Nurses play an important role in the healthcare industry. They are the ones that take care of the patients, administer medicines, keep a check on their vitals, and communicate with the doctors regarding the health of the patients. If you have chosen this noble profession you are going to become the backbone of the healthcare industry and have invested a lot in your education, especially with nursing research paper.

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Nursing is a highly demanding career involving many roles and responsibilities. If you are pursuing a degree in nursing you will have to put in a lot of time and effort. As a part of your curriculum, you will have to submit a large number of projects and assignments including reports, thesis, essays, etc. You will also have to write a nursing research paper for each of your classes.

Writing a research paper helps you learn how to organize information, document research, manage your time and write professionally. Nurses need to learn how to communicate effectively while writing as they have to document a patient’s medical history.

A nursing research paper like any other research paper is used to assess your knowledge, research capabilities, and analytical skills. It can be argumentative, expository, or analytical and consists of an introduction, the body of the paper, and a conclusion.

Introduction of a Nursing Research Paper

The introduction of a research paper is important as a good introduction will encourage the reader to continue to the main parts of the research paper. A well-written introduction gives you the chance to make a good first impression. If the introduction is disorganized and filled with errors, the reader will feel disoriented and confused. 

Read on to find out how to write the best introduction for a nursing assessment research paper.

Before learning how to write an introduction, you need to understand what the introduction of your paper should accomplish. The introduction of your nursing research paper should fulfill the following responsibilities

  • Grab the attention of your reader
  • Introduce the topic
  • State the theses
  • Explain the relevance of the study
  • Outline the main points of the research

Steps for writing the best introduction for a nursing research paper

Nursing Research Paper

1. Introducing the topic

When you start by introducing the topic of your research paper you need to tell your readers what the topic is and how it is important. You need to make your readers interested so that they are hooked to your paper. You can engage your audience by opening the introduction with a compelling story or a thought-provoking question. You can also include a quotation, a statistic, or an anecdote.

Though grabbing the attention is important, do not forget to convey the relevance of the topic while trying to make the introduction appear catchy. A simple way to emphasize the importance of your research is to highlight the benefits it has. This way the reader focuses on the positives of the research. 

2. Setting the background

The background will differ depending upon the nature of the research paper. If your research paper is empirical then you can provide an overview of relevant research already done on the topic and establish how your research differs from them.

While doing so you can also state the limitations or gaps in the previous research that you plan on filling. You can refer to the available literature for this but should refrain from the formal literature review in the introduction section. This will show your awareness of previous research as well. 

On the other hand, if your research paper is argumentative, you can just narrow down your topic and provide a general background to set the context. Remember this is only the introduction and if your paper needs more background information you can include it in the main body of the paper. 

3. Stating the research problem

The next step is establishing your research problem. You need to convince the reader how your work helps to address the research question. You can demonstrate how your research can fill gaps or limitations of any previous work on the same topic. The contribution your work can bring to the existing knowledge on the subject can be pointed out here. 

4. Specifying the objectives of the paper

Now you specify what you intend to achieve as a result of the research. You can either present a thesis statement or propose a research question with a hypothesis. A thesis statement should not be of more than one to two sentences and should only state your position on the topic with any specific arguments. 

5. Outlining the structure of the paper

The last part of the introduction is reserved for giving a brief overview of the research paper. Describing the structure of the paper makes it easier for the reader to understand the flow. You can also highlight the important points that you intend to make in the paper. If your paper strays away from the usual structure of introduction, body, and conclusion, providing an outline becomes important.

6. Citing the sources

If you have referred to any literature in the introduction section make sure to cite all the sources correctly. Missing out on giving credit or wrongly citing a source can land you in trouble. You can use the referencing style followed by your institute or any academically approved referencing style such as Chicago, APA, MLA, Harvard, etc.  TutorBin can provide you access to professionals who are experts in writing nursing research papers.

Though the introduction is at the beginning of every research, you can write it at the end or revisit it after completing the paper. This will make it more compelling and will be easier for you to write. 

Nursing paper help with TutorBin

Still, struggling with writing the perfect introduction for your nursing research paper? Just get in touch with TutorBin for high-quality assignment help with your research paper. These experts can write a brilliant introduction for your research paper on a variety of topics. The research writing service offered by TutorBin is sure to get you good grades, save time, and will fit your budget. 

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how to start an introduction for an assignment in nursing

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How Do You Write An Introduction For A Nursing Assignment?

How Do You Write An Introduction For A Nursing Assignment?

Are you a student who is currently doing a nursing course and you have been given the assignment to write a nursing essay? Have you been searching keywords like write my nursing assignment for me? Then you have come across the best website. You must be confused and you are going through the internet searching about all of the queries you have in your mind. We are going to assist you and solve all of your problems. Not only that we are also going to guide you to write a quality essay.

We are going to clear all of the questions you have in your mind and tell you about the basic guidelines for writing a nursing course.

What is a Nursing Essay?

As the name suggests the nursing essay is an essay assigned to the students who are doing the nursing course. It is a professional requirement for the students and mandatory for them to write this essay. The nursing essay is going completely about nursing topics and it is going to include technical terms and their nursing terminologies in the essay.

How to Start a Nursing Essay?

Go through the instructions:.

You cannot just start writing about the introduction of the essay. You must take several steps before writing the essay.

  • Firstly, read about the instructions given by the faculty.
  • Check if they have assigned a topic to you or they have given an option to select the topic by themselves.
  • If there is an option to select the topic by your own self then select a topic over which you have command.
  • Thoroughly research the topic. The research is necessary as it is going to let you know about what you are going to work on.

Create a Draft:

You have started your essay. You know about the topic and you have done research about it. Now you know exactly what you are going to be working on. Once you are clear and have the understanding then prepare the draft of the essay. Write about all of the major points you are going to use in your essay. This is going to make it easier for you to write the essay as all of the major points are going to be written and you are not going to forget them.

What should be the Structure of a Nursing Essay?

Just like other essays, the structure of the nursing essay is similar. There should be an introduction, a body, and lastly the conclusion. Each of these parts is going to deliver different information to the reader.

How to Write an Introduction to a Nursing Essay?

When you are writing an Introduction to your nursing essay, you have to keep in mind that the introduction is going to grab the attention of the reader. If the introduction is not attractive then the reader is not going to be interested in the essay.

The introduction of a nursing essay should be able to tell the reader what the essay is about. It should provide the basis for the whole essay.

The introduction must end with a thesis statement. The thesis statement is going to tell the reader what is going to be discussed in the essay.

How to Write the Body of a Nursing Essay?

You’ve finally created a base for the whole essay. Now you have to write the body of the M edical essay writers . The body is going to contain different paragraphs. Each paragraph is going to provide different information about the same topic. The beginning of each paragraph is going to clarify the point that is going to be discussed in the paragraph.

Each body paragraph must have separate ideas. So that the reader also finds it easier to understand.

How to Write the Conclusion of a Nursing Essay?

Give closure to the whole topic and summarize all of the ideas discussed in a proper and organized manner. Review all of the points so that the reader also recalls what has been discussed in the essay.

Essential Tips:

Consider the following when you are writing a Nursing Essay:

  • Use relevant information about the topic
  • Know about your target audience. Your target audience is going to be highly educated. Use information according to that because your audience is already aware of the topic and they are seeing if you have enough knowledge.
  • Help proper nursing terminologies
  • Use proper grammar, spellings, sentence structures, punctuations, references, and formatting
  • Your essay should be well organized and should portray your credibility and professionalism.
  • Make sure the flow of the essay is smooth and your ideas should connect to each other.

We have tried our best to help you and guide you to write a professional and expert-level nursing essay for your assignment. These guidelines are going to help you in scoring good grades.

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how to start an introduction for an assignment in nursing

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How to write an effective assignment introduction VERY QUICK GUIDE

How to write an effective assignment introduction VERY QUICK GUIDE

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An introduction is the opening paragraph of your assignment. It should give the reader a clear idea of what your assignment is going to be about. There are three components that should be included in every introduction. In this QUICK guide, we outline how to incorporate:

For a comprehensive guide visit our Resource page.

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how to start an introduction for an assignment in nursing

Bachelor of Nursing and Midwifery

  • Getting started on your assignment

Bachelor of Nursing and Midwifery: Getting started on your assignment


  • Reading a Scholarly Article
  • Books & eBooks
  • Databases & journals
  • Referencing

On this page

  • Steps to a successful assignment 
  • Getting ready for your nursing degree
  • Identifying keywords
  • Nursing writing online

Steps to a successful assignment

1.    Collect all your information about the assignment

  • the handout on the assignment (due date, word limit, formatting, presentation, marking guide)
  • the type of sources required for your Reference List e.g. books, journal articles
  • notes from classes on how to complete the essay 

2.    Analyse and prepare

  • read your notes and class readings for direction
  • do a mind map on the topic- use questions to expand the ideas and knowledge you already have
  • do some preliminary research to expand your ideas
  • from your mind map write some points grouped under general headings
  • where there are gaps in information (or more detail or examples needed) write down some questions that you can research
  • identify keywords & search the Library for additional sources e.g. books, journal articles (see the box below for an example of how to break down a topic into Keywords, see the videos in this guide on searching for journal articles)
  • write a plan for your essay, 
  • what information do you already have? what further information do you need?

3.    Read for Information

  • read Required Reading and make notes
  • read the additional articles etc. for information not in the Required Reading
  • prepare each Reference as you read it, ensure it is written in the APA referencing style. See the  APA referencing guide  for further assistance

4.    Start writing

  • collect notes from your reading and start to build your essay
  • write the correct References for each of your readings for your Reference

Identifying keywords for searching

Watch this video to learn how to identify keywords when searching for information on a topic

Keyword search strategies from Victoria University Library on Vimeo .

Example essay topic

Always check your  VU Collaborate unit space for information about assessment  requirements.

Once you have analysed your Essay topic and done some preliminary reading you are ready to break down the topic into areas for research. The next step is to identify keywords that you can use to search for academic sources of information  on your topic.

Select keywords from both the topic and your readings. Keywords can be single words or phrases. You will need to use different combinations  of keywords in a number of different searches  to ensure you cover all aspects of a topic.

Example Essay Topic

Caring is fundamental in nursing, and develops with therapeutic use of self, a process between the nurse and patient.  Outline characteristics of therapeutic nursing, and describe how these skills can be implemented to increase the therapeutic value of nursing care. 

**Suggested keywords for searching Library Search and Library databases:

Example search 1:

("therapeutic relationship" OR "therapeutic nursing") AND "nurse-patient relation*"

Example search 2:

(caring OR therapeutic*) AND nurse AND patient

A list of relevant nursing databases can be found on the "Databases & journals" tab of this guide.

** Note the Keywords here are suggestions only. 

Getting Ready for your Nursing Degree

how to start an introduction for an assignment in nursing

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UK Writing Service

Nursing Assignment Help

A nursing career is a path chosen by angels who want to help people. However, it is challenging as well. You need to gain a lot of knowledge before starting to work as a practicing nurse. And it might be an issue even for a nerdy student to cope with all tasks you might get in a nursing school. The range of topics the nursing area covers is broad. Luckily, our professional nursing assignment writers can help you with them.

Definition of nursing assignment

What is a nursing assignment paper? There is no definite answer. A nurse is a person that helps one in need both physically and mentally. So, assignment in nursing covers a broad range of healthcare topics. You might need to write a research, essay, course work, case study or any other task the teacher requires. Yet, you can always rely on our professional writing service if you need help with nursing assignment papers fast. 

Seven steps to writing an assignment for nursing students

It does not matter if you write student nurse assignments or other papers; each task aims to demonstrate your knowledge and skills. Your teachers or supervisors need to see your understanding of the material, research and writing skills. You can always pay someone to do my nursing assignment, but in case you decide to write it yourself, you need to learn the basics. So how to write nursing assignment? Here are the steps you need to follow: 

  • Topic choice. If you were not assigned a topic, it is essential to choose one. Pick several nursing assignment topics and conduct basic research. Select the one that you are interested in. Subjects that don’t catch up your attention are boring to cover. Moreover, you will spend a lot of time on them. Writing must be fun and useful. 
  • Form a thesis statement. Every paper, whether it is an essay or a term paper, begins with a thesis. It is the main idea of your paper. Without it, you cannot write nursing assignment. 
  • Conduct more detailed research. You need to find scholarly papers that either support or confront your thesis. Don’t forget to take notes and save the resources so you can always access them. 
  • Create an outline of your paper. An outline is a plan you will follow when writing. Without an outline, nursing writing assignments will be complicated and time-consuming since most institutions must submit an outline along with the paper. 
  • Write your nursing essay. Write my nursing assignment using the research you conducted and outline. Try to make pauses in writing, and review what you wrote each time. The number of pages depends on the type of paper. Your paper should consist of an introduction, body and conclusion. If you are stuck with writing, our nursing assignment help uk can help you with that. 
  • Edit and proofread your writing. Your nursing paper should demonstrate not only your analytical and critical thinking skills. You should also showcase your literacy. Your paper must be excellent. If you are not good at editing, you can trust your paper to our professional online nursing assignment help. We have editing and proofreading services too. 
  • Format your paper following the instructions. Your nursing school might have a citation style and some additional instructions on the papers you submit. Make sure your final paper meets all of them. AssignmentHolic professional UK team provides formatting services for free with every piece you order from us. 


Topic covered by our nursing assignment writing service

Nursing school attendants might need to cover various issues in their assignments. With years of experience on the market, our professional nursing assignment help team covered numerous topics related to nursing work and healthcare. Here are some areas that are in trend today: 

Clinical nursing research 

These assignments cover various topics of clinical nursing. Among them is communication with patients and their relatives, relations with patients and staff and other problems a clinical nurse faces. Clinical nursing is one of the most compound topics in the area. Our assignment help for nursing students helped with numerous tasks in this area. If you need fast and cheap help, you can rely on us. 

Surgical nursing 

Patient monitoring, medication, dressing, skills and even more are covered in these papers. Being a surgical nurse is a challenging path. It requires a lot of studies. Nurses are prepared to be surgical nurses in nursing schools, and only a few decide to make a career in this field. Nevertheless, these tasks are mandatory, and if you find them too challenging, you can always buy nursing assignments from us. 

Nurse practitioner 

Assisting the ones who need help is the primary task for anyone who decides to become a nurse. Nurse practitioner topics vary from clinical to home nursing. These papers focus on handling aspects of patient care, stress handling, management and many more. With the help of a professional nursing assignment helper, you can quickly get these tasks completed. 

Intervention and mental health nursing 

It is tough to take care of people with various mental disabilities. The intervention nursing area covers multiple aspects of care and communication with such patients. Our team has a lot of expertise in writing such papers for healthcare students. 

Pediatric nursing 

Dealing with kids might be among the tasks of a future nurse. Taking care of the children’s health is an excellent but challenging path. When writing these nursing assignments, nurses must understand the health issues faced by young patients and various communication problems. Moreover, it is stressful, and you must love children if you choose this path. Our nursing assignment uk helping service can cover these topics for you. 

Evidence-based nursing 

Among the functions, nurses have handling tasks related to lab research, patient health monitoring, and working with various devices. The professional nurse should be able to react to multiple changes in a patient’s physical or mental conditions. These tasks require attention to detail and analytical skills. Nursing assignments on these topics should demonstrate the future nurse’s ability to handle them. Our team helped with thousands of such papers. 

 Emergency nursing 

The emergency nurse should be able to make complicated decisions and assist doctors who work in an emergency department. This area of study covers many aspects of paramedics’ help, and the role of a nurse in this area is highly important. When covering emergency nursing tasks, students must demonstrate their ability to take care of patients while under the pressure of emergency situations. Our team can help you in handling emergency nursing assignments.   

Structure of writing assignments for nursing students

Every academic paper should follow a proper format. It is valid for nursing papers as well. Whether you are writing an essay, research paper or case study, you need to follow an academic paper writing structure. Our UK writers for nursing students suggest sticking to the following form when you are writing your paper: 

  • Introduction. The best nursing papers start with an introduction. In this part of your paper, you share the main idea of your research. Here you need to provide your thesis statement and tell why this topic is vital for the future nurse. The introduction should lead your readers to your paper. It would be best if you caught their attention. 
  • Body. Depending on the paper type, your body might consist of several paragraphs. In each section, you must discuss one idea related to your thesis. The paragraph should be no more than 200 words long. Ensure you properly cite your sources and that your paragraphs are connected with your introduction and other sections. 
  • Conclusion. In conclusion you need to summarize your findings. What have you learned while writing your paper? Were you right or wrong with your thesis statement? Your conclusion is the shortest part of the nursing assignment. It should contain rephrased thesis statement from your introduction. 
  • Cited sources. At the end of your paper, you need to have a bibliography. In this part, you need to provide the sources you cited. Follow the citation style to provide them correctly. Your notes will help you with that. If you have issues with your paper writing, you can always ask for help from our nursing assignment writing service uk. 

Features provided by our nursing assignment writing help

If you are searching for the best nursing assignment help in the UK, you are lucky to find us. We have been working on the market for many years. Many nursing students rely on us. Moreover, we are different from other companies. We provide the best possible experience on the market to every client who chooses us. Here are the benefits of our writing team: 

  • We cover a broad range of topics. We have a team of professional nursing UK writers with experience in covering any nursing topic you might have. They are creative, attentive to the details and have excellent writing skills. If you choose us, you get an opportunity to work with an expert in your area of study. 
  • We have cheap and transparent prices. Our team has affordable prices since we understand that students have a tight budget. Our pricing model is 100% transparent, and you pay only what you see in your shopping cart. 
  • We have discounts. Both new and returning customers can enjoy the benefits of our discounts. You can get up to 15% off on any order, even the most complicated one. We know that you deserve the best, and your discount won’t influence the quality of the assignment we deliver. 
  • We have a money-back guarantee. We are absolutely sure of the quality of papers we deliver, that is why we have a money-back guarantee. If you are unsatisfied with the paper, you can get your money back. Yet, we had no such cases since all our clients are delighted with the nursing assignments we deliver. 
  • We guarantee your privacy. Our team knows that ordering online might be insecure. That’s why we made sure that your personal information is fully protected. We implemented cutting-edge technologies and followed the best security standards. We will never share details about you or your order with any third party. 
  • We deliver papers on time. Timely delivery of your nursing tasks is among our strengths. We are doing our best to supply you with the paper even before the deadline. So, you have enough time to check your task and ask for changes if needed. 
  • We have unlimited free revisions. To ensure you get what you want, we offer free unlimited revisions with any order at our service. Check your paper once you get it and ask for changes where needed. Our professional UK writer will make sure that your assignment perfectly fits your requirements. 
  • We have zero tolerance for plagiarism. Our team delivers only original and custom papers. We know a lot about the consequences of plagiarism. And we don’t want you to get into these issues when you are ordering from us. We never use essay samples; all our papers are written from scratch.  

How to get help with nursing assignment from your UK team? 

You are only one step away from help with writing nursing assignments from our team. We developed an easy-to-follow ordering process that will take less than 15 minutes. There is no need to wait for the quote or order approval. The writer will be assigned to your paper almost immediately. Here are the steps you need to follow: 

  • Find Order now option anywhere on our website and click on it. 
  • Fill in the paper title and choose the type, number of pages, deadline, and academic and quality levels. 
  • Enter the details you got from your teacher, supervisor or professor. You can attach documents, images or even presentations to your order. 
  • Choose additional services if you need them. You can get VIP support, top-rated writer help, plagiarism scan and many more. 
  • Apply a coupon code you can find on our website. If you are returning customer, your discount will be applied automatically.
  • Pay for your paper using the most convenient payment method. 
  • Get your paper when it is ready and check it. Ask for changes if needed. 

Enjoy our service, and if you have a question, don’t hesitate to contact our customer care team. They are here for you 24/7/365 via chat, email, or phone.

How to Order a Nursing Assignment at AssignmentHolic?

If you want us to do my nursing assignment, you just need to place an order on our website. Here are the steps you need to follow: Click on the Order now feature anywhere on our site. Fill out the details you got from your teacher. Choose deadline, number of pages, paper type, academic level and quality level. Attach any files you have got with your task. Apply the discount code you have. Pay for your paper. Get your paper and check it. Ask for changes if you need them.

If the Nursing Assignment Does Not Suit Me, Will You Return the Money?

If the research assignment nursing, we delivered doesn’t meet your institution’s quality standards, we can refund your money. Our team provides a money-back guarantee to our clients. Luckily, there were only a few cases when the consumer was unsatisfied with the result. Our professional UK team delivers excellent papers and follows all students’ instructions.

Who will work on my Nursing Assignment?

If you worked with us before and have a writer ID, you can choose the same writer as before. Otherwise, we will assign the best available writer to your order. Our team has a complicated screening process, so we employ the best academic writers. Each hold at least a master’s degree in healthcare and has delivered hundreds of nursing papers to our consumers. You will be impressed with our professionalism and attention to detail if you choose us as your academic writing partner.

Do I need to pay extra for edits?

Our nursing assignment service provides unlimited free revisions with every paper you get from us. So if you need to change something don’t hesitate to ask us. We are eager to make sure you are satisfied with our writing service. It is essential to note that we deliver ready-to-go papers. All assignments we provide are proofread and edited following the quality standards of academic writing.


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  • Assignment: Pages Financial Technologies And Innovations

how to start an introduction for an assignment in nursing

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The importance of having Biostatisticians on every clinical research

How to write a case study assignment in nursing

A nursing case study is an in-depth investigation and accompanying explanation of a patient or a group of patients suffering from a specific illness or disorder to promote a thorough understanding of their situation. It may also provide a thorough examination of a single individual or population as a basis for medical and healthcare phenomena. Your case study should conclude with a thorough account of an actual or hypothetical problem, occurrence, or operation at the end of writing.

how to start an introduction for an assignment in nursing

Introduction and Categories of a nursing case study

  • Status of the patient:  Discusses the patient and the study’s intent. The following data is included in it:
  • Demographics
  • Medical history
  • Diagnosis and treatment

2. Nursing assessment of a patient: Describes the patient’s concern in medical terminology and the reason for having a particular diagnosis, such as hyperacidity influencing the patient’s digestion. It comprises the following items:

  • Vital signs and results of tests
  • Findings by the nurse, such as emotional state and range of motion

SEE ALSO : Focus on Nursing research priorities based on CINAHL

  • Current care plan and recommendations : Nursing care plans and their priorities are identified. The goal is to illustrate how a nursing care strategy will improve a patient’s quality of life, the substantive improvements it aims to make, and how to put it into action. It also shows the individual in charge of implementing the treatment plan and concrete targets for tracking and determining its progress.

This portion of a case study report can be divided into the following subsections:

  •  Nursing care plan details, including priorities and interventions
  •  A summary of the proposed treatment package
  • Suggestions for any improvements to the proposed treatment plan

how to start an introduction for an assignment in nursing

Start your article with a short introduction that provides readers with a good picture of how you are looking for a solution. Clearly state the issue you’re trying to solve in your research. You can also provide background material on the issue, including facts and statistics from credible sources. You can use diagrams, charts, images, audio recordings, photographs, and everything else to explain the case.

  • It would help if you wrote your assignment in this case study format for clarification of detail, easy reading, and a smooth flow:
  • Title page: The full title of your paper is included here.
  • Abstract:  An abstract may be written in a story or formal format. A narrative is a simplified version of an entire document that describes a logical, fluid story without using headings. Subheadings in a structured overview aid in an internet search. A formal abstract has subsections for introduction, case presentation, management, result, and discussion.
  • Introduction: Expresses a strong understanding of why the situation you’re presenting is so interesting.
  • Case presentation: Raw details detailing the patient’s complaint, critical facts about the history and a summary of the clinical test outcomes. It is optional to include a shortlist of possible illnesses or conditions underlying the symptoms.
  • Management and outcome: Describe the treatment procedure, current treatment, and the result. It is essential to determine the duration and pace of patient treatment.
  • Discussion: Identifies the problems that the examination poses.
  • Acknowledgements: I’d like to share my gratitude to those who assisted in preparing the case study in a few words. It is not customary to express gratitude to the patient. Thanking those who were not personally involved in preparing the nursing case study task, such as peers and professors, is often unfair.
  • References: Identify the writers, a list of references is provided. For a good reason, don’t go over 15 sources. Avoid using personal correspondence because readers will not be able to access the content, and avoid using textbooks because many people already have access to the material.
  • Legends: Tables, images, numbers, and other non-text resources are adequately described. At the end of your book, have a section of charts, photos, and statistics.
  • Permissions: If you borrow their charts, images, statistics, or significantly quote their published work, you must show a letter of approval from the content publisher. Require informed consent from patients in all photographs that may be used to identify them .

      SEE ALSO: Instructions to Write Law Assignments


Your recommendations should be the final topic of conversation. What other steps do you prescribe to increase the patient’s odds of survival based on the patient’s medical condition, diagnosis, prognosis, and nursing care plan? It does not have to be a discouraging job to publish a well-written nursing case study article writing sample. It’s satisfying, and it’s also an excellent way to test patients when out in the field. Remember that your professor would not only rate you on the accuracy of your paper’s material. If you find yourself wasting a lot of time formatting the document, try using formatting tools to ensure consistency and avoid losing points on a well-written paper due to minor formatting errors.


  • Adejumo O. & Brysiewicz P. (1998) Coping strategies adopted by baccalaureate nursing students in a problem-based learning program. Education for Health 11, 349–356.
  • Aspinwall L.G. & Taylor S.E. (1992) Modeling cognitive adaptation: a longitudinal investigation of the impact of individual differences and coping on college adjustment and performance. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology 63, 689–1003.
  • Beck D.L. & Srivastava R. (1991) Perceived level and sources of stress in baccalaureate nursing students. Journal of Nursing Education 30, 127–133.
  • Bolger N. (1990) Coping as a personality process: a prospective study. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology 59, 525–537
  • focus on nursing research
  • nursing case study article writing
  • write case study assignments in nursing

how to start an introduction for an assignment in nursing

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  1. How do you write an introduction for an assignment in nursing? by nisha

    how to start an introduction for an assignment in nursing

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    how to start an introduction for an assignment in nursing

  3. Tips and Tricks for Writing a Great Introduction for Nursing

    how to start an introduction for an assignment in nursing

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    how to start an introduction for an assignment in nursing

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    how to start an introduction for an assignment in nursing

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    how to start an introduction for an assignment in nursing


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