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business travel lesson plan

Upper-intermediate (B2-C1)

This lesson centres on a magazine-style text about the recent influx of celebrities into Australia and the Australians around the globe who are stranded due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Exercises focus on related vocabulary, referring expressions, reading skills and comprehension.

by Joe Wilson

business travel lesson plan

In this air travel-themed lesson plan, students learn how to create an advertisement in English following the AIDA (Attention Interest Desire Action) model. The worksheet also focuses on listening comprehension, vocabulary development and speaking.

By Stephanie Hirschman

business travel lesson plan

Mixed levels

Students watch a video presentation by Matt Mullenweg, co-founder of Wordpress and CEO of Automattic. Matt discusses the popularity and benefits of remote working, and he shares his own secrets of success. The worksheet focuses on vocabulary, listening comprehension and speaking. In the Level 4 (B2-C1) version, students look the use of some common metaphors in English and discuss how to use the ideas presented to enhance their own professional work life.

by Stephanie Hirschman (Level 5) and  Joe Wilson (Level 4) is in no way affiliated with, authorized, maintained, sponsored or endorsed by TED Conferences LLC.

business travel lesson plan

Intermediate (B1-B2)

Students read about and compare the cultural aspects of doing business in six different countries. The worksheet focuses on vocabulary, reading comprehension and speaking.

business travel lesson plan

In this business vocabulary lesson, students will learn words and phrases to talk about business trips. There are exercises on preparing for business trips, reasons to go and ways to talk about a business trip. The lesson ends with a speaking activity for students to talk about their personal experiences of business trips.

business travel lesson plan

The theme of this worksheet is business travel. Students read a traveller's tips on how to handle a long-distance business trip. The lesson activities focus on vocabulary, comprehension and speaking.

business travel lesson plan

Elementary (A1-A2)

This business English version of our popular elementary worksheet I have been to ... introduces students to the present perfect form of the verb 'be'. The worksheet also recycles grammar from previous elementary lessons, e.g. 'going to' + infinitive.

business travel lesson plan

The theme of this lesson is customer service. Students read an article about the opinions of business travellers on the customer service at hotels in different parts of the world. Words and expressions for describing customer service are practised. In the grammar section of the worksheet, tenses for describing a past experience are studied. At the end of the lesson, students talk about their own customer service experiences.

business travel lesson plan

The topic of this lesson is the importance of understanding the cultural etiquette of different countries. The lesson introduces idioms concerned with etiquette and behaviour such as go Dutch, follow suit, return the compliment. Present modal verbs for advice, possibility and necessity are revised and past forms are introduced and practised. Finally, students get to talk about the cultural etiquette of their countries and their experiences doing business in a cross-cultural environment.

business travel lesson plan

Technology has been developed to allow passengers to use their mobile phones safely on planes. Students read an article about the different attitudes among business travellers towards this development. In the grammar section of the worksheet, the first and second conditionals are studied and practised. Students then discuss the lesson topic and debate the pros and cons of in-flight mobile phone use.

business travel lesson plan

Business Travel

“Investment in travel is an investment in yourself.” Matthew Karsten, travel blogger
  • December 9, 2021
  • Business English
  • No Comments

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Black Friday

This Business English lesson plan on business travel has been designed for business professionals or other adults and young adults at an intermediate (B1/B2) to advanced (C1/C2) level and should last around 45 to 60 minutes for one student.

People have travelled for business purposes since the emergence of commerce. Nowadays, instead of a caravan pulled by a camel along the silk road, we take these trips by car or plane. Many businesses are departments dedicated to these experiences. For some, business travel can be a stressful time; for others, it can be the opportunity to have an exciting new experience. In this Business English lesson plan on business travel, students will have the opportunity discuss and express their opinions on issues such as the pros and cons of business travel, their experiences travelling for work, and what to pack for a business trip.

For advice on how to use this English lesson plan and other lesson plans on this site, see the guide for ESL teachers .


Reading activity Before the English class, send the following article to the students and ask them to read it while making a list of any new vocabulary or phrases they find (explain any the students don’t understand in the class):

INC | 12 Surprising Benefits of Business Travel

The article looks at a number of ways business travel can be beneficial, including exploring new places, escaping a routine, and meeting new people. At the start of the class, hold a brief discussion about what the students thought about the article. What do they think about the issues raised in the article? Do they agree with what was written? Can they think of any ways they might add to the content of the article?

Video activity To save time in class, the English teacher can ask the students to watch the video below at home. In the class, the students will answer a number of conversation questions directly or indirectly related to the content of the video.

The video for this class, by Mr Porter, is called “How to Pack for a Business Trip” which looks at the essentials needed for a business trip and how to avoid creases in your clothes.


The focus in the class is on conversation in order to help improve students’ fluency and confidence when speaking in English as well as boosting their vocabulary.

This lesson opens with a short discussion about the article the students read before the class. Next, the students can give their opinion on the quote at the beginning of the lesson plan – what they think the quote means, if they agree with it and how it could relate to business. This is followed by an initial discussion on the topic including how often the students have to travel for work purposes, common reasons why people take business trips, and any negative experiences they have had while travelling for work.

After this, students will learn some vocabulary connected with business travel such as red-eye flight , jetlag and travel expenses . The vocabulary is accompanied by a cloze activity and a speaking activity to test the students’ comprehension of these words.

If the students didn’t watch the video before the class, they can watch it after the vocabulary section and answer the conversation questions. Before the conversation, ask the students to give a brief summary of the video and what they thought about the content.

Finally, there is a more in-depth conversation about business travel. In this speaking activity, students will talk about issues such as problems people can encounter at the airport, what to consider when booking a hotel, and whether they would apply for a job specifically because it involved a lot of travel.

After the class, students will write a memo to memo to staff members explaining the company’s travel expenses policy. The writing activity is designed to allow students to practise business-style writing as well as improving their grammar with the feedback from their teacher.


business travel lesson plan

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Business trips: fun or boring?

Talk about business trips

photo of the author


This lesson allows students to talk about business trips , learn some useful vocabulary , and have a lot of discussion and role- play . 

B1 / Intermediate 60 min Standard Lesson Unlimited Plan Unlock Printable & Digital worksheets with the Unlimited subscription


The lesson starts with a warm-up activity. Students answer a few general questions and talk about business trips. Then, they look at different activities (e.g. delivering or taking professional training, networking with other professionals, trying local food , etc.) and discuss which things they would find interesting to do on a business trip. After that, students move on to a video. First, they watch the video and say why it was made. Then, they work with vocabulary (e.g. upgrade the room, grab a book, head to a pool, etc.). Students read sentences and choose the correct words . They watch the video again and check their answers. There is also a list of concept-checking questions for teachers to make sure students understand the key vocabulary. 


In this part of the lesson, students practise the vocabulary and talk about business trips more. First, they discuss the tips from the video and add two or three tips of their own. Then, they complete the sentences with their ideas and add details. After that, students have a discussion and talk about business trips, what is important when you have one, and whether they are more stressful than regular work. As a final activity, students do a role play . They read the information about their business trip (e.g. hotel location and facilities, schedule, etc.) and decide how they will spend their free time together. 


This lesson also includes an additional task that you can use as homework or revision. In the task, students practise the use of the vocabulary to talk about business trips while describing pictures and brainstorming ideas. The task is available in the teacher’s version of the worksheet. You can print it and hand it out to your students. It’s also included in the e-lesson plan.

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business travel lesson plan

Talking about leaders

Students talk about good and bad leadership, watch an explainer video and share their experiences. Let them explain why they’d rather be a good leader or have a good leader.

business travel lesson plan

Being a successful entrepreneur

Students immerse in the world of entrepreneurship: they generate questions, watch an explainer video, read inspiring success stories, describe pictures and answer thought-provoking questions.

suffixes ‘-ful’ and ‘-less’

Ready to go paperless?

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ESL lesson about work experience

Working for big and small companies

In this ESL lesson about work experience, students discuss working for big and small companies, learn useful phrases to talk about what they learned at work and watch a video. 

business travel lesson plan

How useful is networking?

In this CRC lesson, students talk about professional networking, discuss networking tips, as well as learn and practise vocabulary related to the topic.

talk about business

Competition in business

With this lesson, students talk about business, watch a video about competition and learn some useful Business English vocabulary. 

lesson about marketing

Word-of-mouth marketing

This lesson about marketing will spark a lot of discussion among students. Learners will also watch a video about word-of-mouth marketing as well as learn and practise useful collocations. 

speaking lesson about ads

The world of ads

This speaking lesson about ads includes a variety of activities. Students have a lot of discussion, watch two videos and read short texts on some marketing campaigns of a famous brand.

functional language for dealing with customers

Dealing with difficult customers

In this extended Critical Reading Club lesson plan, students talk about the article they read at home. They also learn some functional language for dealing with customers and do several role-plays.

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Business trips

By David Riley and Simon Greenall

  • No comments

A writing and speaking activity to talk about business trips.

  • Printable Worksheet
  • Up to 30 mins
  • Whole Class

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A pairwork activity to exchange information about a small business.

Management questions

A group or pairwork activity to think of advice for basic business problems.

A reading and speaking actvity to exchange information about business activities.

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Business woman and man negotiating.

Live from London: Business—Negotiations

By Pete Clements

Watch authentic London office workers describe the ways to conduct successful negotiations and the skills good negotiators need. Now Interactive!

Live from Business London: Dress Code

Live from London: Business — Dress codes

Watch authentic London office workers giving advice on the best ways to dress to impress. Try the new Interactive Worksheets!

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Watch authentic London office workers explain how they use emails and phones to communicate in their companies. Now with Interactive Worksheets!

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Business English Lesson on Business Trips

Pocket Passport

Travel | Past Simple Business Trip

Business English Lessons

A fun ESL lesson to learn the past simple and how to describe and talk about travel and a past business trip. Learn vocabulary and expressions to talk about travel. Get the downloadable and printable worksheets, ESL digital flashcards, ESL listening and reading exercises, and everything you need for the perfect digital and remote English lesson when you subscribe.

Travel | Talking about a Business Trip

Esl video past simple business trip.

ESL Conversation about a Business Trip

Today is the first day of John’s business trip. He got up early and took a taxi to the airport. The driver helped him with his luggage when he arrived, so John gave him a tip.

At the airport, John went to the check-in desk and checked his luggage . Then, we went through security. The security guard asked to check his carry-on luggage. In the departure lounge, John used the free Wi-Fi to watch some videos online.

On the plane, he had a business-class seat. It was very comfortable. When John arrived, he went to baggage claim to get his luggage and then took a taxi to his hotel. His room is very comfortable, so tonight John is going to relax.

Use the following ESL Printable flashcards to tell a story in the past simple.

wifi esl printable flashcards

  • What is it the first day of?
  • Why did John get up early?
  • Why did John give the driver a tip?
  • What did John do when he first arrived at the airport?
  • What did John do in the departure lounge?
  • How was John’s seat on the plane?
  • How did John get to his hotel?
  • What is John going to do tonight?

Storytelling Images using the Past Simple

Retell the story by putting the images in the correct order.

business travel lesson plan

Match the words on the left to their meaning on the right.

Put the following words in the past tense:

help  _______________

arrive _______________

get up _______________

ask _______________

use _______________

go  _______________

take _______________

check _______________

give _______________

Vocabulary Review Questions? [email protected]

Reference: bComm18B

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business travel lesson plan

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Business English Lesson Set 01

Business English Lesson Set 01

Our business English lesson set 01 contents are free for everyone. We have collected the best English speaking practice handouts and content for business English. This lesson set contains 15 business English lessons that can be used in the classrooms to introduce common business English topics, vocabulary, and expressions. These lessons are great for small group and one-to-one classes. The handouts and activities are online-friendly and flexible to meet all of your needs.

Lesson 01 – Welcoming Visitors

Level: Intermediate

Activity Time: 60-90 mins

Business English lesson 01 provides vocabulary, expressions, and speaking activities for welcoming visitors in business situations.

Lesson 02 – Organizational Structure

Business English lesson 02 provides vocabulary, expressions, and speaking activities for talking about office culture and describing our emotions.

Lesson 03 – Collaborating with Coworkers

Business English lesson 03 provides vocabulary, expressions, and speaking activities for talking about coworkers.

Lesson 04 – Dealing with Conflicts

Business English lesson 04 provides vocabulary, expressions, and speaking activities for dealing with conflicts in the workplace.

Lesson 05 – Business Small Talk

Business English lesson 05 provides expressions and speaking activities for making business small talk to break the ice and to build rapport.

Lesson 06 – Business Lunches

Business English lesson 06 provides vocabulary, expressions, and speaking activities about dining etiquettes and socializing in business situations.

Lesson 07 – Formal and Informal Communication

Business English lesson 07 provides vocabulary, expressions, and speaking activities about how to use formal and informal English in business situations..

Lesson 08 – Meeting Preparation

Business English lesson 08 provides vocabulary, expressions, and speaking activities about common meeting problems and dislikes.

Lesson 09 – Opening and Brainstorming

Business English lesson 09 provides vocabulary, expressions, and speaking activities on how to open a meeting and to start a brainstorming session in business meetings.

Lesson 10 – Conducting Meetings

Business English lesson 10 provides vocabulary, expressions, and speaking activities on how to conduct business meetings.

Lesson 11 – Sharing Ideas

Business English lesson 11 provides vocabulary, expressions, and speaking activities on how to share ideas and opinnions in business meetings.

Lesson 12 – Business Trip Preparations

Business English lesson 12 provides vocabulary, expressions, and speaking activities on preparing for business trips and culture.

Lesson 13 – Traveling Information

Business English lesson 13 provides vocabulary, expressions, and speaking activities on asking and giving directions to find places during a business trip or while traveling abroad.

Lesson 14 – On the Site

Business English lesson 14 provides vocabulary, expressions, and speaking activities about business trips and traveling.

Lesson 15 – Follow Up

Business English lesson 15 provides vocabulary, expressions, and speaking activities on how to follow up on meetings, reports, decisions and more in business.

I hope you enjoyed our Business English Lesson Set 01. also provides great business skills videos for business English.


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  2. Why Is Lesson Planning Important?

    Lesson planning is important for teachers because it ensures that the activities help students meet their educational goals, allows for efficient use of classroom time and keeps the lessons on track regardless of distractions.

  3. What Is the Rationale in a Lesson Plan?

    In a lesson plan, the rationale states the main learning goal for students. It is an essential part of constructivist lesson plans. In addition to stating the rationale for the lesson plan, teachers must also outline the lesson objectives.

  4. ESL Lesson Plans For Teachers Topic: Business Travel

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