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Year 7 French Homework

Year 7 French Homework

Subject: French

Age range: 11-14

Resource type: Worksheet/Activity

Last Minute Cover Lessons - French and Spanish

Last updated

3 February 2015

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Creative Commons "Sharealike"

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Thank you for sharing - excellent for remote learning!

Really useful worksheet for students to complete in silence during a speaking assessment

Excellent resource using it with Year 5.

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Free Printable French Worksheets for 7th Year

Foreign language French worksheets for Year 7 students! Discover a variety of free, printable resources to enhance your students' learning experience and support their language development journey.


Explore French Worksheets by Grades

  • kindergarten

Explore Other Subject Worksheets for year 7

  • Social studies
  • Social emotional
  • Foreign language
  • Reading & Writing

Explore printable French worksheets for 7th Year

French worksheets for Year 7 are an essential resource for teachers looking to enhance their students' foreign language learning experience. These worksheets provide a variety of engaging activities and exercises that cater to the unique learning needs of Year 7 students, helping them build a strong foundation in the French language. By incorporating these worksheets into their lesson plans, teachers can ensure that their students are exposed to diverse learning materials that cover a wide range of topics, such as grammar, vocabulary, reading comprehension, and listening skills. Furthermore, these French worksheets for Year 7 are designed to align with the curriculum standards, making it easier for teachers to track their students' progress and identify areas that may require additional support or attention.

Quizizz, a popular online platform for creating and sharing interactive quizzes, offers a vast collection of French worksheets for Year 7, along with other valuable resources for foreign language teachers. By utilizing Quizizz, teachers can access a variety of pre-made quizzes, games, and activities that are specifically tailored to the needs of Year 7 students. These resources not only help reinforce the concepts covered in the worksheets but also provide an engaging and interactive learning experience for students. Additionally, Quizizz allows teachers to track their students' progress in real-time, enabling them to identify areas where students may be struggling and adjust their lesson plans accordingly. Overall, Quizizz serves as a comprehensive and user-friendly platform for teachers to access and share high-quality French worksheets for Year 7 and other foreign language learning materials.

Language Advisor

Year 7 French Booklet

french homework year 7

Year 7 French Booklet. French Vocabulary Revision and Practice

A 24 pages booklet of EASY activities to practise the topics of:

numbers, pets, family, descriptions, personality, school equipment, subjects, time, timetable, rooms in the house, furniture in the bedroom and prepositions

This could be of use for weaker students / students with learning difficulties.

french homework year 7

All downloads are in PDF format

Download the pdf for free.

french homework year 7

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KS3 French resources

French teaching resources for years 7, 8 and 9.

Explore our French teaching resources for key stage 3 learners, including vocab games, present tense worksheets, phonics activities, knowledge organisers on key topics such as free time and family members, and practice of core national curriculum content and language learning skills.

For GCSE French resources, browse our KS4 French resources collection. For Spanish teaching resources, try  KS3 Spanish .

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Homework for Year 7

All summer 1 homework to be handed in week beginning monday 22nd may 2023, computing​ technology, food technology.



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