Learn the basics of getting your business online.

Learn how to get your new business online.

To build a foundation for your new business, your first step is to establish an online presence. We’ve compiled a step-by-step guide to help you get your new business strategy up and running.

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Build your online presence

Create a website for your business.

To help you get discovered online and showcase your business, you may want to create a website with a unique web address. (Don’t worry, there are website builders for all skill levels.) If you're starting a local business, drive traffic by adding your website address to your Business Profile on Google .

  • Select and buy a website name from Google Domains
  • Choose a website builder that matches your skill level
  • Learn how to create a search-friendly website
  • Add your website to your Business Profile

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Engage customers through social media

Social media can help round out your online presence, let customers learn more about your business, and engage with them directly. We recommend learning the basics to choose which platforms are best for you, then making a social media plan.

  • Learn the basics of social media
  • Take the next step with a social media plan

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Showcase your business with video

Video can showcase your business in a more personal way, and connect with people who are interested in what you have to offer. Get your business on YouTube to share your story, show product tutorials, run live workshops, and answer questions. You can also hold video meetings on the go, virtual training classes, remote interviews, and more with Google Meet .

  • Creating a YouTube channel
  • Going live with YouTube
  • Get started with a Google Meet cheat sheet

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Special offers to help keep your business top of mind

We’ve teamed up with our friends at HootSuite, HubSpot, and Constant Contact to help you stay in contact with your audience. View offers

Start an online store

Build your online shop

An ecommerce store is a great way to sell your products and services, and accept payment securely. Discover how to get started and create a smooth shopping experience for your customers.

  • Make the leap to ecommerce (with our friends from Shopify)
  • Improve your ecommerce experience with Grow My Store

See how to market and ship products

To start selling your products online, there are a few new things to consider. You’ll have to decide how to price online, plan out how to deliver your products, and think about how to best showcase them. These guides can help.

  • See how great photos can help showcase your products (from our friends at Shopify)
  • Start fulfilling and shipping orders

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Special offers to help set up your online store

We’ve teamed up with our friends at Shopify, Lightspeed, and BigCommerce to easily get your store from offline to online. View offers

Reach more customers

Grow your business with ads.

Online advertising is an effective way to reach more customers. With Google Ads , you can get your business to appear at the exact moment people are searching for what you offer.

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personal trainer near me

Ad www.example-business.com

Personal Training with Kenny W | Book An Online Session Today

Book virtual personal training sessions and get motivated to stay fit at home.

  • Get started with Smart campaigns in Google Ads
  • How Smart campaigns work
  • Improve your Smart campaigns performance
  • Managing your Smart campaigns through COVID‑19

Learn and grow from insights

Helpful data from Google Analytics can tell you how your customers are interacting with your website and ad campaigns. Once you gather new insights, you can make smarter decisions on where to focus your efforts and then make adjustments.

Active Users right now

Page views per minute

Active Users

  • Monthly 2.1k
  • Introduction to Google Analytics
  • Track your Smart campaigns performance
  • Learn more at Google Analytics Academy

Keep learning with digital skills training

The resources above can help get you started with your new business. To continue learning, we invite you to dive into our other valuable online resources.

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Grow with Google OnAir

Grow your digital skills no matter where you’re located through virtual workshops and events

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Master the Google tools you use at work with self-paced courses and certifications

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Applied Digital Skills

Learn everyday digital skills using free video-based lessons

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Watch short videos to help you get tasks done and make the most of Google tools

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Google Career Certificates

Earn a Google Career Certificate to prepare for a job in a high-growth field like Data Analytics, UX Design, and more.

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Introductory digital skills courses

Get started with a range of digital skills, with entry level courses in everything from online marketing to coding.

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Cloud computing fundamentals

From intro to advanced-level learning, find out more about cloud computing principles and career paths.

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Your Digital Essentials Guide

Get an introduction to the products, tools and tips that can help you build an online presence for your small business.

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Google Business Profile

Manage how your business shows up on Google Search and Maps to help new customers find you more easily.

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Market Finder

Identify new potential markets and start selling to customers at home and around the world.

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Grow My Store

Boost your business with a quick and easy evaluation of your retail website.

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Meet people all over Europe who are using technology to adapt and grow their business or career.

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Grow with Google is a programme that helps people to grow their careers or businesses by learning new skills and making the most of digital tools. We partner with governments and local organisations to develop digital skills and tools where they are needed most.

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Available on App Store

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Discover how many times customers find your business on Google, and trends over time.

See the number of clicks, driving direction requests and website visits you receive.

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Inside Google’s Plan to Stop Apple From Getting Serious About Search

Google has worried for years that Apple would one day expand its internet search technology, and has been working on ways to prevent that from happening.

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Nico Grant

By Nico Grant

Nico Grant reports on Google and its related companies from San Francisco.

  • Oct. 26, 2023

For years, Google watched with increasing concern as Apple improved its search technology, not knowing whether its longtime partner and sometimes competitor would eventually build its own search engine.

Those fears ratcheted up in 2021, when Google paid Apple around $18 billion to keep Google’s search engine the default selection on iPhones, according to two people with knowledge of the partnership, who were not authorized to discuss it publicly. The same year, Apple’s iPhone search tool, Spotlight, began showing users richer web results like those they could have found on Google.

Google quietly planned to put a lid on Apple’s search ambitions. The company looked for ways to undercut Spotlight by producing its own version for iPhones and to persuade more iPhone users to use Google’s Chrome web browser instead of Apple’s Safari browser, according to internal Google documents reviewed by The New York Times. At the same time, Google studied how to pry open Apple’s control of the iPhone by leveraging a new European law intended to help small companies compete with Big Tech.

Google’s anti-Apple plan illustrated the importance that its executives placed on maintaining dominance in the search business. It also provides insight into the company’s complex relationship with Apple, a competitor in consumer gadgets and software that has been an instrumental partner in Google’s mobile ads business for more than a decade.

The relationship has come under scrutiny in the landmark antitrust suit brought against Google by the Justice Department and dozens of states. Lawyers for the government have argued that Google rigged the market in its favor with default agreements signed with companies including Apple, Samsung and Mozilla. These pacts funnel traffic to Google’s search engine when users look up information in the top bar of a browser.

Google is expected to begin a three-week presentation of its defense in the lawsuit’s monthslong trial on Thursday. So far, the company has downplayed the role that its default agreements with phone makers and browser companies has had on its success. It argues that its search engine is popular because of its quality and innovation , and that users can easily choose another default in their device settings.

But the documents viewed by The Times showed that Google understood the power of defaults in channeling users to a product as it tried to change Apple’s selection of Safari as the iPhone’s default web browser.

“Competition in the tech industry is fierce, and we compete against Apple on many fronts,” said Peter Schottenfels, a Google spokesman. “There are more ways than ever to search for information today, which is why our engineers make thousands of improvements a year to Search to ensure we deliver the most helpful results.”

While Google bids on default settings because they matter, he added, users can and do change their defaults. Apple declined to comment.

Last fall, Google executives met to discuss how to reduce the company’s reliance on Apple’s Safari browser and how best to use a new law in Europe to undermine the iPhone maker, documents showed. While Google considered several options, including how much data it should have access to on the iPhone, it is unclear what the executives decided on.

At the time, the European Union was readying the Digital Markets Act, which was designed to help smaller companies crack Big Tech’s control of the industry. Google, already one of the world’s largest internet businesses, saw an opening.

Under the act, the European Union is forcing large tech companies designated as “gatekeepers” to open their platforms to competitors by March, giving users a choice of which service to use, and to stop favoring their own services on their platforms.

The law is expected to force Apple to allow customers in the European Union to download rival app stores. Users setting up a new Apple device in Europe could also be presented with an option to select a default browser other than Safari.

Google, which the law will force to allow more competition in search, explored ways to lobby E.U. regulators to crack open Apple’s tightly controlled software ecosystem so Google could siphon users from Safari and Spotlight, the documents showed. Executives debated how aggressive the company should be in advocating for access to Apple’s operating system.

Google executives figured that if users had to make a choice, the number of European iPhone users who selected Chrome could triple, according to documents reviewed by The Times. That would mean the company could keep more search ad revenue and pay less of it to Apple.

Regulations intended to help smaller companies enter the marketplace “very frequently can also be used by incumbents to gain advantage over their rivals,” Gus Hurwitz, a senior fellow at the University of Pennsylvania Carey Law School who focuses on technology and competition, said in an interview.

Google and Apple have had a search engine partnership for Safari since 2002, half a decade before the iPhone’s debut. The relationship became more complicated when Google released the Android mobile operating system in 2008, a direct competitor to the iPhone.

Google was concerned about Apple’s Spotlight from the feature’s earliest days. In 2014, an internal presentation discussed the impact that Apple’s new operating system, iOS 8, could have on Google’s revenue. The second page of the slide deck was titled “Bottom Line: It’s bad,” according to a presentation introduced as evidence in the antitrust trial.

“We expect these suggestions to siphon queries away from Google in verticals where Spotlight is triggered,” the company wrote.

Apple poached a powerful Google search executive, John Giannandrea, in 2018, and expanded its teams of search employees as it built a more capable Spotlight system. The 2021 improvements to the tool, as part of iOS 15, sparked concerns at Google over Apple’s intentions in the search market, a person with knowledge of the discussions said.

In response, Google spun up an effort to build its own version of Spotlight, which was meant to work on iPhones, documents showed. It presented users with quick facts and information from files, messages and apps on the device.

In recent years, Apple has not used Spotlight to crib so-called commercial queries — which feature ads in their results — from Google, so the tool has not hurt Google’s search business.

Still, Google executives last year contemplated ways to convince the European Union to designate Spotlight as a search engine, according to the documents. Spotlight contained at least five different search features, offering web images; answers and “rich” results that provided extra information like photos; and universal search, which could scan devices, apps and the web. The European Union has not yet decided whether to open Spotlight to greater competition under the law.

That Google is leaning on laws intended to help small companies has frustrated some legal experts.

“I prefer companies to compete on the merits for consumers to want to use their products by offering higher-quality products,” Mr. Hurwitz said. “Not by paying lawyers to go to the European Union and get rules in place in order to obtain access to their competitors’ platforms.”

Adam Satariano contributed reporting from London.

Nico Grant is a technology reporter covering Google from San Francisco. Previously, he spent five years at Bloomberg News, where he focused on Google and cloud computing. More about Nico Grant


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New Maps updates: Immersive View for routes and other AI features

Oct 26, 2023

These Maps updates make it easier to plan and navigate with confidence and give you a whole new way to search and explore.

Chris P

Over the past few years, Google Maps has transformed how people interact with the world with features like eco-friendly routing to help you take fuel or energy efficient routes, and Live View to help you orient yourself when walking with augmented reality. Today with the power of AI, we’re announcing even more updates so you can confidently plan and navigate trips, make sustainable choices, and get quick inspiration for things to do.

Know before you go with Immersive View for Routes

Google Maps provides over 20 billion kilometers of directions every day. And with AI, we’re reimagining how you plan your trips before you go. At I/O this year, we announced Immersive View for routes , an entirely new way to preview every step of your journey — whether you’re driving, walking or cycling. This week, Immersive View for routes starts rolling out in Amsterdam, Barcelona, Dublin, Florence, Las Vegas, London, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Paris, San Francisco, San Jose, Seattle, Tokyo and Venice on Android and iOS.

Say you want to bike along the water to the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco. Just request cycling directions, then tap the Immersive View preview to see your route in a stunning, multidimensional view from start to finish. You can prepare for each turn as if you were there with detailed, visual turn-by-turn directions, and use the time slider to plan when to head out based on helpful information, like simulated traffic and weather conditions. That way, you can easily avoid riding during rainy weather or heavy traffic.

All of this builds on our work for Immersive View for places , which uses AI to fuse together billions of Street View and aerial images so you can know what a restaurant or landmark is like before you go. Now developers can also create their own immersive experiences with the launch of Photorealistic 3D Tiles in Google Maps Platform this week.

Easily understand your surroundings with Lens in Maps

Google Maps also makes it easier to understand your surroundings once you get somewhere — like if you’re exiting a subway station and need to orient yourself or if you’re scoping out a new neighborhood and need to find the nearest coffee shop. Lens in Maps (formerly called Search with Live View) uses AI and augmented reality to help you quickly acclimate yourself — whether you’re navigating a new city or discovering local hidden gems.

Simply tap the Lens icon in the search bar and lift your phone to find information about nearby ATMs, transit stations, restaurants, coffee shops and stores. In our biggest expansion of this feature yet, starting this week Lens in Maps is coming to more than 50 new cities including A​​ustin, Las Vegas, Rome, São Paulo and Taipei.

Navigate with confidence with a more detailed map

Today, hundreds of millions of drivers depend on Google Maps’ helpful information about real-world conditions, like nearby crashes or upcoming traffic jams.

Soon, the navigation map will reflect the real world even more accurately. In addition to updated colors throughout the map, you’ll see more realistic buildings to help you better orient yourself - like if you’re driving downtown and need to understand where you are during the final stretch of your ride. And on highways, where some of the trickiest driving maneuvers often happen (like that annoying exit that requires you to quickly cross multiple lanes), you’ll see improved lane details to help you feel prepared. These updates start rolling out in the coming months in 12 countries, including the U.S., Canada, France and Germany.

In the U.S., you’ll soon see if there are HOV lanes along your route so you can make a more informed decision about how to get to your destination. And in Europe, our AI-powered speed limit information is expanding to 20 countries so you can stay safe even when it’s hard to spot speed limit signs on the road. Both features start rolling out on Android, iOS, and for cars with Google Built-in in the coming months.

A still image shows Google Maps navigation on a screen inside a car with exit  lanes detailed in blue as the car navigates a highway exit.

  • Video format not supported A video of a phone screen shows Google Maps navigation mode as the user drives down a highway. The view zooms in to show dotted lines indicating highway lanes as the user navigates an exit off the highway.

A still image shows a phone screen with a highlighted route overview of Google Maps directions to the natural history museum. A small, white notification indicates where an HOV lane is available along the route.

Reduce charging anxiety with even more EV information

If you’re an electric vehicle driver, you may be familiar with charging anxiety. Whether you’re on a road trip, commuting to work, or heading across town, there’s nothing worse than not knowing where you can charge mid-trip.

Starting this week, building on our capabilities in cars with Google built-in, EV drivers on Android and iOS will now see even more helpful charging station information, including whether a charger is compatible with their vehicle and whether the available chargers are fast, medium, or slow to help you find the charging station that best meets your needs. And since roughly 25% of all chargers in the U.S. are down at any given time, you can also see when a charger was last used to help you avoid wasting time heading to a broken charger. These updates start rolling out globally on iOS and Android this week wherever EV charging station information is available.

EV charging information will also be available to developers on Google Maps Platform in the Places API , so companies can show real-time EV charging station information in their websites and apps.

A video of a phone screen shows someone using Google Maps to search for EV chargers. From the list of chargers they select an option that specifies “your charges” so they only see chargers compatible with their car. They scroll through the options to learn more about the charger speeds and when they were last used. They tap on an option and are taken to that location’s page on Google Maps.

Find inspiration for things to do with new ways to search

Sometimes you know exactly what you want to do, but aren’t sure where to go. Search in Google Maps is evolving to give you even more answers to your questions, help you discover things to do, and find inspiration in a whole new way.

Now, when you search in Maps for specific things like the best place to find “animal latte art” or “pumpkin patch with my dog,” you’ll get photo-first results of what you’re looking for. These results are based on the analysis of billions of photos shared by the Google Maps community — all done with AI and advanced image recognition models. With this visual list of places, you can discover new spots that match exactly what you’re looking for. Just scroll through the results, tap on a photo to learn more, and navigate right there. This new way to search in Maps starts rolling out in France, Germany, Japan, the U.K. and the U.S. this week, and we’ll expand to more countries over time.

And for those times when you’re starting from scratch and have no idea what to do — like when you magically have a free weekend — you’ll soon see better-organized search results to spark your imagination. So if you’re in Tokyo, you could search for “things to do” to see thematic place suggestions like “anime”, “cherry blossoms” or “art exhibitions.” Tap on the places that interest you to learn more, and even save the options to a list if you want to check them out later. Thematic results for activities and dining roll out globally on Android and iOS in the coming weeks.

Google Maps is transforming how people explore and navigate, and AI continues to play a pivotal role in bringing how we’re building innovative experiences for people around the world.

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גוגל עסקים או גוגל לעסקים מאפשרת לחבר אותכם ישירות ללקוחותכם, אם הם מחפשים אותכם במנוע חיפוש, על המפות או בגוגל פלוס.אם אתם עסק מקומי שרוצה להופיע על המפה של גוגל, וגם ליצור פרופיל עסקי בגוגל שמחובר למפה, לאתר ולערוץ יוטיוב שלכם – הפוסט הזה יעזור. זה גם מאחד את כל פלטפורמות שלכם ששייכות לגוגל. בתמונה לעיל אתם רואים איך נראה העסק שלנו במפת גוגל – בניית אתרים באשדוד iwebsite .

שלב 1 – פתיחת חשבון גוגל עסקים

כנסו בלינק http://www.google.com/business ולחצו Get on Google על מנת לעשות זאת צריך להיות לכם חשבון גוגל. אני ממליצה לפתוח חשבון (מייל) נפרד לעסק שלכם: לדוגמה [email protected]. כשאתם רשומים – תראו כזו הודעה:

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שלב 2 – חיפוש בגוגל עסקים

מצאו את העסק שלכם בחיפוש גוגל לעסקים. כשתמצאו את העסק אתם צריכים להכריז על הזכויות לנהל אותו . ככה:

גוגל עסקים - גוגל לעסקים -הוספת עסק לגוגל מפות 2

אם אתם לא מוצאים את העסק שלכם – תלחצו על:

גוגל עסקים - גוגל לעסקים -הוספת עסק לגוגל מפות 3

אם העסק מנוהל כרגע על ידי משתמש אחר ואתם רוצים לנהל אותו – צריך לבקש אישור מהמנהל הנוכחי. כאן:

גוגל עסקים - גוגל לעסקים -הוספת עסק לגוגל מפות 6

שלב 3 אימות גוגל עסקים

גוגל דורשת לאמת את המיקום של העסק שלכם. היא שולחת לכם דואר עם קוד לכתובת שאותה הצהרתם. צריך לאשר ברגע שהקוד מגיע, כי תוקפו 30 ימים. תהליך האימות לוקח 1-2 שבועות ואתם תקבלו מכתב מגוגל לכתובת שאותה נתתם. המכתב יכלול הוראות ברורות איך לאמת

גוגל עסקים - גוגל לעסקים -הוספת עסק לגוגל מפות 7

שלב 4 – ברוכים הבאים לגוגל עסקים

עד שהדואר מגיע אליכם – אתם יכולים להתחיל לעבוד על ההגדרות של הפרופיל.

גוגל עסקים - גוגל לעסקים -הוספת עסק לגוגל מפות 10

שלב 5 – הגדרות גוגל עסקים

גוגל תלווה אותכם בסיור על מנת למלא את כל הפרופיל – תמונות פרופיל וקאבר, מידע חיוני על העסק, שעות פתיחה ועוד. חשבון גוגל מאפשר לחבר ולסנכרן הכל ביחד: פרופיל גוגל, עמוד גוגל פלוס, גוגל עסקים, ערוץ יוטיוב. אני עוד אקדיש לזה פוסט. אנסה להסביר בפוסט הבא בנושא – איך עובדים בגוגל פלוס, בכל הפלטפורמות האלה ומה זה נותן לעסק. אז עוד נשמיך לחקור את האמצעים של גוגל לשיווק העסק שלכם. אם היה לכם מועיל – שתפו את הפוסט, שגם החברים שלכם יהנו ממנו. כמו כן, אתם מוזמנים לעיין בשירותים שלנו באתר, זו התקופה של מבצעים נחמדים לשירותי בניית אתרים ו קידום עסקים קטנים . תודה רבה,

  • בניית חנות וירטואלית
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  • ניהול חנות וירטואלית
  • פרסום ברוסית באינטרנט
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  • ייעוץ לעסקים קטנים
  • קידום ממומן בגוגל – PPC
  • קידום אורגני בגוגל – SEO
  • קידום ממומן ברשתות חברתיות
  • לקוחותינו מספרים
  • בניית אתרים באשדוד
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Jewish students are planning to sue elite universities like Cornell and Harvard, accusing them of not doing enough to stop 'explosion' of antisemitism on campus

  • Jewish students are planning to sue colleges like Cornell and Harvard for doing enough to stop antisemitism on campuses. 
  • "There has been an explosion of antisemitism on college campuses," attorney Mark Ressler told Insider. 
  • Ressler says his law firm plans to file suits against multiple colleges, accusing them of violating Title VI of the Civil Rights Act. 

Insider Today

Jewish college students in the United States are gearing up to sue elite universities like Cornell and Harvard over allegations that the schools have turned a blind eye in the face of rampant antisemitism on campuses, Insider has learned. 

The lead attorney handling the soon-to-be-filed lawsuits, Mark Ressler of the New York City-based firm Kasowitz Benson Torres LLP, said in an interview on Tuesday that antisemitism on college campuses has long been a problem, but that the deadly Oct. 7 terrorist attacks by Hamas on Israel "poured a lot of fuel on an already raging fire."

"There has been an explosion of antisemitism on college campuses around the country and we had been looking at this issue prior to the massacre on Oct. 7," Ressler said. 

Ressler told Insider the law firm is planning to file multiple suits in the coming weeks and months against several colleges, including Harvard, Cornell, New York University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and Stanford University, accusing the schools of violating Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 , which prohibits race discrimination by any entity receiving federal funds. 

The news of the planned suits was first reported by Fox Business on Monday.

Cornell declined to comment on the matter to Insider on Tuesday. Later Tuesday, federal officials announced that a Cornell junior,  Patrick Dai, was arrested and charged with posting threats to kill or injure another using interstate communications. 

Harvard, New York University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Stanford University did not immediately respond to requests for comment on the planned lawsuits. 

"We're going to show that the universities had notice of acts of hatred and bigotry towards Jewish students, that there was pervasive anti-Jewish bigotry on campus, and that administrators and university bureaucrats acted with deliberate indifference, which is the legal term, with respect to campus antisemitism," Ressler said. 

Ressler pointed to the recent violent online threats made against Jewish students at Cornell and reports about Jewish students at New York City's Cooper Union college who huddled in the school's library during a pro-Palestinian protest amid the Israel-Hamas war . Reports initially said that the library doors were locked as the students huddled, but Cooper Union told Insider the doors were never locked. An NYPD official said there was no "direct threat" and "there was no danger to any students in the school."

"Things are out of control on campus," said Ressler. 

The plaintiffs in the planned lawsuits will be "students who have been victimized by on-campus bigotry and hatred directed at them because they are Jewish," Ressler said. 

'This is not a free speech issue'

The attorney added that the cases have nothing to do with free speech rights. 

"This is not a free speech issue, though we anticipate the colleges will try to make it one," Ressler said, explaining, "It's not free speech to walk up to Jewish students on campus and say, 'Fuck the Jews, Hitler was right,' and that's an incident we have at a university."

Ressler said that over the years universities have done "great work" to have "zero tolerance for racism and sexism, and Islamophobia and homophobia, as there should be."

"And yet when it comes to Jewish students, university administrators have a double standard and they have put their head in the sand and allowed this problem to become out of control," he said. 

The firm, Ressler said, has gotten an influx of reports of discrimination against Jewish students in the aftermath of the Oct. 7 attacks on Israel that left more than 1,400 people dead in the Jewish state. 

The US has seen a major spike in antisemitic incidents, according to the ADL

The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) told Insider on Tuesday that the non-profit organization has recorded a nearly 400% increase in antisemitic incidents across the US, including reported assaults, harassment and vandalism, since the Palestinian militant group Hamas launched its surprise assault on Israel. 

ADL recorded a total of 312 antisemitic incidents between Oct. 7 and Oct. 23, 190 of which it said were directly linked to the Israel-Hamas war. Since the Oct. 7 terror attack, the ADL recorded 54 antisemitic incidents on school campuses, 43 of which the organization said could also be directly linked to the war. 

According to the organization, there have been 110 anti-Israel rallies on US campuses since the war started and the non-profit said at least 27 of them included "expressions of support for terrorism."

Israel continues its bombardment of Gaza in retaliation for the attacks by Hamas and, according to Gaza's health ministry, more than 8,000 have already been killed in the Palestinian territory. 

October 31, 2023: This story has been updated to include the arrest of a student at Cornell University.

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Watch: Israel raids Gaza overnight ahead of expected ground battle

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GOP plan to fund Israel aid with IRS cuts would cost $90 billion, tax chief says

Reducing funds for the tax agency is a top priority of house republicans, setting up a budget clash with the senate and white house.

House Republicans’ plan to pay for emergency aid to Israel by cutting the Internal Revenue Service’s budget would increase the deficit by $90 billion over 10 years, the chief of the tax agency said Tuesday.

Seeking to pay for $14 billion of proposed aid to Israel sought by both parties, Speaker Mike Johnson (R-La.) on Monday unveiled legislation that would cut roughly $14 billion from funds recently approved by Democrats to expand the IRS. But Daniel Werfel, who was nominated by President Biden as the IRS commissioner last year , said the cuts would lead to greater expense by reducing audits of the wealthy and large corporations and hampering the agency’s ability to collect revenue that funds the government.

House GOP demands IRS budget cuts along with Israel aid

The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office said last year that the $80 billion IRS expansion would cut the deficit by more than $100 billion by improving collections and enforcement. The IRS expansion was approved to pay for Democrats’ Inflation Reduction Act, Biden’s signature economic legislation, in 2022.

Although it specifies that taxpayer services would be spared from cuts, the House GOP bill does not identify precisely how it would cut $14 billion from that $80 billion expansion that has improved a broad range of agency functions. The GOP bill also would prohibit the CBO from counting the legislation against existing domestic spending caps.

“This type of the cut, over the cost of the Inflation Reduction Act, would actually cost taxpayers $90 billion — that’s with a ‘B,’” Werfel told The Washington Post.

The nonpartisan budget office estimated that the GOP bill would add $12.5 billion to the deficit through 2033 — far less than Werfel’s estimate of $90 billion — and projected it would result in $26.8 billion in lost tax revenue.

The IRS has said it is ramping up efforts to focus on taxpayers with more than $1 million of income and more than $250,000 of outstanding tax debt. Starting in September, the IRS has started contacting about 1,600 new taxpayers in that category who collectively owe hundreds of millions of dollars in taxes, according to the Treasury Department.

An agency spokesperson said the IRS had allocated a small portion of the Inflation Reduction Act funds — $2.4 billion out of roughly $80 billion in total — as of August 2023. With that funding, the tax agency vastly improved customer service, answering roughly 85 percent of taxpayer phone calls during filing season, compared with barely 20 percent in 2022.

“All of those funds go to increased scrutiny on tax evasion going on at the highest wealth, and that is millionaires and billionaires and large corporations and large complex corporations,” Werfel said. “When you reduce those audits, you reduce the amount of money that we can collect and return to the Treasury for other priorities.”

IRS overhaul aims for tenfold increase in audits of the wealthy

Werfel’s assertion, which is based on IRS modeling that shows a 6-1 ratio of money spent on tax enforcement to revenue collected, complicates the GOP’s attempts to characterize President Biden as fiscally irresponsible. In the days since becoming speaker, Johnson has argued that the $14 billion of aid for Israel must be paid for by cutting other parts of the federal budget, citing the nearly $2 trillion annual deficit facing the country this year.

Not all Republicans backed Johnson’s proposal.

“I think it was intellectually lazy,” Rep. David Schweikert (R-Ariz.), the vice chairman of the Joint Economic Committee, told The Post. “Rhetorically, it’s sort of what we’ve always done. It’s a little hard to have, ‘I care about debt,’ and then at the same time move something as your pay-for that actually will have a multiplier of raising the debt.”

A spokeswoman for Johnson did not immediately respond to a request for comment about Werfel’s estimate.

“We’re going to find the cuts elsewhere to do that,” Johnson told Fox News on Sunday, adding that he had communicated that demand to Biden aides in meetings at the White House.

Johnson also told Fox News on Tuesday: “If you put this to the American people, and they weigh the two needs, I think they are going to say standing with Israel and protecting the innocent is in our national interest, and a more immediate need than IRS agents.”

Rep. John Rose (R-Tenn.) told The Post that he was “doubtful” the IRS budget cuts would prevent the agency from collecting as much revenue. He said Johnson’s plan was less about hamstringing the IRS, long a conservative bugaboo, and more about an opening salvo in what Republicans hope will be the new speaker’s strategy to attack federal spending.

“I see this less about the leveraging the IRS and more about paying for something we [Republicans] all can agree on,” Rose said.

Analysts see Johnson’s proposal as designed to win enough Republican support to pass a bill through the House — and then negotiate a compromise solution with the Senate and White House.

“As I understand it, it was designed to unify Republican support for the bill. As a stand-alone, you think they’d go for something easier because this is just not going to fly in the Senate,” said Doug Holtz-Eakin, a former director of the CBO who is now the president of the American Action Forum, a conservative group. “This is a new speaker trying to get the bill off his floor — and then they’ll figure it out in negotiations with the Senate.”

That’s how Johnson’s closest congressional allies expect him to run the chamber, Sen. Bill Cassidy (R-La.), who has known Johnson for nearly a decade when they both served in Louisiana state government, told The Post.

“A speaker has to figure out where the collective will is and persuade others to join,” Cassidy said. “I think he’s showing his instinct there.”

An earlier version of this article incorrectly stated that the House GOP legislation would prohibit the Congressional Budget Office from estimating the Israel aid bill's effect on the federal deficit. The bill instead prohibits CBO from counting the legislation against existing domestic spending caps. The article has been corrected.



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