business proposals pdf free

Propose your business as the ideal solution using our Free Business Proposal Templates.

Thank you for downloading the offer.

It's finally happened. You've started a new business, and your customer base is starting to expand. But even though you're making progress, you still feel like you could be doing better.

how to write a business proposal: image shows a person holding a pen and another person typing on a laptop

There's a whole world of untapped potential around you — prospects you know would benefit from your product or service. And the issues you're running into are less about your solution's soundness and more about how you can reach your potential base.

→ Download Now: Free Business Proposal Template

That's where business proposals come in. They can bridge the gap between you and potential clients. A solid proposal can outline your value proposition and persuade a company or organization to do business with you.

Here, we'll take a look at the various kinds of business proposals and go over how to write one. We’ll also see some ideas and examples to help guide yours.

Know exactly what you need? Jump to one of the following sections:

What is a business proposal?

Types of business proposals, how to write a business proposal, business proposal templates, business proposal example, tips for writing a business proposal, business proposal ideas.

A business proposal is a formal document that’s created by a company and given to a prospect to secure a business agreement.

It's a common misconception that business proposals and business plans are the same. The proposal helps you sell your product or service rather than your business itself.

Instead of assisting your search for investors to fund your business, a proposal helps you seek new customers.

Follow Along With HubSpot's Business Proposal Template


Download the Template for Free

There are two types of business proposals: unsolicited and solicited.

  • Unsolicited Business Proposals : With unsolicited business proposals, you approach a potential customer with a proposal, even if they don't request one, to gain their business.
  • Solicited Business Proposals : Solicited business proposals are requested by prospective clients so that they can decide whether to do business with your company.

In a solicited business proposal, the other organization asks for a request for proposal (RFP). When a company needs a problem solved, they invite other businesses to submit a proposal that details how they'd solve it.

sample of written business proposals pdf free

Propose your business as the ideal solution using our Free Business Proposal Templates

  • Problem summary
  • Proposed solution
  • Pricing information
  • Project timeline

You're all set!

Click this link to access this resource at any time.

Fill out the form to get your template.

Whether the proposal is solicited or unsolicited, the steps to create your proposal are similar. Make sure it includes three main points:

  • A statement of the organization's problem
  • Begin with a title page.
  • Explain your why with an executive summary.
  • State the problem or need.
  • Propose a solution.
  • Share your qualifications.
  • Include pricing options.
  • Summarize with a conclusion.

Before writing your business proposal, it's crucial you understand the company. If they've sent you an RFP, make sure you read it carefully, so you know exactly what they want. It can also be helpful to have an initial call or meeting with the new client to ensure you fully understand the problem they're trying to solve and their objectives.

Once you've done your research, it's time to begin writing your business proposal. There's no one-size-fits-all approach to writing a business proposal, but let's take a look at some elements proposals often include. (I designed this example business proposal using Canva .)

1. Begin with a title page.

You have to convey some basic information here. Introduce yourself and your business. Be sure to include:

  • Your company's name
  • The date you submitted the proposal
  • The name of the client or individual you're submitting the proposal to

Your title page should reconcile engagement with professionalism. It's a tone-setter, so you need to make sure yours is sleek, aesthetically appealing, and not too "out there."

Here's an example of what a business proposal template looks like when done right:

How to Write a Business Proposal: Business Proposal Example Title Page

The executive summary details exactly why you're sending the proposal and why your solution is the best for the prospective client.

Specificity is key here. Why are you the best choice for them?

Like a value proposition, your executive summary outlines the benefits of your company's products or services and how they can solve your potential client's problem.

After reading your executive summary, the prospect should offer a clear idea of how you can help them, even if they don't read the entire proposal. Here's what one should look like:

How to Write a Business Proposal: Sample Executive Summary

3. State the problem or need.

This is where you share a summary of the issue impacting the potential client. This is your opportunity to show them you understand their needs and the problem they need help solving.

How to Write a Business Proposal: Example Event Overview

5. Share your qualifications.

You know you're qualified to solve this prospect's problem, but how do they know they can trust you?

Use this section of your business proposal template to communicate why you're best for the job.

How to write a business proposal: share your qualifications

This section should show your authority in your industry. With this in mind, be sure to include:

  • Case studies
  • Client testimonials
  • Relevant awards
  • Industry accreditations

6. Include pricing options.

Pricing is where things can get a bit tricky, as you don't want to under or over-price your product.

How to write a business proposal: Include Pricing Options

The pricing section of your proposal could include:

  • A detailed pricing breakdown, including packages, tiers, and add-ons or optional services
  • How product features and benefits align with pricing choices
  • Pricing for different needs and budgets
  • How your pricing compares with competitors
  • An FAQ section to respond to anticipated objections and explain your pricing strategy

7. Summarize with a conclusion.

After sharing the above information, simplify it all into one final section.

  • First, briefly summarize the proposal. Be sure to share your qualifications and why you’d serve as the best choice.
  • Then, to prompt further conversation, confirm your availability to go over the next steps.
  • At the end of the proposal, the goal is to have the client ready to work with you. So, be sure to offer your contact information for easy follow-up.

In need of some inspiration before you begin writing? Here are example business proposal templates from popular business proposal software companies you can use to help create your proposal.

1. HubSpot's Free Business Plan Templates

HubSpot Business Proposal Template

Download these Templates

We know how crucial a great business proposal is to your and your client’s success. That's why we've compiled 2 Free Business Proposal Templates for you to use and customize for any of your projects.

You'll gain access to a concise, one-page template (pictured above), as well as a longer template for you to refine your plan and proposal.

Download the templates now to get started on building your proposal.

2. Web Design Proposal

Business Proposal Templates: Web Design

Companies, big and small, dedicate resources to establishing a noticeable social media presence. With advertising on social networks projected to reach $82.23 billion dollars in 2025 , it's in your business's best interest to have a plan for growing your client's social media presence.

To help you in that effort, the information in this social media marketing proposal includes an executive summary to help introduce your high-level ideas, an assessment of the client’s company to show your diligence, and a breakdown of billing to show how your company charges for posting, content creation, and analytics.

8. Content Marketing Proposal

Business Proposal Templates: Content Marketing

When pitching your content marketing services to clients, this template can help you organize your ideas. While it walks you through initial objectives and how to communicate your prospected results, one of the most helpful parts of this template is the pricing ideas it gives you when charging for your services.

Business proposal templates are helpful places to get started, but what should your business proposal look like when it's complete? Below, we share an example of a business proposal template that will inspire you.

In the business template example below, Social Portal Consulting (SPC) pitches a marketing proposal to Graphic Bean. At first sight, this proposal appeals to the creative. A nice touch would include designing the layout in your or your client’s brand colors.

Business Proposal Example: Social Media

Besides the design, the social media icons quickly tell the prospect what platforms Social Portal is pitching. Because we see Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest icons, the client instantly knows that this proposal doesn’t include LinkedIn, YouTube, or other platforms.

While maintaining its design, this example outlines Social Portal Consulting’s plans efficiently. It begins by providing insight into Graphic Bean and its goals before elaborating on how SPC can leverage its expertise to help them achieve them.

This business proposal template includes an easy-to-follow timeframe for goals and objectives while keeping the client abreast of how payment will happen across the project.

Overall, this is an excellent example of how to combine the elements of social media marketing into a creative and concise business proposal. Finally, we'll leave you with some business proposal ideas to get you started on your own.

  • Start with an outline.
  • Keep it simple.
  • Stay on brand.
  • Quality control.
  • Include data and visuals.
  • Add social proof.
  • Use a call-to-action.
  • Create a sense of urgency.
  • Make the decision for them.
  • Incorporate video into your proposal.
  • Include up-sell and add-on opportunities.
  • Clarify your terms and conditions.
  • Include a space for signatures to document agreement.
  • Create a table of contents.

1. Start with an outline.

If you want to produce a thoughtful, effective business proposal, you need to have some idea of what you're hoping to achieve with it.

So before you dive into writing, outline the major sections of your business proposal and the pertinent information you want to include. This will help you stay focused and make sure your message stays intact as you write.

Use these free business proposal templates to make sure that your outline includes everything you need.

2. Keep it simple.

There's no definitive blueprint for how long a business proposal has to be. Yours should be however long it takes to convey the information you want to get across.

That said, you're best off focusing on quality over quantity. Keep your sentences short and simple, and avoid including too much business jargon.

You want anyone who picks up your proposal to make sense of it. So, be straightforward and don't get too fancy. Aim for substance over flash.

3. Stay on brand.

Don't be afraid to let your company's personality shine through in your proposal. Stay true to your brand and show the client what sets you apart from your competitors.

4. Quality control.

A quick spelling and grammar check before you hit send isn't enough for a business proposal.

Your proposal needs to be clean and airtight. So, as you draft your proposal, and after checking for the basics, keep scanning this document until it's just right.

Check to make sure your proposal:

  • Meets client needs and expectations
  • Highlights your value proposition
  • Is well-structured and easy to read or skim
  • Complies with legal, ethical, and regulatory requirements
  • Looks professional and engaging

5. Include data and visuals.

You want your business proposal to capture your prospect's attention and help set you apart from any other ones they might have received. One of the best ways to do that is to include hard, quantitative data that helps stress the value of your business.

Use relevant, compelling figures that highlight what you have to offer. This can establish authority and make your proposal more convincing. It also helps to include visuals such as charts and graphs to enhance your proposal.

6. Add social proof.

You can only be so convincing when you're personally talking up how great your business is. Adding social proof lends your proposal another degree of credibility.

Prospects are skeptical. They may not take you at your word. But they'll likely trust peers and fellow customers. That's why including elements like customer quotes and testimonials can go a long way.

7. Use a call-to-action.

Prospects need direction. The best proposal in the world can only take you so far if you don't clearly define the next steps. That's why you have to make sure the reader knows what to do after reading your proposal.

A clear call-to-action is the best way to get there.

Define and highlight exactly what they should do to act on the interest your proposal has generated. Without that guidance, you might leave your reader in limbo.

HubSpot customers : Use this CTA builder to create powerful customized CTAs.

8. Create a sense of urgency.

No one wants to feel as if they missed out on a great opportunity. Without urgency, your prospect might drag their feet and put off making a decision.

So, as you create your business proposal, your goal should be to create a sense of urgency.

When prospective clients read your business proposal they should feel that the best time to sign up for your service is now.

One way you can accomplish this is by stating your short and long-term goals for their business. They'll have to wait for the long-term goals, but you can make the short-term goals so enticing that they'll be ready to begin a collaboration.

9. Make the decision for them.

Craft your copy in a way that seems like saying "no" to the proposal would be stepping over dollars to pick up pennies. Your offer should go above and beyond their expectations. Do everything in your power to remove friction and objections along the way.

10. Incorporate video into your proposal.

If you're creating an online proposal using document file formats like PDF, add multimedia elements. This will enhance the proposal experience, make your document richer, and keep them engaged.

Try adding a video at the beginning as an intro to your proposal. Or, put a video in the project breakdown to verbally discuss some of the more confusing parts.

Extras like this can make an impression. This tip works especially well with prospects who are visual or auditory communicators.

Pro tip : HubSpot Video makes it easy to record and embed video into a website or email for a big proposal boost.

11. Include up-sell and add-on opportunities.

They say you won't receive unless you ask. And readers won't explore the upper tiers of your solutions if you don't give them the opportunity.

So, share some upsells and add-ons about your business that they can act on. Call out a specific pain point and how this extra can add value.

With this step, balance is important. Show them everything your business has to offer without overwhelming your recipient.

12. Clarify your terms and conditions.

Your business proposal should include details on your project timeline and payment schedule. This summary is basically what you and the client agree to if they accept your proposal.

How to write a business proposal: Example Terms and Conditions

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Business proposal sample

summarize in the best of fashion all the finest practices for businesses in their dealings with customers, mostly because they remain focused on the client's solution, giving back to the customer the control over his project."

Sample Business Proposals

Business proposal samples range from short to very long. A simple business proposal example may only be a few pages long while a complex business proposal topics example outline for a government RFP may be 80 pages long. The business proposal format may be very similar across many types of proposals by design while the content of a business project proposal example will vary dramatically. You will see by looking at a wide variety of business proposal sample documents how a similar system and format can be used to create any type of proposal and the topics listed in the samples can be used as guides to get you started faster.

The various Proposal Packs include both sample proposals and the original editable templates used to create the sample proposals. Use them to create your own unique business proposals. In addition to the hundreds of completed samples the Proposal Pack Wizard software includes hundreds of additional ready-made layouts to generate many more documents from lists already used by other companies for their proposals and business documents.

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  • Restaurant Kiosk Automation Sample Proposal
  • Robotics Automation Project Sample Proposal
  • SEO Services Sample Proposal
  • Selling a Web Site and Digital Assets Proposal
  • Small Business Web Site Project Proposal
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  • Web Hosting Business Plan Sample
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  • Janitorial Services Sample Proposal
  • Lawn Care and Landscaping Services Proposal
  • Legal Services Proposal
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  • Manufacturing Process Improvement Sample Proposal
  • Manufacturing and Distribution Sample Proposal
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  • Music DJ Sample Proposal
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  • Occupational Therapy Services Sample Proposal
  • Organic Farming Product Sales Sample Proposal
  • Patent and Invention Licensing Proposal
  • Pest Control Services Sample Proposal
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  • Private Eye Investigation Services Sample Proposal
  • Product Cost Savings Sales Sample Proposal
  • Product Sale Sample Proposal
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  • Real Estate Agency Listings Sample Proposal
  • Security Guard Services Sample Proposal
  • Security Services Proposal
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  • Vending Machine Placement Sample Proposal
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  • Civil Engineering Construction Sample Proposal
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  • DOJ Federal Government Grant Proposal
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  • EPA Federal Government Grant Proposal #2
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  • HHS Federal Government Grant Proposal #2
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Convey Your Best Business Proposals! Draft Them Easily Using PDF Fillable Business Proposal Templates from! Templates for Small Business Plan, International Proposal, Research Proposal, and Even Templates with Design Layouts Are Available Too! Word Customizable Formats Are Available Too! Visit the Website and Find Out More! Subscribe and Download Now for Free!

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A business proposal is a document used to encourage a company to purchase a product or service. It could be about a small business, restaurant, bakery, photography, construction, coffee shop, etc. So if you’re planning to make a business proposal, consider using our templates to get done with it quicker. Our wide variety of Business Proposal Templates in PDF include a lot of layouts to choose from. Several options are available to make sure we have the kind of template that you need. 

Creating a business proposal from scratch is tiresome and time-consuming especially if you are not very familiar with making it in the first place. So to save you from the hassle, don’t hesitate to use our professionally made templates. By using our templates, you will be able to create a professional and organized business proposal in just a few minutes. All our templates are 100% customizable. It contains well-written content with a high-quality layout design. To get you started, simply choose a template from our extensive array of choices. Customize them according to how you want your document to look. You can change the template's font size and styles or alter the borders. What's more? They are printable in all forms of paper and can be downloaded in various formats.

So what are you waiting for? Save a considerable amount of time and effort by using our templates! And if you need other types of proposal templates such as partnership proposal templates , proposal letter templates , or research proposal templates , then feel free to use our templates again!

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11+ business problem solving proposal examples - pdf, word ..., 12+ proposal memo examples & samples - pdf, word, pages ..., 10+ cleaning proposal examples and samples - pdf, word, pages ..., 8+ fundraising proposal examples & samples - word, pdf, pages ..., 10+ concept proposal examples & samples - pdf examples, 10+ business problem solving proposal examples - doc, pdf ..., 19+ investment proposal examples - pdf, word, pages examples, 10+ loan proposal examples - pdf, word examples.


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550+ Business Plan Examples to Launch Your Business

550+ Free Sample Business Plans

Need help writing your business plan? Explore over 550 industry-specific business plan examples for inspiration. Go even further with LivePlan , which harnesses AI-assisted writing features and SBA-approved plan examples to get you funded.

Find your business plan example

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Cleaning, Repairs & Maintenance Business Plans

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Clothing & Fashion Brand Business Plans

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Example business plan format

Before you start exploring our library of business plan examples, it's worth taking the time to understand the traditional business plan format . You'll find that the plans in this library and most investor-approved business plans will include the following sections:

Executive summary

The executive summary is an overview of your business and your plans. It comes first in your plan and is ideally only one to two pages. You should also plan to write this section last after you've written your full business plan.

Your executive summary should include a summary of the problem you are solving, a description of your product or service, an overview of your target market, a brief description of your team, a summary of your financials, and your funding requirements (if you are raising money).

Products & services

The products & services chapter of your business plan is where the real meat of your plan lives. It includes information about the problem that you're solving, your solution, and any traction that proves that it truly meets the need you identified.

This is your chance to explain why you're in business and that people care about what you offer. It needs to go beyond a simple product or service description and get to the heart of why your business works and benefits your customers.

Market analysis

Conducting a market analysis ensures that you fully understand the market that you're entering and who you'll be selling to. This section is where you will showcase all of the information about your potential customers. You'll cover your target market as well as information about the growth of your market and your industry. Focus on outlining why the market you're entering is viable and creating a realistic persona for your ideal customer base.


Part of defining your opportunity is determining what your competitive advantage may be. To do this effectively you need to get to know your competitors just as well as your target customers. Every business will have competition, if you don't then you're either in a very young industry or there's a good reason no one is pursuing this specific venture.

To succeed, you want to be sure you know who your competitors are, how they operate, necessary financial benchmarks, and how you're business will be positioned. Start by identifying who your competitors are or will be during your market research. Then leverage competitive analysis tools like the competitive matrix and positioning map to solidify where your business stands in relation to the competition.

Marketing & sales

The marketing and sales plan section of your business plan details how you plan to reach your target market segments. You'll address how you plan on selling to those target markets, what your pricing plan is, and what types of activities and partnerships you need to make your business a success.

The operations section covers the day-to-day workflows for your business to deliver your product or service. What's included here fully depends on the type of business. Typically you can expect to add details on your business location, sourcing and fulfillment, use of technology, and any partnerships or agreements that are in place.

Milestones & metrics

The milestones section is where you lay out strategic milestones to reach your business goals.

A good milestone clearly lays out the parameters of the task at hand and sets expectations for its execution. You'll want to include a description of the task, a proposed due date, who is responsible, and eventually a budget that's attached. You don't need extensive project planning in this section, just key milestones that you want to hit and when you plan to hit them.

You should also discuss key metrics, which are the numbers you will track to determine your success. Some common data points worth tracking include conversion rates, customer acquisition costs, profit, etc.

Company & team

Use this section to describe your current team and who you need to hire. If you intend to pursue funding, you'll need to highlight the relevant experience of your team members. Basically, this is where you prove that this is the right team to successfully start and grow the business. You will also need to provide a quick overview of your legal structure and history if you're already up and running.

Financial projections

Your financial plan should include a sales and revenue forecast, profit and loss statement, cash flow statement, and a balance sheet. You may not have established financials of any kind at this stage. Not to worry, rather than getting all of the details ironed out, focus on making projections and strategic forecasts for your business. You can always update your financial statements as you begin operations and start bringing in actual accounting data.

Now, if you intend to pitch to investors or submit a loan application, you'll also need a "use of funds" report in this section. This outlines how you intend to leverage any funding for your business and how much you're looking to acquire. Like the rest of your financials, this can always be updated later on.

The appendix isn't a required element of your business plan. However, it is a useful place to add any charts, tables, definitions, legal notes, or other critical information that supports your plan. These are often lengthier or out-of-place information that simply didn't work naturally into the structure of your plan. You'll notice that in these business plan examples, the appendix mainly includes extended financial statements.

Types of business plans explained

While all business plans cover similar categories, the style and function fully depend on how you intend to use your plan. To get the most out of your plan, it's best to find a format that suits your needs. Here are a few common business plan types worth considering.

Traditional business plan

The tried-and-true traditional business plan is a formal document meant to be used for external purposes. Typically this is the type of plan you'll need when applying for funding or pitching to investors. It can also be used when training or hiring employees, working with vendors, or in any other situation where the full details of your business must be understood by another individual.

Business model canvas

The business model canvas is a one-page template designed to demystify the business planning process. It removes the need for a traditional, copy-heavy business plan, in favor of a single-page outline that can help you and outside parties better explore your business idea.

The structure ditches a linear format in favor of a cell-based template. It encourages you to build connections between every element of your business. It's faster to write out and update, and much easier for you, your team, and anyone else to visualize your business operations.

One-page business plan

The true middle ground between the business model canvas and a traditional business plan is the one-page business plan . This format is a simplified version of the traditional plan that focuses on the core aspects of your business.

By starting with a one-page plan , you give yourself a minimal document to build from. You'll typically stick with bullet points and single sentences making it much easier to elaborate or expand sections into a longer-form business plan.

Growth planning

Growth planning is more than a specific type of business plan. It's a methodology. It takes the simplicity and styling of the one-page business plan and turns it into a process for you to continuously plan, forecast, review, and refine based on your performance.

It holds all of the benefits of the single-page plan, including the potential to complete it in as little as 27 minutes . However, it's even easier to convert into a more detailed plan thanks to how heavily it's tied to your financials. The overall goal of growth planning isn't to just produce documents that you use once and shelve. Instead, the growth planning process helps you build a healthier company that thrives in times of growth and remain stable through times of crisis.

It's faster, keeps your plan concise, and ensures that your plan is always up-to-date.

Download a free sample business plan template

Ready to start writing your own plan but aren't sure where to start? Download our free business plan template that's been updated for 2023.

This simple, modern, investor-approved business plan template is designed to make planning easy. It's a proven format that has helped over 1 million businesses write business plans for bank loans, funding pitches, business expansion, and even business sales. It includes additional instructions for how to write each section and is formatted to be SBA-lender approved. All you need to do is fill in the blanks.

How to use an example business plan to help you write your own

Wistia video thumbnail for video id e929pxw2b2

How do you know what elements need to be included in your business plan, especially if you've never written one before? Looking at examples can help you visualize what a full, traditional plan looks like, so you know what you're aiming for before you get started. Here's how to get the most out of a sample business plan.

Choose a business plan example from a similar type of company

You don't need to find an example business plan that's an exact fit for your business. Your business location, target market, and even your particular product or service may not match up exactly with the plans in our gallery. But, you don't need an exact match for it to be helpful. Instead, look for a plan that's related to the type of business you're starting.

For example, if you want to start a vegetarian restaurant, a plan for a steakhouse can be a great match. While the specifics of your actual startup will differ, the elements you'd want to include in your restaurant's business plan are likely to be very similar.

Use a business plan example as a guide

Every startup and small business is unique, so you'll want to avoid copying an example business plan word for word. It just won't be as helpful, since each business is unique. You want your plan to be a useful tool for starting a business —and getting funding if you need it.

One of the key benefits of writing a business plan is simply going through the process. When you sit down to write, you'll naturally think through important pieces, like your startup costs, your target market , and any market analysis or research you'll need to do to be successful.

You'll also look at where you stand among your competition (and everyone has competition), and lay out your goals and the milestones you'll need to meet. Looking at an example business plan's financials section can be helpful because you can see what should be included, but take them with a grain of salt. Don't assume that financial projections for a sample company will fit your own small business.

If you're looking for more resources to help you get started, our business planning guide is a good place to start. You can also download our free business plan template , or get started right away with LivePlan .

Think of business planning as a process, instead of a document

Think about business planning as something you do often , rather than a document you create once and never look at again. If you take the time to write a plan that really fits your own company, it will be a better, more useful tool to grow your business. It should also make it easier to share your vision and strategy so everyone on your team is on the same page.

Adjust your plan regularly to use it as a business management tool

Keep in mind that businesses that use their plan as a management tool to help run their business grow 30 percent faster than those businesses that don't. For that to be true for your company, you'll think of a part of your business planning process as tracking your actual results against your financial forecast on a regular basis.

If things are going well, your plan will help you think about how you can re-invest in your business. If you find that you're not meeting goals, you might need to adjust your budgets or your sales forecast. Either way, tracking your progress compared to your plan can help you adjust quickly when you identify challenges and opportunities—it's one of the most powerful things you can do to grow your business.

Prepare to pitch your business

If you're planning to pitch your business to investors or seek out any funding, you'll need a pitch deck to accompany your business plan. A pitch deck is designed to inform people about your business. You want your pitch deck to be short and easy to follow, so it's best to keep your presentation under 20 slides.

Your pitch deck and pitch presentation are likely some of the first things that an investor will see to learn more about your company. So, you need to be informative and pique their interest. Luckily, just like you can leverage an example business plan template to write your plan, we also have a gallery of over 50 pitch decks for you to reference.

With this gallery, you have the option to view specific industry pitches or get inspired by real-world pitch deck examples. Or for a modern pitch solution that helps you create a business plan and pitch deck side-by-side, you may want to check out LivePlan . It will help you build everything needed for outside investment and to better manage your business.

Get LivePlan in your classroom

Are you an educator looking for real-world business plan examples for your students? With LivePlan, you give your students access to industry-best business plans and help them set goals and track metrics with spreadsheet-free financial forecasts. All of this within a single tool that includes additional instructional resources that work seamlessly alongside your current classroom setup.

With LivePlan, it's not just a classroom project. It's your students planning for their futures. Click here to learn more about business planning for students .

Ready to get started?

Now that you know how to use an example business plan to help you write a plan for your business, it's time to find the right one.

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The business proposals are a type of development plan sent to another person in a written format to get hold of a particular project. There can be two types of proposals- solicited and unsolicited. The business proposals are mainly written by people who want to request something regarding a project or purchase or about a deal in business. They are served in a simple and formal manner by writing the fact, using professional terms and ideas.

Sample Business Proposals

32 sample business proposal letters, sample business proposal template - 14+ documents in pdf ..., sample business proposal cover letter - 7+ documents in pdf, word, restaurant business proposal template.

restaurant business proposal template

  • Google Docs

Sample Cleaning Business Proposal Template

sample cleaning business proposal template

Consulting Business Proposal Template

consulting business proposal template

Product Business Proposal Letter Template

product business proposal letter template

Catering Business Proposal Template

catering business proposal template

Retail Business Proposal Template

retail business proposal template

Medical Business Proposal Template

medical business proposal template

Marketing Business Proposal Template

marketing business proposal template

Sample Business Proposal Cleaning Service Template

sample business proposal cleaning service template

Advertising Business Proposal Template

advertising business proposal template

Photography Business Proposal Template

photography business proposal template

Construction Business Proposal Template

construction business proposal template

Business Proposal White Paper Template

business proposal white paper template

Business Proposal for Startup Company Template

business proposal for startup company template

Travel Business Proposal Template

travel business proposal template

Green Business Proposal Template

green business proposal template

Offer Letter for Business Proposal Template

offer letter for business proposal template

Small Business Proposal Template

small business proposal template

Size: A4, US

Business Analysis Proposal Template

business analysis proposal

Music Business Proposal Template

music business proposal

Small Business Investment Proposal Template

small business investment proposal

Cleaning Business Proposal Template

cleaning business proposal

Business Proposal Template

free business proposal template

  • Apple Pages

New Business Proposal Template

free new business proposal

Real Estate Business Proposal Template

free real estate business proposal

Business Plan Proposal Template

business plan proposal template

Small Business Project Proposal Template

small business proposal template

Business Proposal for Investors Template

business proposal for investors template

Service Business Proposal Template

service business proposal template1

Size: US, A4

One Page Business Proposal Template

one page business proposal template

Sample Business Loan Proposal Letter Template

business loan proposal letter

This kind of loan proposal examples is offered by those who are about to start a business or already have one. A present business plan must be attached to the proposal.

Sample Business Proposal Plan Format

business proposal plan sample

This type of  Sample Business Proposals includes an executive summary about the business, the company’s description, the market analysis , the service or product line and its marketing, the funding request with financial projections.

Sample Business Partnership Proposal Template

business partnership proposal

Size: 113 KB

To make this kind of proposal, one needs to convince the partner with a sample proposal that reflects the positive side of the partnership as well as helps in the expansion of the business.

Usage/ Benefits of Sample Business Proposals

A Proposal Examples  play a crucial role in the proposed business plan which shapes everything one wants. These proposals consist of both a statement and at the same time, its purpose regarding the company’s achievements in the future.

The proposal should reflect the sample plan one has prepared for the project and is looking forward to and also about the profit margins of the business. So when writing a business proposal, one must keep in mind to clearly state the way to which he wants to take the company with its measures in the future with the aimed profit margin.

Restaurant Business Plan Proposal Example

restaurant business plan proposal

Size: 306 KB

Sample Letter of Intent Business Proposal Template

letter of intent business proposal

Size: 42 KB

Printable Business Startup Proposal in PDF

business start up proposal

Size: 251 KB

Target Audience for the Business Proposal Samples

The target audiences for this Free Business Proposals are mainly the business persons who are either aiming to open a business or are into it already. This indicates any business, be it a real estate business or restaurant business proposal or any small business.

In this type of business proposal, one person can offer a proposal to the person on the other side of the company. This process helps both parties to develop and enhance their business analysis . This also includes both the parties to face their partnership in the future within the period of the business.

Sample Business Application Proposal Checklist Template

business proposal checklist

Size: 188 KB

Sample Business Custom Proposal Template

sample business proposal

Size: 569 KB

business proposal sample

Size: 16 KB

Summing Up:

Offering a proposal to another, for the enhancement of the business reflects the former’s values and skills and also helps to show the other, the ways he aims for, to take the business to a higher level. The sample project proposals  make it easier for another person to understand the profits.

These kinds of proposal applications allow one to carry on with the personality and also with the skills. It should be much informative and professional to create an impression. One who offers such proposals needs to be properly trained with its idea of running a business. Check the estimate proposal templates available online for more. The plan should contain the benefits and opportunities which it is aiming to meet.

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General FAQs

1. define a business proposal.

Business proposals are a recording transaction between the client and a business entity. It is an important part of any business as it makes way to get new clients. You can present your company, the clients’ problems and give solutions to them. This might convince them to invest in your firm.

2. What is the importance of using a Business Proposal?

Business proposals are essential for any company analysis , as they show who you are, what you do and how you can benefit the client. It is where an organization aims to convince clients to buy their goods/services. You can identify the client’s problems and give the right solutions for them in detail.

3. What are the details that need to be added in a Business Proposal?

The following details can be mentioned in a business proposal:

  • Executive summary
  • Client’s possible issues and solutons to those issues
  • Timeline, terms, conditions and other legalities
  • The list of products and services provided
  • Budgets and other costs for the project scope
  • Signatures of everyone involved, especially the client and the business organization.

4. What are the advantages of using a Business Proposal?

The advantages of using business proposals are:

  • New approaches to different problems
  • You can identify problems with ease
  • Project benefits for both the client and the business organization
  • It acts as a road map to success
  • Helps offer solutions to the problems faced by customers
  • Enables businesses to sell their products/services effectively.

5. How to create a Business Proposal?

You can create a perfect business proposal with the help of the following steps:

  • Begin with the main title page
  • Add the table of contents
  • Explain the purpose of the proposal with an executive summary
  • State the problems or need
  • Propose a solution
  • Include budget and pricing
  • Clarify all the terms and conditions.

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