Free Printable Geometry Worksheets for 2nd Grade

Geometry for Grade 2: Discover a world of shapes and angles with our free printable Math Geometry worksheets, tailored for teachers to help students explore and learn effectively.


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Explore printable Geometry worksheets for 2nd Grade

Geometry worksheets for Grade 2 are an essential resource for teachers looking to engage their students in the world of math. These worksheets provide a variety of activities and exercises that help students develop a strong foundation in geometric concepts, such as identifying shapes, understanding symmetry, and learning about angles. By incorporating these worksheets into their lesson plans, teachers can create a dynamic and interactive learning environment that fosters a love for math in young minds. With a wide range of topics and difficulty levels, Grade 2 geometry worksheets cater to the diverse needs of students, ensuring that they are challenged and motivated to excel in their math skills.

Quizizz offers a comprehensive collection of resources, including geometry worksheets for Grade 2, that are designed to support teachers in their quest to create engaging and effective math lessons. In addition to worksheets, Quizizz also provides interactive quizzes and games that can be easily integrated into the classroom, making learning math a fun and enjoyable experience for students. Teachers can customize these quizzes to align with their curriculum and track student progress in real-time, allowing them to identify areas where students may need additional support. By incorporating Quizizz's wide range of offerings, teachers can create a well-rounded and dynamic learning experience that not only reinforces key math concepts but also encourages students to develop a lifelong passion for learning.

grade 2 math geometry worksheets

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2nd Grade Geometry Worksheet

The second grade geometry worksheets will introduce students to different parts of shapes and how to identify them. Thes e interactive geometry worksheets are highly beneficial for getting a better understanding of math concepts. ...Read More Read Less

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Choose math worksheets by topic, geometry worksheets explained:.

  • 2 Dimensional Shapes - This worksheet focuses on different 2D shapes and how they are formed. Students will be given an overview of the different parts of shapes such as vertices, sides and angles and identifying shapes that when combined creates other shapes.
  • Equal Shares - This worksheet focuses on identifying shapes that show halves, thirds and fourths. Students will get an understanding of partitioning different shapes into equal shares.

Benefits of Geometry Worksheets:

  • 2 Dimensional Shapes - This worksheet will help students in understanding different shapes and their sides, vertices and angles as well as differentiate between different shapes. Students will also learn about the relationship between squares and rectangles.
  • Equal Shares - This worksheet will enable the students to understand the different kinds of equal and unequal shares in shapes. The partitioning of shapes into various shares will give clarity to students on how it is done. 

Printable and Interactive Worksheets PDFs:

What are the sides of shapes.

The sides of 2D shapes are the line segments that are connected with each other at points or vertices.

What are vertices?

Vertices of shapes are points where two or more line segments connect.

What are unequal shares?

Unequal shares are those two quantities when divided didn’t result in equal halves.

How are geometry worksheets for second graders helpful?

The 2nd grade geometry worksheets have been designed with the primary goal of helping children get a better understanding of the concepts while enjoying them during the process. The questions in the worksheets cover the major concepts and provide a robust understanding of geometry for 2nd graders.

How many sides does a heptagon have?

A heptagon is a polygon (a closed figure) and has 7 sides.

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grade 2 math geometry worksheets

2nd Grade Geometry Worksheets

2nd grade geometry worksheets consist of questions based on geometry such as identifying shapes, vertices, sides etc. These sheets act as the starting point for kids trying to develop good basics in Geometry.

Benefits of Grade 2 Geometry Worksheets

Geometry is one of the most complicated topics in mathematics. Hence, it is imperative that students develop strong visualization powers and conceptual knowledge of the topic. 2nd grade geometry worksheets enable young minds to do so. By solving numerous practice problems given in these 2nd grade math worksheets , students can master this topic in no time. Once they are confident in solving simple sums they can move on to solving complex questions.

The grade 2 geometry worksheets are easy to use, free to download, interactive, and integrate fun with studies to give students a holistic learning environment. They also provide interesting simulations that keep a child motivated to learn.

Printable PDFs for Geometry Worksheets for Grade 2

Here is a list of grade 2 geometry worksheets in pdf format you can download and print for free.

  • Math 2nd Grade Geometry Worksheet
  • Grade 2 Math Geometry Worksheet
  • 2nd Grade Math Geometry Worksheet
  • Second Grade Geometry Worksheet

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