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Welcome to Library Research Support

The Library Services Research support team can help you manage your research profile and disseminate your publications and data, enabling you to meet University and funder requirements.

research support library

UK Research and Innovation Block Grant

Learn how to access the UKRI block grant in order to fund APC payments to publish in gold open access journals.

research support library

Article Processing Charges (APCs) and Transitional Agreements

Find out which journals the OU has transitional agreements with and how you can publish at no extra cost to you.

research support library

Sign up for one of our training sessions on a range of topics.

research support library

FAIR Principles

Discover what FAIR means and why it is important for your research project.

research support library

Checklists for new researchers

If you are new to the Open University, these checklists highlight Library advice, information and resources available to you.

New UKRI fund for long-form outputs now open

You may already be aware that UKRI’s open access requirements are being extended to long-form outputs.  If you will be publishing a UKRI-funded monograph, book chapter or edited collection on or...

World Digital Preservation Day 2023 – Open University Legacy Research Papers

To coincide with World Digital Preservation Day on 2nd November 2023, the Open University Library announce a new collection of over 450 Legacy Research Papers on ORO. In partnership with the...

Join the new ‘Open Research Community’ today

  The Library’s Research Support Team have just launched a new Open Research Community on Microsoft Viva Engage (formerly Yammer). We want to create an inclusive, supportive and active...

ORO Annual Infographics 2022/23

ORO OU Infographic We have created infographics from ORO usage data. We have infographics for each faculty and IET, with some commentary on Downloads, Deposits and % Open Access for both the year...

Open Research Online (ORO) and ORCIDs

ORO & ORCIDs Accessible PDF

Library Research Support team

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Research Support

Open research.

Open Research is a broad range of research practices which, when combined, makes research more accessible, transparent, reproducible, and visible. The Library's Research Support Team provides training, advice and support on a range of Open Research topics.

Open Access publishing

Open Access is free, unrestricted online access to research outputs. The Open Access team offers help and advice to University of Bristol researchers who need or want to publish their research by open access methods.

Research data management

Research data management involves the organisation and preservation of research data and is a core area of research integrity. The Research Data Service supports University of Bristol researchers in planning, creating, using and sharing research data.

Get secure local access to sensitive datasets via the University's SafePod, located in the Medical Library.  

Submission of theses to the library

The University of Bristol requires students to submit their thesis electronically. The option is also open to current members of staff who completed their thesis at the University of Bristol.

Copyright enquiries

The Research Support team handles enquiries relating to University of Bristol research. This might relate to journal articles, datasets or code produced by University of Bristol academics or students.

Digital humanities support

The Research Support team has extensive experience of partnering with academics to realise digital humanities projects. Our past work has included 3D digitisation, Virtual Reality design and 360 degree videography.

Researcher metrics

Use citation metrics (bibliometrics) and alternative metrics to benchmark your research performance, find collaborators, and decide where to publish. The Library Research Support team can help you select appropriate metrics, access analysis tools, and interpret metrics data.

Literature & systematic review

The Academic Engagement Team are experts in resources for their subjects and will be able to help you with a comprehensive review of the literature. They can provide advice and support on:

  • Key databases to search
  • Building a search strategy
  • Using advanced search techniques
  • Setting up search alerts
  • Other sources including 'grey literature'
  • Further reading and  systematic review training courses .

The team can also assist with managing search results and provide training and support around reference management software. Please visit their  EndNote  and  Mendeley  support pages for more information.

Contact details for members of the Academic Engagement Team can be found  here .

Head of Research Support

Stephen Gray

Research support general enquiries

Email:  [email protected]

Open Access team

Email: [email protected]

Research Data Service

Email: [email protected]

Email:  [email protected]

Blog: Open Research at Bristol

Research support

See a list of all subjects a-z.

research support library

Find a subject specialist

We have over fifty subject specialists that can help you with your research. Whether you are new to Stanford or a seasoned researcher, we are here to help.

research support library

Guides are created by subject librarians to help you navigate the library.

research support library

We offer hour-long workshops to get you up and running in software essential to research.

research support library

Library data services

We offer comprehensive data support from research conception through publication.

Research support

Subject and research guides.

Researcher tools and how to guides

Quick links

  • Digital Thesis Submission Guidelines
  • Research training
  • Current Macquarie Publish and Read Agreements

Supporting research students and academic staff

The Library provides advice, training, resources and assistance to researchers during their entire research project.

Services include assistance with:

  • Finding information and data
  • Managing information and data
  • Publishing including open access and strategic publishing
  • Measuring impact with research metrics
  • Managing copyright
  • Promoting and communicating with author identifiers and researcher profiles
  • Repository support for depositing and reporting on research outputs
  • HDR study space for quiet study.

Graduate Researcher and research support

  • Use our online resources via MultiSearch .
  • The Library provides subject and research guides to assist you in beginning your research.
  • If we do not have what you are looking for the Library’s interlibrary loan service can help you find research outputs and resources from other Libraries. Contact [email protected] for enquiries and to renew items.
  • Faculty and Clinical Librarians are available for individual advice and assistance.

1. Building your research skills

Not sure where to start? The Library has online subject and research guides to get you started, identifying fundamental disciplinary resources and introducing key researching tools.

Set up an initial research consultation with a Faculty or Clinical Librarian for support with:

  • advanced database searching, including search/subject alerts
  • evaluating sources and literature reviews
  • bibliographic and referencing management , including EndNote and Mendeley
  • evidence-based practice questions and literature support.

Additional workshops, guides and tools

  • Subject and research guides help with researching and referencing.
  • Graduate research development – support includes various workshops for HDR and MRes students.

2. Conducting your research

Set up a research consultation with your Faculty or Clinical Librarian for support with:

  • conducting systematic reviews
  • identifying useful methodologies and tracking citations
  • digital literacies – including when and how to use technology, how to navigate a program or website, how to work out what the technology does and make the best use of technology for your need
  • literature searches for clinical research questions.

Additional information

  • Library collections – Macquarie University is committed to developing and maintaining a shared collection of published materials to support its research.
  • Interlibrary loans – document supply services for items not held by our Library. Physical items are currently not available for interlibrary loans, only digital items.
  • Ordering new material – request new material or additional resources for the Library.
  • Database trials – see what we’re trialling and tell us what you think.
  • Copyright and IP advice and copyright for research .

3. Managing your research data

  • Text and data mining – pattern and trend analysis from data and language.
  • Research data management – a toolkit to assist with research data planning and management. It provides guidance and reference materials and enables researchers to include sound data management practices in their projects from the outset.

4. Research output management and analysis

  • Strategic publishing – choosing outlets for your research, and the publishing cycle.
  • Current Macquarie Publish and Read Agreements – supporting Open Access publishing.
  • ORCID and research identifiers – including Scopus ID, ResearcherID, Google Scholar profiles.
  • Impact and metrics – researcher and research metrics to measure the quantitative and qualitative impact of your research.

Contact the Research and Digital Scholarship  team (email: [email protected]) for support with:

  • Open Access and Pure Research Management System
  • requesting an ISBN
  • requesting a DOI
  • government reporting including ERA
  • legal deposit
  • thesis submissions .

University services

  • Research services

Faculty/Clinical Librarians

Faculty/Clinical Librarians

We support academics and early career researchers (ECRs) as well as all our research students.

Strategic publishing

Strategic publishing

Choosing outlets for your research, and the publishing cycle

Thesis FAQs

How to access Graduate Researcher theses, and how to submit and publish your thesis.

Last updated: 13 Nov 2023


Library Services

  • Open Science & Research Support
  • Open Science

Open Access

Research data management, bibliometrics.

  • UCL Profiles


Open Science & Research Support

Pinned entomology; butterflies

UCL Office for Open Science and Scholarship

The UCL Office for Open Science and Scholarship supports the UCL community in the adoption of Open practices and approaches.

Open Access padlock logo

Open access means making research publications freely available online. It ensures your work reaches the widest possible audience, and can be used and shared easily.

Data protection

Research Data Management covers all of the decisions made during the research lifecycle to handle research data, from the planning stage of your project up to the long-term preservation of your data.

graphics, a notebook and a magnifier

Bibliometrics is concerned with the analysis of research based on citation counts and patterns. The individual measures used are also commonly referred to as bibliometrics, or citation metrics.

multidirectional arrows

Research Integrity

Support for UCL’s commitment to research integrity and probity, including policies, guidelines and training for all involved with research at UCL.

Tools set

Training and Support Resources for Research

UCL Library Services offers many services to researchers. Find how to access resources, get support for undertaking research and how to disseminate and preserve your research.

Additional services

  • Copyright advice
  • @UCLopenscience

Library iFrames Widget Placeholder https://www.ucl.ac.uk/library/forms/indigo-explore-search.php?inBox=y&si...

Useful contacts

  • Find a subject librarian
  • Open Science team
  • Bibliometrics team
  • Open Access team
  • Research Data Management team

Library Research Support

Library research support team.

  • New researchers
  • Literature Searching
  • Access to resources after graduation
  • Reference management
  • Keeping up to date
  • Planning your data
  • Managing your data
  • Sharing your data
  • Remote Research
  • Open Research
  • Choosing where to publish
  • Writing your manuscript
  • ISBNs, ISSNs and DOIs
  • Peer review
  • Starting an open access journal
  • Finished theses
  • Open Access
  • Support materials: help guides and videos
  • Elements publication lists on external staff profiles
  • Metrics in Elements
  • Adding a plain language summary
  • Identity and impact
  • Sharing your research outputs
  • Responsible metrics
  • Library Research Support Homepage This link opens in a new window

The Library Research Support team provides high quality information and advisory services. We support research students, researchers and research active academic staff and other university colleagues and aim to build the University’s strengths in research, innovation and knowledge transfer.

We are here to help you throughout your research project

  • Open Access, publishing for the REF, and Article Processing Charges
  • Research Data Management and Data Management Plans
  • Finding, accessing, and managing information and keeping up to date
  • Disseminating and publishing your work
  • Maximising the reach and visibility of your work and tracking the impact of your work
  • Attributing your work unambiguously to you with an ORCID iD
  • Co-curating the University’s Special Collection

We support you with workshops and bespoke sessions, for example as part of the SHaRD and Doctoral School programs. And of course we welcome your individual queries.

Do you have an enquiry? Do you want to comment on how our team can support your research needs? Would you like us to run a session at your staff meeting or for your students?

  • Email:  [email protected]
  • Call: (0114) 225 3852
  • Next: New researchers >>
  • Last Updated: Nov 23, 2023 5:10 PM
  • URL: https://libguides.shu.ac.uk/researchsupport

Contact us / Live chat [email protected] +44 (0)114 225 2222

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research support library

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  • Graduate Information Literacy

research support library

How can we help you today?

The Library offers a huge range of services and supports for research . This Research Support guide is designed to make UCC researchers aware of research-focussed services and resources available through the UCC Library.

research support library

  • Next: Research Resource Discovery >>
  • Last Updated: Oct 24, 2023 12:22 AM
  • URL: https://libguides.ucc.ie/researchsupport

research support library

UCC Library University College Cork Cork Ireland T12 ND89 +353 (21) 490-2292 [email protected]

  • Subject Guides
  • Assignment Essentials
  • Library Tutorials
  • Special Collections
  • Archives Service
  • Inter Library Loan
  • Open Access at UCC
  • 3D Printing Service
  • Ordering Books
  • Opening Hours

UCC Library At the Heart of UCC

Library Guides

Researcher Support Library Services: Home

  • Library Resources for Research - Effective Literature Searching & Reference Management
  • Open Scholarship & Impact
  • Research Data Management & Data Management Plans This link opens in a new window
University of Plymouth Library Services for PhD students, postdoctoral and academic and research staff:  Finding, managing, publishing and assessing information in an Open Research world.

Library Resources guidance

Quick Links

Ref: act on acceptance (elements), ukri apc payment request form  , pgr thesis deposit to pearl, orcid set up advice, copyright advice for researchers, help, support & training programme, help & support.

The Library provides a broad range of support from 1:1 meetings on your search strategy via your subject's Information Specialist or how to maximise the visibility of your publications using ORCiD; Elements and other tools via our Open Research Specialist drop ins.  We also run regular training sessions with a programme aimed at PGRs and other sessions tailored to researchers or group leads.  Our library researcher support training covers Open Research, Open Data and Responsible Metrics.   

  • Find out more:  Library Researcher Training programme & 1:1 support

research support library

For more information about the Library, its opening hours, study spaces and facilities, please visit the Charles Seale-Hayne Library website:   http://plymouth.ac.uk/library  

  • Next: Library Resources for Research - Effective Literature Searching & Reference Management >>
  • Last Updated: Nov 22, 2023 11:56 AM
  • URL: https://plymouth.libguides.com/research

UW-Madison Libraries

Available 2–10 p.m.

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Language website search.

Find information on spaces, staff, and services.

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book Catalog Search

Search the physical and online collections at UW-Madison, UW System libraries, and the Wisconsin Historical Society.

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research support library

Research Support

Planning your research project.

Identify funding opportunities, and get help preparing your proposal or project

  • Data Management Plans
  • Evidence Synthesis & Systematic Reviews
  • Grants & Scholarship Research Guides

Finding & Evaluating Information

Locate and evaluate scholarly literature, datasets, and other specialized resources

  • Data Services
  • Patent & Trademark Services

Collecting, Organizing, & Analyzing Information

Efficiently conduct research and manage your documents and data

  • Citation Managers
  • Electronic Laboratory Notebooks

Publishing & Sharing Your Research

Get help from experts on grant compliance, scholarly publishing, open access, and scholarly repositories

  • Grant Compliance & Public Access

Curating & Preserving Your Research Outputs

Discover how to best store and archive research data and publications

  • Digital Collections Proposal
  • Research Data Services

Measuring & Maximizing Impact

Explore library services that can help you build your digital identity and assess the impact of your research. Learn about citation metrics, researcher profiles, and the traceable ways your scholarly output can have an impact within and beyond academia.

CUL - Main Content

Research support.

Helping a Patron at the East Asian Library

Columbia University Libraries offers many ways to support your research, from consultations with subject-specialist librarians, course-related instruction and workshops, and citation management software and expertise to research guides, online tutorials, and the vast collections and resources we provide for your use.

We welcome your ideas for other ways that we can support your research efforts. Please send any suggestions you have to the subject specialist in your area. 

Discover more about library services for Faculty and for Graduate Students , and  Undergraduates .

Getting Help with Your Research

Ask a Librarian

Librarian Subject Specialists

Accessing the Libraries

Using the Libraries

Directions to Columbia

Faculty Borrowing Privileges

Graduate Student Borrowing Privileges

Undergraduate Student Borrowing Privileges

Deputy Borrower Applications for Officers

Copyright & Fair Use

Copyright Advisory Services

Scholarship & Publishing Support

Digital Scholarship

Scholarly Communication & Publishing

Research Data Services

Online Guides and Resources

Research & Topic Guides


Reference & Citation Management

Evaluating Online Sources

Columbia Library Policies

Confidentiality of Library Records and Personally Identifiable Information Policies

Borrow, Request, Renew

Columbia University Libraries Copyright


  1. King's College London

    research support library

  2. Media Konsultasi Skripsi FKIP Bahasa Inggris: Guide Questions to Library Research

    research support library

  3. OU Library Research Support webinar: Data sharing

    research support library

  4. Literature support services for researchers

    research support library

  5. Research Support

    research support library

  6. 2002-2012: Research support and espace, Curtin's institutional repository

    research support library


  1. Research Tips Using Regent's Online Library Workshop

  2. Our Library Research Support Services!

  3. Users and Information Use In Academic Libraries

  4. Library Tools to Enhance Your Literature Review (Muntz Library & ORSSP)

  5. Structure of the library's website



  1. The Impact of JSTOR on Academic Libraries and Research Institutions

    JSTOR, short for “Journal Storage,” is an online digital library that provides access to a vast collection of scholarly journals, books, and primary sources. One of the most significant impacts of JSTOR is its role in expanding access to sc...

  2. How to Use an Online Library Catalog

    Finding books at your local library is a helpful way to connect with the resources that you need for research or pleasure. Although sometimes it can be challenging to sort out which resources you need. Read on to learn how an online library...

  3. The Benefits of Using Online Databases for Research and Analysis

    In today’s digital age, online databases have revolutionized the way we conduct research and analysis. Gone are the days of spending hours in libraries, flipping through endless pages of books and journals.

  4. Library Research Support

    Welcome to Library Research Support. The Library Services Research support team can help you manage your research profile and disseminate your publications and

  5. Research support

    The Research Support team handles enquiries relating to University of Bristol research. This might relate to journal articles, datasets or code produced by

  6. Research support

    Find a subject specialist. We have over fifty subject specialists that can help you with your research. Whether you are new to Stanford or a seasoned researcher

  7. Research support

    The Library supports all research students and staff, providing resources to guide you through the research cycle and enhance your work. Learn more.

  8. Open Science & Research Support

    Open Science & Research Support. Library teams provide a number of services and resources to assist UCL students and staff with your research projects.

  9. Library Research Support

    Library Research Support Team. The Library Research Support team provides high quality information and advisory services. We support research

  10. Research Support: Home

    Research Support: Home. The Library offers a huge range of services and supports for research . This Research Support guide is designed to make

  11. Researcher Support Library Services: Home

    Researcher Support Library Services: Home ... University of Plymouth Library Services for PhD students, postdoctoral and academic and research


    Welcome! Guided by the University's pursuit of research excellence and relevance, the Library and Information Service provides services to support researchers

  13. Research Support

    Research Support · Planning Your Research Project · Finding & Evaluating Information · Collecting, Organizing, & Analyzing Information · Publishing & Sharing

  14. Research Support

    We welcome your ideas for other ways that we can support your research efforts. Please send any suggestions you have to the subject specialist in your area.