global climate topics for research paper

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The Top 10 Most Interesting Climate Change Research Topics

Finishing your environmental science degree may require you to write about climate change research topics. For example, students pursuing a career as environmental scientists may focus their research on environmental-climate sensitivity or those studying to become conservation scientists will focus on ways to improve the quality of natural resources.

Climate change research paper topics vary from anthropogenic climate to physical risks of abrupt climate change. Papers should focus on a specific climate change research question. Read on to learn more about examples of climate change research topics and questions.

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What makes a strong climate change research topic.

A strong climate change research paper topic should be precise in order for others to understand your research. You must use research methods to find topics that discuss a concern about climate issues. Your broader topic should be of current importance and a well-defined discourse on climate change.

Tips for Choosing a Climate Change Research Topic

  • Research what environmental scientists say. Environmental scientists study ecological problems. Their studies include the threat of climate change on environmental issues. Studies completed by these professionals are a good starting point.
  • Use original research to review articles for sources. Starting with a general search is a good place to get ideas. However, as you begin to refine your search, use original research papers that have passed through the stage of peer review.
  • Discover the current climatic conditions of the research area. The issue of climate change affects each area differently. Gather information on the current climate and historical climate conditions to help bolster your research.
  • Consider current issues of climate change. You want your analyses on climate change to be current. Using historical data can help you delve deep into climate change effects. First, however, it needs to back up climate change risks.
  • Research the climate model evaluation options. There are different approaches to climate change evaluation. Choosing the right climate model evaluation system will help solidify your research.

What’s the Difference Between a Research Topic and a Research Question?

A research topic is a broad area of study that can encompass several different issues. An example might be the key role of climate change in the United States. While this topic might make for a good paper, it is too broad and must be narrowed to be written effectively.

A research question narrows the topic down to one or two points. The question provides a framework from which to start building your paper. The answers to your research question create the substance of your paper as you report the findings.

How to Create Strong Climate Change Research Questions

To create a strong climate change research question, start settling on the broader topic. Once you decide on a topic, use your research skills and make notes about issues or debates that may make an interesting paper. Then, narrow your ideas down into a niche that you can address with theoretical or practical research.

Top 10 Climate Change Research Paper Topics

1. climate changes effect on agriculture.

Climate change’s effect on agriculture is a topic that has been studied for years. The concern is the major role of climate as it affects the growth of crops, such as the grains that the United States cultivates and trades on the world market. According to the scientific journal Nature , one primary concern is how the high levels of carbon dioxide can affect overall crops .

2. Economic Impact of Climate Change

Climate can have a negative effect on both local and global economies. While the costs may vary greatly, even a slight change could cost the United States a loss in the Global Domestic Product (GDP). For example, rising sea levels may damage the fiber optic infrastructure the world relies on for trade and communication.

3. Solutions for Reducing the Effect of Future Climate Conditions

Solutions for reducing the effect of future climate conditions range from reducing the reliance on fossil fuels to reducing the number of children you have. Some of these solutions to climate change are radical ideas and may not be accepted by the general population.

4. Federal Government Climate Policy

The United States government’s climate policy is extensive. The climate policy is the federal government’s action for climate change and how it hopes to make an impact. It includes adopting the use of electric vehicles instead of gas-powered cars. It also includes the use of alternative energy systems such as wind energy.

5. Understanding of Climate Change

Understanding climate change is a broad climate change research topic. With this, you can introduce different research methods for tracking climate change and showing a focused effect on specific areas, such as the impact on water availability in certain geographic areas.

6. Carbon Emissions Impact of Climate Change

Carbon emissions are a major factor in climate change. Due to the greenhouse effect they cause, the world is seeing a higher number of devastating weather events. An increase in the number and intensity of tsunamis, hurricanes, and tornados are some of the results.

7. Evidence of Climate Change

There is ample evidence of climate change available, thanks to the scientific community. However, some of these implications of climate change are hotly contested by those with poor views about climate scientists. Proof of climate change includes satellite images, ice cores, and retreating glaciers.

8. Cause and Mitigation of Climate Change

The causes of climate change can be either human activities or natural causes. Greenhouse gas emissions are an example of how human activities can alter the world’s climate. However, natural causes such as volcanic and solar activity are also issues. Mitigation plans for these effects may include options for both causes.

9. Health Threats and Climate Change

Climate change can have an adverse effect on human health. The impacts on health from climate change can include extreme heat, air pollution, and increasing allergies. The CDC warns these changes can cause respiratory threats, cardiovascular issues, and heat-related illnesses.

10. Industrial Pollution and the Effects of Climate Change

Just as car emissions can have an adverse effect on the climate, so can industrial pollution. It is one of the leading factors in greenhouse gas effects on average temperature. While the US has played a key role in curtailing industrial pollution, other countries need to follow suit to mitigate the negative impacts it causes.

Other Examples of Climate Change Research Topics & Questions

Climate change research topics.

  • The challenge of climate change faced by the United States
  • Climate change communication and social movements
  • Global adaptation methods to climate change
  • How climate change affects migration
  • Capacity on climate change and the effect on biodiversity

Climate Change Research Questions

  • What are some mitigation and adaptation to climate change options for farmers?
  • How do alternative energy sources play a role in climate change?
  • Do federal policies on climate change help reduce carbon emissions?
  • What impacts of climate change affect the environment?
  • Do climate change and social movements mean the end of travel?

Choosing the Right Climate Change Research Topic

Choosing the correct climate change research paper topic takes continuous research and refining. Your topic starts as a general overview of an area of climate change. Then, after extensive research, you can narrow it down to a specific question.

You need to ensure that your research is timely, however. For example, you don’t want to address the effects of climate change on natural resources from 15 or 20 years ago. Instead, you want to focus on views about climate change from resources within the last five years.

Climate Change Research Topics FAQ

A climate change research paper has five parts, beginning with introducing the problem and background before moving into a review of related sources. After reviewing, share methods and procedures, followed by data analysis . Finally, conclude with a summary and recommendations.

A thesis statement presents the topic of your paper to the reader. It also helps you as you begin to organize your paper, much like a mission statement. Therefore, your thesis statement may change during writing as you start to present your arguments.

According to the US Forest Service, climate change issues are related to topics regarding forest management, biodiversity, and species distribution. Climate change is a broad focus that affects many topics.

To write a research paper title, a good strategy is not to write the title right away. Instead, wait until the end after you finish everything else. Then use a short and to-the-point phrase that summarizes your document. Use keywords from the paper and avoid jargon.

About us: Career Karma is a platform designed to help job seekers find, research, and connect with job training programs to advance their careers. Learn about the CK publication .

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global climate topics for research paper

Climate change, energy, environment and sustainability topics research guide

What is climate change.

Climate change refers to long-term shifts in temperatures and weather patterns. The world is now warming faster than at any point in recorded history, which disrupts the usual balance of nature and is a threat to human beings and other forms of life on Earth. This topic guide includes sample keywords and search terms, databases to find sources, and samples of online books.

Example keywords and subtopics

Example keywords or search terms:  

  • Climate change
  • global warming
  • greenhouse effect or greenhouse gas
  • climate crisis
  • environmental change
  • clean energy
  • alternative energy or renewable energy
  • green energy or renewable energy or clean energy
  • Low carbon or carbon neutral
  • Carbon offsetting
  • sustainability environment or sustainability
  • environmental protection
  • pollution or contamination
  • impact or effect or influence
  • cost or price or expense or money or financial
  • fossil fuels or coal or oil or gas

Tip: This is a big topic with lots written so you can often focus on one or two subtopics. This will help to find more relevant sources, more quickly and be a better fit for an assignment. 

Possible subtopics ideas:  Pick one or two subtopics and then add those words to your search.

  • Health impacts of climate changes (e.g. air pollution, water pollution, etc.)
  • impacts on a specific city, state, region or country
  • political impacts (e.g. voting, government policy, etc.)
  • impact on specific population or culture (e.g. children, elderly, racial or ethic group, country, etc.)
  • specific types of renewable or alternative energy (e.g. solar, wind, bio, etc.) 
  • example of new technology (e.g. electric cars or electric vehicles or hybrid vehicles
  • economic impacts (e.g. business, employment, industry (e.g. oil, coal, etc.)
  • weather and impacts (e.g. rising sea levels, flooding, droughts or heat waves, etc.)
  • media aspects (e.g. news coverage, advertising, misinformation, movies, music, etc.) 
  • Tutorial: Creating an effective search strategy

Creating an effective search strategy tutorial video. 3 minutes 24 seconds.

  • Use meaningful keywords to find the best sources
  • Apply search strategies like AND and OR to connect keywords
  • Tutorial: What is a library database and why should I use one?

What is a library database and why should I use one tutorial video. 3 minutes.

  • Identify what a library database is
  • Recognize the two main types of library databases
  • Know why you should use them
  • Understand why searching a library database is different than searching the general internet

Databases for finding sources

Article Databases - 

Use articles to find new research, specific information and evidence to support or refute a claim. You can also look at the bibliography or works cited to find additional sources. Some articles give an overview of a specific topic -- sometimes called "review articles" or "meta-analyses" or "systematic review." Databases are like mini-search engines for finding articles (e.g. Business Source Premier database searches business journals, business magazines and business newspapers). Pick a database that searches the subject of articles you want to find. 

  • Agricultural & Environmental Science Database Search journals and literature on agriculture, pollution, animals, environment, policy, natural resources, water issues and more. Searches tools like AGRICOLA, ESPM, and EIS databases.
  • GreenFILE Collection of scholarly, government and general-interest titles. Multidisciplinary by nature, GreenFILE draws on the connections between the environment and agriculture, education, law, health and technology. Topics covered include global climate change, green building, pollution, sustainable agriculture, renewable energy, recycling, and more.
  • Ethnic NewsWatch Ethnic NewsWatch is a current resource of full-text newspapers, magazines, and journals of the ethnic and minority press from 1990, providing researchers access to essential, often overlooked perspectives.
  • Opposing Viewpoints in Context Find articles on current issues, including viewpoint articles, topic overviews, statistics, primary documents, magazine and newspaper articles.

Sample of online books

Below are a selection of online books and readings on the broad topic. We have more online books, journal articles, and sources in our Libraries Search and article databases.  

Cover Art

  • A climate policy revolution : what the science of complexity reveals about saving our planet by Roland Kupers ISBN: 9780674246812 Publication Date: 2020 "In this book, Roland Kupers argues that the climate crisis is well suited to the bottom-up, rapid, and revolutionary change complexity science theorizes; he succinctly makes the case that complexity science promises policy solutions to address climate change."

Cover Art

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  • Peer Research Consultants Make an online 30 minute appointment for one-on-one peer assistance with your research. Get help with researching your topic, finding sources, citing sources and more. Peer Research Consultants can also help you get started with faculty-sponsored research.
  • Chat 24/7 online with the Libraries Ask us anything! Chat with a librarian, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with any research or library questions.
  • Schedule an online consultation with the Libraries Schedule an online consultations for personalized research support primarily for University of Minnesota faculty, instructors, graduate and undergraduate students and staff.

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100+ Trending Climate Change Research Topics [2023]

blog author name

Table of Contents

What is Climate Change Research?

Climate change research endeavours to comprehend worldwide environmental variations and their impact on society and nature. 

Broad spectrum climatic change research  denotes adequately adapting mitigation through collaboration in response to the fluctuating variations in climate.

Since climate globally are constantly changing, research practices also keep updating routinely. 

Being an academic, you must produce research papers regularly to secure good grades during the assessment stage. 

If you seek intriguing climate change project ideas or stimulating climate change research questions, you’re in luck!

Our diligent and experienced specialists will guide you on all the steps on how to write climate change research from start to finish.

Important Considerations For Writing A Research Paper on Climate Change

The world has become diligent about climate change and its far-reaching consequences. It is one of the most significant research topics for students to write various assignments.

Of course, most students pitifully struggle in their efforts to write a high-scoring research paper from scratch. While some find trouble researching for useful information to include in their research papers, others find the writing task troublesome.

But all that changes here.

Refer to these recommendations when working on your assignment/Research Paper!

  • Always pick a topic you feel confident or passionate about writing on. Ideally, you must pick one with ample scope for finding fresh and useful data.
  • When framing your paper outline/initial draft, you must include the various factors of climate change, its potential solutions and suggestions to lessen the impact of climate change on the surrounding environment, ample evidence that shows climate changes, the far-reaching impact of climate changes and various laws and regulations to control and lessen global climate variations.
  • Once you create your paper outline, start writing the introduction. Tactfully introduce the topic coverage. Don’t get into the explanatory part yet. The purpose of the introduction stanza is to create a suitable hook for your target audience. So, provide the gist of what you intend to cover.
  • Also, include a thesis statement as the final line of your introduction. Again, keep the language simple and relatable to your audience.
  • After finishing the introduction section, move over to the body. The main section of your research essay is where all your elaborate explanations will feature. So, incorporate whatever you’ve reached on the topic. Keep 5 to 6 separate stanzas and use fresh paragraphs to explain each sub-topic/segment.  
  • Lastly frame the conclusion. Also repeat the statement. Avoid adding new facts or data. Initiate meaningful action among readers with an ending question, line or quotation.

Connect with us if you still need assistance in assignment  research about climate change.

Useful Suggestions For Writing Quality Climate Change Research Titles

The importance of coming up with good research paper titles is irrefutable. The title creates that crucial 1st impression on your readers and compels them to consider reading your post once. 

It’s why you must be particular about what title you wish to go with for your research paper. 

Since now you have a clear idea on the importance of research paper titles, let’s move over to explaining the chief characteristics of an appropriate title.

  • The title must provide readers with a prediction of what the research paper is all about.
  • It must appear interesting and engaging for your readers.
  • It must reflect the writing tone adhered consistently throughout the research paper.
  • Moreover, a research paper title will also have the primary keyword of the topic coverage

In addition to the tips, also follow these!

  • The picked title must aptly hint at your research’s topic, approach and outcome.
  • Refrain from using unnecessary jargon.
  • Keep your research paper title between 5-15 words. If the word limit is already specified, maintain it to the letter.
  • Also ensure it adheres to the writing guidelines and is aptly formatted

Climate Change Research Paper Example

Table of content.

(It includes the outline for your research paper on the chosen  climate change research topic )

After picking a suitable topic, move to the climate change introduction paragraph.  Here is an idea for compiling a suitable climate change introduction paragraph from scratch. 


The existing world is plagued with the constant emission of greenhouse gases. The result of this unceasing phenomenon is Global Warming. It wreaks devastating impact on all forms of life and the environment. This unabated Global Warming has resultantly led to unwanted climate changes worldwide. However, numerous other natural and man-made also bring about worldwide climate changes. 

Don’t forget to incorporate the thesis statement . Here is one climate change research statement idea for your writing reference. 

Thesis Statement

Through this research paper, I aim to elaborate on all the chief causes ( natural and man-made ) that cause climate change. It also aims to present potential solutions to reduce variations in climate. 

Special Note

You can rephrase the thesis statement differently  (if you want to) . However, always stick to the recommended word limit when writing your research paper thesis statement. 

Of course, you can refer online or contact our assignment experts for more climate change research statement ideas.

The Body Section

In this section, you will comprehensively explain all your sorted research segments pertaining to your topic coverage. Don’t hold back any information that helps you establish your views. You must include plenty of data, statistics, real-time examples and graphical art to make it a delightful read for your audience  (especially your assignment reviewer) .

Furthermore, you must maintain separate stanzas for explaining each sub-topic. Add proper transitions to connect with sentences and stanzas. Keep your sentences simple and short. Write in an active tone and pay close attention to punctuation and grammar elements. While doing so, also cite sources correctly as you write your paper. Doing so only adds more credence to your research paper.

The Conclusion Section

In the conclusion section, you surmise everything you’ve previously written in the main section. Also, reiterate the Thesis Statement! Avoid adding information that hasn’t been covered in the above section. It only creates confusion. Prompt a CTA from your audience through whatever medium you see fit. It could be a question, a compelling statistic with a statement or simply a persuasive comment.

Referencing Index

Appropriately index all sources used throughout your research paper. 

There you have it. This was a rough idea of how you must work on your research paper. Hopefully, it proves useful during your writing endeavours.

However, if you need more guidance, remember that we are just a call away!

100+ Climate Change Research Topics

You can’t begin working on your assignment paper without sorting out a climate change research topic. 

It is the first step to working on your research paper. So, you must be diligent when sorting one for your detailed research paper.

Nevertheless, to ease your writing hassle, we have indexed 100+ climate change research paper topics to take inspiration from. 

You can tweak these prompts as per your research to suit your writing requirements best. 

Refer to the list below

Interesting Climate Change Research Ideas

  • What makes climate change such a huge issue of discussion? Explain comprehensively using examples through your research paper.
  • What causes climatic changes? Write in detail with examples.
  • Is Pollution a cause of climate change worldwide? 
  • In what way can people lessen Pollution? 
  • Is it possible to reverse climate change? What do researchers say about this possibility?
  • Provide evidence of on-going climate changes worldwide- Use examples and data to establish your points.
  • In what way do climatic changes influence various wildlife globally- Share examples to explain your views better.
  • Suggest tips for better-governing norms and policies pertaining to climate change.
  • Can repeated climatic changes spell DOOM for planet Earth? Explain using research data and real-time examples. 
  • In what way do environment-benefiting policies affect businesses and individuals across the sphere?
  • Write a research paper focusing on notable National Environment-protection policies.

Simple Climate Change Research Topics

  • Negative impacts of climate changes on various cities and their inhabitants – Include real-time examples in your research paper.
  • What are the worldwide implications of climate change on the hospitality and tourism sector?
  • The impact of climate change on global economic costs – Explain with relevant data and information in your research paper
  • Climate change and its impact in the future- Write a detailed research paper focusing on this context. 
  • A detailed account of Indigenous people and the impact of climate changes on their lifestyle
  • Write a research paper on climate change’s various risks and vulnerabilities in various global nations.
  • An account of world government policies and measures to address the issue of climate changes 
  • Global Warming and Extreme climatic changes – What’s the relation between them?
  • How does climate change hamper the health and well-being of various worldwide inhabitants?
  • In what way does climate change influence global agriculture?
  • Are humans playing a major role in causing global warming and its resultant climate changes worldwide? Explain your point through examples and relevant data.

Climate Change Research Topic Examples

  • Will African agriculture endure frequent climate changes?
  • How can humans contribute to reducing climate change? Explain with examples in your research paper.
  • How will climate change hamper North-East-Central Europe agriculture? Write a research paper using relevant data and examples.
  • Explain in detail the difference between Global Warming and Climate change.
  • In what way will climatic changes pose a threat to the African continent and its inhabitants?
  • Elaborate on the various policy changes the national government faces when emphasising climate change.
  • What are the negative effects of Global Warming? How can we reduce its ill effects? Explain your research paper using examples and relevant data.
  • Is having religious faith the answer to worldwide climatic changes? Establish your stance in your essay.
  • Explain through your research paper why the ongoing debate about climatic changes did not result in more Swedish CleanTech funds.
  • What are the far-reaching consequences of drastic climatic changes?
  • Challenges faced by humankind due to climatic changes
  • Ill-effects of global warming and climate change on biodiversity- Explain through your research paper.

Proposal Climate Change Research Topics

  • What degree of climate change affects migration?
  • What policies does the Federal government levy to lessen carbon emissions?
  • In what way do alternate energy sources play a role in affecting climate change?
  • An account of various climate change social movements and communication –Explain with examples through your research paper.
  • How climate change affects our environment? Present data-centric evidence in your research paper
  • Planting trees and climate change? Write a research paper in this context.
  • Elaborate on the various research theories pertaining to climate change.
  • Craft an environmental research paper on the Causes and impacts of Climate Change Holocaust.
  • What is UK’s policy towards climatic changes? 
  • How do climate changes affect international trade? Explain using examples in your research paper.
  • Car emission and Climate change – What’s the relationship?

Easiest Climate Change Research Topics

  • What is the relationship between Global warming and Ozone depletion- Explain with examples and data in your research paper.
  • Climate change causes unceasing agony to nature – Write a research paper in context to this coverage!
  • What are the effects of climate changes on the POLES of the Earth – Give examples and research data when explaining your views.
  • Write a research paper on the Biology of climate change.
  • What does Anthropogenic climate change mean? Explain in detail using relevant examples and relevant data.
  • How does deforestation result in climate change? Explain through your research paper.
  • How do climate changes affect worldwide businesses?
  • Tips for creating public awareness about climate change and lessening carbon footprints
  • An elaborate research paper on the climate change impact on Bangladesh
  • Craft a research paper elaborating on the impact of climate change on marine life.
  • What are the noteworthy effects of climate change in coastal regions? Explain using examples through your research paper.

Persuasive Speech on Climate Change

  • Will climate changes give rise to unknown diseases? Explain in detail through your research paper.
  • An account of the various species that can adapt to climate changes!
  • Present an environmental case study on how climate changes will increase the frequency of Hurricanes and Typhoons in the Atlantic Ocean.
  • Recommend some solutions to address the existing variations in climate.
  • What role does politics play in reducing climatic changes? Explain using examples through your research paper.
  • Can global climate changes result in the extinction of endangered flora and fauna? Write using relevant data and statistics in your research paper.
  • Barrack Obama’s role in addressing climate change during his presidential tenure – Explain using data and real-time examples. 
  • How much technology is responsible for climate change and the increase in global warming? Explain using examples and relevant data.
  • Point out why some nations don’t pay enough importance to climatic changes.
  • Elaborate on the current trends witnessed in climate change. Is there any hope for the future of humankind? Write a research paper in this context.
  • The importance of climatic change in the insurance sector – Write a research paper in this context

Effects of Climate Change Research

  • Write a research paper on the adaptation and mitigation options to address the effects of climactic changes
  • In what way do alternative energy sources play a pivotal role in climate change?
  • Write a research paper on 10 major effects of climate variations. Explain each comprehensively using examples and data
  • An account of the future effects of climate change is left unchecked
  • Write a research paper on Climate Change – Its cause and effects
  • Are there any positive outcomes of the effects of climate change? Explain using examples and relevant data
  • An account of the social dimensions of the effects of climate changes
  • Present 10 clear pieces of evidence on the effects of climate change with reasons
  • In what way will variations in climate change impact Glaciers and Deserts?
  • COVID-19 Pandemic and its influence on climatic variations
  • An account of the climate change conference at the United Nations

Academic Climate Change Research Topics

  • Elaborate on Starbucks’ CSR activities on climatic changes.
  • Craft a research paper on climatic changes and Neolithic Revolution.
  • How will climate change influence the lifestyle of people in the future? Write using relevant examples and credible data.
  • What effect does Science have on Climate change? 
  • Write a detailed research paper on the Climate change risks in South-East Australia ( Down-Under )
  • An account of climate change effects in Kenya and its tea industry – Use relevant data in your explanations.
  • Craft a research paper on the relationship between climate change and bio-fuels – Provide credible data and explain using examples. 
  • What are the effects of climate change in Canada? Write using data and real-time examples. 
  • Can the issue of climate change be solved with diligent conservation of energy? Provide data and examples when explaining your case.
  • Can an increase in worldwide tourism be considered a cause of climate change?
  • How does climate change negatively impact urban regions? State your explanations using examples and relevant data!

Good Climate Change Research Topics

  • In what way does climate change influence entrepreneurs worldwide? Explain using examples and relevant data.
  • An account of the natural forces behind climate changes worldwide
  • Can carbon tax contribute to mitigating the effects of climatic changes? Explain with data and examples. 
  • Write a research paper on the effects of climate change in Japan.
  • An account of the energy crisis occurring due to climatic changes 
  • Write a research paper on the influence of climate change on South American countries.
  • Climatic changes and influence on Arctic animals – provide data when elaborating on this coverage
  • What is the effect of climate change on the Ocean temperature?
  • Draw the relationship between Climate change, Plants and Methane.
  • Do we seem ready for climate change dynamics – Establish your stance with examples and data.
  • How does considerable climate change affect underprivileged Asian cities? Provide proper data and real-time examples when explaining the topic. 

Extra Climate Change Research Topics (Just in Case)

  • How does climate change affect the automobile sector? Compile a case study/research paper with context to Toyota Corporations.
  • Can climate change be considered as a cause for so many conflicts worldwide?
  • A detailed analysis of the Climate change process- Explain lucidly using real-time examples and credible data in your research paper.
  • An Account of the Decline of Polar Bears – How climate changes play a Role?
  • How do worldwide climate changes impact Malaria?
  • An account of the natural solutions for climate variations in the Republic of China
  • A detailed research paper on the effects and challenges of climate change in Florida
  • Does limiting fuel-run transportation contribute to reducing climate change? Establish your arguments using relevant data and facts. 
  • How does climate change impact food availability? Explain using examples and data in your research paper.
  • Detailed analysis on how climate changes impact more wildfires – Provide examples and credible data when explaining your topic coverage
  • Write a detailed research paper focusing on the 2008 UK climate change Act.

Hopefully, this extensive list of topics will help you get stated with your assignment paper. Of course, if you still need expert assistance, feel free to reach us unhesitantly any time.

Most Important Frequently Asked Questions Searched By Students

In what way will climatic changes affect the planet.

Answer: Climate change can hamper human lives on the planet. It can lead to many issues, impact food availability and hinder work productivity.

It can harm other living creatures dependent on certain climates for survival. It worsens occurring weather events and increases their severity and threats. It can also result in rising sea/ocean levels, heat waves, droughts, catastrophic storms, etc.

Contact our experts today if you seek climate change research examples for your assignment writing guide. 

What are the main climate change factors?

Answer: A few of the chief causes of climatic changes are as follows –

  • Deforestation
  • Toxic emission of fossil fuels 
  • Manufacturing goods 
  • Powering buildings and facilities 
  • Overconsumption of resources
  • Global warming
  • The use of fertilisers and manure can cause emissions

What role does carbon dioxide play in climate change?

Answer: Per experts – carbon dioxide heats the atmosphere and results in climatic changes worldwide. It contributes to global warming. Moreover, humankind’s influence is pivotal in elevating CO2 levels by 50% over 2 centuries. 

If you are struggling to craft a climate change research outline, get our expert’s help and ease your endeavours. 

How long have scientists been studying and researching climatic change?

Answer: Records date back to 1970 when humans started studying and researching climate change. After years of research from numerous scientists- 97% of them collectively believe humans are the chief cause of global warming and climatic changes.

Contact us immediately if you need good climate change research topics or customised writing assistance.

How do climate changes impact the environment?

Answer: With adverse climate changes, rainfall patterns will get disrupted. It would also result in sea beds rising, glaciers melting quickly, evaporation increasing, severe droughts, increasing water temperature and scarcity of fresh water. 

Moreover, climate change can also negatively impact many environmental species- even making some extinct. Poverty and displacement will increase, and more health issues and unheard-of diseases will also increase. 

How does climate change affect agriculture?

Answer: Even slight changes in the climate can hamper agriculture production considerably. It can lead to food scarcity or reduced assess. It can also result in reduced water availability, adverse weather events and inadequate harvest due to changes in precipitation occurrences. In short, climate change can adversely affect agriculture.

If you need more agricultural climate change topics for a research paper, hire our experts today!

In what way can changes in climate influence public health and well-being?

Answer: Climate change impacts the surrounding and its inhabitants considerably. Its direct, social-dynamic and indirect effects can cause several health issues. They are infectious diseases, mental illness, under-nutrition, cardiovascular disease, respiratory disease, allergies, etc.

Use our expert’s help to write the perfect climate change introduction paragraph.

How can we help mitigate climate change?

  • Encourage everyone known to you to lessen carbon pollution.
  • Walk or cycle for shorter distances. Travel by public transport, ideally electric options.
  • Add solar panels to your roof 
  • Insulate your roof to save on appliances and light
  • Also, switch to a renewal energy provider

Consult our experts if you need help writing on climate change research topics!

How can renewable energy mitigate climate change?

Answer: Renewable energy lessens carbon pollutants and thus reduces the impact on the environment and climate. Moreover, experts believe transitioning to renewable energy, like fossil fuels, can help slow down climate change and its effects.

Contact us today to learn how to write climate change research papers on this topic coverage.

How will climate change influence economics worldwide?

Answer: Climatic changes will result in increasing inequalities among nations. Even a small 2-degree C rise in worldwide temperature would result in a net negative market sector in developing nations and a net positive market sector in developed nations.

It will also result in macro-financial stability risks. Many non-financial corporate undertakings will face stranded assets like coal becoming uneconomic with carbon pricing. Moreover, it will also lead to less productivity, migration of masses, security threats, etc. 


Hi, I am Mark, a Literature writer by profession. Fueled by a lifelong passion for Literature, story, and creative expression, I went on to get a PhD in creative writing. Over all these years, my passion has helped me manage a publication of my write ups in prominent websites and e-magazines. I have also been working part-time as a writing expert for for 5+ years now. It’s fun to guide students on academic write ups and bag those top grades like a pro. Apart from my professional life, I am a big-time foodie and travel enthusiast in my personal life. So, when I am not working, I am probably travelling places to try regional delicacies and sharing my experiences with people through my blog. 

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global climate topics for research paper

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Climate Change Research Paper Topics

20 Apr 2022

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How to select the best climate change research paper topic, how to analyze the main points, how to approach your thesis, the subject of climatic changes does face opposition, most interesting climate change topics to write about, simple and easy research topics about climate change, major topics on climate change for academic writing, cool climate change research topics.

Climate change research topics are becoming critical in the modern industrialization and technological era. And that’s why it is one of the most common themes to write and discuss in numerous learning institutions.

But choosing the best topic to write  about climate warming can be pretty annoying. You must explore first and find the specific subjects that interest you. You can brainstorm and find the best titles to write about based on your exploration.

This post has been crafted to assist you in understanding climatic variation, and to provide you with the best talking points for your writing. Additionally, if you find that you need help, you can pay for a research paper to help you out.

So without any further ado, let's begin.

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Writing essays

Firstly, you should make a list of the areas within climate change that interest you. Then, you should research and identify possible sources of information related to the topics. After that, you should read and note down the relevant information from these sources. Finally, you should narrow down the topics and write my research paper on the most interesting one.

Before looking for climate change topics for research paper, begin by conducting a simple analysis. This analysis has to be on the grand subject of climatic variation.

After that, focus on the domain that you find most interesting. You can consult various thesis and books along with multiple articles. Knowing how to start a research paper intro will allow you to gain more insights into your area of interest. You can start the brainstorming process according to the analysis you conducted earlier.

As we have already mentioned, there are different ways to write essays and college papers on global heating. You can either be in favor or against this issue. But it is essential that you first look at some of the factors contributing to this problem. On the other hand, you can always apply for help to our essay writer  and forget about the worries with your studies. 

Make them see the bigger picture

People know and understand that climate warming is directly associated with pollution. But they also need to see a bigger picture here. The research paper topics and climate change topics for presentation that can work here include:

  • What’s the mechanism behind the occurrence of climatic change?
  • How do large corporations contribute to climate variation?
  • How is deforestation associated with weather changes?
  • Do our daily activities somehow contribute to temperature changes?

Focus on solutions to the contributing factors

From here, you can always focus on writing about the solutions to these problems. Your essays can provide various recommendations on how corporations and individuals can keep their environmental impact down to a minimum. Here are some interesting climate change research subjects you can write about:

  • How can global corporations reduce their environmental impact?
  • Examples of corporations who have successfully reduced their environmental impact.
  • Can renewable energy and reforestation assist in climatic variation?
  • Is weather warming an inescapable trend, or can it be reversed?

What measures have been taken?

Many countries have passed laws to control climatic variations and decrease environmental damage. And highlighting their efforts to set an example can also be the focus of your writing. Here are some titles that you can focus on:

  • Popular national environmental protection policies in different parts of the world.
  • Do regulations and laws influence environmental protection?
  • Do environmentally-friendly policies impact businesses and individuals?
  • How to measure the effectiveness of national/global policies on environmental protection?

Now, despite all the evidence that global heating exists, the subject draws some opposition. Certain politicians, business personalities, and even scientists oppose this global matter, and you can also focus on this in your writing. Here are some points that you can focus on in your term paper:

  • Why do people think that global heating is not real?
  • Climatic changes: the ultimate proof.
  • What are the benefits of the argument against climatic variations?
  • Why is or why isn’t weather changes real?

Focus on the effects that have already occurred

You can also back up your argument while focusing on the effects of temperature changes already. Highlighting these points and discussing them in your climate change argumentative essay topics can also get you some extra points. For example,

  • How has wildlife already been affected by climatic changes?
  • What will be the consequences of these temperature changes if they continue to progress simultaneously?
  • How is the air and water revolution impacting the environment?
  • Why or why not can a temperature rise cause the end of life on this planet?

Can I pay for college papers ? Yes, you can. But if you want to write on your own, there are various interesting subjects. We will list them down for your convenience. Here are some of them to get you going:

  • Climate change and its negative impact on cities and its solution.
  • The global implications of climate change on tourism and hospitality.
  • Climate change and the global security threat.
  • Climate change - is capitalism an economical solution or a global problem?
  • Addressing climate change and transforming the economy with global resource competition.
  • Climate change and its economic cost.
  • Behavioral economy and its role in climate, fossil fuels, and energy policy.
  • Economic discourse and climate change.
  • Climate change and the future.
  • Indigenous people and climate change.
  • Cost-Benefit Analysis in decreasing climate change effects.
  • Asset-based community development and climate change.
  • Vulnerabilities of global countries to climate change.

Need help with writing an research paper?

Get your paper written by a professional writer

Maybe you don’t want to get into deep science or the economic impact of climatic changes. And for that, you can keep things simple and easy. Here are some areas that are much less complex and easy to digest:

  • Solving the problem of climate change with energy conservation.
  • The impact of climate change on the global economy.
  • Climate change and international security.
  • Weather changes and their impact on the US (or any other country).
  • Potential consequences of drastic temperature variations.
  • Climate changes and the international collaborations to sort it out.
  • The challenges that our humanity faces - are climatic changes and technology.
  • Transportation’s impact on global temperature and energy consumption.
  • Climate changes policy development and human rights.
  • The UN and climatic variations.
  • The negative impact of global warming on biodiversity.
  • Does the aviation industry have to deal with climate variation?
  • The theories and concepts of climatic variation governance.
  • Carbon dioxide gas emissions and climate change impacts.
  • How are ocean acidification and climatic variations related?
  • Is geoengineering the possible weather changes response?
  • The misconceptions associated with climatic changes and CO2 emissions.
  • Air pollution, soil degradation, and global change.

Stuck with finding the right title?

Get plenty of fresh and catchy topic ideas and pick the perfect one with PapersOwl Title Generator.

Here are some climate change title ideas to write on when discussing this issue in your academic writing:

  • Is global climate change causing irregular weather patterns?
  • How is climate change associated with disappearing rainforests?
  • The effects of global warming on air quality in urban towns.
  • Greenhouse effect and global warming and their possible health risks.
  • Is climate change affecting the food chain?
  • How global warming and climate change is affecting agriculture?
  • How does climate change work, and how can environmental conservation help?
  • Is climate change dangerous to humanity and its existence?
  • How can we minimize climate change's effects on human health?
  • Does climate change affect healthcare?
  • Impact of climate change on life quality in urban and rural sites.
  • Does warmer temperature boost allergy-related illnesses?
  • Is climate change a risk to all life on earth?
  • Do climate change and global natural disasters correlate?
  • Does climate change influence the population of the planet?
  • Is climate change related to global warming?
  • Has global warming caused extreme heating in sub-urbs?
  • Do wildfires relate to climate change and global warming?
  • How does climate change affect the global habitat?

Build your thesis statement

This is AI-powered online tool that lets you create a thesis statement about any topic you need.

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If you want to focus on some cool climate change research topics, here are some to consider:

  • Global warming is not a myth.
  • Car emissions effects and temperature rise.
  • Al Gore’s global warming speech.
  • Climatic changes and all the seriousness associated with it.
  • Climatic variations and the rising sea level across the globe.
  • Effects of climatic changes on animal life.
  • When nature is in agony - climate change.
  • Climate change and its association with extreme weather.
  • Climate change - remedies and human activities.
  • Global warming is humanity’s fault.
  • Climate change and the altering disease patterns.
  • Does denying climate change affect animal life?
  • Is climate change directly responsible for species' extinction?
  • Temperature changes and their economic, physical, and social effects.

The essay points that we have listed above work as a map. You can use this map to get all the directions for writing a classy essay on the concern of environmental changes. But make sure, to begin with, proper exploration of the grand subject. Of course, you can always use our  paper writing service to receive great results in your studies. 

Identify your interests, and then brainstorm your theme based on those interests. That’s the only way you will stay hooked to your essay, and that’s how you keep your readers hooked too.

Was this article helpful?

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global climate topics for research paper

322 Climate Change Research Topics & Examples

You will notice that there are many climate change research topics you can discuss. Our team has prepared this compilation of 185 ideas that you can use in your work.

📝 Key Points to Use to Write an Outstanding Climate Change Essay

🏆 best climate change title ideas & essay examples, 🥇 most interesting climate change topics to write about, 🎓 simple & easy research titles about climate change, 👍 good research topics about climate change, 🔍 interesting topics to write about climate change, ⭐ good essay topics on climate change, ❓ climate change essay questions.

A climate change essay is familiar to most students who learn biology, ecology, and politics. In order to write a great essay on climate change, you need to explore the topic in great detail and show your understanding of it.

This article will provide you with some key points that you could use in your paper to make it engaging and compelling.

First of all, explore the factors contributing to climate change. Most people know that climate change is associated with pollution, but it is essential to examine the bigger picture. Consider the following questions:

  • What is the mechanism by which climate change occurs?
  • How do the activities of large corporations contribute to climate change?
  • Why is the issue of deforestation essential to climate change?
  • How do people’s daily activities promote climate change?

Secondly, you can focus on solutions to the problems outlined above.

Climate change essay topics often provide recommendations on how individuals and corporations could reduce their environmental impact. These questions may help to guide you through this section:

  • How can large corporations decrease the influence of their operations on the environment?
  • Can you think of any examples of corporations who have successfully decreased their environmental footprint?
  • What steps can people take to reduce pollution and waste as part of their daily routine?
  • Do you believe that trends such as reforestation and renewable energy will help to stop climate change? Why or why not?
  • Can climate change be reversed at all, or is it an inescapable trend?

In connection with these topics, you could also discuss various government policies to address climate change. Over the past decades, many countries enacted laws to reduce environmental damage. There are plenty of ideas that you could address here:

  • What are some famous national policies for environmental protection?
  • Are laws and regulations effective in protecting the environment? Why or why not?
  • How do environmentally-friendly policies affect individuals and businesses?
  • Are there any climate change graphs that show the effectiveness of national policies for reducing environmental damage?
  • How could government policies on climate change be improved?

Despite the fact that there is definite proof of climate change, the concept is opposed by certain politicians, business persons, and even scientists.

You could address the opposition to climate change in your essay and consider the following:

  • Why do some people think that climate change is not real?
  • What is the ultimate proof of climate change?
  • Why is it beneficial for politicians and business persons to argue against climate change?
  • Do you think that climate change is a real issue? Why or why not?

The impact of ecological damage on people, animals, and plants is the focus of most essay titles on global warming and climate change. Indeed, describing climate change effects in detail could earn you some extra marks. Use scholarly resources to research these climate change essay questions:

  • How has climate change impacted wildlife already?
  • If climate change advances at the same pace, what will be the consequences for people?
  • Besides climate change, what are the impacts of water and air pollution? What does the recent United Nations’ report on climate change say about its effects?
  • In your opinion, could climate change lead to the end of life on Earth? Why or why not?

Covering at least some of the points discussed in this post will help you write an excellent climate change paper! Don’t forget to search our website for more useful materials, including a climate change essay outline, sample papers, and much more!

  • Threat to Biodiversity is Just as Important as Climate Change This paper shall articulate the truth of this statement by demonstrating that threats to biodiversity pose significant threat to the sustainability of human life on earth and are therefore the protection of biodiversity is as […]
  • Effects of Global Warming on the Environment Global warming refers to the increase in the mean temperature of the air near the surface of the earth and oceans, which started in mid-20th century as well as its anticipated prolongation.
  • Climate Change in Saudi Arabia and Miami Consequently, the planet might as well become inhospitable to harbor life in future, due to the rising global warming that is accompanied by catastrophic events that might cause extinction of life.
  • Climate Change: Human Impact on the Environment This paper is an in-depth exploration of the effects that human activities have had on the environment, and the way the same is captured in the movie, The Eleventh Hour.
  • Protecting Forests to Prevent Climate Change The REDD partnership between Norway and Indonesia is an outcome of the pressing need to reduce carbon emissions resulting from deforestation.
  • China Climate Change Majority of developed and developing countries for example, the U.S.and China have failed to heed to the call of the need to save Mother Nature through implementation of pollution mitigating measures, for example, the Kyoto […]
  • Climate change: Causes and Effects Orbital variations lead to changes in the levels of solar radiation reaching the earth mainly due to the position of the sun and the distance between the earth and the sun during each particular orbital […]
  • Global Warming Outcomes and Sea-Level Changes The outcome of global warming has been exhibited by the melting of ice and snows in areas such as the Antarctic which has changed the average sea level of the whole world because the ice […]
  • Climate Change: Nearing a Mini Ice Age The causes of climate changes are varied; first, the cyclical variations of the orbital processes control the solar radiation reaching the surface of the earth causing varying climatic conditions.
  • Climate Change Definition and Causes The human population is expected to play a major role in the reduction of emissions by 2050, thereby redressing climatic change.
  • Anthropogenic Climate Change Since anthropogenic climate change occurs due to the cumulative effect of greenhouse gases, it is imperative that climatologists focus on both immediate and long term interventions to avert future crises of global warming that seem […]
  • Climate Change Definition and Description The wind patterns, the temperature and the amount of rainfall are used to determine the changes in temperature. Usually, the atmosphere changes in a way that the energy of the sun absorbed by the atmosphere […]
  • Saving the Forest and Climate Changes The greenhouse gases from such emissions play a key role in the depletion of the most essential ozone layer, thereby increasing the solar heating effect on the adjacent Earth’s surface as well as the rate […]
  • Ways to Reduce Global Warming The objectives of this report are to identify the causes of global warming, to highlight the expected effects of global warming and to identify ways of reducing global warming.
  • Climate Changes The Article “Global Warming: Neglecting the Complexities” by Stephen Schneider sets out to refute the views expressed by Bj rn Lomborg in his book “The Skeptical Environmentalist: Measuring the Real State of the World”, which […]
  • Climate change is the biggest challenge in the world that affects the flexibility of individual specie As a result, the air over the equator becomes less dense and exerts less pressure on the air columns that surrounds it.air moves from areas of high to low pressure, the pressure gradient associated with […]
  • Solving the Climate Change Crisis through Development of Renewable Energy Thus, the threats of the climate change can be overcome with references to resolving the economic crisis with the help of orientation to the new sources of renewable energy, which can be discussed as beneficial […]
  • Problems of climate change The Department of Agriculture which coordinates climate change related activities through the USDA Climate Office Program and US Forest Service which provides a roadmap for responding to climate change and performance scorecard; the Department of […]
  • Climate Change: Impact of Carbon Emissions to the Atmosphere There is also the problem on the management of operations that would ensure minimization of green house gas emissions to the atmosphere.
  • Public Awareness of Climate Changes and Carbon Footprints For example, it can promote public interaction and “conduct public discourses on global climate change” and raise peoples’ interests to such issues as the influence of a greenhouse effect and carbon in the air on […]
  • Tourism and Climate Change Problem There are a number of factors that propelled the growth of tourism and these factors include the improvement of the standards of living in many developed nations, good work polices allowing more time for vacations […]
  • Climate Changes: Human Activities and Global Warming Thus, in regard to reduced ranges of temperatures, it is evident that the region experienced some of the harshest conditions in the wake of 1970s as well as the dawn of 1980s.
  • Climate Change: The Complex Issue of Global Warming By definition, the greenhouse effect is the process through which the atmosphere absorbs infrared radiation emitted from the Earth’s surface once it is heated directly by the sun during the day.
  • Climate change and human health In the field of climate change and human health, skills of project management are necessary during planning, evaluation of options, development of effective policies, and arrangement of program actions and resources to produce fruitful outcomes.
  • Climate change and extreme weather conditions The agreement across the board is that human activities such as emissions of the greenhouse gases have contributed to global warming.
  • Social Concepts and Climate Change All these are illustrations that climate change is real and skeptics of the process have no sound grounds to support their argument.
  • Climate Change, Coming Home: Global Warming’s Effects on Populations To add to all the problems is the fact that the Earth is seeing a major depletion in the natural resources and fossil fuels which are the established source of energy that must be greatly […]
  • Spin, Science and Climate Change Proponents of climate change argue scientifically that the cause of global warming is the accumulation of green house gases and water vapor in the atmosphere over a period.
  • Global Warming Causes and Unfavorable Climatic Changes Others believe that the reason behind the occurrence of global warming is the negligence of people in the release of greenhouse gases to the atmosphere.
  • Business & Climate Change The purpose of this paper is to apply principles of problem solving skills such as the K-T technique, in analyzing how the challenge of climate change is addressed in the soft drinks industry which in […]
  • Biology of climate change There is sufficient evidence that recent climate change is a result of human activities.”Warming of the climate system is unequivocal; as is now evident from observations of increases in global average air and ocean temperatures, […]
  • Economics and Human induced Climate change In this case, climate change is an economic problem because it has increased the costs of energy and we all know that energy is used for production activities.
  • Climate Change and Renewable Energy Options The existence of various classes of world economies in the rural setting and the rise of the middle class economies has put more pressure on environmental services that are highly demanded and the use of […]
  • The Key Drivers of Climate Change The use of fossil fuel in building cooling and heating, transportation, and in the manufacture of goods leads to an increase in the amount of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere.
  • Global Warming: Justing Gillis Discussing Studies on Climate Change Over the years, environmental scientists have been heavily involved in research regarding the changes in climate conditions and effects that these changes have on the environment.
  • Climate Change Causes and Predictions These changes are as a result of the changes in the factors which determine the amount of sunlight that gets to the earth surface.
  • Climate Change, Development and Disaster Risk Reduction However, the increased cases of droughts, storms, and very high rainfalls in different places are indicative of the culmination of the effects of climate change, and major disasters are yet to follow in the future.
  • Critical Review: “Food’s Footprint: Agriculture and Climate Change” by Jennifer Burney The ability to unravel the current quagmire surrounding the causes and effects of global warming on food and agricultural production remain the key area towards effective policy design, management application and eventual sustainability assimilation in […]
  • Need for Topic on Climate Change in Geography Courses This report aims at presenting the most significant learning objectives for climate change, how climate change is related to sustainable development, the value of contemporary geography and climate change to student learning, and how contemporary […]
  • The United Nation’s Response to Climate Change It would take a committed effort from each country in the world to help deal with the global issue of climate change and adequate preparations have to be made.
  • Climate change and consumption: which way the wind blows in Indiana Because of high rates of consumption in the state of Indiana, the local natural resources are threatened; in addition, the safety of the environment is in peril due to the increased consumption rates, since the […]
  • Climate Changes: Snowpack One of the most conspicuous illustrations of the climate change is the amount of snowpack in the world, and in every part of the globe.
  • Negative Impacts of Climate Change in the Urban Areas and Possible Strategies to Address Them The current essay is an attempt to outline the problems caused by the negative impacts of climate change in the urban areas.
  • The negative effects of climate change in cities This is exemplified by the seasonal hurricanes in the USA and the surrounding regions, the hurricanes of which have destroyed houses and roads in the past.
  • Climate Change Needs Human Behavior Change The thesis of this essay is that human behavior change, including in diet and food production, must be undertaken to minimize climate change, and resulting misery.
  • Climate Change and its Global Implications in Hospitality and Tourism Other researches focus on the “the translation of the global debate on tourism and climate change into the discourses of local tourist stakeholders” and “importance of the Tourism and Hospitality sector for American economy”.
  • Impact of Climate Change and Solutions The continuous emission of green house gases to the atmosphere through human activities has led to the accumulation of the gases in the atmosphere thereby increasing their concentration over time.
  • Climate change and its effects on tourism in coastal areas It is hereby recommended that governments have a huge role to play in mitigating the negative effects of climate change on coastal towns.
  • Climate Change as a Global Security Threat It is important to stress that agriculture problems can become real for the USA as well since numerous draughts and natural disasters negatively affect this branch of the US economy.
  • Climate Change: Floods in Queensland Australia Over the recent past, the issue of climatic change has raised major concern about the well being of the recent as well as the future generation. The rail lines were also destroyed the fact that […]
  • Climate Change: Is Capitalism The Problem or the Solution? This means that capitalism, which is the ability to produce wealth lies in the solution and also the causes of the current global climatic governance.
  • Transforming the Economy to Address Climate Change and Global Resource Competition The test to such policies on climate change and global resource competition is the integration of set goals with American economic strategies and traditional energy policies.
  • The Economic Cost of Climate Change Effects Because the general definition of climate change involves changes in the statistical components of a climate system without taking into account the causes of such changes, changes in climate over a short period of time […]
  • The Role of Behavioural Economics in Energy and Climate Policy However, after comparing the “price” approach to the previously mentioned influences of behavioural economics on climate and energy policies, it is correct to say that traditional economists have reversed the study of behavioural economics to […]
  • Ideology of Economic Discourse in Climate Change By employing such a title, the activist intends to show the ignorance of the seriousness of the ecological problem and reluctance of the government to introduce the corresponding measures to the Canadian economy.
  • Climate Change Effects on an Individual’s Life in the Future The problem is aggravated by the fact that we have to deal with the current effects of the past emissions as we try to reduce the emissions of the present days.
  • The Impact of Climate Change on New Hampshire Business Type: Magazine Article Main Argument/Research Question: The article explains that advocates of renewable energy may obtain opportunities to advance alternative energy development by tracking the costs and pollution emissions of fossil fuel power plants and […]
  • Metholdogy for Economic Discourse Analysis in Climate Change Due to the fact that the main goal of the research is to define the rhetoric devices used to underscore the economic discourse in climate change, such concepts as argumentation, discourse coalition overview, as well […]
  • The Causes and Effects of Climate Change in the US The effect of solar output on climate change depends on the changes that occur in the sun and the earth’s orbit.
  • Asian Drivers of Global Change The emergence of the Global Drivers of Change is not only a threat the developing world but also to the developed economies.
  • Climate Change and its Effects on Indigenous Peoples For the last three decades, the indigenous people of the North have observed several changes on the environmental changes and climatic patterns in the region.
  • Causes and Effects of Climate Changes Climate change is the transformation in the distribution patterns of weather or changes in average weather conditions of a place or the whole world over long periods.
  • Introduction to Climate Change: Major Threats and the Means to Avoid Them It is obvious that, due to the side effects of various production processes and the emergence of certain byproducts which lead to environmental pollution, nature appears to be in grave danger: “The effects of human […]
  • Climate Change Affecting Coral Triangle Turtles This paper discusses the effects of climatic change on the diverse lives in the Coral Triangle. The region harbors the highest number of turtle and fish species known in the world.
  • Cost Benefit Analysis (CBA) in Reducing the Effects of Climate Change The concept remains relevant since it provides fundamental incentives that enable managers to determine the feasibility nature of a project and its viability.
  • Climate Change and Corporate World Thus, it is clear that the author has based the argument on three important observations – corporate realization that climatic change is real, the economic impact of using corporate resources to manage global warming and […]
  • Views Comparison on the Problem of Climate Change The ongoing drought in many parts of the world is attributable to the changes in climate. In fact, the existence of the environmental conservation policies is a hindrance to the development of the financial system.
  • Early Climate Change Science Today, it is evidently clear that the warming effect of carbon dioxide as originally envisioned by Joseph Fourier is largely to blame for global warming.
  • Managing the Impacts of Climate Change The capability to manage the impacts of climate change is largely determined by the availability of resources at the national level.
  • Climate Change Negative Health Impacts When this radiation combines with the short wave rays from the sun, a warming effect is created on the immediate surface of the earth. The latter is a direct impact of climate change that the […]
  • Environmental Issue – Climate Change If the right measures are put in place, our environment will be regenerated and the continued alterations to the climate will eventually stop.
  • Climate Change Research Studies It is surprising that climate change was ranked the last in the list of priorities immediately after President Barrack Obama took over as the president of the United States.
  • Global Warming and Its Effects on the Environment This paper explores the impacts of global warming on the environment and also suggests some of the measures that can be taken to mitigate the impact of global warming on the environment.
  • The Climate Change and the Asset-Based Community Development Because of the factors of humans’ lives and the effect which they have on the nature, the climate change which is happening at the moment has a harmful effect on the wildlife and on the […]
  • Climate Change – Global Warming For instance, in the last one century, scientists have directly linked the concentration of these gases in the atmosphere with the increase in temperature of the earth.
  • The Implementation of MOOCs on Climate Change A highlight of the modules intended for the provision in the courses builds on the relevance and practicality of the proposed MOOCs.
  • Anthropogenic Climate Change The third assertion is by Farley who alleged that most of the Americans continue to argue that the burning of fossil fuels has recently contributed to global warming; thus, it is possible that climate change […]
  • Vulnerability of World Countries to Climate Change While the third world nations strongly hold that climate is changing due to the development activities of the developed nations, the developed nations use scientific theories to point to natural causes of the vice.
  • “Climate Change: Turning Up the Heat” by Barrie Pittock The researcher stresses that people should try to minimize the negative effects of climate change in order to enable humanity to adapt to the changing environment in a more effective way.
  • The Effect of Science on Climate Change A number of the policy-makers have used this allegation to oppose the implementation of strong measures aimed at lessening the amount of gas emitted from the greenhouses.
  • Organisational Sustainability and Climate Change Strategy Porter and Kramer are of the opinion that an organisation has to create a set of effective share values between the society and the firm in order to enhance organisational performance.
  • The Role of Science and Technology in International Relations Regarding Climate Change This paper examines the role of science and technology as it has been used to address the challenge of climate change, which is one of the major issues affecting the global societies today.
  • Responsible Factors for Climate Change On the other hand, the anti-scientists hold the view that global warming is not a consequence of the human activities, and that the scientists’ views are for selfish gains meant to transform the world’s economy. […]
  • Global Warming and Climate Change Transportation processes have led to the prevalence of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere as the fuels used to power most modern forms of transport are carbon-based.
  • Climate Change Impacts on Ocean Life The destruction of the ozone layer has led to the exposure of the earth to harmful radiation from the sun. The rising temperatures in the oceans hinder the upward flow of nutrients from the seabed […]
  • Climate Change Vulnerability in Scotland It is important to note that water is abundant is the country due to its excellent geographical location and features. The nation is not struggling economically, and it has the potential to mitigate a number […]
  • Energy Conservation for Solving Climate Change Problem The United States Environmental Protection Agency reports that of all the ways energy is used in America, about 39% is used to generate electricity.
  • Climate Change Effects on World Economy Use of fossil fuels by industries and automobiles increases the percentage of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.”Carbon dioxide is a green house gas that causes a rise in the global temperature”.
  • Climate and Conflicts: Security Risks of Global Warming In details, the article analyzes the relationships between the impacts of climatic stress factors and the anticipated responses. The article details the effect of greenhouse to the equality in the world.
  • International Security and Climate Change The purpose of this report is to highlight the threats of climate change to international security, and how these threats concern the EU.
  • Climate Change Impact on Bangladesh Today, there are a lot of scientists from the fields of ecology and meteorology who are monitoring the changes of climate in various regions of the world.
  • Climate Change and International Collaboration In the following paper, two articles devoted to the topic of recent negotiations about climate change will be used for the evaluation of the current condition of the international collaboration concerning the issue.
  • Climate Change from International Relations Perspective As for the US, it has already done more than other countries to address global warming, both locally and at the international level.
  • Climate Change in United Kingdom It is, therefore, not a surprise that China, the country leading in the emission of greenhouse gases, has experienced some of the worst effects of climate change. The local government is in a better position […]
  • Climate Change Potential Consequences According to the article, global warming can lead to the extinction of native species and the emergence of invasive species. According to the articles, global warming is a serious environmental issue that leads to contamination […]
  • Challenges Facing Humanity: Technology and Climate Change The cost of reducing high global temperatures is a burden to people living in poor countries. Scarcity of resources is a threat existence of humanity in poor countries.
  • Climate Change: Nicholas Stern and Ross Garnaut Views According to Stern and Monbiot, there is a need to support and encourage innovations and inventions that are geared towards the reduction of carbon emissions.
  • Pollution & Climate Change as Environmental Risks The purpose of this essay is to provide an analysis of the three articles, focusing on the environmental risks and the risk perceptions of the authors.
  • Environmental Risk Perception: Climate Change Viewpoints He holds the belief that public “risk perceptions compel political, economic and social actions towards a particular risk, and thus public support or opposition to climate change has a strong influence of the risks and […]
  • Transportation Impact on Climate Change It is apparent that the number of motor vehicles in the world is increasing by the day, and this translates to an increase in the amount of pollutants produced by the transportation industry annually.
  • Climate Change Impacts on Business in Bangladesh According to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, Bangladesh is the most vulnerable to impacts of the global climatic change particularly from the rising sea level since it is located on the low altitude Bay […]
  • Climate Change: Anthropological Concepts and Perspectives In this context, it is important to discuss how anthropologists define the environmental change in relation to the social change; what views are predominant in the anthropological discourse regarding the global character of the climate […]
  • Human Rights and Climate Change Policy-Making Advocates of the inclusion of human rights feel that there is an important link between climate impacts and human rights and as such, integrating the two would promote the formulation of the best policies. Specifically, […]
  • United Nation and Climate Change However, the key limitation of the given measure is that the UNO has not yet come up with the strategy of classifying the effects of the climate change and whether UNO is able to embrace […]
  • Climate Change Management and Risk Governance The climate change regime started in 1990 and concluded in 1992, with the establishment of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change.
  • Climate Change’s Negative Impact on Biodiversity This essay’s primary objective is to trace and evaluate the impact of climate change on biological diversity through the lens of transformations in the marine and forest ecosystems and evaluation of the agricultural sector both […]
  • Climate Change Impacts on the Aviation Industry The last two research questions focus on investigating the challenges experienced by stakeholders in the aviation industry in reducing the carbon blueprint of the sector and discussing additional steps the aviation industry can take to […]
  • Climate Change Governance: Concepts and Theories The present paper offers an overview of CCG and includes the relevant definitions, describes the complex relationships between the relevant actors at different levels, and discusses theoretical perspectives and conceptual difficulties related to the topic.
  • Climate Change Effects on Ocean Acidification The scientists realized that the crisis lasted for several millennia before the oceans could fully recover from the impacts of the drop in the pH level.
  • Climate Change for Australian Magpie-Lark Birds Observations in the northern parts of Australia indicate that Magpie-lark birds move to the coast during the dry season and return back during the wet season.
  • Climate Change as International Issue The projections were indeed experienced in the 1940s after it was discovered that the concentration of carbon dioxide in the earth’s atmosphere was increasing.
  • Climate Changes and Human Population Distribution Compelled by the lack of a thorough clarity on the relationship between population distribution and climatic conditions, this research proposal therefore aims at conducting the research study to determine what effects do climatic conditions have […]
  • Climate Change Probability and Predictions Winsberg argues that in the area of climate modeling, the standard pattern of using probabilities for the separation of scientific practices from the ethical and social influences because of the significant complexity of these global […]
  • Climate Change: Ways of Eliminating Negative Effects The Keeling Curve is a graph marking the changes in carbon dioxide concentration in the atmosphere of Earth created in 1958.
  • Global Warming: People Impact on the Environment One of the reasons for the general certainty of scientists about the effects of human activities on the change of climate all over the globe is the tendency of climate change throughout the history, which […]
  • Geoengineering as a Possible Response to Climate Change Today, the evaluation of written reports, the organization of discussions, and the oral identification of the importance of geoengineering are not enough to find a solution to the problem of climate change.
  • CO2 Emission and Climate Change Misconceptions However, people start to recognize the pernicious effect their actions might have on the state of our planet and want to know more about the processes that occur due to these very actions.
  • Global Warming and Human Impact: Pros and Cons These points include the movement of gases in the atmosphere as a result of certain human activities, the increase of the temperature because of greenhouse gas emissions, and the rise of the oceans’ level that […]
  • Earth’s Geologic History and Global Climate Change In the Geologic Time Scale section of the Museum of Paleontology website, I found that images of cyanobacteria are included in the Archaean time period. The Late Devonian extinction occurred due to the cooling of […]
  • Climate Change Debates and Scientific Opinion The majority of scientists worldwide tend to believe that anthropogenic greenhouse gases turn out to be the reason for the increase in the planet’s average temperature.
  • Global Warming and Climate Change: Fighting and Solutions The work will concentrate on certain aspects such as the background of the problem, the current state of the problem, the existing literature on the problem, what has already been attempted to solve the problem, […]
  • Climate Change and Its Impacts on the UAE Currently, the rise in temperature in the Arctic is contributing to the melting of the ice sheets. The long-range weather forecast indicates that the majority of the coastal areas in the UAE are at the […]
  • Technology Influence on Climate Change Undoubtedly, global warming is a portrayal of climate change in the modern world and hence the need for appropriate interventions to foster the sustainability of the environment.
  • Climate Change in Abu Dhabi Abu Dhabi is an emirate in the country and it could suffer some of the worst effects of climate change in the UAE.
  • Technology’s Impact on Climate Change To examine the contribution of technology to climate change; To present a comprehensive review of technologically-mediated methods for responding to global flooding caused by anthropogenic climate change; To suggest the most effective and socially just […]
  • Moral Obligations to Climate Change and Animal Life To be able to become a rational person, it is essential to think critically about the concepts and domains that the individual faces and the way it will be sensible to react to them.
  • Polar Transformations as a Global Warming Issue Changes in vegetation due to global warming will be varying as the regions are covered with three main vegetation types: polar desert, boreal forest, and the tundra.
  • International Climate Change Agreements The relevance and outcomes of the Kyoto Protocol will be considered in the context of an unfair attitude towards the members of participating countries regarding the share of permissible emissions.
  • Global Warming Impact on the Natural Environment In my opinion, humans did not cause global warming as the impact is not crucial, but people speeded the processes that lead to a dramatic environmental change.
  • Climate Change in Canada The Harper government has done little to ensure implementation of the agreements to reduce emissions. Since governments around the globe have failed in their commitment to reduce emissions, going green remains the only option.
  • Climate Change, Air Pollution, Soil Degradation Then followed by outdoor air pollution, soil degradation which can also be called as soil contamination, global overpopulation, drinking water pollution, nuclear waste build-up, disappearing of the water supplies, indoor air pollution, depletion of the […]
  • Anthropogenic Climate Change and Policy Problems To address the problem of climate change, authorities representing the fields of politics, business, science, and economics are to join their efforts in the hope of creating effective policies helping to minimize and reverse the […]
  • Climate Change and American National Security Today, the solutions to climate change are still highly complicated and often seem impossible due to the involvement of a wide range of factors and determiners, as well as the global nature of the phenomenon […]
  • City Trees and Climate Change: Act Green and Get Healthy Consequently, increasing the number of city trees in spatial design could be a viable solution to reducing the pace of climate change and improving the quality of air in large cities, which combines a variety […]
  • Technologically Produced Emissions Impact on Climate Change Similarly, the creation and maintenance of dams is one way that stakeholders have used as a method of adapting to climate change and reducing the impacts of climate change.
  • Global Warming as Environmental Injustice A good example of environmental injustice is the issue of global warming. Developed nations should help developing nations deal with the negative effects of global warming.
  • Environmental Perils: Climate Change Issue Many people have been lamenting over the issue of the climate crisis, For instance, Mindy Lubber, a former regional administrator of the United States Environmental Protection Agency, delivered a speech in October 2008 at a […]
  • Dealing With the Climate Change Issues Many American’s erroneously thinking that being the ‘good guys’ does anything to help the environment but clearly, more needs to be done if a lasting solution to the problem is to be gotten.
  • Climate Change Effects on Kenya’s Tea Industry Over the past few decades, there has been a decline in the performance of the sector in relation to its contribution to the country’s GDP.
  • Science of Global Warming and Climate Change I have decided to choose worldwide warming and climate change because these two issues affect the integrity and sustainability of the universe.
  • “Climate Change May Destroy Alaskan Towns” Video The information from the video describes the devastating condition of the small settlement on Kivalina Island in Alaska. At the beginning of the video, it is noted that Barack Obama was the first president to […]
  • Climate Change, Industrial Ecology and Environmental Chemistry However, the problem is in the fact that the climate is changing while affecting the environment and shaping people’s lives through increasing the air and surface temperatures, and the main cause of the drastic changes […]
  • Climate Change Solutions for Australia The reason for climate change is considered to be the human-caused greenhouse gases emissions since the 1950s If the discharge continues to grow at the present rate, the results of the climate change will affect […]
  • Climate Change and Risks for Business in Australia Climate change poses four types of risks to the sustainability of the enterprises, including physical risks, reputational risks, regulatory risks, and litigation risks.
  • Global Warming, Its Consequences and Prevention The main point of this research is to identify various possibilities and consequences that might be caused by global warming and to discuss theories of this phenomenon’s prevention.
  • Weather Abnormalities and Climate Change One of the crucial signs of climate change is the rise of the sea level. Thus, the problem of climate change is a threat to water security and needs resolution.
  • Global Climate Change and Biological Implications Such change will lead to a loss of habitat of millions of species that will not be able to adapt to the new reality.
  • Climate Change: Reducing Industrial Air Pollution One of the most effective measures of air quality in the USA is the Air Quality Index, which estimates air conditions by concentrations of such pollutants as particle solution, nitrogen and sulfur dioxide, carbon monoxide, […]
  • Technological and Policy Solutions to Prevent Climate Change Scientists and researchers across the globe are talking about the alarming rates of temperature increase, which threaten the integrity of the polar ice caps.
  • Climate Change: Who Is at Fault? The rationale for the author’s argument is centered around the premise that it is wrong to praise the political and economic system of the 1980s while blaming people for the inability to make changes in […]
  • Climate Change Effects on Population Health First and foremost, decreased quality of the air can manifest in the destruction of the ozone layer and increased air temperature.
  • Climate Change Factors and Countermeasures The main reason for climate change in the 21st century is the greenhouse effect, the impact of which is eight times more intensive than the impact of solar radiation.
  • Corporations’ Impact on Climate Change That is why I am sure that our corporation should be ready to engage in the activity aimed at the protection of the environment and advocate for global solutions to climate change.
  • The Role of Human Activities on the Climate Change Among the key roles that the human activities have on the climate change, the destruction of unique habitats and the subsequent extinction of endemic species should be mentioned first.
  • Evidence of Climate Change The primary reason for the matter is the melting of ice sheets, which adds water to the ocean. The Republic of Maldives is already starting to feel the effects of global sea-level rise now.
  • Diets and Climate Change Thus, changing the diet is a feasible method to address the problem of climate change. One of the ways I try to minimize my environmental impact is to eat less meat.
  • Research Plan “Climate Change” This document outlines a research plan to help the world transition to a sustainable future by exploring ways to mitigate climate change risks in the management of global supply chains.
  • Public Health Education on Climate Change Effects The role of a community nurse is to address the issues accordingly and be aware of their possible impact on the public.
  • Climate Change and the Syrian Civil War Revisited The authors note that the purpose of their paper is to explore the quality of the evidence provided by the supporters of the thesis. Selby et al.note that there is no relationship between climate change […]
  • Chad Frischmann: The Young Minds Solving Climate Change In this article, the author is mainly interested in persuading the reader to take action to resolve the climate change problem concerning the contribution of younger generations in this process.
  • Everyday Communication Surrounding Climate Change
  • Risk Communication, Public Engagement, and Climate Change
  • World Trade as the Adjustment Mechanism of Agriculture to Climate Change by Julia & Duchin
  • Global Warming: Causes and Consequences
  • Climate Changes: Cause and Effect
  • Climate Change and Public Health Policies
  • Climate Change During Socialism and Capitalistic Epochs
  • Global Warming and Effects Within 50 Years
  • Global Warming: Causes and Impact on Health, Environment and the Biodiversity
  • Climate Change: Influence on Lifestyle in the Future
  • The Politics and Economics of International Action on Climate Change
  • Climate Change Risks in South Eastern Australia
  • Nutrition Or Climate Change
  • How Global Warming Has an Effect on Wildlife?
  • The Influence of Global Warming and Pollution on the Environment
  • Climate Change: The Day After Tomorrow
  • Biofuels and Climate Change
  • Global Warming-The Early Signs of Warning
  • Global Warming: Ways to Help End Global Warming
  • Neolithic Revolution and Climate Change
  • Starbucks: Corporate Social Responsibility and Global Climate Change
  • Global Warming Issues Review and Environmental Sustainability
  • Maize Production and Climate Change in South Africa
  • The Politics of Climate Change, Saving the Environment
  • Global Change Biology in Terms of Global Warming
  • Desert, Glaciers, and Climate Change
  • Global Warming Problem Overview: Significantly Changing the Climate Patterns
  • Global Warming: Negative Effects to the Environment
  • Environmental Studies: Climate Changes
  • Human Influence on Climate Change
  • A Shift From Climate Change Awareness Under New President
  • Personal Insight: Climate Change
  • Tropic of Chaos: Climate Change and the New Geography of Violence
  • Climate Change and Economic Growth
  • Climate Change: The Broken Ozone Layer
  • Climate Change: Change Up Your Approach
  • Climate Change Is a Scientific Fallacy
  • Climate Change: The Key Issues
  • Global Pollution and Climate Change
  • Coronavirus’ Impact on Climate Change
  • Climate Change in Communication
  • Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation Plan for Abu Dhabi City, UAE
  • How Climate Change Impacts Ocean Temperature and Marine Life
  • Climate Change Dynamics: Are We Ready for the Future?
  • The Involve of Black People in the Seeking of Climate Change
  • United Nations Climate Change Conference
  • Links Between Methane, Plants, and Climate Change
  • Climate Change and the Occurrence of Infectious Diseases
  • Pygmy-Possum Burramys Parvus: The Effects of Climate Change
  • Rainforests of Victoria: Potential Effects of Climate Change
  • The Economic Impacts of Climate Change
  • Impact of Global Climate Change on Malaria
  • Strategy for Garnering Effective Action on Climate Change Mitigation
  • Climate Change and Threat to Animals
  • Preparing for the Impacts of Climate Change
  • Polar Bear Decline: Climate Change from Pole to Pole
  • The Way Climate Change Affects the Planet
  • The Analysis of Process of Climate Change
  • Climate Change: Anticipating Drastic Consequences
  • Climate Change from Community Perspective
  • Climate Change and Health in Nunavut, Canada
  • Climate Change as a Battle of Generation Z
  • The Issue of Climate Change
  • Health and Climate Change
  • The Impact of Climate Change on Agriculture
  • Toyota Corporation: The Effects of Climate Change on the Word’s Automobile Sector
  • How Climate Change Affects Conflict and Peace
  • Climate Change: Sustainability Development and Environmental Law
  • Research Driven Critique: Steven Maher and Climate Change
  • Climate Change Indicators and Media Interference
  • Sustainability, Climate Change Impact on Supply Chains & Circular Economy
  • The Impact of Climate Change on Food Security
  • UK Climate Change Act 2008
  • Climate Change and Stabilization Wages
  • Climate Change: Causes, Impact on People and the Environment
  • Is Climate Change a Real Threat?
  • Climate Change Laboratory Report
  • Climate Change – Problems and Solutions
  • Climate Change and Limiting the Fuel-Powered Transportation
  • Natural Climate Solutions for Climate Change in China
  • Creating a Policy Briefing Book: Climate Change in China
  • Impact of Climate Change on Increased Wildfires
  • Climate Change as Systemic Risk of Globalization
  • Global Warming and Climate Change: Annotated Bibliography
  • Climate Change and Role of Government
  • Global Perspectives in the Climate Change Strategy
  • Climate Change and Challenges in Miami, Florida
  • Collective Climate Change Responsibility
  • Health Issues on the Climate Change
  • Addressing Climate Change: The Collective Action Problem
  • The Negative Results of Climate Change
  • Climate Change: Global Warming Intensity
  • Climate Change Impacts in Sub-Saharan Africa
  • Importance of Climate Change for Public Health
  • Climate Change and Its Consequences for Oklahoma
  • Gendering Climate Change: Geographical Insights
  • Impact of Climate Change in Modern World
  • The Straw Man Fallacy in the Topic of Climate Change
  • Climate Change: Mitigation Strategies
  • “World on the Edge”: Managing the Causes of Climate Change
  • Climate Change: The Chornobyl Nuclear Accident
  • The Climate Change Situation in the World
  • Climate Change: Inconsistencies in Reporting
  • Global Warming: Moral and Political Challenge
  • Feminism: A Road Map to Overcoming COVID-19 and Climate Change
  • The Climate Change Articles Comparison
  • Moral Aspects of Climate Change Addresses
  • David Lammy on Climate Change and Racial Justice
  • Aspects of Global Warming
  • Climate Change and Disease-Carrying Insects
  • Climate Change as a Problem for Businesses and How to Manage It
  • Aviation, Climate Change, and Better Engine Designs: Reducing CO2 Emissions
  • Effects of Climate Change on Health
  • Wildfires and Impact of Climate Change
  • The Dangers of Global Warming: Environmental and Economic Collapse
  • The Climate Change Mitigation Issues
  • Climate Change: Social-Ecological Systems Framework
  • Effective Policy Sets to Curb Climate Change
  • How Climate Change Could Impact the Global Economy
  • Climate Change Attitudes and Counteractions
  • Was Climate Change Affecting Species?
  • Discussion: Reverting Climate Change
  • Communities and Climate Change Article by Kehoe
  • Climate Change: Historical Background and Social Values
  • Impact of Climate Change on the Mining Sector
  • Impacts of Climate Change on Ocean
  • Global Warming: Speculation and Biased Information
  • The Role of Technology in Climate Change
  • Climate Change and Immigration Issues
  • The Global Warming Problem and Solution
  • Global Warming as Serious Threat to Humanity
  • Protecting the Environment Against Climate Change
  • Does Climate Change Affect Entrepreneurs?
  • Does Climate Change Information Affect Stated Risks of Pine Beetle Impacts on Forests
  • Does Energy Consumption Contribute to Climate Change?
  • Does Forced Solidarity Hinder Adaptation to Climate Change?
  • Does Risk Communication Really Decrease Cooperation in Climate Change Mitigation?
  • Does Risk Perception Limit the Climate Change Mitigation Behaviors?
  • What Are the Differences Between Climate Change and Global Warming?
  • What Are the Effects of Climate Change on Agriculture in North East Central Europe?
  • What Are the Policy Challenges That National Governments Face in Addressing Climate Change?
  • What Are the Primary Causes of Climate Change?
  • What Are the Risks of Climate Change and Global Warming?
  • What Does Climate Change Mean for Agriculture in Developing Countries?
  • What Drives the International Transfer of Climate Change Mitigation Technologies?
  • What Economic Impacts Are Expected to Result From Climate Change?
  • What Motivates Farmers’ Adaptation to Climate Change?
  • What Natural Forces Have Caused Climate Change?
  • What Problems Are Involved With Establishing an International Climate Change?
  • What Role Has Human Activity Played in Causing Climate Change?
  • Which Incentives Does Regulation Give to Adapt Network Infrastructure to Climate Change?
  • Why Climate Change Affects Us?
  • Why Does Climate Change Present Potential Dangers for the African Continent?
  • Why Economic Analysis Supports Strong Action on Climate Change?
  • Why Should People Care For the Perceived Event of Climate Change?
  • Why the Climate Change Debate Has Not Created More Cleantech Funds in Sweden?
  • Why Worry About Climate Change?
  • Will African Agriculture Survive Climate Change?
  • Will Carbon Tax Mitigate the Effects of Climate Change?
  • Will Climate Change Affect Agriculture?
  • Will Climate Change Cause Enormous Social Costs for Poor Asian Cities?
  • Will Religion and Faith Be the Answer to Climate Change?
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IvyPanda . "322 Climate Change Research Topics & Examples." November 8, 2023.

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  • Climate Change: Concept and Theories Climate change has become a concern of scientists rather recently. There are numerous theories as to the reasons for this process, but there are still no particular answers.
  • Global Warming is Not a Myth All facts points out that the ranging debate on whether global warming is a myth or reality has been squarely won by the global warming proponents.
  • Tree Planting and Climate Change Climate change has serious effects on the environment and the existence of living organisms.Tree planting is an effective strategy of ameliorating climate change.
  • Causes and Effects of Global Warming on the Environment The Global Warming is a process which points out an increase of approximate temperature in different spots of Earth. Causes and effects of global warming bear in present days an equivocal character.
  • Concept of Global Warming Human pollution is changing the climate of our earth and has increased global warming in the past half century.
  • Climate Change Impacts It is doubtless that global change has become one the challenges, which encompasses a wide range of human life, including social and economical aspects of human life.
  • The Effect of Global Warming and the Future Global warming effects are the social and environmental changes brought-about by the increase in global temperatures.
  • Effects of Global Warming: Essay Example According to environmentalists and other nature conservatives, Africa would be the worst hit continent by the effects of global warming despite emitting less greenhouse gases.
  • The Issue of Global Climate Change and the Use of Global Ethic Modern technologies such as “the use of satellites have made it easier for scientists to analyze climate on a global scale”.
  • Environmental Studies: The Global Warming Holocaust Global climate change is a social issue that has captured the imagination of the world’s population. This issue is discussed in mass media and social media platforms.
  • Global Warming Causes and Impacts This paper endeavors to delineate the history of global warming, the causality and every potential revelation towards diminution of the impacts of global warming.
  • The United States Policy on Climate Change This paper will draw attention to the key issues in the U.S. policy for climate and come up with recommendations on the same.
  • Environmental Studies of Global Warming: Cause and Mitigation Natural climate changes occur in cycles in world, and they are caused by natural interaction with different forces, whereas human activities cause anthropogenic climate changes.
  • Climate Change and International Trade The relationship between climate change and international trade has been on a great verge of developing a new critical issue. This was so evident at the Conference of Parties Climate Conference.
  • Climate Change and Global Warming Global warming is a subject that has elicited a heated debate for a long time. This debate is commonplace among scholars and policy makers.
  • Car Emission Effects on Global Warming Car emissions are expected to aid policy makers in national governments, automobile manufacturers, fuel industry CEOs and city planners.
  • Al Gore’s Speech on Global Warming Using two essential constituents of a subtle rhetoric analysis for speech or text, the paper scrutinizes Al Gore’s speech on global warming.
  • Global Warming: Car Emissions Effects The paper will answer the question on how the car emissions affect the global warming. It has been noted that in the UK, cause various health problems to the people.
  • Global Warming and Ozone Depletion The phenomena of ozone depletion and global warming are entirely different processes, they are often confused for each other due to the obvious connection between them.
  • The Seriousness of Global Warming One of the most troubling ecological issues of the contemporary world is global warming. It is defined as an increase of global average surface temperature at an alarming rate.
  • Humans Contribution to Global Climate Change The impacts of global climate change are rising sea levels, shrinking polar ice, warmer winters, and retreating glaciers. Human activity is a cause of the problem.
  • Climate Change: When Nature Is in Agony The issue of climate changes not new; it has already been on the agenda of the world ecologists in 1990s, and in 2010s, the issue seems to have gained a new significance.
  • Extreme Weather and Global Warming The Global warming is a bad phenomenon that is causing to see level raise, change weather pattern, and create alteration in animal life.
  • Climate Change, Human Activities and Remedies Human beings are the worst enemies of the environment. The Kyoto Protocol and the concept of green buildings are the two major interventions to climatic change and global warming.
  • The Concept of Global Warming and Its Impacts The notion of global warming implies a complex environmental procedure, which evolves as a natural consequence of the harmful greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Multinational Corporations and Climate Change The current essay revolves around the topic of climate change and economic activities. In the essay, the author focuses on MNCs and their role in environmental conservation.
  • The Climate Change Problem Climate change is one of the most pressing environmental concerns of the 21st century. There are a number of reasons for the climate change, according to climatologists.
  • Climate Change and Its Evidence The review of common claims about global warming made it possible to say that in spite of some skeptical opinions, it might be really happening.
  • The Effect of Global Warming Global warming effects are the social and environmental changes brought about by the increase in global temperatures.
  • Global Warming With an Emphasis on the Arctic This paper presents the impact of global warming with a focus on the Arctic region. It also provides key solutions that can be implemented to reduce its effects.
  • Energy Crisis and Climate Change The global community needs to adopt an energy efficient behavior and invest in the exploration of sustainable energy resources.
  • Climate Change: Changing Patterns of Malaria Disease The existing research reveals that inter-annual and inter-decade climate variation has a greater influence on the history of vector-borne maladies.
  • Global Warming as a Humanity’s Fault World leaders were forced to hold discussions in Kigali, Rwanda, in late 2016 to establish a deal addressing mechanisms to be adopted to curb global warming.
  • Paris Agreement: Climate Change Deal The Paris Agreement was realized on November 4th when about 55 countries responsible for about 55% of the global emission acted swiftly and ratified the landmark agreement.
  • British Petroleum’s Risks due to Climate Changes BP incurs a risk of physical damage to its assets by such climate extreme events as hurricanes, droughts, extreme cold, and hot temperatures, and floods.
  • Global Climate Change and Health Concerns The purpose of this paper is to elucidate the most critical points of concern and provide an overview of their spread according to geographic regions.
  • The Problem of Global Warming and Its Effects Global warming is a problem that concerns everyone, and it is necessary to take action personally in order to prevent the development of the problem.
  • Climate Change: Changing Patterns of Malaria This paper analyzes the impacts of climate change on human health particularly with the case of malaria in Central and Southern Africa influenced by climate change.
  • Climate Change as a Threat to Pension Fund This report considers the relationship that the change in climate has with the pension fund. It finds out whether climate change is a material threat to the pension fund.
  • Biodiversity, Global Warming, Environmental Conservation Several pertinent issues manifest themselves in the discussion of nature. These issues include biodiversity, global warming, and environmental conservation.
  • Iron Seeding Oceans: Global Warming Solution The principle behind iron seeding is the reduction of carbon dioxide through photosynthesis. One of the major raw materials needed in photosynthesis is carbon dioxide.
  • Trump Presidency: Immigration and Climate Change Donald Trump was elected the President of the United States on November 8, 2016. Trump has repeatedly changed his views on various elements of the political agenda.
  • Global Warming and the Free Rider Problem This paper will examine the issue of global warming from an economic standpoint, as well as cover the free rider problem and how it affects the fight against global warming.
  • Global Warming Problems due to Economic Growth This paper investigates if it is possible to deal with global warming by reducing CO2 emissions and energy consumption without any threats to economic development.
  • Climate Change Affecting Global Public Health Climate change leads to the destruction of a range of habitats, the drop in the amount of drinkable water, the rise in air pollution, the reduction in the amount of food, etc.
  • Climate Change Policies and Regulation The current changes in climate patterns have attracted attention from researchers and institutions as they endeavor to formulate and implement policies.
  • Napa Valley Wine Industry and Climate Change The current competitive landscape of the Napa Valley is formed from a multitude of stakeholders of varying sizes. The work studies climate change and the Napa Valley wine industry.
  • The Issue of Global Warming Investigating the issue of global warming keenly would increase the understanding on whether it is a naturally occurring phenomenon or one that has been caused by human activities.
  • Climate Change and Human Heath Climate change has been rated among the top issues which have continued to draw much concern and interest in modern study and research.
  • Remote Sensing Applications to Climate Change Remote sensing is defined as the measurement of information and area property on the Earth’ surface by means of satellites and aircrafts.
  • Global Warming Challenges Solving in General Electric Environmental solutions that favor the growth of the company rather than social responsibility drive the decisions and policies of the company.
  • Climate Changes Impact on Agriculture and Livestock The project evaluates the influences of climate changes on agriculture and livestock in different areas in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • Global Warming and Its Threats: Debates As human civilization continues to expand it brings with it an ever-increasing demand for resources such as food, raw materials, and space.
  • Global Warming and Its Health Implications This paper reports on the possible effects of global warming on health, complexities associated with it and the significant general implication of the same around the globe.
  • Impact of Climate Change on Intermodal Transportation This research paper shows that intermodal transportation can reduce its emissions and still be viable through a variety of solutions that can be used in tandem.
  • Climate Change and Social Responsibility in the UAE The UAE is rapidly developing for several decades already, which has a positive influence on the well-being of the population.
  • Climate Change Initiative in Canada This work considers climate change initiative, in particular, reducing gas emissions as the way of managing energy- and climate-change-related issues in Canada.
  • Virtue Ethics: Altering Testimony on Global Warming The paper discusses an important issue of censorship in regards to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention testimony on global warming.
  • Climate Change as Political Leaders’ Primary Concern The main purpose is to show the effects of climate change, introduce the significance of the problem, and discuss what strategies leaders can implement to minimize its impact.
  • Climate Change and Related Issues in Canada The essay argues that modern sources of scientific knowledge about climate change can drastically change people’s attitudes to an eco-friendly lifestyle.
  • The Paris Accord: Macroeconomics and Global Warming The 21st century has been characterized by the unstoppable emergence of industries due to diverse demands of the ever-increasing world population.
  • Climate Change Impacts Florida’s Biodiversity The ecological system of Florida contains several distinct life forms with rarest species as compared to other ecosystems.
  • Global Warming Leads Climate Change This paper aims to research scholarly literature in order to prove that the human race is largely responsible for global warming and climate change rather than considering it to be a natural course of existence.
  • Climate Change Factors and Impacts on Blue Crab Populations This paper examines scientific articles and other materials related to climate change critically and identifies the effects that climate change may have had on the Chesapeake Bay blue crab population.
  • Global Warming and Its Various Consequences The slowly overheating planet may carry a wide variety of repercussions for humanity as one of the species living on its surface.
  • Respiratory Diseases Caused by Climate Change Respiratory diseases caused by climate change, such as asthma, strike children, pregnant women, the elderly, communities of color, and people living below the poverty level.
  • Health Issues Caused by Climate Change The elevation of temperature changes the weather patterns and causes intensive snowstorms, heatwaves, floods, droughts, rising sea levels, and wildfires.
  • Ecofeminism: Women Against Climate Change Ecofeminism is one of the essential trends of coherent society that includes many ideas and concepts prevalent in the modern world.
  • Climate Change and Impact on Human Health In this paper, two academic articles that discuss the problem of climate change and its impact on human health will be reviewed.
  • Weather and Climate Change: Physical Equations The topics of weather and climate are increasingly addressed at international meetings and summits and cause concern not only among environmentalists but also ordinary citizens.
  • Women’s Activism Sources Around Climate Change The given project introduces the following research question: What are the main sources of women’s activism around climate change?
  • Car Emissions and Global Warming The emissions problem that is caused by the excessive use of cars is an issue that affects most of the modern world and needs to be addressed as soon as possible to prevent further adverse impact.
  • Global Warming: Solving a Social Problem Global warming may be a cause of the cooling in some parts of the world. Global warming can slow down ocean heat transport which becomes the reason for cooling in some regions.
  • Issue of the Global Warming Global warming is an issue of growing concern, with the consequences of climatic change being felt in different parts of the world.
  • The Issue of Unstoppable Global Warming and Its Effects Drought levels shall increase if the temperatures remain high, evaporation shall increase too, mostly at summer and fall, could worsen famine, and the danger of wildfires.
  • Global Warming: Myth or Reality? Global warming can be described as a progressive increase in the earth’s temperature as a result of a trap to greenhouse gases within its atmosphere.
  • Global Warming: Causes and Consequences Global warming is the result of high levels of greenhouse gases (carbon dioxide, water vapor, methane, and ozone) in the earth’s atmosphere.
  • The Problem of Global Warming and Ways of Its Solution Global warming is the rise in the usual temperature on earth in near surface of air. Most studies have showed that global warming will still rise during the twenty-first century.
  • Climate Change and Its Potential Impact on Agriculture and Food Supply The global food supply chain has been greatly affected by the impact of global climate change. There are, however, benefits as well as drawbacks to crop production.
  • The Global Warming Crisis and Ways of its Solution The question of global warming has been a subject of discussion in a number of publications that attempt to describe what is happening and to suggest ways that we might help make a change
  • Journal and Newspaper Collection on Global Warming This paper comments on Journal/ newspaper article on global warming from major newspapers and journals around the world
  • Global Warming as Not a New-Fangled Issue Analytical research and an explanatory research have been seen to be helpful in many ways in order to increase the awareness that an audience has about the issues as global warming.
  • Global Warming: Causes, Factors and Effects The main factors that have been attributed to the resulting global warming are the green house gas effects, differences in the solar and also volcanoes.
  • The Kyoto Protocol: First Framework for Fighting Global Warming The UN Conference, held in Kyoto, in 1997 focussed on creating an international agreement to fight global warming, by reducing greenhouse gases in developed countries.
  • Global Warming: Causes and Solutions Climate change has started to develop since the 20th century and is still in a progressive state of continuation. The true causes of the greenhouse effect are still open to discussion.
  • Oil and Gas Industry Response to Global Warming Global warming is a contemporary serious threat to our planet for the combustion of oil, coal, and natural gas contributes in changing the atmospheric balance of carbon dioxide.
  • Global Warming: Issue Analysis Global warming is a term commonly used to describe the consequences of man- made pollutants overloading the naturally-occurring greenhouse gases causing an increase of the average global temperature.
  • Global Warming: Harmful Impact on the Polar Bears The natural existence of Polar bears directly depends on the global warming process due to numerous reasons. Global warming fosters the spread of poisoned substances.
  • Global Warming and Other Ecology Issues The results of global warming will always remain a topic of controversy. Most scientists will always agree and disagree on the real effects of global warming on human life.
  • Controversy About Global Warming: Skepticism and Reality There are two different points of view on global change. Skeptics believe that global warming is a natural process. Another thinks that it is the result of an exclusive human activity.
  • Global Warming: Is It Caused by Nature or Mankind? The greenhouse effect is a term that describes an increase of the average global temperature and is often associated with global.
  • Global Warming and Mitigation Strategies The paper outlines causes of global warming and possible impact on human beings. There is also an evaluation of strategies applied in realization of environmental sustainability.
  • Global Warming: Do Human Activities Threaten to Change Climate? The greenhouse gases that cause global warming can only be present in the atmosphere if they are emitted and their emission can only come out of the activities of human beings.
  • Climate Change as a Challenge to Australia Climate change is characterised by changes in the weather conditions brought about by emissions from industries as well as emissions from agriculture.
  • The Issue of Global Warming in the Community To effectively mitigate the effects of global warming in the community, the team will be made up of three experts in different disciplines closely related to the environment.
  • Climate Change Skepticism in Relation to Global Warming The researcher has used the most appropriate research design that enables her to take a closer look at climate change skepticism.
  • Environmental Health Theory and Climate Change In the environmental health theory, there is a view on how environmental health, human ecology, and health affect the public.
  • How Climate Changes Affect Coastal Areas Natural disasters and hazards caused by climate change are especially the cases during modern times, as the number of toxic substances and polluting elements is increasing every year.
  • It’s Not My Fault: Global Warming and Moral Responsibility The work of the American professor of ethical sciences Sinnott-Armstrong approaches the phenomenon of global warming in terms of individual and collective responsibility.
  • Sustainable Development: The Climate Change Issues Climate change, spurred by economic and population growth, has affected humans and natural systems in every country on every continent.
  • The Impact of Climate Change on Inflectional Diseases This paper will examine the increasing spread of infectious diseases as one of the effects of climate change, as well as current and possible measures to overcome it.
  • Human Impact on the Environment Leading to Climate Change An elevated amount of greenhouse gases results in the retention of solar energy in the low levels of the atmosphere, which in turn brings to the melting of glaciers.
  • Canada: The First Victim of Global Climate Change Canada’s infrastructure and urbanization will be severely damaged by the shift and expansion of uninhabitable zones, which will lead to climate refugees.
  • Climate Change: Causes and Consequences, and the Issue of Social Collapse With the competent development and timely implementation of programs for climate change adaptation, it would be possible to reduce the damage and to derive some economic benefits.
  • Climate Change: The Leading Cause of Global Warming The chosen issue is climate change because it is a social dilemma triggered by human activity and will need joint efforts to reduce or alleviate its adverse effects.
  • Climate Change: Forecast of Possible Events The article attempts to predict what problems humanity may face if it does not pay attention to the problem of climate change.
  • Global Warming, Climate Change and Ozone Depletion Global warming refers to an increase in the Earth’s average temperature that is characterized by rising global surface temperatures and the accumulation of pollutants in the atmosphere.
  • “The Basics of Climate Change” Blog The author of “The Basics of Climate Change” reveals the main concepts about the balance between the input and output of energy on Earth that directly relate to the climate.
  • Global Warming and Climate Change Climate change is caused by greenhouse gas emissions resulting from human activities, mainly through the energy and transport sectors.
  • Modern Environmental Issues: Climate Change Climate change had taken place before humans evolved, but the issue lies in the one, which is caused by direct human intervention.
  • Impact of Climate Change on Early Societies Climate plays an important role in finding a source of food, as deviations in heat and rainfall can mean the difference between a great harvest and a devastating famine.
  • The Importance of Addressing Climate Change Climate change is a topical issue, and the way humanity will choose to address it will determine whether major negative consequences can be avoided.
  • Capitalism, Climate Change, and Globalization Globalization allowed significant corporations to put a substantial strain on the environment in developing countries.
  • The Problem of Climate Change in the 21st Century Climate change is among the top threats facing the world in the 21st century, and it deserves prioritization when planning how to move the country and the globe forward.
  • Climate and Social Change in Global Warming Crisis People in the community should be encouraged to change their behaviors and make better personal choices to mitigate the global warming crisis.
  • Climate Change: El Niño Oscillation Phenomenon (ENSO) The post describes the challenge to predict the changes to ENSO influencing climate change since there are multiple contributing factors affecting it.
  • The Effect of Climate Change on the Environment The purpose of this paper is to discuss how the influence of humans’ activity on the environment has caused drastic climate change, and how climate change affects the environment.
  • Global Warming From a Social Studies Perspective The inability to find a balance between human needs and the consequences of their realization for the environment leads to conflict resulting in global warming.
  • How Climate Change Increases the Risk of Hurricanes Hurricanes generate significant financial loss particularly in areas with a high degree of development activities.
  • Religion and Politics: Pope Francis and Climate Change In this paper, The Guardian’s article and The Washington Post’s article will be compared to understand how the political aspect of global warming depends on religious principles.
  • Effect of Climate Change in the Future Climate change will have multiple negative effects on the planet’s ecology and biodiversity, including sea-level rise due to glacial melting, weather patterns change, and animal extinction.
  • Economic Model for Global Warming The adoption of various economic models is a superior strategy that appears promising and capable of guiding policymakers and nations to tackle the predicament of climate change.
  • Climate Change as a Public Health Issue The primary purpose of the following paper is to closely examine and suggest a possible solution to one of the most challenging global issues today – climate change.
  • The Problem of Climate Change in South Florida Underground aquifers are the primary drinking water source in South Florida. These systems are highly reactive to droughts and excessive water withdrawals.
  • Correlation of “Climate Change” and Public Health The effects of air pollution on the health and well-being of people need to be combated, as they affect a major part of the population, impacting the overall quality of life.
  • Climate Change: Dangers and Prevention This paper explores anthropogenic and natural causes of climate change examine its potential outcomes and presents actions aimed at stabilizing the climate.
  • The Catholic Response to the Climate Change Catholic Church joined other global climate change movements such as Action for climate change by the United Nations to champion a safer and sustainable ecosystem by 2050.
  • Carbon Emission Effects and Global Warming Laws In this essay, we are going to look at recent laws and policies that can deal with the effects of carbon emission and global warming in general.
  • Aspects of Global Climate Change Many people cannot even guess how they can actually influence the problem of climate change by taking simple steps and thinking about their future
  • How Car Emissions Affect Global Warming This paper examines the concept of global warming with a focal point on the emissions of gases by cars and other automobiles.
  • Iron Fertilization: Solving Global Warming The discussion in this paper considers some of the international as well as maritime laws that deal with the application of iron fertilization as a method of mitigating global warming.
  • Climate Change: The Impact of Technology The most evident effect of technology on climate change is the possibility of finding new solutions to climate change problems.
  • Environmental Issues: Problems of Climate Change The paper states that climate change poses a threat to the planet in various forms, including vital impacts on health, food, water, and air.
  • The Impact of Global Climate Change on Health The following paper will investigate two health concerns associated with climate change in the U.S., Australia, and Vietnam
  • How Human Behavior Promotes Climate Change Uncontrolled reproduction is one of several behaviors promoting climate change. It increases the size of the population and changes its distribution.
  • Discussing Climate Change: Randy Johnson In this work, I will describe an interview with an expert meteorologist Randy Johnson, and provide information necessary to understand his background and experience.
  • Web-Based Organizational Discourses: Climate Change This paper pertains to the investigation of argumentation formation within the process of interaction with organizations holding similar and opposite opinions and viewpoints.
  • “Climate Change Facts and Effect on Economy” by Amadeo Kimberly Amadeo attempts to address one of the ecological issues, namely global warming, and introduces the article Climate Change Facts and Effect on Economy.
  • The Truth Behind Climate Change The real solution of the problem of climate change could be to decarbonize the global energy system that is 80% fossil fuel, but it is significant in scale.
  • Impacts of Climate Change on Agriculture and Food This paper will examine four aspects of climate change: variation in the rainfall pattern, water levels, drought, temperature, and heatwaves.
  • Environmental Treaties in Addressing Climate Change In response to the growing concerns, established international organizations and new coalitions have attempted to create several agreements.
  • Climate Change and Mitigation Measures in China This paper is an annotated bibliography that studies the articles which are related to the topic of researching climate change in China.
  • Climate Change in Terms of Project Management The primary aim of the following paper is to define the notion of climate change in terms of project management, risk management, and business communication.
  • The Global Impact of Climate Change Into Our Homes and Families A home is a significant part of someone’s life. That’s why it is always considered as part of basic needs. They give people a sense of belonging and security.
  • Tree Planting Ameliorating Climate Change Environmentalists and policymakers have been designing strategies to ameliorate climate change in a sustainable manner.
  • Impacts of Climate Change on Electricity Demand in China Fan et al.’s “Impacts of climate change on electricity demand in China” article forecasts the potential effects on the electricity demand under three climate change scenarios.
  • Climate Change and Mitigation Approaches The issue of climate change may appear to be extremely controversial. The reason behind that is the fact that environmental changes have both dependence and influence on humanity.
  • Disasters Caused by Climate Change This paper focuses on several recent natural disasters caused by climate change – simultaneous fires in Russia and floods in Pakistan.
  • Climate Change in Africa and How to Address It According to environmental scientists, Africa is exposed to the effects of climatic alterations subject to its elevated levels of poverty, and dependence on rain-fed farming.
  • The Health Impacts of Climate Change in China Although climate change could not directly affect the Chinese population’s health, climate change interference could increase the number of respiratory system diseases, etc.
  • Climate Change: Dealing with the Problem It is becoming more and more evident that the current climatic changes and related events are taking place all over the world, which come in a wide range of forms and locations.
  • Mitigating Climate Change in Massachusetts: Policy Recommendations The purpose of this report is to discuss and recommend long-term and short-term responses for the state of Massachusetts to undertake to mitigate climate change.
  • Electric Vehicles and Their Impact on Climate Change Internal combustion engine vehicles (ICEV) that have dominated the market over the recent decades are now giving way to electric vehicles (EV) experiencing rapid growth.
  • Food Security: The Impact of Climate Change Since climate change affects the natural world, it is evident that it poses particular challenges for food security in the future.
  • Climate Change, Its Causes and Implications The purpose of this paper is to present the causes and implications of climate change and to elaborate on the current climate change policies.
  • Anthropogenic Influence on Climate Change Throughout History The objective of this paper is to discuss the anthropogenic influence on climate change through history and adaptations during the glaciation period.
  • Global Warming in Relation to Human Population Size The density of the world population in the future is a crucial component of climate policy to safeguard the vulnerable future generation.
  • Harmful Impact of Climate Change Climate change is one of the most notable environmental problems that humanity is facing today and defines it as ‘long-term shifts in temperatures and weather patterns’.
  • International Climate Change Law and National Acts The growing number of countries involved in the fight against environmental problems is seen as a positive step. As a justification, the scope of emission coverage is considered.
  • Natural Climate Solutions for Climate Change in China The crisis in China gives rise to several significant environmental problems, including air pollution, land degradation, deforestation, and poor water quality.
  • Solar Energy in China and Its Influence on Climate Change
  • Causes of Climate Change and Ways to Reduce It
  • A Climate Change Emergency in the US
  • Climate Change and Future Generations
  • Climate Change From the Anthropological Perspective
  • Climate Change Impacts on Oceans
  • The Controversies of Climate Change
  • Greenhouse Effect as a Cause of Global Warming
  • Oil Spills and How They Are Related to Climate Change
  • The Science Behind Climate Change
  • The Impact of Climate Change on the United States
  • Climate Change and Environmental Anxiety
  • Climate Change Reflection in Law System
  • Climate Change and Carbon Dioxide Emissions
  • Examining the Potential of Digital Earth Services in Connection to Global Warming
  • Global Warming: The Importance of Addressing the Climate Crisis
  • Climate Change: Improving Global Health
  • Climate Change and Food Production Cycle
  • Security and Climate Change
  • Global Warming and Economics Discussion
  • The Future of Coal Plants Regarding Climate Change
  • Climate Change and the Media Biases
  • Climate Change in Environmentally Vulnerable Countries
  • The Affect of Climate Change on the Social and Environmental Determinants of Health
  • Devastating Effects of Global Warming
  • Climate Change and Global Health
  • Climate Change: Factors and Future
  • Global Warming: “Hopeful Lessons From the Battle to Save Rainforests”
  • Social Challenges of Climate Change
  • Climate Change in “The Parable of the Sower” by Butler
  • Researching the Interactions between Climate Change and Plankton Communities
  • Climate Change: Canada’s Environment Policy
  • Climate Change Prediction for the Caribbean
  • The UN Climate Change Conference: Indigenous Concerns
  • Discussion of Impact of Climate Change in Society
  • Climate Change Prevention Improvements
  • Climate Change and Accessibility to Safe Water
  • Climate Change and Fall of the Western Roman Empire
  • Ascertaining Scientific Truth on Climate Change
  • Water Scarcity Due to Climate Change
  • Climate Change and Modern Indigenous Treaties in Northern Canada
  • Consequences of Global Warming
  • Social Issue: Climate Change
  • Climate Change: The Role of Scientific and Technological Progress
  • Carbon Dioxide Factor in Climate Change
  • Climate Change and Corporate Responsibility
  • Climate Change: Risks and Consequences
  • Impact of Climate Change on Property Development and Management
  • How Human Activities Cause Climate Change
  • How Global Warming Affects Wildlife
  • Solar Activity as a Cause of Climate Change
  • Carbon Markets and Climate Change
  • Global Warming and Crop Production in Africa
  • Climate Change and Crop Production
  • How Climate Change Influenced Global Migration
  • The Impacts of Climate Change Mitigation Strategies on Animal Welfare
  • Climate Change: The Impact on North America
  • Fast Fashion and Its Impacts on Global Warming
  • Climate Change from Different Perspectives
  • “The Impact of Climate Change Mitigation Strategies on Animal Welfare” by Shields and Orme-Evans
  • Analysis of Climate Change Ethical Issues
  • Air Pollution Crisis and Climate Change in China
  • The Climate Change: Project Topic Exploration
  • Water Scarcity as Effect of Climate Change
  • Global Warming Effects on the Environment and Animals
  • Climate Change Mitigation Strategies and Animals
  • Climate Change and Creation of Earth Day
  • Climate Changes Effects on the North and South Pole
  • Importance of Climate Change Issue Decision
  • Global Warming and Business Ethics
  • Solving the Climate Change Crisis by Using Renewable Energy Sources
  • Desertification and Climate Change
  • The Climate Change Impact on Sea Levels and Coastal Zones
  • Investing in Climate Change vs. Space Exploration
  • The Earth Day and Climate Change
  • Earth Day and the Climate Change Agenda
  • Global Warming and Climate Change and Their Impact on Humans
  • Climate Change and Global Warming Awareness
  • Climate Change and Health: Public Health
  • Worldwide Effects of Global Warming
  • Greenpeace’s Climate Change Article Review
  • The History of Climate Change and Global Warming Issue
  • Ethical, Moral, and Christian Views on Climate Change Strategies
  • Climate Change: Causes, Dynamics, and Effects
  • Climate Change: Impact on Extreme Weather Events
  • Philosophers’ Theories on Climate Change
  • The Effect of Climate Change on Weather
  • What Natural Forces Have Caused Climate Change?
  • What Problems Are Involved with Establishing an International Climate Change Regime?
  • What Role Has Human Activity Played in Causing Climate Change?
  • What Does the World Say About Climate Change?
  • What Are the Five Main Effects of Climate Change?
  • What Is Climate Change and How Is It Changing?
  • What Is Climate Change in Simple Words?
  • How Does Climate Change Affect Human Life?
  • Why Is Climate Change Important?
  • How Does Climate Change Affect Society?
  • What Are Some of the Signs of Climate Change?
  • What Are the Impacts of Climate Change?
  • What Is the Main Ways of Solving Climate Change Issue?
  • What Are Some Examples of Climate Change?
  • How Does Climate Change Affect Our Human Rights?
  • What Can Students Do to Help Climate Change?
  • How Can We Reduce the Impact of Climate Change?
  • When Did Climate Change Become an Issue?
  • Can Climate Change Be Stopped?
  • Where Is Climate Change the Worst?
  • Why Is Climate Change a Global Challenge?
  • How Many Years Do We Have to Save the Planet From Climate Change?
  • How Many Years Until Climate Change Is Irreversible?
  • What American State Is Safest From Climate Change?
  • Where Should People Live to Avoid Climate Change?
  • What Countries Will Be the Least Affected by Climate Change?
  • Who Will Benefit From Climate Change?
  • What Is China Doing About Climate Change?
  • Which Country Is the Biggest Contributor to Climate Change?
  • What Is the Most Effective Solution to Climate Change?
  • Climate Change-Related Health Risks
  • Climate Change Threats to Ecosystems and Species
  • How Deforestation Leads to Climate Change
  • Costs and Benefits of Climate Change Mitigation Strategies
  • The Feasibility and Challenges of Renewable Energy Transition
  • The Politics of Climate Change: Cooperation and Disagreements
  • How Climate Change Affects Agriculture and Food Production
  • Climate Change, Migration, and Environmental Refugees
  • The Connection Between Climate Change and Extreme Weather Events
  • The Effectiveness of Climate Messaging and Public Perception
  • How Climate Models Help Predicting Future Climate Scenarios
  • What Are the Social Justice Dimensions of Climate Change?
  • Best Personal Carbon Footprint Reduction Strategies
  • The Impact of Climate Change on Freshwater Availability
  • Strategies to Cope with Changing Climate Conditions
  • The Role of Urban Planning in Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation
  • How Indigenous Knowledge Can Help Understand Climate Change
  • The Adverse Effect of Climate Change on Polar Regions and Indigenous Peoples
  • The Consequences of Climate Change and Ocean Acidification for Marine Ecosystems
  • The Relationship between Environmental Changes and International Security

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Global Warming Paper Topics

Global warming is a controversial topic that can be formally defined as the gradual increase of the Earth’s temperature as a result of man made activities facilitating the greenhouse effect. According NASA (2015), 97% of the scientific community stands in near universal agreement that global warming is real. The controversy, however, relates to the degree to which humans are responsible for the changes. Within the political theater, there is considerable variance over the degree to which humans should accept responsibility for the changes. Beyond science, the political influence of commercial activity that drives greenhouse gas emission rises is influential in determining environmental policy. There is, as a result, a movement that proclaims global warming to be a hoax or part of the Earth’s natural cycle. For students wishing to explore this controversial and complex landscape, topics related to global warming can range from pure scientific explorations to more socio-political reactions to the phenomenon.

The professional staff at Power Papers is equipped to guide students through the vast elements related to global warming both on political and scientific levels. This can be accomplished by blending disciplines or by looking through a singular interpretive lens. The interdisciplinary nature of the topic makes it well suited for original and creative approaches to inquiry. For your global warming paper topic needs, the staff at Power Papers can be reached by email for orders or for questions related to the subject.

Interesting Global Warming Paper Topics

Science is often a challenging subject for students, particularly those who are more naturally drawn to the humanities and social scientific explorations of the world. Global warming is a topic in which its controversial nature makes it possible to explore from a variety of perspectives.  While the pure scientist could be content breaking down the chemical components of greenhouse gas and concentration of emissions, the political science student may find it more comfortable to examine how pseudo-scientific studies have been used to back policy initiatives by modern politicians. Beyond these spheres, literature students could examine representations of climate change in the context of science fiction writers like Ray Bradbury or Frank Herbert. Though it may not appear so on a cursory glance, there are many directions in which one could take in selecting a paper topic related to global warming.

Depending on course requirements and the degree to which instructors give leeway for completing a global warming assignment, a project could look quite conventional or quite unconventional. The staff at Power Papers is equipped to help students find a suitable approach to their global warming project needs that fits within the guidelines of their respective instructor’s assignment.

The following are a list of global warming related topics that would fall within the spectrum of inquiry related to the subject:

  • Energy Challenges and Global Warming
  • Climate Change and Earth History
  • Alternative Energy: Challenges, Potential and Politics
  • The Politics of Global Warming
  • Global Warming: The Rise of Pseudo Science in the Role of Manufacturing Consent
  • Fossil Fuels and Human Ecological Footprints
  • The Polar Ice Caps and Global Warming
  • Estimated Rates of Global Warming
  • Coastal Cities and Rising Sea Levels
  • Global Warming and Changing Ecosystems
  • The Drought and Global Warming: California Case Study
  • Harnessing the Wind: Wind Energy
  • Geothermal Energy Potentials
  • Nuclear Energy and Climate Impact
  • The New Right and Global Warming Politics
  • The Wooly Mammoth and Climate Change
  • Weather Trends Over the Past Century
  • Animal Habits and Climate Change
  • The United Nations and Global Warming
  • Fossil Fuel Use By Nation
  • Representations of Globalization in Popular Advertising
  • An Eastern Versus Western Cultural Examination of Global Warming
  • The Most Polluted Places in the World
  • Real World Solutions for Climate Change
  • Understanding Greenhouse Gas Emissions
  • Air Pollution: A Regional Case Study (Can Select Any Region)
  • Education and Global Warming
  • Global Warming: Controversy and Reality (What We Know and Don’t Know)
  • An Inconvenient Truth: Documentary Analysis
  • Global Warming: The Hoax of the 21st Century
  • Natural Cycles and Global Warming
  • Common Habit Changes Any Person Can Do to Positively Impact Global Warming
  • Climate Change Representations in the Mainstream Media
  • Global Warming and Human Health
  • Crop Yields and Global Warming
  • Global Warming Representations in Cinema
  • Global Warming and Human Migration Patterns
  • Climate Change Representations in Science Fiction: Ray Bradbury and Frank Herbert
  • The World Health Organization and Climate Change
  • Global Warming and Extreme Weather Events
  • Global Warming and Human Extinction
  • Christianity and Climate Change Understanding
  • The Industrial Revolution and Climate Change

Projects listed can be followed exactly as outlined or they can be used as an idea generator for custom topic student preferences. Do you have any additional ideas or would like to further discuss your projects needs, simply email us here . 

Click for more great research paper topics listed by discipline . 

NASA. (2015). Global climate change. Climate NASA. Retrieved from .

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Top 100 Climate Change Topics To Write About

climate change topics

Climate change issues have continued to increase over the years. That’s because human activities like fossil fuel usage, excavation, and greenhouse emissions continue to drastically change the climate negatively. For instance, burning fossil fuels continues to release greenhouse emissions and carbon dioxide in large quantities. And the lower atmosphere of the earth traps these gasses thereby affecting the global climate. To enhance their awareness of the impact of global warming, educators ask learners to write academic papers and essays on different climate change topics.

According to statistics, global warming affects the climate in different ways. However, the earth has experienced a general temperature increase of 0.85 degrees centigrade over the last 100 years. Such statistics show that this increase will eventually pass the acceptable thresholds in the next 10 years or less. And this will have dire consequences on human health and the global climate. As such, writing a paper about a topic on climate change is a great way to educate the masses.

However, some learners have difficulties choosing topics for their papers and essays on climate change. That’s because this is a relatively new subject. Nevertheless, students that are pursuing ecology, political, and biology studies are conversant with this subject. If struggling to decide what to write about, consider this list of topics related to climate change.

Climate Change Topics for Short Essays

Perhaps, your educator has asked you to write a short essay on climate change. Maybe you’re yet to decide what to write about because every topic you think about seems to have been written about. In that case, use this list of climate change topics for inspiration. You can write about one of these topics or develop it to make it more unique.

  • How climate change is responsible for the disappearing rainforest
  • The effects of global warming on air quality within the urban areas
  • Global warming and greenhouse emissions- Possible health risks
  • Is climate change responsible for irregular weather patterns?
  • How has climate change affected the food chain?
  • The negative effects of climate change on human wellbeing
  • How global warming affects agriculture
  • How climate change works
  • Why is climate change dangerous to human health?
  • How to minimize global warming effects on human health
  • How global warming affects the healthcare
  • Effects of climate change of life quality in rural and urban areas
  • How warmer temperatures support allergy-related illnesses
  • How climate change is a risk to life on earth
  • How climate change and natural disasters correlate
  • How climate change affects the population of the earth
  • How climate change relates to global warming
  • How global warming has caused extreme heating in most urban areas
  • How wildfires relate to climate change
  • How ocean acidification and climate change affect the world’s habitat

These climate change essay topics cover different aspects of human activities and their effects on the earth’s ecosystem. As such, writing a research paper or essay on any of these topics requires extensive research and analysis of information. That’s the only way you can come up with a solid paper that will impress the educator to award you the top grade.

Climate Change Issues that Make for Good Topics

Maybe you want to research issues that relate to climate change. Most people may have not considered such issues but they are worthy of climate change debate topics. In that case, consider these issues when choosing your climate topics for papers and essays.

  • Climate change and threat to natural biodiversity are equally important
  • Climate change in Miami and Saudi Arabia- How the effects compare
  • Climate change as a human activity’s effect on the environment
  • Preventing climate change by protecting forests
  • Climate change in China- How the country has declined to head to the global call about saving Mother Nature
  • Common causes of climate change
  • Common effects of climate change
  • The definition of climate change
  • What is anthropogenic climate change
  • Describe climate change
  • What drives climate change?
  • Renewable energy sources and climate change
  • Human and economics induced climate change
  • Climate change biology
  • Climate change and business
  • Science, Spin, and climate change
  • Climate change- How global warming affects populations
  • Climate change and social concepts
  • Extreme weather and climate change- How they relate
  • Global warming as a complex issue in climate change

These are great climate change topics for research papers and essays. However, writing about these topics requires extensive research. You should also be ready to spend energy and time finding relevant and latest sources of information before you write about these topics.

Interesting Climate Change Topics for Papers and Essays

Perhaps, you want to write an essay or paper about something interesting. In that case, consider this list of interesting climate change research paper topics.

  • Climate change across the globe- What experts say
  • Development, climate change, and disaster reduction
  • Critical review- Climate change and agriculture
  • Schools should include climate change as a subject in geography courses
  • Consumption and climate change- How the wind blows in Indiana
  • How the United Nations responds to climate change
  • Snowpack and climate change
  • How climate change threatens global security
  • The effects of climate change on coastal areas’ tourism
  • How climate change relates to Queensland Australia’s floods
  • How climate change affects the tourism and hospitality industry
  • Possible strategies for addressing the effects of climate change on urban areas
  • How climate change affects indigenous people
  • How to avoid the threats of climate change
  • How climate change affects coral triangle turtles
  • Climate change drivers in the Asian countries
  • Economic discourse analysis methodology in climate change
  • How climate change affects New Hampshire businesses
  • How climate change affects the life of an individual
  • The economic cost of the effects of climate change

These are fantastic climate change paper topics to explore. Nevertheless, you must be ready to research your topic extensively before you start writing your academic paper or essay.

Major Topics on Climate Change for Academic Writing

Perhaps, you’re looking for topics related to climate change that you write major papers about. In that case, you should consider these global climate change topics.

  • Early science on climate change
  • How the world can manage the effects of climate change
  • Environmental issues relating to climate change
  • Views comparison about the climate change problem
  • Asset-based community development and climate change
  • Experts’ evaluation of climate change
  • How science affects climate change
  • How climate change affects the ocean life
  • Scotland’s vulnerability to climate change
  • How energy conservation can solve the climate change problem
  • How climate change affects the world economy
  • International collaboration and climate change
  • International relations view on climate change
  •  How transportation affects climate change
  • Climate change and technology
  • Climate change policies and human rights
  • Climate change from an anthropological perspective
  • Climate change as an international security issue
  • Role of the United Nations in addressing climate change
  • Climate change and pollution

This category has some of the best climate change thesis topics. That’s because most people will be interested in reading papers on such topics due to their global perspectives. Nevertheless, you should prepare to spend a significant amount of time researching and writing about any of these topics on climate change.

Climate Change Topics for Presentation

Perhaps, you want to write papers on topics related to climate change for presentation purposes. In that case, you need topics that most people can resonate with. Here is a list of topics about climate change that will interest most people.

  • How can humans stop global warming in the next ten years
  • Could humans have stopped global warming a decade ago?
  • How has the environment changed over the years and how has this change caused global warming?
  • How did the Obama administration try to limit climate change?
  • What is the influence of chemical engineering on global warming?
  • How is urbanization connected to climate change?
  • Theories that explain why some nations ignore climate change
  • How global warming affects the rising sea levels
  • How anthropogenic and natural climate change differ
  • How the war against terrorism differs from the war on climate change
  • How atmospheric change influences global climate change
  • Negative effects of global climate change on Minnesota
  • The greenhouse effect and ozone depletion
  • How greenhouse affects the earth’s environment
  • How can individuals reduce the emissions of greenhouse gasses
  • How climate change will affect humans in their lifetime
  • What are the social, physical, and economic effects of climate change
  • Problems and solutions to climate change on the Pacific Ocean
  • How climate change relates to species’ extinction
  • How the phenomenon of denying climate change affects animals

This list prepared by our  research helpers has some of the best essay topics on climate change. Pick one of these ideas, research it, and then compose a winning paper.

agriculture research topics

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  • National Climatic Data Center NOAA's National Climatic Data Center (NCDC) provids public access to the largest archive of climatic and historical weather data.
  • U.S. Global Change Research Program The U.S. Global Change Research Program (USGCRP) was established by Presidential Initiative in 1989 and mandated by Congress in the Global Change Research Act (GCRA) of 1990 to “assist the Nation and the world to understand, assess, predict, and respond to human-induced and natural processes of global change.”
  • U.S. Greenhouse Gas Inventory Report: 1990-2014 EPA develops an annual report called the Inventory of U.S. Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Sinks (Inventory). This report tracks total annual U.S. emissions and removals by source, economic sector, and greenhouse gas going back to 1990. EPA uses national energy data, data on national agricultural activities, and other national statistics to provide a comprehensive accounting of total greenhouse gas emissions for all man-made sources in the United States.
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Rescue from Hurricane Harvey flooding.

  • Is the world actually getting warmer?
  • What is the difference between greenhouse effect and global warming?
  • What are the greenhouse gases and why are they important to us?
  • Should we be concerned about global warming?
  • Is the greenhouse effect a serious threat?
  • Why is glacial melt a concern?
  • Is ozone depletion a genuine threat?
  • Discuss the effect of global warming on a particular region such as Alaska?
  • Should the United States sign the United Nations' Kyoto Protocol?
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