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The importance of knowing and applying the standards in scientific research at University is of a great value, because it first avoids plagiarism and secondly shows originality. In this paper we will represent the scientific research standards as one of the principal criteria for student " s evaluation. Scientific research as an original presentation of a course task or dissertations at university requires being effectively based on standards, which show the quality of the written work. So a variety of exercises that provide serious practice in both learning and writing process and developing a final written paper can affect the quality of a written paper. An important feature is the reference on which a researcher is relied on. This reference must be used effectively into the body of the writing, as to fit with the whole idea of the writing. If writing is considered a repeated process with progressive and regressive phases, in this way must be conceptualized the first difficulties faced by the new researcher (our student). So the approaches and methods used in doing a scientific research, the application of its standards lead to a great evaluation. Scientific research is a systematic process that focuses on being objective and in gathering information for analysis so that the researcher can come to a conclusion. The scientific research standards as one of the principal criteria for student " s evaluation is of a great value. Its importance starts by the first steps of the research, so by choosing a topic, exploring in the proper research field, reading as much from the same topic, then writing about the topic with an original idea. Knowing and applying scientific research standards at University is useful and a necessity. " The first advice that can be given to learn how to write, is to read as much as we can in the field we want to search, especially from the well known writers of that field. Reading helps " to absorb " without understanding the technique of writing, the structure of such writings and the progress of their process. " (Memushaj, 2005)

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This paper is written for young, emerging researchers so that they consider some of the foundational points of becoming a data analysis. It is a conversation start, a primer of sorts, and a conversation about the process of becoming engaged in regular data use.

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Katie Devine

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Rahat Sabah

Background: Research process and data analysis has been studied widely in academic and business surrounding since its starting point but the most students do not care about the book learning of concept, need and direction of the research. To move the new area of exploration in every fields of life, the student need to acquire/develop awareness about recognition, description and solutions of the problems regarding decision making process. The aim of this study is to review the process of research and steps involved in data analysis. This study teaches how to select a research design, how to make conceptual framework, and how to plan analysis of data .This study guides to understand the evaluation of assumption of research, assess the fitness of model and interpretation of variables. This study provides proper knowledge about research plans and statistical software's such as AMOS, SPSS and EViews, which help the student and researchers to integrate the methods in all area of research process so that, they could successfully complete their research projects and articles. Purpose of the Research: The purpose of this study is to provide the familiarity and necessary skills for the students and researchers in completing their research project and decision making process .The main objective of this study is to put emphasis on the need of learning research process for the student of developing nations and help the students, managers, researchers and, policy makers to learn how to conduct research and prepare reports or present suggestions to solve the problems and improve the performance of their related filed. Design/Methodology/Approach: This is a literature based review study and articles and case studies have been reviewed for this study. Finding: This study gives emphasize the need of learning the process of research. A good student always think about all the problems present in him/her Society and look into all alternates than try to give best solution of these problems. This study give emphasizes to follow the research ethics though out our research work and help the students and researchers about how to explain the problem, how to define the purposes of the research, how to identify the variables and relate them with the objectives of the results as well as it teach how to collect and analyze the data to produce valuable suggestions from the results of your research work. Implications/Originality/Value: It is concluded that without learning an appropriate research mythology and data analysis, a student could not write a research project successfully and a manger may damage the performance of his/her organization by taking wrong decision. So this study motivate the reader to conduct research before decision making process, .it stress that

C'est Moi


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IJOAEM Editor , Rehna Sultana , Tasher Ali Sheikh

Michael Evans

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Sadman Sakib

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