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homework help by google

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homework help by google

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homework help by google


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homework help by google


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Underground A Human History of the Worlds Beneath our Feet

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Socratic by Google 12+

Get unstuck. learn better‪.‬.

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  • 4.9 • 489.5K Ratings



Need to get unstuck? Socratic can help! This learning app, powered by Google AI, helps you understand your school work at a high school and university level. Ask Socratic a question and the app will find the best online resources for you to learn the concepts. Socratic supports most high school subjects, with more coming soon! *** KEY FEATURES *** - HELPFUL RESULTS Use your voice or camera to connect to online resources and understand any problem. - EVERYTHING YOU NEED IN ONE PLACE Find videos, step-by-step explanations, and more to learn subjects at your own pace. - EXPERT-CREATED STUDY GUIDES Socratic partnered with teachers and experts to bring you visual explanations in each subject, so you can learn the concepts behind any problem. - WORKS FOR ALL YOUR SUBJECTS Currently includes Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Calculus, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Earth and Environmental Science, US and World History, and Literature.

Version 5.6.1

Teensy tiny updates to make the app all-around better. Ta-da!

Ratings and Reviews

489.5K Ratings

Editors’ Notes

No matter how much we use it, this app still feels like magic. Getting the answer to “Who built the Sphinx?” or “How does photosynthesis work?” is as easy as snapping a photo of the question, then watching Socratic’s mighty AI dig up helpful explanations and videos from a bunch of online sources. It’s quick, free, and awesome.

Freaking. Life. Saver.

Perfect for adaptive quizzing!! Saving yourself time looking up answers to some random question from the caption of a picture in a random textbook isn’t cheating. :) Busy work, no more! Used it for the first time tonight - half asleep and I remembered I had an assignment due in a couple hours. The assignment was an adaptive quiz where you had to answer questions until you “leveled up”. I didn’t have to spend hours answering the same kinds of questions over and over and wasting time looking up answers in the book so it didn’t hurt my percentage. I scan the question, and while it is searching (only a few seconds), I would answer the question on my own. Submit if I guessed it right, and change it if I guessed wrong. Saves so much time because once you answer, the rationale is right there. Can’t believe I’m only not discovering this app... but I’m beyond thankful nonetheless. *EDIT: Obviously use the app wisely. Don’t substitute it for knowledge, and always verify your answers. The answers are pulled from Quizlet and like sources, that are made by students just like us. But if I know some tiny tidbit isn’t going to be on my professor’s exam, it can be a little hard to justify reading six paragraphs on the topic to try to find my answer. And here comes in - Socratic!

a literal lifesaver

I never leave actual reviews on anything, so let this be a testimony within itself hahahah. As a highschool Junior, I can attest that this is the best app ever. Thank you Google for making this free, it’s ridiculous that some apps charge students for a genuine learning experience. angle I was super skeptical of this app at first, when my friend recommended it. So skeptical that I downloaded it, but didn’t even open it until a year later. Now that I’ve been using it , I can’t believe survived 2 full highschool years without using it. I needed this app for Algebra 2 because I was not learning efficiently with my given course material, and failed in my sophomore year. I knew I needed to pass this year, but it was still a struggle to do without cheating. This app doesn’t just give me answers, it explains how to get them step by step not only so I can understand but so I can have proof if my teacher ask lol. I am passing all of my assignments so far, so the future is looking bring for me. As an online student, this is the best tool out there for anyone who cares about their learning. Algebra doesn’t scare me anymore thanks to Socratic, honestly. Try it, you won’t regret it.

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Google Will Solve Your Kids' Math Homework. That's a Good Thing.

Here's the perfect tool for the homeschooling era.

Headshot of Caroline Delbert

  • The tool is powered by optical character recognition (OCR), which uses scanning and artificial intelligence.
  • The ability to check work is a gamechanger for families facing emergency homeschooling.

Google has announced a new technology, powered by an acquisition called Socratic, that will let students take photos of their math homework in order to get the solutions. Google says it wants the Lens-powered technology to help parents and caretakers who are homeschooling, likely for the first time, as a result of the global COVID-19 pandemic.

Google's search engine is already crammed with autosuggestions that you can tell are seeking homework answers. When you search for a classic novel, the related searches are always things like “Darcy house name” or “Meaning of dance scene.” Math is harder to Google because of the array of symbols the average person doesn’t know how to type, and people’s math anxiety to begin with makes it more difficult to measuredly seek out what they need.

➡ You love numbers. So do we. Let's nerd out over numbers together.

The specific Google Lens integration doesn’t have a set release date, but Socratic is already available for people to download and use. Using Socratic, students can examine a variety of different subjects, but the robust math functionality really stands out—and took six more months to develop . The app uses artificial intelligence to recommend more and more relevant resources and tutorials to students.

Socratic uses optical character recognition (OCR), whose scope begins with simple scanning of documents using letter “patterns.” Older OCR users may remember the days when “cl” often became “d,” for example, and cheaper or more primitive OCR can still conflate characters this way. More advanced OCR began to consider the same factors as spellcheck or grammar check, using context of entire words or phrases.

Several layers of functionality are happening when a photograph of handwritten math homework is turned into a solution or a resource list. Without peeking behind the scenes of Socratic in particular, we can still explore what’s going on using generalized logic from computing and programming.

First, the OCR is turning handwriting into digitized content—that means addressing a squashed or tilted addition sign, for example, and recognizing that the common “x” used for multiplication by lower level math students is an operator, not a letter or algebra “x.” Then the software must store each part of the mathematical phrase as a separate variable that can be acted on.

In many languages, numbers are “primitive” variables, to use the programming term. Basically, the number can be directly stored as itself without requiring an intermediary bookmark, compared with what’s next: storing the idea of an addition operator. (This is very simplified, and some languages choose to store numbers another way. Large numbers are also handled differently from small ones.)

Once all the pieces are considered separate and usable, the programming must do the intended math to get the correct answer and compare that back to what your photograph actually depicts. Even calculators have surprising computing ability in the form of things like order of operations, but for a long time this was not a given. Today, the absolute cheapest calculator you can buy can do square roots and even store values for you .

If you can't believe Google will just do your kids' homework for them, then you haven't been paying attention to how children have used Google for at least 15 years, let alone graphing calculators that have had capacity to solve at least some functions since 1998 . But adding robust technique and tutorial support is a great new angle that should hopefully help parents and tutors feel empowered to walk kids through any math problems they encounter.

preview for How long should you wait to drink a hot coffee? | SOLVE IT

Caroline Delbert is a writer, avid reader, and contributing editor at Pop Mech. She's also an enthusiast of just about everything. Her favorite topics include nuclear energy, cosmology, math of everyday things, and the philosophy of it all. 

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Google Lens

Not sure how to describe it in words?

Use your camera or an image to search.

An image of a Lens shopping use case featuring a woman with a blue blazer with an overlapping blue shape.

Find a look you like

See an outfit that’s caught your eye? Or a chair that's perfect for your living room? Get inspired by similar clothes, furniture, and home decor—without having to type what you're looking for.

A translate use case featuring an LVF view of a swan boat rental shop with overlaying shapes, icons, and product label.

Copy and translate text

Translate text in real-time from over 100 languages. Or copy paragraphs, serial numbers, and more from an image, then paste it on your phone or your computer with Chrome.

A homework use case featuring an LVF view of a page in a math textbook with overlaying shapes, icons, result panel, and equation highlighted in a recticle.

Step by step homework help

Stuck on a problem? Quickly find explainers, videos, and results from the web for math, history, chemistry, biology, physics, and more.

An identify use case featuring an LVF view of a red ginger plant with overlaying shapes and result panel.

Identify plants and animals

Find out what plant is in your friend's apartment, or what kind of dog you saw in the park.

Three devices side by side, one desktop and two mobile, showing where Lens is acessible through mutliple entry points.

*Lens is available in Google Images

Get answers where you need them

Lens is available on all your devices and in your favorite apps.

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