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ib tuition assignments

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ib tuition assignments

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  • Full-Time Tutor
  • Ex-MOE Teacher
  • Current MOE Teacher

ib tuition assignments

  • Pre-School English Maths Chinese Creative Writing Phonics Malay Tamil
  • Primary School English Maths Science Chinese Higher Chinese Malay Higher Malay Tamil Higher Tamil Hindi Creative Writing Phonics Art GEP Maths Olympiad Science Olympiad
  • Secondary School English Chinese Higher Chinese L. Sec Maths L. Sec Science E Maths A Maths Physics Chemistry Biology Physics/Chem Bio/Physics Bio/Chem Geography History Literature Accounting (POA) Social Studies Geo/S.Studies Hist/S.Studies Malay Tamil Higher Malay Higher Tamil Hindi Design & Technology Music Food & Nutrition Art
  • Junior College General Paper Chinese Maths Physics Chemistry Biology Economics Accounting History Geography Literature Malay Tamil Chinese Studies Malay Studies Tamil Studies Knowledge & Inquiry Project Work Computing Art Theatre Studies & Drama Management of Business H3 Literature H3 Modern Physics H3 Pharmaceutical Chemistry H3 Proteomics H3 Maths H3 Geography H3 History H3 Economics H3 Chinese H3 Malay H3 Tamil
  • IB / IGCSE English Language English Literature Chinese Mathematics Mathematical Studies Physics Chemistry Biology Business Management Economics Psychology Theory of Knowledge Extended Essay Theatre Environmental Systems Design Technology Geography History Malay Tamil Religious Knowledge Music Visual Arts Drama Art & Design IGTS
  • Diploma / Degree Business Admin Marketing Mass Comm Human Resource Finance Financial Engineering Accounting Mathematics Applied Mathematics Statistics Economics Law Architecture Real Estate History Geography Sociology Literature Psychology Medicine Biological Science Electrical Engineering Chemical Engineering Mechanical Engineering Pharmacy Physics Chemistry Biology Bioengineering Applied Chemistry Life Sciences Communications & New Media E-Commerce Computer Science Information Technology
  • Language English Chinese French German Spanish Russian Italian Portuguese Arabic Japanese Korean Vietnamese Thai Indonesian Tagalog Hindi Bengali
  • Computing ASP C++ C# Java PHP Python VB MSSQL Oracle Photoshop Illustrator Autocad GIS 3D Design Flash Web Design Linux Macintosh Solaris Windows MS Office MySQL
  • Special Skills Integrated Programme Adult Training Group Tuition SAT English SAT Maths
  • Music Music Theory Piano Guitar Drum Violin Dance Flute Clarinet

ib tuition assignments

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Home Tuition Rates Singapore 2023

Our home tuition rates are constantly updated based on rates quoted by Home Tutors in Singapore. These market rates are based on the volume of 10,000+ monthly tuition assignment applications over a pool of 30,000+ active home tutors.

  • Daily 9am-10pm, incl PH


Are you a dedicated tutor seeking exciting and diverse working opportunities in Singapore? Look no further than FamilyTutor. We offer a plethora of tuition assignments across various educational levels, ranging from primary to tertiary education. As a tutor with FamilyTutor, you’ll discover a wealth of opportunities to share your knowledge and make a positive impact on students’ lives.

Our assignments cover across:

  • Extensive range of subjects – Language, Science, Maths
  • Leveraging your expertise to the fullest
  • Across Preschool, Primary, Secondary, JC and IB levels

At FamilyTutor, we believe that every private tutor possesses a unique skill set, and we’re committed to connecting you with assignments that align with your strengths and interests. 

Join us today and embark on a fulfilling journey as an educator, helping students excel in their studies while enjoying a diverse and rewarding tutoring experience.


Ready to kickstart your journey as a tutor in Singapore?

Our platform provides you with the flexibility to filter and choose the tuition jobs that best suit your requirements. You can search for assignments based on various criteria, including tutor category, subject, nearest MRT station, and rates. This means you have the freedom to select assignments that match your expertise and location preferences, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable tutoring experience.

230911CM2: Sec 2 (2024) NA English and Math @ 186A Bedok North Street 4 (nearest MRT station: Tanah Merah)

230911cw: p2 (2024) math @ 61 telok blangah heights (nearest mrt station: telok blangah), 231011cf10: p6 english @ 109 west coast vale (nearest mrt station: clementi), 231011w9: sec 4 exp pure chemistry @ 762 bedok reservoir view (nearest mrt station: bedok reservoir), 231011w8: sec 1-sec 3 na science (for placement test) @ 113b mcnair road (nearest mrt station: boon keng), 231011w7: sec 3 exp english @ 20 bukit batok street 5 (nearest mrt station: bukit batok), 231011cf6: beginner japanese language @ bukit tunggal road (nearest mrt station: novena), 231011w5: jc2 general paper @ 20 bukit batok street 5 (nearest mrt station: bukit batok), 231011f4: sec 2 (2024) ip maths & science @ 15 eunos crescent (nearest mrt station: eunos), 231011cw3: p5 (2024) chinese @ 33 elliot road (nearest mrt station: bedok), know someone who wants more tuition jobs, not using whatsapp, our experience working with tutors.

We have tuition jobs that take place at all housing districts in Singapore.

Satisfied Tutors

We serve numerous tutors well by ensuring they get the tuition assignments that they deserve.

Subjects offered

We offer tuition assignments of all levels and subjects to the tutors who are under our care.

At FamilyTutor, we take immense pride in our extensive experience in the tuition industry. Over the years, we have been a trusted bridge between dedicated tutors and eager students, facilitating thousands of successful tutoring assignments across the nation.

What sets us apart is our dedication to creating meaningful and effective tutor-student matches, resulting in countless success stories and a 98% happiness score among parents and students. Our satisfied tutors have consistently delivered exceptional academic support, helping students excel in their studies. 

As we continue to grow and evolve, we remain steadfast in our mission to connect talented tutors with eager learners, making a positive impact on education in Singapore.


In a market brimming with tuition assignments, FamilyTutor stands out as the premier choice for tutors in Singapore. What sets us apart?

  • Competitive compensation within expected hourly rates.
  • Matching with tuition jobs that align with your schedule.
  • Enjoyment in teaching due to long-term assignments.
  • Reliable support from FamilyTutor as a mediator during student-related issues.


At FamilyTutor, our tutors have the extraordinary opportunity to make a profound impact on young lives. Each tutoring session is a chance to inspire, mentor, and guide students towards academic excellence. We believe that education is not just about imparting knowledge; it’s about nurturing a love for learning, boosting confidence, and instilling a lifelong thirst for knowledge in our students. As a FamilyTutor, you become not only an educator but also a mentor and a source of inspiration for the future generation.


Supportive tutoring community, flexible teaching schedule.

FamilyTutor offers flexibility in scheduling, allowing you to seamlessly juggle between tutoring, other commitments, and personal time. This flexibility ensures that you can pursue your passion for teaching while still enjoying the freedom to manage your daily life.


FamilyTutor is committed to providing competitive compensation to our tutors. We understand the value of your expertise and dedication, and we ensure that you are appropriately rewarded for your efforts. As such, our tuition rates are designed to reflect your experience as an educator, making it a financially rewarding experience. 

For detailed information on our rates, you can visit our tuition rates page.


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Once you’ve joined our VIP Tuition Assignment Telegram Channel, take a moment to go through the pinned messages. These messages contain important updates, tips, and guidelines that will help you navigate the channel effectively. Stay informed about the latest tuition assignments, application procedures, and other valuable insights shared by our community.


Once you’re part of our VIP Tuition Assignment Telegram Channel, you’ll start receiving notifications about available tuition assignments. These assignments are posted regularly, giving you a wide array of options to choose from.


We offer two convenient ways to apply: through our website or via Telegram bot. To boost your chances of selection, simply click “Apply through the Website” — it’s not only faster but also more convenient. Our proprietary tuition job application system on the website ensures tutors can swiftly and efficiently apply for tuition assignments, surpassing the effectiveness of any other available tuition job application platforms in Singapore.


Step 7: start your lessons.

Congratulations on securing a tuition assignment with FamilyTutor! Our coordinators will assist in coordinating and scheduling your initial lesson, ensuring a smooth start to your tutoring journey.


RockStar Tutor Award ® 2023 is established by FamilyTutor to recognise you for upholding high standards as a tutor yourself, and for wholeheartedly doing your best for our students in the year of 2023!

You stand a huge chance to win a $1,000 cash prize and/or be one of our Top 20 Tutors of the Year!


Discover what our tutors have to say about their rewarding experiences with FamilyTutor:


1. what are the typical rates for tuition jobs in singapore, 2. what qualifications or requirements are needed to become a tutor in singapore.

To become a tutor, you typically need to possess relevant higher qualifications for specialised subjects. Proficiency in your chosen subject, patience, effective communication skills, and a genuine passion for teaching are essential. Good character, responsibility, and optional teaching experience can enhance your qualifications. Requirements may vary based on the subject and the preferences of students and parents.

3. Are there specific regulations or guidelines for tutors in Singapore?

In Singapore, there are no specific regulations governing private tutors. However, it’s essential to maintain professionalism, uphold ethical teaching practices, and adhere to the law. Tutors should ensure that their teaching materials align with the national curriculum and encourage students to strive for academic excellence while maintaining a safe and respectful learning environment.

4. What are the common expectations of tutors from parents or students in Singapore?

Tutors in Singapore are generally expected to provide quality education, support, and guidance to students. Parents and students expect tutors to be knowledgeable in the subject matter, patient, and adaptable to different learning styles. Tutors should also help students set achievable academic goals and track their progress. Punctuality and professionalism are highly valued, and maintaining open communication with parents is essential to address concerns and provide updates on the student’s performance.

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FamilyTutor is an established and the people’s favourite home tuition agency in Singapore! We match a suitable tutor for you not just to improve the student’s grade, but also to build a good rapport and meaningful relationship with the student and even with the student’s whole family! With FamilyTutor, every Singaporean son & daughter is in good hands.

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Available Tuition Assignments

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Everyday, we will send out a daily digest of new tuition assignments to our tutors. If you are keen in any of the assignment, please click on the assignment link in the email and follow the application instruction as indicated.

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Here are all tuition assignments that are currently still available in our agency.

If you are keen in any of the listed assignments, click on the assignment for more information (preferred timings, remarks etc) and to apply.

  • J7804: Primary 2 Chinese (2024) @ Seletar Hills Estate ($25-$40/hour)
  • J7803: Primary 6 Foundation Science (2024) @ Jurong West Street 64 ($30-$35/hr)
  • K13005: Secondary 4 E Math @ Yishun Avenue 9 ($50-$55/hour)
  • K13004: Secondary 4 (NA) E Math and POA @ Jelapang Road ($30-$35/hour)
  • K13003: Primary 5 Chinese @ Bedok Reservoir Road ($30-$50/hour)
  • K13002: JC2 H2 Math @ Woodlands Drive 16 ($60-$120/hour)
  • K13001: PSLE Chinese @ Rivervale Walk ($40-$50/hour)
  • K13000: JC2 H2 Physics @ Anchorvale Road ($60-$80/hour)
  • K12999: Primary 4 and Secondary 2 (NT) Math and Science @ Bukit Batok Street 33 ($30-$50/hour)
  • K12998: Primary 4 and Secondary 2 (NT) English @ Bukit Batok Street 33 ($30-$50/hour)
  • K12997: Secondary 2 (NA) Chinese @ Bukit Batok Central ($40-$70/hour)
  • K12996: JC1 H2 Biology @ near Clarke Quay MRT ($40-$80/hour)
  • K12995: JC1 H2 Chemistry @ near Clarke Quay MRT ($40-$80/hour)
  • K12994: JC1 H1 Math @ near Clarke Quay MRT ($40-$80/hour)
  • K12993: Secondary 3 Combined (Physics/Chemistry) @ Chai Chee Road ($40-$50/hour)
  • J7802: Primary 1 English and Maths (2024) @ Leedon Heights ($35-$70/hr)
  • J7801: Primary 3 Maths (2024) @ Pasir Ris Street 72 ($25-$40/hr)
  • K12992: Secondary 2 Chinese @ Anchorvale Road ($40-$50/hour)
  • K12991: Secondary 4 (NA) Combined (Physics/Chemistry) @ Punggol Central ($45-$55/hour)
  • K12990: Secondary 4 (NA) E Math @ Punggol Central ($45-$55/hour)
  • K12989: Primary 5 Math and Science @ Edgedale Plains ($40-$50/hour)
  • K12988: Primary 5 Chinese @ Edgedale Plains ($40-$50/hour)
  • K12987: Primary 5 English @ Edgedale Plains ($40-$50/hour)
  • K12986: Primary 3 Higher Chinese @ Punggol Field ($30-$70/hour)
  • K12985: Primary 3 Math and Science @ Punggol Field ($30-$70/hour)
  • K12984: Primary 3 English @ Punggol Field ($30-$70/hour)
  • K12983: PSLE Math and Science @ Canberra Street ($30-$50/hour)
  • K12982: Secondary 4 (NA) Combined (Chemistry/Biology) @ Canberra Street ($30-$55/hour)
  • K12981: Primary 4 English @ near Sembawang Shopping Centre ($60-$80/hr)
  • K12980: Primary 4 Math and Science @ Geylang East Avenue 1 ($40-$80/hr)
  • K12979: Primary 4 Math @ Yishun St 31 ($40-$80/hr)
  • J7800: K2 Chinese (2024) @ Goldhill Avenue ($35-$40/hr)
  • J7798: PSLE English (2024) @ Tampines Street 83 ($25-$35/hr)
  • J7798: Secondary 1 G1 English (2024) @ Yishun Street 71 ($40-$50/hr)
  • J7797: N Level English (2024) @ Online / Bedok area ($30-$40/hr)
  • J7796: N Level E-Maths (2024) @ Online / Bedok area ($30-$40/hr)
  • J7795: Primary 1 Chinese (2024) @ Compassvale Crescent ($35-$40/hr)
  • J7794: Primary 3 Maths (2024) @ Segar Road ($20-$40/hr)
  • J7793: Primary 3 English (2024) @ Segar Road ($20-$40/hr)
  • J7792: Primary 1 Maths (2024) @ Near Bukit Merah Secondary School ($20-$30/hr)
  • J7791: Primary 1 Chinese (2024) @ Near Bukit Merah Secondary School ($20-$30/hr)
  • J7790: PSLE English (2024) @ Edgedale Plains ($25-$60/hr)
  • J7789: PSLE Maths and Science (2024) @ Rivervale Drive ($25-$40/hr)
  • S7345: Secondary 3 Express E Maths (2024)@ Ang Mo Kio Street 32 ($45-55/hour)
  • S7344: Secondary 3 Express Combined Science (Chemistry/Biology) (2024) @ Ang Mo Kio Street 32 ($45-55/hour)
  • S7343: Secondary 2 Express Chinese (2024) @ Fernvale Road ($40-60/hour)
  • S7342: Primary 4 English (2024) @ Buangkok Link ($25/hour)
  • S7341: Primary 5 Science (2024) @ Fernvale Road ($70-$80/hr)
  • S7340: Primary 5 Science (2024) @ Pasir Ris Link / Pasir Ris Heights ($70-$80/hr)
  • S7339: Secondary 1 English (2024) @ Bukit Batok Street 25 ($40-$70/hr)
  • S7338: Primary 3 English (2024) @ Bukit Batok Street 25 ($35-$70/hr)
  • S7337: Secondary 4 Express Combined Physics and Chemistry (2024) @ Near Bukit Timah Nature Reserve ($35-$55/hr)
  • S7336: Secondary 4 Express Principles of Accounts (2024) @ Near Bukit Timah Nature Reserve ($35-$55/hr)
  • S7335: Secondary 4 Express E and A Maths (2024) @ Near Bukit Timah Nature Reserve ($35-$55/hr)
  • S7334: Primary 6 Foundation Maths and Science (2024) @ Compassvale Street ($30-$50/hr)
  • S7333: Primary 6 Chinese (2024) @ Havelock Road ($40-$50/hr)
  • S7332: Secondary 4 Pure Chemistry (2024) @ Woodlands Drive 40 ($45-$55/hr)
  • S7331: Primary 6 Foundation Maths and Science (2024) @ Yishun Avenue 1 ($45-$55/hr)
  • T5735: Primary 2 Maths (2024) @ Choa Chu Kang Avenue 2 ($60-$70/hr)
  • S7330: Primary 3 Chinese (2023) @ Anchorvale Drive ($20-$25/hr)
  • T5734: Primary 2 Chinese (2024) @ Around Serangoon Area ($25-$40/hr)
  • T5733: Primary 3 Malay (2024) @ Around Siglap Area ($35-$45/hr)
  • T5731: Primary 3 Chinese (2024) @ Pasir Ris Street 52 ($60-$70/hr)
  • T5732: Secondary 3 (NA) E-Maths (2024) @ Bidadari Park Drive ($45-$65/hr)
  • T5730: Primary 1 Chinese (2024) @ Near Kovan MRT ($35-$45/hr)
  • T5729: Primary 6 Science (2024) @ Jurong West Street 65 ($40-$50/hr)
  • T5728: Primary 6 English (2024) @ Jurong West Street 65 ($40-$50/hr)
  • J7788: Primary 6 English (2024) @ Compassvale Bow ($25-$30/hr)
  • J7787: Primary 6 Maths and Science (2024) @ Compassvale Bow ($25-$30/hr)
  • J7786: Primary 5 Maths and Science (2024) @ Compassvale Bow ($25-$30/hr)
  • J7785: JC2 GP (2024) @ Bukit Panjang Area ($50-$80/hour)
  • S7329: A-Level H1 Maths (2024) @ Near Newton MRT ($45-$55/hr)
  • S7328: Primary 3 English (2024) @ Dunearn Road ($25-$30/hr)
  • S7327: Primary 3 Maths (2024) @ Tampines Avenue 8 ($35-$40/hour)
  • T5727: Adult Learner Conversational Chinese @ Marsiling Drive ($25/hr)
  • S7326: Primary 4 Maths (2024) @ Bishan Street 24 ($60-$80/hr)
  • S7325: Primary 6 Maths (2024) @ Around Hillview Area ($40-$80/hr)
  • S7324: Secondary 3 NA Combined Science (Chemistry) (2024) @ Bukit Batok Street 31 ($30-$45/hr)
  • T5726: Primary 4 to Secondary 2 Maths @ Boon Lay Avenue ($40-$50/hr)
  • T5725: Primary 4 to Secondary 2 English and Maths @ Boon Lay Avenue ($40-$50/hr)
  • S7323: Primary 6 English (2024) @ Sengkang West Way ($60-$80/hr)
  • S7322: Primary 6 Chinese (2024) @ Sengkang West Way ($60-$80/hr)
  • S7321: Secondary 2 Express Chinese (2024) @ Sengkang West Way ($25-$45/hr)
  • S7320: Primary 3 Maths (2024) @ Boon Lay Avenue ($35-$40/hr)
  • S7319: O Level A-Maths and Pure Chemistry (2024) @ Jurong West Street 65 ($45-$55/hr)
  • S7318: Primary 3 Maths and Science (2024) @ Dunearn Road ($25-$30/hr)
  • S7317: Secondary 3 NT Maths and Science (2024) @ Online / Tutor’s Place Near Jurong West Central 3 ($30/hr)
  • S7316: JC1 H2 Economics (2024) @ Sengkang East Avenue ($40-$50/hr)
  • S7315: Primary 5 Chinese (2024) @ Rivervale Crescent ($25-$50/hr)
  • S7314: Primary 5 Maths (2024) @ Rivervale Crescent ($25-$50/hr)
  • S7313: Secondary 3 NA Chinese (2024) @ Sengkang East Road ($45-$55/hr)
  • S7312: Primary 6 Chinese (2024) @ Bedok North Road ($60-$80/hr)
  • J7784: Primary 6 Science (2024) @ Near Queenstown MRT ($25-$70/hr)
  • J7783: Primary 6 English (2024) @ Near Queenstown MRT ($25-$70/hr)
  • J7782: Primary 6 Chinese (2024) @ Near Queenstown MRT ($25-$70/hr)
  • J7781: Primary 3 Chinese (2024) @ Yishun Street 31 ($30/hr)
  • K12978: Preschool English @ Pasir Ris Grove ($25-$40/hr)
  • K12977: Secondary 4 NA E-Maths (2024) @ Tampines Avenue 9 ($30-$40/hour)
  • T5724: Preschool Art and Craft (2024) @ Near Sembawang CC ($25/hr)
  • K12976: Primary 1 English and Maths (2024) @ Rivervale Crescent ($25-$30/hour)
  • K12975: Kindergarten 1 English and Maths (2024) @ Rivervale Crescent ($25-$30/hour)
  • K12974: Primary 5 Higher Chinese (2024) @ Anchorvale Link ($25-$35/hour)
  • K12973: Primary 1 English (2024) @ Jurong West Avenue 1 ($60-$70/hr)
  • K12972: Primary 6 Math (2024) @ Online / Choa Chu Kang Avenue 3 ($40-$70/hr)
  • K12971: Primary 5 Maths (2024) @ Rivervale Link ($65-$70/hr)
  • K12966: Secondary 4 (NA) E Math (2024) @ near Boon Keng MRT ($35-$80/hr)
  • K12967: Secondary 4 (NA) Combined (Physics/Chemistry) (2024) @ near Boon Keng MRT ($35-$80/hr)
  • K12965: Primary 2 English (2024) @ Petir Road ($25/hr)
  • K12968: Secondary 4 (NA) Combined (Geography/Social Studies) (2024) @ near Boon Keng MRT ($35-$80/hr)
  • K12969: Secondary 4 (NA) English (2024) @ near Boon Keng MRT ($35-$80/hr)
  • K12970: Secondary 3 Chinese (2024) @ Hillview ($70-$80/hr)
  • K12963: Secondary 2 Express Malay (2024) @ Tampines Street 34 ($60-$70/hr)
  • K12962: Secondary 4 Express Combined (Chemistry / Biology) (2024) @ Jurong West Area ($45-$80/hr)
  • K12961: Secondary 3 NA Combined (Chemistry / Biology) (2024) @ Jurong West Area ($45-$80/hr)
  • K12960: Secondary 3 NA POA (2024) @ Jurong West Area ($45-$80/hr)
  • K12959: Secondary 4 NA E-Maths (2024) @ Flora Drive ($60-$80/hr)
  • K12958: Secondary 4 NA Combined Chemistry (2024) @ Flora Drive ($60-$80/hr)
  • K12957: Primary 3 English, Maths and Science (2024) @ Flora Drive ($35-$40/hr)
  • K12956: Primary 3 Malay (2024) @ Flora Drive ($35-$40/hr)
  • K12955: Primary 4 Maths and Science (2024) @ Upper Serangoon Crescent ($25-$50/hr)
  • J7780: Secondary 1 G1 Maths and Science (2024) @ Tah Ching Road ($25-$50/hr)
  • S7311: Primary 6 Science (2024) @ West Coast Crescent ($75-$85/hr)
  • S7310: Secondary 1 G2 Maths and Science (2024) @ Edgedale Plains ($25-$35/hr)
  • J7779: Secondary 3 Pure Chemistry (2024) @ Sembawang Close ($30-$55/hr)
  • T5723: N2 and K2 Math (2023) @ Jalan Pergam ($25-$45/hr)
  • T5722: N2 and K2 English (2023) @ Jalan Pergam ($25-$45/hr)
  • K12954: Secondary 1 Express Higher Malay (2024) @ Simei Rise ($30-$50/hr)
  • K12953: Primary 3 English (2024) @ Lorong 3 Geylang ($25-$45/hr)
  • K12952: Secondary 3 Express Combined (Physics / Chemistry) (2024) @ Tampines Avenue 5 ($35-$55/hr)
  • K12951: Primary 2 Malay (2024) @ Simei Rise ($25-$45/hr)
  • K12950: Primary 3 Higher Chinese (2024) @ West Coast Crescent ($35-$65/hr)
  • J7778: Secondary 1 (G3) Science (2024) @ Woodlands Drive 50 ($40-$50/hr)
  • J7776: Primary 5 Higher Chinese (2024) @ Woodlands Street 41 ($25-$32/hr)
  • J7775: Primary 5 Science (2024) @ Bukit Panjang Area ($25-$35/hr)
  • J7774: Primary 5 English (2024) @ Bukit Panjang Area ($25-$35/hr)
  • J7773: Primary 4 Higher Chinese (2024) @ Bukit Timah Area ($25-$35/hr)
  • J7771: PSLE Science (2024) @ Bukit Timah Area ($30-$35/hr)
  • J7768: Primary 4 Science (2024) @ Hougang Avenue 8 ($40-$50/hr)
  • J7767: Primary 4 Math (2024) @ Hougang Avenue 8 ($40-$50/hr)
  • J7766: Primary 4 English (2024) @ Hougang Avenue 8 ($40-$50/hr)
  • K12948: Primary 6 Math and Science (2024) @ Bright Hill Drive ($40-$50/hr)
  • K12947: Primary 6 Chinese (2024) @ Bright Hill Drive ($40-$50/hr)
  • K12946: Secondary 2 Math and Science (2024) @ near Hougang Avenue 2 ($60-$80/hr)
  • K12945: Primary 5 Math and Science (2024) @ near Hougang Avenue 2 ($60-$80/hr)
  • S7309: Primary 4 English (2024) @ Bukit Timah ($40-$70/hr)
  • S7308: Primary 3 and 5 Science (2024) @ West Coast Vale ($60-$70/hr)
  • T5721: Secondary 4 Express English (2024) @ Online ($50-$80/hr)
  • K12944: Secondary 3 (NA) Combined (Chemistry / Biology) (2024) @ Bukit Panjang ($35-$40/hr)
  • K12943: Secondary 3 (NA) English (2024) @ Bukit Panjang ($35-$40/hr)
  • T5720: Grade 9 IGCSE English (2023) @ River Valley ($50-$55/hr)
  • T5719: Grade 9 IGCSE Biology (2023) @ River Valley ($50-$55/hr)
  • K12940: Primary 5 English (2024) @ River Valley Road ($65-$70/hr)
  • J7765: Beginner Piano @ Serangoon North Avenue 1 ($40-$50/hr)
  • J7764: Secondary 3 English (2024) @ Online ($70-$80/hr)
  • K12939: Grade 12 HL Math @ Marine Parade ($60-$120/hr)
  • T5718: Primary 4 Science (2024) @ Near Havelock MRT ($65-$70/hr)
  • J7762: Secondary 4 Express Pure Physics (2024) @ Eastwood Road ($35-$40/hour)
  • J7761: Secondary 4 Express Pure Chemistry (2024) @ Eastwood Road ($35-$40/hour)
  • S7307: Primary 5 Chinese (2024) @ Boon Lay Avenue ($30-$35/hr)
  • S7306: Primary 5 Higher Chinese (2024) @ Rivervale Crescent ($25-$35/hr)
  • K12936: JC2 H2 Biology (2024) @ near Dakota MRT ($60-$120/hr)
  • S7305: Primary 5 Maths and Science (2024) @ Ang Mo Kio Avenue 3 ($40-$50/hr)
  • S7304: Primary 4 Maths and English (2024) @ Ang Mo Kio Avenue 1 ($25-$30/hr)
  • S7303: Primary 1 Malay (2024) @ Bedok Area ($60-$70/hr)
  • S7302: Primary 1 English and Maths (2024) @ Bedok Area ($60-$70/hr)
  • S7301: Secondary 1 G2 English (2024) @ Edgedale Plains ($25-$35/hr)
  • S7300: Primary 3 English and Maths (2024) @ Compassvale Bow ($60-$65/hr)
  • T5717: Secondary 1 G3 Maths and Science (2024) @ Toh Guan Road ($25-$70/hr)
  • J7755: Secondary 1 G1 English (2024) @ Clementi Avenue 6 ($25-$35/hr)
  • S7299: Secondary 4 NA Combined Humanities (Social Studies/History) (2024) @ Boon Lay Drive ($35-$55/hr)
  • S7298: Primary 6 Foundation English and Phonics (2024) @ Woodlands Drive 60 ($40-$50/hr)
  • S7297: Primary 6 English and Maths (2024) @ Serangoon Avenue 4 ($30-$35/hr)
  • S7296: Secondary 3 Express Computing (2024) @ Corporation Road ($40-$50/hr)
  • S7295: Primary 5 English (2024) @ Sumang Walk ($40-$50/hr)
  • S7294: Primary 3 English and Maths (2024) @ Yishun Street 51 ($40/hr)
  • S7293: Primary 2 and Primary 3 Malay (2024) @ Teban Gardens Road ($20-$30/hr)
  • S7292: Primary 2 and Primary 3 English (2024) @ Teban Gardens Road ($20-$30/hr)
  • S7291: Primary 2 and Primary 3 Maths (2024) @ Teban Gardens Road ($20-$30/hr)
  • T5714: Primary 6 English (2024) @ Hougang Street 21 ($60-$70/hr)
  • S7290: A Level H1 Maths (2024) @ Near Paragon Shopping Centre ($90-$120/hr)
  • T5713: PSLE English (2024) @ Bukit Batok West Avenue 6 ($65-$70/hr)
  • T5712: PSLE Math (2024) @ Bukit Batok West Avenue 6 ($65-$70/hr)
  • S7289: Primary 5 Chinese (2024) @ Tutor’s place in the East or North East ($40-$65/hr)
  • K12931: Primary 6 Maths (2024) @ Choa Chu Kang Crescent ($25-$35/hr)
  • S7288: Primary 4 Chinese (2024) @ Near Pasir Ris Crest Secondary School ($25-$40/hr)
  • T5708: Kindergarten 2 English (2024) @ Bukit Batok Street 34 ($35-$45/hr)
  • T5709: JC2 H1 Maths (2024) @ Online / Near Church of Saint Michael ($40-$50/hr)
  • K12929: Secondary 1 (IP) Science (2024) @ Jurong West Street 92 ($30-$35/hr)
  • K12926: A Level H2 Physics @ Near Chomp Chomp Food Centre ($60-$80/hr)
  • S7287: Primary 2 Maths (2024) @ Woodlands Ring Road ($25-$30/hr)
  • K12924: Primary 6 Science (2024) @ Bedok South Road ($60-$80/hr)
  • K12923: Primary 1 English and Math (2024) @ Sentosa Area ($40-$65/hr)
  • T5701: Secondary 4 Express Tamil (2024) @ Near Sin Ming Plaza ($30-$40/hr)
  • T5699: Secondary 3 Express Pure Chemistry (2024) @ Punggol Field ($45-$80/hr)
  • T5698: PSLE English (2024) @ Near Upper Changi Road North ($40-$50/hr)
  • T5697: Primary 3 English and Maths (2024) @ Pasir Ris Street 21 ($35-$70/hr)
  • T5696: Primary 5 Tamil (2024) @ Near East Coast Park ($40-$60/hr)
  • T5695: Primary 5 English (2024) @ Near East Coast Park ($40-$50/hr)
  • T5694: Primary 5 Maths (2024) @ Near Punggol Secondary School ($20-$30/hr)
  • J7745: Primary 6 Maths and Science (2024) @ Punggol Walk ($40-$50/hr)
  • K12920: Primary 5 Math @ Sumang Walk ($40-$80/hr)
  • J7744: Primary 6 Science (2024) @ Hougang Avenue 8 ($40-$45/hour)
  • J7743: Primary 6 English (2024) @ Hougang Avenue 8 ($40-$45/hour)
  • K12919: Primary 3 Chinese @ Hougang Avenue 10 ($25-$30/hr)
  • T5692: Primary 1 English and Maths (2024) @ Upper Serangoon Crescent ($20-$30/hr)
  • K12917: Grade 1 and 6 Math @ near GESS – International School ($25-$30/hr)
  • K12915: Secondary 4 (NT) Math and Science @ Choa Chu Kang Avenue 4 ($40-$80/hr)
  • K12914: Secondary 4 (NT) English @ Choa Chu Kang Avenue 4 ($40-$80/hr)
  • J7737: Primary 1 Chinese (2024) @ Compassvale Drive ($25-$30/hour)
  • J7739: Secondary 2 Express Chinese (2024) @ Tutor’s House Near Kaki Bukit MRT ($65-$70/hr)
  • T5691: Primary 5 Math Olympiad (2024) @ Leedon Heights ($40-$50/hr)
  • T5690: Primary 4 Malay (2024) @ Punggol Field ($30/hr)
  • T5689: Primary 4 English, Math and Science (2024) @ Punggol Field ($30/hr)
  • K12909: Primary 1 Tamil (2024) @ Tanjong Rhu Road ($60-$65/hr)
  • S7286: Secondary 3 IB Chemistry (2024) @ Serangoon Avenue 2 ($35-$80/hour)
  • S7285: Secondary 3 IB Physics (2024) @ Serangoon Avenue 2 ($35-$80/hour)
  • S7283: Primary 3 Maths (2024) @ Bukit Panjang ($35-$40/hour)
  • J7731: JC2 H1 Economics (2024) @ Near Kovan MRT ($60-$70/hr)
  • J7726: JC2 H1 GP (2024) @ Bukit Panjang Area ($90-$100/hr)
  • J7725: JC2 H2 Economics (2024) @ Bukit Panjang Area ($90-$100/hr)
  • S7282: Primary 4 English and Maths (2024) @ Circuit Road ($30-$50/hour)
  • S7281: Primary 4 Math (2024) @ Buangkok Link ($25/hour)
  • J7723: Primary 4, Primary 6 and Secondary 3 Chinese (2024) @ Pasir Ris Heights ($40-$75/hour)
  • K12905: Secondary 3 E-Math and Combined (Biology/Chemistry) (2024) @ Ang Mo Kio Avenue 4 ($30-$40/hr)
  • K12904: Secondary 3 English (2024) @ Ang Mo Kio Avenue 4 ($30-$40/hr)
  • K12902: Primary 1 English and Phonics (2024) @ Hillview Terrace ($30-$55/hr)
  • J7722: O levels E-Maths (2024) @ Bukit Batok Street 11 ($45-$55/hour)
  • J7721: Primary 2 Chinese (2024) @ Bukit Batok West Avenue 6 ($25-$30/hr)
  • J7719: Primary 1 English (2024) @ Tampines Street 45 ($40/hr)
  • T5686: PSLE Math (2024) @ West Coast Crescent ($30-$50/hr)
  • T5685: PSLE English (2024) @ Yishun Street 61 ($25/hr)
  • K12898: Primary 5 English and Math (2024) @ Compassvale Crescent ($30-$35/hr)
  • J7715: Primary 2 Chinese (2024) @ Bishan Area ($25-$45/hr)
  • J7712: PSLE Math and Science (2024) @ Bukit Merah ($40-$70/hr)
  • J7710: Primary 4 English and Math (2024) @ Telok Blangah Crescent ($25-$40/hr)
  • J7709: Secondary 2 Express History (2024) @ Tutor’s House near Kaki Bukit MRT ($45-$70/hr)
  • S7275: Primary 6 Science (2024) @ Yishun Industrial Street 1 ($30-$35/hr)
  • S7274: Primary 6 Maths (2024) @ Yishun Industrial Street 1 ($30-$35/hr)
  • S7272: Primary 6 English (2024) @ Marine Parade Area ($40-$80/hr)
  • S7267: Primary 3 Chinese (2023) @ Telok Blangah Heights ($20-$45/hr)
  • S7266: Primary 3 English (2023) @ Telok Blangah Heights ($20-$45/hr)
  • S7265: Primary 3 English (2023) @ Anchorvale Drive ($20-$25/hr)
  • T5664: PSLE English (2024) @ Jurong West Street 65 ($30/hr)
  • T5682: Primary 4 Maths (2024) @ Buangkok Crescent ($25-$35/hr)
  • K12895: Primary 5 English (2024) @ Woodlands Street 31 ($60-$65/hr)
  • T5680: Primary 1 English (2023) @ Punggol Road ($25-$30/hr)
  • T5679: Primary 4 Science (2024) @ Telok Blangah Crescent ($30/hr)
  • T5678: Primary 4 English (2024) @ Telok Blangah Crescent ($30/hr)
  • T5675: Primary 3 English, Maths, Science and Chinese (2023) @ Sengkang West Way ($25-$30/hr)
  • S7263: Kindergarten 2 Maths (2024) @ Woodlands Street 13 ($25-$45/hr)
  • T5674: Primary 5 Science (2024) @ Canberra Drive ($40-$70/hr)
  • T5671: Primary 5 English @ Canberra Road ($30-$35/hr)
  • J7705: Primary 5 Higher Chinese (2024) @ Near Kovan MRT ($30-$35/hr)
  • J7704: Primary 5 Maths and Science (2024) @ Near Kovan MRT ($30-$35/hr)
  • T5666: Primary 5 Maths (2024) @ Northshore Crescent 65 ($30-$35/hr)
  • T5665: Primary 5 Chinese (2024) @ Northshore Crescent 65 ($30-$35/hr)
  • T5663: PSLE Maths (2024) @ Jurong West Street 65 ($30/hr)
  • K12894: PSLE Chinese (2024) @ Choa Chu Kang Avenue 4 ($40-$70/hr)
  • K12893: PSLE English (2024) @ Choa Chu Kang Avenue 4 ($40-80/hr)
  • S7260: Primary 6 Science (2024) @ Near Farrer Park MRT ($60-$75/hr)
  • S7258: Primary 1 English and Maths (2024) @ Fernvale Link ($20-$25/hr)
  • S7255: Grade 12 IB HL AA Maths (2024) @ Near Stadium MRT ($50-$55/hr)
  • S7254: Grade 5 Maths (2023) @ Pasir Ris Heights ($40-$55/hr)
  • S7251: Primary 6 Science (2024) @ Simei Rise ($60-$70/hr)
  • T5662: Primary 3 Maths (2024) @ Hougang Avenue 7 ($60-$70/hr)
  • T5661: Primary 3 English (2024) @ Hougang Avenue 7 ($60-$70/hr)
  • J7700: Primary 1 and 4 Chinese (2024) @ Near Embassy of Vietnam in Singapore ($35-$40/hr)
  • K12891: PSLE English (2024) @ Anchorvale Road ($40-80/hr)
  • S7250: Primary 3 Science (2024) @ Tampines Street 86 ($60-$70/hr)
  • S7249: Primary 3 English (2024) @ Tampines Street 86 ($60-$70/hr)
  • S7248: JC2 H1 Economics (2024) @ Sembawang Crescent ($45-$80/hr)
  • S7247: Primary 2 and 3 English (2024) @ Segar Road ($35-$45/hr)
  • S7244: Secondary 4 Pure Chemistry (2024) @ Bukit Purmei Road ($45-$50/hr)
  • S7241: Primary 6 Science (2024) @ Jurong West Avenue 1 ($40-$50/hr)
  • T5658: Primary 3 Science (2024) @ Lorong 1 Toa Payoh ($35-$70/hr)
  • J7699: Primary 3 and 4 Chinese (2024) @ Macpherson ($25/hr)
  • J7696: Primary 1 and 4 English (2024) @ Teban Gardens Road ($35-$40/hr)
  • J7695: Primary 5 Chinese (2024) @ Clementi Avenue 4 ($25-$30/hr)
  • J7694: Primary 5 English and Science (2024) @ Clementi Avenue 4 ($25-$30/hr)
  • J7697: Primary 3 Chinese (2024) @ Jurong East Avenue 1 ($20-$35/hr)
  • K12888: Primary 1 Math @ Woodleigh ($60-$70/hr)
  • K12886: Secondary 4 (NA) E Math (2024) @ Upper Jurong Road ($30-$40/hr)
  • K12885: Secondary 4 (NA) English (2024) @ Upper Jurong Road ($30-$40/hr)
  • K12881: JC2 H2 Economics @ Seletar Green View Road ($50-$55/hr)
  • T5657: O-Levels Chinese (2024) @ Near Mountbatten MRT ($45-$50/hour)
  • S7232: Secondary 3 Express Combined Chemistry (2024) @ Roxy Square Shopping Mall ($35-$40/hr)
  • S7231: Secondary 3 Express Combined Physics (2024) @ Roxy Square Shopping Mall ($35-$40/hr)
  • S7230: Primary 3 Maths (2024) @ Canberra Drive ($25-$65/hr)
  • S7228: Primary 3 English and Math (2024) @ Online ($35-$65/hr)
  • S7224: Secondary 4 NA E-Maths and Express A-Maths (2024) @ Telok Blangah Crescent ($35-$40/hr)
  • S7220: Secondary 3 Express Pure Chemistry (2024) @ Bedok Area ($35-$55/hour)
  • S7218: Primary 6 English (2024) @ Near Kovan MRT ($40-$50/hour)
  • T5622: NUS High Secondary 4 Physics (2024) @ Anchorvale Lane ($60-$80/hr)
  • S7189: Secondary 4 Express Combined Chemistry (2024) @ Tampines Street 71 ($30-$35/hour)
  • S7177: Primary 5 Math and Science (2024) @ Jurong West Avenue 1 ($40-$70/hour)
  • S7173: Primary 2 Higher Chinese (2024) @ Near Tan Kah Kee MRT ($25-$65/hr)
  • S7162: Primary 6 English (2024) @ Yishun Avenue 2 ($25-$30/hour)
  • S7157: Secondary 2 NT English (2024) @ Jurong East Street 31 ($25-$30/hour)
  • J7599: Kindergarten 1 English Phonics (2024) @ Buangkok Area ($35-$40/hr)
  • S7133: Secondary 2 Express Maths (2024) @ Jurong East Street 21 ($30-$45/hour)
  • S7131: Secondary 2 NA Science (2024) @ Near Kranji War Memorial ($60-$80/hr)
  • S7130: Secondary 2 NA Maths (2024) @ Near Kranji War Memorial ($60-$80/hr)
  • S7129: Secondary 2 NA English (2024) @ Near Kranji War Memorial ($60-$80/hr)
  • J7577: O-Levels E-Maths (2024) @ Tutor’s Place Near Jurong West street 65 ($30-$35/hr)
  • J7557: Grade 4 English @ Near Orchard Boulevard MRT ($45-$75/hr)
  • K12759: Secondary 4 Chinese (2024) @ Simei Street 5 ($30-$40/hr)
  • T5492: Grade 4 and 6 Piano @ Steven Road ($40-$55/hr)
  • S7055: Secondary 3 E-Math (2024) @ Jurong West Street 93 ($40-$45/hr)
  • K12696: Primary 3 Math and Science @ Yishun Street 81 ($35-$40/hr)
  • K12689: Primary 4 English and Math (2024) @ Boon Lay Drive ($40-$50/hr)
  • J7256: JC1 H1 GP @ Online ($90-$120/hour)

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A warm welcome!

Hello, I am Victoria Lim, PhD – Education in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

I lead a team of tuition consultants and coordinators – many of whom are former MOE teachers – at Tuition Assignments Singapore.

Our 57,000 experienced home tuition teachers are MOE teachers, and graduated/undergraduate tutors.

They each have between 2 to over 30 years of tutoring/teaching track record of helping students’ grades improve.

About 20% of our tutors have PhD’s or Master’s degrees in the subject that they are teaching.

How to register as a Tutor for Tuition Assignments in Singapore

Fill up the Tutor Registration form to register as a tutor with us

It takes just 5 minutes to register as a tutor. As soon as today, you can start receiving the most and best home tuition assignments in Singapore.

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Look out for an email, sms or Whatsapp message from us. We will contact you if you are eligible for any of our many home tutor assignments. Be sure you check your email spam folder, just in case. After the client has selected your application for the assignment, we will contact you through WhatsApp. 

Accept the rate, day/timing, and start date

Once you are contacted by our tuition coordinators, please confirm the date and time of your lessons. Your first lesson can start as early as tomorrow!

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Over 57,000+ tutors have registered with us: moe teachers/experienced tutors with phd/master's/bachelor's/university undergraduates.

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What our Tutors say

Tuition Assignments has secured for me over 20 assignments at good rates, in just the 2 months after I registered. They are really amazingly fast and reliable!

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Ms RL – Tuition Assignments is amazing!

Tuition Assignments made sure that I got assignments that I am comfortable with. Their coordinators are very professional, patient, fast and helpful every step of the way. I am really so glad that I registered with Tuition Assignments. I am sure that you will get many good assignments too!

Ms GD – Tuition Assignments is very helpful.

Tuition Assignments helped me get great students. I am never worried that I will have an empty time slot, because I know that Tuition Assignments will quickly help me fill it. I really can’t believe how many assignments I got from this agency. This is my 5th year in the Tuition Assignments team, and their assignments are by far the best!

Mr TW – Fast and easy

Tuition Assignments is incredibly fast. They have so many new clients every day. I chose the jobs that I was interested in, and I was matched and confirmed with 3 very good assignments within a week of applying!

Mr SN – Tuition Assignments is awesome

Singapore's best tutor rates - how tuition rates are calculated.

Our private tutor matching service is free, and parents only need to pay monthly tuition charges for lessons that had been conducted.

Tutors in Singapore quote their own hourly rates. 

In general, the rates are based on their years of private tutoring experience, their academic qualifications, and their abilities/confidence to help their students’ grades improve.

The tuition industry is very competitive and transparent.

Parents are aware that when their budget is below the market’s average rate, the better-qualified tutors are not likely to apply for the assignment.

The figures below are the typical range of rates quoted by experienced tutors with good track records.

Tuition Assignments Singapore represents only university undergraduates, graduates, MOE teachers and university lecturers

Undergraduate Tuition Rates

  • Primary School Tuition Rates $30/hr to $55/hr
  • Secondary School Tuition Rates $35/hr to $55/hr
  • JC Tuition Rates $40/hr - $55/hr
  • IB Tuition Rates $45/hr - $55/hr

Full-Time/Graduated Tuition Rates

  • Primary School Tuition Rates $35/hr to $55/hr
  • Secondary School Tuition Rates $35/hr to $65/hr
  • JC Tuition Rates $45/hr - $70/hr
  • IB Tuition Rates $55/hr - $70/hr

MOE/NIE Tuition Rates

  • Primary School Tuition Rates $50/hr to $65/hr
  • Secondary School Tuition Rates $55/hr to $75/hr
  • JC Tuition Rates $80/hr - $110/hr

accounting tuition

Victoria Lim, PhD - Education in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Senior Consultant, Tuition Assignments Singapore

Register with us as a private tutor, tuition assignments telegram channels, when you sign up on telegram, you will get faster notifications of the latest assignments from the 25 tuition agencies that our outreach department represents. we have telegram channels for specific subjects and for all assignments., tuition assignments social media, do follow us on all our social media to be kept up to date with all of the latest tuition assignments, over 57,000+ tutors have registered with tuition assignments singapore, popular categories, accounting tuition assignments, biology tuition assignments, chemistry tuition assignments, chinese language tuition assignments, economics tuition assignments, english language tuition assignments, general paper tuition assignments, geography tuition assignments, history tuition assignments, literature tuition assignments, malay language tuition assignments, management of business tuition assignments, math tuition assignments, online tuition assignment assignments, physics tuition assignments, principles of accounting tuition assignments, science tuition assignments, social studies tuition assignments, tamil language tuition assignments, tuition assignment central, tuition assignment east, tuition assignment north, tuition assignment west, how do i register as a tutor so that i can receive many tuition assignments.

It is very easy to register as a tutor with Tuition Assignments.

All you need to do is to go to our maps or press the “Assignment Button” to look at over 100 of our daily tuition assignments and choose whichever tuition assignment you would like to apply for.

When you click the link to apply for the assignment, you will be brought to the specific agency to register for the assignment. It’s as simple as that!

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Tuition Assignments Singapore has a team of highly qualified tutors who specialize in tutoring Polytechnic-level and University-Level students

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Tuition Assignments

3 steps to apply for tuition assignments.

Join this telegram channel   @SgTuitionAgency

https://t.me/SgTuitionAgency Or view the tuition assignments in here: https://tuitionassignments.com.sg/

Create and save your profile using the telegram bot

The telegram bot lets tutors store their profiles and submit their certificates with ease. This allows tutors to apply for tuition assignments without having to resubmit details for each new application. All information is securely stored in our server.

Apply for tuition assignments posted in the telegram channel As tuition assignments tend to close within a few hours, please apply as soon as the tuition assignments have been posted. Saving your profile in advance with the telegram bot lets you apply for tuition assignments quickly. You will only need to provide your rate and availability for each tuition assignment that you apply for.

How to increase my chance of being selected for the tuition assignment?

Tip 1: provide a descriptive write-up.

We seek to recommend the most suitable tutor based on a student's learning needs. As such, we require information about the tutor’s teaching methodology and experience to help us in the selection process. Only tutors with descriptive and well-articulated profiles will be considered for the tuition assignments. We request that you write in full sentences and avoid using text abbreviations, shortcuts, and bulleted points. Instead of simply stating a point, please support it by qualifying your experience and credentials. For instance, Tutor 1 wrote: “I can teach.”, while Tutor 2 wrote: “I have been teaching for 5 years. Most of my students have shown improvements in…” Tutor 2 will stand a better chance of getting shortlisted for the tuition assignment as they had provided details about their teaching experience—specifically their length of experience and how they have helped their students improve.

Tip 2: Ensure that All Relevant Documents are Submitted

Our education consultant will check through your certificates before recommending you to the parents. As we process many tutors’ applications each day, we are unable to notify tutors who do not provide complete documents. We strongly encourage tutors to submit all their documents before applying for a tuition assignment. Please note that submitting any doctored, fictitious, or false documents will result in an automatic blacklist.

Tip 3: Strive to Deliver Results

We constantly seek feedback from parents about a tutor’s performance and check in with parents about the progress of the students at the end of each year. Tutors who have helped students achieve significant improvements will be included in our Star Tutor database and receive more recommendations.

Tip 4: Quote an Attractive Rate

As a tuition agency, we have insights on the market rates for each tuition assignment based on the academic level and subject. Tutor fees quoted must be pegged to the market rate and commensurate with relevant experience. For example, if an ‘A’ level student and a full-time tutor both quote $50/hr for a tuition assignment, the full-time tutor has the better chance of getting shortlisted based on his or her experience.

Tip 5: Apply Quickly

Tuition assignments will close when a suitable tutor is found. We encourage tutors to apply as soon as the tuition assignments are posted. This is due to the quick turnaround time and competitive demand for tuition assignments, which gives rise to a short application window.

Tip 6: Don’t Give Up

We receive numerous applications for each tuition assignment. Due to the strong competition for tuition assignments, we understand that it can be frustrating to keep applying without any apparent success. But don’t give up! To boost your chances of being selected, please ensure that you have submitted the required documents, provided a descriptive writeup of your profile, and quoted a reasonable rate for remuneration. Who knows? You might get picked for the tuition assignment and even make it to our Star Tutor database!

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Level and Subject(s): JC 2 H2 Economics, H2 Maths & H2 Chemistry Location: Coco Palam , Pasir Ris Grove Hourly Rate: $45/hr Lessons Per Week: Once a week, 2 hours per session Student‘s Gender: Female Time: Kindly state your "Detailed" Available time slots from Monday to Sunday.

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Tutors who include their relevant teaching experience in details have higher success rate of being engaged by the parent. Job ID: NT07717 Job Status: Available/ Open  **Kindly ensure that you have done your one-time tutor registration under the "Register" Tab before applying any tuition job via our tuition mobile app. This will quicken your tuition application process.

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Level and Subject(s): Y5 (IB) JC1HL Maths Location: Blk 440 Clement Ave 3 Hourly Rate: Kindly quote best rate Lessons Per Week: Once a week, 1.5 hour per session Time: Kindly state your "Detailed" Available time slots from Monday to Sunday.

Student from ACS Independent. Do indicate your teaching experience for IB Year 5/6 experience Job ID: NT07382 Job Status: Available/ Open  **Kindly ensure that you have done your one-time tutor registration under the "Register" Tab before applying any tuition job via our tuition mobile app. This will quicken your tuition application process.

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Urgent Tuition Assignments

  • Require MOE NIE Teachers to teach Primary 6 Chinese in year 2024 ( Start asap)- 9 Boon Tiong Road
  • Looking for Private Home Tutor to teach Primary 6 Chinese in year 2024 ( Start asap)- The Florida Hougang Ave 7
  • Looking for Private Home Tutor to teach Secondary 2 English ( NA) in year 2024 ( Start asap)
  • Looking for Private Home Tutor to teach Secondary 2 English in year 2024- The Luxurie, Compassvale Road
  • Looking for Pre-School/ Kindergarten Teacher to teach K2 English in year 2024- Bishan Park Condo Sin Ming Walk
  • Looking for Private Home Tutor to teach Secondary 3 Tamil ( NA) in year 2024 ( Start in Nov 2023)- 150+ Bishan Street 13.
  • Looking for Private Home Tutor to teach Primary 1 Chinese in year 2024 ( Start Dec 2023)- 288 Punggol Place ( Near Punggol MRT)

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  • Looking for Private Home Tutor to teach JC2 H2 Physics in year 2024 ( Start Nov 2023, Student from RI)- Tropical Spring, Simei Street 4

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How to Apply For Home Tuition Assignments?

1) For New Tutoring Positions Click on the "Red Button" or visit https://www.nanyanglearning.com/nanyang-tuition/register-as-home-tutor/ to submit your tutor registration.

2) For Registered Tutors (Apply through Telegram)

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Due to the large volume of tutors' applications, unfortunately we can only get back to successful applicants within 48 hrs.

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  • i) All assignments are to start immediately and are One-to-One Home Tuition Assignments unless otherwise stated.
  • ii) New Tutor, please click on the " Register As Tutor (Red Button)" to submit your One-Time Tutor Registration . We will only proceed with the Tuition Job Applications, where tutors’ records are found within our database.
  • iii) Click on "Apply Now (Green Button)" to apply for tuition jobs . You are advisable to join our Tuition Telegram Channel / download Mobile App to receive Latest Tuition Jobs Notifications at your fingertips.
  • iv) Do take note that 50% of "One (1) Month Course Fee" (One- time only) agency commission fees applies for each assignment, unless otherwise stated. One (1) Month= Four (4) Weeks.

Your Quest For The Best Ib Tuition Jobs And Tutoring Jobs Ends Here

Nanyang Tuition Agency is one of the best home tuition agencies in Singapore. If you are looking for ib tuition jobs, both full-time and part-time, you can rest assured that we have something of value for you. You can find the most relevant and carefully designed tuition assignments and curriculum right here on our website to keep yourself updated on what parents and children are looking for in their mentors. This will help you meet all their learning objectives successfully within the shortest span of time.

We also provide tutoring jobs / services for both part-time and full-time tutors in every subject that is in demand by school going children and college and university aspirants as well. You can go through the requirements posted by different children and their parents regarding their needs and budget and then scan to find the job that suits your skill set and qualifications the best. You can find home tuition assignments in Singapore in your preferred locations, such as East Area Tuition Assignments , North Area Tuition Assignments , Central Area Tuition Assignments , etc.

When it comes to looking for the best tuition jobs in Singapore , we have the longest and the most comprehensive database of listings that we keep on updating every week. With more than 100 new immediate tuition assignments and full & part time tutoring jobs posted every week on our website, Nanyang Tuition Agency constantly keeps the topmost tutors in the loop with parents so that they can be connected with one another immediately without any delay. So if you want to stay on top of the list, it is high time you started enhancing your tutoring resume for better job opportunities and career growth.

You can get matched easily with close to 100 children and aspirants looking for a mentor under any given subject within the span of only a month. You don’t even have to conduct comprehensive research on the internet/ newspaper at the same.

You can find ib tuition jobs and jobs that are in demand for every level of academics right from secondary to college and even university level diplomas and degrees. Any tuition assignment / class is going to last for about 1.5 hours to 2 hours. These will be generally conducted once or twice a week as per the requirements of the child and the availability of the tutor. This is an arrangement that the parents and tutors can come to after having had a conversation regarding the scope of the class and the learning ability of the student. To apply for a home tuition assignment , you'll have to Register As Tutor .

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Advancing Your Career With The Best One To One Home Tuition Agency In Singapore

Nanyang Tuition Agency understands this growing trend and this is why we encourage both full-time and part-time home tutors to take up this opportunity to not just educate our children but also to serve humanity at large. Benefits of working as a tutor don’t just get limited to financial gains but extend to better working conditions and an improved resume as well.

A Tutoring Job Is Going To Look Awesome On Your Resume

Tutoring is one of the best jobs for anyone who wants to impart knowledge and make extra money in the most ethical and moral way. Part time jobs in particular are a highly preferred choice of college students pursuing higher studies in Singapore. It gives them a chance to make extra money with no added stress. Needless to mention, the hours that you will be working are going to be flexible as well. This means no trauma and no eight-hour shifts that give you painful necks and burning eyes.

Part Time & Full Time Tuition Assignments / Tutoring Jobs In Singapore - It's Easy To Apply With Us

You can apply for ib tuition jobs and several tuition assignments with us in a jiffy! All you have to do is list your profile on Nanyang Tuition Agency. You can then begin applying for tuition jobs and you will be contacted quickly whenever there is a suitable job offer for you. You can then either reject or accept the offer. Once you have accepted the offer you will be contacted to finalize the details of the job. So, what are you waiting for? Tutor registration with us is very easy. Sign up today and start working now. For regular updates, you can join our Telegram Channel .

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