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leadership vision board assignment

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Jul 11, 2022

How to Create a Vision Board That Works

Do vision boards work, how to make a vision board , tips for a successful vision board, overcoming common vision board challenges.

Making a vision board and refining it every year has had a profound impact on my life. It’s affected my personal life, my business life, my spiritual life, and many more areas. Because it’s something that’s so critical to success, I want to share with you exactly how to create a vision board that works.

Often, when we hear of vision boards, we think of them as an arts and crafts project involving glue sticks, scissors, magazine cut-outs, and printed pictures. But, a vision board is so much more than this: It’s a visual manifestation of the life you want to have. It displays what you want out of your time on this earth and what your inner-most desires are calling you to accomplish. There is possibly no other tool that can get you closer to fulfilling your idea of a perfect life than this tangible guide to the future.

What does it require? Time, serious contemplation, and regular check-ins.

But I promise you, the more you put into this project, the bigger results you’ll see in your life. In fact, studies show  that you are  43% more likely to achieve your goals if you write them down.  This is one of the top reasons vision boards can have an enormous impact on the life goals you achieve.

Today, I’m going to explain why vision boards are incredibly important to goal-setting and goal accomplishment. I’ll also go over how to create a vision board that not only works but creates massive positive transformation in your life. We’ll cover:

  • How vision boards work
  • How to make a vision board 
  • Getting the most from your vision board
  • Common vision board challenges and how to overcome them
What we focus on expands and becomes our reality. Where intention goes, energy flows. dacey paul

A vision board is a roadmap for the ideal vision you have for your life. From where you want to live, to your dream job, to the traits you want in a life partner, vision boards provide the vital clarity and perspective needed for turning dreams into reality.

Studies show that simply writing a goal down increases the ability to recall it later on, which also increases the likelihood of it coming to fruition or being accomplished. Further, information absorbed visually is retained   better and for longer  than information received simply audibly or through plain text. This is because 65% of the  population  are visual learners, according to the National Library of Medicine. 

If you can write your goals down in a way that allows you to see   them, such as with a vision board, you’ll remember them, and they’ll stick in your memory. When you think of your goals each day, you begin to align your actions and decisions in a way that supports them. And when your daily actions and decisions align with your stated goals, your chances of achieving them increase tremendously.  

Setting goals is the first step from turning the invisible to visible. tony robbins

Creating a vision board is a personal journey. There’s no right or wrong way to do it. Still, if you’ve never done it, it can seem intimidating. Thinking about the different areas of your life and the goals and dreams you have in each category can be overwhelming. This is why many of us don’t spend time focusing on the vision we have for our lives.

As easy as it is to let life happen to us, it isn’t a healthy approach. When you let others take the driver’s seat, you’re no longer in control of the destination—and more often than not, you won’t like where they take you. That’s because we all have a purpose and calling we’re meant to fulfill. When you avoid directing yourself toward it, it results in pain, misery, and unfulfillment.

To avoid massive corrections in the future, start creating a vision board that sets you on the right path. Follow the three simple steps below to get started.

1. Visualization

The process begins with  visualization . Start by sitting or lying down where you can disconnect from external stimuli. Relax into the space, close your eyes, and begin imagining what you want for your life. Do you want to buy a house? What does the house look like? Where is it? Or do you want to become a better team leader? What  leadership behaviors  do you need to adopt? What kind of leader do you want to be? Sitting in a peaceful place, even in prayer or meditation, and thinking of these details will help you conjure  specific visuals   that guide your actions.  Repeat this as often as possible so that the images of what you want becomes clearer and clearer.

2. Writing Down Goals

Once you have clearly visualized the areas of your life that you want to focus on, write down the  specific goals you need to have to achieve them . What are the daily, weekly, and monthly steps and actions needed to get the house of your dreams? Or to become a leader in your field?

Writing goals down doesn’t have to mean onto a plain piece of paper with a pen. The same benefits of recall and memorization occur if you print or cut out pictures representing your visual goals and attach them to a poster board or a corkboard. You can also arrange them in a collage or a digital vision board.

If you’re artistically inclined, you can use paintings and drawings to represent your visions and goals. Just be sure to include both the overarching visions and the associated goals   to achieve them with images that are specific and relevant to what you want. If it’s just a collage of pretty pictures that don’t represent your desires and values, it won’t have any impact on your life.

3. Strategizing

Once your vision and the specific goals associated with them are clear, it’s time to strategize. What are some new habits you’ll need to integrate into your life to begin working towards them? What will the schedule of these new habits look like? For example, to buy a house, maybe you need to start cooking at home more to save money for a down payment. This habit could look like meal-prepping on Sundays for the week ahead. Or, to learn  how to become a CEO , start studying your company’s  leadership team . How do they work together? What professional traits and habits do they share? 

Strategizing is the process of taking your goals and vision out of the abstract dream space and taking actionable steps to make them a reality.  It’s also the first step of the law of attraction—or when you have positive thoughts and actions that attract positive experiences.

Create the highest, grandest vision possible for your life, because you become what you believe. oprah winfrey

A vision board doesn’t have much impact if it’s hidden, outdated, or doesn’t represent your truest personal desires. With the right approach and intentions, however, vision boards can be truly empowering tools for guiding you to the life of your dreams. Use the tips below to ensure your vision board is effective at doing this.

  • Make it personal: Our friends, family members, and colleagues may all have ideas and opinions on what they think we should pursue. Be sure to not let these influences distract you from what  you  want. Get personal with yourself. Meditate on it. Pray on it. Dig deep. Make sure your vision board is an accurate representation of you and no one else.
  • Make it visible: Place your vision board somewhere you’ll see it every day. You want to be reminded of your vision daily so that your actions and habits always support it. If you don’t see your vision board, you’re apt to forget your goals, and your daily choices may come out of alignment. This misalignment is what holds back many from achieving their objectives. 
  • Update it: What you want out of life can change, and that’s okay. Maybe you’ve discovered a new passion or interest you’d like to explore. Or your life has taken an unexpected turn in some way. It happens. The key to having a successful vision board is making sure it is always up-to-date with where you are. If you need to change out pictures, set new specific goals, or update your strategy, be sure to do so. 
  • Embrace change: If things in your life are too different, it’s okay to create a new vision board. Embrace the changes in your life and acknowledge that some things are not meant to be. Sometimes, discovering who we are and what we want requires trial and error. Therefore, if you’re encountering resistance, try another direction. It’s possible that change is actually what’s needed.
You do not rise to the level of your goals. You fall to the level of your systems. james clear

If you make a vision board for a New Years’ resolution without giving it the thought and attention it needs, you can’t expect success. Vision boards require visualization, goal-setting, and strategy. They also require scheduled time, daily and weekly, for reflection and habit alignment. 

Sometimes, people follow a spark of inspiration to make a vision board once. They gather all of the materials and set aside the time to start building it out. But unfortunately, without the right habits to support it, the poster board or corkboard ends up in the trash. Achieving success with anything, even vision boards, requires having  atomic habits . When you establish strong daily habits, your goals will be positively reinforced, thus transforming your life in positive ways.

Continue your journey of self-discovery by reading “ How to Create a Vision for Your Life .” 


leadership vision board assignment

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9 steps to make an effective vision board

Vision board ideas can help you create great results in your life. That is if you use the vision board and the vision board ideas correctly. Making your dream board can be of great inspiration to help you stay focused on your goals.Vision boards are used by almost all successful people because of the motivating and focusing power vision boards have. So, start using your vision board ideas today and read on for the tips:

What is a Vision Board?

What is a Vision Board

Maybe you are asking right now what is a vision board, so let’s that answer first. A dream board is a collage of images, pictures, symbols and ideas that will inspire you to pursue your goals and dreams. Vision boards are also called dream boards because they give you the chance of dreaming of your future. But a vision board serves much more purposes than just dreaming about the future, as you will find out in this article.

As said, a vision board is an inspirational collage. The dream board you make will be a visual representation of your future. A tangible representation or idea of where you are going. Vision boards represent your ideal life, your dreams, and your goals. Making a dream board is a fun way to work on establishing a vision for your future. This vision may be about a particular event in your near future or a more general direction you want to take the next few years. A vision board will give you the clarity about where your life is heading to. Instead of living day by day you now have a point on the horizon which will be your beacon.

"Your brain is like a holographic projector. It’s your choice which slide you use to project your life into the world." - Harry Heijligers

You know what they say about pictures, don’t you? A picture can say more than a thousand words. That’s why your brain loves pictures. In fact, pictures are the language of your unconscious mind. And your unconscious mind, if you like it or not, is steering your life. Did you know that most decisions are based on emotions rather than logic? So, if you can steer your unconscious mind in the right direction then you automatically will take decisions which will bring you nearer your goals.

Furthermore, you automatically will help all your unconscious powers to be aligned with the right direction. How often have you experienced that you said to work out more or eat healthier but then very quickly gave up? This inconsistent behavior is caused by the fact that a variety of your unconscious powers had other plans with you. All to protect you of course. But what if your unconscious mind will be set for 100% driving you towards your goals? That would make you extremely successful! Your vision board will help you. Creating a dream board and using your dream board consistently will program your unconscious mind in the right way.

Most people use a vision board in a place where they will often see it.

A vision board consists mainly of pictures, but you can also add some keywords that represent your dreams and goals. By placing your dream board in a place where you will often see it, you will be able to start visualizing on it better and better. Frequently visualizing your goals and dreams is a requirement for your unconscious mind to be reprogrammed towards your goals.

A vision board is easy to share with the important people around you.

For every goal you have you need support. And the best way to organize and get that support is to involve your important people in your dreams, goals, and plans as early as possible.

Use your vision board for goal-setting

Vision Board and Goal setting

To be successful and achieve your goals you must at least have your goals top of mind. One way is to write your goals down at least once every day, but another way is to create a visual representation of your goals by making a vision board. This will inspire you to seek ways to get closer to your goals continuously. If you picture your ideal life on a dream board and hang your dream board on a prominent place in your house, then you will consciously and unconsciously see your ideal life a couple of times each day.

This is one of the ways you can use visualization to train your brain to get accustomed to your new situation. Visualization is the language of your unconscious mind so to activate your unconscious mind you have to visualize. It is not enough to say “I want to lose ten pounds.” That’s not something your unconscious mind can process. But if you see an image of yourself being ten pounds slimmer then your unconscious mind will understand the message. Your unconscious mind will let you see new opportunities you have never seen before, and it will ignore distractions which will withhold you from getting slimmer.

So, practice visualization each day. Make it a daily habit. You will become much more motivated to work on your goals. You will see that your vision board will fire up your internal motivation and notice that you will unexpectedly do something different than you are accustomed to. Suddenly you find yourself speaking out at meetings, taking more responsibility, taking more risks and experiencing bigger pay-offs.

Every goal has a multitude of factors which are important to understand and notice. But we as human beings have an insufficient thinking capacity. I don’t say that you are dumb, I only say that we can only focus on seven plus or minus two things at the same time. That’s why a dream board works perfectly for goal-setting because it gives you a chance to work on your goals and vision multiple times. Each time your vision will improve, and your goal-setting will improve.

Furthermore, a vision board will give you the chance to get feedback from people around you which often will lead to new insights with which you can refine your vision and goal-setting.

How to make a vision board that is compelling and motivating?

How to make a vision board

One of the big questions you should ask yourself is how you want to feel. If you had a magic wand and you could choose everything, answer this question:

How do I want to feel in my ideal life?

Now find pictures, images, symbols that represent that feeling. Of course, this might also be multiple feelings. When working on your vision board, you will soon find out that it is impossible to represent “I want not to feel anxious anymore” with an image. This is important to understand. Your unconscious mind cannot process negatives. So, as soon as you start to think about not being anxious then your unconscious mind will immediately create an image of anxiety.

You don’t want this!

So, focus only on positive feelings that you really want! And then find similar pictures, photos, images, symbols and colors for your dream board. To fill your vision board you can use images from magazines or print pictures you find online, or you can draw pictures yourself. It is up to you! There is no right or wrong in making a dream board. As long as it represents your vision of your future, then it doesn’t matter how you do it.

A vision board is an excellent way to work together with multiple people in forming a joint vision of a project for the near future. This might be with your family to plan your next big holiday. Or you can make a vision board together with your colleagues at work to develop a joint vision of where the department should evolve to the next year.

Types of Vision Boards

Vision Boards

Now here is something important. Let’s say that you make a vision board with your spouse and kids to visualize your next holiday trip. You all have done a great job, and the result is astonishing! A very compelling dream board has been created! But hey, what do I see? On the vision board are two images with regards to your ideal career. Also compelling but out of context. What does this do with the overall power of your holiday vision board you think? Exactly! The power of your dream board diminishes when it gets mixed with other not relevant images.

So, decide before you start what the context of your vision board will be.

What type of vision board are you going to make?

  • A Project Vision Board for a well-defined project like your next holiday or a professional project you are working on?
  • A Long-term Life Design Vision Board picturing your ideal future life in 5-10 years time?
  • A Life-area Vision Board picturing your ideal life in a particular area like your health or your education?

A picture may say more than a thousand words, but only if it is the right image.

So, when selecting the images for your dream board, first define as concrete as possible how you want to feel. Then start looking for similar pictures. After having selected twenty or thirty pictures, ask yourself which best represent your ideal feeling. Then only select a few pictures. Fewer is better in this case especially when you selected the best pictures.

Vision Board recipe (9 steps) for an exciting life

Vision Board 9 step recipe

Here is my recipe for making a vision board that will empower and motivate you. Nine steps in three phases:

  • Preparation phase
  • Creation phase
  • Manifestation phase

Vision Board preparation phase

Anacoluthon rhetorical devices steps

Step 1: Select a category or context for which you want to create your vision board.

Choose one of the following categories:

  • Love & Romance
  • Wealth & Prosperity
  • Career & Life Path
  • Health & Wellness
  • Mind & Soul
  • Family & community
  • Travel & Adventure
  • Creativity & hobbies

Step 2: Define within the chosen category your primary goal you want to achieve next year.

You cannot visualize your goals if you don’t know them, so this is a significant step. If you have chosen your goal you want to make a vision board for, describe it first in concrete terms. This will make it easier to select corresponding pictures in the next step.

Step 3: Collect a bundle of magazines with beautiful pictures.

This must be a magazine you can use to cut out pictures. Personally, I also cut out pictures from books I own if I find the picture compelling enough, but ok, that’s just me. Another source is the internet. Just search on Google for a term describing your goal. See step 2 for words in your goal description you can use. Then click search and go to the tab Images. Here you find a wealth of images you can choose from for your vision board. Download the image, print it out in full color and put it on your dream board.

Step 4: Select the images that represent your goals.

Take some time to go through all the magazines you have and search the internet. Make the first selection of 20 to 30 images. Look for the images which immediately inspire and excite you. Remember that the images must resemble your most optimal feeling.

Step 5: Wait a few days and then make the final selection of the images you want to use for your vision board.

Take the first selection of 20 to 30 images you created in step 4 and narrow them down the best 8 to 10. Go through the images one by one, and only select the images which give you the best feeling.

Vision Board creation phase

Step 6: Start making your vision board by adding picture by picture to your dream board.

Just buy a large piece of construction or poster paper. Then glue or tape your pictures to the paper. Choose an arrangement of the pictures that most pleases you. Write the creation date on your vision board. This gives you in future times when you look back some perspective on the journey you have already gone in life.

Step 7: Add some motivational quotes or words that best describe your optimal feeling.

These words represent your core values of your future life. It will be words like powerful, successful, abundance, fearless, pleasure, strong, joy and so on. Think of your desired future with regards to your chosen goal and decide what your core values should be and write them on your vision board.

Vision Board manifestation phase

Step 8: Now you have created your vision board, it is the time that you start to manifest your vision board.

Take a few moments to contemplate on your vision board every day. Place your vision board in a place where you will see it a couple of times every day. Make it a daily habit to consciously watch your dream board. Even better would be if you would watch your vision board twice a day: just after you’ve got up in the morning and just before you go to bed at night. When watching your vision board say a few positive affirmations to yourself which confirm your goals. And if you watch your vision board at the end of the day, evaluate the events of that day as a living proof of you manifesting your dream board.

A vision board helps you to remind you every day of what is important to you. A dream board will make it easier for you to take the right decisions. Better decisions will lead to better results. A vision board will also give you the chance to evaluate your decisions and actions on a day to day basis and learn from it.

Your vision board will also become your beacon in times that you have lost faith in yourself or your goals (or both).Looking and studying your vision board in your daily routine will then give you extra inspiration to push through tough times.Don’t give up on your goals and dreams! Instead, use your vision board to guide you through dark times.

Step 9: After some time your vision board might need an update.

See it as a 2.0 or 3.0 version of your dream board. Dependent from situation to situation, this might be after a couple of months or maybe after a year. But somewhere in the future, you will find that your vision board is not as compelling as it was. Most of the time this is because you have already achieved on or more of the goals but it might also be that your life has evolved and took another turn and the goals on the vision board are maybe not fulfilled completely, but they are also not valid anymore. Then you know that it is time to either update your vision board or make a completely new dream board.

Vision Board examples

Vision Board Examples

To give you a feeling of how vision boards can look like I give you two vision board examples of my personal life.

You can use this as a template to create your inspiration board.

The first vision board example I made 15 years ago in what now seems like another life:

Vision Board Examples 2

As you can see, I collected pictures from magazines and some of my photographs.

Here is another example I made for a project I was working on, but this time I made the vision board on my computer and printed it out later:

Vision Board Examples 1

As you have seen in this article vision boards are a powerful tool for you to gain focus and motivation to work on your short-term and long-term goals. Your vision board will help you stay focused and motivated even when distractions and setbacks arise on your way to your goal (which is a fact of life). You have learned the 9 steps for making a vision board that gives you the best results. So, start making your vision board right now and use it every day until you have achieved your goals!

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Will you also benefit from making a vision board.

To conclude this article, I want to warn you that visualization alone is not a guarantee for success. Our Olympic skier can be the greatest expert in creative visualization techniques, but without any physical workout, he will never win a race of course. It is the combination of the right creative visualization techniques and the right amount of action and the right amount of focus and persistence that will guarantee your success. 

Create Aha moments by visualizing situations upfront, so that you are well prepared for when they will happen in real life!

Smart Leadership Hut Feedback

Over to you

Please share in the comments box below how you are using creative visualization techniques yourself, so that we could all benefit from your learnings!

Until we meet again: Happy Visualizing and ... Stay Focused!

Harry Heijligers handtekening

About Harry Heijligers.

Harry Heijligers has been a project manager for more than 25 years and a NLP trainer and mental coach for more than 17 years.

On his website he writes about personal transformation and becoming successful in whatever dream you pursue.

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Free Digital Vision Board Templates to Inspire Your Team

ClickUp Contributor

September 28, 2023

Why would you need a vision board for your team’s work project? Aren’t they for personal planning, affirmations, and self-care goals ? 

They’re certainly great for all of that, but vision boards are also a fantastic business tool. They capture the same information you would put into lists and documents but in a visual way. On top of that, they’re a way to communicate how your product will look and feel in a picture. 🖼️ 

Before you get out your scissors, stickers, and glue sticks, remember that you have to keep things efficient in business. The end product must be something you can share digitally across your team and your company. And you want to avoid glitter at all costs.

This is where a vision board template in ClickUp comes in. It gives you a headstart on collaboratively creating any type of vision board your team needs and updating it as your project progresses.

This article will cover some basic pointers on vision board templates. We’ll also share some of our favorites so you’ll be sure to earn a gold star from your team (even if you didn’t get one in Arts and Crafts). ⭐

What’s a Vision Board Template?

What makes a good vision board template, 1. clickup vision board template, 2. clickup vision board whiteboard template, 3. clickup vision to values template, benefits of using a vision board for your team, vision board template faqs, use vision board templates to inspire your team.

A personal vision board—sometimes called a dream board, manifestation board, or goal board—is a visual representation of your personal life goals or professional goals and wishes for the future. It’s usually a collage of words and images cut out and glued on a board, designed to provide inspiration, motivation, and positive thoughts.

For a business, a product vision board is similar. But instead of life goals, it focuses on the goals for a product your team is working on. It captures your product’s objectives and ideal state in a digital format that your team can cooperatively create, review, and reference.

When you create a vision board, it should work like a tool that guides the creation of vision boards by capturing the OKRs for a product or project . The template walks your team through the tasks to develop vision boards and it can even help your team make decisions about the vision behind your product. 

The arrangement, colors, and images of a product vision board capture your product’s emotional and creative aspects—not just what it does but how it makes users feel. When you create a vision board, it also guides you in connecting your corporate vision and brand identity. 

Creating a vision board is not just about virtually creating a photo collage. It’s a small project itself, and a good vision board template guides a team through the process and suggests the layout. 

In most cases, you will need two templates: one to manage the process of creating the board and the other to help with the look and feel of the vision board.

Here are some characteristics of a good vision board template:

  • Focuses on business applications and not personal goals
  • Easily includes your corporate vision and branding
  • Supports an environment where team members can work on the vision board together at the same time
  • Guides you through representing stakeholder input, market segmentation, branding, functionality, and target market information
  • Encourages the use of images, colors, text, fonts, inspirational quotes, and other types of media 
  • Keeps all the vision board ideas in an attractive and professional format that is presentation ready
  • Works inside your project tool
  • Who doesn’t love free? Using a free template reduces the pressure when you’re first creating a vision board

3 Free Vision Board Templates to Use in 2023

The place to start defining your product’s vision is with one of these easy-to-use vision board templates. 

Help your whole team understand your target market better with this Vision Board Template

Standing out from your competition requires a clear product vision. This free ClickUp Vision Board Template helps your team describe your product’s function, your target market, and the clients and users. 

Once you lay out the basics, you can dig in and represent the issues your product will address and the resources you need to succeed. As your team starts organizing their vision board project, they’ll find four helpful custom fields and different categories for each task in the To Do list:

  • Vision: Sum up the big picture and overall feel, whether it’s for the entire product or some subset of the product or project 
  • Needs: Share what’s needed to complete the tasks of each portion of your vision board as a team
  • Target Group: Choose from set of predefined demographic groups so you can assign an audience and purpose to each piece of your vision
  • Business Goals: Put the product, project, or tasks in context by identifying the impact you hope to have on your business—large or small

This intermediate-level project template guides your team through gathering the ideas you want to include on your vision board. It breaks your project into vision, target groups, business goals, and needs.

For each of these, team members can collaboratively assign and execute tasks, prioritize each step , develop checklists, and share media that will end up on the vision board. 

The template also provides a handy “Start Here” guide for your team members on leveraging the template and developing a great vision board. The guide explains the structure of the project defined in the template as well as a useful overview of what a vision board is and why you need one for your product.

These are good reminders your whole team can refer to as they work on your own vision board.

And because the template builds your vision board project in ClickUp, you have time tracking, chat, documentation, schedule, daily task planning , and even AI text generation right there as part of the process. You can also use the ClickUp Whiteboard to create your graphics. 

Find the ideal state for your next project with this Vision Whiteboard Template

We also offer a free vision board template for visual thinkers with Whiteboard design elements achieve exactly what you need. The ClickUp Vision Whiteboard Template complements the project-oriented vision board template too.

It provides a straightforward framework for outlining and specifying your product objectives and what your product’s ideal state looks like. Or use it as a mood board for product inspiration to collaboratively brainstorm everything from design to marketing.

The template is color-coded, dividing the vision board into:

  • Vision 
  • Target group

Each of these sections comes with descriptive icons that you can keep or modify to reflect your company or brand style. This template gets you started on the creative side of defining your product vision. If you’ve been admiring colorful and stylish vision board templates like those offered by Canva, this is the template for you. It gives you the visual appeal of an artistic vision board plus the functionality and integration of the tools at ClickUp.

This free template plugs right into ClickUp’s Whiteboard view, where you have access to all the design tools you need. You can add text, pictures, icons, videos, and more right from a simple-to-use interface built into your project management tool with all the collaboration capabilities you use every day.

This is also a printable vision board template, so if you want, you can put it down on a poster board and modify it in the physical world. as a PDF file. This template is a starting point for letting your creativity loose. 

Align your values to your vision with the Values to Vision Template

The terms “vision” and “values” get tossed around a lot. But they’re more than buzzwords that make a presentation seem convincing. Without a vision—and the values needed to realize that vision—projects and products can fall short or feel empty. 

Of course, getting from the big picture of your product vision to the important details, like the values you need to arrive at that vision, takes time and effort. This thought process can be hard to get your head around sometimes, especially if you come from a more technical side. But don’t worry. We got a template for that too. 

ClickUp’s Vision to Values Template steps you and your team through the process of mapping out all the things you need to fully document where you want your company or project to go. Think of it as a worksheet you complete before building your digital vision board. 

It includes sections on:

  • Strategies, including competitive advantages and product strategy
  • Corporate objectives, including goals and metrics
  • Action items 
  • Customer values
  • Customer segments

The template leverages all the capabilities available in a ClickUp Doc, and its layout is attractive and attention-grabbing, so you don’t need to bring in a graphic artist to clean it up. There are placeholders for your product name and branding and icons for each section. 

And there’s plenty of support built in. The template includes notes explaining each section’s purpose and how to best complete that part of the document, so you and your team can clarify your values and vision together.

Because your new document will sit inside a ClickUp project, your team can work through the sections together, collaborating as you iterate. And once you iron everything out, you have a high-quality, attractive document you can use as a reference in your team and share with all the stakeholders. 

Most teams use a vision board because a picture is worth a thousand words. However, the act of creating a vision board is even more important. The creative process of taking your team’s ideas and consolidating them down into graphics and text helps the team think and make decisions about your product. 

Suppose your team is tasked with developing a new digital marketing campaign for social media. You probably have a bunch of emails and proposals outlining your metrics, target demographics, graphical style, brand messaging, and the dozen other things your team needs to know to execute a successful campaign. 

Getting them in front of a digital whiteboard with a well-designed vision board template is like pouring all the ideas around a project through a funnel and ending up with a focused and complete vision of what your team is trying to produce. 

Once shared, a vision board keeps the team on task and can pull them out of the weeds to look at the actual big picture for the project. And don’t forget that some people are visual learners and communicators, and the graphical nature of a vision board can save hours of emails and conversations. 

To summarize, a great vision board can help you:

  • Identify if your product is above standard
  • Check if your product meets your company’s requirements
  • Create a product strategy
  • Improve product features
  • Understand your target market’s needs and develop action plans
  • Foster team collaboration and goal setting while keeping everyone working towards a unified objective

The benefits of creating and using a vision board depend on one important factor. Your team needs to use this powerful tool throughout your project. Start with a good vision board template that enables the team to create, modify, and reference regularly, not as something stuck on a virtual wall somewhere else. 

How do teams come up with vision board ideas?

When teams come together to create a vision board, it’s important to foster collaboration and open communication. Start by scheduling a brainstorming session where everyone can contribute their ideas and visions for the team’s future.

Encourage team members to share their goals, aspirations, and values. Take a collective approach to collecting visual inspiration, such as images, quotes, and symbols, that represent the team’s shared vision.

Is a Virtual Vision Board Better than Physical Vision Board?

While traditional vision boards are physical collages created on poster boards or corkboards, you can also create digital vision boards using online tools or apps. Both physical and digital vision boards can be effective in visualizing your goals and aspirations.

What questions should I ask myself before creating a vision board?

Reflecting on the past year and what you would change or improve is a helpful starting point. Asking yourself what you need the most right now, what you love about life, and what story you are telling yourself about yourself can also provide valuable insights.

It’s always better to know where you’re headed before you start a new product or project. Vision boards are a powerful tool for capturing what your team needs to know and keeping them moving in the same direction throughout the project. 

Creative or technical, individual contributor or team leader, everyone has the same problem at the start of a project—figuring out where to start. But with ClickUp’s vision board templates, you have a proven and efficient jumping-off point for your vision board journey. And you have begun that process in a collaborative, easy-to-use platform.

These vision board templates help you manage the process of creating the vision board, lay it out on a ClickUp Whiteboard, and document the big picture. One even guides your team through the process of anchoring your vision in your values. Think of them as a vision board kit where you have everything you need to get started. 🏃

If you’re already a ClickUp user, add a template to your Workspace now. If you haven’t tried our powerful project management and collaboration platform out yet, sign up for a free trial of ClickUp and give it a spin—glitter optional. ✨

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