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It is important to understand what an essay question or assignment brief is asking of you. Before you start to research or write, it is worth spending time considering the wording of the question and any learning outcomes that may accompany it. Each assignment will generally have at least three learning outcomes which you must cover if you are to achieve a pass.

Breaking down an assignment question

Before you attempt to answer an assignment question, you need to make sure you understand what it is asking. This includes not only the subject matter, but also the way in which you are required to write. Different questions may ask you to discuss, outline, evaluate… and many more. The task words are a key part of the question.

  • Key Words in Assignment Briefs
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8 Understanding the assignment brief

When faced with an assignment, ask yourself the following: Do you know what the assignment is asking you to do? Are you certain that you know how to interpret the question that has been set (i.e. what approach you are expected to take)? Understanding the assignment brief and interpreting the question correctly are essential requirements.

Assignment keywords can inform you about topics, resources or a particular area that you should focus on. These ‘content’ words tend to be nouns. Other keywords and phrases instruct you on the approach that you should take in answering the assignment, often expressed as imperatives such as ‘Assess the impact of…’ or ‘Explain the importance of …’. These are ‘process words’ or ‘command verbs’.

Table 1 Keywords (‘process words’) and phrases frequently used in assignment questions [ Tip: hold Ctrl and click a link to open it in a new tab. ( Hide tip ) ]   highlights some important process words and phrases that are frequently used in assignment questions. The table also indicates the style or approach expected for the piece of writing. While the explanations provided here are generally accepted, you should consider process words in the context of the question as a whole. If you are in doubt about the wording of a question, you should consult your tutor. Box 2 in the previous section has further useful tips on writing assignments.

Activity 3 An effective assignment

In your view, and based on what has been discussed so far in this session, what do you think an effective assignment (piece of academic writing such as an essay or dissertation) should demonstrate at postgraduate level?

Write down your thoughts. You may wish to use a mind map for this activity.

We don’t expect you to have noted everything down! You may have picked up on a few of these points however, and we will be exploring these further a little later on, but do take the time to reflect on the following at this point.

An effective assignment (piece of academic writing at postgraduate level) would:

  • show that you understand the subject and have addressed the learning outcomes
  • show you have answered the question being asked and interpreted this correctly
  • meet the requirements of the assignment (the assignment brief) fully
  • be focused and well-structured and written in a coherent manner, with sentences and paragraphs that link logically
  • use different theories, examples, arguments and perspectives to create a discussion of the topic
  • show that you have read more widely and engaged with the subject at a deeper level
  • be referenced correctly in the style of your discipline
  • use formal language with correct use of grammar, punctuation and spelling
  • express your arguments clearly and concisely
  • adopt a style and ‘academic voice’ (tone) that is suited to the task and target audience.


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Assignment briefs

An assignment brief explains the task you are being asked to do for your assessment and how your lecturers would like you to do it. It could be as short as a single essay question, or it could be more detailed, such as a project brief with a number of sections or stages.  

Scroll down for our recommended strategies and resources.  

Get informed

As well as your assignment brief, you may have other documents with useful information for your assignment. Check on Moodle for things like the deadline, format, marking criteria, and any additional guidance that may be in lecture slides. If you have looked, but cannot find something, do ask your lecturer.

Take time to understand everything in the question and exactly what you are being asked to do. If you do not understand a word, look it up. Language learner dictionaries can be useful as they offer longer and clearer definitions of words.

Do initial research

Although understanding the words in your assignment brief is important, usually you won’t fully comprehend the concepts or ideas behind those words without doing some reading first. Don’t worry if you don’t immediately know how to answer your brief; this is normal. List some questions about what you don’t understand and need to find out, and use these to guide your initial reading around the topic. See the resource below for a series of questions to get you started:

Model to generate critical thinking (University of Plymouth)

Keywords and overview

Break the question down and look at keywords but also consider the overall purpose and main issues raised by the question as a whole.

Analysing questions using keywords (UNSW, Australia)

More complex or implied questions (UNSW, Australia)

Answer the question

It may sound obvious, but make sure you are answering the question you have been set, not the question you would prefer to answer. If the brief has a number of tasks or parts, answer all of them. Parts that involve evaluation or analysis are usually longer and worth more marks than parts that ask for description or explanation. Keep the brief in front of you and check it regularly.

Marking criteria

Unless you have been told otherwise, your marking criteria is not usually a guide to the structure of your assignment. Each section of the criteria is not a separate paragraph in your assignment, but qualities that you need to demonstrate throughout. Treat the marking criteria as a checklist at the end not as a plan at the beginning. Also the criteria often tells you what to demonstrate (e.g. critical analysis) but not necessarily how to do it. For the how to do it, look back at the skills and activities you have covered in the rest of the module.

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Learning and teaching

  • Writing effective assessment briefs

While the majority of this resource deals with writing effective exam questions (or objective testing) it is important to draw attention to writing assessment briefs, i.e. ensuring communicative effectiveness of the brief. What is understood here as an 'assessment brief' is the written text and instructions provided to communicate the requirements and expectations of non-exam assessment tasks.

Below are some underlying principles of communicative effectiveness reported by Gilbert and Maguire (2014, p.14):

  • Working on the communicative effectiveness of the brief will help in narrowing the gap between staff expectations and student performance.
  • Assignment briefs should be designed such that they maximise inclusivity with regard to individual differences in language, cultural and educational background, in information processing preferences or in willingness to request clarification of requirements and expectations.
  • A clear, explicit and accessible brief does not imply a reduction in constructive dialogue emerging from the assessment task itself.
  • One should aim towards the written brief enabling full understanding of what is required and expected in task performance rather than depending on additional spoken or other means of clarifying instructions.
  • Maximising the communicative effectiveness of instructions does not imply spoon-feeding students but means designing and scaffolding briefs appropriately and according to students' stage of academic and assessment literacy development.
  • A clear, explicit and accessible brief need not necessarily imply a restriction of student innovation and creativity in task performance or hinder development of independence.
  • Although one might attribute students not doing what was expected in assignments to their not reading the brief thoroughly, we should not base our practice on a deficit model of the student's understanding of instructions, but on the initial assumption that the fault lies in a communicative failure in the brief.
  • Although making the implicit explicit in briefs may be an unreachable goal, this does not mean we should abandon the attempt.

Gilbert and Maguire (2014) produced a set of guidelines for writing good assignment briefs. Those guidelines are divided into assignment brief task (text type and explicitness), assignment brief design (layout, language and consistency) and assignment brief enhancement (delivery, dialogue and monitoring).

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Study Skills and Support

assignment brief help

Start here by reading an introduction to this area and how to use the resources below

assignment brief help

Reading an assignment brief


The Assignment Brief

Below are two typical assignment briefs - there is one from the Level 3 Certificate in Housing Practice and one from the Level 4 Certificate in Housing. Look at both briefs. What you are looking for is the way these briefings are structured and how the guidance is presented. You don't need to panic that you can't do the assignments now - you should be able to do this once you have completed the relevant units. There will be some differences in structure and layout but there will also be some common features - can you find these? The principles should be the same, whatever level you are studying.

assignment brief help

Each element of the assignment briefing as contained in a typical assignment brief will now be explored in greater detail. Please note there may be some variation between the different levels. For example at Level 3, combined assignments are used to cover more than one unit.

assignment brief help

Feedback provides you with information about your progress, what you have done well, and what you have not done quite so well and need to improve on. It can also provide you with advice on how to enhance your future learning.

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  • Unit 13: Financial Reporting
  • Unit 10 Financial Accounting

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  1. What Is Commercial Sales? A Brief Commercial Sales Definition

    If you’ve ever wondered, “What is commercial sales?” then look no further. Commercial sales can refer to sales between businesses or from a business to a customer. Moreover, commercial sales often drive the profitability of most organizatio...

  2. What Are Brief Descriptions of the Three Types of Dictatorship?

    The three different types of dictatorships are autocracy, absolute democracy and authoritarian oligarchy. A dictatorship is a political regime in which the government is not restricted by the law.

  3. What Is a Brief History of Electronics?

    The history of electronics began in the late 19th and early 20th centuries with technological improvements within the telegraph, radio and phone industries, although the term electronics did not begin to be used until the 1940s.

  4. Key words in Assignment Briefs

    Assignment Brief. It is important to understand what an essay question or assignment brief is asking of you. Before you start to research or write

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  9. Internal Verification: Assignment Briefs

    Advises whether an assignment brief (Centre devised or a Pearson Authorised Assignment Brief) needs to be internally verified annually prior to being given

  10. The Need to Develop Practice in Assignment Brief Design

    The aim of these guidelines is to support this by developing the effectiveness of a brief's communication of task requirements and expectations in order to

  11. How do I write a brief assignment?

    Of course, I'd be happy to help you with a brief assignment. Could you please provide me with more details about the topic or subject of the

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    Working on the communicative effectiveness of the brief will help in narrowing the gap between staff expectations and student performance. Assignment briefs

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