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It Asset Management Form Template

Ever wish you had a form to manage your assets? Well, that’s where 123FormBuilder comes in! This free-form template is perfect for tracking your assets and keeping track of their value. Use it to track the value of your IT components or anything else you want to keep track of. The best part? It’s customizable, so you can make it fit your needs perfectly. Whether you’re a small business owner or a large corporation, this form is perfect for you!

it asset assignment form

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IT Asset Form Template

Simplify your workflows.

When collecting asset requests, it can be easy for your IT team to become overwhelmed. Streamline the process by routing requests to different team members via this easy-to-use asset form. Whether you need to handle onboarding requests or deal with broken hardware, Formstack’s IT asset form template can help you accelerate your request workflows and get important tools in the hands of employees faster.

Customize to your needs

This asset form is 100% customizable . Add company branding elements like logos, fonts, and colors without needing to dive into your form’s code or mess with CSS. Include a file upload section so employees can attach asset documents or other files as needed.

Simplify onboarding requests

Ensure your team is ready for when new hires arrive on their first day. Use email logic to send automated confirmation emails to employees so they know their requests have been received. You can also route submissions to different team members depending on the type of request.

Accelerate approvals

Pair your asset form with the Workflows tool to give team members an easy way to review and approve requests. Multiple people can view, edit, and comment on the same form. Improve communication and eliminate the need for lengthy email threads.

Streamline your process

With Formstack’s reporting tools , you can track how much time your IT department spends on asset management. Monitor requests over time, identify bottlenecks in your process, and share findings with your team via presentation-ready graphs and charts.

it asset assignment form

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it asset assignment form

Assignment of Assets Template

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Download this Assignment of Assets Template Design in Word, Google Docs, Apple Pages Format. Easily Editable, Printable, Downloadable.

For purposes of financial planning or for other beneficial reasons, some individuals transfer their assets to another entity. It’s essential to follow the rules and procedures in transferring your asset in order to have a smooth and trouble-free transaction. Ensure to have a thorough document in assigning your assets by taking advantage of our Assignment of Assets template. By using this template, you’ll save more time and be more productive. It's editable and fully customizable. Download it anytime, anywhere hassle free. Don’t pass up this amazing opportunity and experience convenience now with this versatile Assignment of Assets template!

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Assignment of Assets Template

Assignment of Assets Template

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Agreement of Transfer Template

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IT Asset Tracker


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As organizations scale, managing inventory for company or business assets can prove to be challenging. Inventory management tools are great ways to keep track of assets that are used within the organization.

With this app, users can track an organization's assets, by assigning assets to employees, check for loss, and mark assets for periodic maintenance.

Highlights of the app

  • Users can view the statistics of assets like number of total assets and returned assets.
  • Users can view different makes of the assets by asset type.
  • Users can view all the assets and their information at a glance.
  • Users can delete or modify asset details.
  • Users can see assets assigned to an employee.
  • Users can assign a new asset to an employee. ‍

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This Asset Request Form Template helps you build an interactive form to request for an asset like laptop, mouse, keyboard, working chair, etc by the employees. Since this form is easy to fill, there will be no hassles in placing the asset or IT service request.

Completion Rate

Features of this Asset Request Form Template


Tweak every element of this IT request form. You can add the background of your choice, brand the template with your logo, change the font style, and edit the questions!


Case management, manage it assets using this asset request form template.

The first and foremost thing that needs to be understood here is that IT asset management is not a one-time project. It’s an ongoing process of maintaining all the IT assets be it hardware, software, and information. So, instead of looking at it as a one-time investment in time, effort, and money, there needs to be a streamlined process.

What does IT Asset Management mean?

Any IT company owns a number of assets like the laptops or PCs used by the employees, software licenses installed in those laptops, the accessories, and all other hardware. IT Asset Management is the process that includes,

  • Asset allocation to the employees based on their requests,
  • Identifying the issues with hardware and software assets and solving them,
  • Procuring new assets based on the requirements,
  • Setting up and maintaining a full proof asset tracking system
  • Disposing off the expired assets

Protect assets from malwares

IT assets are used by all your employees across different offices but nobody owns anything. You never know if any employee is misusing the tool, software, or hardware device. If the employee uses pirated software or downloads malware unknowingly, there will be a lot of hassle. So, a streamlined asset management process is a must.

Improve operating costs

Some companies even hire teams specifically for asset management. In a number of cases, it has also been observed that a thorough IT Asset Management helps companies to reduce operating costs by 5% to 10%. How?

With IT asset audits, software remains updated with the latest licensed version, devices remain free from malware, thus preventing crashing down or data getting corrupted at crucial times. This results in better productivity of the teams.

Smart Asset Allocation

A thorough IT Asset management process gives a clear idea of the number of assets being used in the company and the purpose behind them. This data helps in forecasting the number of assets required and also prevents the unnecessary purchases of additional assets and software licenses.

Streamline Asset Requests

Using IT asset request forms, asset requisition forms, etc, employees can place their asset requests easily. And, the IT asset management team can then fulfill the request after it is being approved. This streamlines the process avoiding any kind of confusion between the departments or employees.

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it asset assignment form

Employee Asset Agreement Form Template

The employee asset agreement form is a standard document used by organizations to handover company assets to an employee. With this agreement form, both parties can list out the assets and agree to the stipulated terms and conditions by uploading their signatures. Companies can track the whereabouts of specific assets by using this form as a record tool. This form can be customized to fit into company needs. Get started with this form today.

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Asset Handover Form

An Asset Handover Form is a form that can be used to hand over assets to an employee. It is used to record details of the asset that is being passed to an employee. This can be used for a variety of asset types used as office equipment that may be passed from one user to another. Not only is this an easy way to get organized, but it’s also ideal for the future of your small business’s financials.

You can use a free online asset handover form as a template for your organization. Just customize the form with your name, initials, or logo, add the name of the employee, and the asset categories to start using it immediately. If you need to collect data about the items being transferred, use our Form Builder to make the most of the unlimited number of form fields your template comes with. As soon as a person submits a form, Jotform can send the information to your CRM system, storage service, or another account — 100 integrations are at your disposal! Track the transfers with a free online Asset Handover Form!

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Inventory Checklist Form

In every organization or company, it is necessary to record all the items stored in the inventory. You can use this Inventory Checklist Form Template to track and control the products in an organized manner.This Sample Inventory Checklist Form Template uses a Configurable List widget. This widget allows you to add a set of fields dynamically by clicking the Add (+) button. The checklist columns are the item ID, item description, area or location, condition, quantity, and item price. This template also has a section about the Inventory Manager.

Office Supplies Inventory Form

Office Supplies Inventory Form

In an office environment, it is important to manage the supply inventory systematically and efficiently in order to prevent the interruption of the workflow in the office. You can use this Office Supplies Inventory Form Template to manage your office supplies easily. This template uses a Configurable List widget that allows you to add an office supply dynamically. The column headers are the item number, item name, category, number of items on hand, quantity to be ordered, and the unit price. This form also has the information on who checked the inventory and the approver.

Stock Inventory Form

Stock Inventory Form

Tracking stock inventory can be difficult and this difficulty increases with the largeness of the store, shop, supermarket, and more. Many people use paper but it has been proven to be a very unsafe way to capture such records. Thus, the need for this Stock Inventory Form which you can use to capture all your stocks. The good thing about this form is that it is applicable to most types of businesses. Aside from this, it is very easy to use as it was designed with you in mind. Not only does the form have important fields, but you can also add an additional field if you want. This Stock Inventory Form comes with some automated fields like the total inventory value field. You do not need to manually enter a value in the field because it is automatically calculated. This helps to eliminate errors and to improve the ease of use. You should start using this Stock Inventory Form today as it is one of the best you can get.

End of Year Sale

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Asset Tracking Forms

Keep track of inventory and assets with free Asset Tracking Forms. Whether you need a form for tracking office supplies, restaurant inventory, or loaned equipment — these fully customizable forms have everything you need to start recording assets from any smartphone, tablet, or desktop computer. Choose a ready-made form which best suits your goals, input data, and manage everything from your secure online account.

Want to make changes to these Asset Tracking Forms? No problem! Using Jotform’s no-code form builder, simply drag and drop to add or edit text fields and checklist items, change fonts and colors, upload images, install helpful widgets and integrations, and more. You can also upload your own personal branding in just a few clicks. Once you’re done customizing, share your forms by sending email invitations or by embedding them in a website. Never lose track of an asset again with Asset Tracking Forms from Jotform.

Form Templates: Inventory Checklist Form

In every organization or company, it is necessary to record all the items stored in the inventory. You can use this Inventory Checklist Form Template to track and control the products in an organized manner.

Form Templates: Office Supplies Inventory Form

Tracking of stock inventory can be difficult and this difficulty increases with the largeness of the store, shop, supermarket, and more. Many people use paper but it has been proven to be a very unsafe way to capture such records.

Form Templates: Asset Handover Form

An Asset Handover Form is a form that can be used to hand over assets to an employee. It is used to record details of the asset that is being passed to an employee.

Form Templates: Inventory Form

Inventory Form

What is an inventory form? An inventory is commonly thought of as the finished goods a company accumulates before selling them to end users. Inventory forms in general is a way for you to showcase these items in an online form. This inventory form template will allow you to display your products, let users pick the items they need, collect the amount/quantity they need for each item, along with the location from where these items are available.

Form Templates: Inventory Management Form

Inventory Management Form

An inventory management form is filled out by an employee at a retail business to keep track of the inventory of the store. No coding!

Bar Inventory Form

Bar Inventory Form

Want to bring your stock takes online? Try our free Bar Inventory Form to expertly track your bar or restaurant’s liquor. Customize your form in seconds!

Material Return Form

Material Return Form

A material return form is a document used by businesses to accept goods that have been damaged or are no longer needed in order to receive a refund or credit. No coding!

Food Storage Inventory Form

Food Storage Inventory Form

A Food Storage Inventory form is usually used in a food business or restaurant to monitor and keep track of their food supplies. This Food Storage Inventory form will assist you in creating a food inventory storage record for your restaurant. It gathers information such as food item, the amount on hand, the amount needed and purchases.

Progress Note Form

Progress Note Form

A progress note form is sent by employers to employees so that the employee can provide an update on their projects.

Equipment Inventory Form

Equipment Inventory Form

An equipment inventory form is utilized by many businesses to keep track of their distributor's items. Here's an equipment form that will aid your company to do just that. This equipment form template will collect your distributor's details, the receiver company details, along with the items and total shipping cost.

Records Inventory Form

Records Inventory Form

If you're a records officer or a senior custodian in your company, you would find a records management inventory form come in handy. Here's a records inventory template that you can use evaluate and review your company's inventory. This records inventory form will contain the contact details of the one who prepared the evaluation, the supervisor in charge and the coordinator. It uses the Configurable List Widget to allow unlimited entries of all the inventories needed to be checked.

Vehicle Database Form

Vehicle Database Form

A vehicle database form is a document used by an individual or organization to keep track of vehicles and other important data about them.

Equipment Inventory Record Form

Equipment Inventory Record Form

An equipment inventory record form is used to track your company's assets.

Product Inventory Information Record Form

Product Inventory Information Record Form

A product inventory information record form is an inventory tracker used by companies to track the quantity and location of each product they sell.

Asset Inventory Information Record Form

Asset Inventory Information Record Form

Track your assets with this free online record form. For business and personal use. Easy to customize. Sync with 100+ apps. Save as a spreadsheet. No coding.

Sneaker Inventory Record Form

Sneaker Inventory Record Form

A sneaker inventory record form is used by sneaker stores and sneaker collectors to record the inventory of their sneaker collection.

Restaurant Inventory Information Record Form

Restaurant Inventory Information Record Form

Perform stock takes and inventory checks online. Customize fast with drag-and-drop Form Builder. Fill out on any device. Sync submissions with 100+ popular apps.

Art Inventory Information Record Form

Art Inventory Information Record Form

Streamline inventory for your art gallery, museum, or personal collection. Free record template. Easy to customize and fill out. Works on any device. No coding required.

Personal Property Inventory Form

Personal Property Inventory Form

A personal property inventory form is a tracking form used to organize personal property into categories, especially for insurance purposes.

Book Inventory Information Record Form

Book Inventory Information Record Form

A book inventory information record form is a document used to track the total number and information of books on hand at a public library.

Home Inventory Information Record Form

Home Inventory Information Record Form

Manage your home inventory online with JotForm. Enter inventory details into a secure online form. View data in a professional spreadsheet. Sync with 100+ apps.

Return Shipment Form

Return Shipment Form

A Return Shipment Form is used by shippers to fill out details of a returned shipment and notify the recipient of the shipment details. No coding!

Patient Belongings Inventory Form

Patient Belongings Inventory Form

A patient belongings inventory form is a record used by medical organizations to manage the items they keep on hand to provide care to patients

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