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6 Important Tips on Writing a Research Paper Title

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When you are searching for a research study on a particular topic, you probably notice that articles with interesting, descriptive research titles draw you in. By contrast, research paper titles that are not descriptive are usually passed over, even though you may write a good research paper with interesting contents. This shows the importance of coming up with a good title for your research paper when drafting your own manuscript.

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Why do Research Titles Matter?

Before we look at how to title a research paper, let’s look at a research title example that illustrates why a good research paper should have a strong title.

Imagine that you are researching meditation and nursing, and you want to find out if any studies have shown that meditation makes nurses better communicators.  You conduct a keyword search using the keywords “nursing”, “communication”, and “meditation.” You come up with results that have the following titles:

  • Benefits of Meditation for the Nursing Profession: A Quantitative Investigation
  • Why Mindful Nurses Make the Best Communicators
  • Meditation Gurus
  • Nurses on the Move: A Quantitative Report on How Meditation Can Improve Nurse Performance

All four of these titles may describe very similar studies—they could even be titles for the same study! As you can see, they give very different impressions.

  • Title 1 describes the topic and the method of the study but is not particularly catchy.
  • Title 2 partly describes the topic, but does not give any information about the method of the study—it could simply be a theoretical or opinion piece.
  • Title 3 is somewhat catchier but gives almost no information at all about the article.
  • Title 4 begins with a catchy main title and is followed by a subtitle that gives information about the content and method of the study.

As we will see, Title 4 has all the characteristics of a good research title.

Characteristics of a Good Research Title

According to rhetoric scholars Hairston and Keene, making a good title for a paper involves ensuring that the title of the research accomplishes four goals as mentioned below:

  • It should predict the content of the research paper .
  • It should be interesting to the reader .
  • It should reflect the tone of the writing .
  • It should contain important keywords that will make it easier to be located during a keyword search.

Let’s return to the examples in the previous section to see if they meet these four criteria.

As you can see in the table above, only one of the four example titles fulfills all of the criteria of a suitable research paper title.

Related: You’ve chosen your study topic, but having trouble deciding where to publish it? Here’s a comprehensive course to help you identify the right journal .

Tips for Writing an Effective Research Paper Title

When writing a research title , you can use the four criteria listed above as a guide. Here are a few other tips you can use to make sure your title will be part of the recipe for an effective research paper :

  • Make sure your research title describes (a) the topic, (b) the method, (c) the sample, and (d) the results of your study. You can use the following formula:
[ Result ]: A [ method ] study of [ topic ] among [ sample ] Example : Meditation makes nurses perform better: a qualitative study of mindfulness meditation among German nursing students
  • Avoid unnecessary words and jargons. Keep the title statement as concise as possible. You want a title that will be comprehensible even to people who are not experts in your field. Check our article for a detailed list of things to avoid when writing an effective research title .
  • Make sure your title is between 5 and 15 words in length.
  • If you are writing a title for a university assignment or for a particular academic journal, verify that your title conforms to the standards and requirements for that outlet. For example, many journals require that titles fall under a character limit, including spaces. Many universities require that titles take a very specific form, limiting your creativity.
  • Use a descriptive phrase to convey the purpose of your research efficiently.
  • Most importantly, use critical keywords in the title to increase the discoverability of your article.

engineering research paper title

Resources for Further Reading

In addition to the tips above, there are many resources online that you can use to help write your research title. Here is a list of links that you may find useful as you work on creating an excellent research title:

  • The University of Southern California has a guide specific to social science research papers: http://libguides.usc.edu/writingguide/title
  • The Journal of European Psychology Students has a blog article focusing on APA-compliant research paper titles: http://blog.efpsa.org/2012/09/01/how-to-write-a-good-title-for-journal-articles/
  • This article by Kristen Hamlin contains a step-by-step approach to writing titles: http://classroom.synonym.com/choose-title-research-paper-4332.html

Are there any tips or tricks you find useful in crafting research titles? Which tip did you find most useful in this article? Leave a comment to let us know!

  • Hairston, M., & Keene, M. 2003. Successful writing . 5th ed. New York: Norton.
  • University of Southern California. 2017. Organizing your social sciences research paper: choosing a title . [Online] Available at: http://libguides.usc.edu/writingguide/title

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Thank you so much:) Have a nice day!

Thank you so much, it helped me.. God bless..

Thank you for the excellent article and tips for creating a research work, because I always forget about such an essential element as the keywords when forming topics. In particular, I have found a rapid help with the formation of informative and sound titles that also conforms to the standards and requirements.

I am doing a research work on sales girls or shop girls using qualititative method. Basicly I am from Pakistan and writing on the scenario of mycountry. I am really confused about my research title can you kindly give some suggestions and give me an approperaite tilte

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Hi Zubair, Thank you for your question. However, the information you have provided is insufficient for drafting an appropriate title. Information on what exactly you intend to study would be needed in order to draft a meaningful title. Meanwhile, you can try drafting your own title after going through the following articles our website: https://www.enago.com/academy/top-10-tips-on-choosing-an-attractive-research-title/ , https://www.enago.com/academy/writing-a-good-research-title-things-to-avoid/ , https://www.enago.com/academy/write-irresistible-research-paper-title/ We would be happy to give you feedback and suggest changes if required. Did you get a chance to install our free Mobile App? https://www.enago.com/academy/mobile-app/ . Make sure you subscribe to our weekly newsletter https://www.enago.com/academy/subscribe-now/ .

thanks for helping me like this!!

Thank you for this. It helped me improve my research title. I just want to verify to you the title I have just made. “Ensuring the safety: A Quantitative Study of Radio Frequency Identification system among the selected students of ( school’s name ).

(I need your reply asap coz we will be doing the chap. 1 tomorrow. Thank u in advance. 🙂 )

I am actually doing a research paper title. I want to know more further in doing research title. Can you give me some tips on doing a research paper?

Hi Joan, Thank you for your question. We are glad to know that you found our resources useful. Your feedback is very valuable to us. You can try drafting your own title after going through the following articles on our website: https://www.enago.com/academy/top-10-tips-on-choosing-an-attractive-research-title/ , https://www.enago.com/academy/writing-a-good-research-title-things-to-avoid/ , https://www.enago.com/academy/write-irresistible-research-paper-title/

We would be happy to give you feedback and suggest changes if required. Did you get a chance to install our free Mobile App? https://www.enago.com/academy/mobile-app/ . Make sure you subscribe to our weekly newsletter https://www.enago.com/academy/subscribe-now/ .

That really helpful. Thanks alot

Thank you so much. It’s really help me.

Thanks for sharing this tips. Title matters a lot for any article because it contents Keywords of article. It should be eye-catchy. Your article is helpful to select title of any article.

nice blog that you have shared

This blog is very informative for me. Thanks for sharing.

nice information that you have shared

i’m found in selecting my ma thesis title ,so i’m going to do my final research after the proposal approved. Your post help me find good title.

I need help. I need a research title for my study about early mobilization of the mechanically ventilated patients in the ICU. Any suggestions would be highly appreciated.

Thank you for posting your query on the website. When writing manuscripts, too many scholars neglect the research title. This phrase, along with the abstract, is what people will mostly see and read online. Title research of publications shows that the research paper title does matter a lot. Both bibliometrics and altmetrics tracking of citations are now, for better or worse, used to gauge a paper’s “success” for its author(s) and the journal publishing it. Interesting research topics coupled with good or clever yet accurate research titles can draw more attention to your work from peers and the public alike. You can check through the following search results for titles on similar topics: https://www.google.com/search?q=early+mobilization+of+the+mechanically+ventilated+patients+in+the+icu&rlz=1C1GCEU_enIN907IN907&oq=&aqs=chrome.0.69i59.4920093j0j7&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8 .

We hope this would be helpful in drafting an attractive title for your research paper.

Please let us know in case of any other queries.

I’ve been surfing online more than 3 hours these days, but I never found any interesting article like yours. It is lovely worth enough for me. In my opinion, if all website owners and bloggers made just right content material as you did, the internet will be much more helpful than ever before.

Wonderful article! We will bee linking to this particularly great post on our site. Keep up the good writing.

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In case the topic is new research before you’re writing. And then to stand out, you end up being different.and be inclined to highlight yourself.

There are many free directories, and more paid lists.

To be honest your article is informative. I search many site to know about writing but I didn’t get the information I needed. I saw your site and I read it. I got some new information from here. I think some of your tips can be applied to those too! Thank you so very much for such informative and useful content.

Nice and well written content you have shared with us. thanks a lot!

Thanks for sharing these tips… Rockwide

Its helpful. a person can grab knowledge through it.

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engineering research paper title

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engineering research paper title

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Writing a Research Paper

Asme journals digital submission tool guidelines and information, writing a research paper or technical brief.

Only original contributions to the engineering literature are accepted for publication; work should incorporate substantial information not previously published.


If a submission contains excerpts from other copyrighted material (including without limitation any diagrams, photographs, figures or text), it is the responsibility of the authors to acquire in writing all necessary rights from third parties to include those materials in a submission. In addition, appropriate credit for that third-party material must be included in footnotes, figure/table captions, Acknowledgements, References or Bibliography. This is part of the Terms and Conditions of the Copyright Transfer Agreement required form each author prior to publication of an accepted submission.

Resources The Office of Research Integrity has the following guide that may be a useful reference: Avoiding Plagiarism, Self-Plagiarism, and Other Questionable Writing Practices: A Guide to Ethical Writing.

Accuracy It is of the greatest importance that all technical, scientific, and mathematical information contained in the paper be checked with the utmost care.

It is ASME policy that SI units of measurement be included in all papers. When U.S. customary units are given preference, the SI equivalent should be provided in parentheses or in a supplementary table. When preference is given to SI units, the U.S. customary units should be provided in parentheses or in a supplementary table.

A research paper should not exceed 12,000 words. Beyond this amount, a mandatory excess-page charge can be assessed. These charges are described here: Publication Charges .

To estimate figures and tables:

  • 1 journal page = 1000 words
  • Half-journal page or a single column = 500 words
  • Half-column = 250 words
  • Quarter column = 125 words.

The Editor reserves the right to send papers that exceed the length limitation back to the author(s) for shortening before initiating the review process.

Elements of a Paper

The basic elements of a paper or brief are listed below in the order in which they should appear:

  • author names and affiliations
  • body of paper
  • acknowledgments
  • nomenclature
  • figures and tables

Text: 9 or 10 pt. Times Roman medium (or equivalent typeface), justified, with single line spacing

The title of the paper should be concise and definitive.

Author Names and Affiliations

It is ASME policy that all those who have participated significantly in the technical aspects of a paper be recognized as co-authors or cited in the acknowledgments. Author name should consist of first name (or initial), middle initial, and last name. The author affiliation should consist of the following, as applicable, in the order noted:

  • university or company (with department name or company division)
  • mailing address
  • city, state, zip code
  • country name (other than the U.S.)
  • e-mail (university or company email addresses should be used whenever possible)

An abstract (250 words maximum) should open the paper or brief. The purpose of the abstract is to give a clear indication of the objective, scope, and results so that readers may determine whether the full text will be of particular interest to them.

The text should be organized into logical parts or sections. The purpose of the paper should be stated at the beginning, followed by a description of the problem, the means of solution, and any other information necessary to properly qualify the results presented and the conclusions. The results should be presented in an orderly form, followed by the author'/s conclusions.

Headings and subheadings should appear throughout the work to divide the subject matter into logical parts and to emphasize the major elements and considerations. Parts or sections may be numbered, if desired, but paragraphs should not be numbered.

Equations should be numbered consecutively beginning with (1) to the end of the paper, including any appendices. The number should be enclosed in parentheses and set flush right in the column on the same line as the equation. It is this number that should be used when referring to equations within the text. Equations should be referenced within the text as "Eq. (x)." When the reference to an equation begins a sentence, it should be spelled out, e.g., "Equation (x)."

Formulas and equations should be created to clearly distinguish capital letters from lowercase letters. Care should be taken to avoid confusion between the lowercase "l"(el) and the numeral one, or between zero and the lowercase "o." All subscripts, superscripts, Greek letters, and other symbols should be clearly indicated.

In all mathematical expressions and analyses, any symbols (and the units in which they are measured) not previously defined in nomenclature should be explained. If the paper is highly mathematical in nature, it may be advisable to develop equations and formulas in appendices rather than in the body of the paper.

All figures (graphs, line drawings, photographs, etc.) should be numbered consecutively and have a caption consisting of the figure number and a brief title or description of the figure. This number should be used when referring to the figure in text. Figure references should be included within the text in numerical order according to their order of appearance. Figures should be referenced within the text as "Fig. 1." When the reference to a figure begins a sentence, the abbreviation "Fig." should be spelled out, e.g., "Figure 1." A separate list of figure numbers and their respective captions should be included at the end of the paper (for production purposes only). ASME accepts .tiff (.tif) or .eps file formats for figures.

  • TIFF (Tag Image File Format) is for bitmap images (spatially mapped array of bits).
  • EPS (Encapsulated Postscript) is for vector graphics (mathematical expressions of geometrical primitives).

Images created in Word can opened in Adobe Acrobat and saved as .tif or .eps

Figure files greater than 15MB should be checked to see if layers were merged.

All tables should be numbered consecutively and have a caption consisting of the table number and a brief title. This number should be used when referring to the table in text. Table references should be included within the text in numerical order according to their order of appearance. Tables should be inserted as part of the text as close as possible to its first reference — with the exception of those tables included at the end of the paper as an appendix. A separate list of table numbers and their respective captions should be included at the end of the paper (for production purposes only).

Video Files

Currently, the ASME Journal Tool does not accommodate the submission of video files. Authors can contact the Editor by email if they have video files. If accepted by the Editor for review, ASME will provide information for transferring the files by FTP.

Video files should augment a figure that is included in the paper since they will be included as part of the peer-review of the paper, and if accepted for publication, part of the archival version of the paper.

The following file formats can be accepted for video files:

Supplemental Material

Go to “ Supplemental Material ” for information on this.


Acknowledgments may be made to individuals or institutions not mentioned elsewhere in the work who have made an important contribution.

Funding Information

Funding information provided will be placed at the end of the Acknowledgment section.


Nomenclature should follow customary usage. For reference, consult American National Standards Institute (ANSI) recommendations. The nomenclature list should be in alphabetical order (capital letters first, followed by lowercase letters), followed by any Greek symbols, with subscripts and superscripts last, identified with headings.

Sample Nomenclature

  • Pages must be paginated.
  • Highly technical terms or phraseology must be explained and defined.
  • The use of the first person and reference to individuals should be made in such a manner as to avoid personal bias.
  • Company names should be mentioned only in the acknowledgments.
  • All papers should be concise regardless of length.
  • Long quotations should be avoided by referring to sources.
  • Illustrations and tables must be kept to a practicable minimum.
  • Detailed drawings, lengthy test data and calculations, and photographs not integral to the understanding of the subject, should be omitted.
  • Equations should be kept to a reasonable minimum, and built-up fractions within sentences should be avoided.
  • Spell out all acronyms on first use. Put the acronym in parentheses immediately after the spelled-out term.
  • All lines of the initial submission must be numbered.

Within the text, references should be cited in numerical order according to their order of appearance. The numbered reference citation within text should be enclosed in brackets.

Example: It was shown by Prusa [1] that the width of the plume decreases under these conditions.

All references must include a DOI.

In the case of two citations, the numbers should be separated by a comma [1,2]. In the case of more than two references, the numbers should be separated by a dash [5-7].

Note: ASME primarily uses the Chicago Manual of Style for reference format. Authors are encouraged to seek out precise instructions via: http://www.ChicagoManualofStyle.org. ASME does not allow references to Wikipedia.

Sample References

References should be listed together at the end of the paper; footnotes should not be used for this purpose.

References should be arranged in numerical order according to the sequence of citations within the text. Each reference should include the last name of each author followed by initials.

Website Content

  • [2] Wayne, John “John Cowboy Videos 2009,” YouTube video, 7:00, November 13, 2009, http://www.you tube.com/ watch?v= aBcDeFgH9yz.
  • [3] “Apple Privacy Policy,” last modified February 4, 2009, accessed July 19, 2010, http://www.apple.com/intl/en/privacypolicy.html.
  • [17] “WD2000: Visual Basic Macro to Assign Clipboard Text to a String Variable,” revision 1.3, Microsoft Help and Support, last modified November 23, 2006, http://support.microsoft.com/kb/212730.
  • Note: If a site ceases to exist before publication, or if the information is modified or deleted, this must be included: [8] As of February 22, 2013, Sullivan was claiming on her website that … (a claim that had disappeared from her page by March 4, 2013).

Journal Articles and Papers in Serial Publications

  • [3] Adams, Z., 2014, “Bending of an Infinite Beam on an Elastic Substrate,” ASME J Appl. Mech., 3, pp. 221-228.
  • [9] Zhang, T. W., Khun, C., Liu, Q., and Miller, A. P., 2011, “Self-Healing Techniques,” Nature, 332(6662), pp. 888-892.

Textbooks and Monographs

  • [10] Gibson, T.A., and Tucker, M. T., 2008, The Big Book of Cellular Studies, John Wiley and Sons, NY.

Chapter Within a Book

  • [32] Stevens, T. T., 1999, “Stochastic Fields and Their Digital Simulation,” Stochastic Methods. T. A. Sulle, and M. Siiu, eds., Martinius Publishers, Dordrecht, Germany, pp. 22-36.

Individual Conference Papers/Papers in Compiled Proceedings/Collection of Works by Numerous Authors

  • [21] Wions, T. T., and Mills, C. D., 2006, “Structural Dynamics in Parallel Manipulation,” Proceedings of the IDETC/CIE, New Orleans, LA, September 10-13, 2005, ASME Paper No. DETC2005-99532, pp. 777-798.

Theses and Technical Reports

  • [1] Oligaria, T. T., Fredy, C. W., Popullo, A. Z., and Tucker, M. A., 20111, “Characterization of PKM Dynamics,” SAE Technical Paper No. 2011-02-8345, 07ATC-96.
  • [25] Mollen, T., P., 2014, “Use of General Nonlinear Material in Articulated Systems,” Ph.D. dissertation, University of Boston, Boston, MA.
  • [27] Clinton, D., 2013, “Review of Rocket Technology,” NASA Report No. NASA RE-8842.

Books Consulted Online

  • [23] Smith, John, 2014, A Dog’s Life in Berlin. Oxford University Press, New York. Doi: 10.1055/acprof.oso/97890.0394.000.

Citing ASME Journal Titles

In order to improve the accuracy of citation data collection, ASME is standardizing on the following abbreviations for the titles in the ASME Journal Program. Authors should use these abbreviations for ASME titles in their references:

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Maximize search-ability and engage your readers from the very beginning

Your title is the first thing anyone who reads your article is going to see, and for many it will be where they stop reading. Learn how to write a title that helps readers find your article, draws your audience in and sets the stage for your research!

How your title impacts the success of your article

Researchers are busy and there will always be more articles to read than time to read them.  Good titles help readers find your research, and decide whether to keep reading. Search engines use titles to retrieve relevant articles based on users’ keyword searches. Once readers find your article, they’ll use the title as the first filter to decide whether your research is what they’re looking for. A strong and specific title is the first step toward citations, inclusion in meta-analyses, and influencing your field. 

engineering research paper title

What to include in a title

Include the most important information that will signal to your target audience that they should keep reading.

Key information about the study design

Important keywords

What you discovered

Writing tips

Getting the title right can be more difficult than it seems, and researchers refine their writing skills throughout their career. Some journals even help editors to re-write their titles during the publication process! 

engineering research paper title

  • Keep it concise and informative What’s appropriate for titles varies greatly across disciplines. Take a look at some articles published in your field, and check the journal guidelines for character limits. Aim for fewer than 12 words, and check for journal specific word limits.
  • Write for your audience Consider who your primary audience is: are they specialists in your specific field, are they cross-disciplinary, are they non-specialists?
  • Entice the reader Find a way to pique your readers’ interest, give them enough information to keep them reading.
  • Incorporate important keywords Consider what about your article will be most interesting to your audience: Most readers come to an article from a search engine, so take some time and include the important ones in your title!
  • Write in sentence case In scientific writing, titles are given in sentence case. Capitalize only the first word of the text, proper nouns, and genus names. See our examples below.

engineering research paper title


  • Write your title as a question In most cases, you shouldn’t need to frame your title as a question. You have the answers, you know what you found. Writing your title as a question might draw your readers in, but it’s more likely to put them off.
  • Sensationalize your research Be honest with yourself about what you truly discovered. A sensationalized or dramatic title might make a few extra people read a bit further into your article, but you don’t want them disappointed when they get to the results.


Format: Prevalence of [disease] in [population] in [location]

Example: Prevalence of tuberculosis in homeless women in San Francisco

Format: Risk factors for [condition] among [population] in [location]

Example: Risk factors for preterm births among low-income women in Mexico City

Format (systematic review/meta-analysis): Effectiveness of [treatment] for [disease] in [population] for [outcome] : A systematic review and meta-analysis

Example: Effectiveness of Hepatitis B treatment in HIV-infected adolescents in the prevention of liver disease: A systematic review and meta-analysis

Format (clinical trial): [Intervention] improved [symptoms] of [disease] in [population] : A randomized controlled clinical trial

Example: Using a sleep app lessened insomnia in post-menopausal women in southwest United States: A randomized controlled clinical trial

Format  (general molecular studies): Characterization/identification/evaluation of [molecule name] in/from [organism/tissue] (b y [specific biological methods] ) 

Example: Identification of putative Type-I sex pheromone biosynthesis-related genes expressed in the female pheromone gland of Streltzoviella insularis

Format  (general molecular studies): [specific methods/analysis] of organism/tissue reveal insights into [function/role] of [molecule name] in [biological process]  

Example: Transcriptome landscape of Rafflesia cantleyi floral buds reveals insights into the roles of transcription factors and phytohormones in flower development

Format  (software/method papers): [tool/method/software] for [what purpose] in [what research area]

Example: CRISPR-based tools for targeted transcriptional and epigenetic regulation in plants

Tip: How to edit your work

Editing is challenging, especially if you are acting as both a writer and an editor. Read our guidelines for advice on how to refine your work, including useful tips for setting your intentions, re-review, and consultation with colleagues.

  • How to Write an Abstract
  • How to Write Your Methods
  • How to Report Statistics
  • How to Write Discussions and Conclusions
  • How to Edit Your Work

The contents of the Peer Review Center are also available as a live, interactive training session, complete with slides, talking points, and activities. …

The contents of the Writing Center are also available as a live, interactive training session, complete with slides, talking points, and activities. …

There’s a lot to consider when deciding where to submit your work. Learn how to choose a journal that will help your study reach its audience, while reflecting your values as a researcher…

Engineering (Basic)

  • Getting Started
  • Where to Find ...
  • Academic Integrity
  • Formulating questions w/PICO

Researching an Engineering Topic, Part 1: Introduction

Researching an engineering topic, part 2: pick a good topic, researching an engineering topic, part 3: build a strong foundation, researching an engineering topic, part 4: know where to look, researching an engineering topic, part 5: search strategies, get organized - it saves time, style manuals and citation guides.

  • How to Find Facts, Formulas & Data
  • Articles (Journals & Magazines)
  • Encyclopedias and Dictionaries
  • Advanced Guides

The ASU Library purchases access to the types of information that your instructors want you to use and what you'll be expected to use when you become a professional engineer.    To find this information you'll need to know where to look and what to look for.    Here's how to do it ...

  • Pick a Good Topic
  • Build a Strong Foundation
  • Know Where to Look
  • Using the PICO method

Has your instructor given you the option to pick your own research topic?  

A good topic: 

  • Is interesting.  The more you enjoy the topic, the more pleasant the work will be; you may find that it's not really work at all.  
  • If whole books have been written about the topic, it's too broad for a short paper or talk; narrow the scope by looking for a specific issue within that topic.  Instead of writing about bridges in general, how about writing on "bridge failures in the United States"?   
  • On the other hand, if very little has been published on the topic, it's too narrow; try broadening the topic by taking a step (or two) back.  So, instead of studying "suspension bridge failures in Phoenix", what about "bridge failures in Arizona"?    
  • Is something on which you can do an analysis and make a recommendation. Writing a paper or giving a talk is more than just paraphrasing what you found when researching your topic.  You'll need to draw conclusions that are supported by your research.   If your paper is about the Interstate-35 bridge collapse in Minnesota, don't just give a timeline of what happened.  You should address such issues as what has been learned and what still needs to be studied.   

Having trouble coming up with a good topic?  Try these engineering sites to get ideas:

  • Grand Challenges for Engineering
  • WTOP Radio Archives
  • Science Daily
  • Discovery News: Tech & Gadgets

The books and and journal articles you'll be using in college are written for people who are already knowledgeable about the subject.  Just as every structure needs a good foundation, you'll need to learn the basics about a topic so you'll be able to understand what your research finds. 

You can get an introduction to just about any engineering concept via encylopedias and handbooks ;  use these to read about your topic before you start your research. For example, if your topic is about bridges, do you know what the different types of bridges are?  What forces are at play in each type? What materials are typically used in each?  

In addition,  dictionaries  can be used to determine what a technical term means.  Whether in print or online, always have a technical dictionary for the field you're researching on-hand to help you decifer what you're reading.

As an undergraduate, you'll use primarily two types of resources:

  • Books  for a broad treatment of a topic, and
  • Journal Articles  for an in-depth treatment of a specific aspect of a topic.

Use the "Books" and "Journal Articles" links above to discover what library resources will help you find appropriate books and journal articles for your topic.

Most research at this level will require that you use more than one resource as each resource will cover different parts of the literature.  (Even Google can't find everything.)  Also, you may find that you have to try several times before you find the best combination of words for searching that resource.  What words you use for searching and how you ask the computer to combine them will directly affect your results, so it pays to use different word combinations and strategies. 

So how do you know what are the best words for your search?  

  • Start with the words you use to describe the topic  
  • Look for other terminology the authors are using in their titles and abstracts (summaries) to describe the same topic.  
  • If available, look in the left or right columns on the results screen for subject faceting (sometimes called "refine options")  to see what wording is appearing most frequently.  
  • After you have found other terminology for your topic, redo your search using these new words; you'll retrieve more books/articles that are on your topic.  
  • Some people find the PICO method helpful in formulating search strategies.

Keep in mind that literature research is a not a linear process; it's not "search, read, write, turn it in".  It's more "search, read, refocus, search again ..." as many times as is necessary before you can write your paper. It may take two or three cycles of "search, read, refine" before you have what you need to write. 

If your paper or talk is relatively short and only requires a few supporting pieces of documentation, you can probably keep your book and journal articles citations written down on paper.  Be sure to keep complete "citations" for everything you read - check those citations before you return the book to the library or before you leave the photocopy/printer with your article.  

For books a complete citation includes the:

  • book title,
  • publisher of the book, 
  • place where the publisher is headquartered, and
  • date of publication.
  • If you will be citing only portions of the book, be sure to keep track of the page numbers.

For journal articles a complete citation includes the:

  • author(s) of the article,
  • title of the article,
  • title of the journal,
  • volume number,
  • issue number,
  • pages the article appeared on, and
  • Some citations styles, such as APA, are now requiring the DOI (digital object identifier) of the article; DOIs are found on the online versions and look something like this:
  • doi:10.1016/j.espr.2011.08.016
  • doi/10.1063/1.3457141

Both style manuals and citation guides explain how to format bibliographies; a bibliography is the list of books and journal articles you cited in your paper or talk.  Your instructor will tell you in what style or format s/he wants your bibliography.   In college, the two most popular styles are MLA (Modern Language Association) and APA (American Psychological Association) with the later style being preferred for many areas of engineering.   

For more information about MLA and APA styles, see the libguide Citation Styles .

If your instructor specifies a different style, see the Advanced Guide for that engineering area to find links to guides for that format.

  • << Previous: Formulating questions w/PICO
  • Next: How to Find Facts, Formulas & Data >>
  • Last updated: Aug 11, 2023 1:47 PM
  • URL: https://libguides.asu.edu/engineering

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231 engineering research paper topics to choose from.

Engineering Research Paper Topics

Just like writing a research paper on any other broad topic, simply choosing engineering as your research paper topic can be a very difficult task for you to navigate considering how broad the engineering field of study is. Breaking it into bits and areas of interest and knowledge with assistance allows you to write an excellent research paper and broadens your knowledge.

There are so many engineering research paper topics to choose from—genetic engineering research paper topics, engineering ethics research paper topics, research paper topics security engineering, and so many more. Here are some other engineering topics.

Engineering Topics for Research Paper

Numerous research paper topics can be easily carved out from any of the different subfields within engineering. Some of the topics include.

  • How mechanical engineering is at the forefront of innovation
  • The emergence of robotics and how it benefits the study of mechanical engineering
  • How Companies can expand through embracing mechanical theories
  • Civil Engineering: how it intends to address the rising infrastructure challenges in the US
  • How the embrace of Mechanical engineering can handle hazardous waste in the US
  • The rising effects of food processing machines within the US food industry
  • A move towards the Use of Solar Energy: What it means for the environment and the Electrical sector
  • The Rising challenges of storing power in an ion battery
  • The Functional design of an ultra-low-power integrated circuit
  • A Case study of Regenerative Braking
  • Electrical Loads: How to accurately forecast them
  • An in-depth exploration of the environmental impact of green buildings
  • Environmental Engineering: Minimizing the damage caused by Wildfires
  • Some of the challenges faced with supply chain traceability
  • Data mining technologies: How it benefits businesses
  • The Rising Use of Chatbots and how it’s impacting the business sector
  • The extent of the human interaction with computer technologies
  • The Rise of Algorithms and the gradual decline of Manpower
  • How new computer technology is rewriting the work culture
  • An implicit overview of the programming paradigm
  • The Growth of Database over the years
  • The Challenges of using different programming languages
  • The Major concept of aerospace engineering
  • Redefining the coverage and outlook of electrical signals for electronic communications
  • Analysis and interpretation of the Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Computer recognition: biometric data verification for promoting and enhancing security
  • How the Internet of Things promotes innovation in modern business decisions
  • The Role of Computer engineering in the e-commerce sector
  • An interpretation of how reliant e-commerce is on Computer engineering
  • How Computer engineering is reshaping access to information technology
  • Automotive technology for administrative procedures
  • Computer Engineering and the future of Digital Education.

Industrial Engineering Research Paper Topics

If you are a student pursuing a degree in Industrial engineering, or a professor within academia boosting their portfolio, there’s always going to be the need to engage in research paper writing every time.

There are so many topics surrounding industrial engineering. To get started, it’s important to choose a topic that interests you and move forward in formulating relevant research questions that will guide you through the project. Some of them include:

  • 3D printing: Its Rapid Growth, Impact and how it’s revolutionizing the manufacturing
  • Analysis and Interpretation of a network-based methodology to model Supply chain systems
  • The impacts of technology on mass customization
  • A Case study on Automation
  • Additive Manufacturing as an advanced manufacturing technique
  • The use of Process Mapping to assist Supply Chain
  • Analysis of the Ergonomics Method Application
  • The Optimization of inventory in Pharmaceutical Companies
  • E-commerce: the role of Supply Chain within the industry
  • Analysis of the fuse of Supply chain design into small-scale online business
  • Evaluation of the supply chain management
  • The Using of Systematic Layout Planning to improve facility layout
  • Development of Risk-based approach to supply chain management
  • The development of a maintenance strategy for a milling company
  • The level of productivity improvement in the Manufacturing Industry
  • The Optimization of Transportation Costs in Supply Chain management
  • Problem analysis of the n Machines and m Operators
  • Interpretation of a Sequence Dependent Machine set-up
  • The overlapping nature of the Industrial Engineering and Production management
  • The impact of the supply chain within the small-scale business
  • The role of Industrial engineering within the Health sector
  • Integrated Product development: Robust Design tools
  • The Logistics Efficiency of Supply Chain
  • Supply Chain beyond the Realms of small-scales
  • A Case Study: Surveying of quality problems in Small Scale industries
  • Interpretation of Practical Algorithm for Large Scale Vehicle Routing
  • Analysis and Interpretation of Machine Learning impacts within e-commerce
  • A Comparative Study of Algorithms and Machine Learning
  • Productivity boost within Small scale industries without Supply Chain
  • Analysis of the developmental process of a software package for design of experiments
  • Influence of computer engineering on augmented reality.

Research Paper Topics about Electrical Engineering

When sourcing research paper topics for engineering, it’s important to note that every aspect of the engineering discipline is very broad. Electrical engineering itself is a broad sub-discipline of the subject and a quite interesting one at that.

Focus, while writing a paper on electrical engineering, can be on electric vehicles, renewable energy sources, machines, power electronics, and every other thing related to electronic engineering. Here are some of the topics on the subject.

  • Solar Systems and their growing impact on sustainable living
  • An interpretation of Maximum Power Point Track Algorithm
  • A power quality analysis of the microgrid connected to a power grid
  • A Case study on algorithm development for electricity bill reduction through the use of control charging
  • Interpretation of energy minimization algorithm
  • Economical analysis of all-wheel drive electric car
  • Analysis and Interpretation of load-leveling using EV
  • An overview of the economic analysis and life of a battery with a supercapacitor
  • An interpretation of the efficiency of regenerative braking on an electric scooter
  • Sensitivity analysis: parameters of vehicle design
  • An interpretation of the performance of a battery from an electric scooter from a field data
  • Analysis of the simulation model of an electric scooter
  • A carrying out of the performance level of an electric scooter from a different motor
  • Battery performance level in an electric scooter
  • A thorough look at the optimal selection of components of EV from the vehicle simulation analysis
  • An in-depth overview of the design and installation of 250 Watt Solar Power system
  • Designs: an outlook at the process of designing and construction of an FM Radio transmitter
  • The use of an infrared Remote Control to construct a home automation
  • The designing of a distance proximity sensor using LDR and LED
  • A look into the myriads of factors affecting power outage and low power supply in Remote areas
  • Constructing a 500W Transistor amplifier
  • Construction of an automatic phase selection
  • How an audio amplifier of 200Watts DC supply is constructed
  • Designing and Construction: developing an intelligent traffic light control system with the use of sensors and a microcontroller
  • Silicon Controlled Regulator model for the designing of a battery changer
  • Factors constantly affecting electrical trade students achievement in the US
  • A Case study of an electronic device that can be used in measuring the temperature and the humidity level of an environment
  • Factors and challenges responsible for students in practical electric installation and maintenance work
  • The improvement of the capacity of a renewable power system with the assistance of solar power panel
  • The construction of a light-sensitive and sustainable alarm system
  • The designing and construction process of a single-phase auto-transformer

Research Paper Topics Related to Civil Engineering

While it is still highly recommended that before choosing your college research paper writing topic, it’s important that you are familiar with the subject and will undergo relevant research to enable desired results.

Choosing your civil engineering research topic also gives you knowledge on what could be asked of you during an interview. Here are some of the topics you can look at.

  • A study of the dynamic inversion of soil mechanical parameters
  • A Case study of concrete-filled glass fiber reinforced compression member
  • A comparative and seismic analysis of the performance of transmission tower system
  • An interpretation of spatial stress analysis of a large underground project
  • A case study of the acoustic emission features of limestones after high temperature
  • Analysis of the reinforced concrete block masonry basement
  • Analysis and Interpretation of monotonic and fatigue properties of functionally graded composite beams
  • The process of application of the intensified approach on recycled aggregate
  • An investigation into urban infrastructure construction and effects on environmental impacts.
  • Properties of concrete: Impact of admixtures on concrete and construction projects.
  • Carbonation experimental study on thermal deformation of cement-asphalt mortar under cyclic heating and cooling
  • Developing rainfall models and effects on your locality or state.
  • Comparative analysis and investigation of industrial waste and byproduct materials within your locality.
  • Risk analysis and assessment of rock removal technology companies.
  • Analyzing the stability and structural model of modern material energy storage.
  • A comparative analysis of the strength characteristics of soil within a locality and impacts of civil engineering construction.
  • An interpretation of the design and assessment models of construction projects planning.
  • A study of climate change and its influence on civil engineering construction projects.
  • Coal mining and its ecological factors through land reclamation technology.
  • Small-scale construction firms development performance framework.
  • Setting up a sustainable project in civil engineering construction and design development.
  • Sustainable development: the use of rainwater harvesters and their reuse in sustainable building
  • The management and control of industrial pollution through civil engineering projects and design methods.
  • Climate change and influence on material sourcing for construction projects.
  • An analysis of water management problems within your locality.
  • A study of the properties of concrete recycling towards sustainable water and land management.
  • A focus on safety measures within the construction site
  • Latest invention on civil engineering and how they apply to the modern society
  • How to overcome problems on the multi-passage leakage of Dam by temperature in bores
  • The growing lack of certified and capable experts: a looming problem within the civil engineering field
  • Pressing challenges within the civil engineering field and possible solutions to it

Research Paper Topics Software Engineering

Another area of engineering that is as important as other areas is the software aspect of engineering. With the present growth and advancement of digital technology today, the demand for professionals within the software engineering sector keeps multiplying. It’s an interesting subfield in engineering. Here are some research topics worthy of consideration within the subfield.

  • The importance of programmed machines within the health care sector
  • The best algorithm for setting up an efficient machine learning system
  • The importance of algorithms and machine learning to e-commerce
  • The benefits of web-based learning for the healthcare sector
  • How artificial intelligence is compounding and helping in the expansion of knowledge in the present society
  • The use of thumbprints, computer recognition programs, eye prints in establishing cybersecurity
  • The importance of network and data security for large and small corporations
  • The importance of the Internet of Things in telecommunication
  • A comparative study of cloud storage and older storage models
  • The application of algorithms for the setup of e-commerce websites.
  • The programming of computerized bank verification numbering systems and how they enhance financial security
  • Designing of employee monitoring software for improved productivity within the workplace
  • The designing of software that enables the smooth fit of virtual bookkeeping services
  • The reliance of e-commerce on software products for smooth functioning and productivity
  • Creating a computerized insurance application process for an easier process
  • The roles of digital products in the smooth operation of fintech companies
  • Software products for online survey systems
  • Creating mobile websites for residential business use
  • Information technology training in the US
  • Impact of wearable technology for improved healthcare
  • An innovative approach to information technology for data security
  • The application of algorithms for security
  • How algorithms systems identify spam
  • How mobile applications increase learning
  • The designing and programming of digital products
  • Creation of automated reporting aids
  • Advanced technology and its effect on the climate
  • The importance of data security
  • Automotive technology for enhanced security
  • Use of technology in identification and classification

Research Paper Topics in Automobile Engineering

Writing an outstanding research paper in engineering requires thorough research. But, the ability to carry out said research is only possible if students writing on the said subject have grounded themselves enough with knowledge of the area. Here are some research topics on automobiles.

  • A critical evaluation of electrical vehicles and the older models
  • Approach towards cooperative traffic control solution
  • The use of artificial intelligence in automobile design
  • A comparison of electro-hydraulic brake system and conventional hydraulic system
  • Use of artificial intelligence in vehicle threat assessment
  • Evaluation of the use of nitrogen gas in place of simple air for automobile tires
  • Making safety airbags in cars more efficient
  • The use of advanced models in automobile designs
  • A study of an industrial framework for verification in the automotive composite structure
  • Study of the predictive quality of cars
  • The use of computational verification in automobile safety system
  • Motion planning and control for truck and trailers
  • A study on the drive for electrical vehicles
  • Comparative study of independent wheel suspension and conventional wheel suspension system
  • Equipping night vision technologies in automobile
  • The sustainable benefits of hybrid and electrical cars
  • A study of older car models
  • Analysis of the use of electric machines in vehicles
  • Examining how kinetic energy recovery system benefits cars
  • Study for the on motion control of heavy-duty vehicles
  • A case study of freight trucks
  • Evaluation of the benefits of intelligent variable valve training deliver great gruel efficiency
  • Artificial intelligence in electrical cars
  • Artificial Intelligence in hybrid vehicles
  • Sustainable benefits of modern cars
  • Comparative analysis of hybrid and electrical cars

Aerospace Engineering Research Paper Topics

With an aerospace engineering degree, the student is afforded opportunities to go beyond traditional aircraft and spacecraft knowledge. This will be reflected in their research paper. Topics include.

  • Study of aerospace system designs
  • Overview of aerospace system simulation
  • Flight plan optimization
  • Aerospace conflict detection and solution
  • Artificial intelligence within the aerospace system
  • Avoidance of storm: necessary knowledge in aerospace system
  • Impacts of GPS velocity
  • Structural analysis of land gear
  • Benefits of ICT within the aerospace system
  • Fuselage designs and how they promote passenger survivability
  • Radical new designs in aerospace engineering
  • Designing an innovative aircraft
  • Examining older model aircrafts
  • Latest trends in aerospace technology
  • A study of aeronautical engineering
  • Study of astronautical engineering
  • Interpretation of aerospace technology
  • Control oriented modeling of aircrafts
  • Flutter analysis of an aerial vehicle
  • High velocity operating features of aerospace
  • Study of aircraft operation
  • A study of aero-acoustics
  • New research on aerospace technology
  • Aerospace: Stability and Control navigation
  • Study of aerodynamics
  • Analysis and Interpretation of hypersonics

Chemical Engineering Research Paper Topics

The chemical engineering field is another relevant aspect of engineering. Here are useful research topics on the subject.

  • A study of coal activated carbon emission
  • Assessment of carbon monoxide level in mining locations
  • Comparative study of Coal, Fuel Oil, Crude oil and natural gas
  • Analysis of the extraction and formulation of perfume from plants
  • The extraction process of perfumes from lemongrass leaves
  • Chemical properties of activated carbon for water purification
  • A case study of the hydrolysis of cellulose
  • A chemical analysis of the anti-inflammatory properties of methanol extract
  • Environmental impacts of carbon emission
  • How to determine the concentration level of total petroleum hydrocarbon
  • Preparation of soap through the use of different types of oil
  • The construction process of the steel shelf
  • Study of the water purification process
  • Analysis of the dehydration of ethanol-water solution using activated starch
  • The study of the construction of a simple distillation unit
  • In-depth analysis of a coal activated carbon
  • The extraction process of oils from cashew
  • Study of local rubber latex as a binder in paint formulation
  • A study of chemical pollutants
  • The production process of Alkaline with local raw materials
  • Chemical processing of wood adhesives
  • The production process of vaporized perfume
  • Chemical extraction of oil from plant seeds
  • The chemical processing of coal
  • The chemical processing of crude
  • What is the refining process of soya bean oil

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110 Engineering Research Topics For Engineering Students!

engineering topics

Getting engineering topics for research or presentation is not an easy task. The reason is that the field of engineering is vast. Engineers seek to use scientific principles in the design and building of machines, structures, bridges, tunnels, etc.

Engineering as a discipline has a broad range of specialized fields such as chemical engineering, civil engineering, biomedical engineering, computer engineering, mechanical engineering, software engineering, and lots more! In all, engineering seeks to apply mathematics or science to solving problems.

110 Engineering Topic Ideas in Different Areas

Genetic engineering topics, mechanical engineering research topics, electrical engineering research topics, software engineering research topics, computer engineering research topics, biomedical engineering research topics, civil engineering topics, chemical engineering research topics, controversial engineering topics, aerospace engineering topics, industrial engineering topics, environmental engineering topics for research.

We understand how difficult and tiring it could be to get engineering research topics; hence this article contains a total of 110 interesting engineering topics covering all aspects of engineering. Ready to explore? Let’s begin right away!

Genetic engineering is the direct manipulation of the gene of an organism using biotechnology. Many controversies are surrounding this engineering field because of the fantastic potential feats it could achieve. Here are some genetic engineering topics that encompass essential areas of this field.

  • Can the human personality be altered through genetic engineering?
  • Genetic engineering: hope for children with intellectual disabilities?
  • Genetic engineering: the problems and perspectives.
  • Genetic engineering and the possibility of human cloning.
  • Genetic Engineering
  • The side effects of altering human personality
  • Immortalizing humans through genetic engineering
  • Addressing human deficiencies through genetic engineering

Mechanical engineering deals with the design and manufacture of physical or automated systems. These systems include power and energy systems, engines, compressors, kinematic chains, robotics, etc. Here are some impressive mechanical engineering topics that double as mechanical engineering thesis topics too.

  • A study of the compressed air technology used in cars.
  • The design of a motorized automatic wheelchair that can serve as a bed.
  • The why and how of designing stronger and lighter automobiles.
  • The design of an electronic-assisted hydraulic braking system.
  • Basics of Electronics Engineering
  • AC and DC motors and operations
  • Design and implementation of wind energy
  • Power lines and electricity distribution
  • Electromagnetic field and its applications
  • Generators and electric motors

Electrical engineering is a trendy and well-sought field that deals with the design and manufacture of different electrical and electronic systems. Electrical engineering encompasses power and electronics. The basic principle of digital technology and electricity are all given birth to in this field. From your lighting to computers and phones, everything runs based on electricity. Although finding topics in electrical engineering could be difficult, we have carefully selected four electrical engineering topics to give you a great head start in your research! or write research paper for me

  • A study on how temperature affects photovoltaic energy conversion.
  • The impact of solar charging stations on the power system.
  • Direct current power transmission and multiphase power transmission
  • Analysis of the power quality of the micro grid-connected power grid.
  • Solar power and inverters
  • Alternator and electric magnetic induction
  • AC to DC converters
  • Operational amplifiers and their circuits.

Software engineering deals with the application of engineering approaches systematically to develop software. This discipline overlaps with computer science and management science and is also a part of overall systems engineering. Here are some software engineering topics for your research!

  • The borderline between hardware and software in cloud computing.
  • Essential computer languages of the future.
  • Latest tendencies in augmented reality and virtual reality.
  • How algorithms improve test automation.
  • Essentials for designing a functional software
  • Software designing and cyber security
  • 5 computer languages that will stand the test of time.
  • Getting software design right
  • Effects of malware on software operation.

Computer engineering integrates essential knowledge from the subfields of computer science, software engineering, and electronic engineering to develop computer hardware and software. Computer engineering applies various concepts to build complex structural models. Besides, we have completed researches in the information technology field and prepare great  it thesis topics for you. Here are some computer engineering topics to help you with your research.

  • Biotechnology, medicine, and computer engineering.
  • Programs for computer-aided design (cad) of drug models.
  • More effective coding and information protection for multinational companies.
  • Why we will need greater ram in modern-day computers.
  • Analysis and computer-aided structure design
  • Pre-stressed concrete structures and variations
  • General computer analysis of structures
  • Machine foundation and structural design
  • Storage and industrial structures.

Biomedical engineering applies principles and design concepts from engineering to medicine and biology for diagnostic or therapeutic healthcare purposes. Here are some suggested biomedical engineering topics to carry out research on!

  • A study on how robots are changing health care.
  • Can human organs be replaced with implantable biomedical devices?
  • The advancement of brain implants.
  • The advancement of cell and tissue engineering for organ replacement.
  • Is planting human organs in machines safe?
  • Is it possible to plant biomedical devices insensitive to human organs?
  • How can biomedicine enhance the functioning of the human brain?
  • The pros and cons of organ replacement.

Civil engineering deals with the construction, design, and implementation of these designs into the physical space. It is also responsible for the preservation and maintenance of these constructions. Civil engineering spans projects like roads, buildings, bridges, airports, and sewage construction. Here are some civil engineering topics for your research!

  • Designing buildings and structures that withstand the impact of seismic waves.
  • Active noise control for buildings in very noisy places.
  • The intricacies of designing a blast-resistant building.
  • A compatible study of the effect of replacing cement with silica fume and fly ash.
  • Comparative study on fiber-reinforced concrete and other methods of concrete reinforcement.
  • Advanced construction techniques
  • Concrete repair and Structural Strengthening
  • Advanced earthquake resistant techniques
  • Hazardous waste management
  • Carbon fiber use in construction
  • Structural dynamics and seismic site characterization
  • Urban construction and design techniques

Chemical engineering transverses the operation and study of chemical compounds and their production. It also deals with the economic methods involved in converting raw chemicals to usable finished compounds. Chemical engineering applies subjects from various fields such as physics, chemistry, biology, and mathematics. It utilizes technology to carry out large-scale chemical processes. Here are some chemical engineering topics for you!

  • Capable wastewater treatment processes and technology.
  • Enhanced oil recovery with the aid of microorganisms.
  • Designing nanoparticle drug delivery systems for cancer chemotherapy.
  • Efficient extraction of hydrogen from the biomass.
  • Separation processes and thermodynamics
  • Heat, mass, and temperature
  • Industrial chemistry
  • Water splitting for hydrogen production
  • Mining and minerals
  • Hydrocarbon processes and compounds
  • Microfluidics and Nanofluidics.

Not everyone agrees on the same thing. Here are some engineering ethics topics and controversial engineering topics you can explore.

  • Are organic foods better than genetically modified foods?
  • Should genetically modified foods be used to solve hunger crises?
  • Self-driving cars: pros and cons.
  • Is mechanical reproduction ethical?
  • If robots and computers take over tasks, what will humans do?
  • Are electric cars really worth it?
  • Should human genetics be altered?
  • Will artificial intelligence replace humans in reality?

Aerospace engineering deals with the design, formation, and maintenance of aircraft, spacecraft, etc. It studies flight safety, fuel consumption, etc. Here are some aerospace engineering topics for you.

  • How the design of planes can help them weather the storms more efficiently.
  • Current techniques on flight plan optimization.
  • Methods of optimizing commercial aircraft trajectory
  • Application of artificial intelligence to capacity-demand.
  • Desalination of water
  • Designing safe planes
  • Mapping a new airline route
  • Understanding the structural design of planes.

Petroleum engineering encompasses everything hydrocarbon. It is the engineering field related to the activities, methods, processes, and adoptions taken to manufacture hydrocarbons. Hydrocarbon examples include natural gas and crude oil which can be processed to more refined forms to give new petrochemical products.

  • The effect of 3d printing on manufacturing processes.
  • How to make designs that fit resources and budget constraints.
  • The simulation and practice of emergency evacuation.
  • Workers ergonomics in industrial design.
  • Heat transfer process and material science
  • Drilling engineering and well formation
  • Material and energy flow computing
  • Well log analysis and testing
  • Natural gas research and industrial management

Manufacturing engineering is integral for the creation of materials and various tools. It has to do with the design, implementation, construction, and development of all the processes involved in product and material manufacture. Some useful production engineering topics are:

  • Harnessing freshwater as a source of energy
  • The design and development of carbon index measurement systems.
  • Process improvement techniques for the identification and removal of waste in industries.
  • An extensive study of biomedical waste management.
  • Optimization of transportation cost in raw material management
  • Improvement of facility layout using systematic planning
  • Facilities planning and design
  • Functional analysis and material modeling
  • Product design and marketing
  • Principles of metal formation and design.

So here we are! 110 engineering research paper topics in all major fields of engineering! Choose the ones you like best and feel free to contact our thesis writers for help. It’s time to save humanity!

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How to Make a Research Paper Title with Examples

engineering research paper title

What is a research paper title and why does it matter?

A research paper title summarizes the aim and purpose of your research study. Making a title for your research is one of the most important decisions when writing an article to publish in journals. The research title is the first thing that journal editors and reviewers see when they look at your paper and the only piece of information that fellow researchers will see in a database or search engine query. Good titles that are concise and contain all the relevant terms have been shown to increase citation counts and Altmetric scores .

Therefore, when you title research work, make sure it captures all of the relevant aspects of your study, including the specific topic and problem being investigated. It also should present these elements in a way that is accessible and will captivate readers. Follow these steps to learn how to make a good research title for your work.

How to Make a Research Paper Title in 5 Steps

You might wonder how you are supposed to pick a title from all the content that your manuscript contains—how are you supposed to choose? What will make your research paper title come up in search engines and what will make the people in your field read it? 

In a nutshell, your research title should accurately capture what you have done, it should sound interesting to the people who work on the same or a similar topic, and it should contain the important title keywords that other researchers use when looking for literature in databases. To make the title writing process as simple as possible, we have broken it down into 5 simple steps.

Step 1: Answer some key questions about your research paper

What does your paper seek to answer and what does it accomplish? Try to answer these questions as briefly as possible. You can create these questions by going through each section of your paper and finding the MOST relevant information to make a research title.

Step 2: Identify research study keywords

Now that you have answers to your research questions, find the most important parts of these responses and make these your study keywords. Note that you should only choose the most important terms for your keywords–journals usually request anywhere from 3 to 8 keywords maximum.

Step 3: Research title writing: use these keywords

“We employed a case study of 60 liver transplant patients around the US aged 20-50 years to assess how waiting list volume affects the outcomes of liver transplantation in patients; results indicate a positive correlation between increased waiting list volume and negative prognosis after the transplant procedure.”

The sentence above is clearly much too long for a research paper title. This is why you will trim and polish your title in the next two steps.

Step 4: Create a working research paper title

To create a working title, remove elements that make it a complete “sentence” but keep everything that is important to what the study is about. Delete all unnecessary and redundant words that are not central to the study or that researchers would most likely not use in a database search.

“ We employed a case study of 60 liver transplant patients around the US aged 20-50 years to assess how the waiting list volume affects the outcome of liver transplantation in patients ; results indicate a positive correlation between increased waiting list volume and a negative prognosis after transplant procedure ”

Now shift some words around for proper syntax and rephrase it a bit to shorten the length and make it leaner and more natural. What you are left with is:

“A case study of 60 liver transplant patients around the US aged 20-50 years assessing the impact of waiting list volume on outcome of transplantation and showing a positive correlation between increased waiting list volume and a negative prognosis” (Word Count: 38)

This text is getting closer to what we want in a research title, which is just the most important information. But note that the word count for this working title is still 38 words, whereas the average length of published journal article titles is 16 words or fewer. Therefore, we should eliminate some words and phrases that are not essential to this title.

Step 5: Remove any nonessential words and phrases from your title

Because the number of patients studied and the exact outcome are not the most essential parts of this paper, remove these elements first:

 “A case study of 60 liver transplant patients around the US aged 20-50 years assessing the impact of waiting list volume on outcomes of transplantation and showing a positive correlation between increased waiting list volume and a negative prognosis” (Word Count: 19)

In addition, the methods used in a study are not usually the most searched-for keywords in databases and represent additional details that you may want to remove to make your title leaner. So what is left is:

“Assessing the impact of waiting list volume on outcome and prognosis in liver transplantation patients” (Word Count: 15)

In this final version of the title, one can immediately recognize the subject and what objectives the study aims to achieve. Note that the most important terms appear at the beginning and end of the title: “Assessing,” which is the main action of the study, is placed at the beginning; and “liver transplantation patients,” the specific subject of the study, is placed at the end.

This will aid significantly in your research paper title being found in search engines and database queries, which means that a lot more researchers will be able to locate your article once it is published. In fact, a 2014 review of more than 150,000 papers submitted to the UK’s Research Excellence Framework (REF) database found the style of a paper’s title impacted the number of citations it would typically receive. In most disciplines, articles with shorter, more concise titles yielded more citations.

Adding a Research Paper Subtitle

If your title might require a subtitle to provide more immediate details about your methodology or sample, you can do this by adding this information after a colon:

“ : a case study of US adult patients ages 20-25”

If we abide strictly by our word count rule this may not be necessary or recommended. But every journal has its own standard formatting and style guidelines for research paper titles, so it is a good idea to be aware of the specific journal author instructions , not just when you write the manuscript but also to decide how to create a good title for it.

Research Paper Title Examples

The title examples in the following table illustrate how a title can be interesting but incomplete, complete by uninteresting, complete and interesting but too informal in tone, or some other combination of these. A good research paper title should meet all the requirements in the four columns below.

Tips on Formulating a Good Research Paper Title

In addition to the steps given above, there are a few other important things you want to keep in mind when it comes to how to write a research paper title, regarding formatting, word count, and content:

  • Write the title after you’ve written your paper and abstract
  • Include all of the essential terms in your paper
  • Keep it short and to the point (~16 words or fewer)
  • Avoid unnecessary jargon and abbreviations
  • Use keywords that capture the content of your paper
  • Never include a period at the end—your title is NOT a sentence

Research Paper Writing Resources

We hope this article has been helpful in teaching you how to craft your research paper title. But you might still want to dig deeper into different journal title formats and categories that might be more suitable for specific article types or need help with writing a cover letter for your manuscript submission.

In addition to getting English proofreading services , including paper editing services , before submission to journals, be sure to visit our academic resources papers. Here you can find dozens of articles on manuscript writing, from drafting an outline to finding a target journal to submit to.

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211 Interesting Engineering Research Paper Topics

Engineering Research Paper Topics

The world of engineering is replete with experimentation and discoveries; it’s only a matter of understanding what is required and knowing where to look. Sometimes, college students are at a loss on how to choose the right research topic for their projects, especially when it comes to their area of specialty. This is normal in most cases. If you’re in university and you’re so confused about how to choose a suitable engineering topic for research papers to work on, then you’re in luck. This entire guide is dedicated to offering you expert quality and professional research paper writing services and writing tips you can’t get anywhere else online.

Genetic Engineering Research Paper Topics

This refers to the process of deliberately altering the genetic composition of an organism. Nowadays, the leaps in genetic engineering have benefited several important aspects, including stem cell research. Through genetic engineering, several diseases and predisposing factors have been discovered and written out or edited. The fact that such technologies exist, gives enough motivation for many to want to carry out further research on the topic. Below are some relevant topics for further research that students can use in the field of genetic engineering.

  • The possibility of recovering and the DNA of extinct animals in the restocking of said species.
  • Existing genetic theories and explanations which support or disprove certain aspects of human behavior.
  • The viability of cloning organisms.
  • The existing relationship between genetic factors and acne susceptibility of individuals.
  • Genetic explanations and theories supporting or disproving social animal behavior.
  • The connection between coronary heart disease and genetic interference.
  • Genetic research and how they have influenced the environment.
  • How close are we to cloning humans?
  • The relationship between genetic factors and allergic reactions.
  • Can congenital deformities be passed down from mother to child?
  • Genetic explanation for similarities in personalities of twins raised apart.
  • Genetic explanation for differences in personalities of twins raised apart.
  • Who funds genetic research?
  • Factors that contribute to inbreeding depression.
  • Genetic explanation of genetic variations in the distribution of organisms of the same species.
  • Current strides in genetic engineering.
  • Genetic engineering: moral or immoral?
  • When does genetic engineering cross the line?
  • Who defines right and wrong in genetics?
  • The future of genetic coding and editing.

Industrial Engineering Research Paper Topics

This branch of engineering is one that deals specifically in making complex systems, organizations, structures, etc. more efficient by developing and improving upon the pre-existing systems. In industrial engineering, the goal is the improvement and application of researched, factual upgrades to systems when dealing with individuals, finance, information, etc. in order to produce optimized results and functions. Industrial engineering seeks to improve the methods employed by companies in the implementation of processes in the manufacture and operations of projects. Research in industrial engineering will help broaden your knowledge of how things are and how they should be to function more efficiently and effectively. To help you get started, here are some research topics you can consider taking a closer look at.

  • Mining and discovery of data.
  • The designing, structuring, and execution of experiments.
  • Strategies employed in manufacturing.
  • Single-objective optimization.
  • Poly-objective optimization
  • Managing a supply chain.
  • Analytical approach to the management of data.
  • Experimental designing.
  • Analysis of variance.
  • Interaction of dependent and independent variables in our reality.
  • The algorithm of differential evolution.
  • Artificial neural networks and their application.
  • Planning and design concepts in the building of structures.
  • Layouts and designs of structures.
  • Systems and analyses of handling industrial materials.
  • Artificial intelligence.
  • The influence of computers on driving.
  • Application of ergonomics in the world of engineering today.
  • The rise of automation in modern industries.

Research Paper Topics Related To Civil Engineering

One simple way to define civil engineering is that it’s basically all that we can see that has been built around us. It simply refers to an expert branch or discipline of engineering that focuses on making viable, practical arrangements with the plan, development, and maintenance of the physical, visible structures around us.

Civil engineering focuses on specific areas of structural building and maintenance, including public works like streets, waterways, dams, air terminals, sewerage frameworks, pipelines, primary segments of structures, rail routes, and so on.

Civil engineers imagine, plan, create, administer, work, develop and keep up basic interactions and frameworks in the general population and private area, including the roads, structures, airport terminals, burrows, dams, extensions, and frameworks for water supply and sewage treatment. Below are some more topics you might be interested in, which will help as a student to answer some research paper projects and assignments.

  • Automation of the operation of machines in industries.
  • Designing, building, and engineering sturdy structures.
  • Designing long-lasting buildings and systems.
  • Materials for innovation.
  • Systems employed to help in the detection and management of natural disasters.
  • Elimination and mitigation of industrial and structural hazards.
  • Analyses of risks and reliability of computational alerts.
  • Informatics and its application.
  • Simulations in engineering.
  • Land surveying.
  • Designing, engineering, and construction of roads.
  • Designing, engineering, and construction of buildings.
  • Engineering and transportation.
  • Geotechnical and its application in everyday life.
  • Engineering: its contribution and effects on the environment.
  • The impact of engineering on the structure and interaction of microorganisms in the soil.
  • Analyzing and designing residential and industrial structures.
  • The integration of various designs into construction plans.
  • The role of civil engineering in the control of environmental pollution.

Research Paper Topics Software Engineering

Software engineering is a branch of engineering that deals with the systemic application of analyses and research findings to the creation and management of software. In software engineering, the process entails a disciplined, quantifiable approach to the application of said findings in the creation, operation, management, and security of software. Further research topics and areas yet to be fully explored in software engineering are listed below.

  • The Internet of Things.
  • Cybersecurity.
  • Mining data.
  • Application of software engineering in the diagnosis and treatment of medical diseases.
  • Applications of Deep Neural Networking.
  • Detection and prevention of scams and online frauds.
  • Hacking: ethical hacking and the blue nowhere.
  • Benefits of professionalizing esports.
  • Automating the repairs of machines and industrial structures.
  • Assessing and testing clones.
  • The sustainability of ICT in various industries.
  • Application of ICT in Small and Medium-scale Enterprises.
  • Artificial intelligence and its contribution to the economy.
  • Ranking clone codes.
  • Data analytics.
  • Prediction and elimination of errors in software engineering.
  • Debugging in architecture.
  • Using machine learning to predict and detect defects in software.

Research Paper Topics For Engineering

Without mincing words, engineering is an umbrella term for the discipline which combines mathematics, physics, and physical sciences in the creation, development, and maintenance of technology. Some areas for further research are listed below.

  • Systems of electrical power.
  • Sustainable alternatives and sources of energy.
  • Material modeling.
  • The mechanics of damage.
  • Renewable and non-renewable sources of energy.
  • Acoustics in engineering.
  • The engineering of chemical reactions.
  • Electronic appliances.
  • Electronics.
  • Electromagnetism.
  • The fusion of Information and Communications Technology with multimedia.
  • Content administration.
  • Electrical applications of physics.
  • Fusion of nuclei.
  • Engineering of light.
  • Design of advanced systems.
  • Clean technology and zero-carbon energy.
  • Hydroelectric engineering.

Research Paper Topics About Electrical Engineering

Electrical engineering refers to the branch of engineering that entails the operational use of technology of electricity and electrical appliances. This division of engineering focuses on the design and application of equipment used in the generation and distribution of power, as well as the control of machines and communications. There’s a whole new world under the name of electrical engineering, and further research into the field will yield solutions to many world problems. Some of these research topics are listed below.

  • Harnessing the infinite potentials of solar energy.
  • Harnessing the infinite potentials of thermal energy.
  • Designing, engineering, and creating wind generators.
  • 3D printing.
  • Constructing circuits.
  • Additive manufacture.
  • Renewable forms of energy.
  • Soft robotics.
  • Conventional robotics.
  • Medical diagnoses and health monitoring using electrical appliances and engineering.
  • Design of energy generators.
  • Management and control of energy.
  • General applications of vehicular control.
  • Cloud services.
  • Smart grids.
  • Quality of power.
  • Wireless transfer of energy from a higher source of energy to a machine with low energy.

Research Paper Topics In Automobile Engineering

Automobile engineering is perhaps one of the most practical branches of engineering that can be seen and put to use in everyday life. It involves the study of the creation, design, structure, interaction between component parts, etc. of vehicles and other means of transportation. Automobile engineering is often restricted to land vehicles and some suitable research topics that may interest you are listed below.

  • Techniques, procedures, structural designs, and functionality in race cars and Formula 1.
  • Drones and other unmanned aerial conveyors.
  • Processes in centrifugal casting.
  • Shaper machines and their practical examples in everyday life.
  • Tectonic sources of heat energy.
  • Conversion of wave energy.
  • General conversion of energy.
  • Airbags and their contribution to ensuring the safety of passengers while en route.
  • Designs, applications, and operations of aerodynamics.
  • Application of aerodynamics in physics and automobile engineering.
  • Design, application, functions, and restrictions surrounding robotic systems.
  • Electric cars, the future of automobiles and driving.
  • Solar-powered cars.
  • Brakes and vehicular control.
  • Solar-powered air conditioning units.
  • Speed sensors for vehicles in motion.
  • Steam energy: application, viability, risks associated with it, and how to minimize the risks involved.
  • Wind energy: production of renewable energy from wind turbines.
  • Smart cars: artificial intelligence, real-time analyses, and utilization of data by artificial intelligence.

Engineering Ethics Research Paper Topics

Engineering ethics refers to the branch of engineering that addresses ethical issues surrounding the study and pursuit of engineering. More often than not, engineering, in the quest for globalization and technological advancement, crosses some ethical lines in carrying out its duties. Engineering ethics is there to keep the branches of engineering in check to make sure that the obligations to the public and everyone else are carried out ethically. Discover new horizons in engineering ethics by studying any of the following research topics.

  • The history of engineering ethics, and its application through the years.
  • Circumstances that led to the relevance and development of engineering ethics.
  • Connections between the scientific, historical and technological in engineering ethics.
  • Approaches to ethical engineering.
  • Principles and vast potentials of engineering ethics.
  • Associations and bodies that monitor and uphold engineering ethics.
  • Similarities in engineering ethics and ethics in other professions.
  • Differences between engineering ethics and ethics in other professions.
  • The engineer’s obligations to the public in general.
  • Engineering ethics: responsibility and accountability of engineers.
  • Violation of engineering ethics.
  • Effects of projects undertaken in engineering on the environment.
  • Balancing public obligations and development of work projects.
  • The impacts of globalization on ethical engineering.
  • Engineering ethics and voluntarism.
  • Contradictory ethical standpoints in engineering ethics.
  • The engineer’s societal obligations and ethics in engineering.
  • Engineering ethics and professional obligations.
  • How engineering ethics influences profit generation.

Research Paper Topics: Security Engineering

Security engineering is a branch of engineering that deals with the integration of security monitoring and controls in a system, such that the controls are absorbed into the system, and are now seen as parts of the operational abilities of the system. Above all else, security engineers analyze, supervise and develop technology and technicalities that help organizations in preventing malware from invading their systems, leaks of client information, breaches, etc. associated with cyberterrorism and cybercrime. Security engineers major in building infallible, resilient software systems that stand tall in the face of malware, defects, errors, etc. It relies on certain tools in the design, implementation, testing, etc. of finished systems, as well as the continuous upgrades in time with environmental changes.

  • Protection of clients’ data.
  • Protecting the privacy of users.
  • Cloud security.
  • Security policies to protect client data.
  • Data management and security policies.
  • Privacy and security on the internet.
  • Client data and software security.
  • Security of users while participating in online interactive platforms.
  • Mobile app security.
  • The implication of unified user profiles for clients while using the Internet of Things.
  • Cyberattacks and some ways that corporations can survive them.
  • Centralizing the system of data storage.
  • Cybersecurity of online mobile gaming platforms and user data.
  • Computer security.
  • Security of software.
  • Cybersecurity and social engineering.
  • Effects of automation of operations in security engineering.
  • The human factor in security engineering.
  • Combating malware with antiviruses.

Aerospace Engineering Research Paper Topics

Aerospace engineering refers to the branch of engineering that is concerned with making current, factual researches, designing, developing, constructing, conducting tests, technology, dynamics, and applications of spacecraft and airplanes. Aerospace engineering refers to aerial systems that are operational within the Earth, and in outer space.

  • The dynamics of unstable gases.
  • Parallel systems based on ground power unit (GPU).
  • Laser tools: computation, precision calculations, and implementation from start to finish.
  • Simulation of turbulence in reactive flows.
  • Fluid dynamics in aerospace engineering.
  • The propagation of elastic waves.
  • Designs for lunar missions.
  • Detection of faults in composite aerospace locations.
  • Applications of elastic abrasives.
  • Management of supply chains.
  • Functional designs for wind turbines.
  • Dynamics of fluids and fuels for machines.
  • Mechanics of solids.
  • Rocket propulsion.
  • Missile launching: precision and analyses.
  • Structures in aerospace.
  • Micro Aerial Vehicles.
  • Different fuselage systems.
  • Structural differences between a forward-swept wing passenger aircraft and a backward-swept wing passenger aircraft.

Chemical Engineering Research Paper Topics

Chemical engineering is another practical branch of engineering. It deals with the planning, designing, as well as operations of processing sites, as well as the interaction between physical, biological, and chemical processes involved in creating economically important technologies. Some research topics are listed below.

  • The use of different types of oils in the manufacture of soap.
  • Replenishing soil nutrients and microorganisms in polluted areas by the use of organic fertilizers.
  • Degradation of soil and stripping of soil nutrients by industrial waste deposition.
  • Speeding up the degradation of plastic and reducing pollution.
  • Petrochemical products and their applications.
  • The interaction between soil microorganisms and organic fertilizers.
  • Techniques in separating simple and complex homogeneous liquids.
  • Techniques in reversing the action of free radicals.
  • Relationship between elements in the environment.
  • Molecular biology and the intricate specialization of cells.
  • Interaction between drugs and the immune system of a living organism.
  • Heat and heat energy.
  • Mass production of alternatives to fossil fuels.
  • Renewable, plant-based sources of energy.
  • Reclaiming methane as by-products of waste products.
  • Redox reactions and their applications.
  • Heat properties of paper.
  • Designing, producing, and enhancing supercapacitors.
  • Controlled extraction of plant-based wax from the pods of plants like the Theobroma cacao.
  • Water pollution and pollutants.

Research in engineering begins with an ideal topic. Backing either of the above up with factual findings is guaranteed to get you top grades.

earth science topics

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Engineering Research Paper Topics

academic writing services

  • Aerodynamics
  • Cathode-ray tube
  • Cell, electrochemical
  • Compact disc
  • Diesel engine
  • Electric arc
  • Electric current
  • Electric motor
  • Electricity
  • Electrocardiogram
  • Electromagnetic field
  • Electromagnetic induction
  • Electromagnetism
  • Electronics
  • Fluorescent light
  • Incandescent light
  • Integrated circuit
  • Internal-combustion engine
  • LED (light-emitting diode)
  • Machines, simple
  • Magnetic recording
  • Mass production
  • Steam engine
  • Superconductor
  • Transformer
  • Ultrasonics
  • Video recording

Analyzing a Problem

Defining the problem is the first and most critical step of the problem analysis. To best find a solution, the problem must be well understood and the guidelines or design considerations for the project must be clear. For example, in the creation of a new automobile, the engineers must know if they should design for fuel economy or for brute power. Many questions like this arise in every engineering project, and they must all be answered at the very beginning of the project.

Academic Writing, Editing, Proofreading, And Problem Solving Services

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When these issues are resolved, the problem must be thoroughly researched. This involves searching technical journals and closely examining solutions of similar engineering problems. The purpose of this step is twofold. First, it allows the engineer to make use of a tremendous body of work done by other engineers. Second, it ensures the engineer that the problem has not already been solved.

Designing a Solution

Once the problem is well understood, the process of designing a solution begins. It typically starts with brainstorming, a technique by which members of the engineering team suggest a number of possible general approaches for the problem. Normally, one of the approaches is then selected as the primary candidate for further development. Occasionally, however, the team may elect to pursue multiple solutions to the problem. The members then compare the refined designs of these solutions, choosing the best one to pursue to completion.

Once a general design or technology is selected, the work is subdivided and various team members assume specific responsibilities. In the case of the automobile, for example, mechanical engineers in the group would tackle such problems as the design of the transmission and suspension systems. Electrical engineers, on the other hand, would focus on the ignition system and the various displays and electronic gauges. In any case, each of these engineers must design one aspect that operates in harmony with every other aspect of the general design.

Bringing it to Life

Once the design is complete, a prototype or preliminary working model is generally built. The primary function of the prototype is to demonstrate and test the operation of the device.

In the prototype stage, the device undergoes extensive testing to reveal any bugs or problems with the design. Especially with complex systems, it is often difficult to predict (on paper) where problems with the design may occur. If one aspect of the system happens to fail too quickly or does not function at all, it is closely analyzed and that subsystem is redesigned and retested (both on its own and within the complete system.) This process is repeated until the entire system satisfies the design requirements.

Once the prototype is in complete working order and the engineers are satisfied with its operation, the device goes into the production stage. Here, details such as appearance, ease of use, availability of materials, and safety are studied and generally result in additional final design changes.

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Engineering articles within Scientific Reports

Article 20 November 2023 | Open Access

Evolution characteristics of micromechanics provides insights into the microstructure of pharmaceutical tablets fabricated by bimodal mixtures

  • Mengtao Zhao
  •  &  Chuanyun Dai

Network coding construction for a special class of three unicast sessions

Article 19 November 2023 | Open Access

Sparse convolutional neural network for high-resolution skull shape completion and shape super-resolution

  • Jianning Li
  • , Christina Gsaxner
  •  &  Jan Egger

Article 18 November 2023 | Open Access

Modelling droplet size distribution in inline electrostatic coalescers for improved crude oil processing

  • Ghazal Kooti
  • , Bahram Dabir
  •  &  Christoph Butscher

Development and optimisation of in vitro sonodynamic therapy for glioblastoma

  • Andrew Keenlyside
  • , Theodore Marples
  •  &  James Joseph

Study on correlation between TBM tailings gradation and granitic gneiss surrounding rock stability

  • Yuancheng Liu
  • , Ronggui Deng
  •  &  Zhiqian Fu

Quantitative evaluation of rat sciatic nerve degeneration using high-frequency ultrasound

  • Yuanshan Wu
  • , Victor Barrere
  •  &  Sameer B. Shah

Application of bidirectional long short-term memory network for prediction of cognitive age

  • Shi-Bing Wong
  •  &  Syu-Siang Wang

A novel subject-wise dictionary learning approach using multi-subject fMRI spatial and temporal components

  • Muhammad Usman Khalid
  •  &  Malik Muhammad Nauman

Article 17 November 2023 | Open Access

Trajectory analysis and optimization of sea buckthorn fruit vibration separation manipulator based on I-PSO algorithm

  • Bingqin Liang
  • , Xinzhang Lin
  •  &  Weibing Wang

Volatile aroma and physicochemical characteristics of freeze-dried coconut water using different encapsulating agents

  • Yardfon Tanongkankit
  • , Sunee Eadmusik
  •  &  Chanthima Phungamngoen

Efficient end-to-end long-read sequence mapping using minimap2-fpga integrated with hardware accelerated chaining

  • Kisaru Liyanage
  • , Hiruna Samarakoon
  •  &  Hasindu Gamaarachchi

Inferring individual evaluation criteria for reaching trajectories with obstacle avoidance from EEG signals

  • Fumiaki Iwane
  • , Aude Billard
  •  &  José del R. Millán

Simulation study of a novel small animal FLASH irradiator (SAFI) with integrated inverse-geometry CT based on circularly distributed kV X-ray sources

  • , Shuang Zhou
  •  &  Tiezhi Zhang

Mitigation of PWR fuel assembly vibrations using bio-inspired nozzles

  • Ibrahim Gad-el-Hak
  • , Njuki Mureithi
  •  &  Brian Painter

Non-invasive assessment of skin hydration and sensation with diffuse reflectance spectroscopy

  • Ying-Yu Chen
  • , Shih-Yu Tzeng
  •  &  Sheng-Hao Tseng

Uncertainty analysis on flood routing of embankment dam breach due to overtopping failure

  • Miaofan Yang
  •  &  Jiangui Yang

Flexural capacity of eco-friendly reinforced concrete beams

  • Nagib N. Gerges
  • , Camille A. Issa
  •  &  Yehia Abdulwahab

Article 16 November 2023 | Open Access

Sensitivity analysis of operation parameters of the salt cavern under long-term gas injection-production

  • Huabin Zhang
  • , Peng Wang
  •  &  Xianru Yue

Research on permanent magnet synchronous motor algorithm based on linear nonlinear switching self-disturbance rejection control

  • Xiangde Liu
  •  &  Xiang Cao

Wideband 1-bit reconfigurable transmission metasurface unit cell design in Ka-band with polarization hold and conversion

  • Tongxing Huang
  • , Wenjie Fu
  •  &  Yang Yan

Microstructure, hardness and wear behavior of ZrC particle reinforced AZ31 surface composites synthesized via friction stir processing

  • T. Satish Kumar
  • , Titus Thankachan
  •  &  Kanak Kalita

Splitting tensile strength prediction of Metakaolin concrete using machine learning techniques

  • , Guoqi Ren
  •  &  Yonggang Ding

Inverted laser sintering of metal powders

  • John Whitehead
  •  &  Hod Lipson

Dynamic event-triggered delay compensation control for networked predictive control systems with random delay

Mechanism of strength deterioration of red sandstone on reservoir bank slopes under the action of dry–wet cycles.

  • , Baoyun Zhao
  •  &  Wei Huang

Bayesian AEWMA control chart under ranked set sampling with application to reliability engineering

  • , Muhammad Noor-ul-Amin
  •  &  Bakhtiyar Ahmad

BubbleDrive, a low-volume incubation chamber for acute brain slices

  • , Vidar Jensen
  •  &  Jan Hrabe

A comprehensive study on enhancing of the mechanical properties of steel fiber-reinforced concrete through nano-silica integration

  • Anbuchezian Ashokan
  • , Silambarasan Rajendran
  •  &  Ratchagaraja Dhairiyasamy

A modelling study of hole transport in GaN/AlGaN superlattices

  • Mengxun Bai
  •  &  Judy Rorison

Detecting age-related changes in skeletal muscle mechanics using ultrasound shear wave elastography

  • , Justus Marquetand
  •  &  Manuela Zimmer

3D image scanning of gravel soil using in-situ X-ray computed tomography

  • Satoshi Matsumura
  • , Akihiko Kondo
  •  &  J. David Frost

Analog neuromorphic circuit for spontaneous Ca 2+ oscillations

  • Beatriz O. Câmara
  • , Janaina G. Guimarães
  •  &  Marcelo L. Pereira Junior

Article 15 November 2023 | Open Access

Comparison of the noise produced by the polymer and bronze P1566 propellers in the cavitation tunnel

  • Piotr Szymak
  • , Andrzej Grządziela
  •  &  Krzysztof Naus

A simulation study to investigate an extension to the point cluster technique

  • Vivek Karmarkar
  •  &  Rachel V. Vitali

Comparison of detection methods for carbonation depth of concrete

  •  &  Jiaxi Wang

Tailoring the dispersion characteristics in planar arrays of discrete and coalesced split ring resonators

  • Ioannis Spanos
  • , Christopher John Stevens
  •  &  Ekaterina Shamonina

Optimized design of permanent magnet for disk permanent magnet governor

  •  &  Chuqing Cao

Optimal tracking control of the coal mining face fluid supply system via adaptive dynamic programming

  • Xiaoteng Zeng
  •  &  Dalong Wang

Classifying marine mammals signal using cubic splines interpolation combining with triple loss variational auto-encoder

  • Nhat Hoang Bach
  •  &  Duy Phong Pham

Predicting glaucoma progression using deep learning framework guided by generative algorithm

  • Shaista Hussain
  • , Jacqueline Chua
  •  &  Liu Yong

Article 14 November 2023 | Open Access

Modelling of transverse vibration of conveyor belt in aspect of the trough angle

  • Piotr Bortnowski
  • , Robert Król
  •  &  Maksymilian Ozdoba

Empirical models for compressive and tensile strength of basalt fiber reinforced concrete

  • Muhammad Asghar
  • , Muhammad Faisal Javed
  •  &  Emad A. A. Ismail

Tensile-shear properties of steel-Al adhesively bonded dissimilar joints and the effect of Al plate thickness

  • Yoshihiko Uematsu
  • , Yoshihiro Ozeki
  •  &  Paul Dario Toasa Caiza

A randomized, blinded study of photobiomodulation in a mouse model of Alzheimer’s disease showed no preventive effect

  • Mélanie Sipion
  • , Filipa M. Ferreira
  •  &  Aleksander Sobolewski

A Weibull process monitoring with AEWMA control chart: an application to breaking strength of the fibrous composite

  • Muhammad Atif Sarwar
  •  &  Muhammad Nabi

3D patient-specific modeling and structural finite element analysis of atherosclerotic carotid artery based on computed tomography angiography

  • Nicoletta Curcio
  • , Antonio Rosato
  •  &  Giulia Matrone

Node embedding-based graph autoencoder outlier detection for adverse pregnancy outcomes

  • , Nazar Zaki
  •  &  Luai A. Ahmed

Enhanced CO 2 capture potential of UiO-66-NH 2 synthesized by sonochemical method: experimental findings and performance evaluation

  • Amir Kazemi
  • , Fatemeh Moghadaskhou
  •  &  Ahad Ghaemi

Data-driven prediction of the shear capacity of ETS-FRP-strengthened beams in the hybrid 2PKT–ML approach

  • Thai Son Tran
  • , Boonchai Stitmannaithum
  •  &  Thanh-Truong Nguyen


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engineering research paper title

Free Research Title Generator

Looking for a creative and catchy title for a research proposal, thesis, dissertation, essay, or other project? Try our research title maker! It is free, easy to use, and 100% online.

Welcome to our free online research title generator. You can get your title in 3 simple steps:

  • Type your search term and choose one or more subjects from the list,
  • Click on the “Search topic” button and choose among the ideas that the title generator has proposed,
  • Refresh the list by clicking the button one more time if you need more options.

Please try again with some different keywords or subjects.

  • ️✅ Research Title Generator: 4 Benefits
  • ️👣 Making a Research Title in 3 Steps
  • ️🔗 References

Creating a topic for the research is one of the most significant events in a researcher’s life. Whether it is a thesis, dissertation, research proposal , or term paper, all of these assignments are time-consuming and require a lot of effort.

It is essential to choose a topic that you like and are genuinely interested in because you will spend a lot of time working on it. Our research title generator can help you with this crucial task. By delegating this work to our research title maker, you can find the best title for your research.

✅ Research Title Generator: 4 Benefits

There are many different research title makers online, so what makes our thesis title generator stand out?

👣 How to Make a Research Title: 3 Simple Steps

Research can be the most stressful period in a student’s life. However, creating a title is not as hard as it may seem. You can choose a topic for your paper in three simple steps.

The picture describes the 3 steps of research title making process.

Step 1: Brainstorm

The first step to take before getting into your research is to brainstorm . To choose a good topic, you can do the following:

  • Think of all your interests related to your field of study. What is the reason you've chosen this field? Think of the topics of your area that you like reading about in your free time.
  • Go through your past papers and choose the ones you enjoyed writing. You can use some lingering issues from your previous work as a starting point for your research.
  • Go through current events in your field to get an idea of what is going on. Whether you are writing a literary analysis , gender studies research, or any other kind of paper, you can always find tons of articles related to your field online. You can go through them to see what issue is getting more attention.
  • Try to find any gaps in current researches in your field. Use only credible sources while searching. Try to add something new to your field with your research. However, do not choose a completely new issue.
  • Discuss what topic is suitable for you with your professors. Professor knows a lot of information about current and previous researches, so try to discuss it with them.
  • Discuss lingering issues with your classmates. Try to ask what questions do they have about your field.
  • Think of your desired future work . Your research might serve as a starting point for your future career, so think of your desired job.
  • Write down 5-10 topics that you might be interested in. Ph.D. or Master’s research should be specific, so write down all the appropriate topics that you came up with.

Step 2: Narrow It Down

As you are done brainstorming, you have a list of possible research topics. Now, it is time to narrow your list down.

Go through your list again and eliminate the topics that have already been well-researched before. Remember that you need to add something new to your field of study, so choose a topic that can contribute to it. However, try not to select a topic not researched at all, as it might be difficult.

Once you get a general idea of what your research will be about, choose a research supervisor. Think of a professor who is an expert in your desired area of research. Talk to them and tell them the reason why you want to work with them and why you chose this area of study.

As you eliminated some irrelevant topics and shortened your list to 1-3 topics, you can discuss them with your supervisor. Since your supervisor has a better insight into your field of study, they can recommend a topic that can be most suitable for you. Make sure to elaborate on each topic and the reason you chose it.

Step 3: Formulate a Research Question

The next step is to create a research question. This is probably the most important part of the process. Later you'll turn your research question into a thesis statement .

Learn as many materials as you can to figure out the type of questions you can ask for your research. Make use of any articles, journals, libraries, etc. Write notes as you learn, and highlight the essential parts.

First, make any questions you can think of. Choose the ones that you have an interest in and try to rewrite them. As you rewrite them, you can get a different perspective on each of the questions. An example of the potential question:

How did the economic situation in the 19th century affect literature?

Think of a question that you can answer and research best. To do it, think of the most convenient research process and available materials that you have access to. Do you need to do lab testing, quantitative analysis, or any kind of experiment? What skills do you have that can be useful?

Discuss the question that you came up with your supervisor. Get their feedback as they might have their own opinion on that topic and give you creative advice.

❓ Research Title Maker FAQ

❓ how to make a research title.

To make a research title:

  • Brainstorm your field of study first.
  • Think of the topics that you are interested in.
  • Research current events in your study area and discuss your possible topics with your professors and classmates.
  • Avoid random topics that are not well-researched.

❓ What is a working title for a research paper?

To make a good research paper title, analyze your area of study and all the related current events. Discuss your possible topics with your classmates and professors to get their opinion on them. You can also use our research title maker for free.

❓ What is the title page of a research paper?

The title page of the research paper is the first paper of your work. It includes your name, research type, and other essential information about your research.

❓ How to title a research proposal?

The research proposal title should be clear enough to showcase your research. Think of a statement that best describes your work and try to create a title that reflects it.

🔗 References

  • Research Topics | Frontiers
  • Organizing Your Social Sciences Research Paper
  • Strategies for Selecting a Research Topic - ResearchGate
  • The First Steps: Choosing a Topic and a Thesis Supervisor
  • How to Pick a Masters Thesis Topic | by Peter Campbell


150+ Best Engineering Research Topics for Students To Consider

Table of Contents

Engineering is a wide field of study that is divided into various branches such as Civil, Electrical, Mechanical, Electronics, Chemical, etc. Basically, each branch has thousands of engineering research topics to focus on. Hence, when you are asked to prepare an engineering research paper or dissertation for your final year assignments, you might experience difficulties with identifying a perfect topic. But hereafter, you need not worry about topic selection because to make the topic selection process easier for you, here we have suggested some tips for choosing a good engineering research topic. Additionally, we have also shared a list of the best 150+ engineering research paper topics on various specializations. Continue reading this blog to get exclusive ideas for engineering research paper writing.

Engineering Research Paper Topic Selection Tips

When it comes to research in the field of engineering, identifying the best engineering research topic is the first step. So, during that process, in order to identify the right topic, consider the following tips.

  • Choose a topic from the research area matching your interest.
  • Give preference to a topic that has a large scope to conduct research activities.
  • Pick a topic that has several reference materials and evidence supporting your analysis.
  • Avoid choosing an already or frequently discussed topic. If the topic is popular, discuss it from a different perspective.
  • Never choose a larger topic that is tough to complete before the deadline.
  • Finalize the topic only if it satisfies your academic requirements.

Engineering Research Topics

List of the Best Engineering Research Topics

Are you searching for the top engineering project ideas? Would you have to complete your academic paper on the best engineering research topic? If yes, then take a look below. Here, we have suggested a few interesting engineering topics in various disciplines that you can consider for your research or dissertation.

Top Engineering Research Topics

Mechanical Engineering Research Topics

  • How does the study of robotics benefit from a mechanical engineering background?
  • How can a new composite substitute reduce costs in large heat exchangers?
  • Which will become the predominant energy technology this century?
  • Why structural analysis is considered the foundation of mechanical engineering?
  • Why is cast iron used in the engines of large ships?
  • What is the finite element approach and why is it essential?
  • Why is the flow of fluids important in mechanical engineering?
  • What impact does mechanical engineering have in the medical field?
  • How do sports incorporate mechanical engineering theories?
  • What is the process of thermal heat transfer in machines?
  • How can solar panels reduce energy costs in developing countries?
  • In what ways is mechanical engineering at the forefront of the field?
  • How do various elements interact differently with energy?
  • How can companies improve manufacturing through new mechanical theories?

Additional Research Paper Topics on Mechanical Engineering

  • Power generation: Extremely low emission technology.
  •   Rail and wheel wear during the presence of third-body materials.
  •  Studying the impact of athletic shoe properties on running performance and injuries
  • Evaluating teeth decay using patient-specific tools
  •   Nanotechnology.
  • Describe the newly developed methods and applications in Vibration Systems
  • Perspective or general Commentaries on the methods and protocols relevant to the research relating to Vibration Systems
  • Software-related technology for Visibility of end-to-end operations for employee and management efficiencies
  • What should be the best strategies to apply in the planning for consumer demand and responsiveness using data analytics
  • Analysis of the monitoring of manufacturing processes using IOT/AI
  • Critical analysis of the advancing digital manufacturing with artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) Data Analytics
  • Pyrolysis and Oxidation for Production and Consumption of Strongly Oxygenated Hydrocarbons as Chemical Energy Carriers: Explain
  • Explore the most effective strategies for fatigue-fracture and failure prevention of automotive engines and the importance of such prevention
  • Explore the turbomachinery performance and stability enhancement by means of end-wall flow modification
  • Production optimization, engine performance, and tribological characteristics of biofuels and their blends in internal combustion engines as alternative fuels: Explain

Civil Engineering Research Topics

  • The use of sustainable materials for construction: design and delivery methods.
  • State-of-the-art practice for recycling in the construction industry.
  • In-depth research on the wastewater treatment process
  • Building Information Modelling in the construction industry
  • Research to study the impact of sustainability concepts on organizational growth and development.
  • The use of warm-mix asphalt in road construction
  • Development of sustainable homes making use of renewable energy sources.
  • The role of environmental assessment tools in sustainable construction
  • Research to study the properties of concrete to achieve sustainability.
  • A high-level review of the barriers and drivers for sustainable buildings in developing countries
  • Sustainable technologies for the building construction industry
  • Research regarding micromechanics of granular materials.
  • Research to set up remote sensing applications to assist in the development of sustainable construction techniques.
  • Key factors and risk factors associated with the construction of high-rise buildings.
  • Use of a single-phase bridge rectifier
  • Hydraulic Engineering: A Brief Overview
  • Application of GIS techniques for planetary and space exploration
  •   Reengineering the manufacturing systems for the future.
  • Production Planning and Control.
  •   Project Management.
  •   Quality Control and Management.
  •   Reliability and Maintenance Engineering.

Environmental Engineering Research Paper Topics

  • Design and development of a system for measuring the carbon index of energy-intensive companies.
  • Improving processes to reduce kWh usage.
  • How can water conductivity probes help determine water quality and how can water be reused?
  • A study of compressor operations on a forging site and mapping operations to identify and remove energy waste.
  • A project to set up ways to measure natural gas flow ultrasonically and identify waste areas.
  • Developing a compact device to measure energy use for a household.
  • What are carbon credits and how can organizations generate them?
  • Production of biogas is from organic coral waste.
  • Analyzing the impact of the aviation industry on the environment and the potential ways to reduce it.
  • How can voltage reduction devices help organizations achieve efficiency in electricity usage?
  • What technologies exist to minimize the waste caused by offshore drilling?
  • Identify the ways by which efficient control systems using information systems can be introduced to study the energy usage in a machining factory.
  • The process mapping techniques to identify bottlenecks for the supply chain industry.
  • Process improvement techniques to identify and remove waste in the automotive industry.
  • In what ways do green buildings improve the quality of life?
  • Discussion on the need to develop green cities to ensure environmental sustainability
  • Process of carbon dioxide sequestration, separation, and utilization
  • Development of facilities for wastewater treatment

Environmental Engineering Research Topics

Read more topics: Outstanding Environmental Science Topics for You to Consider

Electrical Engineering Research Topics

  • Research to study transformer losses and reduce energy loss.
  • How does an ultra-low-power integrated circuit work?
  • Setting up a control system to monitor the process usage of compressors.
  • Integration of smart metering pulsed outputs with wireless area networks and access to real-time data.
  • What are the problems of using semiconductor topology?
  • Developing effective strategies and methodical systems for paying as-you-go charging for electric vehicles.
  • A detailed review and investigation into the key issues and challenges facing rechargeable lithium batteries.
  • Trends and challenges in electric vehicles technologies
  • Research to investigate, develop and introduce schemes to ensure efficient energy consumption by electrical machines.
  • What is meant by regenerative braking?
  • Smart charging of electric vehicles on the motorway
  • Research to study metering techniques to control and improve efficiency.
  • Develop a scheme to normalize compressor output to kWh.
  • Research to introduce smart metering concepts to ensure efficient use of electricity.
  • What is the most accurate method of forecasting electric loads?
  • Fundamentals of Nanoelectronics
  • Use of DC-to-DC converter in DC (Direct Current) power grid
  • Development of Microgrid Integration

Electronics and Communications Engineering Research Topics

  • Developing the embedded communication system for the national grid to optimize energy usage.
  • Improvement of inter-symbol interference in optical communications.
  • Defining the boundaries of electrical signals for current electronics systems.
  • The limitation of fiber optic communication systems and the possibility of improving their efficiency.
  • Gaussian pulse analysis and the improvement of this pulse to reduce errors.
  • A study of the various forms of errors and the development of an equalization technique to reduce the error rates in data.
  • Realizing the potential of RFID in the improvement of the supply chain.
  • Design of high-speed communication circuits that effectively cut down signal noise.
  • Radiation in integrated circuits and electronic devices.
  • Spectral sensing research for water monitoring applications and frontier science and technology for chemical, biological, and radiological defense.

Computer and Software Engineering Research Topics

  • How do businesses benefit from the use of data mining technologies?
  • What are the risks of implementing radio-controlled home locks?
  • To what extent should humans interact with computer technologies?
  • Are financial trading systems operating over the web putting clients at risk?
  • What challenges do organizations face with supply chain traceability?
  • Do chatbot technologies negatively impact customer service?
  • What does the future of computer engineering look like?
  • What are the major concepts of software engineering?
  • Are fingerprint-based money machines safe to use?
  • What are the biggest challenges of using different programming languages?
  • The role of risk management in information technology systems of organizations.
  • In what ways does MOOD enhancement help software reliability?
  • Are fingerprint-based voting systems the way of the future?
  • How can one use an AES algorithm for the encryption of images?
  • How can biological techniques be applied to software fault detection?

Read more: Creative Capstone Project Ideas For Students

Network and Cybersecurity Engineering Research Topics

  • Write about Cybersecurity and malware connection.
  • How to detect mobile phone hacking.
  • Discuss Network intrusion detection and remedies.
  • How to improve network security using attack graph models.
  • Explain Modern virus encryption technology.
  • Investigate the importance of algorithm encryption.
  • Discuss the role of a firewall in securing networks.
  • Write about the global cybersecurity strategy.
  • Discuss the Privacy and security issues in chatbots.
  • Write about Cloud security engineering specifics

Industrial Engineering Research Paper Topics

  • The application of lean or Six Sigma in hospitals and services-related industries.
  • The use of operation research techniques to reduce cost or improve efficiency.
  • Advanced manufacturing techniques like additive manufacturing.
  • Innovation as a Complex Adaptive System.
  • CAD-based optimization in any manufacturing environment.
  • Gap analysis in any manufacturing firm.
  • The impact of 3D printing in the manufacturing sector.
  • Simulating a real-life manufacturing environment into simulating software
  • The rise of design and its use in the developing world.
  • Building a network-based methodology to model supply chain systems.
  • Risk optimization With P-order comic constraint
  • Technology and its impact on mass customization
  • How project management becomes more complex with disparate teams and outsourced functions?
  • Scheduling problem for health care patients.

Biomedical Engineering Research Ideas

  • How does the use of medical imaging help patients with higher risks?
  • How can rehabilitation techniques be used to improve a patient’s quality of life?
  • In what ways can biomaterials be used to deliver medications more efficiently?
  • What impact does medical virtual reality have on a patient’s care?
  • What advancements have been made in the field of neural technology?
  • How does nanotechnology pave the way for further advancements in this field?
  • What is computational biology and how does it impact our lives?
  • How accurate are early diagnosis systems in detecting heart diseases?
  • What does the future hold for technology-fueled medications?
  • What are the guiding principles of biomedical engineering research?

Read more: Top Biology Research Topics for Academic Writing

Chemical Engineering Research Topics

  • How can epoxy resins withstand the force generated by a firing gun?
  • The use of software affected design aspects in chemical engineering.
  • What challenges are there for biochemical engineering to support health?
  • The advancements of plastic technology in the last half-century.
  • How can chemical technologies be used to diagnose diseases?
  • What are the most efficient pathways to the development of biofuels?
  • How can charcoal particles be used to filter water in developing countries?
  • Increased production of pharmacy drugs in many countries.
  • How do complex fluids and polymers create more sustainable machinery?

Miscellaneous Engineering Research Ideas

  • Sensing and controlling the intensity of light in LEDs.
  • Design and development of a pressure sensor for a solar thermal panel.
  • Development of microsensors to measure oil flow rate in tanks.
  • How can organizations achieve success by reducing bottlenecks in the supply chain?
  • Research to identify efficient logistics operations within a supply chain.
  • Developing frameworks for sustainable assessments taking into account eco-engineering measures.
  • Research to identify process improvement plans to support business strategies.
  • What can engineers do to address the problems with climate change?
  • The impact of training on knowledge performance index within the supply chain industry.
  • Research to introduce efficiency within information systems and support the timely transfer of knowledge and information.

Final Words

Out of the 150+ engineering research paper topics and ideas suggested in this blog, choose any topic that is convenient for you to conduct research and write about. In case, you have not yet identified a good topic for your engineering research paper, reach out to us immediately. We have numerous PhD-certified experts in various engineering branches to offer help with research paper topic selection, writing, and editing in accordance with your requirements.

Especially, with the support of our scholarly writers, engineering students of all academic levels can complete their assignments on time and achieve the highest possible grades. Furthermore, taking our engineering assignment help would aid you in submitting high-quality and plagiarism-free research papers with proper citations and supporting evidence.

engineering research paper title

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200+ Best Engineering Research Paper Topics in 2022

Engineering Research Topics

Since the dawn of humanity, there have been  engineering issues   and a need to solve them. Without technological understanding, ancient civilizations would not have been feasible because even then, enormous cities were being constructed with the aid of engineering principles.

This list of research issues aims to familiarise anyone interested in real-world engineering with specific scenarios that occur during practically any sort of professional activity of an engineer and call for ethical problem-level solutions.

You should first define the direction of engineering before beginning your research. You can locate an intriguing research topic in a variety of areas and subtopics. Students interested in history can learn more about engineering anthropology and comprehend this field's numerous phenomena and growth.

Genetic engineering might be a topic for those that enjoy biology. Additionally, any student is free to approach the teacher for suggestions on the most delicate subject matter.

You can choose the topic that will help you find a lot of useful technical information with the assistance of someone with years of experience.

There are many intriguing  engineering research paper   themes available in today's technologically advanced world. However, their diversity can also be an issue because it might be difficult to choose the proper one if you want to present high-quality work.

In this post, we provide a list of intriguing research paper topics for engineering students that are both simple to investigate and enjoyable to write about.

But before suggesting you some good engineering research topics we want to teach you how to choose engineering topics for your research paper.

The following procedures and advice will assist you in selecting the appropriate option from the list of options:

  • If there isn't a list of suggested subjects, brainstorm ideas to come up with engaging engineering research topics that are pertinent to both your project and the industry as a whole.  
  • Select a topic that you are familiar with because engineering topics can get very difficult; moreover, ensure that the topic you select is one that you can understand.  
  • Ensure there are enough resources available on the topics; while writing an essay on a specialized subject can produce intriguing content, it can become too difficult if there aren't good information sources available.  
  • Be open-minded while making your choice; instead of limiting yourself to topics you are familiar with, consider what will make your essay compelling and leave an impression on the grader.

The application of scientific principles is a  direct concern of engineering . Because of this, this field has several unique  characteristics that you cannot find elsewhere.

These are the engineering subjects that touch on them:

  • Engineering education issues and suggestions for improvement
  • The idea of engineering optimization
  • Engineering, quality assurance
  • Engineering measurement and data analysis specifics
  • Utilizing optical techniques for engineering analysis
  • Corrosion's impact on engineering
  • Nanotechnology applications in contemporary engineering
  • Value engineering and analysis
  • AI and machine learning applications in engineering
  • Engineering modeling techniques
  • Engineering and upkeep
  • Micromanufacturing and engineering
  • Engineering advancements in Western culture
  • Technical economy
  • Engineering's theoretical underpinnings and their connection to science
  • Engineering material specifics
  • The design and administration of complex systems
  • Reliability's significance in engineering
  • Complex nuclear engineering issues
  • The function of statistics and probability in engineering
  • Trends in the creation of agricultural technology equipment.
  • Technology in the food sector conserves energy and resources.
  • Innovations in the food business that produces little or no waste.
  • Food industry engineering in small businesses.
  • The modern technosphere's high level of complexity and its extensive integration into societal life.
  • Apparatus for heating up food bulk.
  • Hardware for filling and presenting finished goods.
  • Automation and mechanization of technological procedures in the food sector.
  • Food industry construction products.
  • Food industry production lines.
  • Approaches to systems engineering.
  • Theories for making an engineering-related career decision.
  • Professional analysis of an engineer's education and activity.
  • Professional competency is formed and developed during training.
  • An engineer's design and engineering tasks.
  • Engineering organization and management tasks.
  • Engineering production and technological activities.
  • Engineers and inventors from the United States and Europe (in the field of food production).
  • Types of programs for engineering education.
  • American and international engineering training systems integration

Top 8 Engineering Branches and Research Topics

  • Engineering ethics-related research paper topics
  • Genetic engineering research paper topics
  • Biomedical engineering research paper topics
  • Electrical engineering research paper topics
  • Security engineering research paper topics
  • Software engineering research paper topics
  • Mechanical engineering research paper topics
  • Civil engineering research paper topics

20 Best Engineering Ethics-related Research Paper Topics

  • A set of moral guidelines that engineers use in their work.
  • How might a moral engineer benefit society more?
  • What moral ideals ought to guide engineering practice and research?
  • What moral considerations ought every engineer to make before beginning their professional development?
  • The conception of a product in accordance with all moral principles.
  • Problems with ethics in the test and design areas.
  • Ethical problems with goods and services. How can they be fixed?
  • Moral dilemmas in leadership and collaboration.
  • Obeying the law and ethical principles.
  • What are the most crucial moral principles for engineers?
  • How can an engineer maintain morality?
  • Phases of a personality's growth professionally in engineering.
  • Engineering ethics: What is it?
  • How may engineering ethics be followed?
  • The primary functions of engineering psychology and ergonomics.
  • Why is a strong work ethic necessary in an organization?
  • How does a strong work ethic help a company avoid many issues?
  • Humanitarian knowledge's integration into engineering methods.
  • How may human knowledge be related in many ways to technical thinking?
  • The fundamentals of engineering ethics.

20 Best Genetic Engineering Research Paper Topics

  • Genetic engineering and morality
  • Genetic engineering's significance in modern agriculture
  • Using genetic engineering to increase the production of biofuel
  • One of the key tools for genetic engineering is CRISPR-Cas.
  • Manufacture of antibiotics with genetic engineering
  • The global politics of genetic engineering
  • Genetic engineering: Myths and actual risks
  • Genetic modification and organic food production
  • Possibilities of combining conventional breeding with genetic engineering
  • Utilizing genetic engineering to combat pollution
  • Gene therapy in genetic engineering.
  • How much of our genetic makeup is under our control, and when do we stop being human?
  • What are the benefits of genetically modified organisms?
  • Describe the advantages and disadvantages of genetic testing.
  • What are epigenetics and its value?
  • How to label food with genetically modified organisms?
  • Use of genetically modified organisms in future farming.
  • How can we involve nursing in genomics?
  • Explain the genetic characteristics in humans having different traits like homosexuality.
  • Food safety and guidelines for using genetically modified food products.

Top 20 Interesting Biomedical Engineering Research Paper Topics

  • Research On Blood Resistivity-Based Blood Glucose Measurement
  • Using Finite Element Analysis, A Hybrid Artificial Hip Joint Was Designed.
  • Design Of A Clinical Engineering Department's Management Program With a Real-Time Planning System for Recognizing Heart Sounds
  • Design of a Programmed Oxygen Delivery System Improvement: Adaptive Techniques for Cardiac Arrhythmia Detection Using Artificial Neural Networks By looking for a suitable activation function short message technique in health level 7, U-Net for MRI brain tumor segmentation (HL7)
  • A Study of the Optical and Thermal Effects of Gold Nanoparticles for Magnetic Resonance Noise Reduction Image
  • Analysis of Heart Rate Variability Using Statistical Techniques
  • Reflexology for the Early Detection of Stomach Pain
  • Central Medical Waste Treatment Facility Developing an Internet-Based Tele-Pediatric System
  • Conducting polymers are used in biomedical engineering.
  • The greatest successes in contemporary biomedical engineering
  • IoT applications for biomedical engineering
  • Engineering in biomedicine and 3D printing
  • Carbon-based nanomaterials' significance for biomedical engineering
  • Tactile sensing techniques and technologies
  • Techniques for repairing damaged nerves with biomedical engineering
  • Biomedical engineering uses X-rays, terahertz imaging, and spectrography for medical imaging.
  • Potential of biological materials in biomedical engineering
  • Piezoelectricity in systems for biomedical engineering
  • Breast cancer can be detected by using artificial neural networks.
  • Medical waste treatment equipment.

Best 30 Electrical Engineering Research Paper Topics

  • Can general relativity affect the techniques used in electrical engineering?
  • Electrical engineering and computer science integration
  • Methods for electronic control in mechanical engineering
  • Electrical engineering ideas of energy and information
  • Engineering in electrical nonlinear optimization
  • Dielectric materials that work best for electrical engineering
  • Electrical engineering's differential progression
  • Electrical circuits and quantum electrodynamics
  • Optimization's advantages in electrical engineering
  • Electrical engineering uses polymers and nanoparticles
  • High-speed, high-power PM machines.
  • Active voltage equalization using li-ion and supercapacitor cells connected in series.
  • Direct drive in-wheel motor design choice.
  • Inertia Motors.
  • Nanoelectronics.
  • Interaction engineering at the atomic level.
  • Using silicon carbide, graphene, and photovoltaics.
  • Ferroelectricity and piezoelectricity.
  • Analyzing behavior using computer modeling.
  • Computational research on novel materials and technologies.
  • Powerful electronic devices and tools.
  • Motors for electric vehicles and their redesign.
  • Networks of energy and the mathematics supporting them.
  • Engineering for electrical systems using computers.
  • Monitoring for smart grids.
  • Composites made of soft magnets.
  • Gearboxes and motors for electric vehicles.
  • Loss detection of grid events in distributed generating systems using pattern recognition
  • Autonomous power system difficulties
  • Hybrid electric aerospace.

Top 30 Security Engineering Research Paper Topics

  • Patterns used in security engineering
  • Cloud security engineering specifics
  • Security design for distributed or complicated systems
  • Engineering for privacy and security
  • Security requirements analysis's significance
  • Engineering security in the automobile sector
  • Modeling and testing for security analysis
  • A financial viewpoint on security engineering
  • Flexible security measures
  • Using attack graph models to improve network security
  • the development of ransomware in the field of cybersecurity.
  • Digital device denial-of-service attacks.
  • the foundation of the global cybersecurity strategy.
  • Network intrusion detection and remedies.
  • How should the government deal with cybersecurity?
  • A firewall's function in securing networks.
  • the most typical closed weaknesses.
  • After a data breach, what to do?
  • Widespread spectrum sharing for communications in public safety.
  • Digital security and downloaded materials
  • How to efficiently use the Internet.
  • Modern virus encryption technology.
  • Investigating the importance of algorithm encryption.
  • What is digital piracy?
  • How to navigate the efficiency of the internet?
  • Where do the vulnerabilities come from in a wireless mobile data exchange?
  • Describe the evolution of Android malware.
  • How to detect mobile phone hacking?
  • Privacy and security issues come in chatbots.
  • Cybersecurity and malware connection.

20 Interesting Software Engineering Research Paper Topics

  • Software engineering economics
  • Experimental software engineering techniques
  • There are significant disparities between software engineering theory and practice.
  • Software engineering role models
  • Software engineering for industry
  • Testing's significance in software engineering
  • Collaborating when developing software
  • Security through software engineering
  • Problems with embedded software engineering
  • Managerial techniques in software engineering
  • Describe the distribution of anti-virus software.
  • Suggest some software tools for qualitative research.
  • Software development by data scientists.
  • What is an agile software development process?
  • The Capabilities of Compiere Software and How Well It Fits Into Different Industries.
  • WBS completion and software project management.
  • International Software Development's Ethical Challenges: User-Useful Software
  • People with visual impairments face difficulties using assistive application software.
  • Getting to the Ideal Process. Application Development
  • Development of Software with IPR Violations.

Top 25 Mechanical Engineering Research Paper Topics

  • Nonlinear oscillations and mechanical engineering
  • Mechanical engineering education through gaming Techniques for dependable and sustainable design
  • How can the design development cycle for mechanical engineering designs be shortened?
  • appropriate material selection's significance in mechanical engineering
  • Mechanical engineering's use of mechatronics and microcontrollers
  • German mechanical engineering is a benchmark worldwide
  • Modern mechanical engineering techniques for modeling and prototyping
  • System design using numerical calculation techniques
  • What effects has the growth of mechanical engineering had on Western culture?
  •  Machine learning approaches for quality assurance in a manufacturing setting
  • Using a variable speed drive with supervisory control and data acquisition to control an induction motor.
  • Biomechanics.
  • Energy and combustion systems.
  • Fluid mechanics and aerodynamics.
  • Fluid-structure interactions, acoustic, and vibrations.
  • Food industry category for quality.
  • Food industry physical and mechanical procedures.
  • The food sector uses thermal procedures.
  • Food industry physical and chemical processes.
  • Processes of mass transfer in the food business.
  • Food industry biochemical and microbiological processes.
  • the significance of technological chemical regulation in the food sector.
  • Process engineers and mechanical engineers have different jobs in the food industry.
  • Tools for preparing raw materials for the main technical procedures.
  • Equipment for processing food bulk mechanically.

Best 20 Civil Engineering Research Paper Topics

  • Civil engineering's effect on how we live our daily lives
  • Neural networks' use in civil engineering
  • Engineering and vegetation
  • Techniques for inspecting civil engineering components
  • various composite materials' micromechanics in civil engineering
  • Uncertainty's relevance in civil engineering modeling
  • IR thermography's application to civil engineering
  • In civil engineering, cutting-edge materials and adhesives are employed.
  • Risk assessment's significance in civil engineering
  • Sustainability and civil engineering
  • Techniques for enhancing plants' ability to withstand water stress.
  • The most pressing issues in civil engineering and solutions.
  • Building quality is in jeopardy due to a lack of certified professionals.
  • Economics in transportation engineering is significant.
  • Protection at building sites.
  • Modern developments in civil engineering.
  • How can the entropy theory be applied in real life?
  • How can I discover a suitable job offer and how much is civil engineering worth?
  • How can issues in seismically active areas be resolved?
  • What opportunities does civil engineering have?

A theoretical inquiry is part of the  engineering discipline's control task . You must independently choose the pertinent scientific data, process it, and accurately present it in a sequential manner for your answer to be effective.

Scientific research is still a challenging procedure, especially for students who are unable to balance work and school.

You may always get in touch with our business to conduct the study if you find yourself in such a predicament.  Professional artists   create each work particularly for each client, making each piece unique.

Additionally, they can offer planning advice, suggest study topics, and explain the nuances of research methodology.

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100 Best Engineering Topics for 2023

engineering topics

The education system often requires the writing of specialized papers. Sometimes, students face difficulties and need  engineering dissertation writing help. There are thousands of engineering topics they can choose from. All one has to do is go online and search for the latest research or refer to past readings or course lectures. This exercise is simple enough, but it takes a lot of time to adequately consider what makes for interesting engineering topics that achieve the academic requirements educators expect from college and graduate students. Here is a list of original topics to use for numerous situations:

Mechanical Engineering Research Topics

  • How does the study of robotics benefit from a mechanical engineering background?
  • In what ways is mechanical engineering at the forefront of the field?
  • How do various elements interact differently with energy?
  • Why is structural analysis considered the foundation of mechanical engineering?
  • What is the process of thermal heat transfer in machines?

Mechanical Engineering Topics for a Ph.D. Course

  • How can companies improve manufacturing through new mechanical theories?
  • How can a new composite substitute reduce costs in large heat exchangers?
  • Why is cast iron used in the engines of large ships?
  • How can solar panels reduce energy costs in developing countries?
  • Which will become the predominant energy technology this century?

More Topics in Mechanical Engineering

  • Why is the flow of fluids important in mechanical engineering?
  • What impact has mechanical engineering had in the medical field?
  • How do sports incorporate mechanical engineering theories?
  • What impact does heat have on certain materials?
  • What is the finite element approach and why is it essential?

Civil Engineering Research Topics for College

  • How can local governments save money by using concrete alternatives?
  • What are the biggest challenges in retrofitting public buildings?
  • What can states do to prepare for natural disasters?
  • What are the biggest infrastructure challenges the U.S. faces?
  • How can the U.S. channel more water to dry regions across the country?

Civil Engineering Topics for Graduate School

  • How efficient are waste management services in your city?
  • How does the United States handle hazardous waste?
  • In what ways is road planning important for building a sustainable city?
  • In what ways has civil engineering changed in the last century?
  • What ancient methods exist in modern civil engineering planning?

Topics in Electrical Engineering for College

  • What is the most effective method of testing power systems?
  • What are cities doing to incorporate solar technologies?
  • How can homes save on energy costs by installing automated systems?
  • Can companies save money by implementing automated production?
  • What are the challenges in storing power in ion batteries?

Electrical Engineering Research Topics for Grad Students

  • What are the problems with using semiconductor topology?
  • How does an ultra-low-power integrated circuit work?
  • How can cities improve how energy is distributed?
  • What is meant by regenerative braking?
  • What is the most accurate method of forecasting electric loads?

Environmental Engineering Topics for College

  • How much waste do construction projects produce?
  • How much bio-gas is produced by organic coral waste?
  • What technologies exist to minimize the waste caused by offshore drilling?
  • How can environmental engineers minimize the damage caused by wildfires?
  • In what ways do green buildings improve the quality of life?
  • More sustainability topics .

Computer Engineering Topics for College

  • Are financial trading systems operating over the web putting clients at risk?
  • What challenges do organizations face with supply chain traceability?
  • How do businesses benefit from the use of data mining technologies?
  • What does the future of computer engineering look like?
  • How effective is the European disaster response computer system?

More Computer Engineering Research Topics

  • What are the risks of implementing radio controlled home locks?
  • Do chatbot technologies negatively impact customer service?
  • What is the purpose of data mining activities in business?
  • What is the state of high-performance computing?
  • To what extent should humans interact with computer technologies?

Software Engineering Research Topics

  • What is meant by the programming paradigm?
  • What are the biggest challenges of using different programming languages?
  • How have databases improved over the last decade?
  • What are the major concepts of software engineering?
  • How does one test the quality of a software application?

Software Engineering Topics for a Semester-Long Project

  • How can biological techniques be applied to software fault detection?
  • How does static metrics help coupling between modules?
  • In what ways does MOOD enhancement help software reliability?
  • What are the elements of clone detection?
  • How does opinion mining affect software development?

Topics in Software Engineering for Any Situation

  • Are fingerprint-based money machines safe to use?
  • How can one use an AES algorithm for encryption of images?
  • How effective is the U.S.’s weather forecasting system?
  • Are fingerprint-based voting systems the way of the future?
  • How accurate are railway tracking systems in the U.S.?

Industrial Engineering Topics for College

  • How does the world cope with the cost of facility management during times of emergency?
  • Why is disaster planning unimportant in developing nations?
  • How have rising costs in supply chain management negatively impacted job growth?
  • How has stochastic simulation allowed engineers to do their jobs faster?
  • How has global supply chain integration been affected by Covid-19?

Biomedical Engineering Research Topics

  • How does nanotechnology pave the way for further advancements in this field?
  • What are the guiding principles of biomedical engineering research?
  • What does the future hold for technology-fueled medications?
  • What advancements have been made in the field of neural technology?
  • What impact has medical virtual reality had in patient care?

Biomedical Engineering Topics for a Ph.D. Course

  • How can rehabilitation techniques be used to improve a patient’s quality of life?
  • How does the use of medical imaging help patients with higher risks?
  • How accurate are early diagnosis systems in detecting heart diseases?
  • In what ways can biomaterials be used to deliver medications more efficiently?
  • What is computational biology and how does it impact our lives?

Chemical Engineering Topics for College

  • Why has pharma drug production increased so much in the U.S.?
  • How can chemical engineering contribute to eco-friendly construction?
  • How has the use of software affected design aspects in chemical engineering?
  • What advancements in plastic technology have occurred in the last half-century?
  • How can epoxy resins withstand the force generated by a firing gun?

More Chemical Engineering Research Topics

  • What challenges are there for biochemical engineering to support health?
  • How can chemical technologies be used to diagnose diseases?
  • How can charcoal particles be used to filter water in developing countries?
  • What are the most efficient pathways to the development of biofuels?
  • How do complex fluids and polymers create more sustainable machinery?

Great Engineering Ethics Topics for Grad Students

  • What were the major scientific changes in the 19 th that made engineering a relevant field?
  • What are the major characteristics of engineering ethics?
  • What is the engineer’s ethical responsibility to the public?
  • Which researchers have had the most profound impact in developing ethics in the field?
  • What is meant by 21 st -century ethics in the field of engineering?

Controversial Engineering Topics for Any Level

  • What impact did the massive Chinese damn on the earth’s rotation?
  • How do cities upgrade a deteriorating infrastructure without raising costs?
  • Why is STEM unappealing to today’s students?
  • Why is it so difficult to develop alternative energy technologies?
  • What can engineers do to address the problems with climate change?

Engineering is just a wide field that it can be extremely difficult for you to come up with engineering research paper topics by yourself. We understand the struggle which is the reason we provide exceptional assistance for high school, college, and graduate students all over the world. This list of engineering topics is just a starting point. Our thesis writers can help with researching, editing, and writing any type of academic assignment at any level. If you are just looking to have a custom list of engineering research topics, our experts can help create a list to fit any assignment requirements. Just contact us, and let us handle the rest.

Geology Research Topics

Make PhD experience your own

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Browse engineering topics/papers by subfields, research papers/topics in engineering, will fiscal decentralization stimulate energy demand evidence from kenya.

This study set out to estimate empirically the effects of fiscal decentralization on energy demand in Kenyan counties, 2013-2017. The finding of this study has established the critical role of decentralization in positively influencing electricity demand at the sub-national level through improved energy efficiency, rises in energy innovation and involving local actors in energy planning processes. This has been qualified by the ability of decentralization to provide necessary economic and fin...

Resilient microgrids designed for power system

Resilient microgrids are being used more frequently to improve the flexibility, resilience, coordinated energy management capabilities, self-sufficiency, and overall reliability of power systems. Power electronics improvements, enhanced control systems, reducing costs, and broad adoption of distributed energy generating technologies like solar photovoltaics and storage are driving this major industry expansion. Microgrids provide backup power sources during grid failures, ensuring resilience ...

Reliability Analysis of Continuous Beam Using Hasofer-Lind Reliability Method

This project work “Reliability analysis of a continuous beam using Hasofer-Lind Reliability Method” was primarily concerned with the effect of varying parameters such as load, modulus of elasticity, moment of inertia and span length on the reliability of a continuous beam. The limit state considered is deflection, and the allowable deflection is specified as L/360. The maximum deflection is 0.0069wL^4/EI and it occurs at 0.446L from either end (AISC, 1986). Reliability analysis, expre...

Basic Principle of Machining and Arc Welding

ABSTRACT This project tittle ‘’basic principle of machining’’ deal with the operations on lathe, milling and some part of arc welding, turning, taper turning, threading, knurling and chamfering, while on milling machine spur Gears were cut, forming a hexagon shape and square shape were all done on milling machine. A simple component/part which contained all the above mention operation were produced in one work piece. In conclusion we are able to produce spurs gears, square thread, an...

Design and Construction of a 4 Way Inter-Communication System

ABSTRACT An intercom is a stand-alone voice communications system for use within a building or small collection of buildings, functioning independently of the public telephone network. Intercoms are generally mounted permanently in buildings and vehicles. Intercoms can incorporate connections to public address loudspeaker systems, walkie talkies, telephones. Four-way intercommunication system is nothing but the communication within four persons not close to one another. This does not mean w...

Influence of Solar-Exhaust Gas Greenhouse Drying Modes on Viability of Black Nightshade Seeds

In this study, three distinct and unique modes of greenhouse drying are introduced: solar, solar-exhaust gas, and exhaust gas modes of drying. The effect of drying black nightshade seeds in the three modes was studied, using germinability as a measure of quality. In solar mode, seeds were dried from a moisture content of 89.34% (db) to 7.13% (db) with the greenhouse dryer room air temperature range of 14.82-58.46°C and relative humidity of 9.40-88.03%. In solar-exhaust gas mode drying was pe...

Evaluation of Thin Layer Models for Simulating Drying Kinetics of Black Nightshade Seeds in a Solar-Exhaust Gas Greenhouse Dryer

Abstract: The current study aimed to use, besides solar, waste heat from exhaust gas of a diesel engine operated for milling of grain, to dry black nightshade seeds. Assessment of thin layer models for simulating drying kinetics of black nightshade seeds was performed in a solar-exhaust gas greenhouse dryer operated on solar; solar-exhaust gas; and exhaust gas modes. In solar mode, seeds took 11 hours to reach a final moisture content of 7.13% (db) from an initial one of 89.34% (db). In solar...

Performance Assessment of Hybrid Recuperative Heat Exchanger for Diesel Engine Generated Exhausted Gas

Abstract: In this study, the use of supplemental heat energy from exhaust gas of a stationary diesel engine was assessed to explore a new method of drying black nightshade seeds in a solar-exhaust gas greenhouse dryer. The energy recovery potential of a hybrid recuperative heat exchanger (HRHE) was demonstrated with the objective of utilizing the recovered energy from an engine on milling operations to heat a fluid stream of drying air. The results show that 4.45 kW of thermal energy was avai...

Design and Development of a Hybrid Bicycle

This project involved the conversion of a conventional bicycle into an electric hybrid bicycle using a hub motor, battery, controller, throttle, and battery indicator. The selection of a flywheel-based regenerative mechanism was justified based on its superior energy storage capabilities. The challenges faced during the assembly, including bearing and clutch drive iterations, were overcome through the use of multiple bearings, metal casting, and welding. The implementation of an indirect...

Assessment of the Status of Knowledge Sharing Practices,Barriers and Opportunities in Nekemte City Administration, Ethiopia

Abstract Knowledge is a critical organizational resource in public administrations. In order to function effectively and satisfy the citizens‟ ever increasing demand for better services and products, governments should strengthen institutional capacity by making use of available knowledge and striving to create new knowledge to provide efficient services, make fair decision and for solving societal problems at large. Knowledge sharing, which is one of the most important processes of knowled...

Lignocelluloses Modified TiO2 Nanomaterials as Renewable Photocatalyst for Water Splitting

Photocatalytic water splitting process is a hopeful means to solve depletion and environmental pollution problems caused by fossil fuels as well as for sustainable hydrogen production using renewable natural resources like sunlight and biomass (cotton stalk). In this study the aim was to fabricate cotton stalk extracted Lignocellulose (LGO) Titanium oxide (TiO2) nanoparticles via sol-gel in ethanol and to investigate their photocatalytic water splitting activities under Visible light irra...

Surface Roughness and Electrochemical Performance Properties of Biosynthesized α-MnO2/NiO-Based Polyaniline Ternary Composites as Efficient Catalysts in Microbial Fuel Cells

In this study, biosynthesized α-MnO2/NiO NPs and chemically oxidative polyaniline (PANI) were synthesized to form ternary composite anode material for MFC. The synthesized materials were characterized with different materials (UV-Vis, FTIR, XRD, TGA-DTA-DSC, SEM-EDX-Gwyddion, CV, and EIS) to deeply examine their optical, structural, morphological, thermal, roughness, and electrocatalytic properties. As a result, the bioelectrical activity of α-MnO2/NiO/PANI composite-modified PGE was ve...

Biosynthesized α-MnO2 -based polyaniline binary composite as efficient bioanode catalyst for high-performance microbial fuel cell

Microbial fuel cell (MFC) has novel technological advances in simultaneous power generation and wastewater treatment applications. In this study, low-cost biosynthesizedα-MnO2 nanoparticles integration with conducting polyaniline (PANI) matrix to form α-MnO2/PANI hybrid nanocomposite was fabricated by in situ polymerization method. The prepared material was characterized through UV-Vis spectroscopy, XRD, FTIR, TGA-DTA, DSC, SEM, cyclic voltammetry, and impedance spectroscopy. MFC perfor...

Advancements in Bioelectricity Generation Through Nanomaterial-Modified Anode Electrodes in Microbial Fuel Cells

The use of nanotechnology in bioelectrochemical systems to recover bioelectricity and metals from waste appears to be a potentially appealing alternative to existing established procedures. This trend exactly characterizes the current renewable energy production technology. Hence, this review focuses on the improvement of the anode electrode by using different functional metal oxide-conducting polymer nanocomposites to enhance microbial fuel cell (MFC) performance. Enhancement of interfa...

Prototype of Autonomous Vehicles Using Image Processing & Raspberry Pi

ABSTRACT An innovative approach to achieving autonomous vehicle navigation through the integration of image processing techniques and the Raspberry Pi platform. The aim is to develop a self-driving system that can analyze real-time images captured by onboard cameras and make informed decisions based on the detected objects and road conditions. By employing advanced computer vision algorithms, such as object detection and lane detection, the system can identify and tracking obstacles, recogniz...

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  • APA × Cite: APA Format Leeson, Will, Dwyer, Matthew B, & Filieri, Antonio. Sibyl: Improving Software Engineering Tools with SMT Selection . International Conference on Software Engineering , (). Retrieved from https://par.nsf.gov/biblio/10432976. https://doi.org/10.1109/ICSE48619.2023.00184 Close
  • Chicago × Cite: Chicago Format Leeson, Will, Dwyer, Matthew B, and Filieri, Antonio. "Sibyl: Improving Software Engineering Tools with SMT Selection". International Conference on Software Engineering (). Country unknown/Code not available. https://doi.org/10.1109/ICSE48619.2023.00184. https://par.nsf.gov/biblio/10432976 . Close
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CEE 2023 Seminar Series - John B. Eylander

Title: "Hydrology with the U.S. Army Core of Engineers"

John B. Eylander

Research Physical Scientist

U.S. Army Engineer Research and Development Center

Abstract: Success in a research career is often described in terms of the number of proposals accepted or scientific journal papers published. However, successful technical programs, especially those across the federal research enterprise, are often developed via interagency partnerships and relationships between researchers, teams and sponsors. Mr. Eylander, an employee of the US Army Corp of Engineers, Coastal and Hydraulics Laboratory (ERDC/CHL), and has been a key interagency contributor and funding sponsor to the development of the NASA Land Information System (LIS) and recently published a journal article describing the history of the development of the USAF version of the LIS system. While much of the technical details about the systems early development was captured in that paper, the “hows” and “why’s” are difficult to capture in a technical publication, along with the lessons learned transitioning the software into an operational production system. Further, Mr. Eylander has been a key player in the development of the new NASA-USAF-ERDC Global Hydrological Intelligence (GHI) System capability, and has led the development of (and recently published a paper on) a global, and a high-resolution soil moisture analysis and forecasting capability, the Geospatial Weather-Affected Terrain Conditions and Hazards (GeoWATCH) application, all while participating actively on other interagency teams conducting research on meteorological and hydrological systems development. Each of these systems relies on successful interdisciplinary partnering across the remote sensing, hydrometeorological and hydroclimatological modeling, data assimilation, computational science, and data analysis, validation and visualization across multiple federal and military agencies, academia, and commercial sector entities. The commonality among these successful programs is that the research all transitioned to operations and grew from lessons learned in the development and maturation of the USAF version of the LIS software. This presentation will go over some of the history of the development of the partnerships between USAF, NASA, and ERDC leading to the development of LIS, GHI, GeoWATCH, talk about how the funding for each of these capabilities was secured, describe the requirements analysis that went into defending the funding and informing system design for each system.

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Title: a performance-driven benchmark for feature selection in tabular deep learning.

Abstract: Academic tabular benchmarks often contain small sets of curated features. In contrast, data scientists typically collect as many features as possible into their datasets, and even engineer new features from existing ones. To prevent overfitting in subsequent downstream modeling, practitioners commonly use automated feature selection methods that identify a reduced subset of informative features. Existing benchmarks for tabular feature selection consider classical downstream models, toy synthetic datasets, or do not evaluate feature selectors on the basis of downstream performance. Motivated by the increasing popularity of tabular deep learning, we construct a challenging feature selection benchmark evaluated on downstream neural networks including transformers, using real datasets and multiple methods for generating extraneous features. We also propose an input-gradient-based analogue of Lasso for neural networks that outperforms classical feature selection methods on challenging problems such as selecting from corrupted or second-order features.

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    100 Fascinating Engineering Research Paper Topics for You to Choose From Updated 19 May 2023 In the modern age of technological advancement, there are multiple interesting engineering research paper topics for you to choose from.

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    Title 1 describes the topic and the method of the study but is not particularly catchy. Title 2 partly describes the topic, but does not give any information about the method of the study—it could simply be a theoretical or opinion piece. Title 3 is somewhat catchier but gives almost no information at all about the article.

  3. Titles in research articles

    We focus on 65 papers from each of 13 highly ranked journals in six fields, a total of 5070 titles, to answer the following questions: 1. What are the typical formal patterns of titles in published articles? 2. Are there disciplinary differences in the structure and length of these titles? 3.

  4. Writing a Research Paper

    A research paper should not exceed 12,000 words. Beyond this amount, a mandatory excess-page charge can be assessed. These charges are described here: Publication Charges. To estimate figures and tables: 1 journal page = 1000 words. Half-journal page or a single column = 500 words. Half-column = 250 words.

  5. How to Write a Great Title

    Search engines use titles to retrieve relevant articles based on users' keyword searches. Once readers find your article, they'll use the title as the first filter to decide whether your research is what they're looking for. A strong and specific title is the first step toward citations, inclusion in meta-analyses, and influencing your field.

  6. A Guide to Writing a Senior Thesis in Engineering

    If you are unsure if your research project will fulfill a thesis in your area of engineering please reach out early (sophomore or junior year) to your DUS or ADUS in engineering. Biomedical Engineering ADUS: Linsey Moyer, PhD . [email protected]. Electrical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering ADUS: Chris Lombardo . lombardo@seas ...

  7. LibGuides: Engineering (Basic): How to Research a Topic

    Researching an Engineering Topic, Part 4: Know Where to Look. As an undergraduate, you'll use primarily two types of resources: Journal Articles for an in-depth treatment of a specific aspect of a topic. Use the "Books" and "Journal Articles" links above to discover what library resources will help you find appropriate books and journal ...

  8. PDF Research Methods for Engineers

    teaching engineering research methods to students for several years, has managed numerous industry research and development contracts, is the author of over 120 papers published in interna- ... 7.4 Paper title and keywords 239 7.5 Writing an abstract 241 7.6 Paper preparation and review 244 7.7 Conference presentations 252 7.8 Poster ...

  9. (PDF) Guide and Hints to write engineering research paper

    January 2017. Lindawati. This chapter focuses on dissertation writing. It reviews essential elements that you need to put in your dissertation and tips to handle dissertation review. In the end ...

  10. PDF Introduction to engineering research

    INTRODUCTION TO ENGINEERING RESEARCH 5 strategies, but the concepts are also very applicable to purely sci-entific research. Thus, further reading is readily available from scientific research methods books and papers [7-9]. Engineers, and hence engineering research, are constrained by quite formal codes of ethics. Every discipline of ...

  11. 231 Original Engineering Research Paper Topics

    There are so many engineering research paper topics to choose from—genetic engineering research paper topics, engineering ethics research paper topics, research paper topics security engineering, and so many more. Here are some other engineering topics. Engineering Topics for Research Paper

  12. Excellent 110+ Engineering Research Topics

    110 Engineering Research Topics For Engineering Students! Getting engineering topics for research or presentation is not an easy task. The reason is that the field of engineering is vast. Engineers seek to use scientific principles in the design and building of machines, structures, bridges, tunnels, etc.

  13. Title: Generative Artificial Intelligence for Software Engineering -- A

    Generative Artificial Intelligence for Software Engineering -- A Research Agenda. Anh Nguyen-Duc, Beatriz Cabrero-Daniel, Adam Przybylek, Chetan Arora, Dron Khanna, Tomas Herda, Usman Rafiq, Jorge Melegati, Eduardo Guerra, Kai-Kristian Kemell, Mika Saari, Zheying Zhang, Huy Le, Tho Quan, Pekka Abrahamsson. Generative Artificial Intelligence ...

  14. Engineering

    Sage publishes over 50 engineering journals. The collection includes the 18 journals of the Institution for Mechanical Engineers as well other research in robotics, computing and textiles. The collection also features the leading open access journal in its field, Advances in Mechanical Engineering. Download new special issues, collections, and ...

  15. How to Make a Research Paper Title with Examples

    A research paper title summarizes the aim and purpose of your research study. Making a title for your research is one of the most important decisions when writing an article to publish in journals.

  16. 211 Engineering Research Paper Topics For College Students

    211 Interesting Engineering Research Paper Topics The world of engineering is replete with experimentation and discoveries; it's only a matter of understanding what is required and knowing where to look.

  17. Engineering Research Paper Topics

    See our list of engineering research paper topics. Engineering is the art of applying science, mathematics, and creativity to solve technological problems. The accomplishments of engineering can be seen in nearly every aspect of our daily lives, from transportation to communications to entertainment to health care.

  18. Engineering

    Microstructure, hardness and wear behavior of ZrC particle reinforced AZ31 surface composites synthesized via friction stir processing. T. Satish Kumar. , Titus Thankachan. & Kanak Kalita. Article ...

  19. Research Title Generator: Make a Title for Your Thesis or Paper Easily

    How it works Looking for a creative and catchy title for a research proposal, thesis, dissertation, essay, or other project? Try our research title maker! It is free, easy to use, and 100% online. Welcome to our free online research title generator. You can get your title in 3 simple steps:

  20. 150+ Best Engineering Research Topics for Students To Consider

    Table of Contents Engineering Research Paper Topic Selection Tips List of the Best Engineering Research Topics Mechanical Engineering Research Topics Additional Research Paper Topics on Mechanical Engineering Civil Engineering Research Topics Environmental Engineering Research Paper Topics Electrical Engineering Research Topics

  21. 200+ Best Engineering Research Paper Topics in 2022

    200+ Best Engineering Research Paper Topics in 2022 Published - 2022-10-13 Research Topics Since the dawn of humanity, there have been engineering issues and a need to solve them.

  22. Top 100 Engineering Topics For Academic Writing

    Write my thesis. 60 Architecture Thesis Topics That You'll Like. 170 Vaccination Research Paper Topics For Stellar Students. Required fields are marked. This list of 100 original topics on engineering is perfect to use every academic situation. For a college research paper to a graduate dissertation.

  23. What Engineering Paper Is And How to Write It

    An example is that an architectural engineering major might have some alterations in the format compared to civil engineering. Stay updated on the changes. The general format is usually the one we have stated. Make a cover page for your research paper. Include your name, topic, course, and instructor's name on it;

  24. Title: A study on Prompt Design, Advantages and Limitations of ChatGPT

    ChatGPT has revolutionized many research and industrial fields. ChatGPT has shown great potential in software engineering to boost various traditional tasks such as program repair, code understanding, and code generation. However, whether automatic program repair (APR) applies to deep learning (DL) programs is still unknown. DL programs, whose decision logic is not explicitly encoded in the ...

  25. Engineering Research Papers, Project Topics

    The effect of drying black nightshade seeds in the three modes was studied, using germinability as a measure of quality. In solar mode, seeds were dried from a moisture content of 89.34% (db) to 7.13% (db) with the greenhouse dryer room air temperature range of 14.82-58.46°C and relative humidity of 9.40-88.03%.

  26. Sibyl: Improving Software Engineering Tools with SMT Selection

    Award ID(s): 2129824 NSF-PAR ID: 10432976 Author(s) / Creator(s): Leeson, Will; Dwyer, Matthew B; Filieri, Antonio Date Published: 2023-05-01 Journal Name: International Conference on Software Engineering

  27. CEE 2023 Seminar Series

    Title: "Hydrology with the U.S. Army Core of Engineers" John B. Eylander. Research Physical Scientist. U.S. Army Engineer Research and Development Center Abstract: Success in a research career is often described in terms of the number of proposals accepted or scientific journal papers published.

  28. Title: A Performance-Driven Benchmark for Feature Selection in Tabular

    Academic tabular benchmarks often contain small sets of curated features. In contrast, data scientists typically collect as many features as possible into their datasets, and even engineer new features from existing ones. To prevent overfitting in subsequent downstream modeling, practitioners commonly use automated feature selection methods that identify a reduced subset of informative ...