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How it works

  • Take a few minutes to sign up. It's totally free!
  • Complete a quick training set to learn how to do a particular type of task
  • Pick the task you want to do on your computer or in the mobile app
  • Carefully read the instructions and complete the assignment
  • Withdraw your earnings from the Toloka account with one of our fast and secure methods
  • Tell your friends about Toloka and get a referral bonus


“Toloka is easy to use and intuitive. I spend about 30 minutes to 1 hour on tasks at home and when I am on duty, especially at night. It has helped me to gain skills that I never knew I could learn so easily. I accumulate money I earn online in Toloka on my account and then use it for my spare time.”


“I earn extra money with Toloka when I am at home, and spend about 4 hours a day doing small tasks. The money I earn online is used to pay for my studies. The platform is practical and reliable. Also, it develops my skills: I have learned to compare pages, check products.”


“With Toloka I can generate some extra income. I use money to buy subscriptions to streaming services. It has helped me entertain myself in those moments when I don't have much to do. The tasks are not complicated at all and are quick to complete.”

Get paid for completing short online tasks!


“It’s motivating to get paid for something that I like. I like it that there are different kinds of tests and different topics, you’re never bored. I earn extra money with Toloka for half an hour or one hour a day. I usually happens on my way to the gym, in the gym and at home while I’m watching TV.”


“With Toloka I’ve learned the way the companies are using AI. The platform is easy to use. For me, it’s a simple way to connect and make extra money. Take your time to learn and improve your skills and find the tasks you are good at.”


“Toloka educates me and helps to earn money for personal upkeep and paying the rent. I do tasks during the breaks, at least for 2 hours a day. I think it is the best platform to hustle from, it pays bills.”


“I use the money I make online with Toloka to pay for my car. I am still exploring this platform and doing them at home. If you consider becoming a toloker, maximize your time on tasks and earn some money with Toloka.”


“It gives me a chance to make some money online and do something meaningful during my free time. Platform is simple to navigate. I spend 1-2 hours a day at home or during breaks. I advise every toloker to read all the questions and information given carefully.”


“I do Toloka everywhere and anytime when I have free time at least for one hour a day. It’s good to use this platform in my free time to gain new skills. I use money I earned online in Toloka for my personal purchases.”


“Toloka helps me with some extra money. I’ll use that extra cash to buy some games for my console. The platform is easy to use. I do tasks in my free time at home for up to 2 hours a day and I advise everyone who joins the platform to dedicate about an hour per day to earn extra cash.”


“Toloka provides an extra source of income. I use money I earn online for personal expenses. I do tasks mostly at home. The tasks are well defined and instructions are pretty clear. Do the tasks carefully and follow the instructions: that helps to get more skills and rewards.”

Easy withdrawals

If you need help withdrawing earned money, visit our  help page

  • Opportunity. Open to anyone, no special skills needed
  • Flexibility. Pick the tasks you like and monetize your free time
  • Convenience. Cash out earnings any time, $0.02 minimum withdrawal
  • Motivation. Develop your skills and unlock new tasks and rewards
  • Support. Our support team is here to guide you at every step

Choose the tasks you want to do

Outline objects.

Draw boxes around objects in images


Search for information

Find information online on various topics


Take photos

Upload photos of places or objects


Rate search results

Check if the search result matches the request


Moderate content

Make sure comments and images are appropriate


Transcribe audio

Listen to audio files and type the text


Categorize content

Sort text or images by quality, theme and other criteria


Compare images

Choose pictures that best match the description


Take surveys

Share your opinion on various topics


Record voice

Make voice samples using the given text


Check chatbot answers

Make sure that chatbot responses are appropriate


Verify locations

Gather data about businesses, such as location or services


Your questions answered

  • Is Toloka legit? Toloka is a crowdsourcing platform that helps process large amounts of data by distributing tasks to a large number of people who do small tasks. Client companies, or requesters, create tasks on the Toloka platform and set the reward for them, while Tolokers choose tasks, complete them and earn money online. The task is paid when it’s completed correctly.
  • What are these online tasks all about? You can help classify images, transcribe audio recordings, moderate comments, complete focus group surveys, and so on. The resulting data can be used for training machine learning algorithms, research, or other purposes.
  • Will I make real money online? Yes, you get paid in US dollars for completing online tasks. To withdraw money, you need to choose one of the withdrawal methods and register in the payment system. Don't try to withdraw money until you are sure that your account has been confirmed in the payment system.
  • Can I make more than $100 a month? The amount of the reward will vary depending on task complexity, the skill level, and availability of tasks in the Toloker’s region. However, it is possible to make more than $100 extra cash monthly.
  • Can I start making money online in Toloka right now? You can create an account on Toloka right now by visiting the  Get started  page. After filling in your personal profile, you can start finding your way around and taking the first training tasks and earning money online. However, keep in mind that it’s better to complete some training tasks to get access to the tasks with higher rewards.
  • Can I earn money in Toloka without a full-time job? In Toloka you do not commit to any fixed hours or minimum time spent on the platform. Some Tolokers do tasks for as much or as little as 30 mins daily. You get paid for doing some tasks. However, you need to read the  user agreement  carefully.
  • Can I use my phone to earn money online? Sure, you can download a Toloka app to earn extra cash on the go. However, it is more convenient to complete some tasks on the larger screen of a desktop or laptop computer. You have a single account for the web version of the platform and for the mobile app, so either way, you get paid for doing tasks to a single account.
  • Do I need to pay to use the Toloka platform? We don’t charge you anything for doing tasks on your platform. However, the third-party payment platforms might charge a fee for withdrawing your earnings. Please read their terms and conditions carefully.
  • Provide accurate information about yourself during the registration process
  • Take training tasks and exams that help you to get new skills and gain access to new projects
  • Make sure you are careful and concentrate while performing tasks online
  • Do I need a diploma to earn money with Toloka? You need no formal education and you learn as you go. What is really necessary to be a successful Toloker and earn more money online, is to concentrate and be careful. Read the instructions carefully, complete training tasks and grow skills.

Earn extra cash by doing microtasks like comparing images or rating search results. You can do it from anywhere, whether you're on the go or relaxing at home.

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24 Short Task Sites for Making Money From Home

Author: Holly Reisem Hanna

February 18, 2024 121 Comments

Is your daily schedule unpredictable? You can still make money from home, just use short task sites. Here are 24 gigs you can do anytime.

If you have a little one at home — you know how difficult it can be to get things done. But just because you have a household filled with chatter and unpredictable schedules doesn’t mean that you can’t work from home. Short tasks, also called micro-jobs or pay-per-task jobs, are the perfect way for busy moms to earn some extra money while still being readily available for their kiddos.

A micro-task job is any job or assignment that can be completed in a short amount of time. The tasks that can be completed vary in nature (writing, editing, taking surveys, transcription, watching a video, online research, etc.), as does the pay. But the reason this is such an excellent opportunity for moms is that the tasks can be done at any time, and the majority of short jobs don’t require phone work , which requires a quiet household.

If you have kiddos running around your house, here are 24 small task sites that allow you to work whenever you have free time, and make extra money on the side.

paid tasks online

1. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is a microtask platform where you can earn points called SB, which you can redeem for gift cards from places like Starbucks, Walmart, PayPal and Visa. With Swagbucks, you can earn SB by playing games , answering questions, shopping online, and even surfing the web using their search bar. If you refer your friends — you can earn even more. New users will receive a $10.00 sign-up bonus! The thing I like about Swagbucks is you can redeem your earnings with as little as $3.00 in your account.

  • Swagbucks has a B rating with the Better Business Bureau

2. InboxDollars

With InboxDollars , US residents can earn cash for taking surveys, reading emails, playing games, redeeming coupons, searching the web, and shopping online. Membership is free, and you’ll earn $5.00 for signing up. Your account must reach a $15 threshold before your payment is issued. Payment options include PayPal, American Express or Visa Pre-Paid cards, or gift cards from major retailers. InboxDollars is open to US residents 18 years and older. If you’d like to know more, check out our full review of InboxDollars .

  • InboxDollars has a B rating with the Better Business Bureau

3. Course Hero

Course Hero is a short task platform that hires native English speakers from the US, UK, Canada, and Australia to tutor high school and college students with course-specific questions. Individuals must have a bachelor’s degree. Tutors earn an average of $3.00 per question, earning around $12-$20 per hour. Work as many hours as you’d like; all you need is a reliable internet connection.

  • Course Hero has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau

4. TELUS International

TELUS International , which acquired Lionbridge, hires independent contractors to work on microtasks like translation, transcription, rating ads, annotation, search engine evaluation, and testing. You must first prove your proficiency by taking and passing relevant evaluation tests (which I’ve heard are pretty challenging). Once they have your evaluation scores, you’ll receive invites to work on available projects. With these gigs, you can work whenever, wherever, and as much as you’d like.

  • TELUS International has an A- rating with the Better Business Bureau

Fiverr is a little different in that you don’t search for jobs. Instead, you post tasks you’re willing to complete for $5.00-$10,000. People sell everything from writing services, design services, and voice-over services to making phone calls and videos. Once you make a sale, Fiverr will keep a fee of 20%, and payments will be made via PayPal.

If you’re interested in how people are making a full-time income with Fiverr, check out The Fiverr Mastermind Group. They are six Fiverr power sellers who earn six figures a year each, and they wrote an e-book about their success with the platform: The Fiverr Master Class : The Fiverr Secrets Of Six Power Sellers That Enable You To Work From Home!

  • Fiverr gets an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau

6. Amazon Mechanical Turk

Over at Amazon’s MTurk , you can make money online working on HITS (Human Intelligence Tasks). A few of the tasks that I saw listed were transcribing information from a business card to a form with a payout of $0.02. Another task was transcribing a voicemail from audio to text (audio length of three hours), a payout of $76.19. After completing the task and the requester approves your work, the money goes into your Amazon payments account or onto an Amazon gift card .

Amazon MTurk tends to get mixed reviews. Some people complained of low payouts, and others have said their work wasn’t approved, so they didn’t get paid. We have no way of knowing the quality of their work, and if denial of payment was justified, so read through reviews before deciding to join.

  • Amazon’s MTurk receives a 2.5-star rating on Trustpilot

7. Clickworker

Clickworker is a task site platform where you can get paid for writing, translating, researching, and collecting data. Create an account, fill out your profile, complete a qualification assessment, then bid on jobs. Payments are made by SEPA bank account transfers or PayPal once your account reaches 5.00 euros and your tax information has been completed. Clickworker’s clients include Groupon, Tennis Point, Honda, PayPal, and others.

  • Clickworker receives a 3.2-star rating on Indeed

Appen is a virtual workspace where you can earn money by completing simple tasks on your computer. Duties include Internet research, data collection, data categorization, content creation, content moderation, surveys, and other projects and microtasks that can be done anywhere in the world.

  • Appen receives a 3.5-star rating on Indeed

9. Vericant

Vericant is a platform where individuals can rate videos for cash at any time of the day. Remote raters will assess the spoken English of international college students applying to schools in the United States. To be eligible to rate videos, you must be able to work 5-15 hours per week between September and March. You also need to be a native English speaker from North America, have a bachelor’s degree, and have an excellent command of the English language.

  • Vericant receives a 4-star rating on

10. Field Agent

Field Agent allows you to make money by completing mystery shopping gigs on your phone. From checking shelf availability and product reviews to surveys and buy and try. Tasks pay anywhere from $3.00-$12.00 per job, and payments are made via PayPal. Field Agent works with brands like Tyson, Target, and Hershey’s and has been featured on CNET, Forbes, and The New York Times. This app is available for iOS and Android devices.

  • Field Agent receives a 4.5-star rating in the Apple app store

While not promoted as a short task site, Rev offers task-based positions for transcribers, translators, and closed captioners that can be done anytime. The pay range for translators is by language minute, so for instance, German pays $3.00 a minute.

For transcribers, it’s $0.30-$1.10 per audio minute, and for closed captioners, it’s $0.54-$1.10 per audio minute. With Rev, you choose your schedule and projects, and payments are made weekly via PayPal. Rev has been featured in Inc, The Wall Street Journal, and VentureBeat.

  • Rev receives a 2.7-star rating on Indeed

12. GigWalk

GigWalk is a mobile workforce of individuals using their smartphones to perform short tasks. Register, apply for an assignment, and then complete the task (usually verifying roads and street signs, geographic landmarks, or transportation options). Gigwalk’s workforce is available in multiple US cities. GigWalk has been featured on CNN, Business Insider, and Forbes.

  • Gigwalk receives a 4-star rating in the Apple app store

13. Data Annotation Tech

Data Annotation Tech is a small task platform where you make money completing various AI tasks, such as surveys, interacting with chatbots, creative writing, coding projects, and more. While no experience is required for these AI jobs, they are looking for applicants with excellent writing skills, critical thinking ability, and a high level of attention to detail. With Data Annotation Tech, you can earn $20 per hour for writing tasks, and $40 per hour for coding tasks, and payments are made via PayPal. These online tasks are available to individuals in the US, Canada, Ireland, UK, New Zealand, and Australia.

  • Data Annotation Tech gets a 4-star rating on Glassdoor

14. TaskRabbit

TaskRabbit is an on-demand site where you complete tasks such as house cleaning, delivery services, handyman work, furniture assembly, grocery shopping, administrative help, and more. To get started, create an account, get a background check, then browse the open tasks in your city and make an offer. TaskRabbit keeps 20% of what you make, and payments are made via check every two weeks once your account reaches $25.00.

  • TaskRabbit gets a 4.3-star rating on Trustpilot

15. Fancy Hands

Fancy Hands hires US-based virtual assistants to complete small tasks like making phone calls, scheduling appointments, tracking down the best price for a product or service, internet research, and data entry. Tasks are worth anywhere from $3.00-$7.00 per task and go up from there. Payments are made via Dwolla every other Tuesday. With this job, you can work on your own schedule, day or night. One thing to note. I’ve heard some people say that the platform is saturated with workers, so there isn’t very much work available. Be sure to read the most current reviews before you take the time to apply.

  • Fancy Hands receives a 2.9-star rating on Glassdoor

16. which is part of iSoftStone, hires people from around the globe to work on short tasks like app testing, annotation, transcription, data labeling, translation, and more. Each project has different skill and education requirements and varying pay rates. One data collection project required users to work 30-40 hours per week and paid $25 per hour. All the projects I viewed were independent contracting roles; some included training, while others did not.

  • iSoftStone gets a 3.5-star rating on

paid tasks online

17. Respondent

Respondent is a research study organization that pays individuals to participate in focus group studies, short surveys, and website testing gigs. According to their website, the average study or survey is 30 minutes in length, and the average payout is $75 per study. Many of their studies are for professionals, not the general public, so you’ll need to meet specific criteria to qualify for studies. Payments come through your PayPal account.

  • Respondent receives a 1.6-star rating on Trustpilot, but many of the poor reviews were complaining that they didn’t qualify for any studies. I’ve had good luck using the platform, so be sure to read my full review on Respondent .

18. UserTesting

If you have short periods of quiet time in your schedule (perhaps during your child’s nap time), you can make money testing websites and apps on UserTesting . With this platform, you create an account and browse projects. Once you find a project that fits your demographic, you’ll take a screener test, and if you’re a match, you’ll get an invite to the project. UserTesting has short, medium, and longer length projects that pay anywhere from $4-$120. Payments come every 14 days via PayPal.

  • UserTesting has a 3.9-star rating on Trustpilot

19. JustAnswer

JustAnswer pays individuals to answer questions online in their area of training or expertise. They currently hire people from the US and Canada, and during the application process, you’ll need to provide your relevant licenses or certifications. With this short task site, you can work as many hours as you’d like; log in wherever you have some free time. According to their website, top earners can make $2,000-$7,000 per month; monthly payments are distributed via PayPal.

  • JustAnswer has an A rating with the Better Bussiness Bureau

If you enjoy talking to people online and would like to help them practice their conversational English skills, check out Cambly . With Cambly, you can work anywhere, anytime, getting paid to talk to others online. You’ll earn $0.17 per minute talking to adults and $0.20 per minute talking to kids. You don’t need experience or a degree to get started. Payments are made every Monday via PayPal. Check out our full review on Cambly .

  • Cambly receives a 3.3-star rating on Indeed

21. ACD Direct

ACD Direct pays individuals to answer phone calls, email inquiries, and chat messages. Agents can make their own schedules and work as much or as little as needed. New agents earn $0.25 per talk minute and, with bonuses and incentives, can earn up to $0.35 per talk minute; rates vary for chat and email inquiries. With ACD Direct, you’ll work as an independent contractor and receive paychecks twice a month via direct deposit. They currently do not accept workers from California, Delaware, Massachusetts, Louisiana, West Virginia, Wyoming, Vermont, Washington, and South Dakota.

  • ACD Direct has a B- rating with the Better Bussiness Bureau

22. User Interviews

User Interviews recruits individuals from the US, Canada, Australia, South Africa, Germany, France, and the UK to complete online surveys, focus groups, diary studies, online interviews, and user tests. Assignments vary in length from 10 minutes to a few hours, and pay averages $40-$200 depending on the length and qualifying criteria. Most participants can qualify for a study in less than 24 hours.

  • User Interviews receives a 3.4-star rating on Trustpilot

Upwork is a freelance platform where small business owners can post tasks and projects that they need to have completed. Some projects pay by the hour, and others pay a fixed price based on the project. The main job categories include IT, design, sales and marketing, writing and translation, admin and customer support, and finance and accounting. Once you find a task that appeals to you, send your proposal to the business owner and wait to see if you’re chosen for the assignment. While some gigs are low-paying, you can earn good money by establishing yourself as a reliable and talented freelancer. Danny Ivy started on Upwork and generated six figures in one year — you can read his Upwork success story here .

  • Upwork has a 4.2-star rating on Indeed

With Byron , you can work on administrative tasks any time of the day or night. According to their website, some assistants work one hour per month, while others work up to 160 hours per month. To apply, you must be a US resident, have at least five years of administrative experience, and a college education. Depending on your experience, Byron pays $20-$28 per hour every two weeks via PayPal.

  • Byron has a 4.3-star rating on

Last Words About Short Task Jobs

A few last words about micro-task sites.

There are other micro job sites out there, but not all are reputable. If you find another short task site, please do your research to ensure that they are legit and worth your time. Trustpilot, Glassdoor, Indeed, and the BBB are excellent places to search for reviews. Also, look to see when the app or website was last updated. Apps and websites that are sitting on the web stagnant are susceptible to hackers placing viruses, malware, and trojans which can potentially steal your personal information.

Because opportunities will not always be available, you should consider signing up for multiple sites. This way, you have a better chance of consistently having tasks to choose from. But before you register, you’ll want to create an email account just for these opportunities. Many of these sites send a lot of emails, and it will be easier to manage if you have a separate email account just for your short task jobs.

All of these are independent contracting roles, so you’ll need to set aside money for self-employment taxes.

Lastly, short tasks will not make you rich, but they are an easy way to earn a little extra cash without having to get a job. After all, you’re most likely online, so instead of scrolling through Facebook or Instagram, use your time to make some extra money.

Need more hours and pay? Be sure to check out our work from home part-time jobs !

Blog post originally published April 9, 2014. Content updated on February 2024.

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paid tasks online

February 20, 2024 at 11:53 am

I am wondering if any of these you can do at night after 9-5 and dont have to respond ASAP to work

paid tasks online

February 21, 2024 at 1:49 pm

Take a look at this article for online night jobs:

paid tasks online

February 19, 2024 at 5:32 pm

Is there any writing for short stories available? Children’s books or teen books?

February 21, 2024 at 1:48 pm

Hi LaRinda,

Take a look at this article for making money with short stories:

paid tasks online

September 13, 2023 at 2:38 am

I have not but, I applied to Respondent and I am glad I did. The more details that they have about you and your work history. I did my 3 sign-ups and they have started emailing me more content amd sign-up jobs. Will let you know if I get picked

September 13, 2023 at 7:07 am

All the best and keep me posted!

paid tasks online

August 8, 2023 at 2:00 pm

Thanks, Holly. I can tell you have given us a lot of fruit from your time and hard work. Am in job transition and appreciate all your advice – gives hope! Very interested to look, especially, at the Writing opportunities!

August 8, 2023 at 3:28 pm

Glad you’re enjoying the content!

Have you checked out this list of writing gigs?

All the best on your journey!

paid tasks online

August 7, 2023 at 3:50 am

Does anyone test or have any comment about

August 7, 2023 at 11:30 am

It looks very suspicious. There is no information about the company, and there is no way to contact them. They have vague job descriptions, and there’s no presence of the company other than their website.

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Vital Dollar

20+ Microtask Websites That Pay You for Doing Micro Jobs

This page may contain links from our sponsors. Here’s how we make money .

The Best Microtask Websites

If you’re looking for a side gig, but need something ultra-flexible to fit around your current schedule, you may want to consider microtasking.

As the name suggests, microtasks are small tasks or jobs that are performed in a matter of seconds or a few minutes. The best microtask websites allow you to work during the gaps in your schedule without getting too involved in something that would distract you from other obligations.

Here I’ll explore the websites for microtasking and how you can use these online micro jobs as a side hustle.

Table of Contents

How Much Money Can I Make from Microtask Sites?

Micro tasks are not the highest-paying side gig in terms of hourly wage. Many tasks only offer a few cents or less, but the strength of this opportunity is that it’s highly flexible and anyone can do it. Generally, you won’t need any previous experience (just basic computer skills), so you can jump straight in and start completing micro tasks for money.

Typical microtask jobs include basic proofreading, testing games, writing reviews, testing apps, sorting emails, content moderation, and URL searches.

Most microtaskers earn a fairly low hourly rate. While it’s not the best option for someone wanting to make a significant amount of cash, if you need flexibility in your side gig, it’s possible to earn $50 to $100 per week or more without any specific time commitment.

Also, you can start immediately. Sign up now and complete your first microtask job in a few minutes. Some other side hustles require more significant time investments or a waiting period before you’ll be able to start making money.

Try our favorite platforms for making extra money:

  • Swagbucks ($10 signup bonus)
  • MyPoints ($10 signup bonus)
  • InboxDollars ($5 signup bonus)
  • Branded Surveys

Best Microtasking Sites for Micro Jobs

With so many micro job sites available, it can be tricky to determine which ones are legit and represent decent earning potential. So, here are some of the best microtask sites.

1. Clickworker

Clickworker is a microtasking website that hires independent contractors who provide services using their own computers. The platform has a standard web browser that allows you to complete tasks, which are usually a part of a more complex, larger project.

Clickworker has a sophisticated platform that allows its team to coordinate and oversee tasks for optimum workflow. The projects may include processing data, text translations, web investigations, and tagging.

According to Clickworker, workers can earn an average of $9 per hour , but if you have experience and concentration, you could boost this to “well over” $10.

2. Mechanical Turk

Mechanical Turk (MTurk) is a branch of Amazon and is one of the original employers offering short tasks and micro jobs. Amazon Mechanical Turk offers HITs or Human Intelligence Tasks. You can choose specific tasks and complete them for the listed fee. This can include image processing, information gathering, data verification, and data processing.

The tasks are posted by “Requesters,” and they may require that you take a test or obtain a “qualification” to ensure you have the aptitude for specific tasks. The payment for each short task is typically quite low, so you’re not likely to earn more than 10 cents per minute.

Additionally, the requester needs to approve the quality of your work. So, you do need to be careful when you’re choosing tasks, so you only select ones you have the skills to do well and quickly.

Overall, MTurk is one of the most well-known microtasking sites, partly because it is owned by a world-famous company, Amazon.

3. Swagbucks  ($10 bonus)

If you like the idea of getting paid to share your opinion or review items, Swagbucks is a great microtask platform. You’ll earn SBs, which are Swagbucks’ point system for each small task. While primarily the tasks are online surveys , you can also earn SBs for playing games, watching videos, online shopping, and surfing the internet .

Once you accumulate sufficient points, you can redeem them for PayPal cash or your choice of gift cards, including Amazon gift cards and Google Play credits , with a minimum payout of just $3. Currently, you need approximately 2,200 SBs for a $25 Google Play gift card . There are also introductory bonuses for new users.

While there are several microtask apps, Swagbucks is our favorite because there are so many different ways to earn money or rewards. And you’ll probably even find that using Swagbucks is fun.

Swagbucks - Easily Earn Extra Money in Your Spare Time

Sign up for a Swagbucks account and make money (and other rewards) with simple tasks like online surveys. Sign up today for a $10 bonus!

  • Get paid for taking short surveys
  • Earn money by watching videos
  • Play games for cash and prizes
  • Make money by installing apps
  • Get paid in PayPal cash or gift cards

4. Survey Junkie

Another GPT (get paid to) site like Swagbucks is Survey Junkie. As the name suggests, the microtasks are primarily online surveys, and it’s one of the most popular survey sites. Surveys typically pay $0.20 to $3.50 and can take up to 30 minutes to complete. Generally, the longer the survey, the more pay you’ll be offered.

Other online tasks can pay $0.25 to $1, depending on the complexity. For example, if you complete your profile or install a browser, it will only take a few seconds, but you can earn $0.25 or more.

Once you reach 1,000 points or the minimum payout of $10, you can get paid quickly by cashing out your earnings via PayPal or gift card.

Survey Junkie - Make Money By Taking Surveys

Survey Junkie is one of the best websites for making money by taking online surveys. Earn your choice of cash of gift cards in your spare time.

5. InboxDollars ($5 bonus)

Like Survey Junkie and Swagbucks , InboxDollars is another GPT or micro task platform (Swagbucks and InboxDollars are owned by the same parent company). You’ll be paid cash for performing normal online activities or simple tasks. You can earn by taking surveys, reading emails , watching videos, playing games, and other micro jobs. You can also earn cashback on your online shopping and get coupons for groceries and other items.

InboxDollars does not use a points system, so you can see the cash earning potential of each task before you begin. You can earn anywhere from $0.10 to $5 per task.

The InboxDollars minimum cashout is a rather steep $30, but you can claim your earnings via PayPal, check, or gift card.

InboxDollars - Earn Money from Surveys and Other Easy Tasks ($5 Bonus)

Earn cash easily whenever you have a few minutes to spare. It's a simple side hustle that anyone can do. Plus, you'll get a $5 bonus when you sign up today.

  • Get paid to take online surveys
  • Watch videos and earn cash
  • Make money by playing games
  • Complete special offers for the highest payouts
  • Get paid in cash

6. KashKick  

KashKick is a microtask website that works with companies that are keen to obtain feedback and get deals in front of potential customers. With an internet connection and some time, KashKick will take care of all the other details.

Once you sign up, the platform makes it easy to find and complete “missions.” From answering paid surveys to watching videos, surfing the web, and looking through deals, there is no limit to how many tasks you complete.

One area where KashKick stands apart is that you can cash out easily and often. The platform has one of the lowest payment thresholds, and you can receive your cash via PayPal from $5.

KashKick - Make Money from Surveys and Simple Tasks

KashKick allows you to make money easily in your spare time by taking online surveys, watching videos, surfing the web, and other simple tasks.

7. Rakuten Insight

You’ve probably heard of the popular cashback website Rakuten , formerly known as Ebates. Well, the same company also owns Rakuten Insight, which is a great resource for anyone looking to make money from small tasks.

After you sign up for a free Rakuten Insight account, you can earn money by completing short online surveys. There aren’t as many different ways to make money as you’ll find at some other sites like Swagbucks , but the brief surveys offer an excellent opportunity to make extra cash in your spare time.

Once you’ve earned some points by taking surveys, you can redeem them for PayPal cash or Amazon gift cards, starting as low as $5.

8. 25Clicks  

25Clicks (formerly PartTimeClicks) allows you to earn cash performing simple internet research micro gigs. Most of the tasks involve Google searches, clicking on results, and providing page feedback. However, you can work wherever and whenever you work, providing you remain in the U.S.

You’ll get paid for every task you complete, and you can expect to earn $0.50 per task. The tasks typically take less than a minute and you can do them on a desktop or right on your cell phone anywhere, anytime.

Although there are limited tasks on the site, there is no minimum payout, and you’ll get paid by PayPal each Friday.

9. Microworkers

Microworkers currently has over 1.4 million workers and has accumulated over 42 million microtasking jobs. The online tasks include completing surveys, ad monitoring, data entry, and categorization.

You’ll receive a start rating as you complete each task, and having a higher rating will allow access to a greater array of tasks. You’ll need to reach $9 in earnings before you can cash out. Payments are processed twice a week via Transpay, Dwolla, or PayPal.

As one of the more popular and active micro job sites in the industry, Microworkers is one you should try if you want to get paid for microtasks.

As the name suggests, Spare5 allows you to complete simple tasks in your spare five minutes throughout the day. These microtask jobs can be completed on a PC or Mac. They include assessing the tone, meaning, or attitude of audio files, annotating images, providing keywords, or isolating elements.

Spare5 provides tasks, which you will need to complete and then get paid. Payments are sent out weekly on a Friday via PayPal, so you’ll need to link an active PayPal account to your profile during setup.

11. Fiverr  

Fiverr is a little different from many of the websites we’ve listed here and is not a typical micro task site. You can earn cash by using your existing skillset and interests for higher-paying tasks. You’ll need to design a gig and post it on the Fiverr platform. You can also create a package of extras and charge higher fees.

There are almost endless possibilities for what you can offer on Fiverr to make real money online, but common options include things like writing, graphic design , SEO, link building, video endorsements or testimonials, product reviews, voiceovers, and more.

If you’re not sure what you can offer or how you should price your services, browse the site to get some ideas. To date, Fiverr has facilitated over 50 million gigs.

Although there are many lower-priced gigs on Fiverr, the income potential is unlimited. It’s possible to get paid to complete tasks and make good money on Fiverr if you have some skills that are in demand. When you complete the gig, you’ll receive 80 percent of the fee, as Fiverr takes a 20 percent commission.

Microtasking websites for micro jobs - woman working on laptop

Zeerk markets itself as a micro job and freelancer portal. You can browse or offer gigs that range from $3 to $200 per task. This makes Zeerk an alternative to Fiverr, with a great focus on micro jobs.

The tasks vary, but you’re likely to see lots of freelancers offering to sell followers, likes, and upvotes on social media platforms.

Despite these questionable gigs, Zeerk is often less competitive than Fiverr, so it could be a good alternative.

Appen, one of the largest and most popular microtask websites, advertises that users will find jobs they love and help to solve big problems to shape the future. The list of microtasks on this site ranges from a basic survey to ongoing projects that could last for weeks or months.

Appen does look for a variety of skills. This can range from regular social media users to holders of a linguistics degree. Available opportunities may include search media evaluation, translation jobs , social media evaluation, transcription jobs , data collection and linguistics specialties.

The average hourly rate of pay ranges from $9 per hour to $30 per hour, depending on the complexity of the task and the required skill set.

14. Lionbridge

Lionbridge is a similar company and microtask platform as Appen. The tasks include website testing , search engine evaluation , quality rating, transcription, and translation. If you’re having difficulty finding work on Appen, Lionbridge is a good alternative.

However, you should be aware that it is against the Terms of Service to simultaneously work for Lionbridge and Appen, so you’ll need to choose one or the other.

You can expect to earn $8 to $14 per hour, depending on the task. Just be aware that the microtask jobs and working hours can be just as volatile as Appen.

15. FancyHands

FancyHands is one of the most popular platforms for the gig economy. It’s particularly good if you want to find work as a virtual assistant . Virtual assistant jobs on FancyHands include scheduling appointments, data entry jobs, making travel arrangements, and making calls on behalf of a client.

Being a virtual assistant is considered one of the higher-paying micro jobs, making it an easier way to scale your income and develop a decent-paying side hustle. The great thing is that you can work for multiple VA clients, to create a part-time or even full-time income .

The FancyHands tasks typically pay $3 to $7, but if you work with the same client, there is the potential to earn more. Payments are made twice a week via Dwolla. However, you need to have an audio headset to get jobs on the platform.

16. GrindaBuck

GrindaBuck is a rewards site where you can complete a variety of minor tasks. This includes taking surveys, participating in offers, watching video clips, and Paid to Click. The latter task requires that you visit websites from a list and remain on the site for less than a minute. You’ll only earn one cent for this task, but it is remarkably easy.

You can receive your earnings via Bitcoin, PayPal, or gift cards . After your first redemption of at least $10, you can cash out at any time as long as you have money in your account. You can expect to receive your funds in less than 12 hours after cashing out.

17. Field Agent

Field Agent specializes in market research tasks. The platform helps companies explore their brand visibility and store functions. You may be tasked to check product prices, give your opinions on specific products, answer questions about competitor marketing, or verify if a special display is correctly set up.

Tasks typically pay $3 to $20, depending on the complexity of the task and the time required. You will accumulate earnings on your account until you’re ready to cash out. There are no minimum redemption levels, and you can request a prepaid debit card or bank transfer.

ySense is a mix of micro task website and survey platform. You can make money online participating in surveys, watching videos, or downloading offers. This allows for jobs for everyone according to their interests and preferences.

The tasks can earn you anything from a few cents to a couple of dollars, depending on the difficulty level. You’ll also receive a $5 bonus for every $50 of tasks you complete. There are also contests where you could win $50 in the weekly draw.

You can redeem your earnings via PayPal or with a variety of gift card options. The redemption rewards start at just $3.

19. Remotasks

Remotasks is a more recent entry in the world of microtask websites, and they typically pay less than companies such as Lionbridge and Appen on average. However, the entry requirements are less stringent, and the tasks tend to be less complex.

You can earn money online performing tasks such as data collection, moderating content, transcription, image annotation, and identifying spam. You’re likely to earn less than $10 per hour, but payments are made via PayPal, so you can quickly access your earnings.

20. Task Rabbit

Task Rabbit is a little different than many of the short task sites we’ve listed here, as you can use it to find offline jobs in your local area. This can include delivering packages, cleaning, gardening, food deliveries , and other errands in your neighborhood or nearby locations.

You can also register to get email or mobile alerts of tasks that come up in your locality.

The average Task Rabbit worker earns $110 per month, but if you live in an area where demand is high, you may be able to earn far more.

21. EasyShift

EasyShift allows you to connect to “shifts” or work in stores in your local area. You can get paid to eat, shop, or otherwise explore your city. There are new shifts every day, and you can simply search the map to find and reserve a shift that appeals to you. Each shift typically requires less than 15 minutes, and you can earn $4 to $20 per shift.

You’ll receive payment for your shifts as a direct deposit in your PayPal approximately 48 hours after the shift is approved.

There is no application process to join EasyShift, and you can work flexible hours to suit your schedule. There are also additional “perks” when you complete various shifts.

22. GigWalk  

GigWalk operates completely through its app. You don’t need to log onto a website to fill out a timesheet or send any emails. All you need to start earning is the app and a compatible mobile phone.

You can browse the list of gigs and choose the ones that are of the most interest to you. These can take anywhere from a few minutes to a couple of hours, and you can earn $3 up to $100 per gig.

The GigWalk app links to your PayPal, so each time you finish a micro task and your work is approved, you’ll receive a direct payment.

23. AppJobber  

AppJobber is a crowdsourcing site that provides a fast and cost-effective way to collect commercial data. As a worker on the platform, you’ll be asked to complete microtasks on your smartphone.

Most of the tasks are geared towards retail, so you may need to take pictures of certain retailers, confirm the price of the day from a specific retailer, validate addresses, or even check on local road networks.

You’ll earn at least $1 per task, but you will need to leave your home for most tasks. However, if you’re already out and about in your local area, the tasks should be easy to slot into your day.

24. Humanatic  

Humanatic is a company that listens, reviews, and sorts phone calls that need to be examined for various businesses to assess quality assurance. As a “Human” or contractor for the platform, you’ll be required to listen to calls and put them in the correct category. This is a relatively simple task, but it does require good attention to detail and some patience.

Your earning potential depends on the call category you specify. The lowest-paying categories offer $0.06 to $0.10 per task. However, you will be allocated an accuracy rating, which will earn you a higher rate of pay. Payments are processed every Monday via PayPal, but you need to have a minimum of $10 in your account, or you’ll need to wait until the next pay cycle.

Frequently Asked Questions

Microtasks are small jobs that can be completed in just a few minutes or less. Most of them can be done online. It’s a very flexible, although not very lucrative, way to make extra cash in your spare time.

It depends on your situation. Microtasking certainly isn’t a side hustle that offers high income potential that you’ll get with another online job, but it does provide infinite flexibility and anyone can do it (no experience or particular skill required). If you’re looking to maximize your income and you have other options, short task sites may not be your best option. But if you’re looking for a flexible way to make extra money online whenever you have a few minutes to spare, micro job sites could provide the right side hustle.

It depends on the task and the platform, but most will pay less than $1 per task. You’ll need to complete a lot of tasks to earn a decent amount of money, but thankfully, each task can be completed very quickly.

The sites we’ve covered in this article are your best options. Clickworkers and Mechanical Turk are the biggest in the industry. Appen and Lionbridge are also popular, but the availability of work is not constant.

The average worker will earn anywhere from $2.50/hr to $10/hr.

Clickworker users make an average of about $8/hr.

Workers on Amazon’s Mechanical Turk (MTurk) earn about $2/hr – $8/hr.

Final Thoughts on Microtask Websites

As you can see, there are some legit microtask opportunities out there. You certainly won’t earn a high hourly rate, but you’ll love the flexibility and the possibility to earn extra cash whenever you have a few minutes to spare. Check out the different options on our list to find the best micro jobs for you, and you’re sure to discover something that interests you and can offer the opportunity for additional income. Microtasking isn’t for everyone, but it can be a good fit in the right situation.

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10 Best Sites to Make Money Doing Online Tasks (2023 Update)

make money doing online tasks

Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links. We may receive a commission when you click on them, but this is at no extra cost to you. Read our privacy policy for more information.

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Whether you are staying at home with the kids, are retired, disabled, or just need some extra cash in addition to your full-time job – you can work online doing online tasks on a variety of websites.

All of these can be done from home on your computer and a few can be done on your phone, but they all require you to complete tasks.

Tasks such as website verification, data entry, phone call reviewing, blog posting, accounting, and a whole slew of professional and non-professional work.

Here are 10+ sites that help you make money doing online tasks:

Table of Contents

1. Survey Sites & Apps

This is the easiest way to earn money doing tasks plus you get bonus money just for signing up.

The tasks include doing surveys, watching videos, shopping, checking out offers, and more.

The highest paying ones are:

  • Survey Junkie – It’s possible to make up to $18 an hour doing surveys only.
  • Swagbucks – Start with a $5 bonus and there are many tasks to choose.
  • LifePoints – High-paying surveys that are actually interesting.
  • Ibotta – Earn cash taking a picture of your receipt.
  • TopCashback – Earn cash back on online purchases.

2. Amazon Mechanical Turk

Amazon has their own task work site called Mechanical Turk (mTurk).

You do a variety of small tasks online that vary from website searching, transcription, image verification, data verification, and a bunch more.

You can set your own hours or come and go as you please but they do limit how many tasks you can do in a period.

Pay is varied depending on the task and the length of work.

Some pay 2¢ a task that’s done quickly to $1 or more for the longer ones.

Some have earned a full-time income on mTurk, but the average is $50 – $100 a week, depending on the amount of work you do.

This is different from your typical task listing sites, on Fiverr you create gigs to offer to other people.  People sell everything from writing services, design services, voice over services, to making phone calls, and videos and so much more.

It’s called Fiverr because these gigs are sold for $5 each. Doesn’t sound like much money does it? But with each gig you can add “extras” for an additional fee. Some people actually have made a full-time living off of Fiverr .

4. ClickWorker

Get paid on Clickworker for writing, translating, researching and collecting data, and other tasks. The types of tasks that are available is based on your qualifications. Qualifications are determined by assessments given during the registration process and on previously completed work.

You decide your own schedule, choose the tasks and how many you want to do. The pay depends on how fast you work but good workers and big tasks can earn an average of $9 an hour. You get paid seven days after the job’s completion, either to PayPal or a bank account.

5. OneSpace

Another quick task site doing surveys, copywriting, quality assurance, foreign language transcription and more. If you pass qualifying tests you can work on higher paying tasks.

This site pays you daily after approving your completed work. Pay is usually not more than 10¢ each task, but for writing tasks the pay is about  2¢ to 3.5¢ a word.

6. Fancy Hands

Fancy Hands is more of a virtual assistant portal and you can work on any device on your own schedule to assist people with two types of tasks – standard and live.

Standard tasks are those posted that need to be answered within 24 hours (earlier is best), and live tasks are where you’re connected to a client right away through SMS text or web chat.

Each task usually only takes 20 minutes but some can be longer. Simple things such as making appointments, researching quotes, making a trip itinerary, and other similar work. Tasks are worth anywhere from $3.00 to $7.00 per task

The jobs on this site aren’t exactly short tasks. But you can work as a transcriber, translator, or captioner. You can create your own schedule, work anytime, and pick your projects.

The pay range for translators is 5¢ to 7¢ per word. For transcribers, it’s.40¢ to 65¢ per audio minute, and for closed captioners, it’s 40¢ to 75¢ per audio minute. Deposits are made to your PayPal account weekly.

8. User Testing

This is a different type of task site where your job is to test various websites. You work on their platform and surf a client’s website and see how well you can navigate around. You’ll need a PC or a Mac and a working microphone for this job.

Website testers get paid $10 for each completed test. A test consists of a 20-minute recording and answers to four follow-up written questions.

9. Rapid Worker

This site is geared towards students to earn money doing quick online tasks. The online tasks include: voting on YouTube, following someone on social media, posting reviews, blogging about a client’s product, signing up for online games, creating emails, and many more.

You get paid when the client marks the completed task as “satisfied”, otherwise you won’t get paid. Payment depends on the task but usually is about $1 – $3 per hour. Payments are made 8 days after you request a withdrawal.

10. Click ‘n Work

This is a global company that has online tasks in data entry, research, interviewing and other professional related jobs. These are more stringent and top professional work tasks so you do have to pass specific qualifying tests to be accepted for certain tasks though.

Pay depends on the clients offers but two factors affect the rate – the more skilled and experienced needed the higher the pay, and the urgency to complete the task. You send Click ‘N Work your invoice at the end of the month and they calculate the rest and the funds are either deposited into your bank account or by check.

Instead of doing tasks on this website, you earn money by giving advice through chat, phone or by answering questions that have been posted online. Questions relating to cars and trucks, cell phones, appliances, clothing, art and media, social media, and pretty much anything out there.

You work your way up several “levels” and earn points as well and your advice has to be “liked” in order to get paid. Pay is between $2 and $10 depending on the mode through which the questions are answered.

13. GigBucks

This site is similar to Fiverr where you offer gigs as a tech-savvy or creative person. Gigs such as digital marketing, programming, singing, music gigs, translation, SEO marketing and other professional jobs.

Payments are usually around $5 but can go as high as $50 depending on the task performed.

14. Just Answer

This is an expert answer site for professionals. You answer questions posted by users and if your answer is satisfactory, you get paid. They are always looking for experts in a variety of categories such as law, taxes and finance, medicine, mechanical and electronical, computers, and more.

The pay depends on the number of questions you answer but they claim that top experts can earn thousands of dollars a month. A bonus for working here is that you can earn a $50 Amazon card for referring other experts to this site.

15. Humanatic

The only task offered on Humanatic is reviewing and sorting phone calls. You can review calls at anytime on your own schedule, but the amount of calls available to review depend on the time of day, their largest volume of calls is between 7 am – 7 pm Eastern time.

The pay varies depends on your skill level and what type of phone call was reviewed. You can make anywhere from $1 to $4.50 an hour and payment are to your PayPal once you accumulate $10.

16. Micro Workers

There’s a huge variety of tasks offered on this site, anything from surveys, data mining, content moderation, data annotation, categorization, and research among others.

You do need to keep up a certain “success rate” in order to continue working here. You can climb different levels to earn more, but the average admitted by current workers is about $5 – $7 an hour. Payments are sent twice a week on Wednesdays and Sundays.

17. OneSpace

CrowdSpace is slowly becoming OneSpace, the work you’ll find on OneSpace are similar to those posted at Amazon Mturk but offer more tasks, like transcription, image tagging, web categorization, accounting and more business and professional tasks.

The pay is the same as on CrowdSpace – about 10¢ each with writing being between 2¢ a word to 3.5¢ a word.

18. Figure Eight

Lastly, this site is formerly known as CrowdFlower, Figure Eight offers tasks such as categorizing social media, moderate content, transcribe audio, and more.

The pay on this site averages between $2- $3 per hour, but the more skilled you are, the more tasks you can accomplish and it’s possible to earn $500 a month.

It’s possible to join several sites and designate some time to each one for more earning opportunities in tasks you prefer to work on. As some of these sites mentioned, it’s possible to make full-time earnings but the reality is a lot less. They’re still good for making some extra money in your spare time though.

For a variety of other money-making ideas check out these posts:

  • 14 Ways to Make Money Online
  • 12 Online Tutoring Jobs – Earn $10 to $30 Per Hour
  • 8 Companies that Hire for Online Resume Writer Jobs

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Make money in your spare time Get paid for completing simple tasks

Want to make money in your spare time? Become an Amazon Mechanical Turk (MTurk) Worker and start applying your skills to the thousands of available tasks in the MTurk marketplace.

While computing technology continues to improve, there are still many things that people can do much more effectively than computers. These include tasks such as identifying objects in a photo or video, performing data de-duplication, transcribing audio recordings or researching data details.

Learn more about common tasks available below

Image/Video Processing

While difficult for computers, it is extremely easy for humans to analyze images. In the past, Workers have helped complete image processing tasks such as:

Tagging objects found in an image to improve search or advertising targeting

Helping companies select the best picture to represent a product

Audit user-uploaded images or videos to moderate content

Classifying and identify objects found in satellite imagery

Data Verification and Clean-up

Companies with large online directories or catalogs use MTurk to identify duplicate entries and verify item details. Workers help clean and verify data by:

Removing duplicate content from business listings

Identifying incomplete or duplicate product listings in a catalog

Verifying restaurant details such as phone numbers or hours of operation

Converting unstructured data about locations into well-formed addresses

Information Gathering

Workers help companies collect and edit information by:

Answering questions from a computer or mobile device about any topic

Filling out market research or survey data on a variety of topics

Writing content for websites

Finding specific fields or data elements in large legal and government documents

Data Processing

Workers help companies understand and respond to different types of data by:

Editing and transcribing audio content

Translating content from one language to another

Rating the accuracy of search results

Categorizing information based on instructions

  • Writing Jobs Online Writing Jobs
  • Short Tasks Online Short Task Jobs
  • Academic Jobs
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Online Selling
  • News & Tips

6 Websites where you get paid to do Short Tasks

  • by Michelle
  • November 7, 2021

6 Websites where you get paid to do Short Tasks

Nowadays internet is a treasure trove for people who want to make money online. There are so many websites where you can get paid to do short tasks. Most of these websites offer different types of small and easy micro tasks for users to work and earn money.

These short tasks can include anything from taking surveys to editing pictures to watching videos and more. There’s is enough work for everyone and the best thing is that anyone familiar with the internet can do it.

Working online on small tasks is one of the best and quickest ways to make money. Users can make their own schedule and the work is mostly flexible. Also the tasks aren’t too hectic and the pay varies according to the nature of tasks. To save your time searching for the best sites, we have complied a list of top six websites through which you can earn money.

List of Short Tasks Websites

Here’s a list of Websites that pay you to do easy short tasks:

Mechanical Turk is basically an online market place that allows its users to complete small tasks and make money. The tasks that users perform are known as HITs (Human Intelligence Tasks). Mturk works by connecting the requester with workers who complete these requested tasks for a fee specified against each HIT by the requester. The more you work on HIT’s accurately, the more your ratings as a worker will increase and eventually increase the likelihood of getting more tasks.

Payment Details

Mechanicalturk is a crowdsourcing platform where users can get paid for performing and completing simple tasks. These micro-tasks include tagging images, audio transcription, data collection, etc. Anyone can work on Remotasks, however, the only requirement is to be fluent in English. Users can unlock more tasks by giving small tests/exams. The more exams you take the more micro tasking opportunities will be open to you. To know more about Remotasks check out their FAQ page .


ClickWorker is a website that enables users to earn online by performing tasks that are available on the website. The tasks range from simple online surveys to writing an essay to categorization and tagging etc. The users can work through a web browser and may select tasks based on the price offered. To know more about Clickworker check their FAQ page .


Rewardy is a rewarding chatbot that offers gift cards for completing simple tasks right from your favorite messenger application. The tasks include downloading apps, watching videos, etc. The app is designed to be an all-in-one assistant, allowing you to explore new awesome games and apps and to get points for using them.


The Smart Crowd is an online freelancing platform that provides its users with a variety of small tasks. These tasks include data entry, research work, translation, etc. The small tasks are pretty easy to do and are mostly standard stuff. The best part is that the platform allows you to work any time and anywhere by creating your own flexible schedule.



FigureEight is a data collection and data mining company that offers a data enrichment platform for their clients from all over the world. The company offers a great opportunity for users from all over the world to join their system as a contributor. You can make money online by doing micro-tasking and completing simple data-oriented tasks.


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17 thoughts on “6 Websites where you get paid to do Short Tasks”

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Great list! I remember working on some of these sites when I first started working from home. They don’t pay much but it adds to the bottom line. 🙂

' data-src=

remo task requires you to create an account using Facebook, unfortunately.

' data-src=

Yes, that’s true. But that’s not usually a problem for most people.

' data-src=

is there any problem, if i open an account on remotasks using google account instead of Facebook account

Not really. You can use both options.

' data-src=

Can you create a Remotask account for me, unfortunately my country does not allow me to create one

' data-src=

We understand your situation. Unfortunately, we’re unable to create an account on your behalf as it goes against their terms and conditions.

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which is the best and makes money quick??

It depends on the platform and your skill-set.

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Thanks for sharing the post. I will try.

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Some great sites! I will be definitely joining a few! Thanks for sharing!

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Thank you Denise

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Please can you advice me on MTurk, i am considering going for it what do you recommend

The gigs available at Mturk are usually very easy to do and you don’t need to be tech savvy to complete those gigs. You should create an account and work on the projects that seem easy to do.

' data-src=

Can I get any task provider that pays through Skrill?Thanks

Hi, you will have to check which of these platforms pays through Skrill. They keep updating their payment options, so keep a look out for it.

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The 16 Best Sites Like Remotasks (High-Paying List!)

Posted on December 5, 2023 - Tom Blake - This post may contain affiliate links that compensate us if you click or sign up. Please read our affiliate disclaimer for more information.

In the world of micro job sites, Remotasks is one of the most popular platforms. It has over 240,000 taskers across 90+ countries, and it’s a flexible, easy way to begin making money from home.

However, using several microtask websites is often the best way to maximize earnings. And for some people, just sticking with Remotasks isn’t paying enough.

So in this post, I’m covering some of the best sites like Remotasks you can use to earn extra cash in your spare time.

I’ve been using and testing out these types of websites for years. If you want legit alternatives to Remotasks, this is the post for you.

Looking for more quick money ideas? Checkout :

  • Swagbucks : A fun way to earn gift cards and free PayPal money!
  • AttaPoll : A legit and high-paying survey app!

Table of Contents

The Best Sites Like Remotasks

If you’re looking for sites like Remotasks , you’re in luck. Plenty of digital side hustles and legit online jobs let you make money in your spare time by completing short online tasks. Let’s dive into some of the best options:

Out of all the sites like Remotasks, Appen is one of the best ones to start with since it’s globally available and often pays $7 to $12 per hour or more for completing short tasks.

I’ve used Appen in the past, and it’s an excellent option to earn money online for beginners due to the variety of tasks it offers.


Some of the types of projects you can complete on Appen include :

  • Transcription
  • Translation
  • Data entry 
  • Social media moderation
  • Search engine evaluation

Appen workers are paid monthly towards the end of the month. After you invoice Appen for your hours, it processes payments via PayPal or Payoneer within 30 days.

Overall, sites like Appen can’t replace a full-time income. But this is one of the highest-paying sites like Remotasks that you can use.

2. Branded Surveys

Another reputable website like Remotasks you can use to get money quickly is Branded Surveys .

This leading paid survey site lets you get free PayPal cash and gift cards for sharing your opinion. It’s free to sign up for and is available in Canada, Australia, the UK, and the United States .

Branded Surveys website

I’ve been using Branded Surveys for over a year, and it pays on time and is easy to use. Plus, you only need $5 to cash out, which doesn’t take very long to earn.

I also like Branded Surveys since it has a new mobile app, which is a nice and simple job you can do with a phone . Overall, this is a simple-yet-effective Remotasks alternative. If you want fast payments, I suggest trying it out.

Sign up for Branded Surveys!

3. Clickworker

As one of the largest Remotasks alternatives on this list, Clickworker has over 2 million task workers across 190 different countries. 

If you want to complete short tasks from home to get paid in cash, Clickworker is an excellent beermoney site to try.


It also offers a flexible schedule, competitive pay, and no minimum required hours. Jobs you can complete with sites like Clickworker are similar to Remotasks and lets you complete tasks like :

  • Web research
  • Gathering customer insights
  • Doing surveys for money
  • Maintaining product data
  • Basic SEO tasks

To get started on Clickworker, applicants need to create a profile and finish a brief qualification exam. Approval doesn’t take too long, and then you’re ready to hustle and earn.

Clickworker pays you via Payoneer, SEPA, and PayPal, so it’s also quite flexible in terms of how you get paid.

4. Swagbucks

Like Branded Surveys , another easy and popular website you can use is Swagbucks .

I’ve also been using Swagbucks as a side hustle since my time in college. I’ve cashed out dozens of times since then, and it’s a nice way to snag a free gift card or some PayPal cash without much effort.

Swagbucks sign up

Like Remotasks, Swagbucks has a number of ways you can earn money, including :

  • Completing surveys and short polls
  • Earning money by playing games
  • Surfing the web
  • Downloading apps for money

Plenty of gift cards only take $1 to redeem, and PayPal prizes start at just $5. Plus, Swagbucks usually has a sign-up bonus for new members to help them cash out faster.

Make money with Swagbucks!

5. Amazon MTurk

Amazon Mechanical Turk  is a microtask site where businesses and individuals can outsource a variety of tasks to get the work done quickly and more affordably.

It’s probably one of the best-known sites like Remotasks since it’s run by Amazon. And it’s available in over 40 countries at the time of writing .


MTurk also lets you complete a variety of tasks for cash, including :

  • AI training help
  • Confirming information

You can cash out to your bank account or with free Amazon gift cards. Overall, sites like MTurk are a popular way to make money with Amazon , and you won’t find a shortage of jobs since this platform is so popular.

6. Freecash

Freecash is a newer rewards website I’ve been testing out lately. And if you want a variety of ways to earn, this is the site for you.

With Freecash, you can make money by completing surveys, watching ads , shopping online, and playing cash games . And the best part is that it only takes you $5 to cash out.

Freecash website

The variety of rewards is also top notch. For example, you can cash out with PayPal, crypto, dozens of gift cards, and even more unique prizes like Steam games. Plus, it also has a referral program that pays you to invite your friends.

Try out Freecash today!

7. Microworkers

Another large microtask platform like Remotasks is Microworkers . Boasting over 3.4 million workers worldwide, this online agency helps connect companies to workers for help with a variety of tasks. 


Examples of tasks you can complete include :

  • Evaluating content 
  • Data matching
  • Data mining
  • Data tagging
  • Transcription 

Microworkers can receive payment in a variety of ways including Payoneer, PayPal money , Skrill, Transpay, Onto, and more.

You probably won’t make $100 a day or anything like that with this site. But it’s a reliable alternative to Remotasks and is incredibly similar.

8. Kashkick

Do you want to answer surveys and play video games for cash ? If the answer is yes, then Kashkick is an excellent website to try out.

This rewards website lets you earn PayPal money for playing games and answering short surveys. It’s available in the United States, and it’s completely free to sign up .


I like using Kashkick since many of the paid gaming offers pay $10 to $25 or more, so it’s a pretty high-paying site. And besides, playing games for cash is a pretty fun side hustle idea .

It takes $10 to cash out, and ultimately, Kashkick is a great website like Remotasks if you want to focus on playing games for cash.

Sign up for Kashkick or read my Kashkick review for more information.

9. Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie is another leading survey website, and it’s a great site if you want to share your opinion to get paid.

This survey site is available in North America and Australia and is completely free to sign up for. Once you’re a member, you then complete short surveys to earn cash .


Like many other leading gpt websites , you only need $5 to cash out. And Survey Junkie lets you redeem PayPal money or gift cards to companies like Amazon, Target, Uber Eats , and Walmart.

Surveys are the only way to make money, so Survey Junkie isn’t as versatile as Remotasks. But it’s legitimate and pays on time, and it’s very beginner-friendly.

Start making money with Survey Junkie!

10. iSoftStone

iSoftStone is a A Chinese-based firm that provides a variety of business and IT management services, and it uses microtask workers to help their clients achieve their goals.

The platform is incredibly similar to jobs like Remotasks and Appen. As a iSoftStone worker, you can apply to various part-time jobs and make money online in your spare time .


With multiple offices and warehouses worldwide, iSoftStone is also very globally friendly. So, it could be an excellent Remotasks alternative if other options on this list aren’t available where you live.

Workers who work with iSoftStone are paid via direct deposit or through PayPal.

11. Lionbridge

Like Remotasks, another reputable site you can complete short online tasks to earn with is Lionbridge.

Recognized as a best large employer by Forbes magazine, Lionbridge offers microtask work opportunities in a variety of areas. 


Some of the tasks you can get paid for completing include :

  • Content services like writing
  • AI services like moderating content and data annotation
  • Testing services

Lionbridge also pays U.S. workers bi-weekly via direct deposit. If you’re an international worker, Lionbridge pays you monthly via wire transfer.

12. UserTesting

UserTesting is another microtask site like Remotasks that lets you make money by testing websites and apps.

After creating a free account, users take a practice test as a part of their application to join this network. This practice test is unpaid, but future tests are eligible for payment, and you typically earn $10 per 15 minute test you complete .


This is a very high hourly rate, and testing sessions are simple. All you have to do is provide feedback while testing out apps and websites that are in development.

All UserTesting workers are paid in $USD via PayPal. Workers outside the U.S. can convert their payments to their local currency. However, you need a PayPal account to make money with UserTesting.

You can also test out other sites like UserTesting , such as PlaytestCloud or UserCrowd , if you like this Remotasks alternative! And my UserTesting review has even more details about this side hustle.

13. InboxDollars

InboxDollars is another money-making site you can use instead of Remotasks to earn free cash and gift cards in your spare time.

The site is available to people living in the United States, and it’s actually a sister-site to Swagbucks.


What I like about InboxDollars is that it offers numerous ways to earn, including :

  • Paid surveys
  • Watching advertisements
  • Searching the web
  • Completing short polls

New members also enjoy an instant $5 sign-up bonus , and you can cash out with PayPal or gift cards after earning $15.

Plenty of download and gaming offers are quite lucrative, so I definitely suggest checking out this Remotasks competitor.

Sign up for InboxDollars   or check out my review of InboxDollars for more info.

Neevo is an online crowdsourcing company that works on improving artificial intelligence by working with task workers.

While not as large as some of the other sites on this list, it still provides microtask gig opportunities and pays you with PayPal cash.


Neevo currently pays through PayPal but is working on other payment methods. And you can cash out your Neevo earnings once you reach $3. 

Payment typically takes two weeks after a task is completed, but can occasionally take longer, so keep this in mind.

15. Respondent

Respondent is a recruitment platform that connects researchers with participants to help researchers with their studies. And as a research participant, you can earn $100 to $200 or more for taking part in various studies.


The reason hourly rates are so high is because many respondent studies are seeking specific feedback from certain demographics. For example, one study might just be for plumbers, while another could be targeting executives or people working in marketing.

This rate means that Respondent pays much more than Remotasks. However, it’s difficult to find consistent work, which is the platform’s downside.

But if you like these types of research gigs, you can also check out Prolific Surveys and Pinecone research for even more opportunities.

16. TranscribeMe

One final job like Remotasks you can use is TranscribeMe , a leading transcription job website .

If you have accurate typing skills, TranscribeMe could be a good fit for you as a microtask website. This transcription service has gig workers provide audio and video transcriptions, and you get paid per audio hour you complete .


While no minimum typing speed is required, if you’re able to type quickly and accurately, you could make money doing transcription.

New transcribers with TranscribeMe average $15 in USD per one hour of audio. The term audio hour refers to the length of the audio and not the amount of time spent on the project. Different projects and teams may pay higher rates.

Also note that TranscribeMe pays workers with PayPal at this time. You can also consider if you like this sort of work.

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Tips For Using Remotasks Alternatives

Now that you know some of the top sites like Remotasks, I want to share some tips that I’ve found helpful to earn more money online over the years:

  • Set An Income Goal : How much do you want to make with this side gig? Setting a daily or weekly income goal can help you stay consistent and on track.
  • Use Several Websites : Using several websites helps you pick the highest-paying offers and make more money. So, test out  Branded Surveys , Clickworker, and the other options on this list to see what works for you.
  • Set Some Expectations : Microtask sites like Remotasks can’t replace a full-time income for most people. Use these sites to make $20 a day or something similar, but don’t expect to earn thousands.

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Final Thoughts

I hope my list of the best sites like Remotasks helps you boost your income with a variety of flexible side hustles.

If you’re looking to make money online, but don’t have a lot of time, microtask sites could be exactly what you’re looking for. These freelance gigs are jobs you can do at home, and you can plan it around your schedule.

However, like many side hustles, microtask websites don’t always have steady work, so it can be prudent to be a member of more than one website to have maximum opportunities.

Ultimately, I think these websites are legit ways to earn money with your laptop while you take it easy at home.

If you want some higher-paying opportunities, I suggest checking out my post on the best online jobs that pay you weekly .

Looking for even more ways to make money? Checkout :

  • How To Earn $5,000 Per Month .
  • The Best Ways To Make Money In One Hour .

Tom Blake

Tom is a full-time blogger and freelance writer with a passion for side hustling, passive income, and the gig economy. His work has appeared on dozens of personal finance websites like Money Crashers, The College Investor, Investor Junkie, and more. This Online World is all about providing people with honest ways to make and save more money by using technology. To learn more about Tom, read his About Page !

If you’re interested in freelance writing services or want to partner with This Online World, please use our contact page to get in touch!

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1. Convert your passion into money

A tool to help support the creator economy and the gig economy, Festi is an easy, fast and free way to earn money. Using Festi’s payment platform, creators can charge for online classes from anywhere at any time. “For example, if you are a fitness instructor and realize you have an hour to work out at the end of the day (or the next morning), you can post a pop-up workout (in person or on Zoom) and charge people to join you,” says founder Rita Ting-Hopper. Two of the top users are Bolivian sisters Jaz and Gabriela , who post high-intensity dance fitness classes. “With Festi, you can turn any idea into a business by posting your offer in literally minutes,” says Ting-Hopper. “There is no need to create a website, figure out a payment system or chase down Venmos to get paid.”

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2. Make music

Have some musical talent? Check out Songfinch , which makes it possible for anyone to earn money by writing and producing music. Founded in 2016, Songfinch is backed by big industry names including The Weeknd, Quincy Jones and Doja Cat. Here’s how it works: People can order a personalized one-of-a-kind song from a Songfinch artist, from birthday jingles to holiday tunes to anniversary odes. The songwriters work on their own timeline and retain the full rights to everything they create. Some Songfinch artists have been able to earn up to $80,000 in one year.

3. Become a virtual assistant

As a virtual assistant, you can offer administrative, technical or creative services to clients from the comfort of your own home. And guess what—it pays well. You can find virtual assistant job opportunities through websites like Flexjobs , 24/7 Virtual Assistants and Fancy Hands .

4. Write a book

Whether you’re burning to pen the next great American novel or just have an idea for an e-book that will teach someone how to do something, it’s easier to write a book than you think. Gone are the days of agents and book publishers. These days, self-publishing has become simple and profitable, thanks to sites like Barnes & Noble Press (a free service that lets you sell print or ebooks to millions of readers), Blurb (which helps you create, print and sell professional-quality photo books) and Lulu (a print-on-demand platform with free tools to help create, publish and sell your story).

5. Offer freelance services

Writing, editing, graphic design, coding, digital marketing, admin work—whatever skill you have, the options are endless when it comes to freelancing. But how to get the word out there? You can easily offer services to clients around the world via a number of websites that allow users to enjoy the freedom and flexibility of finding freelance work from anywhere across the globe to grow your brand—and your dreams. Some of the best online talent solutions for connecting businesses with freelancers include Fiverr , Upwork , Freelancer and Working Not Working .

Sites like TaskRabbit and Airtasker help skilled workers market themselves.

6. Market your skills

Or perhaps your skills are more hands-on, from handyman work to cleaning to moving to home remodeling to something as simple as waiting in line. TaskRabbit is a platform that connects people with skilled professionals who can complete various tasks, while Airtasker is a company that acts as a marketplace for services providers. Unlike the traditional gig economy, Airtasker uses a flex economy model, with its “Taskers” working wherever and whenever they want and determining how much they want to get paid.

7. Share your internet bandwidth

Here’s an interesting way to earn passive income: Honeygain , an app that allows you to make money online by sharing your Internet connection. How does it work? Install the application and make sure that it’s running in the background; the app will do the work for you. The shared connection is used for various business cases, including ad verification, price comparison and brand protection. According to Honeygain, the company takes privacy seriously and uses various encryption technologies to ensure that the data being transmitted through the platform is safe and protected. Users can increase their earnings by adding more devices and connecting them to different IP addresses, adding referrals, opening a “lucky pot” every day and participating in social media contests.

8. Get paid for your daily habits

The Mode Earn App enables people to earn passive income via their daily habits, such as listening to music, playing games, reading the news, shopping or watching videos, just to name a few. You just use your phone as normal and can earn $600 per year—or more—in supplemental income. There are 16 modes by which people can get paid.

9. Take surveys

These days, companies not only want to hear what you have to say—they want to pay you for sharing your thoughts on services, products and more. All you need to do is complete an online survey to get paid. Some of the best survey companies include Swagbucks , Survey Junkie , Qmee and Cash Karma .

10. Take part in a focus group

Taking the survey concept to the next level, online focus groups are a great way to make money from home or while traveling. Check out some of the more lucrative opportunities through companies like Respondent and User Interviews , both of which screen applicants to make sure that they have some kind of an in-demand expertise.

You can take care of pets and earn money online via Rover.

11. Take care of animals

The number of pet owners exploded during the pandemic , opening up a wealth of opportunities for people who are good with animals and want to earn some quick cash by cuddling and walking other people’s pets. Rover is an app that connects pet owners with sitters or walkers for part-time gigs. You can set your own schedule, set preferences for pets you’re comfortable playing with and arrange hassle-free payments.

12. Sell handmade products

Artisanship is bigger than ever, so if you have a talent for crafting and making handmade products (jewelry, home decor, you name it), there are a number of ways to sell it online and reach a global audience. Etsy is a well-known marketplace for creatives looking to sell products they’ve made, as well as vintage goods. Some other similar but lesser-recognized platforms for makers include Uncommon Goods and Aftcra .

13. Sell textile designs

Then there’s Spoonflower , a global marketplace that’s revolutionizing the textile industry with on-demand digital printing technology, allowing makers and independent artists across the world to market their designs via online wallpaper, home decor, fabric and more.

14. Market your design work

Do you have a talent for creating fonts, graphics or illustrations? Check out Creative Market , an online marketplace for community-generated design assets. You can sell your designs and reach millions of buyers or promote other artists and earn cash.

15. Take your designs to the next level

If you have a gift for design or illustration, you can make money online by using sites that will put your work on products and sell them for you on demand. For instance, with CafePress and Zazzle , you can upload your own graphic designs or text to wall art, T-shirts, stationery, mugs, totes, stickers and more and earn a percentage of the sales.

16. Create and sell an app

If you have a great idea for an app, you can develop it yourself without having to hire a programmer or agency by using a site like Appy Pie , which helps anyone create applications, websites, chatbots and more on any internet-connected device. Once the app is finished, you can sell it on the App Store or Google Play Store. If the app is a hit, it can be a lucrative way to earn passive income.

You can make money by doing online teaching and tutoring.

17. Do online tutoring

If you have a teaching background or expertise in a particular subject, you can offer online tutoring services. A huge perk: You can work from anywhere and set your own schedule. Check out websites like , Preply and Cambly .

18. Offer consulting services

It’s not just students that need help. If you have expertise in a particular area—business, nutrition, fitness, life—it’s easy to offer one-on-one coaching or consulting services to individuals or businesses. In the old days, this would be done through Skype or other video conferencing platforms, but that meant a lot of coordinating and marketing. New online platforms like Kajabi make everything easier by helping entrepreneurs create and host coaching programs.

19. Create and sell a course

Why not take your expertise and convert it into passive income by creating an e-course? This way, you only have to do the work once and anyone can take—and pay for—your class on their own time. You can create and sell courses on platforms like Gumroad , Udemy and Teachable .

20. Check out your digital subscriptions

With Rocket Money , you’ll be saving money—which can add up to making real money online. This site shows all your subscriptions and can save users hundreds of dollars every year, just by finding and cancelling subscriptions that aren’t being used.

You can make money online by being an online juror.

21. Become a (mock) juror

Talk about jury duty 2.0—now you can make money by being an online juror. A mock juror, that is. Here’s how it works: Attorneys hire mock juries to create an online focus group and see if their case will hold up in court. The place to find out about opportunities: OnlineVerdict or .

22. Start a blog

If you have a passion for writing and there’s a particular topic that you’re knowledgeable about, starting a blog can be a great way to earn money online. By creating quality content and building up a large audience, you can monetize your blog through advertising, sponsorships and affiliate marketing. A few of the best blogging platforms include GoDaddy , SquareSpace and Wix .

23. Start vlogging

If you’re more into creating videos and vlogging than blogging, you could start a YouTube channel, which is a great way to earn money online. By creating quality content and building up a large subscriber base, you can monetize your channel through advertising and sponsorships. Some other good vlogging platforms: Twitch and Filmless .

24. Sell photos and videos online

If you have a talent for photography or videography, you can sell your work online through websites like Shutterstock , iStock or Adobe Stock . These platforms allow you to upload your photos and videos and earn a percentage of the sales.

25. Offer translation services

If you are fluent in multiple languages, offering translation services is a no-brainier. The best websites for finding translation gigs include Unbabel and Gengo .

Another way to earn money online? Get rid of junk at home.

26. Sell stuff

You’d be surprised by how much stuff hanging around your house you can sell online, from books and electronics to clothing and home goods. It’s easy to reach a wide audience by setting up a seller account on eBay . Facebook Marketplace allows users to buy and sell items in their local community. And a lesser-known app, OfferUp , has modernized the Craigslist concept by allowing anyone to sell new or used items through its easy-to-use marketplace app. The streamlined process allows users to list an item on their phone in as little as 30 seconds. Although OfferUp gives users the choice to sell locally or nationwide, it mainly facilitates local transactions and sellers are normally paid in cash.

27. Start a dropshipping business

A dropshipping business allows you to sell products online without having to hold any inventory. You can set up a website and partner with suppliers who will handle the fulfillment of orders. A major clearinghouse for dropshipping is Shopify , which offers a one-stop solution.

28. Offer transcription services

If you have excellent typing skills and attention to detail, transcription is a great idea to consider. Sites like Rev and TranscribeMe hire freelancers to transcribe audio and video files into written documents, and—best of all—it can be done on your own time.

29. Offer proofreading and editing services

Are you a self-professed grammar geek or a former spelling bee champ? You can offer proofreading and editing services like reviewing written documents for errors and making necessary corrections. Find freelance opportunities on websites like ProofreadingPal and Gramlee .

Become a mystery shopper and earn money online.

30. Become a mystery shopper

Yes, it’s a thing. Sign up with Gigwalk , a mobile app that allows you to find quick jobs in your area posted by consumer brands and retailers looking for on-the-ground visibility into the conditions of their products or events. Most gigs require you to document your work and the product or event compliance (or noncompliance) through geo-tagged photos. A gig can take anywhere from five minutes to a few hours to complete, paying anywhere from $3 to $100.

31. Offer virtual event planning services

With the rise of remote work, many businesses and organizations are also creating virtual events. If you have experience with event planning, you can offer your services as a virtual event planner and help clients plan and execute successful online events.

32. Share your social media skills

Do you love TikTok and Instagram? Your social media skills might be marketable. There are not only businesses—but also individuals—looking for social media help.

33. Store stuff

If you’ve got an extra area that you’re not using like a garage or a basement, you can rent out the space through Neighbor and let people store their car or their junk. Then just watch the passive income roll in.

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Taking paid surveys online is an easy task you can do to earn money in your spare time.

Survey companies work with businesses that need feedback about new ideas or products before they hit the market. Survey takers earn cash for answering questions that will help brands improve their products.

Filling out surveys for cash can be worth your time if you sign up for the right survey sites and implement a few helpful tips.

All you need is an internet connection and a computer or mobile device to get started.

Best Sites to Take Paid Surveys

Registering with too many companies can lead to contact overwhelm, making it difficult for you to find the best opportunities. Rather than sifting through the myriad of options, stick with the ones that fit your demographics and availability. 

1. Branded Surveys

Branded Surveys holds a 4.1 out of 5-star rating with Trustpilot with over 82,000 user reviews. The parent company, Branded Research, has been conducting market research since 2012.

When you register as a new member , you’ll earn 50 points, then another 50 points will be credited to your account after filling out your profile (a $1 sign up bonus in total).

branded surveys registration bonus

Once your account is created, you can immediately start taking surveys, which can be worth up to $5 each. After you reach 1,000 points (equal to $10 USD), you can cash out your earnings in your local currency (USD, CAD, GBP).

Branded Surveys’ loyalty program, Branded Elite, offers the opportunity for anyone to earn bonus points on a weekly basis. You can increase your bonus amount by advancing through Bronze, Silver, and Gold tiers. To advance, you must complete a certain number of approved surveys, and your bonus is based on your badge level.

I earned $7.41 and nearly reached the Silver badge tier within the first 2 hours of using the platform. 

branded surveys enhanced dashboard shows how many paid online surveys are available to member users

Additional ways to collect Branded Survey points include inviting friends to join, taking the daily poll, ranking on the leaderboard, and being randomly selected for up to 1,000 points. Learn more in our Branded Surveys review .

  • Where it’s available: United States, Canada, and the UK
  • Age requirements: 16+ years old
  • Average earnings: $0.50 to $3 per survey
  • Payment method: Branded Pay (direct deposit in the United States), PayPal cash, gift cards, prepaid Visa card, or charitable donations
  • Minimum to cash out: 1,000 points

   Trust: ★★★★★

   # of Surveys: ★★★★☆

   Compensation: ★★★★★

   Cash out process: ★★★★★

2. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is a paid survey site owned and operated by Prodege, LLC. Perhaps the most popular survey site in the world, it holds a 4.4 rating on the App store with 96,000+ reviews, and a 4.3 rating on Google Play with an additional 127,000 reviews. 

Completed surveys pay between 1 and 350 Swagbucks (also called SBs), depending on the length and topic popularity. For every 100 SBs, you’ll earn an additional $1 that can be redeemed for PayPal cash or gift cards to places like Amazon, Lowe’s, and Target.

New Swagbucks members will receive a $10 signup bonus after spending at least $25 at one of the site’s featured retailers like Amazon, Best Buy, or Walmart.

Swagbucks Gold Surveys

Paid online surveys are not the only way to make money with Swagbucks. The company awards its members SBs to shop online, search the web , and watch videos. You can start redeeming your earnings as soon as you reach 160 points.

In three days of passively using the platform, I accrued 256 points — roughly equivalent to $2.56. Over a thirty-day period with a similar effort, I’d expect to earn around $25.

The more SBs you accumulate, the higher the value of the gift card you can redeem. You can unlock more store options and find gift cards to places like Starbucks, Walmart, and iTunes. Learn more about the company in our Swagbucks review .

  • Where it’s available: Most countries in the Americas, Asia, and Europe, and some areas in Africa
  • Age requirements: 13+ years old
  • Average earnings: $0.40 to $2 per survey
  • Payment method: PayPal cash or gift cards
  • Minimum to cash out: $1 in gift cards or $3 in PayPal cash

3. InboxDollars

InboxDollars has been in business since 2006 and was acquired by Prodege, LLC back in 2019. They hold a B rating with the BBB. According to its website, the company has paid more than $80 million to its members.

InboxDollars users accumulate earnings in cash instead of points, which makes it easy to know how much you’ll earn before committing to a task. Most paid opportunities offer a small amount of money, but the more surveys you take, the more you can earn. 

It’s free to sign up and get started with InboxDollars, and you will get a $5 bonus once you activate your account. You’ll then answer a few simple questions about your income, race, education, and other demographic information. This initial screening will help InboxDollars match you with relevant paid surveys.

InboxDollars Daily List

Other ways you can earn money with InboxDollars include watching video ads , playing games, and shopping online at stores like Target, Walmart, and eBay.

I earned mere pennies playing the games currently available over the course of 30 minutes but brought in $1.50 taking the paid surveys available to me after registering (l earn more about the experience in our InboxDollars review ) .

  • Where it’s available: United States, United Kingdom (InboxPounds)
  • Age requirements: 18+ years old
  • Average earnings: $0.50 to $5.00 per survey and up to $10 and $20 or more for people in certain demographics
  • Payment method: PayPal, e-gift cards, prepaid Visa card, charitable donation, or check in the mail
  • Minimum to cash out: $10

Trust: ★★★★☆

# of Surveys: ★★★★☆

Compensation: ★★★★☆

Cash out process: ★★★☆☆

4. Opinion Outpost

To get paid to take surveys with Opinion Outpost, you will need to complete the initial screening . You’ll have to answer questions about things like your education level, work status, and the number of children you have. Then you’ll complete a questionnaire based on recent events like whether you’ve taken your pet to the vet or watched a movie in theaters. Opinion Outpost will ask duplicate questions along the way to make sure you’re answering honestly.

Most surveys are worth 3 to 30 points. You can cash out for free Amazon gift cards or $10 iTunes or App Store gift cards, or a $10 PayPal credit. Alternatively, at 30 points you can unlock games on or join the MileagePlus Program to use your points toward travel credits. You’ll need at least 105 points to receive 300 Award Miles.

Opinion Outpost offers some of the highest-paying surveys we’ve found. I recently completed a shopping and retail survey and earned $2.50 in under 30 minutes. The biggest con we’ve discovered is that the number of surveys users are eligible for is lower than that of other paid online survey sites we’ve used. Learn more in our Opinion Outpost review .

On a philanthropic note, every month Opinion Outpost makes a donation to the American Red Cross in honor of the time its users take to complete surveys. Its corporate donation does not impact your points balance, but you can use your points to make a separate donation if you’d like.

  • Where it’s available: United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Italy, Spain, and Germany
  • Average earnings: $0.30 to $3 per survey
  • Payment method: PayPal, Amazon gift cards, and Apple App Store and iTunes gift cards, UnitedMileagePlus points, gaming credits, or charitable donation
  • Minimum to cash out:  $5 for an Amazon gift card or $10 for PayPal

   Trust: ★★★★☆

   # of Surveys: ★★★☆☆

   Compensation: ★★★☆☆

   Cash out process: ★★★☆☆

5. Ipsos i-Say

Ipsos i-Say is a survey site based in Paris, but it allows users around the world to get paid to take surveys. It has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and a 3.4-star rating on Google Play with over 4,000 reviews.

You can register with Ipsos i-Say by creating an account using either your email address or Facebook account. You’ll then answer some demographic questions so the company can connect you to relevant opportunities. For example, if you’re a new mom, you may see a survey asking about which diapers you use.

After you complete a survey, you’ll earn points. How much you earn varies, but it’s typical to earn between 45 to 90 points per survey, or $0.45 to $0.90. You can also earn up to five points if you’re disqualified from taking a survey. Once you reach 500 points, you can cash out your earnings for PayPal cash, gift cards, or charitable donations. 

You can learn more about Ipsos i-Say in our review . 

  • Where it’s available: United States, Canada, Australia, UK, and Singapore 
  • Average earnings: $0.45 to $0.90 per survey
  • Payment method: PayPal, gift cards, prepaid Visa gift cards, or charitable contribution
  • Minimum to cash out: $5

   Trust: ★ ★ ★ ★☆

   Cash out process: ★ ★ ★ ★☆

6. LifePoints

Originally known as National Family Opinion, LifePoints has been around since 1946 and has more than 5 million members around the world. Trustpilot gives the company a 4.0 out of 5-star rating based on 34,000 real member reviews.

You can become a member for free and start earning LifePoints by taking online surveys. You’ll get an immediate 10 LifePoints added to your account when you verify your email address and provide basic information like your name, date of birth, and address. Filling out a complete profile will allow you to view and select surveys that fit your demographic.

LifePoints survey topics range from technology to automobiles, to household brands, and more. Some surveys pay up to 600 points, or $5 each, but most opportunities pay between $0.50 and $1 to complete. We share more about the paid opportunities with the company in our LifePoints review .

  • Where it’s available: United States, India, South Africa, Mexico, Hong Kong, China, and 35 more countries.
  • Average earnings: $0.50 to $1 per survey
  • Payment method: PayPal, e-gift cards, or charitable donations
  • Minimum to cash out:  $5

   # of Surveys: ★★★★★

   Compensation: ★★★★☆

   Cash out process: ★★★★☆

7. Pinecone Research

After 21 years in business, Pinecone Research has earned a spot among some of the highest-rated paid survey sites. Pinecone Research is owned by The Nielsen Company, which holds a rating of A+ with the BBB.

Pinecone Research members influence future products and services every time they complete an online survey. Each survey pays 300 points, worth $3, and should take only a few minutes, according to the company.

You can also get paid to test new products as a member of Pinecone Research. You’ll be paid between $3 and $5 to complete a short report on each product. You might even be allowed to keep the product after the study is complete.

Pinecone Research is one of the more elite survey sites and limits its members based on demographics. You can apply for membership to see if you qualify.

  • Where it’s available: United States, United Kingdom, Canada, and Germany
  • Average earnings: $3 per survey
  • Payment method: A check in the mail, PayPal, or gift cards
  • Minimum to cash out:  $1

8. Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie is another leader in the survey industry, with a BBB rating of B. The company has been in business since 2011 and serves more than 10 million members.

Survey Junkie is best known for the basics and mainly offers paid survey opportunities. This site tracks earnings in the form of points. Every 100 points equals $1 earned, and it takes a minimum of 1,000 points (or $10) to cash out via PayPal or with e-gift cards.

Survey Junkie Rewards Dashboard

The site does offer some users the chance to earn money testing products, participating in online or in-person focus groups , or via phone surveys. It pays between $5 and $150 per task, but that option is extremely limited at this time.

Start making money within five minutes when you sign up and complete your profile . Most of the surveys are fairly easy to complete. You also won’t be forced to sign up for something or buy anything in order to complete a survey.

Our favorite part about the platform is that they award you a nominal number of points even if you’re disqualified from a survey. You won’t earn the full amount displayed, but it’s better than zero return on your time, as is the case with many other survey sites. 

Learn more in our Survey Junkie review .

  • Where it’s available: United States, Canada, and Australia
  • Payment method: PayPal cash in all countries, or e-gift cards and direct bank transfers in the United States

9. American Consumer Opinion

American Consumer Opinion (ACOP) is owned by Decision Analyst, Inc. which has been in business for more than 41 years. The BBB gives this site an A+ rating.

When you sign up for an account with ACOP, you can start your first paid survey in under two minutes. Your first survey pays five points and includes questions regarding your demographic information like marital status and education level. If there are surveys available, you will see them listed in your account.

ACOP keeps things simple and offers nothing more than surveys for money. The company accumulates your earnings in points, and you’ll need to earn 1,000 points, or $10, to cash out.

  • Where it’s available: Worldwide
  • Age requirements: 14+ years old
  • Average earnings: $0.05 to $0.50 per survey
  • Payment method: PayPal cash, Hyperwallet, sweepstakes entry, or a charitable donation

Toluna is a market research firm that’s been in business since 1994. It has an A+ BBB rating and a 3.7-star rating on Trustpilot from 10,000 member reviews. 

After you sign up for a free account, you’ll receive a confirmation link in an email that, once you click, will finalize your registration and allow you to start taking surveys. You’ll also earn 500 bonus points just for signing up . 

Each survey Toluna offers is worth between 15 and 50,000 points, depending on the length and time needed to complete the survey. Like other sites, you will have to qualify for surveys. If you don’t qualify, you don’t receive disqualification points. Instead, you’re entered into a sweepstakes. 

The minimum points you need to redeem a reward is 10,000, which lets you plant a tree in Peru, Thailand, or Uganda. For gift card rewards, 30,000 points will get you a $10 gift card to major retailers like Starbucks, Petco, and Kohl’s.

  • Where it’s available: 21 countries include the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, France, and Mexico
  • Average earnings: 15 to 50,000 points per survey
  • Payment method: Gift cards or sweepstakes entries 
  • Minimum to cash out: 10,000 points

   Trust: ★★★☆☆

11. Panda Research

Panda Research has paid out more than $2.2 million to its members since 2005. The company is owned by A&A Marketing, Inc. and has a B+ rating with the BBB.

To get started, you’ll need to complete your member profile and confirm your email address. The company also requires a valid phone number to become a member. Then, you can take surveys that pay up to $50 each. You can also earn up to $25 per time you cash out for reading paid emails.

Panda Research pays members with earnings of at least $50 on the 1st and 15th of each month via PayPal. Note that you will only receive your payments in increments of $50, so if you have total earnings of $110, you will be able to cash out $100 and the balance will carry over to a future payment request.

  • Where it’s available: United States
  • Average earnings: $0.10 to $50 per survey
  • Payment method: PayPal
  • Minimum to cash out:  $50

12. Survey Club

Survey Club has been around since 2005 and has an A- rating with the BBB. If you sign up as a member, you’ll join more than 16 million other users.

After you become a member and provide your demographic information, Survey Club will connect you with paid studies. It also refers members to other sites like Survey Junkie, LifePoints, and Pinecone Research. Your earnings from surveys hosted by Survey Club are added to your account in cash, and you can cash out when you earn at least $25.

Survey Club also provides paid focus group opportunities. It reports the average earnings of those who participate as $50 to $200 per hour.

  • Where it’s available: United States, Canada, United Kingdom, and Australia
  • Average earnings: $0.10 to $5 per survey
  • Payment method: Cash, gift cards, prepaid debit cards, cash sweepstakes, prize drawings, and charitable contributions
  • Minimum to cash out: $25

   Cash out process: ★★★ ☆ ☆

13. MyPoints

MyPoints, owned by Prodege, LLC, has been in business since 1996, holds a B rating with the BBB, and has paid out more than $236 million to its 10 million members.

With MyPoints , you can take online surveys for money, but the site also has other paid gigs. These include shopping online and in-store, printing and redeeming coupons, watching videos, playing games , and booking travel accommodations. It also gives you five points if you are not qualified to take a survey, with a maximum of 25 disqualification points per day.

All of your earnings through MyPoints accumulate in points. You can claim a $3 gift card once your account reaches 480 points. Or for 15,800 points, you can get a $500 gift card.

Note that points may stretch further depending on where you redeem them. Redeeming points for a prepaid Visa card requires a minimum of 1,500 and is worth 150 points per dollar, or $10.

MyPoints gives $10 Amazon or Visa gift cards to new users. You’ll need to spend $20 or more using MyPoints shopping to redeem this bonus.

  • Where it’s available: United States and Canada
  • Average earnings: $0.35 to $0.55 per survey
  • Payment method: PayPal cash, gift cards, and e-gift cards, or redeem for travel miles
  • Minimum to cash out:  $10

14. PrizeRebel

Since its debut in 2007, PrizeRebel has paid more than $19 million to its 9 million members.

PrizeRebel’s signup process is quick to complete. You just need to provide your name and email address. After confirming your email address, you can start taking paid online surveys. The first required survey asks for your demographic information and is worth 10 points.

You can cash out when you’ve earned at least 500 points, worth $5. Most surveys pay between 40 and 60 points and can take up to 15 minutes to complete.

PrizeRebel has a unique program that awards members based on the level of earnings. If you earn 4,500 points, you’ll reach Gold level status and receive a 1% bonus to your earnings and a 1% discount on your prize. Platinum level (10,000 points) gets you a 2% bonus and a 2% discount, and Diamond level (16,000 points) gets you a 3% bonus and a 3% discount.

  • Where it’s available: United States, United Kingdom, Canada, or Australia
  • Age requirements: 16 or 17 years old with parental permission, or 18+ years old without
  • Average earnings: $0.40 to $0.60 per survey
  • Payment method: PayPal, physical or e-gift cards, or direct deposit into your bank account

15. KashKick

In addition to surveys, KashKick pays users for watching videos, surfing the web, and signing up for deals through the platform.

Surveys are on par with industry standard, with opportunities to earn upwards of $2 per completed questionnaire. Payments are processed every two weeks, and you need at least $10 before you can cash out via PayPal.

The primary complaint from former users is losing earnings for inactivity. If you fail to verify your email address, provide incorrect contact information, or don’t log into your account for 60 days, your account might be deactivated. In this case, any earnings you had will be forfeited.

You can reactivate your account within 60 months, but you can’t get back any previous earnings. KashKick wiped inactive accounts right before processing payments, so be sure to log in regularly and verify your email address so you don’t lose your rewards.

  • Average earnings: $0.20 to $2 per survey
  • Payment method: PayPal (payouts every two weeks)

   Trust: ★ ★ ★☆ ☆

16. Valued Opinions

Established in 2004, Valued Opinions is a market research panel with over 3 million members offering opinions on products for major brands like Amazon and Target. 

To join Valued Opinions, you need to complete a registration form using either an email address or your Facebook account. You’ll then receive an email with a link to click to activate your account. To qualify for their paid online surveys, you’ll need to answer additional questions about your demographics. If you have any life changes, like a move or adding a pet to your family, make sure to update your profile to receive more opportunities to participate in surveys. 

Valued Opinions pays users in cash; there are no points to track or convert to dollars. Each survey is worth between $1 to $5. Once you reach $10, you can cash out your earnings for free gift cards . 

  • Average earnings: $1 to $5 per survey
  • Payment method: Gift cards 
  • Minimum to cash out: $20

   Trust: ★★ ★★ ☆

   # of Surveys: ★★ ★☆ ☆

17. OneOpinion

OneOpinion is owned by marketing research firm Dynata, which has been in business since 2002 and has an A+ rating with the BBB. 

You can get started by registering for a free account. After completing the registration process, you’ll receive an email confirmation. After that, you can begin earning points by taking surveys you qualify for. Most surveys are worth 500 to 1,000 points, but you might find some that are worth more. Once you reach the minimum threshold of 25,000 points, you can cash out for e-gift cards, physical gift cards, or PayPal cash. 

  • Where it’s available: United States, Canada, United Kingdom
  • Age requirements: 18+ years old or 13 to 17 years old with parental consent
  • Payment method: Physical or e-gift cards 

When to Avoid a Survey Site

Although the sites on our list are trustworthy, you can’t trust every site that claims to pay you to take surveys. Avoid survey sites if they:

🚫 Ask for payment. A legitimate survey site will never ask you to pay to join.

🚫 Ask for private information upfront . You should not be asked to provide your Social Security number unless you’ve earned at least $600.

🚫 Have no history or ratings . Well-established companies are more trustworthy. You can read what real users have to say about them and verify their history of payments and available opportunities.

🚫 Pay too little . Legitimate companies will have some higher-paying opportunities worth completing.

🚫 Have a glitchy or outdated site . Companies that don’t take care of their websites may not take care of their members.

🚫 Make it hard to qualify for surveys . Don’t waste time on a company if it consistently disqualifies you for surveys.

Even if the site seems legitimate, if you’re skeptical about it or it spams you with emails, remove yourself from its list. There are enough quality survey-taking opportunities available that you can avoid ones that annoy you or aren’t a good fit.

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Tips for Earning the Most Money

There are a number of things you can do to maximize your earnings when taking surveys for money.

✅ Stick with a few trusted sites. You don’t have to sign up with hundreds of survey sites to earn some cash. Focus on the best, highest-paying options.

✅ Fill out your profile completely. Completing your personal profile on each survey site allows the company to match you with relevant offers. Update your profile if you have a life change, like having a baby, getting a pet, or quitting smoking. You might find yourself eligible for new or different surveys.

✅ Watch the time. Keep track of the time spent completing surveys. You’re not likely to earn a high hourly rate completing easy surveys so, if possible, do surveys when you have small windows of time, like when you’re standing in line to fill a prescription or waiting for a meeting to start.

✅ Answer consistently. Take the time to read each question and respond honestly and consistently across sites. Survey sites compare answers and can disqualify users who appear to be inconsistent in their responses.

✅ Check for free offers. Some survey sites have a “free offers” section where you can earn points for signing up for free trials or newsletters. You can also watch for exclusive bonus opportunities on social media and refer friends to your favorite sites to earn free money or bonus points.

✅ Take the highest-paying surveys first. If you register with multiple websites, you might receive dozens of surveys to choose from. Take a few minutes to estimate your earnings per hour before you start a survey. You may be able to make more by picking the highest-paying opportunities first.

Best Practice for Taking Paid Online Surveys

Even if a survey site is trustworthy, there are still precautions you should take.

  • Use a separate email address. Creating a separate email address for survey offers will keep your work and personal inboxes clear of clutter. Plus, if you stop doing surveys, you can stop checking that email account instead of unsubscribing from a bunch of sites.
  • Be mindful of what you share. Good survey companies will keep your individual identity a secret. But that doesn’t make it safe to provide them with your Social Security number, driver’s license number, or bank account numbers. Legitimate survey companies do not need this information.
  • Use anti-malware software. Anti-malware software can keep your laptop virus-free. If you visit multiple survey sites per day, it’s important to protect your computer from malicious spyware and viruses.
  • Take frequent breaks. Completing surveys can be tedious. Take frequent breaks from your screen so that you’re not tempted to rush through surveys and provide wrong or inconsistent answers.
  • Fees and false promises. Any survey site that promises you’ll earn thousands per month is either a scam or at least misleading. Make sure the sites you join make realistic statements about your potential earnings and the amount of time it takes to complete surveys. 

Keep Your Expectations Realistic

Paid online surveys are the perfect side hustle for someone looking for an easy gig to do while at home or on the go. If you’re uncomfortable sharing your demographic information or want to earn a high hourly rate, you should consider a different option.

But if you do want to give online surveys a try, be realistic about how much you’ll make. Manage your time wisely so you maximize your earnings, sign up with multiple sites to receive the best opportunities, and research the company before registering.

While there are better ways to make money online , most will require more skill, training, and time than taking surveys for money.

Rating Methodology

With so many options available, it’s hard to know which sites are worth using. We took a look at some of the most popular ones and considered these three important categories to decide which sites to recommend:

1. Track record . Trust was our number one priority when picking a survey site. The best ones maintained a successful history documenting timely payments and positive user reviews.

2. The number of opportunities . When reading reviews of a survey company, we looked for those that mentioned the number of opportunities available. We didn’t want to recommend sites that offer limited opportunities to earn money.

3. Income potential . We tried to get a feel for how well the companies pay for your time. We did that by testing out a few and by reading reviews to see how much they pay.

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Get Paid to Type: 15 Sites To Find Online Typing Jobs

I n this digital age, it’s natural to build up a certain amount of typing skills. If you are looking to score some extra money and find it easy to make your fingers fly over a keyboard, then it should be a breeze to earn cash typing. 

Many typing jobs are available part-time or full-time. These jobs involve various tasks such as medical transcription , courtroom transcription, telephone dictation for the hearing impaired or other typing duties.

15 Websites That Pay You To Type

Here are 15 websites to search for online typing jobs and the kind of work you’ll do on each site:

  • Fiverr: Varied
  • Amazon Mechanical Turk: Data entry and processing
  • AccuTran Global: Voice transcription and stenography
  • 2Captcha: Captcha solving
  • TranscribeMe: Transcription
  • GoTranscript: Transcription
  • Babbletype: Transcription
  • Scribie: Transcription
  • OneSpace: Transcription
  • Rev: Transcription and captioning
  • GMR Transcription: Transcription, translation
  • FlexJobs : Data entry
  • Upwork : Varied
  • Amberscript : Transcription, captioning, translation
  • Freelancer : Transcription
  • Hourly pay range: Set your price

You can begin getting paid to type with Fiverr in just three easy steps:

  • Set up a job . It’s free to sign up. Simply specify your typing gig and showcase your work to potential buyers worldwide.
  • Do the job . You’ll receive an email when a customer orders your services.
  • Get paid . Fiverr payments are always on time and immediately available for withdrawal.

2. Amazon Mechanical Turk

  • Average hourly pay: Less than minimum wage

Workers on Amazon Mechanical Turk, also known as MTurk, provide data processing services to customers. Compensation is paid through the MTurk marketplace, but don’t expect significant payouts. To find typing work on MTurk:

  • Create an MTurk account.
  • Search the Human Intelligence Tasks (HITs) for jobs that interest you.
  • Accept and submit your work per the work instructions.
  • You’ll receive payment for your work after it’s approved by the requestor.

3. AccuTran Global

  • Average hourly pay: $75 per conference call

The company is always looking for new typists with skills in real-time captioning, real-time stenography, voice writing and transcription. You must be able to work independently, meet client deadlines, type at least 75 words per minute and follow precise guidelines. However, Accutran Global only hires State Board level CART certified contractors, such as CRR, CCP, CRC, RMR or CSR. 

4. 2Captcha

  • Average pay range: $0.50 for 1-2 hours

Captchas are used to help restrict bots from using websites. You can get paid to type by captcha solving, which is editing or correcting the text shown in captcha images. To earn money with 2Captcha, sign up on the website, confirm your email address and solve captchas. 

5. TranscribeMe

  • Hourly pay range: $15 to $22 per audio hour

TranscribeMe pays for accurate audio and video transcription services at competitive rates. The company offers freelance transcribers career growth opportunities and flexible schedules. You’ll transcribe as many two- to four-minute clips as you’d like, rather than long interviews. When you finish one clip, another is immediately sent to you. You can sign up to start freelancing on TranscribeMe’s website.

6. GoTranscipt

  • Hourly pay range: $0.60 per audio minute

GoTranscript provides high-quality professional transcription, translation and subtitling services to global clients. The company hires transcribers who are fluent in English, German, Spanish and French. You must submit a resume for their open positions to be considered for hiring. 

7. Babbletype

  • Hourly pay range: $23

You can earn extra cash with exclusive audio-to-text transcription for market research through Babbletype. The company offers three types of transcription services — PureSpeech, PureText and PureResponse. You must apply to join Babbletype’s transcription team and need to have high language, listening and transcription skills.

  • Hourly pay range: $5 to $20 per audio hour

Scribie provides audio-to-text transcription services. The four-step human transcription process consists of transcribing, reviewing, proofreading and quality checking. It’s simple to join the Scribie transcription team. Sign up on the website, add your PayPal account and take a transcription test.

9. OneSpace

  • Average pay range: $0.10 per audio task

With OneSpace, you’ll transcribe a variety of audio files, such as interviews, phone calls and focus groups. The company pays per task and not per hour, which offers flexibility. OneSpace career opportunities are listed on their website.

  • Average pay range: $0.30 to $1.10 per minute for audio and video

As a freelancer with Rev, you’ll provide fast and accurate transcription services of audio and video files. You’ll get paid to transcribe, caption or subtitle content from anywhere you are, and you can choose from hundreds of jobs that interest you. Rev transcribers are paid weekly.

11. GMR Transcription

  • Average pay range: $1,000-$3,000 monthly

GMR Transcription currently has job openings for general transcriptionists and translators. The company claims transcriptionists will earn more if they take more difficult projects or projects with quicker turnaround times. They also increase pay as workers gain experience. To apply for a position, you must take a one-minute typing test.

12. FlexJobs

  • Average pay range: Set by each employer

You can find remote, work-from-home , hybrid and flexible data entry jobs on the FlexJobs website. The company researches databases to find companies for you to apply to career-oriented part-time jobs. The site provides some free job-related information, but you’ll have to become a paid member to access full job listings.

  • Average pay range: Varies; hourly or fixed-price

Upwork currently lists over 600 transcriptionist jobs on its website. You can set your price by the hour or by project. To get paid to type with Upwork:

  • Create your profile.
  • Search for typing jobs.
  • Submit a job proposal.
  • Accept a contract.
  • Complete the work.
  • Get paid for your work.

14. Amberscript

  • Hourly pay range: Varied per audio/video minute

Amberscript has freelance opportunities available for transcribers, captioners, and even translators. Work hours are flexible and freelancers can choose from projects available to them on the company’s platform. The company requires you to complete an online transcription course before you can apply for open positions.

15. Freelancer

  • Average pay range: Up to $1,000 based on bid

Freelancer transcription jobs involve converting video and audio files into text documents. Projects include translating interviews into multiple languages, proofreading previously transcribed texts and writing academic articles from recordings.

Getting paid to type is a good way to earn extra income online. How much you earn depends on your typing skill level and experience. If you have a laptop and a reliable internet connection, you can be on your way to making money to type.

Caitlyn Moorhead contributed to the reporting for this article.

Information is accurate as of Aug. 23, 2023, and is subject to change.

This article originally appeared on : Get Paid to Type: 15 Sites To Find Online Typing Jobs

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Best free task management software in 2024

Mehdi Punjwani

Sierra Campbell

Sierra Campbell

“Verified by an expert” means that this article has been thoroughly reviewed and evaluated for accuracy.

Published 7:24 a.m. UTC Feb. 15, 2024

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Editorial Note: Blueprint may earn a commission from affiliate partner links featured here on our site. This commission does not influence our editors' opinions or evaluations. Please view our full advertiser disclosure policy .

A good task management software will give you the tools you need to organize projects for your business and help individuals, teams and businesses stay organized and productive. They offer a range of features and capabilities depending on the complexities of your business and projects, allowing you to set deadlines, assign tasks to team members, allocate resources and track and report on progress.

Finding the best task management software for your business means considering a range of factors, like the core features on offer, the customer service you’ll get and the ability to scale up according to your needs. We’ve tried and tested some of the biggest platforms available to give you our list of best task management software in 2024.

Featured project management software offers

paid tasks online

Via’s site

Monthly fee

$10 per user, with a minimum of three users

Free version

Yes, for two users

24/7 customer support

Yes, with paid plans

paid tasks online

Via Clickup’s website

$10 per user

Yes, for unlimited members

Best free task management software

  • Notion : Best for flexibility.
  • ClickUp : Best for customization.
  • Trello : Best for automation.
  • Hive : Best for collaboration.
  • Zoho Projects : Best for startups using Zoho.
  • Teamwork : Best for client task management.
  • Monday : Best for individuals and freelancers.
  • Asana : Best for complex tasks.
  • Podio : Best for app building.
  • GoodDay : Best for scaling up.

Why trust our small business experts

Our team of experts evaluates hundreds of business products and analyzes thousands of data points to help you find the best product for your situation. We use a data-driven methodology to determine each rating. Advertisers do not influence our editorial content. You can read more about our methodology below.

  • 62 companies reviewed.
  • 164 products reviewed.
  • 2,028 data points analyzed.

Best for flexibility


Cheapest paid plan (billed monthly)

Number of users, number of projects/tasks, what you should know.

Notion is a versatile task management platform that gives you a high degree of control and customization even on its free plan. With an abundance of views and formats, including Kanban boards, Gantt charts, calendar views and to-do lists, it offers users multiple ways to track and organize projects. You can also make use of thousands of templates built by Notion and its users, catering to an array of health and fitness, work and office and day-to-day home management needs.

You won’t need to pay anything to get unlimited pages and workflows as an individual, but you’ll need to upgrade to give multiple users full functionality. While you can upload unlimited files on the free plan, you’ll be limited to 5 MB per file, as well as a seven-day history and one synced database.

We’d recommend it if you want to use one platform to manage a variety of project and task types with flexible views and displays; it’s particularly good for content creators.

Pros and cons

  • Multiple views, including Kanban boards, Gantt charts and to-do lists.
  • Thousands of versatile templates for things like health and fitness, work and home.
  • Free version offers individuals unlimited pages and workflows.
  • Custom automation features only available on paid plans.
  • Maximum file upload of 5 MB on free plan.
  • Limited admin and security features on free plan.

Best for customization


ClickUp’s free platform gives you a highly capable and customizable task management platform with an unlimited number of tasks and members. It also offers 24/7 customer service on all plans. You’ll be able to view tasks in unlimited lists, boards and calendars, but you’ll only get 60 uses of Gantt charts, timelines and workloads.

The free plan also allows custom statuses and up to 20 custom task types, as well as other useful features like multiple assignees, checklists, dependencies and a basic custom field manager. However, you’ll only be able to create five “spaces” as part of the free plan — unlimited spaces are only available on paid plans. There are also no time-tracking features and very limited other reporting capabilities.

  • Free version offers unlimited free plan members and tasks.
  • A range of views, including Kanban boards and Gantt charts.
  • 24/7 customer support on all plans.
  • Limits on how many views, custom fields and workloads you can use.
  • No time tracking features.
  • Only five ‘spaces’ on free plan.

Best for automation


While Trello’s free platform only offers its Kanban-style board view, its two main highlights are its automation services and unlimited power-ups. With its Butler automation, you’ll be able to create rules, buttons and commands, and repetitive actions are recognized with suggested automations that help increase productivity. Third-party apps you can integrate include Slack, Jira, Gmail, Microsoft Teams and Google Drive.

You’ll be limited to 10 MB file uploads and only 10 boards per workspace, though with unlimited storage and workspaces for all plans, this isn’t too restrictive. It’s not ideal if you want to see projects and tasks in calendar or timeline views, but as a basic task manager with smart automation tools, it can be a useful platform for individuals and small businesses.

  • Very straightforward and easy to use.
  • Built-in automation features, including an automation bot called Butler.
  • Unlimited power-up feature lets you integrate third-party apps.
  • File uploads are limited to 10 MB per file.
  • You only get up to 10 boards per workspace.
  • Limited view options.

Best for collaboration


Hive comes with its own native communication tools, allowing for straightforward collaboration with up to 10 workspace members on its free plan. As a task manager, it’s fairly capable, offering unlimited tasks and subtasks as well as multiple views such as Kanban, Gantt, calendars and tables. However, you’ll only get two pages and 100 workflows, and while Kanban views are unlimited, the free plan only offers 100 uses of Gantt, calendar and table views.

Your ability to customize projects and tasks will also be fairly restricted with no custom fields or labels, and your storage limit on the free plan will be 200 MB overall. Its free plan also comes without a few other features, such as AI assists, custom dashboards and analytics. We’d recommend it as a simple free task manager for small teams working together that will benefit from its native collaborative tools.

  • Native collaboration and communication tools.
  • Multiple views and layouts.
  • Unlimited tasks and sub-tasks.
  • 200 MB storage limit.
  • 10 projects and two pages on free plan.
  • No custom project fields or task labels.

Best for startups using Zoho

Zoho projects.

Zoho Projects

Zoho offers a project manager as part of its larger suite of tools and products, offering a free version for up to three users as well as a 10-day free trial on its paid plans. You’ll be able to manage two projects, create feeds, share documents and custom statuses and set up task dependencies within projects. It’s particularly useful for startups already making use of other Zoho products like CRM, Meeting and Sprints, all of which integrate into the free platform.

You can also use third-party app integrations for Microsoft Teams and Office 365, Slack, Dropbox, Zendesk and Zapier. However, there are some significant limitations to the free version, including limited customization — you can’t create custom fields or views, and there are only basic reporting capabilities.

  • Integrates with Zoho CRM, Meeting and Sprints.
  • Straightforward and easy to use.
  • Offers useful core features, including document sharing, subtasks and custom statuses.
  • Only three users and two projects on free plan.
  • No Gantt charts, custom views, time tracking or custom fields.

Best for client task management


Teamwork will be particularly useful for agencies needing to manage client tasks, as it comes with built-in billable time-tracking features and estimated time management. It also offers client-level insights and client-company management, though you’ll only get client users with premium paid plans. With Teamwork, you’ll also get a range of automation features, including automatic Slack updates, HubSpot deals and Microsoft Teams messages.

It does have drawbacks in the shape of limited reporting capabilities — while all plans come with a dashboard, only premium paid plans offer reports on status, portfolio health, time, utilization and profitability. You also won’t have any phone, live chat or email support options on its free plan.

  • Billable time-tracking and invoicing features useful for agencies.
  • Client views and management features.
  • Wide range of automation features.
  • No phone, live chat or email support.
  • Limited reporting and customization options.
  • No client users on free plan.

Best for individuals and freelancers


Monday is a popular task management platform with businesses worldwide, but we’d recommend its free plan specifically for individuals and freelancers managing their businesses. It offers a straightforward Kanban interface only, with over 200 templates available, so you’ll be able to create up to three boards with two users and unlimited documents.

However, Monday’s free plan is missing a number of wider features like timeline, Gantt and calendar views, as well as offering no integrations or automations. It’s a relatively simplistic platform compared to others, so we’d recommend it more for individuals than teams that will need more advanced collaboration and reporting capabilities.

  • Over 200 templates available.
  • Apps for iOS and Android.
  • Intuitive and easy to use interface.
  • No integrations on free version.
  • Only offers Kanban view.

Best for complex tasks


We’d recommend Asana’s powerful platform as an ideal choice for small businesses managing complex tasks or projects with plenty of moving parts. With unlimited tasks, projects, file storage, assignees and messages alongside multiple views such as boards, calendars and lists all included on its free plan, it’s a capable piece of software. You’ll also have access to over 100 free third-party integrations such as Microsoft Teams, Adobe Creative Cloud, Okta and Tableau.

However, you won’t be able to use timelines, Gantt views, goals or portfolios with the free plan, nor time-tracking, workflows or various automation features. The free plan is also fairly limited when it comes to reporting, with only status updates and CSV and PDF exports available.

  • Unlimited project management essential features.
  • Multiple views available.
  • Over 100 free integrations.
  • Limited reporting features.
  • No 24/7 support.

Best for app building


Podio offers a unique solution for businesses that will benefit from building their own customized project management apps to suit their specific needs. As well as the ability to design a bespoke task manager for your team, you’ll have access to hundreds of user-created apps online. It allows you to keep all important aspects of your business and projects in one central place, depending on the requirements of you and your team.

However, its free version is limited in the other features it offers — including the number of items and client users you can support. It also doesn’t offer automated workflows or visual reports, so keep this in mind if you’re considering Podio.

  • You can build your own customizable apps for project management.
  • You’ll also have access to hundreds of pre-made apps.
  • Live chat support available.
  • Limited features on the free plan.
  • Takes a while to set up and customize to your exact specifications.

Best for scaling up


With a robust set of features and capabilities as well as relatively affordable price plans for upgrading, we’d recommend GoodDay for businesses looking to scale up their operations. Its free version is already quite powerful, offering unlimited projects and tasks for up to 15 users, with views including lists, boards, tables, calendars, event summaries and portfolios. You can customize views, priorities, workflows and statuses, as well as set up dependencies, reminders and to-do lists.

Other customization options are only available on paid plans, such as task, project and user fields, as well as task types and IDs. Additionally, many security features and all CRM features are only available when you upgrade, but with the next price plan up only costing $6 per month, it’s an affordable choice for scaling up.

  • Unlimited projects and tasks.
  • Unlimited views, with most available on free plan.
  • Powerful features for big businesses with affordable plans for scaling up.
  • Many customization options unavailable on free plan.
  • No finance, time tracking, chats or automation.

Best task management software comparison


We extensively research the key competitors within an industry to determine the best products and services for your business. Our experts identify the factors that matter most to business owners, including pricing, features and customer support, to ensure that our recommendations offer well-rounded products that will meet the needs of various small businesses.

We collect extensive data to narrow our best list to reputable, easy-to-use products with stand-out features at a reasonable price point. And we look at user reviews to ensure that business owners like you are satisfied with our top picks’ services. We use the same rubric to assess companies within a particular space so you can confidently follow our blueprint to the best free task management software.

The best task management software has positive user reviews on customer review sites and app stores. Task management software companies should provide customers with fast and reliable support. Using a combination of phone support, live chat and knowledge bases, customers should be able to quickly resolve issues 24/7.

Task management software should have role assignment features, timelines and dependencies. It should also allow businesses to use customizable templates, track expenses and track milestones.

And the best task management software should offer client access, billing and invoice capabilities and budgeting features.

What is task management software and how does it work?

Task management software is a digital tool you can use as an individual or a business to manage, organize and prioritize tasks. While levels of features and capabilities will vary between platforms, many also offer the ability to communicate between team members, share files and updates and track progress toward objectives. 

You’ll be able to use task management software to create and assign tasks, set deadlines, allocate resources and allow for collaboration between colleagues. These tools can help you and your business increase productivity and efficiency. However, it’s important to be aware of how complex your needs are. 

Some task management programs can be complex and could end up reducing your productivity and organization, which is why it’s so important to find the right platform for your needs.

Benefits of free task management software

Using task management software can offer a number of benefits for individuals and businesses, including:

  • Free forever: A good free task management software will offer unlimited projects or workflows without any extra costs — not just a free trial before you have to pay.
  • Productivity: Task management platforms can increase your team’s productivity through automation, progress tracking and reporting, saving time on repetitive tasks.
  • Centralized workflow: You can use task management software to keep all workflows centralized, allowing easy access for all team members and collaborators to stay updated and informed.
  • Collaboration: You’ll be able to clearly assign roles and allocate resources on projects and tasks to different team members, and many platforms also allow team members to work together and communicate. 
  • Manage big projects: Complex and lengthy projects can be broken down into separate tasks and workflows with multiple teams and team members. 
  • Remote workers: If you rely on remote workers or freelancers, many task management platforms allow all team members to collaborate online from any location.

Who needs task management software?

Task management software can prove useful for a variety of individuals and businesses. You might be a freelancer with a number of client tasks to manage or a hobbyist running a side hustle — in which case, a free task manager will be ideal. 

Likewise, small teams and businesses can also benefit from using task management software to organize and track workflow progress for team projects. A free plan or trial period offers a great way to try out different platforms and products so you can find one that suits your needs best before committing to a paid plan with more features and capabilities required by your business.

How to choose the best task management software

Choosing the best free task management software for your business means considering a range of factors and how each of these will best suit your needs. You will need to think about the core features offered by each platform, as well as whether it plugs into any existing software you have and how easy and intuitive it is to use. 

Additionally, you should look into the customer support options each platform offers, as this will be crucial in case things go wrong and your work is at risk.

Key features to look for

Levels of complexity and customization will vary between platforms, but in general, you should look out for the following features as part of your task management software:

  • Sub-tasks: Key to keeping big projects organized, task managers should allow you to split tasks and assign different deadlines and workers to each sub-task.
  • Views and visualizations: You should also be able to see your tasks and projects in different views, like Kanban dashboards or Gantt charts. You may find these to be limited in free versions of some platforms, so check price plans to ensure you’re getting what you need.
  • Integration: If you have any existing software or hardware in use for your business, such as finance and accounting apps, design tools or communication platforms, it’s worth seeing if these will plug into the task management software you want. It helps keep everything synchronized and centralized.
  • Tracking and reporting: Your task manager should also allow you to track task and project progress against deadlines and objectives, as well as generate reports. 
  • Automation: Some platforms will even offer automation services that let you set up automatic tracking and reporting.
  • Collaboration: Lastly, if you’re managing a team’s workload, it’s vital they can work together, so look for task management software that allows for communication and role delegation.

Ease of use

Some task management tools will be relatively simple and easy to use, with intuitive drag-and-drop interfaces that allow for straightforward organization. However, others offer more complex capabilities, including multiple views like Gantt charts, calendars, lists and galleries, automated reporting and collaboration between multiple team members. 

Consider what you’ll need the software for, how many people and tasks you’ll be managing and what kind of insights you’ll want when making your choice.


You should also factor in any security requirements you might have, especially if you’re a big organization or you use third-party apps, providers or even freelancers. Being able to control access on multiple levels may be particularly important. Additionally, consider things like two-factor authentication, secure sharing and data protection when choosing platforms.

Customer service

If something goes wrong with your task manager, it can affect your business’s ability to complete projects and assure stakeholders of progress. Customer service is a key part of being able to resolve issues, so look for providers that offer both round-the-clock availability and instant contact by phone or live chat as a priority.

How much does task management software cost?

When looking for free task management software, consider whether it’s truly free forever — meaning you’ll have access to all the features on the free plan forever without having to pay. 

While this might mean many advanced features are hidden behind paywalls, you’ll at least be able to rely on the software for your basic needs without restriction. This is in contrast to free trials that often give you access to the entire platform for a limited time, after which you won’t be able to use it without paying.

If you’re looking to try a free plan in order to get a feel for a specific task management software before committing to a paid plan, you’ll likely be more on the lookout for usability as well as scalability. Consider which paid plans offer the most bang for your buck to narrow down your options, but focus on which free software feels the most natural to use for your business. 

You may find that some software platforms offer prices on a per-user basis while others offer a set number of users for each plan. Others may even have a minimum-user requirement, so if they charge a set price per user and require at least three users, you’ll need to pay three times the price you see given as a minimum.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

The best free task management software will depend entirely on your needs and requirements as an individual or business. ClickUp and Notion both offer great customization features, with Notion especially good for content creators.

Paid task management software plans offer a range of extra benefits, including more users or projects, additional features and advanced integrations and security. These will often be more useful for bigger teams and companies managing complex projects with multiple moving parts and stakeholders that need to be kept informed. 

When prioritizing tasks in project management, you should consider the resources available, any dependencies on the task being completed and the urgency of the request. 

Task management software lets you manage multiple tasks at work by allowing you to create, organize and assign tasks, set deadlines, track progress and, if required, add sub-tasks. All tasks are kept in one place and accessible for anyone who needs to see them, often in digestible formats like calendars, boards and timelines.

Improving task management skills will require you to be disciplined and attentive to detail in order to get the best from task management software and boost your productivity. You should: 

  • Focus on prioritizing tasks on your to-do list.
  • Create a manageable schedule for delivery with realistic deadlines. 
  • Ensure you’re communicating with stakeholders to keep everyone on the same page.

The best software will make this easy and help you manage your workload efficiently and effectively — but it’s made even easier when you know you’ve picked the right task management software for your requirements.

Blueprint is an independent publisher and comparison service, not an investment advisor. The information provided is for educational purposes only and we encourage you to seek personalized advice from qualified professionals regarding specific financial decisions. Past performance is not indicative of future results.

Blueprint has an advertiser disclosure policy . The opinions, analyses, reviews or recommendations expressed in this article are those of the Blueprint editorial staff alone. Blueprint adheres to strict editorial integrity standards. The information is accurate as of the publish date, but always check the provider’s website for the most current information.

Mehdi Punjwani

Mehdi is a writer and editor with many years of personal finance expertise under his belt. He's a spirited money-saver, with a passion for making personal finance accessible and manageable. When he isn't writing, Mehdi likes to read about history and travel, hike along coastlines and in forests, and watch his beloved team Manchester United underperform.

Sierra Campbell is a small business editor for USA Today Blueprint. She specializes in writing, editing and fact-checking content centered around helping businesses. She has worked as a digital content and show producer for several local TV stations, an editor for U.S. News & World Report and a freelance writer and editor for many companies. Sierra prides herself in delivering accurate and up-to-date information to readers. Her expertise includes credit card processing companies, e-commerce platforms, payroll software, accounting software and virtual private networks (VPNs). She also owns Editing by Sierra, where she offers editing services to writers of all backgrounds, including self-published and traditionally published authors.

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How to start a small business: A step-by-step guide

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  • National Insurance for company directors
  • Apply for financial help for an employee tax refund
  • 22 December 2023
  • 16 May 2017
  • 11 July 2019
  • 2 September 2014
  • 6 April 2015
  • 13 March 2020
  • 26 July 2019

Paying HMRC

  • Pay employers' Class 1A National Insurance
  • Pay a PAYE Settlement Agreement
  • Pay a PAYE late payment or filing penalty
  • 12 September 2023
  • 12 September 2014
  • 13 December 2017
  • Disagree with a tax decision

Annual tasks

  • Payroll: annual reporting and tasks
  • Getting P45, P60 and other forms: employer guide

Expenses and benefits

  • Expenses and benefits for employers
  • Expenses and benefits: A to Z
  • 30 December 2019
  • Calculate tax on employees' company cars
  • PAYE Settlement Agreements

Employees joining, leaving or changing their circumstances

  • Work out your new employee's tax code
  • What to do when an employee leaves
  • What to do when an employee reaches State Pension age
  • What to do if an employee changes gender
  • Giving staff time off for jury service
  • 12 June 2014
  • What to do when an employee dies
  • Child employment
  • 18 May 2015
  • Payroll for female employees who pay less National Insurance
  • 29 July 2021
  • 4 November 2022
  • 31 December 2020

Changes that affect PAYE

  • Stop being an employer
  • Tell HMRC about a change to your business
  • Making staff redundant
  • 26 March 2015

Special types of employee pay

  • 19 December 2018
  • 22 September 2014

Statutory pay and leave

  • 17 April 2015
  • Shared Parental Leave and Pay: employer guide
  • Get financial help with statutory pay

Forms and further guidance

  • 10 January 2024
  • 14 February 2024
  • 8 April 2015
  • 26 September 2014

Help and support

  • 25 January 2024
  • 8 September 2023

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