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Unit 3 Customer Service Assignment

Unit 3 Customer Service Assignment


Customers play the most significant role in hospitality industry. It is very important to make sure that the customers’ requirements are met and they return back from the hotel or the restaurants satisfied and happy. In order to ensure that almost all the industries of the hospitality like hotels, restaurants, pubs, membership clubs etc. have their own customer service policies. In the essay below there will be detailed analysis of the customer service policies in hospitality industry and also its importance. It is very important that all these policies are also known to the staff members, for which communication is very important. The next section of the essay will focus on different types of communication methods and its’ uses. Then there will discussion about various methods and sources which could be used to measure the requirements of the customers so that they could be satisfied with the services. Last segment is a self-evaluation section where the role of a trainee at a fast food company will evaluated.     

Task 1 Researching Hotel Customer Service Policies      

1.1 discuss the reasons for using customer service policies.

Customer services play a very significant role in hospitality industry. It is one of the important factors which give a competitive edge to the hospitality industry. In any sub-sector of hospitality like restaurants, hotels, pubs, membership clubs etc. the customers have special expectations in terms of customer services as it is believed that these industries survive due to their customer services. There is no industry within the hospitality industry which has not got its own customer service policies. These policies are made in order to ensure that the customers do not face any problem during their trip (Andaleeb & Conway, 2006). Whether the customer is on a business trip or a holiday trip he expects it to be a comfortable and a relaxing trip.

The customer service policies are designed so that the customers could know about the point of view of hotel towards the customers. The main objective of any customer care policy is to make sure that all the customers are satisfied and they prefer to come back again. Hence it is very important that the staff and the employees of the hotel must be aware of the policies of the hotel. Almost all the hotels arrange training sessions for their employees so that they could understand the importance of customer services and also could know about the policies at the hotel.

The important reasons because of which all the hotels have their own customer service policies are as follows:

  • Customer expectations : The expectations of the customers have increased. They are not happy with a thank you, please or just with a friendly smile of a staff. Now they want something special which could be customized for them, for example prolonging the check-in or check-out time in hotel for them (Dominici & Guzzo, 2010).
  • Customer Loyalty : It is a known fact that in hotel, a pleased customer is a loyal customer. So in order to please the customer it is very important to make the policies and follow them so that all the expectations of the customer are met.
  • Provide Information: With help of policies all the required information could be made available to the customers. It is very important to be true and genuine while giving the information. Customers are really unpleased if they find that the reality does not meet the provided information.  
  • Feedback: In the policies there is always a column of feedback, which is very important. The customers should be left free to tell about their experience. This would also help the hotel management to know about the areas for improvement (Han & Ryu, 2009).  

As an example, let us talk about some customer care policies at Hotel Hilton London Green Park, which is one of the most famous and renowned hotel. Some of the customer care policies of the hotel are as following:

1.2 Discusses the purpose of evaluating a customer service and indicates how this can assist future staff training and development

Purpose of Evaluation: Whenever the policies are designed and implemented it is very important to evaluate and assess the effectiveness of those policies. For a hotel or any other hospitality industry it is very important to know whether the policies implemented by them are really working or not. There are various ways with the help of which this evaluation could be done. Some of the methods of evaluation are customer feedback, polls and opinion surveys. With the help of these methods, the hotels come to know about the customers’ point of view towards the services which they provide. The organization comes to know about their weaknesses and the areas for improvement (Hu et al, 2009).

There are various methods adopted by various hotels to know about the services. Hilton Hotel also designed few methods to get feedback from the customers. The first program is known as Hilton Honors through which they get to know about the reactions of the guests and also about their anticipations from the hotels and hospitality industries. One of the other programs is Satisfaction and Loyalty Tracking (SALT). With the help of this program they keep a record of the number of guests who return back to the hotel again and again because of the services provided to them. In order to make sure that the feedbacks are correct and reliable it is important that the data collected should be correct and there are no alterations made in them at any level. Strict and standard procedures should be followed to maintain the authenticity of the feedback given by the customers. 

Assist future staff training: The success of the customers’ services depends on the employees and the staff of the hotel. With the help of evaluation and feedback, when the weak areas are known, the next step is to ensure that the same mistakes are not repeated again. With the help of the feedbacks, a training plan could be developed which would assist the employees and staff to improve their services and know the areas where they failed to serve (Kandampully, 2007). It is very important to give the training to staff as they are the one who would be in direct contact with the customers and will make sure that all the customer care policies are implemented properly.

Even the new employees and the staff joining the hotel must be trained and informed about all the policies and procedures. There should be a provision so that the staff could get a continuous on job training. With the help of this kind of training, it will be much easier for them to learn the things and implement them immediately on the job. As mentioned earlier, the customer service policies should be given utmost importance and it should be well communicated to all the staff. This is could be done in the training sessions too, as all the members will be available together. One of the other methods of training the staff with the help of feedback is to make arrangements where the employees or the staff members could exchange their experiences with each other. Many a times, customers gives some feedbacks to the staff orally and do not give the same in written. In such cases exchange session will really be helpful for all the staff members (Kazlauskaite et al, 2006).    

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Task 2 Communication and purpose of promoting a customer-focused culture

2.1 evaluate different communication methods and how these are used to best effect.

Effective communication is very important in any industry. Hospitality industry is no exception. There are ways of communication which are adopted in different situations.

The communication method is broadly divided into two categories:

Oral or Listening Communication: This is the most common and widely used method for communicating. In this method, speaking as well as listening plays a very significant role. The speaker should make sure that he uses simple and easy words so that everyone could understand it and the listener should make sure that he not only hears the words but also understands those (Matzler et al, 2006).

There are different methods of oral or listening communication like:

Face to face communication: In this method two individuals are involved and they communicate exclusively to each other. In face to face communication there are more chances that the message is delivered clearly and understood by the person. It gives a personal touch in the communication which is very important in the hospitality industry.

Meetings: In this type of communication a group of people communicate. Everyone gets chance to speak but no one can assure that how many of the listeners are listening carefully and sincerely (Nasution et al, 2008). This method is helpful only when any point is to be discussed with everyone in the organization.

Presentations: This is a method in which only one person speaks and others listen to him. After the presentation is over, sometimes the listeners get the chance to ask questions. This method is best used when some important change in the industry is to be communicated to all.

Training: Training is the type of communication, where trainer gives the important information to the trainees. After the session there all get involved in a discussion where everyone is allowed to communicate and put his point (Olorunniwo et al, 2006). As mentioned earlier, it is best method to communicate about the policies and the required improvements to the staff.

Written Communication: Written communication is the process, in which the facts and the information are typed or hand written. This type of communication process could be helpful when the same information is needed for future reference. The different methods of written communication are through letters, emails, the training material etc. One should be very careful while making any written communication as it will always remain in records for future reference. 

Body Language: Body language comes under the non-verbal communication. In any industry or the organizations, half of the work will be done if the staff is able to understand the body language of each other as well as customers. Many a times, customers also tell their expectations with the help of their body language. But while communicating through body language one must need to be very careful because if understood in a wrong way could lead to negative results (Ryu et al, 2008). The body language includes hand gestures, head movement, facial expression etc.

The above means of communication can be divided into two categories:     

Formal Communication: The communication is said to be formal when it is done at the officially. In this method, the information flow is very precise. The formal communication could be either upward i.e. from employees to the management or downwards i.e. from management to the employees. For example, the MD of the hotel gives a presentation to the staff, it will be a downward formal communication.

Informal Communication: There are some communications which takes place inside the industry on the topic related to work but the communication is not formal, it is known as informal communication (Torres & Kline, 2006). Like the communication happening between the manager and the staff near the swimming pool related to cleanliness of the pool. 

Following chart shows the distribution of impact of various types of communication:

2.2 Analyze how customer perception is influenced by customer service provision

It is a known fact that services provided to customers are the key to the success for the hotel or any other hospitality industry. Hence it is very important to involve the customer’s outlooks, sentiments and perceptions too in order to achieve a sustainable growth and competitive edge. There are various factors which have a direct impact on the customers’ perception and since the perception of a customer is too dynamic in nature it changes with the time and experience. All the customers who come to any hotel do a proper research before making the bookings. The research are done based on the information available on the website of the hotel or various other feedback sites. After going through all the details, customers develop some expectations and perceptions about the hotel and its customer service policies. Once the customer reaches to the hotel, it the expectations do not match the perception then, it gives a negative impact on the reputation of the hotel and if it matches, then customers gets a positive impact. Hence it could be said that customers service provision do have a very strong influence on the customers perceptions (Wu & Liang, 2009).

The hotels must always try to be realistic and reasonable while putting the information on the websites. If a hotel is 3 star, it should be told the same and not as the 5 star, so that the customers develops the same perception. There are various benefits if the customer’s perceptions are met up with the services provided. The customer will be satisfied with the services and hence he will become a loyal customer for the hotel. He will prefer to come again to the same hotel. In return, hotel’s reputation will increase as the satisfied customer would give positive feedbacks about the hotel and hence the business and the profits of the hotel will increase. 

Task 3 Investigate customer requirements and expectations

3.1 assess sources of information on customer requirements such as information through customers, staffs, management, customer records and past information and satisfaction levels.

In order to make sure that the customers are satisfied and their expectations are met, it is very important to collect all the required information about the customers. Until and unless the customers’ requirements and the expectations are known it will be very difficult to serve the customers in an appropriate manner. Hence investigating about the customers’ requirement and the expectations is very important (Andaleeb & Conway, 2006). There are broadly two type of methods with the help of which the information could be gathered.

Primary Data Collection: This is a process of collecting the new information which is very specific for the purpose. In this case, the information collected will be specifically to meet the needs and satisfaction level of the customers at the hotel. The data in the primary data collection method is collected with the help of surveys and interviews. In order to do so, a set of target customers is chosen and then they are interviewed and surveyed to get the details. The surveys are done with the help of the questionnaires which consist of both closed and open ended questions. The open ended questions are included so that the customers could give their point of view (Dominici & Guzzo, 2010). The group which is being decided is known as sample. The sample size should be chosen correctly in order to get better results. The interviews could be either personal or telephonic. In the focus group method there are eight to ten people who discuss about the topic and a moderator makes a note of all the required details.

In case of hotels or any other hospitality industry the source of primary data would be group or the sample from the customers, staffs, management etc.    The primary data collection is advantageous as it is designed specifically to get details about the research. The other advantage of primary data is that the information is latest and also the source of the information is known. But there are some disadvantages as well like it is time consuming, costly and the quality of the information goes down if the questionnaire or the interview process is too lengthy (Han & Ryu, 2009). 

Secondary Data: The other method is secondary data collection method. This is the data which is been already collected previously for some other research but could be of help for the current research too. There are different types of secondary data like the internal secondary data and the external secondary data. The internal secondary data is the one which are obtained from Sales records, Client/Customer databases, Yield data, financial information etc. The external secondary data are Government Publications, Trade Journals, Periodicals, Professional associations, National Organizations, Commercial data etc.

In the case of hotels the source of secondary data would be customer records and past information from the feedbacks of the customers. The advantages of secondary data is that it takes less time and cost. It also involves less effort in comparison to primary data collection (Hu et al, 2009). But it too have its disadvantages like the collected information may not be useful for the current research, the data may be out-of-date, accuracy is not known etc. So both the information processes have their positives and negatives. Hence there are several factors on which the method will depend like the time in hand for collecting information, the budget, resources etc. The best result could be achieved with the help of a balanced mix of both the methods.             

3.2 Carry out research using customer requirements and satisfaction levels for the organization and suggesting potential improvements based on the outcome of the research

Introduction: For the research of customer requirements and customer satisfaction level, the sample chosen is the group of 15 restaurants in London. The main objective of this research is to find the customer requirements and satisfaction levels for the restaurants. In the process I also came to know about some drawbacks in the restaurants which spoil the mood or make the customers less satisfied.    

Research Methods: The research method which has been used for this research is both the primary data collection methods as well as the secondary data collection. I also collected the secondary data from various books available on hospitality industry and the restaurants (Kandampully, 2007). In case of primary data collection, after collecting the data both quantitative and qualitative analysis of the data is done. The tools used for measuring the customer satisfaction in case of primary data collection are as following:

Things to be measured: In order to get the exact result there are various factors which needs to be measured. The satisfaction level of the customers depends on various components and same is the case with the requirements. I conducted the research keeping the following components in mind.

Limitations of the research: Following are some of the limitations of the research:

  • Many of the restaurants were not included in the sample size
  • Sometimes the result vary pre and post dining
  • Many customers like to try new restaurants every time and hence they do not have any specific requirements about the services or food. They just need change every time.

Result: After all the research and analyzing the collected data the qualitative analysis shows that the customers always prefer to have the best food with good taste and prepared with hygiene. Even if the number of items are less, it is fine but the available items must be of excellent quality. They expect all the staff members to have knowledge about the items available and also about their preparation. The expectations on waiting time varied and depended on the kind of outing. Surprisingly the customers were ready to pay a bit high amount but they want the best value for their money.

Recommendations: The following recommendations could be given based on the research done above:

  • The most important thing for a customer in a restaurant is the taste of the food so the dishes should be given the most priority.
  • The customer service should be good, the staff should be polite and helpful.
  • Offers on food and beverage from time to time attract new customers and helps grow the business.

Task 4 Role play Observation

In a fast food company, the jobs are divided into customer service and the food preparation positions. The customer service includes the role of cashier and order takers. Many a times, the cashier and the order takers are same and they have to perform both the roles. Also one needs to be excellent with computer basics and communication skills. The person should be able to give all the information about the available items to the customers (Kazlauskaite et al, 2006). The fast food counters usually remain too busy and hence the person at the counter should be quick and cheerful. He should not get tensed and irritated by the hectic work schedule. The most important skill required at Fast Food Company is to have management and the organizing skills so as to insure that the customers get their orders on time.

In the role play, I played the role of a trainee whose job was to manage the cash counter and the orders for both dine in as well as take away. Since I had enough knowledge of computer I didn’t face any problem in taking the orders. I was able to take the orders and make the bills at a good speed. The next job was to get all the items and arrange them for the customer. I was quick and accurate in that too. I was able to collect various items and deliver the order to the customer. At my counter, the waiting time for the customers was less in comparison to others (Matzler et al, 2006).

Although I was able to perform my job and deliver a satisfactory service but since there is always scope for improvement I would like to make a recommendation for improvement. The quality of the service will even improve more if there will be more co-ordination in the food preparation team and the front team. There should be proper training to ensure that required co-ordination. The other recommendation is to give training to the workers at front desk on the methods with the help of which they can keep the customers engaged till the time their order is being delivered. Some of them could be like to interact with the customers and ask them about their feedback about the food and services. This will also help in getting the opinion from customers about the food and the services.

customer service assignment sample

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At the end it could be concluded that customer’s satisfaction is the key to success for the hospitality industry. The hotels or any other hospitality industry do have their customers’ service policies just to make sure that they are able to serve the customers as per their need and requirement. The loyalty of the customers will increase if their requirements would be fulfilled by the hotel. It is also very important to evaluate the customer’s services so that the gap could be filled with the help of training sessions. There are different types of communication like verbal, non-verbal or the body language. They all have got their own importance, it is very important to choose the right method at the right time. In order to satisfy the customer and meet its requirement it is important to collect enough information about them. It could be done by primary data collection method or the secondary data collection method. Both methods used together and properly could give the best results.   

Andaleeb, S. S., & Conway, C. (2006). Customer satisfaction in the restaurant industry: an examination of the transaction-specific model.  Journal of Services Marketing ,  20 (1), 3-11 Dominici, G., & Guzzo, R. (2010). Customer satisfaction in the hotel industry: A case study from Sicily.  International Journal of Marketing Studies ,  2 (2), p3 Han, H., & Ryu, K. (2009). The roles of the physical environment, price perception, and customer satisfaction in determining customer loyalty in the restaurant industry.  Journal of Hospitality & Tourism Research ,  33 (4), 487-510 Hu, H. H., Kandampully, J., & Juwaheer, T. D. (2009). Relationships and impacts of service quality, perceived value, customer satisfaction, and image: an empirical study.  The Service Industries Journal ,  29 (2), 111-125 Kazlauskaite, R., Buciuniene, I., & Turauskas, L. (2006). Building employee commitment in the hospitality industry.  Baltic Journal of Management ,  1 (3), 300-314

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Participants will learn effective communication skills, problem-solving techniques, and conflict resolution strategies to handle various customer interactions. 

Additionally, the module focuses on developing empathy, active listening, and professionalism to meet customer needs and exceed their expectations. Through practical exercises and real-life scenarios, learners will acquire the necessary tools and expertise to provide outstanding customer service in any organizational setting.

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Assignment Activity 1: Examine the principles of customer service within a range of environments

Customer service principles are fundamental guidelines that organizations follow to provide satisfactory service to their customers. These principles apply across various environments, such as retail stores, restaurants, call centers, online platforms, and more. The key principles of customer service include:

  • Customer Focus: Placing the customer at the center of all activities and making their satisfaction a top priority.
  • Communication: Effectively and efficiently exchanging information with customers, actively listening to their needs, and responding promptly.
  • Respect and Empathy: Treating customers with respect, empathy, and professionalism, recognizing their individuality and valuing their opinions.
  • Knowledge and Competence: Possessing the necessary product or service knowledge to address customer inquiries accurately and competently.
  • Problem-solving: Identifying and resolving customer issues promptly and efficiently, aiming for a positive resolution.
  • Efficiency and Timeliness: Providing timely and efficient service, minimizing customer waiting times and ensuring prompt delivery of products or services.
  • Personalization: Tailoring the service experience to meet individual customer preferences and needs, creating a personalized and memorable interaction.
  • Continuous Improvement: Constantly seeking feedback, analyzing customer satisfaction data, and making improvements based on the findings.
  • Teamwork: Collaborating effectively with colleagues to ensure a seamless customer service experience and resolving customer issues collectively.

Assignment Activity 2: Identify the key features of good customer service, to include distinguishing between different kinds of customers, making a good first impression, meeting customer needs, catering for diversity and disability, understanding and responding to customer perceptions

Key features of good customer service:.

  • Distinguishing between different kinds of customers: Recognizing that customers have diverse needs, preferences, and expectations. Treating each customer as an individual and adapting the service approach accordingly.
  • Making a good first impression: Creating a positive and welcoming atmosphere from the moment the customer engages with the organization. This includes friendly greetings, attentive listening, and professional appearance.
  • Meeting customer needs: Understanding customer requirements and going above and beyond to fulfill them. This involves actively listening to their concerns, providing accurate information, and offering appropriate solutions.
  • Catering for diversity and disability: Acknowledging and respecting individual differences, such as cultural backgrounds, languages, physical disabilities, and accessibility needs. Adapting communication and service delivery to ensure inclusivity for all customers.

Understanding and responding to customer perceptions: Recognizing that customers’ perceptions shape their satisfaction levels. Anticipating and addressing potential concerns or misunderstandings promptly, and adjusting the service accordingly to meet customer expectations.

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Assignment Activity 3: Explain the standards or rating system by which customer service is developed and measured in an industry-specific area

The standards or rating systems used to develop and measure customer service can vary depending on the industry. However, some common approaches include:

  • Customer Satisfaction Surveys: Organizations use surveys to collect feedback directly from customers. These surveys often include rating scales or open-ended questions to evaluate the customer’s experience and overall satisfaction.
  • Net Promoter Score (NPS): NPS is a metric that measures customer loyalty and willingness to recommend a company’s products or services. Customers are asked to rate their likelihood of recommending the organization on a scale of 0 to 10.
  • Mystery Shopping: In this approach, trained individuals (mystery shoppers) pose as customers and evaluate the service quality and adherence to specific standards. They provide detailed reports on their experiences.
  • Online Reviews and Ratings: Many industries rely on customer reviews and ratings posted on online platforms, such as websites, social media, and review sites. These reviews provide public feedback on the quality of service received.
  • Industry-specific Quality Standards: Some industries have established specific quality standards or certifications that organizations can pursue. These standards outline the criteria for excellent customer service and provide a benchmark for measurement.

Assignment Activity 4: Identify, for a vocationally-specific area, key elements of consumer legislation and the functions of associated regulatory organizations providing customer protection, representation, and redress

The key elements of consumer legislation and the functions of associated regulatory organizations can vary based on the specific vocation or industry. Here are some examples:

  • Key Elements of Consumer Legislation: Consumer Credit Act, Financial Services and Markets Act, Consumer Rights Act.
  • Regulatory Organizations: Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS), Prudential Regulation Authority (PRA).
  • Key Elements of Consumer Legislation: Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), Consumer Protection Act, Clinical Negligence Scheme for Trusts (CNST).
  • Regulatory Organizations: Care Quality Commission (CQC), General Medical Council (GMC), Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA).
  • Key Elements of Consumer Legislation: Sale of Goods Act, Consumer Contracts Regulations, Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations.
  • Regulatory Organizations: Trading Standards, Advertising Standards Authority (ASA), Competition and Markets Authority (CMA).
  • Key Elements of Consumer Legislation: Communications Act, Consumer Rights Act, General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
  • Regulatory Organizations: Ofcom, Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO).

The functions of these regulatory organizations typically include:

  • Setting and enforcing industry-specific regulations and standards.
  • Investigating consumer complaints and disputes.
  • Educating businesses and consumers about their rights and responsibilities.
  • Promoting fair competition and preventing anti-competitive practices.
  • Providing guidance and support to consumers in obtaining redress and resolving issues.

Assignment Activity 5: Explain how customer service enhances organizational effectiveness and success, including practical examples of organizations with good customer care

Customer service plays a crucial role in enhancing organizational effectiveness and success in several ways:

  • Customer Retention and Loyalty: Good customer service fosters customer satisfaction, leading to increased loyalty and repeat business. Satisfied customers are more likely to become loyal advocates, recommending the organization to others and contributing to its long-term success. For example, companies like Apple and Amazon have built strong customer loyalty through exceptional service, leading to sustained growth and market dominance.
  • Positive Brand Image: Organizations with a reputation for excellent customer service develop a positive brand image. This image attracts new customers, as people are more likely to choose a company known for exceptional service. For instance, Zappos, an online shoe retailer, gained a reputation for outstanding customer care, resulting in strong brand recognition and customer trust.
  • Competitive Advantage: Superior customer service can differentiate an organization from its competitors. In industries where products or services are similar, exceptional customer service becomes a key differentiator. For example, the Ritz-Carlton hotel chain is renowned for its exceptional service, giving it a competitive edge in the luxury hospitality market.
  • Increased Sales and Revenue: Satisfied customers are more likely to make additional purchases and spend more money. Effective customer service can lead to upselling and cross-selling opportunities, driving revenue growth. Amazon’s personalized recommendations and tailored customer service contribute to increased sales and customer lifetime value.
  • Employee Satisfaction and Engagement: Organizations that prioritize customer service often have higher levels of employee satisfaction and engagement. When employees feel empowered to deliver excellent service, they are more motivated and invested in their work. This, in turn, positively impacts the customer experience. Southwest Airlines is known for its employee-centric culture, resulting in happy employees who provide exceptional service to customers.

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Assignment Activity 6: Describe how customer perceptions can be influenced, including elements such as the physical environment, printed materials, the personal presentation and conduct of a customer contact person

Customer perceptions can be influenced by various factors, including:

  • Physical Environment: The physical surroundings in which customers interact with a business can significantly impact their perception. A clean, well-maintained, and visually appealing environment can create a positive impression. For example, a restaurant with comfortable seating, pleasing décor, and appropriate lighting can enhance the dining experience and shape customer perceptions.
  • Printed Materials: Printed materials, such as brochures, menus, signage, and packaging, contribute to the overall image and perception of a business. High-quality and well-designed materials reflect professionalism and attention to detail. On the other hand, poorly designed or outdated materials may convey a negative perception of the business.
  • Personal Presentation: The appearance and conduct of customer contact personnel can greatly influence customer perceptions. Employees who present themselves professionally, maintain good personal hygiene, and wear appropriate attire create a positive impression. Additionally, friendly and helpful behavior, along with effective communication skills, can enhance customer perceptions of the overall service quality.
  • Conduct of Customer Contact Person: The behavior and actions of the customer contact person, such as a sales representative or customer service agent, can shape customer perceptions. Attentiveness, empathy, and responsiveness contribute to positive perceptions of the organization’s commitment to customer satisfaction. Conversely, rude or dismissive behavior can lead to negative perceptions and dissatisfaction.

It is essential for organizations to pay attention to these elements and ensure they align with their desired brand image and customer experience objectives.

Assignment Activity 7: Apply the personal skills, qualities, and attitudes required to perform effectively when dealing with customers, including active listening skills, positive body language, and observation of customer behavior

When dealing with customers, several personal skills, qualities, and attitudes are crucial for effective performance. These include:

  • Active Listening Skills: Actively listening to customers demonstrates respect and helps gather accurate information about their needs or concerns. It involves giving full attention, maintaining eye contact, and responding appropriately to show understanding and engagement.
  • Positive Body Language: Non-verbal cues can significantly impact customer interactions. Maintaining an open posture, smiling, and nodding to show attentiveness and receptiveness can create a positive atmosphere. Avoiding negative gestures or expressions, such as crossing arms or frowning, is also important.
  • Observation of Customer Behavior: Paying attention to customer behavior and cues can provide valuable insights into their needs, preferences, or emotional state. Observing body language, facial expressions, or verbal cues can help tailor the service and anticipate potential issues.
  • Patience and Empathy: Demonstrating patience and empathy is essential in customer interactions, especially when dealing with challenging situations or dissatisfied customers. Being understanding, compassionate, and providing reassurance can help defuse tension and build rapport.
  • Problem-solving and Adaptability: Being proactive in finding solutions to customer issues, showing resourcefulness, and being adaptable in changing circumstances are valuable qualities. Customers appreciate individuals who take ownership and go the extra mile to resolve their problems.
  • Professionalism and Integrity: Maintaining a professional demeanor, being trustworthy, and acting with integrity are vital in customer interactions. Being honest, following through on commitments, and respecting customer confidentiality are essential qualities.

By applying these skills, qualities, and attitudes, individuals can effectively engage with customers, build trust, and provide exceptional service.

Assignment Activity 8: Use appropriate communication technologies, including telephone, audiovisual, conferencing, email, and other interactive media in a range of customer service situations

Effective use of communication technologies is crucial in various customer service situations. Here are some examples of how different communication technologies can be utilized:

  • Telephone: The telephone is a common and convenient medium for customer service interactions. Customer service representatives can use it to answer inquiries, provide assistance, process orders, or resolve issues in real-time. Effective telephone communication involves active listening, clear articulation, and concise responses.
  • Audiovisual Communication: Video conferencing or live chat platforms allow for face-to-face interactions with customers, even when physically distant. This technology enables visual cues, enhancing understanding and building rapport. It can be used for product demonstrations, troubleshooting, or personalized assistance.
  • Conferencing Tools: Conferencing tools like webinars or virtual meetings enable organizations to interact with multiple customers simultaneously. These platforms facilitate group presentations, training sessions, or collaborative problem-solving, promoting efficiency and engagement.
  • Email: Email is commonly used for written communication with customers. It allows for detailed explanations, sending attachments, or sharing important information. Customer inquiries, complaints, or follow-up communication can be effectively addressed via email.
  • Interactive Media: Interactive media, such as live chat features on websites or social media messaging platforms, provide instant communication channels. They allow for quick responses to customer queries, providing real-time support and building customer confidence.

Choosing the appropriate communication technology depends on factors like urgency, complexity, customer preferences, and the nature of the interaction. Organizations should ensure their customer service representatives are proficient in using these technologies effectively.

Assignment Activity 9: Use written and verbal skills, including appropriate style, language, and tone

Written and verbal skills are essential for effective customer service communication. Here are some considerations for using these skills:

Written Skills:

  • Appropriate Style: Use a clear and professional writing style that aligns with the organization’s brand and tone of voice. Adapt the style based on the nature of the communication (formal vs. informal) and the intended audience.
  • Language: Choose language that is concise, straightforward, and easy to understand. Avoid jargon or technical terms unless necessary and provide explanations when using them.
  • Tone: Adopt a courteous and respectful tone in written communication. Remain positive and avoid sounding defensive or confrontational. Tailor the tone to match the customer’s mood or level of urgency.

Verbal Skills:

  • Clarity: Speak clearly and articulate words to ensure the customer understands the message. Avoid speaking too fast or using complex language.
  • Active Listening: Pay attention to the customer’s concerns and questions, actively listening to gather necessary information and demonstrate understanding.
  • Empathy and Tone: Show empathy by using a warm and friendly tone. Adjust the tone to match the customer’s emotional state, offering reassurance or understanding when needed.

Both written and verbal skills should prioritize customer understanding and aim to provide accurate and helpful information while maintaining a positive customer experience.

Assignment Activity 10: Handle a range of correspondence and records providing a service to the customer, including orders, invoices, payments, and correspondence made both in writing and electronically

Handling correspondence and records related to customer service requires organization and attention to detail. Here are some steps to effectively manage such tasks:

  • Orders: Process customer orders promptly and accurately. Verify the order details, including product specifications, quantities, and delivery information. Ensure that any special requests or customization requirements are noted and communicated appropriately.
  • Invoices: Prepare and send invoices to customers in a timely manner. Include all relevant details, such as itemized charges, payment terms, and contact information. Double-check for accuracy to avoid billing errors that can lead to customer dissatisfaction.
  • Payments: Record and track customer payments systematically. Update payment records promptly upon receipt of payment, noting the date, amount, and method of payment. Follow any applicable payment procedures or policies established by the organization.
  • Correspondence: Respond to customer inquiries, feedback, or complaints promptly and professionally. Craft clear and concise responses that address the customer’s concerns or questions effectively. Maintain a polite and customer-centric tone in all written and electronic communication.
  • Record-Keeping: Maintain accurate and organized records of all customer-related correspondence, transactions, and interactions. This includes storing electronic copies of emails, order forms, invoices, and any other relevant documents. Follow any data protection and privacy regulations when handling customer information.

By efficiently managing correspondence and records, organizations can provide seamless customer service and ensure transparency in their interactions.

Assignment Activity 11: Handle a range of challenging situations, including late and unexpected arrivals, customer errors, difficult customers, and changing environments

Handling challenging situations is an essential skill in customer service. Here’s how to navigate some common scenarios:

Late and Unexpected Arrivals: 

  • Apologize: Express apologies for any inconvenience caused by the delay or unexpected circumstance. 
  • Communicate proactively: Provide updated information about the situation, including revised timelines or alternatives, if available. 
  • Offer solutions: Offer alternatives or additional assistance to mitigate the impact of the delay or unexpected situation.

Customer Errors: 

  • Remain calm and patient: Approach the situation with empathy and understanding, avoiding judgment or blame. 
  • Provide guidance: Offer clear instructions or suggestions to help the customer rectify the error. 
  • Offer support: If feasible, assist the customer in resolving the issue or connect them with the appropriate resources.

Difficult Customers: 

  • Stay calm and composed: Maintain a professional and composed demeanor, regardless of the customer’s behavior. 
  • Active listening: Pay attention to the customer’s concerns, validate their emotions, and empathize with their frustration. 
  • Find common ground: Look for areas of agreement or shared objectives to establish rapport and defuse tension. 
  • Seek a resolution: Offer appropriate solutions or involve a supervisor or manager if necessary.

Changing Environments: 

  • Communicate changes: Provide advance notice to customers about any changes that may affect their experience.
  • Offer assistance: If the change inconveniences the customer, provide support or alternatives to minimize the impact. 
  • Adapt and be flexible: Adjust workflows, procedures, or resources to accommodate changing environments while ensuring a positive customer experience.

By approaching challenging situations with empathy, effective communication, and problem-solving skills, customer service professionals can navigate these scenarios successfully.

Assignment Activity 12: Demonstrate team or group work in providing customer care, including allocation of roles and responsibilities, good communication and feedback, and awareness of personal strengths and weaknesses when dealing with customers

Effective team or group work is essential in providing exceptional customer care. Here are some key considerations:

Allocation of Roles and Responsibilities: 

  • Identify team members’ strengths and expertise: Assign roles that align with individuals’ skills and competencies. 
  • Clearly define responsibilities: Clearly communicate each team member’s role and responsibilities in providing customer care. 
  • Ensure coverage: Allocate responsibilities to ensure proper coverage during business hours and peak times. 
  • Collaborate and support: Encourage team members to work together, assisting and supporting one another when needed.

Good Communication and Feedback: 

  • Establish open communication channels: Foster an environment where team members can freely communicate ideas, concerns, and feedback. 
  • Share relevant information: Communicate important updates, changes, or customer feedback within the team. 
  • Active listening: Encourage active listening among team members, ensuring everyone has the opportunity to express their thoughts and concerns. 
  • Provide constructive feedback: Offer constructive feedback to help team members improve their customer service skills, focusing on areas of strength and areas for development.

Awareness of Personal Strengths and Weaknesses: 

  • Reflect on personal strengths and weaknesses: Encourage team members to reflect on their own strengths and areas for improvement when dealing with customers. 
  • Support individual growth: Provide opportunities for training and development to enhance team members’ customer service skills. 
  • Collaborative problem-solving: Leverage individual strengths within the team to overcome challenges and provide the best customer care possible.

By promoting effective teamwork, open communication, and self-awareness, teams can work together harmoniously to deliver outstanding customer care.

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Assignment on Customer Service Sample

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Customer service assignment.

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Kelly McGuinness

Customer Service Assignment

Task 1 – introduction.

 Customer Service is the employee’s of an organisation, giving customers what they want. They need to provide the right products and the right service to all the customers and potential customers.

The organisation and its individuals provide products and services to meet the expectations of its customers. Customer Service applies to all types of customers, these include; individuals, groups, people from different cultures and people with specific needs.

Customer service is important to the organisation for the following reasons:

Effective customer service promotes:

  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Job satisfaction of staff
  • Repeat Business
  • Recommendations
  • Increased Profits
  • Safe and Secure Environment

Poor Customer Service leads to:

  • Falling of sales
  • Customer Complaints
  • Low Staff morale
  • Reduced Profits

 For this assignment in Customer Service, the organisation I have chosen to study is Hollywood Bowl.

When I first arrived at Hollywood Bowl, my first impressions were that it was situated in a clean, bright area. The main sign was in very bold and bright colours so that it would stand out and give the impression that it was a fun place for the whole family.

Hollywood Bowl is built in a leisure park, known as Teesside Park, this also helps attract more customers as thousands of people visit Teesside Park each day, as there are other activities to do here such as shopping, going to the gym, eating out and the cinema. These other activities attract a wide variety of people, who then often come along to use Hollywood Bowl as an extra activity to enjoy.

Hollywood Bowl was originally owned by Bass PLC, but three years ago it changed hands, and is currently de-merging under two companies, one is Inter continental Hotels and the other is Mitchell’s and Butlers, Hollywood Bowl and all the pub chains come under Mitchell’s and Butler.

There are twenty-two Hollywood Bowl’s situated around the UK, stretching from Glasgow in Scotland to Taunton in the far south. Teesside Park’s Hollywood Bowl is in the top three of most visited throughout the UK, there are many reasons for this such as, Hollywood Bowl is the only Bowling Centre in the area, and most of there customer’s are within a twenty minute radius, this covers Redcar and Cleveland, County Durham, the North York Moor’s and much more.

When we were at Hollywood Bowl all the staff were very helpful, right from the people who greeted us at the door to the staff who attended to our needs at the bowling lanes.

All the staff have a lot of contact with the customers, such as on the day we were at Hollywood Bowl, there was a big school party that were playing bowling blind folded for the RNIB blind awareness week. The staff were taking food and drink orders from all of the children and helped them with any problems that they came across. At the start of their bowling one member of the management staff explained the rules over the microphone to all of the children, many of the management staff were helping out that day as they were slightly short staffed and they were extremely busy. You are able to identify the staff very easily, team members have yellow t-shirts on, team leaders have purple t-shirts on and management have smart suits on. This helps the customers to recognise them very easily through the crowds of people. But Hollywood Bowl staff don’t only have face-to-face contact with customers, they make regular contact with them over the phone and through letters etc. A lot of customers make booking’s etc, over the phone, this can make it a lot easier and faster for many of the customers and saves them travelling down and booking the booking’s face to face. Although the staff and customers cannot see each other over the phone or through fax etc, it is still paramount that they create a good impression and be happy and polite over the phone as they would in person.

Join now!

It is important for Hollywood Bowl to keep a high standard of customer service in order to keep their customers coming to the Bowl as this is how they make their profits and retain a high reputation in the market.

Task 2 – Internal and External Customers

This is a preview of the whole essay

 In Hollywood Bowl all the staff are internal customers to each other. This means that they all rely on each other to keep the standards high of Hollywood Bowl. They all work in teams and work for points to get an award at the end of the month, if they win they can choose this award from a range of things, such as; vouchers and DVD’s. This monthly award helps them to work at the highest possible standards, keeping all staff happy, and when the staff are happy they create a good impression to all the customers and this is good for the image of Hollywood Bowl.

Hollywood Bowl’s external customers are us, the public; we make Hollywood Bowl what it is, as everything in any organisation boils down to its customers, whether we realise it or not. We pay all their wages; so it is important for staff to make us feel welcome and happy at Hollywood Bowl, but overall ensure that we have a great time.

When I compare how Hollywood Bowl deal with the need of the internal and external customer, I discovered the following; external customers are much more looked after and receive more attention as the external customers are what makes Hollywood Bowl what it is. They pay the wages of the staff and give Hollywood Bowl its reputation, as been a warm friendly place for the whole family to enjoy a great day out.

For example, the external customer’s toilets are checked every two hours, and the staff have to fill in a table to prove that the toilets were checked and everything was clean and tidy. But the staff toilets are only checked twice a day; this is because the External customers are the ones that bring money into the organisation, by using the facilities and buying products within Hollywood Bowl

Another example of how the external customers are a priority is if the message is put over the microphone it says ‘customer waiting’ all staff know that this is an urgent call and they must respond immediately, and if the call does not finish with the words ‘customer waiting’ then they will know that it is not a priority.

Hollywood Bowl has many types of customers, some have special needs, so Hollywood Bowl has to be prepared for this and be sure they have the right facilities for its customers. For example, if a customer is in a wheelchair, there are special ramps and guardrails to roll the ball down, but these are also used by small children who are too little to lift the ball. Also there are many staff that accompany children’s parties and help them with any problems they may come across and deal with their meal orders and make sure there are no special food requirements for children with food allergies.

Hollywood Bowl also accommodates other parties or gatherings for things such as, get together’s, Christmas celebrations, day’s out, school and college trips and much more. These can be sold to the customer in packages, for example, a set price per child/person that includes food, a certain number of games, lanes used and a few other things, but extras can be added for an extra cost, this way it is Hollywood Bowl that has to organise the whole party, but it is a lot easier for the person booking the party to organise.

Food can be brought to the lanes for such parties, so disruption is not occurred during the game. If the customer feels that the food is not up to standard then it will be replaced, free of charge, without any hesitation. If a lane brakes down while a game is in motion, then free games will be given, plus vouchers for future use. This keeps the customers happy and provides a good image and reputation for Hollywood Bowl and its staff, which keeps the customers coming back time and time again.

Hollywood Bowl meets the needs of other types of customers in the following ways:

  • Special needs groups  – For special needs groups, all staff are trained in helping special needs people. A discount is also offered for say time bookings.
  • School Parties  – For school groups educational talks are offered along with bowling games at a reasonable rate, advice is also given on all areas of Hollywood Bowl.
  • Bowling league  – For the Bowling         League there are different facilities available for different clubs or different types of Bowling Leagues.
  • Business Groups  - Business groups can hire facilities, of which they may need.

All staff in Hollywood Bowl are trained to offer the highest possible customer service to all customers.

Staff are fully aware of how they look, how they greet and treat customers and generally how they behave in attitude and person towards all the customers that step foot inside hollywood bowl., task 3 – complaints.

  Hollywood Bowl has a different complaint’s procedure depending on the level of complaint, and what the complaint actually is.

The lowest level of complaint Is the Local level, this is usually very simple things such as; a breakdown of a lane and there are no other lanes available at this time, so Hollywood Bowl will give the customer a free game and vouchers for future use. A customer could also receive a dirty glass or cold food, then the staff will offer to replace the food/glass or give a full refund and maybe even a voucher, this lets the customer know that they are in the right and Hollywood Bowl care enough to do something about it.

If a complaint is made about a member of staff then either the team leader, supervisor of manager will deal with this sort of complaint in their own way, this could be as serious as suspension. If the complaint is about a Manager the head office will be involved.

All complaints within Hollywood Bowl are fully investigated. If a member of staff is found guilty in any complaint made against them, action will be taken by management. This is very rare, as all members of staff are happy to offer the best possible customer service they can give, along with a good image and polite, cheerful manners.

The mystery customer is also another way of seeing if there are any customer complaint’s, even though the customer would be unidentified, any complaints made through this would still be fully investigated.

It is paramount for Hollywood Bowl to take every complaint seriously, if they didn’t then they would not recognise the things they needed to improve. This could end in loosing many customers, so for the company’s sake every complaint is thoroughly investigated and dealt with.

Hollywood Bowl are aware that there are laws in place to cover customer rights and that if the service or products do not meet the standards set down by laws, then Hollywood Bowl could face prosecution. Examples of these laws are health and safety and sales of goods act, etc.

Task 4 – Customer Records

  All of Hollywood Bowl’s customer records should be kept accurate and up to date, including all the relevant information. They should also be kept confidential and stored in a place were fellow members of staff or any other person can retrieve any information off them, such as bookings. All information should be used for the reason it has been collected.

The information that is received on booking forms are things such as;

  • Name of the party
  • Total amount of people attending
  • Deposit total
  • Special dietary requirements
  • Number of lanes using


This type of information is kept on a computer system also known as ‘Wallop system’; this is a new database, which has only currently been introduced. Every database is backed up with filing system to prevent loss of customer records and other confidential information. This is also important, because when another member of staff takes over the front desk, they can easily see what lanes have been booked and at what time. Other examples of customer records that are kept are:

Accident/incident book-  This must be available by law and accurate information collected if there is an accident or incident.

Customer comments/complaints-  Where customers can say that they felt about their experience at Hollywood Bowl and what could be improved.

Daily booking sheets-  To avoid double bookings taking place

Task 5 – Evaluation

  For Task 5, iam going to evaluate all areas of Customer Service within Hollywood Bowl.

When I first arrived at Hollywood Bowl I thought that the Customer Service was very good, all members of staff seemed very happy with their work and willing to help anyone in need. They had a very neat and tidy appearance and a polite positive attitude towards their work and all their customers.

Hollywood Bowl has a very clean and vibrant atmosphere, the customer toilets are checked regularly, there is a timetable fixed onto the toilet’s door or wall, so when they have been checked they are signed to prove that they were actually checked and any necessary cleaning took place. The lanes and floor are also checked very often, to make sure no food or drink has been spilt near the lanes as this can cause accidents. The fire alarms are also regularly checked, when they do this they put out a message over the tannoy to ensure all the customers know what is happening and no un-necessary disruption is occurred.    

My overall Impression of Hollywood Bowl is that it is a very well run and organised business. All members of staff seem to know what they are doing and seem very happy and polite, which is good for the whole image of Hollywood Bowl. The bright and vibrant colours and the enthusiastic atmosphere created by the members of staff also makes you feel very welcome within Hollywood Bowl, from the moment you step through the door to the moment you step back out again.


Customer service assignment.

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  • Page Count 8
  • Subject Business Studies

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Customer Experience Strategy Assignment

Importance of customer experience, understanding the concept of customer experience, importance of customer experience in the case of samsung mobiles, consumer persona creation, mapping the customer journey, omni channel marketing, customer performance metrics, customer performance metrics in context of samsung, customer experience (cx) in different industries.

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Customer experience refers to the process of interaction and communication between the organization and customers by building a relationship. The interactions are followed by the customer's cultivation of attraction, interest, advocacy, and buying of the products. The customer experience in Samsung will be the main theme of this study with the proper explanation on customer experience strategies used by the company, different Omni channels and two methods will also be discussed. Customer experience is inevitable because it is the only career of driving a successful business.

One of the biggest priorities of any organizational growth and success in customer experience. Customer experience is the concept build on the basis of the impression that a customer has gained about a product, service, or a particular brand throughout the entire purchasing journey. This is the most valuable characteristic as it builds the profit and revenue generation of a customer. And it also generates a brand value and brand image of a product or service (Becker and Jaakkola, 2020). A positive and optimistic impression or impression of a customer helps a business grow and prosper. As the customer experience builds happiness among the customer paving the way for increasing customer loyalty. The customer can switch to another brand for not getting the product and services as per their requirements and needs. It, therefore, highlights that the experience and impression of a customer regarding a product or service lead to satisfaction of the customers. Customer satisfaction builds brand value and brand image which is the most crucial fundamental for any business organization (Jaakkola, 2020).

The need and importance of customer experience have an immense significance and it cannot be denied. In any business organization, the products and services are the assets but they alone cannot bring brand value and recognition. Without the customer, the brand value cannot grow. Experience and impression of the customer regarding a product are the most important factors for any business organization (Mohd-Ramly, 2017). Customer experience helps in developing customer satisfaction and loyalty of the customer. Samsung tries to create a strong relationship with the customer to provide them timely support to be connected with the brand. When more devices are connected, it means the customers are building strong confidence and trust over the brand which can generate more customer retention by developing brand image. It also develops customer retention when the customer develops a positive impression about the Samsung brand. Gaining customer satisfaction and loyalty, a business organization can also enhance the sales and revenue collection and improve competitive advantage together with a better market position (Omar, 2017).

Concept of consumer persona

Consumer persona refers to the phenomena of real information about the current customer and semi-fictional information that provides information about a fictional or guessed idea about the consumers. It depicts the information about the behavioral pattern, buying behavior, motivation, and demographics of the customers (Lapina et al., 2021).

Consumer persona and customer experience strategy

Customer persona helps in building an immense understanding and clear idea about the buying behavior and journey of the customers that reflects the impression and experiences of the customers. By understanding the journeys of the customers the organizations can improve them. Thus, the customer persona helps in building the customer experience (Kokins et al., 2021).

Consumer persona in terms of Samsung

The consumer journey is the process or way through which the customer passes and estimate, evaluate, purchase and become aware of the services and products. In this journey, the three major processes through which the customers pass through are consideration, awareness, and decision. The consumer journey is important in building customer experience because it helps in building awareness about the product and services among the customers. And when the customers become aware of the products and services, they also generate interest in purchasing the products and make decisions to buy the products. Thus it increases the brand value as well as customer experience (Berendes et al., 2018).

Omni channel marketing refers to the integration of a multitude of channels that a company uses for communicating to the consumers. Omni channel marketing focuses on providing seamless Interaction, communicating, and messaging. Thereby helps in developing a robust customer experience. About different Omnichannel ways for example social media customers can interact with the products and brands and get relevant information about them. These channels have the only goal of developing brand impression with the help of a seamless and interruption-free experience to the customers (Payne et al., 2017).

Omni channel marketing is based on the channels including digital channels for example websites social media and physical stores. The approach of omnichannel marketing also highlights the need of having a positive optimistic and regular impression and experience of the customers that they gather in each channel. The customer's identity is consistent with the brand vision (Payne et al., 2017). Providing a different shopping information service and product-related information and queries and support through the Omni channels marketing the customers are provided with a seamless customer experience from every touchpoint. Customization plays a very significant role in omnichannel. Product option, one of the most significant methods of customization, is dependent on the manufacturing of the products on the basis of the personal needs and pReferences of the consumers. Customized product-related data and information are shared by using messaging and voice of a particular company (Tyrväinen et al., 2020). Uses omnichannel marketing for providing the customers with a wide range of products and services that are modified and upgraded on the basis of the customer's requirements and needs to satisfy their experience. Channel personalization is based on data drive in marketing methods which gives the customers a personalized and modified experience through a particular channel depending on the information collected from the behavior and experience of the customers through the channels. This is why the interaction of the customers with the company through different channels like messaging social media significantly plays a very crucial role in providing a personalized experience to the consumer at every touchpoint (Märtin et al ., 2020)

The different marketing channels used by Samsung company include websites email marketing social media marketing word of mouth and through the retail stores of Samsung company (Jelassi and Martínez-López, 2020). Samsung uses galaxy Studios life for providing expressive benefits and advantages to the customers about the near field communication system. Some music events are organized by the company and are named in rock, rap, or pop music. The customers can buy tickets at the door using their smartphones. This life experience helps the customers boost their satisfaction and experience and also the customers become confident and builds trust in the products of customers to get a seamless customer journey. It helps in influencing the purchasing decisions of the customers (Khalid et al., 2021). For marketing strategy, the company uses brick and mortar, websites, online, in-store, and Samsung connected house. In the Samsung connected house marketing channel, the company exhibits different devices and mobile phones of the company to influence the purchasing decisions of the customers. It provides our customers with different information about the features of Samsung to drive the customers towards a seamless customer journey by influencing their experience. And Samsung pay is the most attractive tool to introduce by the company to provide a seamless customer journey to the consumers (Jelassi and Martínez-López, 2020).

The significant customer performance metrics include:

Net promoter score (NPS)

This is a customer experience performance metric used for measuring the satisfaction, loyalty, and enthusiasm of the consumer. In this process, the satisfaction of the customers is estimated by asking some questions to the consumers. The scores of these performance metrics help the organization improve their service delivery system and their customer support for gaining more customer satisfaction and loyalty (Baehre et al., 2021). 

Customer satisfaction (CSAT)

One of the most popular and used customer experience metrics is CSAT. CSAT has a multitude of scales and forms. The range of the scales is from 1 to 5. This tool is used in customer support. These performance metrics can adapt to the requirements of the customer (Amangala and Wali, 2020).

Customer Effort Score (CES)

It involves the input of the customers and also measures the loyalty of the customers. CES helps in analyzing the difficulties of the services. It is important because it suggests that most of the customers pass through a seamless and effortless experience and they want to re-purchase. There are some customers who had to provide great efforts and who have faced a high level of effort want to share their bad impressions and experience (De Pechpeyrou et al., 2019) .

Customer lifetime value (CLV)

CLVmetrics is used as a presumption of the net profit that has been attributed to the future relationship with the consumers. Customer lifetime value can be estimated for an organizational value brought by the customers during working with the company (Chamberlain et al., 2017). This metric highlights the total profit an organization can expect from a customer. It is considered to be the customer revenue value and the number is compared to the presumed lifespan of the customerand customer segments are the most significant for a company and for calculating the customer segments this metric is used. The Customer's lifetime value becomes greater as long as the customer buys from a particular company (Cardoso et al., 2017). During the customer's journey, this metrics is popularly used to impact the assistance and support of the customers. successful managers are the most crucial figures who solve different issues and challenges regarding customer support and they also provide effective recommendations to boost customer satisfaction and loyalty to customer

After four metrics customer lifetime value (CLV) can be used that is most suitable for the case of Samsung mobiles. It is a metrics that helps in generating the revenue collection of the company. The metrics also helps in developing customer satisfaction and loyalty. With the help of this metric, Samsung company can target the consumers by developing a customer acquisition plan and strategy. They target the customers who have the capability to spend much on Samsung mobiles (Pagilani et al ., 2017).

For building customer loyalty and other important customer satisfactionMetrics used is customer satisfaction metrics. With the help of this metric, the Samsung company can relieve the experience and impression of the consumers in each step towards the products of the company (Khan et al., 2021). By analyzing this Metrics and the Samsung company can also make decisions to build effective strategies that can help in generating customer retention. These strategies can ensure that the customers will return again to buy the products from the same company. the customers who are concerned about the product quality are handled and kept added priority list in this metrics. Samsung company can thereby find some methods and approaches to correct the flaws with the help of the concern of the customers. Therefore develops the experience of the customers with the Samsung company (MuneebMehta et al., 2021). 

The factors that affect the customer behaviour and experience of using a mobile application are the main drivers of making the customers judge their experience. These factors are of two types utilitarian and hedonic. The utilitarian factors include the features of technology and its use, ease of use, and customization. Hedonic factors are website design, ease of use, convenience, personalization, compatibility, and expectancy. The five factors are used here to generate a comparison between Samsung and the retail industry Tesco. These factos are compatibility, convenience, ease of use, responsiveness, and attitude. How the two companies influence customer experience and the journey of the customer by using these five factors will be discussed here

Throughout the entire discussion, it can be concluded that the customer experience methods and strategies used by Samsung are considered to be the most effective tool for the organizational business. With the help of the customer experience strategy, the company is conscious of the expectation and requirements of the customers and the company uses these strategies to improve the organizational functions for meeting the demands and needs of the customers. With this strategy, the company builds customer retention for a long period. Also focuses on developing different communication and interaction channels including off-Store, in-store, online and social media marketing. With these channels, the company also tries to be connected with the customers by building a better customer relationship to work more efficiently and effectively. Therefore, the importance of customer experience and customer journey for building robust organizational success cannot be measured.


Amangala, E.A. and Wali, A.F., 2020. Market Orientation, Service Quality Perception, and Customer Satisfaction: The Role of Market-sensing Capabilities.  Business Perspectives and Research ,  8 (2), pp.216-231.

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Becker, L. and Jaakkola, E., 2020. Customer experience: fundamental premises and implications for research.  Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science ,  48 (4), pp.630-648.

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Chamberlain, B.P., Cardoso, A., Liu, C.B., Pagliari, R. and Deisenroth, M.P., 2017, August. Customer lifetime value prediction using embeddings. In  Proceedings of the 23rd ACM SIGKDD international conference on knowledge discovery and data mining  (pp. 1753-1762).

De Pechpeyrou, P., Nicholson, P. and Lakad, N., 2019.  Complaining Behavior and Satisfaction: Customer’s Effort Score Shuffle the Cards . HAL.

Jelassi, T. and Martínez-López, F.J., 2020. Unifying Channels to Reach Customers: Omni-Channel Strategies. In  Strategies for e-Business  (pp. 447-465). Springer, Cham.

Kokins, G., Straujuma, A. and Lapi?a, I., 2021. The Role of Consumer and Customer Journeys in Customer Experience Driven and Open Innovation.  Journal of Open Innovation: Technology, Market, and Complexity ,  7 (3), p.185.

Märtin, C., Asta, P. and Bissinger, B., 2020. Optimizing the Digital Customer Journey–Improving User Experience by Persona-Based and Situation-Aware Adaptations.  Springer Proceedings in Business and Economics , pp.141-148.

Mohd-Ramly, S. and Omar, N.A., 2017. Exploring the influence of store attributes on customer experience and customer engagement.  International Journal of Retail & Distribution Management .

MuneebMehta, A., Khan, Z.U., Butt, J.M., Tariq, M. and Khalid, R., 2021. THE GAME CHANGER; UNDERSTANDING HOW BRAND IMAGE AND CUSTOMER SATISFACTION INFLUENCES BRAND LOYALTY. A STUDY OF SAMSUNG MOBILE PHONES IN PAKISTAN.  PalArch's Journal of Archaeology of Egypt/Egyptology ,  18 (1), pp.935-956.

Payne, E.M., Peltier, J.W. and Barger, V.A., 2017. Omni-channel marketing, integrated marketing communications and consumer engagement: A research agenda.  Journal of Research in Interactive Marketing .

Tyrväinen, O., Karjaluoto, H. and Saarijärvi, H., 2020. Personalization and hedonic motivation in creating customer experiences and loyalty in omnichannel retail.  Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services ,  57 , p.102233.

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Customer Experience Strategy Assignment Sample

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Manage Quality Customer Service Assignment Sample

  • Subject Code : BSBCUS501
  • Subject Name : Manage quality customer service

Diploma of Leadership and Management

1. With reference to the Colesworth scenario, identify one (1) need of their customers for EACH expectation of

2. In relation to your response in #1 above, describe your plan to ensure satisfaction of the identified customer need for

5. Explain how team performance is monitored to ensure quality and delivery standards are met.

6. Explain how a manager (such as yourself) would

7. Some of your team members are having difficulties in meeting expected customer service standards

a) How will you assist team members in overcoming these difficulties?

b) What communication skills would you use to assist in the above?

a. For each legislation, provide a brief definition to serve as basis for further discussion. (1 mark per legislation)

b. Explain the impact of each operation within the context of colesworth

Anti-discrimination law

Australian Consumer Law

Industry codes of practice

Work, health & safety

Ethical principles

Explain the importance of the following business functions to a company like Colesworths

a. public relations 

b. product promotion 

Assessment 1

Part A– Written Assessment 

1. With reference to the Colesworth scenario, identify one (1) need of their customers for EACH expectation of: 

Quality: A Colesworth client can expect fitness facilities to models completed with high quality fabrics and cozy facilities.

Time: Quick time to supply, answer to the customer, buy the item as much as you have online products or in the shops, because they don't have to waste too much time searching for the item or another product you have to meet your customer in time.

Cost: Some clients think that cost should represent this when performance seems low and thus also think that cost should be high. The significant thing is to comprehend and provide clients with information about what they can purchase.

2. In relation to your response in #1 above, describe your plan to ensure satisfaction of the identified customer need for:

1. Customer kinds & where to explore 

2. Internal & foreign client satisfaction surveys 

3. Measure present client service results 

4. Process map each customer service method that requires enhancement 

5. Benchmarking against comparable businesses or procedures (Williams et al. 2015)

6. Identify possibilities to improve every client service procedure.

7. Develop client service in the client service business system.

1. Delays of shipping are an inevitable component of life not keeping clients or people in the dark. However, study has demonstrated that clients are still happy with a delay while on the road. Even if the delays in shipment lie beyond your control, let your customer understand that you are doing all you can to deliver the product. Leverage GPS Vehicle Tracking Technology (Ahmad and Omar 2019)

2. The greatest task for the shipment of products is to know where your shipping conductors are at any specified time. GPS tracking technology is an easy, affordable technique to track riders and warn clients when they have packages on the manner to their destination. You can see your conductors in real time with an internet tacking gateway, calculate the most economical paths, effectively ship and provide your customer with up-to-date ETAs.

There are many other solutions that you can exploit, including:

1. Providing your client with on-line access to their orders (Travis 2017)

2. Sending instant SMS or telephone alerts when status modifications are being shipped

3. Automatic invoicing after receipt of products

4. Ask for Feedback

When did you last request honest feedback from your customers on your service? It should be component of the fulfilment of your client. After all, how can you improve it if you don't understand what you're incorrect?

It might be wanted to combine your delivery driver handheld devices with a short customer satisfaction study or email a variety of customers to request feedback monthly. Make sure that your feedback is numerical, so your outcomes can be measured. When taking measures to enhance customer service, please email this customer to let him understand that the customer's advice has been replied to and enforced.

3. Describe the process of how you will identify market trends for the products of Colesworth.

It's never simple to keep pace with market developments–after all you have a company to operate every day. However, it is essential to recognize that sector is constantly changing and that you need to be willing to progress through the time to gain long-term business planning in order to remain ahead and prevent rivals from crossing your distance. The assessment of market trends should not be as frightening as it sounds. It is merely a comparison of sector information over a fixed span of moment that recognizes any coherent developments or outcomes that might be used to map your company approach–aligning it with your industry's overall path.

The patterns of market behaviour and practices of consumers tend to be strongly affected. By conducting the following kinds of trend assessment in the sector, you can determine how your general company output could have a significant effect:

1. Maintain a trail of the influencers of sector and publishing

2. Absorb up-to-date studies in the sector and the trend report such as a sponge

3. Take advantage of the electronic instruments and databases to evaluate industrial conduct (Johansson and Thollander 2018

4. The Customer Service section of Colesworth’s business plan has a goal of delivering its products to its customers within targeted quality, time and cost. As an extension to your response in #2 above, from a business plan perspective, how will you ensure these are delivered accordingly?

These are the following steps that are required to be taken to ensure quality, time and cost are delivered accordingly: 

Ensure the communication of minimum norms to employees: ensure that the leadership region in Colesworth effectively communicates the norms to employees engaged in the delivery of quality products (Iglesias et al. 2019). That will inform the employees of the contracts comprising technical requirements, or other accurate requirements which should be continuously used to guarantee that materials, goods, procedures and facilities are suited to its function, as regulations, guidelines or definitions of features.

Monitor performance: Monitor the process and coaching personnel where appropriate to guarantee that they develop the abilities and expertise needed to guarantee proper distribution of Colesworths ' quality goods.

Investigate any issues as quickly as you know them: event leadership has a part to play in restoring service as quickly as feasible, without necessarily defining the root cause of the occurrences or fixing the issues. Where incidents happen rarely or have little impact, it cannot be allowed to assign funds for root cause assessment. In cases where, however, a single incident or a series of occurrences has an impact, the diagnosis of the underlying cause of the incidents is a task of problem management and ultimately a method to remove that cause.

The following steps can be taken to monitor performance: 

1. The group should have a director who understands how each of its staff performed and must let the worker understand their input on the job that has been accomplished. An undercover client who operates for Colesworth and can realize about the team's benefit and disadvantage to reinforce their weaknesses is a useful way to determine Colesworth's team efficiency (Papp 2018).

2. KPI analysis (Kaliappen and Chee 2018): Metrics assist businesses essentially assess their efficiency.  For example, organisations are using marketing monitoring metrics, identifying concentrations of client assistance, and determining median time to fix problems.  KPIs are generally designed to assist guide efficiency and to indicate whether an objective (critical to the organization's achievement) is being achieved. KPIs are often less numerous than their metric counterparts, but are much more focused and connected to the company's vision and objectives. Using the SMART criteria, the significance of a KPI can be evaluated and analysed. Specific, Measurable, Relevant and Time-bound should be the KPI

3. Communicate with teams via conferences or individuals: one on one: meetings are crucial if you have to interact with your team efficiently. Effective communication via a conference will also make your job faster and easier.

1. The way to assess and monitor performance should take consideration of employee outcomes, which implies that the company's objectives will therefore be achieved if they do stuff in the right manner to meet client satisfaction, which implies there is a good management and management. Periodic sessions should be organized to assess advancement of the action scheme and to assess advancement towards that objective the next customer satisfaction study should (Keegan and Hartog 2019).

2. Seek learning opportunities to improve their performance: Improving the performance of the employees is really important, because they are going to be seen as the image of the company, therefore is totally important to give the leverage and appreciation, and also platform to continuous learn and grow.  

7. Some of your team members are having difficulties in meeting expected customer service standards. 

1. How will you assist team members in overcoming these difficulties? The management officer should guarantee team leaders have the necessary abilities to efficiently interact with clients who offer excellent customer service. In order to satisfy these demands, good interaction between managers and the team is crucial. Team leaders must understand how and what to do the organization wants its staff to do. They should measure and adjust their output in line with the objectives of the organization. The manager must provide assistance and retraining, training and mentoring (Randel et al. 2018). 

2. What communication skills would you use to assist in the above? 

Communication is about understanding the information's emotions and meanings. It's not just how you communicate the signal and how the other individual got, if that was what you were trying to do. Effective communication is shared. This is also how you hear, how the other individual is heard and interpreted and how he gains its complete significance (Gorman et al. 2016). Effective interaction brings together a number of abilities including non-verbal interaction, active hearing, tension management at the time, the capacity to interact effectively and to comprehend and acknowledge your own feelings and those of the individual you interact with. 

Some of the skills for good communication are: 

1. Hearing. To be a healthy speaker

2. Nonverbal: Your body language, your eye, your ear and your sound.

3. Confidence

4. Impartiality

6. Clarity and Concision

7. Clearing-mindedness / Concision

Part B – Written or Oral Questions 


Anti-discrimination law 

Australian Human Rights Committee Law (1986): Discrimination based on ethnicity, colour, gender, religion, political view, domestic removal, social origins, age, medical records, legal records, marital status, impairment, mental, emotional or mental illness, physical disability, citizenship, sexual orientation and participation in the trade union.

Also covers discrimination on the basis of the imputation of one of the above grounds.

Australian Consumer Law 

The ACL regulations offer practical application to the ACL regulations:

1. Prescribed payment rights criteria

2. Contracts that are not unsolicited customer contracts

3. Warranty criteria and repair notices

4. Reporting conditions of products or facilities related to murder, severe accident or severe illness (Bant and Paterson 2019).

Industry codes of practice 

A code of practice for the sector is a collection of enforceable regulations and regulations to control business behaviour, employees and consumer relations. The function of an enterprise code is to enhance sector norms and support legislation through a versatile and cost-effective way of regulating sector. Practice codes can be compulsory or voluntary, apply to a company or a whole sector.

Work, health & safety 

The primary objective of this Act is the provision, by: 

1. Protecting employees and others from harms to their safety, health, security and well-being by eliminating and minimize risk resulting from job

2. Ensuring reasonable and efficient representation at the job place, consultation, collaboration.

3. Encourage unions and employer organizations to assist in the promotion of workplace health and security changes, as well as supporting employees or enterprises and employees for a healthier and happier operating atmosphere (Talbot 2016)

4. Foster guidance, data, education, and instruction on health and security at job

5. Secure cooperation

6. Ensure that measures made by individuals with responsibilities and performing tasks under the provisions of this Act have been appropriately scrutinized and reviewed 

7. Establish a structure to continue improving and gradually increasing labour health and safety standards

8. Maintain and strengthen domestic harmonization of legislation on health and safety at job and promote a coherent domestic level.

Ethical principles 

The three basic elements of research morality are as follows:

1. Respect for individuals.

2. Property

3. Justice 

Explain the importance of the following business functions to a company like Colesworths:

The data that an organisation would like to learn about its public (clients, staff, actors, the public) is included in the Public Relations Program. PR consists of developing a favourable picture through advertising for a business, offer or individual. In the last few years PR has become more crucial because so many media outlets, among them YouTube, social networking sites and blogs, are currently being looked after. It is quite simple for anyone to tell anything in government forums about a business. Advertising in fact is a double-edged sword; it can give rise to adverse news like bad film reviews, restaurants, cars, or favourable news Organizations operate hard to get favourable news, so construction relations with reporter’s costs cash while advertising feels safe. Like publicity, public relations and sales promotions are critical elements of many enterprises ' promotion budgets (Pearson 2017).

Organizations also use sales promotions to create favourable views and marketing for their customers. In relation to marketing, government affairs and private sales to sell an item, promotional actions are carried out by businesses. Examples of sales promotions include coupons, contests, games, rebates and mail-in offers. This chapter examines the tools that organizations use for public relations and sales promotion and how they contribute to the success of a company. 


Williams, P., Ashill, N.J., Naumann, E. and Jackson, E., 2015. Relationship quality and satisfaction: Customer-perceived success factors for on-time projects. International Journal of Project Management, 33(8), pp.1836-1850.

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Ahmad, S.S. and Omar, M.W., 2019. The influence of cognitive factors on customer satisfaction. International Journal, 2(7), pp.47-56.

Johansson, M.T. and Thollander, P., 2018. A review of barriers to and driving forces for improved energy efficiency in Swedish industry–recommendations for successful in-house energy management. Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, 82, pp.618-628.

Iglesias, O., Markovic, S. and Rialp, J., 2019. How does sensory brand experience influence brand equity? Considering the roles of customer satisfaction, customer affective commitment, and employee empathy. Journal of Business Research, 96, pp.343-354.

Papp, J., 2018. Quality Management in the Imaging Sciences E-Book. Elsevier Health Sciences.

Kaliappen, N. and Chee, H.Y., 2018, October. Analysis of Investment Opportunities and Key Performance Indicators (KPI) in Malaysian Tourism and Hospitality. In Global Conference on Business, Hospitality, and Tourism Research (GLOSEARCH 2018).

Keegan, A. and Den Hartog, D., 2019. Doing it for themselves? P erformance appraisal in project‐based organisations, the role of employees, and challenges to theory. Human Resource Management Journal, 29(2), pp.217-237.

Randel, A.E., Galvin, B.M., Shore, L.M., Ehrhart, K.H., Chung, B.G., Dean, M.A. and Kedharnath, U., 2018. Inclusive leadership: Realizing positive outcomes through belongingness and being valued for uniqueness. Human Resource Management Review, 28(2), pp.190-203.

Gorman, J.C., Martin, M.J., Dunbar, T.A., Stevens, R.H., Galloway, T.L., Amazeen, P.G. and Likens, A.D., 2016. Cross-level effects between neurophysiology and communication during team training. Human factors, 58(1), pp.181-199. 2019. Australian Human Rights Commission Act 1986. [online] Available at:

Bant, E. and Paterson, J.M., 2019. Exploring the boundaries of compensation for misleading conduct: The role of restitution under the Australian consumer law. Sydney Law Review, The, 41(2), p.155.

Talbot, A., 2016. Work Health and Safety Act v Australian Border Force Act: Immigration detention workers caught in the crossfire. Precedent (Sydney, NSW), (135), p.22.

Pearson, R., 2017. Business ethics as communication ethics: Public relations practice and the idea of dialogue. In Public relations theory (pp. 111-131). Routledge.

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