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How to Assign Settlers in Fallout 4


  • Published July 4, 2021
  • Updated September 8, 2021

Fallout 4 How to Assign Settlers

Congratulations! You’ve planted your first carrot. But wait, why isn’t the food meter going up? Well it’s because you haven’t assigned anyone to harvest it!

From crops, to shops, to guard posts, there are many important jobs you can give to your settlers to ensure your settlement is defended and its people are fed. In this guide we will discuss how you can see what positions are available, how to assign people to them, and how to check what settlers are already working on something.

(We suggest you check our Fallout 4 Settlements Guide when you are done, since there are many aspects of your settlement that you can take advantage of, if you know what to look for.)

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Which Resources Require Worker Assignments?

Besides food, there are several other objects in your settlement that will not function properly without someone operating it such as guard posts and vendor stalls. In workshop mode, you can tell if a resource has an assigned settler by aiming your crosshair at it . Beneath the description you’ll see a vault boy icon. If he is red, this means there is no one assigned to it. If he is the color of your HUD, it is occupied.

Aiming at the objects inside your settlement is a great way to see what resources require a worker assignment to begin with. As a bonus, you will see how many workers it requires, whether it requires power, as well as the amount and type of resources it produces.

Fallout 4 Unassigned Settlers

Little tip : if you hover over a settler that was assigned to a job, their associated place of work will get highlighted along with the settler (their assigned bed will light up as well).

How to Assign a Settler to a Task?

To assign a settler to a resource, simply aim your crosshair at a settler and then “Command” them with the interact button (you will see the options on the bottom). Then hover your crosshair over the object you want to assign them to and hit the interact button again to “Assign”.

There should be a prompt telling you that the resource is now assigned. If you had someone else assigned to the position before, they will be automatically unassigned.

Be mindful that you cannot assign settlers to multiple jobs. For example, you can’t have a single settler occupy a guard post and harvesting carrots at the same time.

Did you know that if you have 5 or more unassigned settlers you aren’t going to get new recruits ? Of course, you can only have as many as your Charisma score + 10. Remember that the happier your settlers are , the higher the chance that you will get a new recruit!


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How to Assign Workers in Settlement

How to Assign Workers in Settlement

Step by Step

1. open the workshop menu (mode), 2. walk up to a worker.

Select worker

3. Choose the Command option

4. walk up to a structure e.g. guard post, 5. assign worker, why can't i assign a worker, supply lines, dlc - far harbor, automatron and wasteland workshop, eddie’s peace - unique weapon walkthrough, final judgement (laser gatling gun) - unique weapon walkthrough, how to repair power armour, how to get lorenzo’s artifact (telekinesis unique weapon), syringer rifle - vault 81 unique weapon walkthrough guide.

How to Find and Recharge Fusion Cores

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Fallout 4: How to Assign Workers - Base Building Tips

Learn how to assign workers to different posts at your settlements, and learn more about base building.

Josh Hawkins

Base building is a new mechanic that Bethesda has introduced into Fallout 4, and players will need to prepare themselves for the long arduous task of keeping their settlements happy. We’ve created this guide to help you build a better base, and make sure you understand all the basics surrounding base building in Bethesda’s latest open-world RPG.

Maintaining a Settlement

You already know that to start a settlement you’ll need to find the Workshop, or Workbench, that is located within the area. Once you’ve found the Workshop, and interacted with it, you’ll then be able to freely enter the building phase from any point in the settlement.

Beds allow your settlers to sleep and regain their strength. This is an important aspect when trying to keep your settlement growing. Make sure you have enough beds in the settlement for all your settlers, otherwise you’ll end up with some unhappy members.

Radio Beacon

The Radio Beacon is one of the most important parts of a settlement, and should be one of the first things you created when you start a new base. This item, when powered, allows a signal to be sent out to the surrounding wasteland. This will attract new settlers, which will allow you to grow your settlement.

The amount of settlers you can have depends on two very important things; the amount of Workbenches you have in the area, as well as your Charisma. You are allowed ten settlers for every Workbench you have. This means that you can automatically have 11 settlers, 12 including yourself, in your first settlement, if you haven’t changed your Charisma from the 1 point that you were freely given upon character creation.  

Assign Workers

Another important aspect of base building is making sure you have workers assigned to everything. This is extremely important because, your guard posts, and plants won’t take care of themselves. To assign a worker you’ll need to open up your building menu, and then locate the person you want to Assign. Once you locate them, choose the COMMAND option, then walk to the thing you want to assign them to and click the ASSIGN button. Now that worker will focus more on that particular thing than anything else. Remember to assign workers to your defenses, food, water, and other items to keep your settlement running smoothly.

Defenses are an important part of keeping your settlements safe. There are several different types of defenses like Traps, Guard Posts, and Turrets. We suggest setting up a few guard posts around each MAIN entrance of your settlement. For example, we placed a guard post near the bridge leading into Sanctuary Hills. This is a vital route, and you’ll want to make sure it is blocked from any negative traffic. You’ll also want to set up some traps along the perimeter of the settlement, as well as plop down a few turrets into the high attack probability areas.

Those are the basics for base building. Just remember to keep an eye on your settlement’s happiness, and to check often to make sure your settlements aren’t under attack from any raider groups.

Looking for more Fallout 4 content? Check out our guide for all the Vault-Boy Bobbleheads , or start your magazine collection with our Perk Magazine locations guide . 

Guides Editor

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how to assign fallout 4

Originally posted by zaphodikus : Hmmm build a bell. Might try that. I just found it a bit strange that settlers do seem to be doing the right things, but that assigning a settler to the farm when the farm is like 50 yards away is a little perplexing with no actual UX clues going on. Will muddle along until I am able to raise my character charisma, laving low charisma has limited this angle of the game a little bit.

how to assign fallout 4

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how to assign fallout 4

Fallout 4: How to Assign Workers

How to Assign Workers

One of the best features of Fallout 4 is settlements—a sandbox element of the game that lets you build it any way you like. You must keep your settlement in order and your settlers happy, who can assist you by performing various tasks. This guide will show you how to assign workers in Fallout 4, ensuring your outposts run smoothly.

Settlers Explained

Settlers are survivors you’ll find in various worksites and settlements across the world to grow your settlement . They each have a backstory, such as being former Diamond City citizens, scavengers, raiders, or Synths.

Their purpose isn’t just to occupy a settlement, however. Each settler in Fallout 4 can have a number of roles and become an integral part of the community once you assign them to perform a specific task.

You can assign workers in Fallout 4 to defend the settlement from dangers like mutants or raiders, while others can be shopkeepers and farmers. Settlers can also be equipped with gear and weapons. You can trade with them in order to upgrade their equipment or even obtain special gear.

A settlement in Fallout 4

In return, they can cure radiation poisoning and heal you, while the main settler can give you radiant quests. In the case of an emergency, all inhabitants of this settlement will come to your assistance.

How to Assign Workers in Fallout 4

To keep your settlement in order, you must assign a task to every specific settler and pay attention that no one is lazing about and doing nothing. So here’s how you can assign workers in Fallout 4 and give them particular tasks:

  • Head to your settlement and hold the V button on your keyboard to open the workshop menu. You’ll then have the option to build any structures of items available, but you’ll also have a menu that will inform you of the current state of your settlement. For instance, whether they have enough food, water, and power, what their happiness is, and such. 

Pay attention to the upper left corner for this message.

  • Approach any unassigned worker, and you’ll be able to recognize them easily as they will most likely be sitting down or walking around. 

In Fallout 4, you can assign any worker that has a red icon when you point at that worker.

  • Press “E” on your keyboard to command the unassigned worker.
  • Head to the specific structure or an item that requires a worker. Once you approach it, you’ll notice the red icon that says “Requires,” which indicates that there’s no one assigned to it.

Unassigned item, in this case, corn which produces food for the settlement.

  • Assign the worker by pressing E once you’re close to the structure. You’ll notice a sound and a popup in the upper left corner, which means that a worker will approach the structure or an item and start working on it. Once you point to the specific post, a previously mentioned red icon will now turn green. 

An assigned resource will have a green icon.

You won’t be able to assign a worker to multiple tasks because they can only do one thing at a time. In addition, some items should be a priority for assigning the workers to them, such as the guard posts (increases defense), crops (increases food), and more. 

With the settlement in place, you will also have a steady flow of resources and junk coming your way. While you can focus on other things that may need your attention:

Power Armor Locations in Fallout 4 | Fallout 4: Power Armor Guide | Fallout 4: Bobbleheads Locations Guide – Where Are They?

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