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Practical Research 2 (Quantitative Research for Senior High School Students)

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This Self-Instructional Module (SIM) in Practical Research 2 (Quantitative Research) is specially designed for the senior high school students and teachers. The explanation and examples in this SIM are based from the personal experiences of the authors in actual conduct of both basic and action researches. There is a YOUTUBE Channel of the major author (Samsudin Noh Abdullah) for the detailed video lessons anchored on this module.

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For Students, Scholars, Researchers, Investigators, Trainees and Scientists. “If I have seen a little further it is by standing on the shoulders of Giants.” Isaac Newton. This book on research is an attempt to try to answer the basic fundamental questions that come to the minds of young students, researchers, scholars, investigators, trainees or scientists. It is an outcome of collaboration between 43 researchers from 11 different countries (Pakistan, India, United States, Iran, United Kingdom, Nepal, Canada, Greece, Poland, Japan and Australia). Although there is a lot of literature available to answer the queries that come to the mind of a young investigator, the language is often too complex and difficult to understand and thus, aversive. Some of these teaching materials sound more like experts talking to each other. This book would act as a catalyst in providing useful reviews and guidance related to different aspects of research for students who need to be inducted and recogniz...

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The most common flaw of most research text is that they tend to assume too much basic knowledge on the part of their readers, who as a result, are soon lost in the complexity of the subject and statistics often combined in most texts. Albert Einsten once commented that a scientific subject should be kept as simple as possible – but no simpler. I believe, however, that it should be possible to introduce the subject to students in a very simple fashion and to develop it in such a way that the reader is led to the heart of the subject while confusion is kept to a minimum. In this text, I have tried to keep the narrow path between maximum simplification and scientific accuracy to make every student/researcher have independent capabilities to start and finish a research project. The text treated research from three broad sections as: section A; concepts of Research – which covers meaning, characteristics and types of research. Section B; Research Process – which covers, Problem Identification, Development of Objective/Hypotheses, Extensive Literature Review, Research Design, Methods of Data Collection, Method of Data Analysis and Generalization. Section C; comprised of the Outline of Research Project and Technical Report Writing. The aim of this text is to give a strategic guide to every researcher, such that a student can independently use this text to accurately start and finish a research project at any level of academics where project writing is a pre – requisite to the completion of the program.

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This book is the outcome of more than four decades of experience of the author in teaching and research field. Research is a creative process and the topic of research methodology is complex and varied. The basic premise for writing this book is that research methods can be taught and learnt. The emphasis is on developing a research outlook and a frame of mind for carrying out research. The book presents current methodological techniques used in interdisciplinary research along with illustrated and worked out examples. This book is well equipped with fundamentals of research and research designs. All efforts have been made to present Research, its meaning, intention and usefulness. Focussed in designing of research programme, selection of variables, collection of data and their analysis to interpret the data are discussed extensively. Statistical tools are complemented with examples, making the complicated subject like statistics simplest usable form. The importance of software, like MS Excel, SPSS, for statistical analyses is included. Written in a simple language, it covers all aspects of management of data with details of statistical tools required for analysis in a research work. Complete with a glossary of key terms and guides to further reading, this book is an essential text for anyone coming to research for the first time and is widely relevant across the disciplines of sciences. This book is designed to introduce Masters, and doctoral students to the process of conducting scientific research in the life sciences, social sciences, education, public health, and related scientific disciplines. It conforms to the core syllabus of many universities and institutes. The target audience for this book includes those are going to start research as graduate students, junior researchers, and professors teaching courses on research methods. The book entitled “A guide to Research Methodology for Beginners” is succinct and compact by design focusing only on essential concepts rather than burden students with a voluminous text on top of their assigned readings. The book is structured into the following nine chapters. Chapter-1: What is Scientific Research? Chapter-2: Literature Review Chapter-3: How to develop a Research Questions & Hypotheses Chapter-4: Research Methods and the Research Design Chapter-5: Concept of Variables, Levels and Scales of Measurements for Data collection Chapter-6: Data Analysis, Management and Presentation Chapter-7: Tips for Writing Research Report Chapter-8: Glossary Related to Research Methodology Chapter-9: References It is a comprehensive and compact source for basic concepts in research and can serve as a stand-alone text or as a supplement to research readings in any doctoral seminar or research methods class. The target audience for this book includes those are going to start research as graduate students, junior researchers, and professors teaching courses on research methods.

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Dwi A S T U T I W A H Y U Nurhayati

Research is an activity of researching or testing something to solve a problem or find something new. Research is a form of data collection activity obtained through field research, then used to answer problems. Can be used as a solution in solving problems. Research is also conducted to discover new knowledge. The research includes scientific work based on systematic data analysis. Research is useful for developing knowledge in a particular field. In addition, research is a form of problemsolving. Through research, can develop science. This book is not a complete edition to cover all research. There are many flaws in this book. Therefore, criticism and suggestions will be gladly accepted.

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It provides any reader procedures in making research questions that are cursorily discussed in graduate school, especially during thesis writing. The author hopes that this module will facilitate students' fluid making of research questions which form part of the essentials in writing the entire research output.


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The Quantitative Methods for Psychology

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Notion Press; 1 edition (9 June 2020)


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A Quantitative Analysis of Different Learning Strategies for Senior High School Students in the "New Normal"

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