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free financial model template for business plan

Excel Financial Modeling Templates

Download our free Excel and financial modeling templates to take your finance career to the next level.

  • Excel Financial Models

Patrick Curtis

Reviewed by

Expertise: Private Equity | Investment Banking

free financial model template for business plan

Income Statement Template

Download WSO's free Income (P&L) Statement Excel template. Practice by entering your own numbers in the actual and expected columns.

free financial model template for business plan

  • 3 Statement Financial Model

Download WSO's free 3 statement financial model to understand how the income statement, balance sheet, and cash flow are linked.

free financial model template for business plan

Debt Schedule Template

Download WSO's free debt schedule template to model for debt obligations and understand the affect of debt on valuations.

free financial model template for business plan

Free Cash Flow to Equity (FCFE)

Get the free Excel Free Cash Flow to Equity Template to learn more about how the final piece of the valuation model works.

free financial model template for business plan

DCF Model Template

Download WSO's free DCF model template to calculate the net present value (NPV) using a discount rate and free cash flow.

free financial model template for business plan

  • Sensitivity Analysis Table

Download the free sensitivity analysis table template to analyze the effects of various inputs on your valuation.

List of Free Excel Financial Model Templates

Explore and download our free Excel Financial Modeling templates   below, designed to be flexible and help you perform various kinds of financial analysis and build financial models. Use these to expand your knowledge and develop your Excel financial modeling skills.

We have divided them based on industry (investment banking, private equity, hedge fund ).

Investment Banking Model Templates

  • Income Statement
  • Balance Sheet
  • Cash Flow Statement
  • Debt Schedule
  • Plant, Property, And Equipment (PPE) Schedule
  • Discounted Cash Flow (DCF)
  • Free Cash Flow To Equity (FCFE)
  • WACC  Calculator
  • Interest Payments
  • Net Operating Loss (NOL) Carryforward
  • Multiples Analysis
  • Working Capital
  • Amortization Schedule
  • Shareholder's Equity Model
  • Shares Outstanding
  • APV Valuation
  • Reasonability Check
  • Forecast Drivers
  • Revenue Sensitivity
  • Fixed Asset Schedule
  • Income Tax Schedule
  • Acquisition Schedule
  • Intangibles Schedule
  • Inventory Reserve Schedule
  • R&D Capitalization
  • Debt Rating Costs Schedule

Private Equity Model Templates

  • Leveraged Buyout (LBO) Model Template
  • Private Equity (PE) Returns Model Template
  • Private Equity (PE) Distribution Waterfall Template

Hedge Fund Model Templates

  • Pharma Healthcare Stock Pitch
  • Real Estate Private Equity (REPE)
  • Public To Private  LBO
  • Accretion Calculation
  • Dilution Calculation
  • Unlevering Betas

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Additional Free WSO Resources

To continue learning and advancing your career in finance, check out these additional free WSO templates:

  • Word Resume Templates
  • Presentation Templates
  • Excel Shortcuts for Windows and Mac
  • Free Career Guides

free financial model template for business plan

Patrick Curtis is a member of WSO Editorial Board which helps ensure the accuracy of content across top articles on Wall Street Oasis. Prior to becoming our CEO & Founder at Wall Street Oasis, Patrick spent three years as a Private Equity... This content was originally created by member nmh and has evolved with the help of our mentors.

free financial model template for business plan

Get instant access to lessons taught by experienced private equity pros and bulge bracket investment bankers including financial statement modeling, DCF, M&A, LBO, Comps and Excel Modeling.

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Expert-built financial model and business plan templates

Download the template for your business. Customise it. Get funded.

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Trusted by 5,900+ entrepreneurs, consultants and investors

free financial model template for business plan

Financial models

Easy-to-use excel financial models for serious entrepreneurs.

  • 5-year Pro Forma Financial Statements
  • 20+ charts and reports (valuation, breakeven, etc.)
  • Built by Certified Professional Accountants

free financial model template for business plan

5,900+ downloads and counting

This template is the greatest thing ever​.

free financial model template for business plan

This template is the greatest thing ever. It saves me so much time and is far more accurate and thought through than any financial model I have built on my own so far. You can’t be better prepared than this when you’re talking to investors.

Customer support is fuck**g amazing

free financial model template for business plan

Customer support is fuck**g amazing. Got an email back reply to explain everything right and Remi made his best to help me in terms adapting the model to our needs.

I would have paid 5x the cost based on the time it saved me​

free financial model template for business plan

This is a must-have in your tool kit for start-up planning and presenting. If you fail to ignore the value of good financial models – you risk crashing and burning or failing to raise money. I would have paid 5X the cost based on the time it saved me

Have been using it since 2020​

free financial model template for business plan

Great, clean templates for any start-up! The follow-on video guides also make it very easy to understand (for novices). Been using the templates since 2020 and they have made my start-up journey so much easier! The customer experience is also unparalleled!

A must for any startup founder!

free financial model template for business plan

A must for any startup founder! Useful resource to help one think about a financial plan without having to stress on the actual modelling in excel! Remi is also always happy to jump in and explain concepts/help.

Rarely do you find a service that exceeds your expectations​

free financial model template for business plan

Excellent financial models at great value. If you are serious about launching and building a business, I would highly recommend. Rarely do you find a service or online purchase these days that exceeds your expectations

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free financial model template for business plan

You've been dreaming of starting your own business. You've started with some concrete steps, and you're ready to put your proposal together. But how do you start, and how do you know when you have the right information?

How to get it done

Create a business plan with templates in Word:

free financial model template for business plan

Start with a template

Download these templates from the Office Templates site to create your plan:

Fill in your Business plan .

Analyze your market with the Business market analysis template .

Detail your financials in a Financial plan .

Divide up the work and track deliverables with this Business plan checklist .

Wrap up with this Business startup checklist .

Need a little help?

Learn how to:

Start a document from a template .

Apply themes to change your plan's look.

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free financial model template for business plan

Microsoft 365 subscription benefits

free financial model template for business plan

Microsoft 365 training

free financial model template for business plan

Microsoft security

free financial model template for business plan

Accessibility center

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free financial model template for business plan

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free financial model template for business plan

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free financial model template for business plan

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Financial projections use existing or estimated financial data to forecast your business’s future income and expenses. They often include different scenarios to see how changes to one aspect of your finances (such as higher sales or lower operating expenses) might affect your profitability.

If you need to create financial projections for a startup or existing business, this free, downloadable template includes all the necessary tools.

What Are Financial Projections Used for?

Financial projections are an essential business planning tool for several reasons.

  • If you’re starting a business, financial projections help you plan your startup budget, assess when you expect the business to become profitable, and set benchmarks for achieving financial goals.
  • If you’re already in business, creating financial projections each year can help you set goals and stay on track.
  • When seeking outside financing, startups and existing businesses need financial projections to convince lenders and investors of the business’s growth potential.

What’s Included in Financial Projections?

This financial projections template pulls together several different financial documents, including:

  • Startup expenses
  • Payroll costs
  • Sales forecast
  • Operating expenses for the first 3 years of business
  • Cash flow statements for the first 3 years of business
  • Income statements for the first 3 years of business
  • Balance sheet
  • Break-even analysis
  • Financial ratios
  • Cost of goods sold (COGS), and
  • Amortization and depreciation for your business.

You can use this template to create the documents from scratch or pull in information from those you’ve already made. The template also includes diagnostic tools to test the numbers in your financial projections and ensure they are within reasonable ranges.

These areas are closely related, so as you work on your financial projections, you’ll find that changes to one element affect the others. You may want to include a best-case and worst-case scenario for all possibilities. Make sure you know the assumptions behind your financial projections and can explain them to others.

Startup business owners often wonder how to create financial projections for a business that doesn’t exist yet. Financial forecasts are continually educated guesses. To make yours as accurate as possible, do your homework and get help. Use the information you unearthed in researching your business plans, such as statistics from industry associations, data from government sources, and financials from similar businesses. An accountant with experience in your industry can help fine-tune your financial projections. So can business advisors such as SCORE mentors.

Once you complete your financial projections, don’t put them away and forget about them. Compare your projections to your financial statements regularly to see how well your business meets your expectations. If your projections turn out to be too optimistic or too pessimistic, make the necessary adjustments to make them more accurate.

*NOTE: The cells with formulas in this workbook are locked. If changes are needed, the unlock code is "1234." Please use caution when unlocking the spreadsheets. If you want to change a formula, we strongly recommend saving a copy of this spreadsheet under a different name before doing so. 

We recommend downloading the  Financial Projections Template Guide in English  or  Espanol .

Do you need help creating your financial projections? Take SCORE’s online course on-demand on financial projections or connect with a SCORE mentor  online or in your community today.

Simple Steps for Starting Your Business: Financial Projections In this online module, you'll learn the importance of financial planning, how to build your financial model, how to understand financial statements and more.

Business Planning & Financial Statements Template Gallery Download SCORE’s templates to help you plan for a new business startup or grow your existing business.

Why Projected Financial Statements Are Essential to the Future Success of Startups Financial statements are vital to the success of any company but particularly start-ups. SCORE mentor Sarah Hadjhamou shares why they are a big part of growing your start-up.

Copyright © 2023 SCORE Association, SCORE.org

Funded, in part, through a Cooperative Agreement with the U.S. Small Business Administration. All opinions, and/or recommendations expressed herein are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the views of the SBA.


free financial model template for business plan

Free Business Plan Excel Template [Excel Download]

Written by Dave Lavinsky

Growthink's Business Plan Excel Template

A business plan is a roadmap for growing your business. Not only does it help you plan out your venture, but it is required by funding sources like banks, venture capitalists and angel investors.

The body of your business plan describes your company and your strategies for growing it. The financial portion of your plan details the financial implications of your business: how much money you need, what you project your future sales and earnings to be, etc.

Below you will be able to download our free business plan excel template to help with the financial portion of your business plan. You will also learn about the importance of the financial model in your business plan.

Download the template here: Financial Plan Excel Template  

How to Finish Your Business Plan in 1 Day!

Don’t you wish there was a faster, easier way to finish your business plan?

With Growthink’s Ultimate Business Plan Template you can finish your plan in just 8 hours or less! It includes a simple, plug-and-play financial model and a fill-in-the-blanks template for completing the body of your plan.

What’s Included in our Business Plan Excel Template

Our business plan excel template includes the following sections:

Income Statement : A projection of your business’ revenues, costs, and expenses over a specific period of time. Includes sections for sales revenue, cost of goods sold (COGS), operating expenses, and net profit or loss.

Cash Flow Statement : A projection of your business’ cash inflows and outflows over a specific period of time. Includes sections for cash inflows (such as sales receipts, loans, and investments), cash outflows (such as expenses, salaries, and loan repayments), and net cash flow.

Balance Sheet : A snapshot of your business’ financial position at a specific point in time. Includes sections for assets (such as cash, inventory, equipment, and property), liabilities (such as loans, accounts payable, and salaries payable), and owner’s equity (such as retained earnings and capital contributions).

Download the template here: Business Plan Excel Template 

The template is easy to customize according to your specific business needs. Simply input your own financial data and projections, and use it as a guide to create a comprehensive financial plan for your business. Remember to review and update your financial plan regularly to track your progress and make informed financial decisions.

The Importance of the Financial Model in Your Business Plan

A solid financial model is a critical component of any well-prepared business plan. It provides a comprehensive and detailed projection of your business’ financial performance, including revenue, expenses, cash flow, and profitability. The financial model is not just a mere set of numbers, but a strategic tool that helps you understand the financial health of your business, make informed decisions, and communicate your business’ financial viability to potential investors, lenders, and other stakeholders. In this article, we will delve into the importance of the financial model in your business plan.

  • Provides a roadmap for financial success : A well-structured financial model serves as a roadmap for your business’ financial success. It outlines your revenue streams, cost structure, and cash flow projections, helping you understand the financial implications of your business strategies and decisions. It allows you to forecast your future financial performance, set financial goals, and measure your progress over time. A comprehensive financial model helps you identify potential risks, opportunities, and areas that may require adjustments to achieve your financial objectives.
  • Demonstrates financial viability to stakeholders : Investors, lenders, and other stakeholders want to see that your business is financially viable and has a plan to generate revenue, manage expenses, and generate profits. A robust financial model in your business plan demonstrates that you have a solid understanding of your business’ financials and have a plan to achieve profitability. It provides evidence of the market opportunity, pricing strategy, sales projections, and financial sustainability. A well-prepared financial model increases your credibility and instills confidence in your business among potential investors and lenders.
  • Helps with financial decision-making : Your financial model is a valuable tool for making informed financial decisions. It helps you analyze different scenarios, evaluate the financial impact of your decisions, and choose the best course of action for your business. For example, you can use your financial model to assess the feasibility of a new product launch, determine the optimal pricing strategy, or evaluate the impact of changing market conditions on your cash flow. A well-structured financial model helps you make data-driven decisions that are aligned with your business goals and financial objectives.
  • Assists in securing funding : If you are seeking funding from investors or lenders, a robust financial model is essential. It provides a clear picture of your business’ financials and shows how the funds will be used to generate revenue and profits. It includes projections for revenue, expenses, cash flow, and profitability, along with a breakdown of assumptions and methodology used. It also provides a realistic assessment of the risks and challenges associated with your business and outlines the strategies to mitigate them. A well-prepared financial model in your business plan can significantly increase your chances of securing funding as it demonstrates your business’ financial viability and growth potential.
  • Facilitates financial management and monitoring : A financial model is not just for external stakeholders; it is also a valuable tool for internal financial management and monitoring. It helps you track your actual financial performance against your projections, identify any deviations, and take corrective actions if needed. It provides a clear overview of your business’ cash flow, profitability, and financial health, allowing you to proactively manage your finances and make informed decisions to achieve your financial goals. A well-structured financial model helps you stay on top of your business’ financials and enables you to take timely actions to ensure your business’ financial success.
  • Enhances business valuation : If you are planning to sell your business or seek investors for an exit strategy, a robust financial model is crucial. It provides a solid foundation for business valuation as it outlines your historical financial performance, future projections, and the assumptions behind them. It helps potential buyers or investors understand the financial potential of your business and assess its value. A well-prepared financial model can significantly impact the valuation of your business, and a higher valuation can lead to better negotiation terms and higher returns on your investment.
  • Supports strategic planning : Your financial model is an integral part of your strategic planning process. It helps you align your financial goals with your overall business strategy and provides insights into the financial feasibility of your strategic initiatives. For example, if you are planning to expand your business, enter new markets, or invest in new technologies, your financial model can help you assess the financial impact of these initiatives, including the investment required, the expected return on investment, and the timeline for achieving profitability. It enables you to make informed decisions about the strategic direction of your business and ensures that your financial goals are aligned with your overall business objectives.
  • Enhances accountability and transparency : A robust financial model promotes accountability and transparency in your business. It provides a clear framework for setting financial targets, measuring performance, and holding yourself and your team accountable for achieving financial results. It helps you monitor your progress towards your financial goals and enables you to take corrective actions if needed. A well-structured financial model also enhances transparency by providing a clear overview of your business’ financials, assumptions, and methodologies used in your projections. It ensures that all stakeholders, including investors, lenders, employees, and partners, have a clear understanding of your business’ financial performance and prospects.

In conclusion, a well-prepared financial model is a crucial component of your business plan. It provides a roadmap for financial success, demonstrates financial viability to stakeholders, helps with financial decision-making, assists in securing funding, facilitates financial management and monitoring, enhances business valuation, supports strategic planning, and enhances accountability and transparency in your business. It is not just a set of numbers, but a strategic tool that helps you understand, analyze, and optimize your business’ financial performance. Investing time and effort in creating a comprehensive and robust financial model in your business plan is vital for the success of your business and can significantly increase your chances of achieving your financial goals.

free financial model template for business plan

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Financial management

Keeping your finances in check is easy to start-and maintain- when you use an excel budget planning template in your financial management routine. customize an excel template to suit your unique financial management needs, whether you're balancing the books of a small business or keeping track of your household budget..

free financial model template for business plan

Budget your personal and business finances using these templates

Manage your finances using Excel templates. Stay on track for your personal and business goals by evaluating your income and expenses. Use these templates to add in pie charts and bar graphs so that you can visualize how your finances change over time. Create infographics that show what categories are included in your budget and the types of factors that incorporate each category. Download your financial management template so that you can access it and edit it as you need.

Free Startup Plan, Budget & Cost Templates

By Kate Eby | September 12, 2017

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A business plan describes how a new business will meet its primary objectives over a given period of time. It is both a strategic document that can act as a roadmap and a tool for securing funding and communicating with stakeholders. For a startup business, planning is key to developing a thorough understanding of the target market, competition, market conditions, and financing opportunities.

Included on this page, you'll find a variety of helpful, free startup business planning templates , like a SWOT analysis template , a competitive analysis template , a business startup checklist template , and more.

Startup Business Planning Templates

Competitive analysis template - excel.

Competitive Analysis Template Updated

Download Competitive Analysis Template

Excel | Smartsheet

Analyze multiple competitors based on the categories you want to compare, and use the results to identify your top rivals. This template contains several sheets to provide a comprehensive look at how your startup stacks up to the competition, the strengths of each company, and potential partnerships or opportunities.

SWOT Analysis Template - Excel

SWOT Analysis Template

Download SWOT Analysis Template

While researching your business plan, both risks and opportunities are likely to arise. This critical information gives you the chance to plan for how you will take advantage of or address them as needed. A SWOT analysis helps you identify and gain a clear understanding of internal strengths and weaknesses as well as external opportunities and threats. The results of the analysis will inform your business goals and strategies for reaching them. Once completed, you can add this SWOT template to a startup business plan or use it as a planning tool. If this template doesn’t have the details you require, you can find more of our  free SWOT Analysis Templates .

Marketing Plan Template - Excel

Marketing Plan Template

Download Marketing Plan Template

Easily create a detailed marketing plan for different campaigns, including projected and actual costs. It also doubles as a marketing calendar template, showing a weekly, monthly, and quarterly breakdown of your timeline and initiatives. A marketing plan is typically part of a business plan, but you can use this dedicated template for developing a thorough plan and schedule.

Business Startup Checklist Template - Excel

Business Startup Checklist Template

Download Business Startup Checklist Template

This template offers a simple checklist to help you organize all of the tasks that need to be accomplished, from initial research and planning to establishing professional partnerships and acquiring necessary permits. Edit the list to include relevant actions for a particular business. This is an easy way to ensure that important items are not overlooked and prioritize steps.

Business Planning Schedule - Excel

Business Planning Schedule Template

Download Business Planning Schedule

This template allows you to create a schedule for tasks with a visual calendar for planning. This layout can help you organize your planning process and provide a timeline for reaching certain milestones. The template is structured around planning stages, allowing you to separate tasks hierarchically. To use this template for another planning process, simply edit the tasks included and add your dates to the schedule.

Target Market Comparison Template - Excel

Target Market Comparison Template

‌ Download Target Market Comparison Template - Excel

Utilize this worksheet to compare target markets in order to understand which are ideal for your product or service. Understanding your customers is vital not only for developing effective strategies, but also for showing investors that you’ve done the necessary research and understand how to reach potential customers.

Startup Business Plan Template - Word

Startup Business Plan Template

Download Startup Business Plan Template

Word  | Smartsheet

This template offers a traditional outline for creating a business plan document. You’ll find sections for an executive summary, company description, marketing plan, product and operational information, financial data, and room for appendices. You can refine the plan to suit different industries and business types. For example, if you want to create a technology startup business plan template, you will want to show how the startup will deal with rapidly changing markets, and provide product and market research that shows how your business will be on the cutting edge. You may also need to provide longer-term financial projections since high-tech startups often operate for an extended time without profits. 

For additional resources, visit " Free Startup Business Plan Templates and Examples ."

One-page Business Plan Template - Word

One Page Business Plan Template

Download One-page Business Plan Template

Excel  |  Word  |  PDF  | Smartsheet

Create a streamlined business plan document on a single page with this Word template. A simplified plan can be helpful for summarizing information into a brief report. This format gives readers a quick overview of your startup business plan while emphasizing key points. 

For additional resources, visit " One-Page Business Plan Templates with a Quick How-To Guide ."

Startup Financial Templates

Small-business budget template - excel.

Small Business Budget Template

Download Small-Business Budget Template

This basic budget is ideal for small businesses that want an easy, blank template to customize. To create a business budget, include both fixed and variable expenses along with revenue and funding sources. Use this template to track expenditures and revenue, maintain a balanced budget, and to help grow your business.

Sales Forecast Template - Excel

Sales Forecast Template

Download Sales Forecast Template

With this template, you get a 12-month sales forecast as well as sales data from prior years. You can organize the spreadsheet based on product names, target customers, or other categories, and then enter forecasted monthly sales, including adjustments for seasonal changes or other factors that might impact sales. The template also calculates monthly and yearly totals.

Business Startup Costs Template - Excel

Business Startup Costs Template

Download Business Startup Costs Template

Startup costs begin to accrue before operations begin, so it’s important to determine expenses early on to avoid being underfunded or overspending. This startup costs template shows a summary of both funding and expenses at the top, with itemized details below. You can use this worksheet to outline expenses, create a tentative budget, and compare actual costs as they accrue. Similar to a start up budget template, this version helps you focus on expenditures.

Startup Budget Template - Excel

Startup Budget Template

Download Startup Budget Template

A startup budget is an important tool for identifying what financial resources are available, determining how much revenue is needed to meet business goals, and pinpointing areas where you can save money. A budget works as a planning tool as well as a method for tracking actual expenditures. As part of a business plan, it supports the process of pitching to investors and completing loan applications. This budget template is geared toward startup companies and includes a section for projected monthly costs.

Startup Financial Projections Template - Excel

Startup Financial Projections Template

Download Startup Financial Projections Template

Similar to a pro forma template for startups, this version includes a 12-month profit and loss projection, a balance sheet, and a cash flow statement. Use the template to analyze the current financial standing and run a future forecast for a business. The spreadsheet includes pre-populated fields with expenses and income sources, which you can easily edit to accommodate your business.

Personal Financial Statement - Excel

Personal Financial Statement Template

Download Personal Financial Statement

Some lenders may require a personal financial statement in addition to relevant business data. This template lists assets and liabilities in order to calculate net worth. You’ll also find space for adding a signature so you can certify that the information is correct.

Balance Sheet Template - Excel

Balance Sheet Template

Download Balance Sheet Template

This template can be modified to either show an opening day balance for a startup or to create a projected balance sheet. Choose a given time period, enter your numbers for assets, liabilities, and equity, and the template will provide automatic calculations.

First-Year Budget Calculator - Excel

First Year Budget Calculator Template

Download First-Year Budget Calculator

Combining business and personal budget information into a single template can be useful for small business owners who are just getting started. This template focuses on first-year budget calculations including startup costs, operating expenses, estimated income, personal expenses, and more. You can identify fixed and recurring costs for a full view of expenses for the first year.

12-Month Cash Flow Forecast - Excel

12-Month Cash Flow Forecast Template

Download 12-Month Cash Flow Forecast

This template shows all 12 months of the year for a monthly and annual cash flow forecast. In addition to creating a forecast, you can compare actual cash flow totals for each month. The template is divided into categories for cash on-hand, cash receipts, and cash paid-out, with an alternating color scheme for easy viewing.

Annual Business Budget Template - Excel

Annual Business Budget Template

Download Annual Business Budget Template

As a startup becomes established, this template can be used to create a budget showing totals on a monthly, quarterly, and annual basis. You can create a projected 12-month budget as well as compare financial data to the previous year’s performance. The template provides detailed income and expense categories for thorough planning and tracking.

Financial Dashboard Template - Excel

Financial Dashboard Template

Download Financial Dashboard Template - Excel

Create a visual financial report with this dashboard template, which tracks statistics over time using graphs and charts. Compare sales rep performance, product revenue, regional data, or other financial KPIs. A graphical report provides a quick overview of financial information in a format that is easy to understand and share with stakeholders.

Marketing Budget Plan - Excel

Marketing Budget Plan Template

Download Marketing Budget Plan

Create a dedicated marketing budget with results displayed in both a spreadsheet format and pie chart. Calculate costs for various marketing campaigns in order to view fund allocation. The template includes space for comments and notes to aid in strategic business planning.

Website Budget Template - Excel

Website Budget Tool Template

Download Website Budget Template

This startup website template provides sections for calculating initial development costs as well as creating a projected budget over three years. View a list of costs and benefits to see how the website will impact the business over time. This template can help you determine the value of your website investment and track actual annual performance.

Loan Amortization Schedule - Excel

Loan Amortization Schedule Template

Download Loan Amortization Schedule

Keep track of a loan balance, payments made, upcoming amounts due, and interest paid with this loan amortization template. Enter lender information and loan terms at the top of the template, and then use the schedule to track payment details. Startups owners will appreciate how easy it is to manage business loans and create repayment plans.

Why Write a Startup Business Plan?

The benefits of writing a startup business plan range from clarifying initial ideas to attracting potential investors. The process of business planning can help uncover weaknesses as well as opportunities you may have overlooked. Planning encourages entrepreneurs to examine each step required to start a business in order to avoid mistakes in the long run. Collecting data through market analysis can allow you to confidently make informed decisions and provide a dose of reality to your business idea by affirming or challenging initial assumptions about your product, business model, or strategies for achieving success. Once you clarify your startup vision, analyze financial and market data, and define goals, you can create a strategic action plan to use as a guide for reaching objectives and addressing potential challenges. 

After establishing a startup, continue business planning to identify ways to grow and improve the business as well as to plan for resource use and development. If you treat your business plan as a living document that you regularly review and update, you can also use it to measure progress over time. An effective plan communicates a company’s vision to team members and all stakeholders, and provides both a foundation and an adaptable model that can grow and change along with the business.

One key reason for startups to develop sound business plans is to convince investors and lenders to finance the endeavor. Most banks and investors will want to see detailed financial projections and a statement of your current personal and business financial standing. Investors may want to see market data and other proof that your plan has a high chance for success. Without adequate financing, no startup can succeed, so it’s essential to create an ironclad pitch for funders.

What to Include in a Business Plan

Business plans are tailored to fit a specific type of business and to serve a particular purpose, whether it’s to seek funding, influence a particular audience, or develop strategy for internal use. While you’ll need to continually revise plans need to fulfill a certain function, there are similar elements in all business plans. Here are some of the common sections included in a startup business plan:

  • Summary and Objectives: This first section can provide background information, a detailed company description, general industry information, goals that you want to achieve, and long-term objectives. Depending on the size and type of business, this information may be divided into multiple sections or summarized in one pitch. 
  • Marketing Plan: Providing market data and an outline for how you will market and sell products and services allows you to show a deep understanding of your target audience and your plans for branding and distribution. Be sure to conduct thorough research that you can use to back up your plans with supporting numbers and statistics. You may also include separate, detailed sections on competition, customer characteristics, product features, sales forecasts, and marketing strategy.
  • Operational Plan: This section is concerned with the equipment, processes, and people involved in daily operations. You may want to include details on location requirements, production methods, legal issues (such as licenses or insurance requirements), staffing information, vendor needs, and other operational elements. 
  • Management and Organization: A description of management positions and professional advisors provides an organized look at key roles, the experience individuals bring to the business, and important consultants or mentors. You can also include resumes for key employees and startup owners if the business plan is supporting a loan application or investor pitch.
  • Startup Expenses and Financial Plan: Estimate expenses as accurately as possible and include contingencies for unforeseen costs. Creating estimates requires thorough research, and expenses should include even small items - while they are easy to overlook, they may add up to significant costs. A comprehensive financial plan can include profit and loss projections and other budget forecasts in order to provide a clear picture of a startup’s financial standing and future outlook. 

A business plan will, of course, look different for a restaurant, web-based business, technology service provider, or product manufacturer. Before getting started, consider what you want to accomplish with your business plan, and customize it accordingly.

Business Plan Tips

Taking the time for thorough research and planning can help you make informed decisions, avoid potential pitfalls, and craft an effective plan. Here are a few tips to consider as you create a business plan:

  • Get Creative: Business plans can follow a simple outline, but turning your plan into a creative presentation can make a statement and grab investors’ attention. 
  • Use Data Wisely: No matter what format or approach you take, a startup business plan should be concise and include compelling evidence and hard data to back up your claims. 
  • Refine Your Plan: Consider your audience and review your plan to ensure the information presented is appropriate, sufficient, and clear. 
  • Focus on Objectives: Connect every strategy to core objectives so that there is a clear path for attaining success. 

Manage All Aspects of Your Startup in Real Time with Smartsheet

Empower your people to go above and beyond with a flexible platform designed to match the needs of your team — and adapt as those needs change. 

The Smartsheet platform makes it easy to plan, capture, manage, and report on work from anywhere, helping your team be more effective and get more done. Report on key metrics and get real-time visibility into work as it happens with roll-up reports, dashboards, and automated workflows built to keep your team connected and informed. 

When teams have clarity into the work getting done, there’s no telling how much more they can accomplish in the same amount of time.  Try Smartsheet for free, today.

Discover why over 90% of Fortune 100 companies trust Smartsheet to get work done.


Financial Model, Business Plan and Dashboard Templates - FinModelsLab

Industry-Specific Financial Model Templates in Excel

free financial model template for business plan

Food & Beverage Financial Models

free financial model template for business plan

Healthcare Financial Models

free financial model template for business plan

Agriculture Financial Models

free financial model template for business plan

Marketplace Financial Models

free financial model template for business plan

Hospitality Financial Models

free financial model template for business plan

E-Commerce Financial Models

  • Financial Models
  • Business Plans

Restaurant Financial Model

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I have been doing capital raising in a wide variety of industries and have been involved on 4 Private Equity Funds. Financial models tend to be either too simplistic or too complicated and useless. But this model is the perfect mix of simplistic and intuitive with enough detail for large project funding analysis. It could even be used as a budgeting tool for smaller mining companies. Well Done! And Thank You very much!

Great financial model template with the most complete set of charts that will ever need! Monthly breakdowns for all the financial statements and a cash valuation. Summary tabs with all the main information you need for a business plan! Could be improved with the addition of financial ratios.

What an incredible find in FinModelsLab! The ASC model is perfect for modeling our healthcare practice… enthusiastically recommend!!!

The spear sheet is just what I needed. I am able to plug in my numbers and the video shows you where to place all information. I can now send the pro-forma to investors. Love it thank you

Henry was a life-saver. If you have a very difficult financial modeling project that you need delivered fast, go with Henry. He will get it done.

Henry is very good at forecasting and business modelling. His communication and responsiveness are excellent.

Henry was the best financial expert for us when it came to financial analysis and building financial complex models for our start-up.

Excellent CFO I have ever come across. He has an eye to detail and is an expert when to comes to financial modeling & planning.

A complete and easy to use Restaurant financial model that gives you clear view and guide when preparing business plan numbers

I really feel there is no finance challenge Henry can't overcome, and I look forward to working with him on many more projects and entrepreneurial initiatives.

Henry is incredibly talented and hard working. He is one of the top-notch players in his niche, He pushed out a rock solid deliverable.

Industry-specific Financial Model Templates in Excel, Business Plan Templates, Excel Dashboards and Pitch Decks

FinModelsLab provides a wide range of industry-specific financial model templates in Excel as well as Excel dashboards, Business Plan Templates, and Pitch Deck Templates. Creating a business plan with detailed financial projections and pitch deck presentation or Excel dashboard is time-consuming. That is why we created a web repository with 1500+ business templates for a wide range of usage cases. We spent 10 000+ hours creating industry-specific financial forecasting model templates in Excel which offers a well-structured as well as best practice financial modeling know-how to users such as c-level executives, entrepreneurs, investors, startup founders, and many more, who are looking for assistance in creating financial projections template.

In today's fast-paced business landscape, effective financial modeling and planning are crucial for the success and growth of any organization. With accurate financial projections, businesses can make informed decisions, secure funding, and navigate potential challenges with confidence. At FinModelsLab, we understand the significance of financial modeling, which is why we offer a comprehensive collection of industry-specific financial model templates in Excel.

The Importance of Financial Modeling

Financial modeling serves as the foundation for strategic decision-making, providing insights into the financial health and performance of a business. It allows organizations to forecast revenue, project expenses, assess profitability, and evaluate potential risks and opportunities. By modeling different scenarios, businesses can optimize their resources, identify growth strategies, and plan for the future.

Addressing the Need for Industry-Specific Templates

Generic financial templates may not capture the unique requirements and dynamics of specific industries. That's where industry-specific financial model templates become invaluable. At FinModelsLab, we recognize the importance of tailoring financial models to the nuances of different sectors. Our extensive collection includes a wide range of industry-specific templates, ensuring that businesses have the tools they need to accurately project revenues, analyze costs, and plan for success in their respective sectors.

  • Comprehensive financial model templates designed for specific industries.
  • Templates catering to diverse sectors such as manufacturing, e-commerce, healthcare, and more.
  • Industry-specific financial model templates for startups, small businesses, and established enterprises.

By providing industry-specific financial model templates, we empower businesses to make informed decisions based on reliable and relevant data, ultimately increasing their chances of success in the marketplace.

About FinModelsLab

At FinModelsLab, we pride ourselves on being a trusted and reliable source for financial model templates. With our commitment to excellence and a comprehensive collection of over 3500+ business templates, we empower entrepreneurs, startups, investors, and professionals to create accurate and detailed financial projections.

Reliable Financial Projections Templates

Our platform offers a vast selection of financial projections templates that cater to various industries and business models. Each template is designed by our team of financial experts, ensuring that they meet industry standards and best practices. Whether you are starting a new venture or seeking to optimize your existing business, our templates provide a solid foundation for projecting revenues, estimating costs, and analyzing profitability.

A Wide Range of Business Templates

With a collection of 3500+ business templates, we cover a diverse range of industries, including manufacturing, e-commerce, SaaS, healthcare, and more. Our templates address different aspects of financial modeling, such as cash flow analysis, income statements, balance sheets, and valuation models. This comprehensive assortment enables users to find the templates that best align with their specific business needs.

  • 3500+ business templates available for different industries and usage cases.
  • Templates for startups, small businesses, investors, and c-level executives.
  • Templates covering various financial aspects, including cash flow, income statements, and valuation models.

With FinModelsLab, you can access a wide range of financial projections templates and find the resources necessary to make informed financial decisions for your business.

Expertise and Dedication

At FinModelsLab, we have invested over 10,000 hours of meticulous effort and dedication into creating our financial model templates. This extensive investment of time and expertise reflects our commitment to providing high-quality resources for financial modeling and planning.

Well-Structured Financial Model Templates

Our financial model templates are designed with a well-structured framework that follows industry best practices. Each template encompasses a comprehensive set of financial projections, ensuring that businesses can accurately forecast revenues, expenses, and cash flows. By leveraging our well-structured templates, users can save time and effort, focusing on analyzing the data rather than building models from scratch.

Best Practice Financial Modeling Knowledge

Our team of financial experts brings in-depth knowledge and expertise in financial modeling. We follow best practices and incorporate industry standards into our templates, ensuring that users have access to reliable and accurate financial projections. Whether you are a c-level executive, entrepreneur, investor, or professional seeking robust financial models, our templates provide the necessary guidance and insights to support your decision-making process.

Serving a Diverse Audience

Our financial model templates cater to a diverse audience, including c-level executives, entrepreneurs, investors, and professionals from various industries. We understand the unique needs and challenges faced by different stakeholders, and our templates are tailored to address those requirements. By serving a wide range of users, we aim to empower businesses of all types and sizes to make informed financial decisions and achieve their goals.

  • Financial model templates for c-level executives, entrepreneurs, and investors.
  • Templates designed to meet the diverse needs of different industries and usage cases.
  • Best practice financial modeling knowledge incorporated into every template.

With our expertise and dedication, FinModelsLab strives to provide users with the necessary tools and knowledge to excel in financial modeling and planning.

Benefits of Using Financial Model Templates

Utilizing financial model templates offers significant advantages when it comes to creating accurate financial projections for your business. At FinModelsLab, we understand the importance of these benefits and strive to provide users with the resources they need to succeed.

Accurate Financial Projections Made Easy

Our financial model templates are specifically designed to assist users in creating accurate financial projections. By leveraging these templates, businesses can input their data and variables, which are then automatically calculated to generate comprehensive projections. This process reduces the risk of errors and ensures that the resulting financial projections are reliable and precise.

Time-Saving Pre-Built Templates

Time is a valuable resource for any business, and our pre-built financial model templates help save significant time and effort. Instead of starting from scratch, users can access ready-to-use templates that already include the necessary formulas, calculations, and structure. This allows users to focus on analyzing the projections and making informed decisions, rather than spending excessive time building complex financial models.

Convenience and Ease of Excel for Financial Modeling

Excel has long been recognized as a powerful tool for financial modeling, and our templates capitalize on this convenience. With Excel as the foundation, users can benefit from a familiar and user-friendly interface, making it easier to work with the templates and customize them according to their specific needs. Excel also provides flexibility for users to adapt the templates as their business evolves, ensuring the models remain relevant over time.

  • Templates designed to assist in creating accurate financial projections.
  • Pre-built templates save time and effort by eliminating the need to start from scratch.
  • Excel-based templates provide a convenient and user-friendly platform for financial modeling.

By utilizing our financial model templates, businesses can leverage the benefits of accuracy, time-saving efficiency, and the convenience of working with Excel, ultimately aiding in their financial planning and decision-making processes.

Wide Range of Templates

At FinModelsLab, we offer a diverse selection of financial model templates to cater to various industries and specific business needs. Our extensive range ensures that businesses can find templates tailored to their industry, whether they are a startup, small business, or established enterprise.

Diverse Selection of Industry-Specific Templates

We understand that different industries have unique financial considerations. That's why we provide a wide range of industry-specific financial model templates. From manufacturing to e-commerce, healthcare to SaaS, our templates cover various sectors, ensuring that businesses can create accurate financial projections that align with the dynamics of their industry. These industry-specific templates include revenue forecasts, expense breakdowns, and other relevant financial data, allowing businesses to gain valuable insights and make informed decisions.

Relevance for Startups and Financial Planning

Startups face unique challenges and financial planning is crucial for their success. Our templates include startup-specific financial model templates designed to assist entrepreneurs in their financial planning journey. These templates consider the specific needs of startups, including revenue drivers, cost structures, and funding requirements. By utilizing our startup financial model templates, entrepreneurs can create comprehensive financial projections, pitch to investors, and develop a solid financial strategy for their business.

  • A wide range of industry-specific financial model templates.
  • Templates catering to startups with startup-specific financial projections.
  • Templates covering various industries, including manufacturing, e-commerce, healthcare, SaaS, and more.

Whether you are starting a new venture or operating an established business, our diverse selection of financial model templates ensures that you have the resources needed to create accurate financial projections and drive your business forward.

Importance of Financial Statements

Financial statements play a vital role in business plans, providing a comprehensive view of a company's financial health and performance. At FinModelsLab, we understand the significance of financial statements and offer templates that facilitate the creation of robust and accurate financial statements for your business plan.

Significance of Financial Statements in Business Plans

Financial statements are essential components of any business plan as they present a clear picture of a company's financial position. These statements, including the income statement, balance sheet, and cash flow statement, allow stakeholders to assess the company's profitability, liquidity, and overall financial stability. Financial statements provide crucial information for investors, lenders, and potential partners, aiding in informed decision-making and demonstrating the viability and potential of the business.

Creating Comprehensive Financial Statements with Templates

Our templates are specifically designed to assist users in creating comprehensive financial statements for their business plans. These templates offer a structured framework and predefined formulas that simplify the process of compiling financial data and generating accurate statements. By utilizing our templates, users can input their financial information, and the templates automatically calculate key metrics and generate professional-looking financial statements. This ensures that your business plan is well-supported with accurate and visually appealing financial information.

  • The significance of financial statements in business plans for assessing financial health and performance.
  • Templates designed to aid in the creation of comprehensive financial statements.
  • Financial statements as crucial components for investors, lenders, and potential partners.

With our financial statement templates, you can confidently present a clear and compelling financial snapshot of your business, showcasing its potential and strengthening your business plan.

Excel-Based Financial Templates

At FinModelsLab, we provide a wide range of financial templates that are specifically designed in Excel format, offering users easy customization and flexibility. Our Excel-based templates empower businesses to create accurate and tailored financial models, enabling effective financial planning and decision-making.

Easy Customization and Flexibility

All our financial templates are available in Excel format, which provides users with the ability to easily customize and adapt the templates to suit their specific needs. Excel's intuitive interface allows users to input their own data, adjust formulas, and make modifications as required. Whether it's adding new variables, changing assumptions, or incorporating specific industry metrics, Excel enables users to tailor the templates to their unique requirements, ensuring that the resulting financial models are precise and relevant to their business.

Advantages of Using Excel for Financial Modeling

Excel has long been recognized as a powerful tool for financial modeling, and there are several advantages to utilizing it for your financial planning needs. Excel offers a wide range of built-in functions and formulas, making complex calculations and projections more accessible. Its spreadsheet format provides a structured and organized way to present and analyze financial data, allowing for easy data entry, manipulation, and visualization. Excel's widespread familiarity among professionals also ensures that users can collaborate, share, and present their financial models seamlessly.

  • Templates provided in Excel format for easy customization and adaptability.
  • Excel's flexibility allows users to tailor templates to their specific needs.
  • Advantages of using Excel include built-in functions, structured presentation, and widespread familiarity.

By leveraging our Excel-based financial templates, businesses can benefit from the ease of customization, flexibility, and the robust capabilities of Excel, ultimately enabling them to create accurate and dynamic financial models that drive better financial planning and decision-making.

Financial Forecasting and Planning

Financial forecasting plays a crucial role in effective business planning and decision-making. At FinModelsLab, we recognize the significance of financial forecasting, and we offer a wide range of forecast templates in Excel format to assist businesses in their financial planning endeavors.

The Role of Financial Forecasting in Business Planning

Financial forecasting is a vital component of business planning as it allows organizations to anticipate future financial outcomes based on historical data, market trends, and key assumptions. By creating comprehensive financial forecasts, businesses can gain valuable insights into revenue projections, expense management, and cash flow dynamics. These forecasts help in identifying potential risks, setting realistic targets, and making informed strategic decisions to drive business growth.

Availability of Forecast Templates in Excel

Our forecast templates, available in Excel format, provide businesses with a convenient and efficient way to create accurate financial forecasts. These templates are designed to simplify the forecasting process by incorporating pre-built formulas and intuitive interfaces. Users can input their data, adjust variables, and instantly generate forecasts based on different scenarios. The flexibility of Excel allows for easy customization of the templates to align with specific business needs, ensuring that the resulting forecasts are tailored and reliable.

  • The importance of financial forecasting in business planning and decision-making.
  • Forecast templates available in Excel format for convenient and accurate financial forecasting.
  • Financial forecasts as valuable tools for identifying risks, setting targets, and making strategic decisions.

By utilizing our forecast templates in Excel, businesses can streamline their financial forecasting processes, gain valuable insights, and enhance their overall planning capabilities.

Tailored for Startups

At FinModelsLab, we understand the unique financial planning needs of startups, and we offer a range of templates specifically tailored to meet those needs. Our startup-specific financial projections templates provide startups with a solid foundation for their financial planning and enable them to make informed decisions to drive growth and success.

Relevance of the Templates for Startups' Financial Planning

Startups face distinctive challenges and requirements when it comes to financial planning. Our templates address these specific needs by providing startup founders and entrepreneurs with a comprehensive framework to forecast revenue, estimate expenses, and project cash flow. These templates incorporate startup-specific assumptions and variables, allowing startups to create accurate financial projections that align with their business models, growth strategies, and funding requirements.

Startup-Specific Financial Projections Template

Our startup-specific financial projections template is a valuable resource for startups seeking to create robust financial forecasts. This template encompasses key startup metrics, such as customer acquisition costs, customer lifetime value, and funding rounds, to accurately project revenue, expenses, and funding needs over a defined period. By leveraging this template, startups can effectively communicate their financial projections to potential investors, demonstrate their growth potential, and secure the funding necessary to fuel their development.

  • Templates specifically tailored to meet the unique financial planning needs of startups.
  • Importance of accurate financial projections for startups to make informed decisions.
  • Startup-specific financial projections template incorporating key startup metrics.

Our startup-focused templates empower entrepreneurs and startup founders to navigate the financial landscape with confidence, ensuring that their financial planning aligns with their business goals and positions them for long-term success.

Excel-Based Financial Modeling

Excel is a powerful tool for financial modeling, and at FinModelsLab, we leverage the capabilities of Excel to provide comprehensive and effective financial model templates. Our Excel-based financial models offer numerous benefits for businesses, empowering them to make informed financial decisions and drive success.

Benefits of Using Excel for Financial Modeling

Excel provides a range of benefits that make it an ideal platform for financial modeling. Its built-in functions and formulas allow for complex calculations, enabling accurate financial projections and analysis. The spreadsheet format of Excel provides a structured and organized way to present and manipulate financial data, making it easier to input and track variables, assumptions, and key metrics. Excel's flexibility also allows for scenario analysis, sensitivity testing, and the creation of dynamic charts and graphs, enhancing the visibility and understanding of financial models.

Availability of Excel Financial Model Templates

Our Excel financial model templates provide businesses with ready-to-use frameworks for various financial modeling purposes. These templates are designed to streamline the financial modeling process, incorporating best practices and industry-specific assumptions. By leveraging our Excel financial model templates, businesses can save valuable time and effort in building their own models from scratch, while still having the flexibility to customize and adapt the templates to their specific needs.

  • Excel's capabilities for complex calculations, accurate projections, and analysis.
  • The structured format of Excel for organized financial data management.
  • Excel's flexibility for scenario analysis, sensitivity testing, and visual representation.
  • Availability of ready-to-use Excel financial model templates for streamlined financial modeling.

By utilizing our Excel-based financial model templates, businesses can harness the power of Excel and benefit from its robust features to create accurate, dynamic, and customizable financial models that drive better financial decision-making and planning.

In today's competitive business landscape, financial modeling is essential for informed decision-making and successful planning. At FinModelsLab, our industry-specific financial model templates in Excel offer a range of benefits to empower businesses and individuals in their financial projections and planning endeavors.

Reaping the Benefits of Industry-Specific Financial Model Templates

Our industry-specific financial model templates provide users with a host of advantages. By utilizing these templates, businesses can save valuable time and effort, as our templates are pre-built with best practices and industry-specific assumptions. This enables users to create accurate and reliable financial projections that align with their unique needs and goals. Whether you are a c-level executive, entrepreneur, investor, or startup founder, our templates offer a well-structured and comprehensive financial modeling know-how, supporting your financial planning and decision-making processes.

Explore Our Wide Range of Templates

We invite you to explore our extensive collection of 3500+ business templates, including financial modeling Excel templates and financial projections template Excel. Our diverse selection ensures that you will find the right template for your industry and specific use case. Whether you are starting a new venture, seeking funding, or managing an existing business, our templates provide the foundation you need for accurate financial projections and comprehensive planning.

  • The benefits of using industry-specific financial model templates for informed decision-making and successful planning.
  • Time-saving advantages through pre-built templates with best practices and industry-specific assumptions.
  • Wide range of 3500+ business templates, including financial modeling Excel templates and financial projections template Excel.

Begin your journey towards effective financial modeling and planning by exploring our wide range of templates. Empower your business with accurate financial projections and make confident decisions to drive growth and success.

Why is a Financial Plan Important to Your Small Business?

A well-put-together financial plan can help you achieve greater confidence in your business while generating a better understanding of how to allocate resources. It shows your business is committed to spending wisely and its ability to meet financial obligations. A financial forecasting model helps you determine if choices will impact revenue and which occasions call for dipping into reserve funds.

It’s also an important tool when asking investors to consider your business. Your startup financial plan shows how your organization manages expenses and generates revenue. It shows where your business stands and how much it needs from sales and investors to meet important financial benchmarks.

Used by Professionals from 300+ Companies Including

Customer Review

Frequently Asked Questions

Of course! Yes. All our templates are fully editable . All formulas, cells and sheets are completely unlocked, so you can edit anything to your liking. Each row on every sheet has a note about what that row’s calculations are trying to do, and many of the components are explained in the help files, so that you can see how I did it - and help you figure out how to change it to your liking.

This financial model is perfect for entrepreneurs to quickly build financial projections for fundraising decks or business modeling.

With this all-in-1 model, you’ll be able to forecast your sales, profits, and cash flow in seconds. Plus, you’ll have all the data, metrics and reports you’ll need to effectively present your business plan to investors & prospects. This financial model was crafted in Excel by expert analysts with 15-years consulting background to assist entrepreneurs with forecasting efforts.

Take advantage of this Excel model to effortlessly forecast your financials, create investor-friendly reports, and build a better business!

You don’t have to be an expert to model your Profit and Loss Statement (P&L) with this straightforward financial model excel template. Our financial projection makes that easy for even the most novice finance background. Just enter your financials and our sophisticated financial model will do all the work, giving you a clear view of your company’s current state, predictions for future performance, and an action plan for scaling revenue. With financial projections that can be easily updated as assumptions change, you’ll have all the information you need to project your company’s future & pitch investors!

Yes. Our financial model excel templates are fully editable, you can change many assumptions including the currency of your business.

You may change currency inputs and currency outputs by applying the exchange rate.

All our financial model templates are Microsoft Excel™ files, and they are available for download immediately after purchase. Can be imported into the Google Sheets™ for editing and customizations. I recommend using Excel or Google Sheets™ for financial modeling, both in general and for our templates specifically. In practice, I use Excel to build and edit models, and Google Sheets to share or collaborate with users. Excel is usually a faster platform for building models, but Google Sheets can be easier for sharing models with people. My models can be used in both Excel and Google Sheets interchangeably; simply upload the Microsoft Excel model template from FinancialModelExcel.com into Google Sheets, and everything will work fine.

Unfortunately no. Unlike a physical product where you can send it back to the seller, because it is a digital product you can still use it after refund. This makes it quite difficult for us to manage honest refund requests. If you have any questions about the financial model excel templates, please contact us so we can guide you and answer any questions you have.

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Yes. Of course! Every financial model excel template has a button to download immediately a DEMO version of the particular template. With the Demo version you will get the read-only financial model template.

By purchasing the template on our website, you will receive an email from us including the link to download your template. Additionally, you should see the download links right after the payment at the checkout page.

Yes, we provide free email support via email at [email protected] . We are in the Europe time zone hence please bear with us and we will catch up as soon as we are back online!

Spreadsheet123 - The Ultimate Guide to The World of Excel

5-Year Financial Plan Template

Whether you are already running a business, or making plans to start one up, financial planning is a vital part of ensuring your success. Not knowing your expected income and expenditure will make it difficult to plan, and hard to find investors.

This 5-Year Financial Plan spreadsheet will make it easy for you to calculate profit and loss, view your balance sheet and cash flow projections, as well as calculate any loan payments you may have. Whilst the wording on this spreadsheet is focussed around products, it can just as easily be used for businesses who largely provide services to their customers.

5-Year Financial Plan Projection

5-Year Financial Plan Projection Screenshot

How to use Financial Plan

Model inputs.

Use the Model Inputs sheet to enter information about your business that will be used to model results seen on the other pages.

Forecasted Revenue

The forecasted revenue section allows you to estimate your revenue for 4 different products. Simply use the white boxes to enter the number of units you expect to sell, and the price you expect to sell them for, and the spreadsheet will calculate the total revenue for each product for the year. If you want to give your products names, simply type over the words "Product 1", "Product 2" etc. and these names will be carried through to the rest of the spreadsheet.

Cost of Goods Sold

Your margins are unlikely to be the same on all of your products, so the cost of goods sold allows you to enter your expected gross margin for each product into the white boxes in Column B. The spreadsheet will automatically calculate the annual cost of goods sold based on this information, along with your forecasted revenue.

Annual Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul

As the cost of annual maintenance, repair and overhaul is likely to increase each year, you will need to enter a percentage factor on your capital equipment in the white box in Column B. This will be used to calculate your operating expenses in the profit and loss sheet.

Asset Depreciation

Use the white box to enter the number of years you expect your assets to depreciate over. This may vary greatly from business to business, as assets in some sectors depreciate much more quickly than they do in others.

In most parts of the world, you will have to pay income on your earnings. Enter the annual tax rate that applies to your circumstances in the white box in Column B. If you have to pay any other taxes, these can be entered later on the Profit and Loss sheet.

Although you cannot be certain of the level of inflation, you will still need to try and plan for it when coming up with a 5-year financial plan. The International Monetary Fund provide forecasts for a number of countries, so is a good place to look if you are unsure what to enter here. Simply enter your inflation rate in the white box.

Product Price Increase

As a consumer, you are no doubt aware that the price of products goes up over time. Enter a number in the white box to show the expected annual price increase of your products to enable the spreadsheet to calculate income in future years. If you are unsure what to put here, increasing your product price in line with inflation is a good starting point. If your business is just starting out, you may be able to command higher prices for your products or services as the years go on, as you build up brand recognition and a good reputation.

The funding section allows you to enter information about your business loan. To use this section, simply fill in the three white boxes representing the amount of the loan, the annual interest rate and the term of the loan in months - for example, 12 for 1 year, 24 for 2 years, 36 for 3 years, 48 for 4 years, or 60 for a 5 year loan.

Profit and loss

This sheet calculates your profit and loss for each year over a 5 year period. The profit and loss assumptions, along with income, are automatically calculated using information entered in the model inputs sheet.

Non-Operation Income

You may have, or be expecting some income in addition to your operating income. These can be entered manually in the white cells in Column B for Year 1, Column C for Year 2 and so on. There are pre-entered categories for rental, lost income and loss (or gain) on the sale of assets, as well as an additional row where you can enter your own non-operation income.

Operating Expenses

Some parts of this are already filled in based on information you put on the Model Inputs, for example, depreciation, maintenance and interest on long-term debt. Years 2-5 are also filled in for you across all categories based on the inflation information entered in the Model Inputs sheet. You therefore only need to enter your Sales and Marketing, Insurance, Payroll and Payroll Tax, Property Taxes, Utilities, Administration Fees and any Other Expenses into the white cells in Column B for Year 1.

Non-recurring Expenses

This section is for entering any expenses that you will not be paying on an annual basis. The Unexpected Expenses row allows you to enter a contingency for unexpected expenses, whilst the Other Expenses row allows you to enter any other one off expenses you may be expecting to make, for example the purchase of new equipment part way into your 5 year plan.

Income Tax is filled in based on the information you enter into the model inputs. Depending on where your business is based, you may find yourself having to pay other taxes. These can be entered in the Other Tax row. You can rename this row by typing over the "Other Tax (specify)" text.

Balance Sheet

The annual balances for Years 1-5 are, in most cases, filled in for you, based on the information you have entered on the Model Inputs sheet and in the Initial Balance column of the Balance Sheet column itself. This makes it very easy to use.

Current Assets

This is where you can enter the value of any of your current assets, with spaces to enter information about Cash and Short-term Investments, Accounts Receivable, Inventory, Prepaid Expenses and Deferred Income Tax. At the bottom of this section is a space for you to enter any other current assets you may have that do not fall into any of these categories.

Property and Equipment

Depending on the nature of your business, you may have assets such as Buildings, Land, Capital Improvements and Machinery. Enter the value of these assets into Column B, and these values will be copied over to each of the 5 years of the plan. The depreciation information entered into the Model Inputs sheet will be used to calculate the depreciation expenses, which allows a total for property and equipment to be calculated automatically.

Other Assets

This section is for entering information on any assets that don't fit in the other sections. These could be Goodwill Payments, Deferred Income Tax, Long-term Investments, Deposits, or any Other long-term assets. Enter the information into Column B, and it will be carried across to the yearly columns automatically.

Current Liabilities

As well as assets, your business is likely to have liabilities. There are spaces to enter Accounts Payable, Accrued Expenses, Notes Payable and Short-term Debt, Capital Leases and Other current liabilities. Just leave blank any rows where you do not have any liabilities, and the totals will be calculated for you.

Your long-term debt/loan information will have already been entered in the Model Inputs sheet, so the only thing to do here is to enter any other long-term debt. Unlike much of the rest of the Balance Sheet, you can manually enter different amounts for each year, as you may, for example, be expecting to take on another loan to purchase some new equipment in Year 3 as your business expands.

Other Liabilities

Use this section to enter any liabilities not covered by the pre-defined labels. You can amend the text in Column A, in order to specify the liabilities, and then enter the cost of these liabilities in Column B.

Your business is likely to have some equity, and this can be entered into this section. You can fill out the Owner's Equity, Paid-in Capital and Preferred Equity in Column B. Your retained earnings are automatically calculated based on the Profit and Loss sheet.

Much of the information on the cash flow sheet is based on calculations in the Balance Sheet. It is important to plan your cash flow carefully, so that you know what funds you will have available to buy new stock and equipment.

Operating Activities

Much of this section is automatically filled in based on your balance sheet. There are only three rows to fill out, which are Amortization, Other Liabilities and Other Operating Cash Flow. You only need to fill out the white boxes in Column B for Year 1, as these values will automatically be carried over into subsequent years for you.

Investing Activities

Your capital expenditures and sale of fixed assets will be automatically populated if you have filled out the relevant sections of the Balance Sheet. They will be blank if they do not apply. As investing activities can vary year on year, you will need to fill out any investment activities for each of the 5 years in the appropriate columns for Acquisition of Business, and any Other Investing Cash Flow items.

Financing Activities

The long-term debt/financing row will be pre-filled based on the loan information previously entered. Use Column B to fill out your Preferred Stock, Total Cash Dividends Paid, Common Stock and Other Financing Cash Flow items for Year 1. This information will automatically carried over to Years 2-5.

Loan Payment Calculator

There is nothing to enter on this sheet, as it is for information only. Whether or not you already have a loan, or are using this spreadsheet as a part of a business plan to help you obtain one, it allows you to easily see how much you will be paying each month, showing how much you are paying off your loan, and how much you are paying in interest. This will allow you to get an idea of whether or not you can afford to borrow a bit extra, if you feel it would allow you to push your business into higher places, or whether you need to shop around for a better interest rate or adjust the loan term in order to afford the loan payments.

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Step 1: Set Financial Goals

Step 2: create financial projections, step 3: write an income statement, step 4: work on the cash flow statement, step 5: create a balance sheet.

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This executive summary template includes a pre-designed outline, step-by-step instructions, fill-in-the-blanks document, and an exclusive offer for LivePlan.

What should an executive summary include?

An executive summary should include a business overview, problem statement, solution description, target market, competition analysis, team overview, financial summary, funding requirements, and milestones and traction.

How long should your executive summary be?

The executive summary should be as brief as possible—ideally under two pages.

How do you start an executive summary?

tart your executive summary with a compelling introduction that captures the reader's attention, outlining your organization, the problem you solve, your skills, and why you're best suited to address the problem​.

free financial model template for business plan

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