assignment cover page jessore board

SSC Assignment Lekhar Niyom – DSHE Assignment Link – SSC Assignment Cover Page Download

Some guidelines for writing Assignments for SSC-2021 candidates. How to start an assignment?

Necessary materials

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2. A pencil

3. A black ballpoint pen

4. Take some A4 size paper

SSC Assignment Writing Rules

1. Write on one side of A4 size paper (never write on either side)

2. Will try to write clearly

3. Make sure that the writing is not cut and pasted

4. Write the serial of the question (1,2,3 ….. / a, b, c …..) correctly **

How to fill the cover page

* * The cover page has three sections

1. The first part will meet the student

2. The second part will be fill by the assessing teacher

3. The third part will fill the institution

SSC Assignment 2021 Cover Page

SSC Assignment Korar Niyom

** Remember to complete all three parts of the cover page in English. The first part of the assignment that students will complete has the serial number of the assignment

** Serial number of the assignment: The serial number is given in the first cell of the subject that you will create. In the question “History and World Civilization of Bangladesh”, look at the assignment number 1 written in the first cell. Then you write the serial number, 1. Because you’re starting number 1. If it is 2, then write 2. (Write it in English)

** Title: If you start “History and World Civilization of Bangladesh”, then the title point reads, ‘History Introduction’. So you have to write this article in the title.

** Subject Code and Subject Name: It is written on your assignment and on your registration card. If you have “History and World Civilization of Bangladesh” then write subject code “153” (Write it in English) Subject Name: “History and World Civilization of Bangladesh”

** Name of the Board of Education: Do not just write the name of the district here. Such as (Dhaka / Jessore / Rajshahi). Instead you will write (Cumilla Board / Dhaka Board / Jashore Board / Rajsahi Board). (Write it in English)

** Registration Number:  Look at it from your SSC registration card and write it very carefully so that no mistake is made. You have to look at your JSC registration and write because JSC and SSC are the same registration number. (Write it in English)

SSC Assignment kobe theke dibe

SSC Assignment 2021 Cover Page

SSC Assignment Kivabe Likhte Hoy

** Student’s Name: Look at your registration card and write your name in the same way as your name is spelled on the registration card. (Write it in English)

** Father’s Name: Look at your registration card and write your father’s name in the same way as the spelling of the name is written on the registration card. (Write it in English)

** Mother’s Name: Look at your registration card and write your mother’s name in the same way as the spelling of the name is written on the registration card. (Write it in English)

** Your work is done on the cover page. No need to give your hand anywhere else!

** How to start writing an assignment: Now let’s make a nice margin with pencil with A4 size page. Let’s start writing with a black ballpoint pen. Write “Assignment-01” and then finish “A” at the bottom, then “B” and then “C” consecutively on one side of the page. Leave blank on the other side (write on both sides if necessary). There is no need to draw any flowers or petals next to a spot or page.

** When writing answers in assignments , it is better not to use any coloring pen other than black ballpoint pen. When you finish writing, pin-up these articles with the completed cover page. You got an assignment.

At last Thank you, everyone. We are happy to give you a better solution. So, stay with us and follow our rules. In addition, waiting for next week’s Assignment. Finally, who is neglect Assignment. On the other hand, they fill it after result. So be careful. Conclusion I want to say stay at home and stay healthy. If you face any problem. Then inform us. We try our best to solve your problem as soon as possible. However, visit our website regularly. So good bye.

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assignment cover page jessore board

বিশ্বসভ্যতা বিকাশে গ্রিক ও রোমান সভ্যতার ভূমিকা শীর্ষক ২৫০-৩০০ শব্দের একটি প্রতিবেদন রচনা করো।

Class 6 english assignment 11th week answer 2023 – ষষ্ঠ শ্রেণীর ইংরেজী এসাইনমেন্ট উত্তর ২০২৩, leave a reply cancel reply.

assignment cover page jessore board


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Assignment Cover Page

Why cover page is important for assignments, few cover page examples are given below:, why contact my assignment services for making assignment cover paper.

Being a university student, you must be aware of the importance of a perfect assignment cover sheet or assignment cover page. It is a type of paper used by students at the time of completion of their university assignments. Cover pages include the metadata of the assignments, for example - the student's name and the course number, etc. It also includes different data as per the need of the course. All these data help in handling the assignments efficiently. Few universities require or provide cover sheets in a standardized format. These cover sheets are generally in the form of computer files so that they can be easy to download, personalize and print. If you are facing a problem in making a perfect cover page, we are here to assist you.

We all have heard a famous line: the first impression is the last impression. The cover page for assignment would be the first thing that a professor will come across. For instance, if the cover sheet is not prepared properly or has issues with formatting or incomplete information, it will give the impression that the student is not serious about the assignment. It will also negatively impact marks.

On the other hand, suppose your cover page of the assignment is well designed and covers all the information such as your name, assignment title, subject details, submission date, and due date. It will create a good impression on the professor or the instructor.

Case Study Cover Page

A case study is a type of assignment written by the students enrolled in graduate and postgraduate studies. A case study is an assignment that requires an in-depth analysis of the situation of a phenomenon. However, the case study cover page sample is attached below:

Case Study Cover Page

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Research Paper Cover Sheet

The aim behind a research paper is to provide your findings, arguments, and solutions for a particular social situation, problem or trend. The cover page of an assignment university for a research paper includes the topic of the research, the researcher's name, the supervisor's name, and the students' university details as well. Let us see a sample:

Research Paper Cover Sheet

ECU Assignment Cover Sheet

ECU stands for East Carolina University which is also the fourth-largest university in North Carolina. It is known for majors in Business, Management, Health Professions, Marketing, Engineering, Science, and other related programs. The assignments covered under ECU are case studies, research papers , essays and more which require an assignment cover. The format is given below:

ECU Assignment Cover Sheet

ACU Assignment Cover Sheet Sample

Students enrolled in Abilene Christian University can refer to the cover page assignment sample given below to compose the assignment cover sheet.

ACU Assignment Cover Sheet Sample

For more details, students are required to get assignment help from our assignment writing experts who provide assistance and have enough knowledge to design the cover sheet of the universities like Curtin, Monash, University of Sydney, etc. Therefore, taking help from them will help you in designing the ACU assignment cover sheet or CURTIN assignment cover sheet very easily.

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